Oct 17 2014

Second farewell

Just recently, I came across a long article that blamed Albert for depriving Candy of seeing Terry when the actor had been feeling regretful and numbing himself with drinks. I believe many Candy Candy fans who had only watched the anime version probably have similar opinions, which is a pity. I really don’t understand why the anime adaptation has replaced the Rockstown episode in the manga with a totally opposite one that frustrated many fans, in which Albert talked some sense into Terry after punching him in the face, and Candy had no idea that Terry had been watching her. In the manga, Terry had been depressed and resorted to heavy drinking, but he didn’t go to Chicago at all.

In any case, Mizuki’s design of the Rockstown episode in the manga was so much more brilliant. It wasn’t Terry who decided to leave Candy alone, but it was Candy who made the decision herself without letting Terry know. I’m fully aware that I have talked about Rockstown a lot on my blog already, and I honestly don’t want to repeat myself again and again. 🙁 However, I do have new readers to my blog, and rather than pointing them to my old posts, I’m going to revisit this topic from another perspective. 🙂

I suppose somehow Albert had found out about Terry’s miserable situation in Rockstown and possibly attempted to help both Terry and Candy by getting them back together. However, I don’t understand why Albert chose to send a parcel to Candy instead of informing her directly about Terry.

What was Albert thinking, really?

If he believed Candy wanted to reunite with Terry, why did Albert write a note, telling her that she was on his mind wherever he was (in other words, he missed her)? Did Albert think their friendship, his present and his brief note were enough to lead Candy to where Terry was? Since the town was small, Candy couldn’t possibly miss the huge sign of the roadside theater. That is, if Candy would go to Rockstown, she would definitely see Terry as Albert had planned.

Did Albert somehow know that Candy had promised Susanna not to see Terry again (based on Candy Candy Final Story, please read Love Triangle (Part 3) for details)?

Or do you think Albert was trying to gauge Candy’s feelings for him? If Candy decided not to go to a place she hadn’t heard before, or if she hesitated because she didn’t know if Albert actually resided in that town or had just passed by the place to send her a present, then Albert would understand that he wasn’t very important to Candy after all. That she wouldn’t bother tracking down a friend who had vanished in her life.

Once again, actions speak louder than words. Bravo to Mizuki, the fact that Candy did go to Rockstown without knowing for certain if this would be a waste of time reveals a lot. 😀 I bet Candy recognized Albert’s handwriting, and driven by her desire to see him again, she blindly headed towards a strange town, wearing the Spring coat he had given her and bringing a drawing of Albert with her.

Yet, instead of Albert, Candy saw with her own eyes how Terry could barely stand straight on the so-called stage. Contrary to the anime version, she wasn’t deprived of the chance of seeing Terry, and not so surprisingly, she cried, but she wasn’t acting jealous or bitter at all. She shed tears of empathy for Terry though. According to What Kind of Tears do you Cry?, empathy tears fall when you feel the pain of others acutely. That’s Candy. Terry remained special in her heart, but long gone was the girl who had tried so hard to see him…. I can easily name several scenes in the manga that show how desperate Candy used to be:

(1) She hired a carriage and rushed to the harbour, attempting to catch him before he left London

(2) She was near Pony’s Home, running around frantically trying to find him because he had just left

(3) She skipped the hospital shift to see him play in “King Lear”, the charity performance in Chicago

(4) She went to the hotel to find him after failing to get his attention among the screaming fans

(5) She ran alongside the train to take a last glimpse of him as it chugged down the tracks, leaving Chicago

(6) She followed a stranger to a distant place just to meet with him, only to discover that it was Neil’s trap

This time however, Candy chose not to see Terry or speak to him, not even as an old friend, so her behavior was drastically different. Not long after Terry had got back on his feet, Candy left on her own accord, not due to her promise to Susanna I think but because Candy’s mindset had changed. She wanted to resume her search of Albert but got interrupted. After having a heartfelt talk with Terry’s mother, Candy said in her mind,

<em>Terry… I believe you will return to Broadway!</em>

<em>Because I loved you…</em>

Vol 09 p129

While Terry attempted to find Candy in the empty tent after the show, she was nowhere to be found. Terry then concluded it must have been an illusion, and I guess he supposed Candy would have stayed to talk to him if she had been around. I truly wonder if he would find out one day, from his mother, that Candy had indeed shown up earlier, watching him with tears pouring down her cheeks.

How would Terry react to this?

In any case, Albert’s original intention of helping Terry had been achieved. After sobering up, in his solitude, Terry remembered his promises to Candy and Susanna, and he was aware that his actions had disappointed both of them. In short, he had failed them. Having no more excuses to live in the past, he finally resolved to return to Broadway. His passion of acting had helped him emerge from deep depression.

