Sep 08 2014

Love Triangle (Part 4)

I remember some readers and I have talked about the translation error on this particular page (for your interest, you can read the comments on Part 2 of this series):


When Candy and Albert were drying off in front of the fireplace, Candy recalled the precious moment when she and Terry had been sitting in front of a fireplace in his Scotland villa. As though Albert knew that she was thinking of Terry, Albert broke their silence by telling Candy the good news about Terry. The conversation between Albert and Candy is (please bear with my minimal Japanese knowledge, and I have paraphrased a bit. Please kindly correct me if I’m wrong 😛 ):

A: “By the way, isn’t it relieving about Terrence?”

C: “Huh?”

A: “According to a magazine, he has returned to Stratford Theatre to start from scratch.”

C: “Really? That’s wonderful…”

Then Candy likely remembered Terry’s miserable state back in Rockstown. She knew since then she hadn’t heard any rumor about him, and in her mind she sincerely hoped Terry was ok now.

At the same time, she acknowledged that time and distance had driven them apart (direct translation is by not seeing each other, the distance between the two of them is, little by little, increasing/stacking up).

This manga page is very significant. First, it shows that Candy hadn’t been following Terry’s news, even after her trip to Rockstown (perhaps at least several weeks had elapsed? The day she had arrived at Rockstown, it had been snowing. By now, Spring was here). I suppose Terry’s return had probably made headlines in some tabloids back then? He had been famous and mysteriously missing after all.

Hence, either Candy wasn’t keen to follow the news, or Candy had been trying to avoid reading about Terry as explained in Candy’s letter to Miss Eleanor Baker (please read my previous post for details).

On the other hand, Albert was more attentive than Candy was. He said “isn’t it relieving about Terrence?” Albert called him “Terrus君” in Japanese, using his proper name unlike Candy, who used the shortened form, “Terry”. Moreover, the word 君 kun is used for younger friends with respect.

Nobody knows exactly why a parcel with Albert’s name as the sender had been delivered to Candy from Rockstown, but for sure Albert had somehow discovered Terry’s whereabouts and his terrible conditions. So either Albert had gone to Rockstown himself or he had sent someone else to send the package to Candy on his behalf. At any rate, this implied that Albert had known about Candy’s trip to Rockstown, and do you think he was also aware of what she had done during her stay? If so, I wonder how Albert had reacted. That Candy hadn’t stayed with Terry, but she had looked for Albert throughout the small town the day after.

Above all, this page shows that Candy’s feelings for Terry were considerably different from before. Yes, the fireplace moment with him in Scotland flashed across her mind, but she didn’t shed any sad tear or reminisce their days at St. Paul like she used to. Upon hearing the good news about Terry from Albert, she was genuinely happy that Terry had returned to Broadway (also to Susanna). This signified that Terry had emerged from his depression (of regretting his decision of letting Candy go?).

Similarly, in her unsent letter to Terry in CCFS, Candy congratulated Terry that he was now successful playing Hamlet, which indicated Candy had truly moved on. She no longer yearned to reunite with him, and she applauded just like one of his fans. Comparing to the nurse who had tried so desperately to see Terry when he had been visiting Chicago for a charity performance (skipping her shift in the hospital and wandering around the streets in despair), Candy’s mindset had completely changed. As she herself said on this manga page, time and distance had indeed driven them apart (which had also healed her broken heart).

Last but not the least, in the manga, the next page that follows right after this page shows the jolly moments Candy and Albert had shared together (just the two of them) in Lakewood. Need I say more? 😀 For your interest, I’ll continue on Part 5.


