Jun 03 2014

Love Triangle (Part 2)

It’s been a while since I wrote Part 1 of this series. I’ve spent more time writing “Love Never Fails” or drawing instead. Anyway, thanks for your patience. 😀

Back to this topic, both Terry and Albert were striking young men as depicted in the manga. Candy could see that Terry got the eyes from his mother, Eleanor Baker, who was a dazzling actress. Not only Susanna, a very charming girl herself, loved Terry at first sight, but screaming fans swooned over him after his performance in Chicago. Besides, his good looks melted the nurses’ hearts at the hospital when Mrs. Marlowe had refused to let him visit her injured daughter.

What about Albert? In Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS), Candy mentioned more than once that he and Anthony looked alike and that both resembled Rosemary a lot, who was another gorgeous woman. When Candy first met Albert the vagabond, she was initially very scared of his pirate look until he showed her his tender blue eyes behind his dark sunglasses. She was captivated in no time, and very soon she befriended him because she found him very kind and gentle to her. Later, when amnesiac Albert was sent to the hospital, Candy almost couldn’t recognize him. In the manga she didn’t know that his hair had been dyed brown. At any rate, while he was still unconscious, haggard and pale, she studied his face in repose and commented that he was more handsome with blond hair. Later, when her friends visited Albert in Room 0, even Stear wondered why Albert had hidden his good-looking features. Imagine how appealing Albert would be when he was healthy and strong again. Moreover, his shocking appearance at the engagement party near the end of the manga indicated that he had impressed many by his dashing appearance, maturity and prowess. Not to mention that when he had been younger, little Candy claimed that he had been handsome like a prince from fairy tales. One might argue that little Candy hadn’t seen many men, so her judgement had been questionable. However, Anthony was the best example of what Albert used to look like, and even a proud girl like Eliza had chosen him over Archie and Stear.

No doubt Candy and Terry had crush on each other since their first encounter on the ocean liner, and both had developed an infatuation before long. Unfortunately, Terry chose to leave her in London with only a brief note to her, which seemingly contradicted his claim that he had wished to share his future with her. For your interest, please read my earlier post along this line, Would you marry someone…?, so I won’t repeat myself here.

Hence, that was the first time he broke her heart. The second time was possibly when he came to Chicago for a charity performance. Despite their best efforts, he and Candy couldn’t find each other due to many factors. Then the third time was at New York, when Candy had to sacrifice her own happiness for him and Susanna.

However, as a strong and optimistic girl, I believe Candy had overcome her sadness by the time she wrote an unsent letter to Terry in CCFS. I don’t know when exactly she wrote this letter to him, but since Candy said Albert was still veiled in mystery, I figure it was when she had moved back to Pony’s Home but possibly before Albert’s disclosure of being her prince.

Now, let’s go through parts of her letter together here. In the beginning of her letter, she congratulated Terry on his success as “Hamlet”, and almost right after that, she told him who Albert really was and continued on and on about Albert. It’s funny how much she told Terry about Albert in this letter. She said that Albert used to hide magazines or newspapers about Terry from her. Besides, Albert had read her diary, thus knowing her inner feelings for Terry. In fact, without reading her diary, I believe Albert had already known her feelings because Candy must have told him many times (as shown in the manga… that Albert had listened to her so many times that he could recite her words… LOL).

Now here comes the very interesting point. Candy wrote this (from CCFS spoilers),

Therefore Albert-san knows as much as I do, how much I … you.
How we met each other, and by little and little …, everything about it.
Albert-san, I wonder how he reacted when he read that diary. Neither of us can mention about it even now …

Yes, Candy deliberately avoided using a verb. Instead, she just wrote “how much I … you”. Yet, what surprised me more was that she had been wondering how Albert reacted while reading that diary. This is odd if Albert had merely been her friend, brother, or even guardian! Don’t you think? love triangle
We don’t know when exactly Albert read her diary, and I’d rather he read it before his accident in Italy. However, some believe that he read it after his recovery from amnesia. At any rate, Candy disclosed to Terry that neither Albert nor Candy could broach the subject even now. Why? One might say that Albert didn’t want to touch the sensitive topic because that would open up Candy’s wounds again. However, didn’t Candy just mention to Terry that Albert could finally talk about Terry naturally? What makes her diary so special?

Then Candy wrote,

Even so, I was really saved by Albert-san.
It might be because Albert-san was there by my side, I could manage to get over.

It sounds like she had got over the pain of breaking up with Terry? I think so too. Some people can pick up the pieces of their hearts faster than others, depending on their personalities. Individuals cope with breakup differently. In the manga, we could see Candy ‘moving on’ after her trip to New York, slowly but gradually. First, she worked extra hard to distract herself, and just before she broke the news to her friends, she had already felt better as though time had healed her wounds. Later, whenever she shed tears for Terry, it wasn’t because she wanted him back, but because she felt upset and sad for Terry that he had hard time recovering. Obviously, the longer the couple have been together, the more emotions and memories the two have shared. Yet, Candy and Terry hadn’t really been ‘together’ as a couple, unlike Archie and Annie or Stear and Patty. They had gone separate paths not long after their trip to Scotland in summer. On the contrary, the time Candy had spent with Albert was significantly much longer.

