Jul 09 2014

Drawings inspired by “Love Never Fails” (1)

Since I’m posting “Love Never Fails” in Spanish on my blog, I think it’s time to share some artists’ works inspired by this story. For my own drawings, I’ll try to post them together with the corresponding chapters, but for others’ illustrations, I will publish them on separate posts.

The first drawing is called Winter on Magnolia Street by lovesonnetxvii. She was inspired by the first chapter of “Love Never Fails”, and I’ve got her permission to post this. Thank you, lovesonnetxvii!

For your interest, she has drawn some more pictures related to Candy Candy, and this is the link to her deviantART account.

I know there are more out there, but if I don’t hear from the artists, I won’t mention/post their works here on my blog or on my Facebook page. I understand some artists want to protect their copyrights, and I totally respect that. Have a wonderful day!


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