On the other hand, Candy went back to Chicago rather saddened and down, not about Terry (she was clueless that Terry had quit his job with the roadside theatre), but because she couldn’t find Albert as she had expected. Before long, she figured out why Albert had led her to this town, and she was glad to have “met” Terry. Candy then appeared placid, remembering her “encounter” with Terry during the trip. No more turbulent emotions at that moment, and no more sad tears. She understood this was the second time she bid Terry goodbye, and she accepted the closure of a chapter in her life.

Note: I hope you like the way I have colored this famous manga scene. 😀


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    • SweetCandyAndley on December 1, 2014 at 10:35 pm
    • Reply

    I must say that many of candy fans have only seen the anime, and have never heard about the manga. I myself, found about the manga many years later.
    In the anime version ending, I felt it was like incomplete, and that there was something missing. It was so opened as to give the audience the possibility of giving Candy their own choice.
    It was frustrating! Moreover it felt rush! As if their economical sources were gone before time and they had to close and wrap it up in one last chapter.
    Only the Italian version was edited and took a few scenes from previous chapters to force a reunion between Terry and Candy, and they modified some lines as to say that they decided to be together.
    When I found the manga and read the last episodes, I was glad to find about the engagement party and Albert’s introduction as Uncle William, and the consequences for the Leagan’s. Also, it was clearer, where Candy’s heart was headed. Of course the RT scenes were miles away from the anime’s version and I found we were mislead. I always consider myself an Albertfan, but after reading the manga, I just knew I was right.
    So, maybe there is just a lack of information for many of those Terry fans, (please, note I don’t dislike Terry, I just think he let her go, it was his choice not to fight for her. Because I have some questions. According to Terry’s personality, he was strong enough to go against the rules, right? And he didn’t let others to impose their will on his life. I remember one scene from the anime, when he reacted angrily against Candy saying “don’t impose me to be thankful”. By the time when he was already in NY Susana was always invading his personal space, his appartment and his mail. He never did something as drastic as he would do or say if he was in London. So what about this change in his personality? Was he uncounsciously falling for Susana? Well maybe that should be discussed on another time)

    1. Hello there, SweetCandyAndley! It’s nice to see you here again!

      You’re so right about the anime version being rushed near the end, and it’s like the entire VoLume 9 of the manga version had been crammed into a few anime episodes. The worst was the last episode being abrupt and hanging. Not only that, in the last few episodes, the characters were not drawn well, and sometimes they even looked lousily done. 🙁

      It’s indeed a pity that many Candy Candy fans haven’t heard of the manga, the original story. If they are willing to read it, they will understand that Candy had moved on, or at least had got over Terry gradually.

      About Terry and Susanna, I think Terry didn’t act so drastic or impulsive in New York mainly because he had matured a little bit. Nonetheless, I have a feeling that Terry would eventually fall for Susanna, even without the accident. Though he didn’t love her, he didn’t refuse her either. Perhaps he respected her as a co-worker. I mean she was a rising star just like himself. Moreover, after the accident, he was actually tender to her, possibly out of duty or guilt.

  1. Nice article.
    I agree that Albert might have made a little experiment in sending Candy to RT: if she really wanted to find “him” she would go…but knowingly giving her an opportunity to find “Terry”.
    I also agree that he was aware of her promise to Susanna (even without any info gleaned from CCFS); however, he was also aware that given the circumstances Candy would break this promise and actually speak to Terry: otherwise she would not have gotten into a car to meet “Terry” and eventually find Neal.
    In a way, the events in the manga are often repetitive and Candy is often looking for the boys in her life with different degrees of luck and bad luck:
    _She is often “strolling around” the Andrew mansion in Lakewood initially trying to meet the Prince and then Anthony
    _She is always a few steps behind when trying to meet Terry
    _She looks for Albert in Chicago and RT even knowing he no longer needed help from her: he wasn’t a “charity case”, she wanted to find him for other reasons

    1. Well said, Duende Piecitos! Nice to hear from you!

      I totally agree with you about why Candy was looking for Albert. She wanted to find him not because he was vulnerable or needed help from her, but because she missed him terribly and really desired to see him. Sigh.

    • Reeka on October 18, 2014 at 10:19 am
    • Reply

    Hi, Ms Puddle. I have a lot in mind, but I was quite busy these couple days. I’ll leave you comment(s) on previous post later, okay :).

    Sigh. The Rockstown episode. I don’t think I’ll repeat my opinion about the beautiful selfless love of Albert’s, you know it already. About if Albert somehow knew that Candy promised Susanna not to see Terry again, I’m sure he did. When Candy just came back from NY, in her bed she said to him that she and Terry’s was over and she “couldn’t meet” him again. Hence I assume Candy must tell Albert the whole story. However, for Albert, her happiness was beyond anything. So when he found out Terry’s state, he lead her to “what-he-thought-was-her-happiness”, he would let the decision on her hand whether she wanted to keep her promise to Susanna or not.

