Sep 25 2014

Love grew into romance (Part 3)

I found the following quotes. Do you agree?

Every girl has her best friend, boyfriend and true love. Lucky if they are all the same person. (~ source unknown)

All love that has not friendship for its base, is like a mansion built upon the sand. (~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox)

It’s clear in Candy Candy, Candy and Albert started off as friends. Even when he decided to adopt her, he chose to be anonymous so that he could watch over her as her friend. That was his original intention. Little did he expect that she would save his life years later, as written in his letter to Candy in Candy Candy Final Story (from spoilers):

… So, can you write me like your lively chat as always?
I don’t blame you for getting angry.
I kept it secret, that I was “Granduncle” — William A. Ardray.
I had my inner conflict myself to keep it secret, but I won’t make excuses.
I wish I could watch over you silently.
Who could ever have imagined that “Albert” was taken care of by you so much! (like a cheap novel)
That’s why I bear patiently even if you formally call me “Graaanduncle!” and sometimes treat me like an old person…

That was written after his revelation to her that he was in fact the Scottish teenager who had appeared to her many years ago on Pony’s Hill. In the manga, when Candy first realized that Albert was her adoptive father, she was shocked to the core to say the least. Then she asked him why he had kept it a secret from her all this time, but she didn’t blame him. Afterwards, she expressed her highest respect and gratitude to him as Uncle William, which made him blush. The whole episode is poignant yet beautiful to me. However, in CCFS, Candy was angry and complained that she had worried about Albert so much so that she felt she had suddenly grown old.

I actually prefer the version in the manga. That’s more Candy-like, but I have a feeling that Mizuki changed that in CCFS to show that their friendship was strong enough that Candy could “dare” to grumble against Albert even though he was officially her guardian and the most powerful figure in the Ardlay’s clan.

Anyway, as mentioned in my earlier post Love grew into romance (Part 2), by then, Candy and Albert were no longer just friends. Their relationship was more than complicated, and yet, after exchanging several letters with each other, Candy wrote a brief letter to Albert, saying (from spoilers):

Dear Albert-san,
When will you come back from São Paulo?
When will you come to the Pony’s Home?
If you are so much thankful to me, I hope you’ll come soon.
Well but, “Bert”? Did people call you so?
It sounds cute!
And now, that’s all for today.
I just want to meet you and talk with you personally.
Maybe I’m stingy?

This was after getting a LONG letter from him during his business trip in São Paulo, which he had started writing around 2am when he had finally had some time to himself in the hotel. Apparently, he missed her a lot. Why else would he write a heartfelt letter to her when he could get some more sleep? Likewise, she missed him too and really wanted to see him. The fact her reply was short speaks volumes. She’d rather talk to him face to face.

Anyway, as promised before, based on your feedback so far, here shows a list of handsome male actors/models/athletes that you can visualize as Albert in Candy Candy (please click on the thumbnails to see the pictures in bigger sizes). My main criteria are that the men suggested have names, and they are currently in their twenties or at most early thirties. If not, I did try to look for their pictures when they were younger. If you don’t like my choices, please provide links to give me different pictures of your ideal men. 🙂

Officially, Candy was a petite girl, around 1.55m in height, and Albert was 1.85 m tall with athletic build. Therefore, most of these candidates have heights around 1.83m on average except Zac Efron (1.73m) and Camille Lacourt (2m).

In my imagination, Albert had tender eyes, looked sweet with charming smiles. Above all, he truly cared for Candy as explained in my post Sharing half of a sandwich. Now, once again, imagine yourself as Candy, living with a good-looking, young man like one of these eye-candies below for more than a year. Do you honestly believe that Candy would feel nothing at all? Hmmmm…

If you think none of these men fits the image in your mind, you might want to see if you find any one here 😛



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    • CKati on October 6, 2014 at 1:20 pm
    • Reply

    I agree with both quotes! Love is very important in a relationship, but so is friendship. It enforces the love.
    As for picking “an Albert”: the men in this post are handsome, but I can’t imagine any of them as Albert. Maybe Paul Walker ……
    Like C &A World, I prefer the manga Albert. He’s really handsome.

