Jun 04 2014

Recovering from Breakup?

This post is in response to Reeka’s and CKati’s comments on my previous post. First of all, thank you both for your kind words about my story, and I’m working hard on my next chapter, little by little every day. But what’s aftermath, Reeka? 😛

Anyway, I’m hoping to publish a new chapter this month. 😉 I’ll see how it goes. ^_^

Thank you Reeka for your information about the conversation between Albert and Candy in front of the fireplace, waiting for their clothes to dry. I think your version makes more sense although I still want to know what the original Japanese words are LOL. 🙂 This scene speaks volumes, at least to me. It implies that Albert was aware that Candy had gone to Rockstown. Even Candy had figured out that Albert had sent that parcel to her to “arrange” her to meet with Terry (very likely out of Albert’s unconditional love for Candy, assuming she would be happiest with Terry). Albert must have been surprised at the outcome, if not shocked, that Candy had not reunited with Terry. So after some moments of silence, Albert couldn’t help mentioning Terry’s return to Broadway just to see her reaction. Candy seemed genuinely happy that Terry had finally left that roadside theatre. As Reeka said, it’s obvious Candy was over Terry (TGG? Never used his initials that way. 😛 ). Recalling how miserable Terry had been, Candy didn’t shed any tear this time. In her mind, she realized that time and distance had driven her and Terry apart. In other words, her feelings for this Broadway actor had faded.

Now about her unsent letter to Terry, I think it shows that Candy was either recovering from breakup or had already recovered. Those who aren’t familiar with Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS) probably don’t know that Albert had waited some time (could be months… but I don’t know why) before he made a surprise visit to Pony’s Home to disclose his last secret to Candy (unlike the manga). I’ll write another post one day to discuss the confusing timeline in CCFS. That’s why I think Candy wrote this unsent letter before she knew that Albert was in fact her prince. She said “Albert was veiled in mystery”. My gut feeling tells me that she was wondering about the true nature of her relationship with Albert. She had developed strong feelings for Albert by then, and she got so carried away even when writing to Terry and talked on and on about Albert. 😀

Besides, Candy didn’t mean to send this letter to anyone, and she would likely keep it safely stored somewhere, so as Reeka said, Candy didn’t have to hide her true feelings at all. However, the way Candy ended the letter tells us that Candy was happy. If Candy still had hard feelings or was feeling depressed about the breakup, there’s no way she could write such words about Terry and Susanna. Unless… Candy was lying to herself or trying to convince herself? LOL. I don’t think so of course, and as mentioned by Reeka, I think Candy’s love to Terry had been evaporated.

Reeka, I agree with you that Albert’s revelation to her as Prince on the Hill was a significant milestone to them both, and that’s why Candy cried so much (tears of happiness). Again, this will be another post. 😛

However, I don’t think Albert had romantic feelings towards Candy back in London. Like CKati said, Candy was still very young then, and Albert was totally aware who she was to him. Yes, he had never forgotten that crybaby on the hill, but he had adopted her out of pity or compassion, not love. I believe he didn’t fall in love with her until he had completely lost his memory, and the nurse’s kindness had touched his heart.

CKati, about Terry not finding true love after Candy, I share your sentiments. While I’m convinced that Candy would end up with her prince, Terry deserved a loving partner in his life. Too bad he didn’t even marry Susanna (they remained engaged) although he had stayed by her side till she died from whatever illness. By the time she passed away, if Terry had absolutely no feelings for Susanna, it actually made Terry a cold hearted man, if not cruel. 🙁 Also, this contradicts his character in the manga, where he had indeed cared about Susanna’s feelings (Terry had chosen Susanna over Candy after all). See Ambiguous Letter for what I have said earlier if you like.

As a matter of fact, according to this article, it says that:

There are thus several factors which determine the length of time a person might take to recover from a breakup. In most cases, partners from a fairly serious relationship can expect anything from three to six months – even a year in case of long marriages – to be healed completely. Anymore than that and a person should be seriously looking for help. But then calculations matter little in matters of heart and before long you may find yourself relishing the life of a single and perhaps even enjoying being with someone new.

What do you think? 🙂


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    • CKati on June 6, 2014 at 1:00 pm
    • Reply

    Dear Ms Puddle,

    Sorry for commenting so late.

    Wow, a post to answer my comment. Thanks:-)
    Although I don’t think I can add much to this discussion. I agree with you on this, but you already know that.
    As for Reeka’s comment, it’s interesting that she has a slightly different view. She has thought about it obviously. I think I understand what she is trying to say, but I still don’t believe there were the slightlest romantic feelings on Albert’s part, (not even hidden deep down) before he lost his memory.
    Sorry Reeka’s, can’t agree with you on this one :-(, but thanks anyway for the good read 🙂

    1. Dear CKati, as I said in the post, I agree with you about Albert’s feelings. Thanks to you and Reeka for giving me ideas to write! 😛

    • Reeka on June 6, 2014 at 12:25 am
    • Reply

    🙂 hahaha you’re just too sweet. Please bear with me then.

