Dec 12 2014

Love Triangle (Part 7)

So far in this Love Triangle series I’ve been trying to show various evidences in the manga or Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS) that Candy had moved on in her life, and Terry had become her past. At the same time, I believe Candy had developed some strong feelings for Albert by the time she found him again in Lakewood. Why? As mentioned in Love Triangle (Part 4), after the emotional reunion, she spent the rest of her time in Lakewood with Albert alone before George came to pick her up the following day. It seems that the two spent more than a day together because they wanted to make up the time they had been apart.

I suppose George didn’t come until late afternoon because Albert had been napping while Candy was working on an extremely long flower chain. This scene conveyed that Candy and Albert were so comfortable in each other’s company. By the way, why did Albert nap? Was he that sleepy that he couldn’t help but succumb to his drowsiness? I have written a short story “Afternoon Nap” about that. 😉 In any case, Albert felt no need to hide his fatigue from Candy, and she didn’t mind him napping behind her. I think she was used to hearing his rhythmic breathing while sleeping (after sharing the bunk bed for more than a year). 😛

Also, Candy didn’t give that long flower chain to George nor take the flower chain back to Chicago with her, so I assumed she made that for Albert. She wouldn’t spend all that time for nothing, would she? 😛 She had also made a small one for his pet skunk after all. Remember Candy had made a flower chain just before Old Mr. McGregor passed away? It seemed that she liked doing that to someone she was fond of. 🙂

In addition, in the following manga scene, Albert just rescued Candy from being forced to marry Neil, and the two of them were again having some private moments up on a tree.

Candy Candy Vol 09_p187

While gazing at Albert with a dreamy look, Candy secretly admired Granduncle William for being charming and young. She used the adjective 素敵 (suteki) to describe his look, which means lovely, dreamy, beautiful, great, or fantastic. The link below also gives you an idea of when to use this adjective:

The relatives also used “suteki” to describe the young family patriarch, so I think Candy meant Albert was handsome, and she used this adjective twice as if she wanted to emphasize how good looking he was. Candy would be lying if she said she wasn’t attracted to Albert.

Would any girl admire her brother or a family member this way? 🙄

Deep inside, Candy might have suspected something too. In her unsent letter to Terry, she wrote,

Yes, Terry,
Granduncle William was — Brace yourself! Albert-san whom you also know!
Can you believe! It’s terrible, isn’t it?
I have met him also in London!
Moreover, I even left my diary to the care of him, the diary in which I wrote my feelings perfectly honestly, when I left the Saint Paul’s Academy —.
Therefore Albert-san knows as much as I do, how much I … you.
How we met each other, and by little and little …, everything about it.
Albert-san, I wonder how he reacted when he read that diary. Neither of us can mention about it even now …
I’m glad he didn’t want to be an actor. Brilliant poker face! He could have become your biggest rival. Albert-san didn’t tell me he recovered his memory right away either … he is still veiled in mystery.

I’m inclined to believe Albert had read her diary in Africa, but even if he had read it after regaining his memory, would it make much of a difference? Albert knew Candy’s feelings for Terry absolutely well, so what did she mean by “how Albert reacted when he read that diary”?

Also, there must be a reason why Albert hadn’t informed Candy of his recovery right away, and if I were Candy, I would have wondered why. Could staying with her a little longer be the reason? If so, what did that imply? 😉

Young Candy had quite a handful of admirers, and she was fully aware of that, so she probably guessed that Albert also had developed feelings for her. Although she knew Albert had her diary with him, she didn’t bring it up, and neither did Albert. She used to tell Albert everything about Terry, remember? So from what point had she decided not to talk to Albert about Terry anymore? It was like she didn’t want to give Albert an impression that she still missed Terry, or what do you think?

At any rate, my gut feeling tells me that Candy wanted to talk to someone about Albert but couldn’t (she might worry her foster mothers if she talked to them), so even when she was supposed to write to Terry (though not intending to send the letter to him), she couldn’t get Albert off her mind. For details about this unsent letter, please read Part 2 of this series. Or, you can read the last part of this series, Part 8.



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    • Vera García on December 15, 2014 at 7:19 pm

    Un saludo cordial para usted Sra. Puddle.
    Desde mi consideración personal Tanto Candy como Albert no querían tratar el tema del diario porque en ese momento no estaban preparados para confesar sus sentimientos de afecto que sentían uno por el otro.
    Candy si tocaba el tema tendría que aclararle a Albert que los sentimientos de amor hacia Terry habían quedado en el pasado. Y por su parte Albert no expresaría sus sentimientos de amor así Candy sin tener algunos indicios más firmes de que Candy sentia algo más que amor fraterno.

      • Ms Puddle on December 15, 2014 at 7:33 pm

      Un saludo cordial para usted Vera García 🙂

      I totally agree with you… Candy implied something when she said they couldn’t talk about her diary. They had feelings, but neither of them was certain about the other, so they avoided the topic altogether.

    • Antlay on December 13, 2014 at 3:50 am

    Good morning Ms Puddle
    Je pense d’une part qu’Albert était resté avec Candy car elle avait besoin de réconfort après sa rupture avec Terry. Il voulait être sûr qu’elle allait bien avant de partir. Mais d’un autre côté il semble qu’il aimait vivre à ses côtés. Dans le dessin animé et le manga, il dit à un moment que si il continue à vivre avec elle ainsi, il n’est pas necessaire qu’il retrouve la memoire. Dans une de ses lettres il dit également qu’il aimait cette vie qui lui rechauffait le coeur.
    Oui vous avez raison Ms Puddle, je pense que quelque chose s’ est passée à Lakewood entre eux. Le fait que Candy ne veuille pas parler de Terry ou relire son journal en dit long, elle doit vouloir faire comprendre à Albert qu’elle a tourné la page avec Terry et elle ne veut pas mettre mal à l’aise Albert qui avait lu ce qu’elle ressentait pour Terry. Peut-être qu’Albert est un peu jaloux, il ne sait pas si Candy l’aimera autant qu’elle a aimé Terry, alors il préfère éviter d’en paler. Peut-être qu’ils ont l’impression de trahir Terry en étant tombé amoureux l’un de l’autre. C’est peut-être pour cela que même aujourd’hui ils ont du mal à en parler…

      • Ms Puddle on December 13, 2014 at 11:10 am

      Bonjour Antlay mon amie! 🙂

      Yes it’s true that Albert believed Candy still needed him around to comfort her because when he came home she was devastated after reading those bad reviews of Terry on newspapers.
      However, you can’t deny that before Albert came home he had been staying in the nature park for a long time, apparently struggling for something. Also, he realized the first image that had come to his mind was Candy’s smiling face. When you put these two together, you know what he had been thinking about. 😉

      You’re so right that Albert admitted later that he didn’t want to leave the heart-warming life with Candy, and with Candy, he didn’t mind not regaining his memory anymore. 🙂

      You think Albert was jealous? I don’t see that though. 😉 If he was, he wouldn’t return the diary back to Candy. Also, I’m not sure if either Albert or Candy would feel that they had betrayed Terry. Terry had given up Candy himself. Nobody had forced him to do that in a sense… except fate. Sigh.

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