    1. Yes CKati! I agree with you, and so I used the quotes. 😛
      These handsome men were just suggestions and help us visualize “Albert”. But it’s very hard to find “Albert” in real lives because every one of us has different preferences. For example, many of you like Paul Walker. He was a handsome man indeed, but I don’t see him as Albert. Neither did two of my readers. 😉
      Anyway, I prefer “Albert” in the manga more, especially when he was amnesiac. 🙂

  1. Surprising ! But this is my interpretation. What do you think Ms Puddle ?

    1. I agree with you, my friend. See my reply to your other comment. 🙂

  2. Good afternoon Ms Puddle

    It’s about CCFS.
    EPILOGUE : The last words of Candy “The fade not only costs a shadow but sometimes also shels a blinding ray of light”
    The shadow could it represented the death of Anthony and the breakup with Terry ? And a blinding ray of light, Albert ?
    Book 9, page 151 of the manga : Candy said :”Uncle William is dazzling in this light” (ray of light)
    Book 9 page 152 of the manga : “I don’t have never seen, when in fact you’re always been there.” (blinding)

    In CCFS, Candy was in the dark. But Mizuki maybe suggested anything else.
    “Then the light came on suddenly.”
    When Candy realized that Albert was her prince, she looked him for the first time, as a man and no as a brother or a friend.

    Then “That gentle voice which always makes me excited.
    He’s looking at me smiling in front of the door, that smile I love so much.
    How could I have not heard his car came back ?”
    “Welcome back home”
    My voice choking with happiness to be able to say these words, I got up from the chair and ran into his out stretched arms”

    I verified in the manga, each encounter between Candy and Albert, he smile and mostly he holds out his arms. But we already knew that. But I noticed that Candy never sees him or doesn’t happen endent. Albert happens suddenly, magically.

    Why Mizuki talks about the car. She wants us to spend a message ? Candy once again, doesn’t hear and see Anohito, she was in the dark, doesn’t hear the car. She sees him at the last moment, as always ! As Albert !

    1. Indeed, Antlay dear, that Candy had always been “in the dark” about Albert, and that he changed again and again (look at my latest post about the stages of Albert). And yes, almost every encounter between them, he always smiled and she ran to him, especially the end of the manga. In fact, when I first read CCFS, its ending was exactly the same as that in the manga. I think Mizuki did that intentionally (A CLUE?), and you’re right, even Candy said that Albert would often appear in front of her “suddenly” or “out of nowhere”. This is also consistent with the CCFS ending, my friend!

      Thank you for your insights!!

    • Reeka on September 28, 2014 at 8:25 am
    • Reply

    Now that I am looking at all the candidates here ,,, I’m picking David Beckham and Paul Walker as the closest of Albert’s perfection. They got his gentle eyes and that heart-melting smile. Actually Alex Pettyfer is close to be perfect, but his expression’s mostly appeared to be serious and his eyes are more to be intimidating and seductive, rather than giving an aura of friendliness and gentleness. But I could see him as the powerful patriarch and businessman – WAA. And if I could only choose one, then David Beckham it is.

    About Candy’s reaction to WAA revelation, mmm what I understood from CCFS is not that she’s angry with him. I always think that the scene at the solarium was similar in CCFS and manga, that she showed her gratitude to him and making him blushing/moving. However, in manga, we could see that Candy then complained about it later in one of her letter to Albert. And I saw that her complaint was actually in teasing mode. She said that Albert was making her grown old. She did repeat that joke a few time, like when she said “if I have a weak heart, I think my heart couldn’t stand it” — something like that.

    And I remember ( CMIIW) that later on, Albert replied something that saying like ” It’s better that you look grown up/matured, so that you don’t look like a sister to me”. — and then Candy questioned silently what Albert meant by saying that.

    Ahhhh …every time I recall their letters on CCFS, I am over the moon. Especially those last letters. I can see Mizuki screamed her frustration every time she was questioned who Anohito was. “Did I not show it clearly enough? Couldn’t you read the epilogue????” Hahhahaha LOL.

      • Reeka on September 28, 2014 at 8:27 am
      • Reply

      ** typo on 2nd paragraph. I meant : “However in CCFS, we could see that Candy then complained …..”

    1. Hello Reeka, I used to assume the reunion scene was the same as the one in the manga, but I’m not so certain anymore. In her last letter to Albert, she said it was the first time they had toured around Lakewood together…

      Yes I agree that Candy was teasing him a few times after that, but I think she had really been angry, at least for a brief moment. Why? Because of what Albert said in his letter to her “didn’t blame her for being angry”. He seemed serious in his writing. 😉

      What’s CMIIW BTW? It doesn’t ring a bell… 😉 But I like it that in CCFS it’s clear that Albert didn’t want Candy to be his sister or daughter 🙂

      Me too, their strong friendship and the way they cared for each other is so apparent in their correspondence! And it was the epilogue too! They were glimpses of their future, and Terry’s name was mentioned only because of her diary. Candy had no intention to touch it again, which means Terry had no place in her future.

