Jan 22 2014

Love Never Fails Chapter 40: Deliverance

Thank you for your patience! I couldn’t have done this without your support and feedback! Thank you all for following, and I hope you will like this long chapter:


The following is the teaser:

Stear took George aside and said in a near inaudible voice, “George, you know Anthony had a young uncle, don’t you?”

George was completely taken by surprise. Other than nodding, he asked, “Yes, Master Alistair. Why?”

Stear instantly followed up, “Where is he now? What’s his name?”

George recalled that Sir William would like to meet his nephews officially one day, so George answered evasively with his brows furrowed, “He’s not in town, but when he’s back, I’ll find a chance to introduce you all to him.”

Stear thought, so this uncle is still alive somewhere in the world, possibly staying in London? He reckoned that plausible; otherwise he couldn’t comprehend why this uncle had never joined any family gathering in the past. Thus, Stear breathed out a sigh of resignation, knowing that they had an urgent mission at hand. Yet, before he let George go, Stear queried, “Have you met Albert, George?”

This time George was well prepared, and he nodded before he put up a humble smile, saying, “Yes, he’s Miss Candice’s fiancé, am I right?”

“Yes,” affirmed Stear, but he couldn’t discern anything peculiar judging from George’s expression. Then George gave him a light bow and said, “Master Alistair, shall we go now?”

“Right… of course.” That was all Stear could come up for the time being. He knew it wasn’t the right time for any other investigation.

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