Oct 28 2013

Love Never Fails Chapter 37: Temptation

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The following is the teaser:

The hallway was very quiet now, and usually the principal would have gone by this time. Nonetheless, Candy held her step and spun around, answering, “Yes, Madam. Do you need me?”

“Come to my office,” came her terse reply.

“Certainly,” the young nurse answered, trailing after the old lady. Candy actually wanted to talk to her too.

Once they were inside the office, Candy closed the door and was gestured to sit down, so she did. There was a long moment of silence when the principal seemed to struggle for what to say next. Just when Candy was about to break the dead silence, the principal opened her mouth, “Some individuals have informed me of what happened earlier today.”

Candy was taken aback, trying to decode her cryptic message. Then the principal stood up from her chair and began pacing around her office. “As a nurse, you should maintain a professional image,” the old lady reproved.

While Candy raised her perplexed eyes to her, the principal added in a stern voice, “From now on, you should bear in mind to avoid making public display of your affections.”

Only then the young nurse realized why the principal was staying late tonight. Albert’s public proposal to her must have reached the principal’s ears. “I’m so sorry, Madam,” said Candy with a regretful expression, raising herself from her seat.

All of a sudden, Candy gasped and clutched her chest; she felt a sharp pain as though someone just stabbed a knife into her heart. At this point, she had a premonition that something was about to go horribly wrong.

Why… this is absurd… I’ve never felt like that… is Albert alright?

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