        • Reeka on September 28, 2014 at 8:15 pm
        • Reply

        hahaha CMIIW is Correct Me If I’m Wrong, Ms Puddle. I could see you tried to recall what CMIIW in CC since I liked to write WAA, POTH, CCFS, and TGG! hahhahaha sorry for confusing you.

        Ya I also noticed Candy said it was the first time they went around Lakewood together ( she’s referring to where they shared their anguish toward Anthony’s death, right?). But I guess what Candy meant is in term of exploring the woods/the whole area surrounding the mansion. Because in manga, they indeed didn’t tour around Lakewood. Candy just visited him in solarium which facing through the rose garden, then they went to the water gate, passing through the stone gate. Going to the cabin by the boat and the day after George picked her up at the cabin. I assumed they just played around cabin surroundings that day.

        If I remember correctly, Mizuki mentioned something about Albert fixed Stear’s swan boat in CCFS. Didn’t she? I forgot :(.

        1. I see!! Hahaha…
          Reeka, I’m not sure what Candy exactly meant, but if that was really their first time touring around, then their reunion was different from that in the manga. One reader felt the same, that Mizuki changed that scene in CCFS for unknown reason. I don’t mind this change though. In CCFS, Albert returned from his business trip and took Candy to Lakewood, walking around the land that he owned. He spent quite a lot of time with her, and to me, that was their first date? 😛 Did they meander around aimlessly until she proposed to go to the forest? Hmmm…. Anyway, if they had no feelings for each other, it was unlikely they would spend so much time together. 😉

          Not sure about Stear’s swan boat in CCFS though, but Anohito fixed Stear’s music box (Candy happy maker)

        • Reeka on September 28, 2014 at 8:21 pm
        • Reply

        Talking about the diary, suddenly I am thinking … we never know where the diary was at the time Candy walked down memory lane in CCFS. It was sure not in the jewellery box! I wonder if Albert still kept it somewhere or they decided to throw it away. 🙂

        1. Yes! I have the same question too. The diary wasn’t mentioned at all. Is it too obvious a clue who Anohito is?

            • Reeka on September 29, 2014 at 6:59 am
            • Reply

            Absolutely one of those many clues, Ms Puddle :). If the person mentioned on almost every page of that diary was Anohito, sure the diary would be kept in the jewellery box.

            The change Mizuki made to prince revelation was related to the diary, I believe. The re-return of the brooch and the re-return of the diary was their subtle ways of their love declaration.

            Geez, I am smiling like an idiot every time I remember their love story.

              • Ms Puddle on September 29, 2014 at 8:18 am

              Exactly! Sure Candy would get the diary back from Albert because of Terry IF somehow she ended up marrying T… 😉

              I also agree with you that the return of both items was their way of love commitment–both gave each other something that used to belong to them. Too bad many people misunderstood their love and even called Albert names. By doing that they not only insulted Candy’s ultimate choice but also offended the author herself :'(

            • Reeka on September 29, 2014 at 9:02 am
            • Reply

            Yeah … I know the explicit meaning why A gave back the brooch/badge. But in a blunt way I can’t help seeing it as : A gave his destiny as a patriarch in C’s hand ( meant that he would rather giving up the power than losing C), & C gave her past in a hand of A’s then wrote new story with him.

            Ahhh those people! Yes, I agree that in that way they indeed insulted Mizuki as the author. It’s very much obvious that she created character A with a lot of love. She didn’t write a song about a charming rebel, right? It’s always been POTH.

            Is your computer okay now? I hope we can see your drawing very soon.

              • Ms Puddle on September 29, 2014 at 9:34 am

              Very well said my friend! Similarly, I see the badge as their connection ever since they first met. She’d always remembered this young handsome fellow because of the badge, and he asked it back to let her know his ownership and yet willingly returned it to her because he wanted to keep their connection visible. In a sense, he didn’t want her to forget he had been her first love. He wanted her to think of him whenever she saw the badge. Romantic eh?