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    • lieka on December 16, 2014 at 5:03 pm
    • Reply

    morning, ladies….
    what a nice surprise to hear from you so soon.
    I just came back from taking my daughters to school. before I go to my daily routine, I just want to take a break with my phone, and guess what? I found your comments here. haha…love it!

    no, ms puddle, I’m not grace. who is grace? is she Indonesian too? we should have candyfan in indonesia:D
    well, reeka…the country is right, how about the city? I grew up in a city called ‘paris van java’, how about you? but I was no longer live there anymore, I now live in the capital city. but my parents still live there.
    lieka is not my real name, it’s a combination of my middle names. I consider it sounds pretty unique and short enough while my real name is quite long. never use this name, actually…just for this forum.

    reeka…your English is so good. yes, playmate would be a better translation. sorry for my poor English. I learnt solely from school. never use it in daily live bcoz I’m only a housewife.

    never get old and still handsome forever? hahaha…that’s exactly our Albert. wondering how he looked like if he still alive today:D

    ladies….I agree with you. it’s all about faith, isn’t it? nobody wanted to adopt candy until Mr. legan came. well…nothing in our live is coincidence. everything happens for a reason.

    reeka…read your comment in other topic saying that you are a small girl. same here, haha…I’m a small girl also, maybe 1.5 m. interesting how all girls in manga have the same height. notice that candy, Anny, patty, and even Eliza have exactly the same height and shape. well except for patty bcoz she is a little bit fatter:)

    1. Hello Lieka, it’s evening on my side of the world. 😉

      Grace is another girl I met on my blog. Never mind then. 😛

      Your English is not bad at all. I have no problem understanding your comments, so don’t worry.

      I think Albert would grow old gracefully, like David Beckham and George Clooney, etc. He would remain handsome and charming in a matured way.

      Yes, in the manga all girls have similar figure except Patty. Even then I can’t really tell the difference. 😉 The male characters have various heights though.

      • Reeka on December 16, 2014 at 11:37 pm
      • Reply


      Hehehehe so I don’t think we know each other in person then. I was born and raised in Jkt. Have been living overseas since 8 years ago, now I live in sg.

      Thanks Lieka for the compliment. My english is still far from fluent, actually. But yes, it’s been much improved since I’ve lived abroad. And like Ms Puddle said, yours is okay, very understandable. Cuek aja! 🙂

      Lieka, Ms Puddle had posted a topic on who could be Albert in real life. It’s one of her interesting topics :). David Beckham and Paul Walker are my top choices. But they still couldn’t match Albert’s criteria perfectly. Mizuki created Albert with so much love that none mortal could fit in. ^_^

      1. Yes, Reeka, this Albert character was created with so much love indeed. BTW, Lieka has read that particular post you mentioned already.

    • lieka on December 16, 2014 at 5:25 am
    • Reply

    dear ms puddle & reeka, it’d me again:D
    allow me to bring up several questions to be discussed. here it is:

    1. why did the Leagans take candy from the orphanage? in my manga, it is said that they were looking for ‘teman dan pesuruh’ for Eliza leagan. (hello there reeka…do we speak the same language?:D) translate in English maybe ‘companion and servant’.
    why candy? from the manga, I learnt that pony house is far away from Lakewood. it took hours to get there. allow me to remind you that candy departed from pony house when the children still took a nap (around 2 pm, maybe?) and steward the driver said to her that they would arrived in the afternoon. candy sighed realized how long the trip would be.
    again, why candy? couldn’t they find another orphanage nearby their residence? or, why didn’t they just simply pick a servant to accompany their daughter? as a wealthy family, we know they had a lot of servants and most probably Eliza had special servant just to serve her. so…I can’t figure out why they have to look for any orphan girl far away just to be a servant when they already had a lot.
    could it be Albert behind this?

    waiting for your opinion, ladies….
    I decided to bring up my question one by one so that we can be focus 😀

    1. Dear Lieka, to be honest, I don’t think Albert was behind this. He didn’t expect to see Candy again I suppose because in his letter to her in CCFS he said he found his batch dangling around her neck after rescuing her from the waterfall.
      Also, if Albert was behind this, why did he bring Candy to spoiled kids like Eliza or Neil? They would only make Candy suffer. 🙁
      I think in the manga the servants mentioned that Eliza and Neil had changed tutors many times or something like that. They were simply insufferable, and possibly Mrs. Leagan had tried many things. She finally resorted to getting an orphan girl from a remote town because (1) an orphan had not many choices (2) an orphan girl wouldn’t leave them on her own, or so she thought.

