Nov 05 2014

Candy’s drawing of Albert

After talking about Rockstown again and again, it’s about time for me to talk about what happened afterwards. 🙂

In Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS), it wasn’t clear if Terry had learned of Candy’s presence in Rockstown when he had been at his rock bottom. His mother knew that though, and months later, she even sent an invitation card to Candy to see Terry perform Hamlet at Broadway, which Candy cordially declined and explained in a letter that she had gone to Rockstown not because of Terry.

Candy Candy Vol 09_p091

So, do you think Miss Baker had ever informed her son about talking to Candy in Rockstown? I guess she probably wouldn’t do it. After all, it wasn’t something Terry would be happy to hear.

But how about Candy and Albert? Is it a topic that both of them would avoid bringing up?

For sure Albert had been behind the scene, directing the whole Rockstown episode by leading Candy to meet with Terry. I suppose Albert likely knew the outcome too, as shocking as it might be to him.

Nonetheless, in CCFS, somehow Albert discovered Candy’s drawing of him. A poor one that had made Dr. Martin laugh so hard, and then the doctor had drawn her a portrait of Albert. It was so much better, so she had used his drawing later to look for Albert all over Rockstown. Both drawings were titled with the words “Missing person” in Japanese.


Below is an excerpt of CCFS (from the spoilers):

I glanced at the “portrait” which I could see a part of it in the jewellery box. It makes me smile spontaneously, I took it out.
The portrait of Albert-san which Dr. Martin has drawn for me.
To search for Albert-san who had disappeared suddenly, Dr. Martin has drawn the likeness for me. Because the likeness I drew was so poor and didn’t look like him.
Later, Granduncle William, who liked it very much, had displayed my “totally bad likeness” in his office.
I heard that even Georges commented seriously; it could be a masterpiece beyond price …

Candy Candy Vol 09_p131

The question is, how did Albert find out? By chance? Or did Candy show him?

Either case speaks volumes, doesn’t it? 😉

First and foremost, why did Candy keep that bad drawing anyway? She could have thrown it away after getting a better one from Dr. Martin, but she had kept it, until one day Albert found out about it, which implies that she wasn’t ashamed of her action and her wish to find Albert back then.

I think Albert was discreet and gentleman enough not to poke around Candy’s personal belongings. By the time they reunited in Lakewood, revealing that he was the mysterious Uncle William, they no longer lived together. I don’t think Albert would step into Candy’s private bedroom anymore. It was inappropriate even though they used to share the same bunk bed for a very long time. Hence, for Albert to find out the poor drawing by chance, Candy might have somehow slipped it out? Or do you think she actually put it up on display somewhere? 😛

On the other hand, if Candy decided to show Albert her poor drawing, did she also explain why she had attempted to draw him? Would she relate to him how much she had missed him back then, so much so that she wanted to find him even in a strange town?

Regardless of how Albert discovered her drawing, he wouldn’t be unaffected, don’t you think? He must be touched to know how much Candy had longed to see him. What would he say to her? Would he give her a hug and reassure, “Candy, you don’t need to look for me anymore… I’m not going anywhere.” 😉

Above all that, Albert actually liked Candy’s poor drawing very much, and he even displayed it in his office! Note that he could have kept it in a drawer or displayed it somewhere in his own bedroom. But his office? Where he would meet his clients, his business partners, his secretary or his subordinates? Now, that says something about how much Albert valued Candy’s drawing, doesn’t it? I think he spent more time in his office than his bedroom, and he probably put up the portrait in his workplace, a childish drawing to say the least, to remind himself how much Candy cared about him.

What surprises me though is that Candy let Albert do that! What if people saw her drawing and asked Mr. Ardlay “who drew that?” or “who is this guy in the drawing?”? I mean she was totally aware that people might laugh at her poor drawing, and she could have protested and stopped Albert from showing that to others, but she didn’t. Don’t you think it means that their relationship was more than friends by then? She didn’t mind people finding out about them at all as long as Albert was proud to “show it off”. 🙂

George’s remark is hilarious, but at the same time it means that he perfectly understood the reasons why his young master treasured this poor drawing very much. That’s why he said it was “a masterpiece beyond price”. 😛

Finally, if Terry was Anohito in CCFS, do you honestly think that Terry would let Candy keep a portrait of Albert (though drawn by Dr. Martin), especially knowing why she had drawn Albert in the first place and what she had done in Rockstown? 😉


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    • Anonymous on November 17, 2014 at 5:10 am
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    Dear Ms Puddle, thank you for all those beautiful articles of yours. Candy is one of my favorite story since my childhood and as I was young, my sister and mom told me that Albert was the best for Candy. I was still 9 years old at that time and didn’t get the point. 20 years has passed since that time,and now I understand better the good qualities of Albert and the strong connection between them. I hope that I can read soon Candy final story. Thanks to you,I have some ideas how the story ends. Please write more about it,your articles are very interesting.

    1. Hi. You’re very welcome. 🙂 Glad to know your mother and sister thought the same. When I watched the anime as a little girl I didn’t understand the relationship between Candy and Albert at all, but after reading the manga as an adult, everything was suddenly crystal clear.
      Thanks again for reading my posts, and thanks for your encouraging words (that you found the posts interesting)! 😀

    • Quevivacandy on November 9, 2014 at 12:57 pm
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    AGREE AGREE, COMPLETELY AGREE!!!!! It is just my guess, but I think Albert discovered it somehow and I guess it was while she still lived in Chicago. In my story I explain myself a little bit about it. I do not think Candy will display that drawing in Pony’s Home and if she did it in her private bedroom, Albert wouldn’t entered there anymore more. Aha! We think the same way! lol…

    Well if he didn’t discover the drawing back in Chicago, he had to discover it after they were already married. By that time, he would know everything what Candy did from her own lips, including the drawing. But is just my guess, if Albert has it in his office, it is because it was something recent or at least kind of, I mean the Rockstown episode. And it reminds him how Candy cares about him, no matter what other people would say about the drawing. Also could be he displayed it without Candy’s knowledge and after a while, she found it out. 🙂

    What it is true, that drawings means a lot to Albert.

    1. Me too, QuevivaCandy! I’m inclined to believe Albert somehow discovered that drawing himself. If Candy showed it to him, then it means she wanted to let him know her feelings (or he had already known). Regardless, I can’t agree with you more, that this poor drawing means A LOT to Albert indeed, and he was proud to show it off (he didn’t care what the others think). I never thought if he would do it without letting Candy know though, but at least Candy didn’t sound “annoyed” at all by the fact that he displayed her poor job in his office. 😀

    • Tiny12 on November 6, 2014 at 9:16 am
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    I agree with you ms puddle!!! For me thas another clue that albert is anohito!!!!

    1. Yes, Tiny12! It’s an undeniable clue, especially we can imagine how immensely jealous Terry could be once he found out about Rockstown… 😛

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