Aug 28 2014

Love Triangle (Part 3)

As mentioned in my previous post, Part 2 in this series, that in Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS), Candy told Terry (writing a letter to him but not planning to send it) that she had got over him. Read that post to see what I have said about that letter.

For example, the following manga picture*** shows that Candy shed tears for Terry after talking with his mother in Rockstown, believing that he would be able to emerge from his depression (leaving Rockstown). Candy said something about Terry going back to Broadway for his career… “because I loved you.” She used past tense there, same as the way she closed her unsent letter to him (both in CCFS and the old novel).


So there was a similar letter in the old Candy Candy novel, which was so much longer, and the tone was more sentimental, even nostalgic, when Candy recalled the times that she and Terry had kept missing each other (because of fate?). I wonder why Mizuki changed the letter that way.

Besides this unsent letter to Terry, Candy did send a letter to his mother, Miss Eleanor Baker, both in CCFS and the old novel, meaning to politely decline her invitation to see Terry’s Hamlet in Broadway. See below for the excerpt (note the bolded words for discussion):

“Dear Miss Eleanor Baker,

Thank you very much for your letter and the invitation ticket.


How long was I staring vacantly at the invitation ticket.

I knew about the performance of Hamlet through newspapers and magazines. I preferably don’t want to know the news about Terrus, but I wonder at the fact that I find the news without realizing.

It’s been a long time since you spoke to me in Rockstown.

I made a short visit to that town by accident, to search for a missing person who has helped me very much. 


At that moment I felt that Terry certainly would get over it.

I wanted to see Terry …

But I didn’t want to see him in this way …

Terrus Graham is a natural-born actor!

He’s not a person who is satisfied with such stages or performances!

Miss Baker, you know it more than anyone.


However … I must decline your kind offer.

I want to see Terry’s performance … however I don’t want to.

If I see his performance, surely I’ll feel the urge to meet him, to exchange a word with him. Besides, I have promised Susanna. I promised not to see him again.

… “

First, Candy told Terry’s mother that she tried not to read about Terry’s news, and it had been a long time since her visit to Rockstown. I wonder, how long ago had it been? Months? A year or more? We don’t know. Moreover, Candy tried not to read about Terry, so does it mean she was determined to forget about him?

Then Candy explained that she had gone to that small town not because of Terry (unlike Ms Baker, who stalked after her son I gather) but because of someone who had helped her a lot. In Japanese, Candy used the word, 恩人 (onjin) to refer to Albert (the man whom she had wanted to find in Rockstown). The English translation of onjin is benefactor or patron, but in Japanese onjin has a broader meaning. For those who know Chinese will understand what I mean here. There’s the same term in Chinese language too.

For example, in the manga, when Candy was being fired by Dr. Leonard in the hospital because she lived with the male patient, she argued with the director and defended herself, saying that the amnesiac patient was her onjin. She had no idea that Albert was the one who had adopted her, so what she meant was that Albert had helped her a lot in the past (e.g. he had saved her life).

In fact, the literal meaning of the Japanese term on jin is grace person, who bestows grace on another person; the person who has received grace often feels indebted to his/her “onjin” (as in Candy’s case, and that’s why she wanted to pay back Albert’s kindness).

Then Candy related to Ms Baker that she had had a feeling that Terry “would get over it”. Is that why Candy didn’t even talk to him? She didn’t want him to know that she saw how miserable he was? What do you think?

Also, Candy explained why she declined to see Hamlet because she had promised Susanna not to talk to Terry again. I don’t recall this in the manga. That might be something new in CCFS, but anyway, it seemed that Candy was quite determined to let go of Terry. Or do you think she didn’t want to travel to New York again?

At any rate, compared to the similar letter in the old CC novel, Candy wrote to Ms Baker differently. She didn’t mention why she had gone to Rockstown (thus not mentioning her “onjin”), and she said the main reason for not seeing Terry act in Broadway again was

… If I see his play, I will want to meet him. I’ll want to meet and talk to him.
Unlike the play in the road company in that country town, finally I might be able to see Terry’s play.
But I decided to give up.
There is still my painful memory in New York.
I can’t smile saying that has changed to the memory.
After a while… after a while, time will cure it.
I’m sorry, Miss Baker.
Please forgive me for rudely sending back the invitation ticket.
Candice White Ardley

So in CCFS, Mizuki had removed the part in which Candy said that her memory in New York was still painful. I wonder if Mizuki wanted to convey to us that Candy had truly got over Terry by then. At the same time, Candy brought up Susanna in this CCFS letter. Come to think of it, Candy was supposed to belong to Terry’s past. He was engaged to Susanna after all. The fact that Candy could mention Susanna’s name also showed that she was healing. What do you think?

*** Many thanks to my friend, who provided pictures of the manga in the Japanese version, I can now go over different pages whenever I like. 😀


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    • CKati on September 2, 2014 at 1:05 pm
    • Reply

    I think that Candy had already fallen for Albert when she went to Rockstown, even if she didn’t realise it yet. If she still had strong romantic feelings for Terry, she would have stayed and talked to him, at least.
    But I do think that Terry would always have a special place in her heart. That’s why her letters are sentimental.
    About her promise to Susanna; I’m not quite sure, but I think that this is also something from the anime. It’s been a long time since i’ve watched it, so I am not sure.