      I think Mrs. Leagan was looking for a playmate, not a servant, at least initially. What do you think?

      • Reeka on December 16, 2014 at 1:10 pm
      • Reply

      Hi Lieka,

      It’s funny that our name sound very similar. 🙂

      No, I don’t think Albert was behind the “adoptation” by Legans, as well. Albert might still remember the green eyes cry baby on Pony Hill, but he was away studying in London right after that moment. Imagine a teenage boy like him, he must be busy with school, tutors, and his friends ( he could have a girlfriend in st Paul as well). So I don’t think Albert remember Candy that much before he saved her from drowning.

      Yes, Lieka, Indonesian is my mother tounge :). Teman main & Pesuruh is literally playmate and servant. The one initiated the adoption was Mr Legan. But Mrs Legan and the kids didn’t like the idea. Why Candy? Why Pony? 🙂 simply because it’s the story plot hahahaha. One of a thread that connected Albert and Candy. A way to lead candy to her prince.

      It’s a story in early 20th century, 1910 to be exact for the time of Legans taking Candy from Pony Home. Back then, distance between town was took a lot longer than now. Cars’ speed averagely was only 20-30km/hour maximum. Not to mention the bumpy road they might go through. So I guess the distance between Lakewood and Pony Home actually not quite far. And like Ms Puddle said, there might be only one orphanage in 2-3 towns.

      1. Albert might have a few secret admirers when he was in college… I think he knew he was good-looking, so he hid his beautiful blue eyes with a pair of dark sunglasses… ;). He didn’t show his face unless necessary, like when a certain blond girl kept fainting when she saw his bearded look. LOL…

    • lieka on December 16, 2014 at 4:19 am
    • Reply

    dear reeka & ms puddle,
    yes, I actually had friend named rika in primary/junior high:) is it probably you indeed?
    and yes again, I read ms puddle’s blogs wholly, and also her fanfic, love never fails which is a very touching story. I enjoy it very much but somehow relief that it is finally come to a happy ending since it’s a long long story:D Just teasing you, ms puddle…I enjoyed it so much! not sure if you still recognize me, ms puddle, I posted to you twice or three times in love never fails.
    nice to meet you, ladies…never thought that my childhood favorite manga would come into such never ending discussion and debate:D

    you know, I never forgot this manga. many of my books, novels or other mangas had been sold or given away. but candy candy? I keep it save with me. when I got married, I packed it from my parent’s house to my own. I didn’t bring many belongings from my parent’s house, but candy candy surely at the top of the list!
    my husband asked me back then, you are a grown up woman. why do you care about people who don’t even exist? well…they are exist in my heart, I reply him. they are my early teen memory, and I treasure them. beside….which girl who doesn’t fall for the charming Albert or terry? haha….I guess he is a little jealous to Albert because sometimes I capture his picture on my phone wallpaper. sorry dear….:DD

    1. Hello Lieka! You’re not Grace, are you? Next time, you might consider providing your email address (only I can see it). Once your comment is approved, your future comments with the same email address will be automatically approved.
      Thank you so much for reading “Love Never Fails”! 😀 I can hardly believe I have written such a long story… lol… to make it interesting I must put some ups and downs don’t you think? 😉 Thanks again for your encouraging words.
      I watched CC anime as a little girl. I didn’t get the ending until I read the manga a few years ago. The story suddenly made sense to me. It was a story of Candy and her prince. She met different guys in between, but she was back to her prince at the end. 🙂
      Tell your husband that we girls like daydreaming of guys like Terry or Albert who never get old and stay handsome forever. LOL… 😆