As Candy said in her own words, she was saved by Albert. He was there not only to help her heal emotionally, but also to support her whenever he could. Candy trusted Albert and relied on him, and she didn’t have to face the problems alone. That explains why it was easier for Candy to move on. Near the end of the manga, Candy hardly cried for Terry any more, except the time when she saw him again acting miserably in Rockstown. Even then, she admonished him in her mind to go back to Broadway and Susanna. Later, when Albert related to her that Terry had returned to Broadway, Candy actually felt glad and relieved for Terry. She also realized that time and distance had already driven them both apart.

Back to her unsent letter to Terry, she concluded it on a happy note:

— Be happy or else I won’t forgive you …
Terry, you said so.
I am happy.
And, Terry, I hope you too will be happier!
— Susanna’s love! Supported Terrus’s comeback.
I read such articles.
Terry, Susanna is a wonderful person. Above all else she is wonderful, because she keeps on loving you.
And you, who have chosen her, are also wonderful.
I know of course I can’t send this kind of letter …

P.S. Terry … I loved you.

If one believes that Candy was still feeling depressed due to her breakup with Terry then, one has to think again. Apparently, he belonged to her past when she was writing this letter because she said she loved him. Besides, she could talk about Susanna using kind words. Candy used to dislike Susanna, but this poor actress was no longer Candy’s rival. In other words, Candy had let go of Terry, and even said both of them were wonderful people. No bitterness. No resentment. Yes, Terry probably remained special to Candy, but isn’t this letter a solid proof that Candy had finally got over Terry?

I will write Part 3 after finishing my next chapter of “Love Never Fails”. Thank you!

Note: the pictures I used above were official illustrations by Igarashi.


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    • Luf on February 13, 2018 at 2:17 pm
    • Reply

    Hello Ms Puddle,

    I know this is an old post but I still wanted to comment… I feel like I’m getting really late to the party.. haha… Anyway, this unsent letter to Terry speaks volumes to me… It is obvious, to me at least, that Candy is over Terry by now… I also think that it was written when Candy was back at Pony Home, but she knew Albert was her prince of the hill.. She found out who he was as soon as she arrived to Pony Home… I think she mentions he’s still a mysterious guy because that’s just Albert’s personality, plus I’m sure he seemed even more mysterious to Candy since I believe Albert was deeply in love with Candy, so his behavior was probably strange to Candy… like she was trying to figure him out but couldn’t… I hope that makes sense…

    Back to the letter… the fact that Candy used past tense clearly meant to me she did not love him anymore… and I agree with a previous poster when she said that when Candy writes how wonderful Susana is for keep on loving Terry, she meant it as if Candy did not keep on loving him after all this time. I think Candy was trying to prove that Susana was better for Terry than her after all, at least Susana’s love had lasted longer..

    1. Hello Luf, yes I wrote this post so long ago, but you know it’s never too late to write your thoughts.

      In CCFS, the timeline is different from the manga however. In the manga, Albert chose to confess on the day Candy returned to Pony’s Home. But in CCFS Mizuki (real name Nagita) decided to make Candy wait… LOL 😅 Albert came on a fine spring day many months later (unclear how much time has elapsed in between).

      About Susanna, perhaps Candy didn’t mean Susanna was better than her, but Susanna was undoubtedly wonderful.

      I do agree with you that Candy was over Terry by then. It’s funny she talked about Albert even in this letter to her ex… As though she couldn’t stop thinking about a certain blind man… 😃

    2. Hello Luf, yes I wrote this post so long ago, but you know it’s never too late to write your thoughts.

      In CCFS, the timeline is different from the manga however. In the manga, Albert chose to confess on the day Candy returned to Pony’s Home. But in CCFS Mizuki (real name Nagita) decided to make Candy wait… LOL 😅 Albert came on a fine spring day many months later (unclear how much time has elapsed in between).

      About Susanna, perhaps Candy didn’t mean Susanna was better than her, but Susanna was undoubtedly wonderful.

      I do agree with you that Candy was over Terry by then. It’s funny she talked about Albert even in this letter to her ex… As though she couldn’t stop thinking about a certain blond-haired man… 😃

    • Anonymous on July 2, 2014 at 12:16 am
    • Reply

    Ms puddle! We all know who candy ends up with… ALBERT! I can’t see why terry fans are still so hung up on him. I mean come on! He left her for suzanna! And she already got over him! Oh well I guess that he is a hard character to say good bye to. Anyway i really do like your series love triangle. Also are you planning on writing any new fan fic?

    1. Exactly as you said. Perhaps they can’t accept the facts and hope that he will somehow return to her? About this series, I’m planning to write Part 3 soon. For now I don’t think I’ll write a new fanfic. I’ll write when I’m inspired. Thanks for asking! 😀

    • CKati on June 4, 2014 at 12:52 pm
    • Reply

    Dear Ms Puddle,

    That was a very interesting read 😀
    Thank you so much for sharing that with us. So, you are writing the next chapter of LNF? I wouldn’t mind reading it. I’m sure you don’t feel the pressure LOL.

