Nov 02 2014

Love Triangle (Part 6)

When I was writing my story “Love Never Fails”, I thought of using Stear’s invention, the music box “Candy Happy Maker”, for the plot, but at last I let the matter drop. Recently, this idea resurfaced in my mind, and I thought perhaps I should share with you all what have been in my head for so long.

Candy Happy Maker is something significant both in the manga and Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS). Some people even said that since Anohito was able to fix Candy Happy Maker with no sweat, this was yet another clue that Anohito was Albert. Because in the manga we can tell that Albert was a handyman, just like his nephew Stear. One example was that Albert repaired Stear’s swan boat in his spare time (when he was bored and got nothing else to do? 😛 ). He told Candy that he had found it in the storage and decided to fix it.

Have we seen Terry repair anything? Not that I remember or know of. Perhaps some of you can tell me? 😉

Anyway, my point is that this music box has an interesting name. Literally, Stear named his new invention “an instrument that makes Candy happy”. He used the same Japanese word I mentioned in an earlier post about my favorite manga scene, 幸せ (しあわ・せ) – happiness. As I already explained before in that post, this word gives more of a feeling of lifelong happiness. For example, to describe someone being happy after receiving a gift, we won’t use this Japanese adjective. But if we mean someone being happy in a marriage, then we will use this adjective. In other words, it’s closer to “joy” or “bliss” in meaning.

In the manga, Stear worked very hard to finish the music box so that he could give it to Candy before she left for New York to see Terry. It was a parting gift from Stear. I suppose Stear was aware that he probably couldn’t come home after his enlistment, and he sincerely wished that Candy would be happy with Terry from now on.

Candy Candy Vol 08_p017Unfortunately, contrary to what Stear had expected, Candy didn’t get to play his music box until one of the saddest moments in her life — right after she and Terry broke up. In the cold snowy night, she played the music box while walking in the streets. Why was she doing that? To numb her senses or feelings? Or do you think she actually wanted to cheer up herself (to make herself ‘happy’ again)?

When she later collapsed in the train due to high fever, the music box was still on her hand. She had possibly played it over and over until she fainted. Anyway, while she was unconscious, she dreamed of Stear, and she complained to Stear that his new invention had once again “failed”.

Of course we understand what she meant, because even after playing it over and over she still remained dejected. Later, she even got kicked out from the Ardlay’s mansion and returned to her own apartment, to her roommate Albert. She poured her heart out to Albert and told him everything about her miserable trip to New York.

More importantly, Candy couldn’t tell anybody else about why she had to break up with Terry, not even her childhood friend Annie. In CCFS it was very clear that Candy hadn’t told Annie about Susanna’s suicidal attempt at all. But Albert knew. He knew all the details. So you see that Albert was special to Candy, and she treated him as her confidant, as someone she fully trusted.

Then later in CCFS, after discovering Albert’s true identity, Candy decided to return to Pony’s Home. Some time elapsed, and she wrote to Stear again about Archie’s engagement. She talked animatedly about Archie and Annie, and how Albert saved the day. Because of his position and authority, Albert as the family head granted Archie and Annie a ‘happy ending’. Their engagement ceremony would go ahead without any more opposition from the relatives or family.

Interestingly, Candy told Stear in this letter:

You ask me if I am happy? Of course!
Because I have “Candy happy maker”.
I’m very surprised that it works so well, I knew you were a splendid inventor!

What do you think Candy meant? Did she find happiness somehow? With her new life at Pony’s Home? Her new career? With another man?

To me, the moment Candy started playing the music box that lonely night in New York, it actually ‘began to work’. Yes, Candy had sadly broken up with Terry, but she began a new life with no more influence from Terry. She gradually became strong and independent, and many months later, even when she saw Terry in Rockstown, she wasn’t interested in chasing after him again (see ‘Second Farewell‘ for details). In short, Terry no longer had control over her. Instead, Candy wanted to find Albert, and she spent the following day looking for him all over that small town.

As a matter of fact, in CCFS, ever since Candy had returned to Chicago from New York, Albert actually became the center of her life, even though he had vanished for some time. Yet, after their reunion in Lakewood, she almost always mentioned ‘Albert’ or ‘Uncle William’ in her letters to various people, either serious or joking, even in her unsent letter to Terry!! Can you believe that? 😉

Isn’t it obvious who occupied Candy’s mind all the time by then? Hence, I believe Candy meant that she was happy with Albert when she told Stear that his music box surprisingly worked so well. 😀 Thank you for reading. For your interest, this is Part 7.


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    • Antlay on November 9, 2014 at 12:56 am

    Bonjour Ms Puddle
    Ravi de vous entendre à nouveau et de vous savoir en forme !
    Je suis d’accord avec vous sur le fait que Candy avait commencé à se remettre de sa rupture avec Terry avant Rockstown. Et pour preuve dans le manga page 93 et 94 du tome 9 elle dit “C’est la première fois que je cherche à vous trouver……vous avez toujours été là quand j’avais de la peine ou quand j’en avais besoin…mais maintenant…j’ai envie de vous revoir …de vous revoir tout de suite.”
    Pourtant ce n’était pas la première fois qu’elle cherchait Albert. Peu de temps après avoir été transféré à l’hopital à Chicago, Albert est parti et Candy l’a cherché en pleine nuit dans Chicago avant de le retrouver dans le parc. Alors pourquoi dit-elle que c’est la première fois ? Je pense qu’à ce moment déjà ses sentiments envers Albert avaient évolués, elle n’avait pas seulement besoin de le voir parce qu’elle avait de la peine mais elle avait besoin de sa présence tout simplement, il lui manquait déjà à peine parti, c’est pour cette raison qu’elle emploi les mots “mais maintenant” et “j’ai envie de vous revoir tout de suite”. Oui à partir de maintenant ses sentiments ne sont plus les mêmes, on sent qu’elle est amoureuse, c’est la réaction d’une fille amoureuse !

