Jul 26 2014

My Response to your Reviews for LNF Epilogue

Some of you asked me how I felt now that “Love Never Fails” is complete. As I mentioned before, I had mixed feelings, mainly relieved but nostalgic too. After writing this story for so long, Albert and Candy are like my best friends, and I have to bid them goodbye. Nevertheless, I’m very thankful. It is my dream come true to have finished it at long last.

Some of you also asked if I would continue to write another story. I don’t think I have time to do that… at least not now. Even if I will, it might be a short story. I believe I might continue to illustrate various scenes of “Love Never Fails” or my other short stories though.

Ok! Enough rambling thoughts, so below is my response to your reviews to Chapter 48 as of now. (SPOILER ALERT!)

I think most readers didn’t expect that downturn in their lives when reading the epilogue, but I think I shouldn’t ignore Spanish Flu in that period as though it had never happened. The influenza pandemic killed more people than World War I, and it has been cited as the most devastating epidemic in recorded world history. For your interest, please read

‘Downton Abbey’ gets the flu — but does it get it right?

1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic

EnakaT: Thank you for reading! Glad you enjoyed the ride. 🙂

Josie: Thank you for your compliments and encouraging words, and I appreciate your understanding. I always think that a story can’t go on and on indefinitely, so it’s a good time to stop. Thank you for the ‘celebration’ for me! 🙂

sayuri1707: Gracias por leer! I’m glad you like the ending! Yes they went through tests and trials, but that’s life! Saludos!

cksm: Thank you for your continued support! Time flies indeed!

quevivacandy: Thank you for being there for me, my dear! Yes, I know what you mean. They were happy at the end, after some ups and downs in life however. But that’s it for this story… what appendix? Lol… Yes, the ending was inspired by that of CCFS, and I’m glad you like it. Lots of hugs to you too, my friend, for your support and encouragement!

Guest: So you must be the one who told me about Pansy. Thanks for reading my story, and I’m very happy to know you love it this much! There are many good fanfics out there for Candy Candy, so don’t be so sad. I’m sure you’ll be able to find some to read. 😀

Lissette LN: Gracias por leer! I’m blushing right now re-reading your compliments about this story! As I said, the ending was inspired by CCFS, and it was yet another open-ending, but at least you know Albert and Candy were so in love, and they were ready to face the challenges in life, together. Saludos!

Reeka21: Your review touched my heart, and I couldn’t help reading it twice in a row. Thank you my friend! I’m glad to have met you here in CC world, and sorry to have made you cry, my friend. Yes, I want to show that Albert and Candy could grow together through ordeals in lives, their struggles and pain, their joys and sorrows, etc. Love Never Fails didn’t cover the period of the stock market crash in 1929, but I think they could also go through that hand-in-hand. Glad you love the part when Candy realized that she wasn’t doing enough as Albert’s wife, and that she needed to grow up too. Yes, CCFS ending! I actually like it because it mirrors the one in the manga when Candy ran into her prince’s outstretched arms. 😀

Albertsen: I agree with you because a couple married in love doesn’t necessarily mean that they would never face challenges and obstacles in lives. As soul mates, they would support each other and their love would continue to grow. Thank you for reading!

Antlay: Merci beaucoup pour la lecture de l’histoire! You must be kidding about comparing me to Mizuki, but it’s my honor that you read this English story even though you said your English wasn’t fluent. I’m very happy you like my drawings too, and I will continue to draw, but writing I’m not so sure for now. It takes a long time to write a story, and as you probably know, I did spend quite a bit of time doing research. But thanks again for your encouragement! Au revoir!



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  1. Anytime. I had fun with your wonderful and sweet story. It does give inspiration to new people who wish to write their own one day. Thanks for the ride.

    1. Thank you for reading! You’re welcome! 🙂

    • Anonymous on July 27, 2014 at 9:31 am
    • Reply

    Non je ne plaisantais pas Ms PUDDLE, c’est sincère. Je ne me lasse pas de lire vos histoires.
    See you soon. Antlay

    1. Thanks Antlay!! Merci beaucoup! 😀

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