Aug 10 2014

Waterfall Scene

waterfallIn Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS), what happened near the waterfall (Volume 1, pages 141-149 with the subheading “Waterfall Scene”) is different from that in the manga or anime. In the anime, Candy left Albert not long after she came to, but in the manga, she stayed with him in the mountain lodge for the night, and they became friends. I don’t have the CCFS spoiler with me now, but what I remember was that in CCFS, when Candy regained her consciousness after being rescued by Albert, she was wearing his old shirt and lying in bed, covered by a warm blanket. Albert was cooking some hot soup for them.

Just recently, by a swimming pool, I witnessed a lifeguard, after saving a swimmer, almost got drowned herself. She managed to pull herself back to the side of the pool, but she couldn’t stop convulsing after that. Two other lifeguards immediately called for help. Though I didn’t know what had actually happened, when the paramedics arrived, we were told to leave the scene. When I was leaving, she was still shaking uncontrollably and gasping for air. She had my pity, and at the same time I recalled this waterfall scene in Candy Candy.

So what exactly did Albert do to Candy after rescuing her from the waterfall? Some Candy Candy fans, including myself, have wondered if he performed rescue breathing on her, or if it was necessary. In all versions, Candy lost her consciousness in her near-drowning experience. Why did the author Mizuki modify this scene in which Albert had to change Candy?

I browsed through some sites and found an interesting page: The stages of drowning. It said that “The victim… in an attempt to protect itself, initiates involuntary breath holding. This occurs because water has entered the mouth… he/she will not usually make any sounds as he/she cannot breathe. Without oxygen, the victim will lose consciousness… the victim sinks to the bottom of the water… The victim will remain unconscious (and die) unless breathing is reestablished.”

Since Candy was blacked out, it’s highly likely she had stopped breathing altogether. What do you think? 🙂 If this was the case, in How to Revive a Drowning Victim?, mouth to mouth resuscitation is a necessary step to help the victim to breathe on his/her own again. There are a few other pages that support this. For your interest, here is another one: How to Help a Drowning Victim.

Drowning victims may suffer hypothermia, which can be very dangerous. To prevent it, the victim should be covered with something warm if s/he had been in cold water. In the manga/anime version, that was what Albert did to Candy. In How to Recognize and Treat Hypothermia, it says that “Wet victims lose body heat much faster than dry victims… Move the victim to warm, dry shelter… Remove wet clothing… Wrap the victim with blankets.”

In brief, Albert was doing what he should in order to save Candy. Based on this page, which gives us lots of details about near-drowning and hypothermia, the goal is to prevent further heat loss, and the major steps are: removing wet clothing, gentle drying of the skin, and covering the high heat loss areas of the body.

Perhaps Mizuki had done some research prior to writing CCFS and decided to alter this scene in the story? 😀

No matter what Albert did while trying to revive Candy, he had undoubtedly saved her life. In CCFS, she said to him, “Albert, I owe you my life, and I will never forget that.” 

Note: I downloaded the above manga scene from the Facebook page, William Albert Andrew (el príncipe de la colina)


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    • Reeka on August 29, 2014 at 5:25 am
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    How come I’ve missed this post :(.

    I was quite surprised to know (from your LNF story) that Mizuki changed this scene on CCFS. Two things came up in my mind. First, like you said she did more researches for CCFS and thought it would be incorrect to picture a drowning victim easily survived the cold if the clothes were still intact, the whole day ( and night). And yes, i can imagine Albert performed a CPR to her. I mean, he had to. But just leave it for our imagination. Hehehehe.

    Second, Mizuki simply wanted to add a memorable scene between Albert and Candy, in addition to highlight the mutual trust between them had been built since then.

    Well, whatever the reason, i think she (deliberately or not) did it for Albert’s favour in term of “who is anohito”.

    1. Don’t worry. The post will not go away, Reeka dear. 😉

      Yes, very likely Albert had to perform CPR… Hee Hee Hee…

      Good point about a memorable scene for A and C!! C was only thankful A had rescued her, and since then, he remained someone she trusted without question :-).

      Albert’s favour? I think the same too… Lol 😛

    • SweetCandyAndley on August 11, 2014 at 9:23 am
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    Hi, Ms Puddle,

    This is actually very interesting. And I think that the changes were primarily because the audience to whom it was focused were children, specially the anime version. (Perhaps it was a suggestion from Toei Animation?), so she only stayed until she came to, where as in the manga, she stayed for the whole night. Same situation regarding her clothes.

    I also think, that this scene is speaking between lines about Albert’s background. Cause, does a wanderer would know anything about those techniques? I wonder? Perhaps he should, of course, in order to survive himself. Anyway, I think it shows he had some specific educational background. And that he was probably an honorable man, in spite of being a “stranger”.

    1. Good points, SweetCandyAndley dear!! Yes, not everyone knows the basics of CPR, and to a drowning victim, every second counts!! So if Candy had indeed stopped breathing and/or swallowed water, Albert had to give her chest compressions at the very least although rescue breathing was more effective I guess?

      At any rate, Albert saved Candy’s life. No doubt. 😀

    • Anonymous on August 10, 2014 at 1:39 am
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    Thank you, very interesting information. I didn’t know where that came from(that Albert changed Candy’s clothes. I have not been able to find the CCFS, I found some of the letters but not much,very frustrating: (


    1. Thanks Iris! Glad you like this 😀

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