Nov 19 2014

The present as promised…

Thank you all for your positive feedback for my latest drawing! ♥♥♥ Your encouraging comments have warmed my heart and motivated me. This is the present I have promised some of you as explained in my previous post, and as you can see, it’s a cropped version of my original drawing. 🙂 I will upload this one with your names to my Facebook page shortly after this.

Note: One specifically asked me for a copy, so I decided to give her this with her name as well. If any of you would like one, please let me know. My honor indeed. 🙂

Thanks again for your continued support!

(¯`•.•´¯) (¯`•.•´¯)
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  1. EnakaT

    I like it. Would you give me one of these with my name on it? EnakaT maybe?

      1. EnakaT

        Thank you. Appreciate it. Have a fun Turkey Day. (y)

        1. Ms Puddle

          You’re welcome! Our Thanksgiving was last month 😆

  2. Criss Cerón

    OMG it´s so tender… Puddle… do u count me for a present??? Blackcat please…. =)

    1. Ms Puddle

      Certainly! My pleasure, Criss! I’ll let you know when I’m done! Thanks for your interest 😀

    2. Ms Puddle

      Done, Criss! Please check Facebook 🙂

  3. Olenka Vértiz

    I’ve been trying to leave my comments here..but for some reasons…I coudn’t. But Finally I’ve discovered why …lol..
    Ms. Puddle Thanks for such a wonderful gift.

    1. Ms Puddle

      You’re very welcome, Olenka!! 😀

  4. Anonymous

    Ms Puddle, please also count me in. Thanking you in advance. Christine Sze

    1. Ms Puddle

      Thanks Christine for your interest. I’ll do it at home tonight, and please check my Facebook page later 🙂

    2. Ms Puddle

      Done, Christine! 🙂 Please check my photo album on Facebook and download your copy:

  5. Antlay

    Thanks a lot for this marvelous present Ms Puddle. I love it !

    1. Ms Puddle

      You’re very welcome, Antlay!! I’m very happy to hear that! 😀

  6. Quevivacandy

    I just love your drawings!!!! This one ins incredible and love the way their hairs look like. Please, write my name on the list, I’m SO in!!! <3

    1. Ms Puddle

      Thanks my dear friend! You totally deserve this, <3 and I've already uploaded this to a new album on Facebook! 😀 😀

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