Jan 23 2014

My Response to your Reviews

First of all, I’d like to thank those of you who have read my latest chapter already. Your eagerness is very encouraging indeed. Some of you have asked me not to wait too long to update, but as of now I can’t promise much other than trying my best. Thank you for your support and understanding. 😀

I’ve already left my remarks to those who have chosen to reply to my post on Facebook, so this one is in response to your reviews on fanfiction.net. (If you haven’t yet read this chapter or this story, the following may contain spoilers, so you might want to pass. Thank you.)

Thank you Lenniee for your compliments! You raised some good points. I actually meant to write something about this at the end of my chapter.

Lenniee, you probably know that some people have a knack of recognizing faces but some simply weren’t born with that ability. In this story, Candy did notice Albert look like Anthony (in one of my earlier chapters), but as in the original story, she never seemed to be able to connect Albert to her prince until he revealed the secret himself. In Candy Candy Final Story, Candy’s excuse was that her first impression of Albert (a pirate) was too strong that she could not forget that (her excuse was a bit lame I must say).

About Stear and Archie, they also noted that Albert bore some resemblance to Anthony (in chapter 1), but they didn’t give it too much thought as they were biased. To them, Albert was an old friend of Candy from Lakewood, and back then Albert had long wavy brown hair with glasses (in the manga).

Now about Eliza, in my imagination, she had never met Albert, so she could be objective. Besides, since she had thought of Anthony while crying in her room, it was likely that she could see that these two men looked somewhat alike. After all, the colors of their hair and eyes matched.

Now you might ask “how about Neil”? Well, in my mind, he was prejudiced against Albert, thinking that Albert was merely a poor amnesiac guy in the lower class.

I hope my explanation makes sense to you?

Albertcraze: Thank you for following this story for so long, and yes this is another cliffhanger. 😛

CandyFan72: Thank you for your kind words, and your review made me laugh.

sayuri1707: Muchas gracias por leer! I will try to squeeze more time to write, and I appreciate your enthusiasm.

lhbarba: Thanks for reading, and I’m sorry to have shocked you, dear. I know this chapter is astonishing, so don’t worry. 🙂

MK: Thanks again for your encouragement. I like reading stories of suspense, and I hope you enjoyed it too.

Guest: Thank you for your compliments.

you-know-who: I removed your comment as per your request.

Fryingphan: Thank you for leaving so many reviews to my story. It was a big surprise to me.

Yanyan: Yes I remember you. Thank you for reading. 🙂

Flor Fritzenwald: Muchas gracias por leer! I admit this chapter is very intense and shocking, and yes young kids don’t usually care much about relatives. Thank you very much for your encouragement!

Quevivacandy: Hello my friend! So you thought it was Albert? That was possible, but now you know LOL. Yes, poor Candy, and of course you will read why I gave Albert various weapons. Save your fingers for next time, dear! Thanks again for your continued support. 😀

Gemalyn: I got your message.

Guest: Thank you. Yes, Stear is a smart guy don’t you think?

Lesli: Thank you for your positive review! It’s nice to hear from you again! 🙂

CKati: I’m so glad you found the time to read my long chapter, my dear! Thank you so much for your support! So you loved the suspense, eh? I will hopefully get the next chapter out next month, but I don’t know yet. 😛

Roma: Thanks!

221bBakerSt: Thank you for reading. Glad you like the suspense. You have a good weekend too!

sighnos: Thank you for following my story still! I’m happy you cared about the ring, which was very important to both Albert and Candy!

Josie: Happy New Year! Can’t believe the first month is nearly gone! You’re so right. Who wants such things to happen? No doubt women need some self-defense training, or at least be more alert and guarded! For Candy’s case, she successfully escaped Neil’s trap in the manga, and I do think that he had malicious intent back then. Why else did he lure her to a remote villa and locked her up with him alone?

Mng: Thank you so much for your compliment! It’s nice to meet you! I’m elated to know you love this story and my writing, and as you said, it’s been a while since I first published! Time flies indeed. 😛

Guest: Thanks for your reviews, so you like this chapter better than the ones before? Thank you! Happy New Year to you too.

Sylvie: Thank you for reading. 🙂


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    • CKati on January 24, 2014 at 12:40 am
    • Reply

    Dear dear Ms Puddle,
    I know you are really busy in daily life, but I agree with your other readers: please update as soon as you can. The story is getting better with each chapter!

    Lots of hugs :-))

    1. Oh thank you so much dear CKati!! I’m so glad you enjoyed reading this chapter! Thank you for your review too, my friend! 😀

    • Monique on January 23, 2014 at 4:54 pm
    • Reply

    It was quite a ride on your chapter. Well done!

    1. I hope you enjoyed your ride. Thanks for reading 🙂

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