    And as we know, both Candy and Terry were honourable human beings who wouldn’t be happy over someone’s misery. Moreover, well … it’s no longer Terry which became her ultimate happiness.

    And why would Albert told her on the note that he would always think of her? I don’t know if he subtly gave her a glimpse of his feeling deliberately, but I am sure at the moment he wrote it, he thought deeply of her. It could also be his way on telling her that he left not because he wanted to, but he had to. That he truly wished he was still with her. Maybe.

    Now about the anime version. I couldn’t remember it as clearly as I remember the manga, but never did I think that Albert was trying to stop Terry to see her. Yes, that change of the scene did cost Albert’s favour significantly, but still … I think some people just tried to find as many flaws of Albert’s as they could. I must watch it again to know exactly the conversation between the two men. And I totally agree with Cris Ceron, IF Terry loved her so much and wanted her back and everything else between him and Candy could go to hell, he simply went to her! As if The-Terry-we-all-know would allow someone to dictate him not to see the supposedly love of his life. The same line goes to Candy on the Rockstown scene.

    Well, that’s what I am thinking, Ms Puddle. 🙂

    1. Hello Reeka!! Whenever you’re ready, no hurry at all, though I’m looking forward to reading your feedback! 🙂

      Yes, in the anime version, Candy had no idea or wasn’t involved. I think that’s what frustrated many fans, leaving them the sense of what-ifs… Sigh. But as you said, the fans who blamed Albert should step back and think again. From what Criss and Antlay have told us, Albert did lead Terry to where Candy was, so why accused Albert when it was Terry who made the choice? You’re right that Terry was old enough to face the consequences of his own decisions.

      However, the Rockstown episode was simply brilliant! It reveals many more about Albert, Candy and Terry!! Albert was behind the scene, but his selfless acts… Sigh. Yes, you were absolutely right that Albert’s note to Candy implied that he hadn’t meant to leave her, but he had to. I’m sure he missed her, and what he wrote on the note was true. Whether he knew about Candy’s promise to Susanna or not, I think he believed he was doing the right thing by ‘luring’ Candy to Rockstown.

      But Terry no longer was Candy’s ultimate happiness as Albert had assumed. It’s undeniable that she risked wasting her time and effort going to a town just because Albert MIGHT be there! 😉 Even after ‘seeing’ Terry she hadn’t forgotten about Albert. She still longed to find him. Again, I was told some fans accused Candy of giving Terry the cold shoulder by leaving the tent without consoling him… I guess they couldn’t accept the reality that Candy had moved on with her life?

      Also, Terry seemed more mature in the manga. He reflected on his actions in the past few months and “woke up” on his own from his prolonged depression.

    • Antlay on October 18, 2014 at 4:51 am
    • Reply

    Je confirme voilà ce que dit Albert à Terry dans le dessin animé version française :
    “Allez – vous revoir Candy ?”
    “Non, ça vaut mieux je crois” répond Terry puis il s’ en va en disant “Adieu Candy, adieu pour toujours”
    J’ai vu le dessin animé il y a des années et j’ai lu le manga que l’an dernier et je préfère la version manga.
    C’est bien Candy qui décidé de ne pas revoir Terry. Je pense que ses sentiments envers Albert avaient déjà changé à ce moment là, elle est obsédé d’Albert, elle ne pense qu’à lui et veut le revoir à tout prix, c’est le comportement typique d’une fille amoureuse.
    Félicitations Ms Puddle, le dessin coloré est très réussi, j’aime beaucoup le choix des couleurs.

    1. I can’t agree with you more, Antlay! I also prefer the manga version much more because it was Candy who decided not to see Terry. It was crystal clear that she had changed and who was more important to her. 🙂
      Thank you for your encouragement, Antlay! Glad you like the coloring! ^_^
      Thanks for clarification as well!!

  2. OMG !!!!! yes, I read that article too …. but it´s really silly thing !!!!

    And that is rather the result of not analyze well the scene in the anime, in fact Albert is punching Terry for “to reason” however he NEVER stops Terry to see her … If I, like Albert… I don´t want to see Terry to Candy, what the hell I took him to where she works ??? simply I see the drunk man at the bar, I get out at last that he neither saw me … or I talk with him but I don´t carry him with her…

    Ok,they are seeing her now … In which time, Albert tells Terry don´t talk with her??? don´t go with her ??? NEVER !!!! Terry doesn’t go with her, because he doesn’t want…Moreover, in the Latin version of the anime ALBERT ASKS TO TERRY …WILL YOU SEE HER???? AND TERRY ANSWERS NOOOOO; he turns back and returns to NY …
    Terry´s decision not see her anymore. I haven´t checked other versions if the translation and meaning of words change.

