Sep 19 2014

Lac du Laouzas

Thanks to Antlay for remembering my long story “Love Never Fails” when she traveled in the summer to Lac du Laouzas! To those who haven’t yet read the story, don’t worry, no spoilers here. 😛

Lac du Laouzas is a lake in Tarn, France. At an elevation of 790 m, its surface area is 3.35 km². Antlay told me that the island in the middle of the lake reminded her of the uninhabited island I mentioned in the story. Therefore, she took a few pictures of the island and sent them to me, and she didn’t mind I shared the pictures with you all. Isn’t the place enchanting?

Thank you very much, Antlay, and it warmed my heart to know that you recalled my story during your travel! 🙂

Besides, I got some responses for the post Love grew into romance (Part 2), giving me recommendations of your ideal Albert. Some of you provided links or pictures already, and if possible please pick one photo that you like the most for your choice. You can send me the link here or post the picture directly on my Facebook page. If not, I will select one picture from each candidate and post the photos on my next post in the series “Love grew into romance”. I’d like to hear from you, so please keep them coming. 😀


  1. It was simply nice of your friend 🙂

    1. Yes it’s true! 😀

I would like to hear from you!

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