Jul 02 2013

Marvelous feeling of security

In Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS), Candy recalled the time when Albert had been amnesiac. She had been fired by the hospital because they had been living together. She didn’t regret that at all, and she said (from spoilers),

“Albert …
I didn’t even know his full name at that time.
Albert was just Albert. It wasn’t something I had to wonder about.
His presence gave me a marvelous feeling of security.
Now I can understand the meaning of the bond that tied us with invisible threads…”

To me, this speaks volumes of her relationship with Albert, even when she was in her 30s. In the manga, Candy often flung herself to Albert, snuggling her face into his chest. Over the years, she had found solace in his embrace, especially when she had been troubled or feeling down. Not to mention that their caring for each other was very deep. I believe their relationship, though platonic initially, had grown with time, so that explains why it hurt Candy so much when Albert was gone. It’s almost like she had lost part of herself. Their bond was so profound that their friendship had naturally evolved into romance, which isn’t all about flowers, chocolates and dining out. Real romance is a life long commitment you make to your loved one.

In Candy’s last letter to Albert in CCFS epilogue, she described the time when Albert spent a day with her in Lakewood. She wanted to revisit the forest where Anthony had had his fatal accident. The way Candy described the whole incident, in particular how Albert had consoled her, is bittersweet, beautiful and touching.

In my short story “The Diary”, I’ve written the following based on this scene:

… her face is contorting into a series of sentiments ranging from pain to sorrow. I can’t help feeling disheartened and distressed myself. Before long, she whimpers, “Because of me… because of me Anthony was…”

Tears begin streaming down her cheeks; her body shakes, and her lips quiver. I can scarcely believe she takes all the blame herself for Anthony’s death. At that moment, I’m flooded by a tidal wave of paralyzing emotion, it is not your fault, Candy. I wish I could turn back the clock to mend it all…

The fact that she must have inwardly suffered all this time blows my head and breaks my heart to million pieces, so I step forward to gingerly pull her into my arms, giving her all the strength that I have left. She buries her face in my chest without any hesitation. Then I bend my neck to make sure she hears me, “Candy, it was I who adopted you… it was also I who ordered the fox hunting.”

She freezes at the sound of my broken voice, and within seconds she unleashes a torrent of hiccupping sobs. A few bitter teardrops escape my eyes too and trickle down my cheeks. I hastily close my eyes to hold back my tears. With my left arm drawing her even closer to me, I gently rub her upper back with my right hand in an attempt to console her…

To capture the moment Albert pulled Candy into his arms when she started crying, I drew the following picture. You can find my story “The Diary” in


Please feel free to share my post but not the image itself. Thank you very much!


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  1. Guest

    How do you divide your time between writing and drawing? You must’ve been working real hard 24/7. You have a nice blog here 🙂

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      Thank you! I squeeze my spare time here and there… Bit by bit :D. But thanks again!

  2. Enaka

    I read a post from an Albertfan in the yahoogroup I used to hang out. There was this couple who was almost like Albert and Candy. This man was years older than this girl when they met. She was 6. I think the man was a neighbor or friend of her brother, etc. To make the story short…after so many years, they met again, got to know each other until they got married with kids. Up to now, they’re still together. Now, that’s soul mates, just like Albert and Candy. This is true story. I’m sure there are couples like that who are years apart from each other. 🙂

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      Oh I’m sure this happens everywhere. Thanks for your input. 🙂

  3. albertfanatix

    Your works have been great inspiration to all of us. Beautiful job, Ms Puddleglum, and good work on their painful eyes.

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      Thank you! Very glad to hear that! 😀

      1. albertfanatix

        You’re welcome. Have a fun summer with new drawings, ok? 😉

        1. Ms Puddleglum

          I will try 😉

  4. Guest

    His lower lip is big

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      You think so? 😉

  5. CKati

    The moment you describe here, must have been extra hard on Albert. Not only for having lost his beloved nephew, but also seeing Candy cry and her taking the blame for Anthony’s accident.

    Again you made a wonderful drawing that fits the moment perfectly. You can actually see the sad expression on Albert’s face.

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      Thank you CKati for your compliment! 😀 I agree with you about Albert’s feelings, and that’s exactly what I thought when I first read that letter in CCFS epilogue! His words to Candy, telling her that he had been the one who had ordered the fox hunting, must have struck her hard too. :'(

  6. puddleglumfan


    I can’t describe the right words except how I love your new drawing. I hope I get to see them in bright colors.

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      Thank you! One day 🙂

  7. cassie

    You’re very good drawer!

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      I’m still learning, but thanks!

  8. guest

    I want to be in Albert’s arms 😛

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      Me too 😉

      1. Marjorie Townsend

        me third…

        1. Ms Puddleglum

          Laugh out loud 😛

  9. Monica

    I’ve read your diary story many times, but I didn’t have time to leave reviews. I want you to know I love it and your drawing is nice

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      Thank you for reading my story and your compliment! 🙂

  10. Laarni

    It is beautiful

    1. Ms Puddleglum


  11. Anonymous

    I’ve read this scene from Geobacter’s story and it was heart breaking!

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      Really? Is there a similar scene too?

  12. Guest

    Good thing you didn’t leave out her freckles like last time. Nice drawing!

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      Thanks for noticing! 😉

  13. Guest

    I like the small hairlines of Albert, good job! He’s Albert manga replica!

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      I won’t say that… I’m just lucky 😉

  14. Daryll

    Aw… she is breaking my poor ‘weak’ heart. I love your drawing

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      Thanks!!! 😀

  15. Chriss Chapel

    is beautiful,as it describes … CCFS, so love me even when I have not much information… 😉

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      Thank you Chriss!! So glad you love it! 😀

  16. anonymous

    A fan sent me some spoilers from ccfs last year and I say some make good flow as you added details in your stories, Beautiful drawing!

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      Thank you for reading my post and your compliments! 😀

  17. Anonymous

    is beautiful,as it describes … CCFS, so love me even when I have not much information

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      Thank you!! I’m happy you love it! 😀

  18. ParkersTheOne

    I thought it was sketched by our very own Y.Igarashi, but you had it in you, Ms Puddleglum. You’re almost catching their perfect likeness. Great work! 🙂

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      Thank you so much ParkersTheOne!!! 🙂

  19. Lorena

    Lovely drawing! It totally looks like manga Candy and Albert!

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      Thank you Lorena!! That’s a big compliment to me!! ^_^

  20. Lezti

    beautiful!! <3 Lovely drawing that reflects exact;y what Albert means, security, confidence, love, protection, tenderness awwww

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      Awww…. Thank you so much for your comment Lezti!!! <3 <3

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