    Yes, the anime “stolen us” this beautiful act of true love… Albert sending Candy to Rockstown, he really wants she´ll be happy with Terry, regardless about what he could suffer and feel.

    1. Hola Criss! Thanks for writing all these to clarify! I have heard all sorts of rumors about this episode, mainly blaming Albert for being selfish. That’s really too bad so many people have misunderstood this.

      So Terry decided not to see Candy?

      Anyway, I agree with you. The Rockstown scene in the manga is a beautiful act of true love. Albert loved Candy but he put her happiness first, thinking she would be happy to reunite with Terry. The outcome is shocking, at least to me when I first read the manga. It can’t be clearer who was more important to Candy by then. 🙂

      1. Yeap… was his decision…


        min.6.29 in spanish…

        T- Albert sabes una cosa,he decidido regresar al grupo Stratford,
        A- Eso es bueno
        T- Iré por el camino que he elegido
        A- Terry, vas a ver a Candy??
        T- NO, me iré a Londres ….. Adios, querida Candy…

        Narrador- Candy nunca soño que estaba Terry ahí observandola, y que luego, se fue de Chicago cargado de penas y sin volver la espalda….

        1. Thank you!! Thank you so much, Criss!! I appreciate your input! Muchas gracias! 😀

    • Quevivacandy on October 17, 2014 at 3:23 pm
    • Reply

    I agree with you! All comments I have read that Albert deprived Terry to meet with Candy, are based on the anime, argh… why why why???? To be honest, I used to think that years ago and that was before I read the manga… but after I read it, everything changed.

    Now, about why Albert sent her to Rockstown sending her a note/present, I have some points of view.

    1. I guess he already knew about Candy’s promise to Susana. In Candy’s unsent letter to Terry, she wrote ‘He knows EVERTHING about you, about us’. I know, it was because her diary but I’m inclined to believe that after their break up, Candy told everything to Albert, even her promise.

    2. After he left the department, I’m almost sure he ordered George to keep an eye one her so he knew she was looking for him. Based on point 1, if he would told her where was Terry by himself, she wouldn’t went to Rockstown for 2 reasons. A-her promise B-She already would known where he was (Albert) and there is not point on going to an unknown town. So he sent the note, knowing she will go for sure just hoping to find him.

    hmmm…. I guess I’ve summarized everything I have to say… lol…

    Also maybe he knows about Terry’s state and he (Albert) witnessed Candy’s sorrow after the break up. Maybe he kept thinking she was still in love with Terry and decided to gave them an opportunity to be together, just wanting her happiness. Don’t know… just another guess…

    Great post!

    1. Hola QuevivaCandy! I’m actually upset with this change in the anime! It’s so unfair to Albert, which made him look selfish while in fact he was totally the opposite. He actually tried to bring Candy back to Terry. Sigh… 🙁

      I think you’re right! In CCFS, Candy said she could tell Albert everything, including Terry and Susanna. So it makes sense that he knew about her promise to Susanna.
      By the way, you’re not the only one who believes Albert is sending someone to watch over Candy… possibly George or some bodyguard. Who knows?
      Yes, it’s true. I also think that Albert still believed Candy had strong feelings for Terry (even roughly a year after the breakup in New York), so noting Terry’s miseries, Albert wanted to play Cupid for them both. Little did he expect that Candy had already changed! She was looking for Albert instead of reuniting with Terry!

      Have a nice weekend, my friend! 🙂

        • Quevivacandy on October 17, 2014 at 5:09 pm
        • Reply

        Well, actually I think Terry has lots of fans because the anime… and yes,, the anime made Albert look like a selfish person, which is completely against his personality.

        I have read that vol. 9 wasn’t published by the time the anime ended. That includes Rockstown episode / Terry’s-Albert meeting. Also I have read Mizuki got sick or was in a business trip when Toei Animation was ‘making’ thoses final episodes so it was Igarashi the one who was in charge to supervised everything and when Mizuki came back, tried the best to fix everything but she couldn’t do it.

        Do not know if it was true but one thing is true, the anime was so mistaken at the end, giving the audience a wrong ending and wrong ideas. 🙁

        1. QuevivaCandy, I’ve heard of various rumors regarding the anime version, but still I’m not sure if it was entirely Igarashi’s fault because there were manga editors and anime script writers too.

          However, it’s so true that the ending of the anime gave wrong impressions to fans. It was not only rushed and abrupt, but also disappointing to many, like something was missing or whatever. Sigh. 🙁

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