    The fact that Candy and Terry kept missing each other when they were both back in the US, indicates to me that they weren’t meant to be as a couple. I’ve long ago accepted this, but strangely it still bothers me that Terry never found a big love again after Candy. At least I haven’t read anything about it.
    While Candy moved on with her ultimate big love, Albert, Terry remained alone. Even when he was married to Susanna.
    That’s part of why I love LNF, there seems to be someone special for Terry too 😉

    I don’t share the idea that Albert traveled to Italy because of he was in love with Candy and she didn’t return his love because she was in love with Terry back then. Albert would’t fall in love with a little girl. I think that he truly fell in love with her when he was amnisiac and living with her. And she in turn also started to have romantic feelings for him then, even if she didn’t know it yet.

    Anyway, in the end Candy is with the one she belongs with, The Prince of the Hill 🙂

    1. Very good points too, dear CKati! I’ll also answer you in a post. Yes I’m working hard on my new chapter, little by little every day 🙂

    • Reeka on June 4, 2014 at 6:28 am
    • Reply

    Hi ..hi ..hi… nice to see the update, Ms Puddle! 🙂 thanks!

    For you and Amanda Pittaluga, probably i could help a bit with the translation on conversation in front of the fireplace. I first read CC manga in Indonesian Translation, and i then found it different in that conversation with the one i read in English.

    In Indonesian, Albert ( holding a log, with candy beside him) said something like this “The news about Terrence was relieving, wasn’t it Candy?”. And after Candy said “Huh?”, Albert continued ” yeah, i saw in magazine that he’s back to Stratford Theatre “, and Candy replied “really? Thank God!”

    Just let me know, Ms Puddle, if you need a scan of it, probably you want to write a post containing this info. ^^

    About that conversation, whichever translation correct, i understood one thing : Albert was in love with Candy and couldn’t help mentioning Terry so he could see Candy’s reaction. And i’m quite satisfied with the drawings in manga which showed Candy’s sincere happiness to hear the news. She’s over TGG.

    Ms Puddle, about Candy’s unsent letter to Terry, i assumed it’s written after Prince’s disclosure. Well, if we refer to manga, it seemed that right after Candy arrived in Pony Home, she found that Archie-Annie-Patty-Albert was actually already there and surprised her with that homecoming party? And i found it’s more sensible if it’s written after Candy knew Albert was PotH. Like you wrote, it’s obvious that Candy felt so into Albert when she wrote that letter to Terry since she couldn’t stop talking about Albert. And for me, Prince’s revelation was the most significant point for both of CA to step on to higher stage of their relationship.

    And about when Albert read Candy’s diary, i am with you here :). I also believed he read it sometime before he went to Italy. Probably during his Africa trip? or even before his trip? I came to think, is it possible that one of the main reasons he decided to go to Africa was candy? Because he thought his feeling toward her was unrequited?

    When exactly Albert fell in love with her was still a mystery. Yes, he was in love with the lovely nurse Candy as the amnesiac albert, but it’s very possible he had already felt a non fraternal affection to her before that. He admitted in CCFS that he never forget the crybaby with beautiful smile on pony’s hill.

    Lastly about your last quote of the letter that showed Candy’s nice words to both Terry and Susanna. Since beginning, Candy did intend to write an unsent letter, so it should be her very sincere feeling she wrote there. So when she said “Susanna’s wonderful because she KEEPS on loving you, Terry. And you who have CHOSEN her was also wonderful”, it’s a genuinely honest saying. It’s crazy if you still love someone and you say that kind of words. Hahaha.

    And I did bold the word KEEPS above there, because for me, it’s one of the clue i recently found ( see Ms Puddle … , i am still on CCFS-clue-hunting mood.^^ ). It’s like Candy implicitly admitted that Susanna’s love to Terry was after all bigger that hers. Susanna keeps on loving Terry after what Terry’s done to her ( leaving her to Rockstown). Meanwhile Candy might realised that her love to Terry slowly and gradually evaporated.

    Here i go … back with my unstoppable comment. LOL. Once again, thx dear for the lovely post. Now i’m looking forward to the most anticipated wedding ceremony and party ( and the aftermath, of course). 🙂

    1. Hello there, Reeka dear! You have many good points, and I’ll answer you in a new post! 🙂

  1. This reminds of the time during the end of the manga that Candy kept telling herself how she was slowly and steadily getting over Terry, and while drying in front of the fire Albert breaks the silence stating “You wish Terry was here instead of me” probably as a result of thinking about how much he loved her while (he thought) she loved another ;/

    1. Oh yes Amada! Nice to see you here! I remember that conversation, and I used to be upset why Albert said that to her. However, I was told that it was actually a translation mistake! Well… I don’t know what the original words are unfortunately. 😛

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