Sep 18 2013

My plans for this site

My heartfelt thanks to all of you who have visited my new home and/or left your heartwarming comments. As I mentioned earlier, I’m still adjusting to the new settings and browsing the available tools, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it. Please be patient with me. 😀

Those who have visited my wordpress.com site know that I used to have a header image, which is a modified version from the original shown below. It was an official picture from the artbook drawn by the artist Yumiko Igarashi, published by Nakayoshi. I chose this picture before because I love it a lot. Not only it shows all the important characters in Candy Candy, but one can also see who’s the most important character other than the main heroine Candy herself. He’s no other than her Prince on the Hill, namely Albert. He was the first man she met in her childhood, and the manga ends with her running happily toward his outstretched arms, both took place on Pony’s Hill with many years in between.

CC artbook image


However, I made a decision not to use this image for my new site mainly because of several reasons:

  1. This is a copyrighted image, so I won’t use it again as the main theme in my blog.
  2. Although my focus is on Candy Candy now, I will not limit my works or posts to Candy Candy related topics only.
  3. I will gradually re-publish my fanfics here on my blog, with my own illustrations.
  4. In the near future I might even try creating my own characters and stories, which will be published on my blog.

My current priority is to finish writing my long fanfic “Love Never Fails”, but rest assured that I will keep drawing.

Once again, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all of you who have given me your continued support and encouragement. I will do my best to keep this blog alive. Thank you very much!


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  1. Aria

    May be a plan to make a LNF movie soon also? 😉

    I am just curious…you seem can understand many languages?

    1. Ms Puddle

      Hi Aria, I use the Google / Bing translator to understand different languages! 😛
      Movie? You must be joking LOL? 😉

      1. Aria

        No, I am not joking. That’s my wish list 🙂 hope it comes true someday. Hey, you never know, right? Nothing is impossible.

        1. Ms Puddle

          Thanks Aria! That’s a big compliment to me! 🙂 Who do you have in mind as Albert or Candy? I know it’s a big topic on its own LOL! ^_^

          1. Lili Vidal

            Hey girls, what do you think about Amanda Seyfried and Chris Hemsworth ?? Jijiji 😉

          2. Ms Puddle

            I like Amanda Seyfried in “Dear John” a lot, and she can act with her beautiful eyes! Chris Hemsworth is a real hunk! 😀 Yet in my mind I imagine Albert muscular but slender. Not sure if you know what I mean 😉

          3. Lili Vidal

            Like Zac effron but blond? Jijiji

          4. Ms Puddle

            He’s hot! Good looking with radiant smiles! 😀

          5. Aria

            Well, Candy will be me and my husband will be Albert. Hahaha. Just joking.

            So yeah, if the movie will be made…Rachel Weisz should be Candy and Jude Law should be Albert. In this case, their ages should be older though, say Candy is in her twenties and Albert is in his thirties.

          6. Ms Puddle

            Lol Aria… So you must be a beautiful woman! 🙂 Anyway, Rachel Weisz is indeed beautiful, although she’s not a blond. Jude Law is a good choice too! But I think they are both in their 40s? 😛

          7. Aria

            Oh they are 40’s now? Oh well, will need to get the younger ones then. Hahaha…we all women are beautiful including you.

            Lili Vidal, I was just thinking Zac Efforn should be Terry 🙂

          8. Ms Puddle

            In my mind, Aria, Terry should look handsome but kinda grumpy 😉

          9. Lili Vidal

            Terry should be Ian sommerhalder but younger! And longer hair!! The only blond I like besides Albert is Chris H!! Maybe if he did less exercise! 😉 that will be great the movie!! Good luck!!

          10. Ms Puddle

            Yes!! Ian Sommerhalder is soooooo Terry!! 😛

          11. Lili Vidal

            That will be a problem for me! Then who will be Albert?

          12. Ms Puddle

            I don’t know… good question! 🙂

          13. Lili Vidal

            I love Zac!! 😉

  2. CandyFan

    Yes, you should keep this alive and get yourself busy. Without the author of this blog, then we have nowhere to go. Now, are you going to write a new chapter, or do you want me to call you by long distance and ask where is the new chapter? 😛


    1. Ms Puddle

      Yes I will start writing next chapter very soon! Thanks for asking! 🙂

  3. Albertfanatix

    Yes, unleash some more juicy stories! I’m with you all the way! (If only there was dancing smiley on this site lol)

    1. Ms Puddle

      Thank you!! I’ll try my best to finish LNF first regardless 🙂

  4. Alena

    I’d say go for it, and your blog is a great place to hang out for fans like us

    1. Ms Puddle

      Thank you Alena! 🙂 I hope you will continue to enjoy this.

  5. Beatrice

    No more Candy fanfics in the future? 🙁

    1. Ms Puddle

      I don’t know yet… 😛

  6. 24miles

    I don’t know why but I’m feeling depressed suddenly when Love Never Fails story is about to reach its end. But, creating your own story and characters does sound like fun. I support you and your idea. 🙂

    1. Ms Puddle

      There are at least a handful more chapters to go… I really hope to finish it by the end of this year 🙂

      1. Anonymous

        I can’t wait for the new chapters!!! Thanks for being so amazing!!

        1. Ms Puddle

          I assume it’s you, Lili? Thanks again! I have the outline for next chapter ready! 🙂

          1. Lili Vidal

            Yei!!! I’m Sorry, the key pad on my cel is too sensitive!! 🙂

      2. Lili Vidal

        Can’t wait for the following chapters!! Tnx for being such an amazing writer!!!

        1. Ms Puddle

          Thank you so much for all your reviews, Lili!!! Also, thanks for following me on Twitter! 😀

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