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Jul 31 2014

A Contest

Hi all, ready to have some fun? 🙂 Remember my latest fanart about Albert trying to wake up Candy? I wonder if any of you can come up with a dialogue based on the context (please read my earlier post). It can be English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Turkish, Indonesian, or whichever language you prefer (as long …

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Jul 30 2014

Thanks, Antlay!

My deepest gratitude goes to Antlay for taking up the job of typing my late friend’s manuscripts for “The Diary”. I’m very happy that my friend’s effort wasn’t wasted after all, and this short story is based on Candy’s letter to Albert in Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS). As you probably know by now, I strongly believe Anohito in CCFS …

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Jul 27 2014

Someone help in French?

As I have mentioned in a post in the beginning of this year: Wedding night from “The Diary” http://mspuddleshaven.com/2014/01/05/wedding-night-from-the-diary/ I drew this (see the above post for the complete picture) for my deceased friend from Montréal. I still remember how emotional I was when drawing this. My friend had started translating my story “The Diary” to French. She …

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Jul 26 2014

My Response to your Reviews for LNF Epilogue

Some of you asked me how I felt now that “Love Never Fails” is complete. As I mentioned before, I had mixed feelings, mainly relieved but nostalgic too. After writing this story for so long, Albert and Candy are like my best friends, and I have to bid them goodbye. Nevertheless, I’m very thankful. It is my dream …

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Jul 24 2014

Love Never Fails Chapter 48: Epilogue

My long journey is finally over. “Love Never Fails” is officially complete. Hurray! I have mixed feelings, somewhere between excited and nostalgic. I also give thanks to God for giving me health all these months, in particular the times when I was tired and occupied by other responsibilities. Anyway, thank you all for your continued support and …

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Jul 17 2014

Wedded Bliss

I’ve been quiet for so long as I’m occupied lately, writing the epilogue of “Love Never Fails”, mainly about the wedded bliss of Albert and Candy. 😀 One might ask if married couples can indeed sustain wedded bliss. I strongly believe if both partners are willing to contribute and know the meaning of true love, it can happen. …

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Jul 09 2014

Drawings inspired by “Love Never Fails” (1)

Since I’m posting “Love Never Fails” in Spanish on my blog, I think it’s time to share some artists’ works inspired by this story. For my own drawings, I’ll try to post them together with the corresponding chapters, but for others’ illustrations, I will publish them on separate posts. The first drawing is called Winter on Magnolia Street by lovesonnetxvii. She was inspired …

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Jul 07 2014

El Amor Nunca Falla Capítulo 1: La despedida

El Amor Nunca Falla Por Ms Puddle Disclaimer: Candy Candy y todos los personajes pertenecen a Kyoko Mizuki, las imágenes a Yumiko Igarashi y el ánime a Toei Animation. Introducción: En Candy Candy, creo que Albert y Candy están hechos el uno para el otro. Desafortunadamente, Albert ha estado suprimiendo sus verdaderos sentimientos hacia Candy, …

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Jul 04 2014

My story “Love Never Fails”

Since my friend SweetCandyAndley will be translating, I’ve decided to revise my earlier chapters. Back then my writing was terribly naive. I can’t help blushing when re-reading them. 😛 😉 So far I’ve modified my first two chapters already. Just so you know, I won’t be able to check my emails or notifications this weekend. When I’m …

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Jul 02 2014

“Wake up, Candy…”

This is the fanart I mentioned in my previous post. I couldn’t finish it before Albert’s birthday, oh well… It is based on Chapter 46 of “Love Never Fails”, in which Albert had to wake up his newly-wed wife, Candy. 😀 … the married couple were supposed to set off to their honeymoon not long after dawn the …

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