    1. I agree with you, dear friend. Candy didn’t even stay speak volumes indeed, but I also think Terry remained special to her. About Susanna, I don’t remember the anime version either. 😉

  1. Hi

    My gift for you. Hope you like it.

    I also uploaded some of my works in here

    1. Thank you! I’ll share them soon. 🙂

      1. Glad you liked it.

        Great points on the topic btw. (y)

        I just wished the fans of the opposite side should realize this…

        1. Thanks! I’ll share this in a day or two. 🙂

    • Reeka on August 29, 2014 at 10:24 am
    • Reply

    The way I see it, Mizuki tried really hard to balance this novel due to market demand :). She insist on calling Candy’s husband as Anohito, to gain interest from the other side’s supporters, but to compensate it, she made adjustment on some letters. Particularly on her reply to Miss Baker, like you said, it’s like she reassured us that Candy was over Terry at that moment of time. Or at least, she was in healing process.

    I also couldn’t get where in manga/anime that Candy promised Susana for not seeing Terry again. I assume it’s something new in CCFS. Why Mizuki added that part? You tell me :).

    1. Market demand indeed, which is so sad. As an author she should have stuck with her plot. Anyway, she did make changes here and there, and I have a feeling that Candy brought up Susanna because Candy wanted Miss Baker to leave her alone from now on. What do you think? 😉

  2. Dear Ana, hi there! I sensed the major changes done by Mizuki, from the old novel to CCFS, were so obvious — implying that Candy had changed, from still sentimental to slightly playful. Even if she wasn’t completely over Terry, she was determined to let go. I was told that the anime ended before the manga was finished, which was unfortunate. The ending was confusing to many indeed. Sigh. 😉

      • Ana on August 28, 2014 at 7:26 pm
      • Reply

      🙁 My previous reply is all gone… let’s see if I remember what I wrote… 😀

      The first time I watched CC I was a teenager and I got confused, didn’t understand the ending. Then when I grew up and already was an adulto watched it again, it was still confusing but I got a hint the she ends up with Albert. Back then, I didn’t know anything about manga or the novels. When I discovered them last year everything changed to me and I could see clear how the story ends and my frustration was all gone… hehehe

      I was told the same about the anime, volumen 9 wasn’t finished just had the idea what is going to happen and Toie Animation took it and voila… total confusion!

      I sensed mizuki changed the letters just to give hope where there is not hope… lol… or to sell more, I really don’t know but I prefer old letters than the new ones. Even if other say that she changed the story, Mizuki has said that CCFS is not a sequel, the story keeps being the same.

      About Rockstown I think she was already over him. Several months has passed since they broke up, I guess she still has feelings for him but not in a romantic way. In the manga she also tells him that she tried so hard to forget him but he still was like after the rupture. But lets imagine she still has feelings for him at Rockstown, she doesn’t have them when she wrote the letter. I think several months have passed, in the letter on CCFS she mentioned that Hamlet has been a success and the play already has been performanced for a long season and then for another long season and now the will performe it in England so at least a year have passed since Rockstown so I think here definetily she was over him… 😉

      Well, hehehe good job my friend! I have learned what onjin means, at least have an idea what they meant in the story… 🙂

      1. Dear Ana, which comment? Sorry that it was lost. I watched the anime as a child, and the ending was rushed and confusing. I didn’t read the manga till few years ago, and the whole story suddenly made sense lol!!

        I agree with you that Candy had clearly got over Terry even though he might hold a special place in her heart. Good point, my friend, about the timing! So at least a year had elapsed when she wrote that letter! I wonder why Miss Baker invited Candy to see Hamlet though… Perhaps Miss Baker preferred Candy? 😉

          • Ana on August 28, 2014 at 10:09 pm
          • Reply

          hehehe I wrote the same comment above but I guess I had a connection error so when I reload the page the comment was already gone so I had to wrote it again… 🙂

          and I agree with you about E. Baker… I feel sorry for her… lol…

          P.S lots of misspellings, wrong words etc up there… 🙁 sorry… at least you understood me… hahaha :p

          1. No worries, dear!! About Miss Baker, perhaps she wanted to help her poor son? Sigh… 😉

    • Ana on August 28, 2014 at 3:50 pm
    • Reply

    I’m so agree with you! I am trying to find out where’s the part when Candy promised Susana to not talk him again. All we have is the reference in the letter she wrote to E.Baker. Maybe it was in the letter she never sent to her? maybe it was while they spoke at the hospital? I have no idea, but one thing is sure, She said two times she LOVED him, 1. at rockstown 2. in the letter she never sent.

    There are a lot of differences in the letters. I guess maybe it is because the huge success of the novel, then came the anime but most part of girls where confused with who Candy ended up to. Maybe that’s why she changed somethings just to satisfy all readers, I mean the ones who don’t want to accept the truth… :p lol… I don’t know.

    But and the end she was over him!

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