              I could go on and on, my dear! Lol… I think Mizuki wrote quite a few poems mainly from Candy’s POV about her love interests, and at least one for Albert, but none for Terry as far as I know 😉

              My PC? Getting there… Keeping my fingers crossed 😛

            • Reeka on September 29, 2014 at 9:22 pm
            • Reply

            yes yes … you wrote that idea for LNF, right? Some chapter near the end of the story? I second that, Ms Puddle. I used to think that the badge was simply a badge, that when he lost it, he still had many. But apparently in CCFS, Mizuki made us understand the important of the lost badge because Albert said that he’s afraid Aunt Elroy would be wrathful at him for losing the badge.

            Yes i know, you and I, we hardly stop talking about their romance. I don’t know many poems Mizuki wrote, but I know a few of the songs, and obviously yes, none about T.

              • Ms Puddle on September 29, 2014 at 10:10 pm

              Good memory, my dear Reeka! 🙂
              However, I’m not sure if Aunt Elroy was indeed angry that he had lost his badge. I just thought she would because it was something significant based on what Anthony’s words to Candy. After all, it carried the family insignia, and only true Ardlay’s boys could own it. 😉

  3. Good evening, Ms Puddle –

    The quotes are just right and I strongly agree with them.

    I never stopped reading the letters of Candy & Albert from CCFS spoilers that I received from the group where I used to be. It’s like reading an old journal of Candy telling me what they had been doing after Albert revealed himself as her poth. There was once a Japanese fan who told me that Albert did stay with Candy at the end because of the evidences that he ( I’m surprised there are guys who are interested in CC) read in the novel. Of course Mizuki didn’t name the person directly when Candy called out his name after he outstretched his arms. I just knew it was Albert because of his tender smile that Candy described when she first saw her “Prince”.

    David Beckham and Paul got my vote as my ideal Albert. I love Albert in both Manga and Anime versions, but Albert in Manga is my personal favorite. It’s sad some fans like Anime version because not everyone has read the Manga.

    Thank you for this inspiring post. Have a good weekend. : )

    1. You’re welcome! I’m working on a fanart, so I’ve neglected my blog lately and suddenly remembered my promise. 😛

      These men are all handsome and charming in different ways, and thanks to all of you for the candidates. 😀

      Yes, I was told that Anohito was more likely to be Albert than Terry, who was often brusque (if not tactless) in both manner and speech. Of course people can argue that Terry would eventually mature, but oh well.

      I wish more people would be open-minded and willing to read the manga, which is the original story after all.

      You have a good weekend too. 🙂

        • Anonymous on December 15, 2014 at 5:09 pm
        • Reply

        dear ms puddle, I’m little dizzy to see so many handsome young men, haha…. Since you include David Beckham who is not in his twenties or even thirties, you should allow me to include someone who is not in his range of age as well, Lol. it’ s Leonardo DiCaprio. Remember when he starred Titanic? he’ s soooo handsome back then, don’t u think so?
        and titanic is so romantic and It always reminds me about another boat, where candy and terry met. it connects somehow, lol.

        Talking about anime and manga, I like manga so much more than the anime. manga captures emotions, expressions, and details much better than the anime. and they all looks much more handsome in manga as well. to be honest, anime ruined my imagination of Albert. also, Terry and Archie sometimes looked alike, hahaha….

        1. Hi there, don’t know your name. 😉 Anyway, I also like Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic. He was very handsome back then, also a rebel, so I see the connection too! That’s why he’s more like Terry than Albert. 😛

          I’m not a fan of the anime version, especially after I read the manga. The anime version was dragging at many places but rushed near the end. 🙁 Also, I agree with you that the drawings are disappointing. Used to be better until after Candy broke up with Terry… Don’t know why. Sigh.

            • Anonymous on November 18, 2015 at 6:11 am
            • Reply

            Hi girls, i just joined your blog and I would like to ask you all from where did you get the CCFS in English version, please? I would really appreciate any ideas, I am dying to read the two last books. Thank you. Karen

              • Ms Puddle on November 18, 2015 at 10:05 am

              Hi Karen

              There’s no English version unfortunately. As far as I know, there are only the original Japanese version and the official Italian version.
              If you don’t mind reading some spoilers, then you can read Ch 27 of the Candy Candy fanfic “Amor Aternus”:

              Hope this helps! 🙂

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