      • Ms Puddle on November 9, 2014 at 2:35 pm

      Bonsoir, Antlay!

      Yes, I’m recovering, and almost there! Thanks for your concern, my friend! 🙂

      I actually double checked with my manga version, and I think Candy meant “the first time she looked for Albert back near the waterfall”, but he wasn’t there. Then she remembered he was like that in London as well, but he would always re-appear somehow, especially when she was down or upset (the following page in the manga). But now (this time), she could barely wait (for him to re-appear), and she really, really wanted to see him.

      Therefore, I totally AGREE with you that her reactions were typical of a girl in love, missing the man that occupied her heart. Otherwise, I can’t really explain why she would leave Terry (who had been so depressed because of her) but search for Albert all over the town (and she didn’t even know how Albert thought of her). Sigh…

    • Reeka on November 3, 2014 at 2:05 am

    Hallo from Switzerland, my dear friend! Finally my day to day routine is almost back to normal. Still adjusting and I somehow feel homesick and miss the liveliness at Sg.


    Your idea that Candy Happy Maker began to work just right after the NY incident, is amazing! That brilliant brain of yours! I got goosebumps just to think if it was what in Mizuki’s mind as well when she created CHM and the plot.

    And I agree with you that this CHM is something important in CC story, at least in the last 3 manga volumes. And I always think that like Archie, Stear had never really got over Candy. And I think Patty knew it.

    In her letter to Stear, She said she’s happy, I think she’s happy with her life at that moment, in every sense of the word. She’s happy that she might not face unfair treatments from Aunt Elroy and The Leagans anymore, she might be happy because she did what she loved for a living, she might be happy because her friends were happy, and most importantly she’s happy because she’s in a promising relationship with Albert. Oh, can you tell that all things she’s happy for happened with a little help from Albert? 🙂 Just like you’ve said Ms Puddle, Albert occupied her mind all the time. The evidents was everywhere in her letters in CCFS.

    An interesting line you wrote, “Terry no longer had control over her”. I can feel her. I was blessed to experience some relationship before finally I married my husband. I understand the feeling of someone/ a guy having control of your mind and the illusion created from the relationship. Deep in your heart you knew The Universe didn’t want you both united, but you’re too stubborn. Until someday you hit the wall and you couldn’t break that particular wall, at that moment then you realised, it’s time to give up. How many times Candy and Terry faced troubles to be together? Almost everytime! Susanna’s accident was the climax that put their effort to be together to an end.

    Oh btw, about Albert being a handyman, in Manga, there’s a scene Albert fixed a chair. I think it’s volume 7, he still got long hair. It’s a scene when Candy told her about her first meeting to Terry on a ship ( and when she told him that her first crush was Prince of The Hill!!).

    Yup, no we never found Terry fix something in the story. He never did a physical work actually. And why would Mizuki emphasize the line with ” fixed it with NO SWEAT”? She sure wanted to refer to a particular character. Because everybody then can argue “a man naturally can fix something, so it could be anyone”. Yeah, right. 🙂

    Once again, brilliant post, Ms Puddle!

      • Ms Puddle on November 3, 2014 at 9:24 am

      Hello there, Reeka! How’s life over there? Have you seen the beautiful Alps yet? 🙂
      I’m so glad you love my new post, and this is very encouraging!! 😀

      About Candy Happy Maker, I’ve always believed Mizuki gave it some special meaning; that’s why it’s still in CCFS, and not insignificant! If indeed what I said in the post was right, then Mizuki was simply brilliant! ^_^

      However, I think Stear had got over Candy, but she remained special in his heart. She was likely his first love? So he cared about her as someone very dear to him… like his sister almost.

      And Reeka, you’re absolutely right. Candy was happy and content… for many things happening in her life, with help from her best friend, Albert. He had indeed kept his promise to her–that he would want to make her happy! Yes, the evidence is everywhere in CCFS. Bravo to Mizuki.

      What you said about Terry and Candy was so true! The fate (or I should say Mizuki?) had made sure that Terry and Candy weren’t meant to be together, and when Candy finally accepted the reality, she let go. I will talk more about this in another post soon.

      Yes, I remember the scene Albert fixing a chair when Candy was telling him her first encounter with Terry (for the hundredth time LOL?). Plus, Albert used to live like a vagabond, so he must do a lot of things with his hands. Moreover, he did lots of chores at home (Candy told Terry that). Thus, I totally agree with you, Reeka, that when someone said “every man can naturally fix anything” was like saying “every woman can cook”. We know this isn’t true (Candy was one great counterexample!). It’s just a stereotype. It’s obvious Mizuki wanted to tell us who Anohito was. 😛

      Have a wonderful evening, Reeka! 🙂

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