    • Anonymous on December 14, 2014 at 10:26 pm
    • Reply

    dear reeka…your comment is really what i feel. it’s just like reading my own mind. I also read cc at age 12 or 13 decades ago, probably 1992? I remember that I still at 6th grade of elementary school. I read your earlier comment about invisible thread, and found out that we are in the same country. that makes me wonder if you are actually my old friend?
    however, I also have no clue that Albert will be ‘the one’. I also still hoping that candy and terry can be together again somehow. but when I came to the end of the story, why it didn’t surprised me at all? I was satisfied by the end of the story, knowing that candy ended up with the right man.
    I’m just curious about terry. I have never like a rebel, only terry, lol. I feel sorry for hard life he’d been through, and genuinely hope the best for him. he deserved it anyway.

    1. Hello there, thank you for visiting my blog, and yes, like you and Reeka and many others, by the end of the manga, I felt there should be more to the story, but at the same time I felt it was right for Candy to be with Albert. He was more mature than Terry and other male characters (perhaps except Stear, who had died), and he was the one Candy had needed most all the time. As you said, Albert was the right man.
      About Terry, I think Mizuki could have done better, but I think in CCFS he had found happiness and fulfillment in his promising career. It would be a pity if he still missed Candy very much in a sense that he wanted to marry her, which was what most Terry fans believe I think.

      • Reeka on December 15, 2014 at 2:50 pm
      • Reply

      Hi Anonymous! We’re from the same country? ^^ You made me curious whether I really know you in person? Have you had a primary/junior high school friend called R(ee)ka? 🙂

      I think, like Ms Puddle said, many people have similar feel with us about the ending. It was unexpected, but it felt right. Somewhat we felt the story was unfinished, but now that I’ve known the spoilers from CCFS, I can say I am happy and satisfied with the whole story Mizuki wrote. I’m not a big fan of CC anime, though.

      I am a firm believer that Anohito was William Albert Ardley. And like you and most CC readers, I do feel Terry deserve better ending. However I discussed with Ms Puddle sometime ago that Terry actually indeed found part of his happiness, his dreams. Acting. He became successful actor in America and we know that theather and movie industry in 1930s was skyrocketing in US, unlike the rest of business after the great depression. From scenes in manga, we know that Terry enjoyed fans’ attention. He “enjoyed” Susana’s attention to him. He was born and raised in Duke’s castle. So I assume he was pretty happy to live what he lived as a star, even without Candy.

      Ms Puddle and I even talked about that we ( correct me if I’m wrongly talking on your behalf, Ms Puddle ^^) thought we couldn’t see Candy would fit into Terry’s lifestyle as famous actor. Going to hollywood parties, full of alcohol,and probably free sex lifestyle? As much as Candy hated high socialite life, she was anyway once or twice in manga saying she aimed to learn to become a Lady. She once tried to be more behaved for Anthony, then she agreed to follow George to London because he said Uncle William’s dream was seeing Candy became a young Lady.

      So being a Matriarch was more sensible for her than being a broadway/hollywood star’s partner.


      I recommend you to read Ms Puddle’s blog wholly and her fanfiction. You will enjoy it! 🙂

      And you, my dear Ms Puddle, thanks for letting me aware on this reply. I miss talking to you. I’ll be resuming my normal routines in 2-3 weeks. I hope I can catch up what I’ve missed these past two months.


      1. Agree with you Reeka, that Terry really enjoyed the applause from the audience (including Susanna’s, yes indeed)! That’s one of the major reasons why he “sobered up” in Rockstown too.

        I guess he grew up being despised as an illegitimate child in the Duke’s castle had something to do with it. It was called illegitimate child complex or something like that I forgot, that the child would strive to prove himself worthy by being more successful than others.

        So in a sense, Terry could have a fulfilling life being a successful actor in Broadway, even without Candy. In fact, I really doubt if he would still remember the same girl after all those years of staying with Susanna. Terry might only remember the bantering moments with Candy in the high school years, but Candy had matured over the years too. Would she still accept a man in her past when she was already happy with her prince?