    Yeah, if we saw the drawings in manga and pay attention to how Igarashi drew Albert’s expression, i absolutely agree with you ( and CKati) about Albert’s feeling. His facial expressions toward Candy drastically changed during the amnesia period. He looked more tender and showed much more affection to Candy. Especially when he found Candy’s crying over news about Terry. How i wish at that moment he kissed her forehead and said something. I remember one moment when he got this gentle look to Candy before his amnesiac, when he was about to disappear and eave Candy ( and the gang) at the blue river zoo. However, like you said, he probably felt relieved to see her happy again.

    Btw Ms Puddle, you certainly know what i meant about the aftermath. Come on, indulge us! 🙂

    happy weekend, dear!

    1. Exactly, Reeka! Albert looked very different when he was amnesiac. He treated Candy as equal, a real friend who cared about him a lot, whereas before his accident he used to treat her like a little girl who was dependent on him. He knew he had adopted her of course. Later, even after his recovery, he wasn’t really back to his old self. He was tender towards Candy, and his eyes affectionate. As you said, I like that scene a lot and wish he had confessed his feelings to her then. However, I believe his tenderness at that moment touched Candy’s heart because she remembered this very well after he had vanished in her life.

      Aftermath?? Lol… I’ll try my best. *BLUSHING*

    • Reeka on June 5, 2014 at 3:59 am
    • Reply

    Hahahha .. somehow i feel guilty on the fact you needed to write special post to answer my shamelessly long comment. Anyway, thanks to you and big hug from the sunny island! 🙂

    Well, about my guess on Albert might fall in love with Candy in London before his Africa trip … hmm it’s just something impulsively crossing my mind when i was writing that previous comment. It’s just my wild imagination that said candy was one of the reason Albert decided to travel to Africa. From what i saw in manga, yup .. it looked like he saw Candy only as a little sister or a friend who he needed to protect.

    The word “love” probably is not perfectly suitable here, but i’ve always had this thought of Albert was the one from both of them who first realised their non-fraternal feeling, even before him losing memory. As many believed that C&A first encounter in Pony’s Hill was their life changing moment without them realising it, i think at that point Albert had already felt something to this little girl. Of course it’s not a “man to woman” affection, but i am not sure Albert thought of Candy as little sister as well. Hmmm ..how could i put my idea into words … it’s like, you know, sometimes when we realise we love someone then we think deeply about this feeling, we realised that actually the feeling had already been there for long without us noticing it.

    In the case of Albert, i guess his situation and his hidden role for Candy was things that made him unconsciously denying his attraction to her. It’s like for him, before amnesia period, to have a non fraternal interest to this girl was something forbidden, a feeling he shouldn’t have. He might also have a guilty feeling because hiding the truth from Candy. We all know that significant scene when Albert woke up from his faint and all his memories came back, Candy was the one he first remembered. All of their moments together. It’s not Rosemary, it’s not Aunt Elroy, or Puppee :).

    I’ve read somewhere, when people gets temporary and/or selective memory lost, sometimes things they can’t remember is something that they wanted to forget deep down their heart. Something disturbing, depressing, or regretful in the past.


    1. No no, Reeka, you had many good points and gave me ideas (or excuses) to write a new post! Please don’t hold back, and I like reading your reply, regardless of its length! 😀

      In CCFS, Albert told Candy himself he had longed to go to Africa. After knowing that Candy had got back in shape (recovering from the impact of Anthony’s fatal accident), Albert decided to leave for Africa. He wrote that he had been upset by the fact that he had always been protected by his family such that he had no problem to get a job anywhere. Therefore, it seems that he had negotiated this with his family beforehand, that he would go to London to prepare/start new business opportunities (something along that line) first before going to Africa.

      I think Candy had always been special to Albert ever since their first encounter on the hill. However, Albert didn’t have any romantic feelings for her or else he wouldn’t have adopted her then. He could have easily “rescue” her from the Leagans by supporting her financially without adopting her. Out of compassion, he had adopted her to give her a better life. Yet, he had deliberately kept this a secret from her so that he could watch over her silently (he said so in his letter to her).

      During the year when they had lived together as brother and sister, their love bloomed from pure friendship to being best friends / companions and many months later, lovers. I guess Albert didn’t realize his true feelings for Candy until he had recovered his memory. Likewise, Candy didn’t know who had captured her heart until after she had lost Albert. 🙂

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