        Like you, Reeka, I just can’t see Candy fit in Terry’s circle anymore. Interestingly, she had never seen any of his play properly, not in the manga nor CCFS.

        Reeka, thanks for recommending my fanfictions, and don’t worry about catching up my posts. Enjoy your stay while you can! 🙂

    • Guest on September 10, 2014 at 8:42 am
    • Reply

    After I sent what I showed you yesterday, I had this chat with a friend and told her that I’d never understand why those fans of opposite side kept insisting that Albert and Candy were like a brother and sister, though you could clearly see how much Candy missed Albert after he left the apartment, and lastly Albert never said or thought he had considered her as his “little sister”. Or did I miss anything in anime or manga? Lol he was jokingly offended when Candy called him “Father” in their letters. If Terry still loves Candy, then he should approach her when he and Albert saw her working at the clinic (Anime). Nope, he just walked away in different direction. In Manga, Terry didn’t do anything to visit Candy after she saw him at a banged-up theater. Even Candy herself just stood there and watched him, however she did not go to him. Why avoid each other if they’re really in love with each other? Then my friend said to me, hoping one day Mizuki would change her mind and re-write a love story of Albert and Candy. If that CCFS had clear ending saying Albert was her husband, then I’d be very happy to buy that novel. She should know that she’s not the only author who had been in harassment stage that caused by fans, but even the other writers too. I heard that J.K. Rowling had been getting negative feedbacks on why she let Harry marry Ron’s sister lol. At least she was brave enough to end what she really wanted for her story.

    I always know that Candy ended up with Albert, so I keep myself blind or deaf whenever the fans dig up negative sides about Albert. 😉

    1. Agree with you, and too bad Mizuki decided not to disclose the identity of Anohito. The ambiguity is so frustrating. Sigh. 🙁

    • Reeka on September 10, 2014 at 2:19 am
    • Reply

    You know …everytime i see this manga scene, i wonder what were they thinking at that moment? We all assume that they were already in love to each other, then being barely clothed in secluded place, at night, must give them certain feeling. ^__^

    Btw, i remember that even at my younger year, when the first time i read this volume ( i was 13, and that was decades ago), i could see Candy was over Terry. They way she said that the time had made them driven apart and the wall that separated them was thicker and thicker. Noted that at that time, i didn’t have a favourable men in this story. I was still hoping the author would make a plot that Anthony was still alive ( I will write to you about a rumour i heard about it long time ago); i also hoped Terry would make a decision to fight for their love ( which he never did! Ugh); and a hope that the author made a sequel to tell us the romance of albert and candy. Well i guess somehow Mizuki did the latter on CCFS 🙂

    Everything seemed to be so quick and short in manga. Meanwhile the author of Glass Mask has been very detailed on everything hence the story seems to never reach the ending :))

    1. To my great surprise, while it’s obvious to us that Candy already had very strong feelings for Albert, not everyone agrees that she was in love with him then. Their theory was that she wasn’t quite over Terry yet, and her feelings for Albert didn’t develop until after his revelation as her prince. 😉

      When I first read the manga, this scene was ‘hot’! Fireplace, hardly clothed, in love and being alone in a house, etc. Yet the translation error, that Albert said to her was it better that Terry was here, ruined the whole scene. Grrrr…

      It wasn’t at night though, likely afternoon for who knows how long to dry their clothes… I wonder if Albert dried his pants, wrapping a blanket or a sheet around his waist for example… Lol!

      I thought Terry used to be your favorite, Reeka! So you already thought of these possibilities? I agree with you that the manga seemed rushed, sigh. However, I was told that by then Mizuki and Igarashi had been having problems working together, so that was probably why. 🙁

        • Reeka on September 10, 2014 at 9:20 am
        • Reply

        To be fair, by reading the manga only, yes .. maybe Candy had not been in love to Albert yet, but like you said, she had already had strong feeling for him, not brotherly as it was clear how Mizuki & Igarashi spent 2-3 pages just for capturing Candy’s loneliness after his silent departure. And it is Candy, a girl who was brave enough to be a stowaway and got used to be alone. So it must be something troubled her ( either mind or heart or both) for longing Albert that way.

        And again, like you said, this scene was pretty hot :), so imagine Candy’s feeling to see Albert without shirt for hours ( and you Ms Puddle, I forbid you to make my imagination go wild with adding ” mmm i wonder if Albert wrapped a blanket around his waist”).

        And the way she responded Albert’s statement about Terry with ” huh?” … I assumed her mind was wandering somewhere at that time … I’ll let you guess what’s her mind thinking 🙂

        Ahhh yes, I liked Terry when candy was in a romance with him, but i kinda accepted their separation. I mean, when I hadn’t read volume 8 and 9, of course yes I wished the author made Terry back to Candy. Basically I was up to any ending as long as Candy found happiness. Seriously, at that time, on my innocent age ^_^, there’s no slight idea that Albert would be the one. He was being Uncle William and Prince of The Hill, was a huge shock for me. You know that I really did flip over the last page of volume 9 over and over again …just in case my eyes were wrong and it’s not finished yet. Then finally I just thought ” alright … so she’s back to her first love. I could accept that, after all he’s handsome, rich, powerful, and kind”. Back then I was naive with zero experience of love.

        It’s like what I’ve told you before, just when I read it again when I was 20s then I could see the beauty of their relationship. That true love was not just about physical attraction as it needs trust, respect, and mutual value of life. Those I couldn’t see in Candy and Terry relationship.

        Okay, I am not finished yet, my friend. I am back on my super-long-comment mood. 🙂

        Just weeks ago when I told you I just completed reading Daddy Long legs, I told my husband briefly about similarity I surprisedly found in DLL and CC. I told him also about two CC fan base, Terryfan and Albertfan. And you know what my husband said? ” Is this Terry character was portraying a handsome rebel?” 🙂 I said yes and asked why he knew. He said again ” yeaaahh that’s typical. Those who are helplessly romantic and usually a young woman, like a rebel. It’s just a phase”. HA.

        So is there part 5 for this Love Triangle topic?

        1. Reeka, you’re right about Candy bring strong and independent. She never missed Terry the way she missed Albert, at least not in the manga. It was like part of her was gone.

          Well… About the fireplace scene… Albert might have some spare pants for himself? I don’t know. How else did he dry his drenched clothes huh? 😉 I wonder which was sexier? Candy in swaddling blanket or Candy wearing Albert’s spare clothes. Either way, I’m sure they were both embarrassed in some way.

          Well… I guess Candy was thinking of Terry when Albert interrupted her thought… Unless you implied that her thoughts had gone wild, Reeka? 😉

          I totally agree with you about true love between Albert and Candy, so I won’t repeat your words here. To me, Terry was like that young man in DLL, Judy’s friend’s older brother in Princeton? He was young and handsome, and Judy liked him too. But in CC, Candy’s feelings for Terry were much stronger, and a rebel falling in love with her was so flattering in a way that people want them to be a real couple (not chasing each other all the time).

          Your husband’s words showed that he was wise, and like him, I think it’s a phase that many girls go through. In fact, I’m sure there are always some girls who want to tame a rebel at some points in their lives. Don’t you think?

          Yes, I plan to write more in this series 🙂

    • CKati on September 9, 2014 at 1:50 pm
    • Reply

    Nope, you don’t need to say more 😀
    Just kidding. I like reading your explenations for their behaviour. You seem to have access to more translations than most of us. But based on what is available, I certainly agree with you.

    1. Dear CKati, I learned Japanese when I was a teenager, but I have forgotten a lot now. I don’t understand complicated sentences, but the conversations on this page are simple enough for me. 🙂

  1. […] particular scene and the following scene to dry themselves in front of the fireplace show that Candy no longer cried for Stear and Terry. Not only that, she was genuinely happy for […]

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