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Conflicting Emotions (Part 2)

In Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS) epilogue, Albert replied to Candy’s first letter to him after revealing that he was Candy’s Prince on the Hill:

I don’t blame you for getting angry.

I kept it secret, that I was “Granduncle” — William A. Ardray.

I had my inner conflict myself to keep it secret, but I won’t make excuses.

I wish I could watch over you silently.

Who could ever have imagined that “Albert” was taken care of by you so much! (like a cheap novel)


Prince on the Hill (Yumiko Igarashi)

Some people suspected that Albert had fallen in love with Candy after rescuing her from drowning near the waterfall. I’m strongly against that. First, she was barely a teenage girl, and he just past twenty. If he had loved her as a woman, he wouldn’t have adopted her. He could have helped her using other means. Why would he create some trouble for himself that he would have to fix in the future? 😉

Moreover, Albert recognized the little girl from the orphanage. In CCFS, he told Candy much much later that back then he saw his own badge dangling from her neck when she was still unconscious. He had had a great memory with her on Pony’s Hill roughly six years ago, so it was natural that he wanted to give her a hand somehow, and he knew he had the power.

Plus, a Candy Candy fan once mentioned to me that Albert might have possibly understood his three nephews’ real feelings for this girl around that time, so he heeded their pleas and given her a “prestigious” position in the family such that his aunt, Madam Elroy, wouldn’t oppose the boys as much. In a sense, after being adopted into the family, Candy became ‘equal’ with them, at least socially. Therefore, years later, when Madam Elroy let Neil marry Candy, the relatives found this totally acceptable.

Hence, on his own authority, Albert made one of the biggest decisions in his life, which shocked his stern aunt. As powerful as she was, she couldn’t do anything to revert the adoption (except to express her disapproval again and again or mistreat the poor orphan). Even then, Madam Elroy couldn’t stop her young nephew from renting the luxurious dormitory room in St. Paul for the orphan girl.

In fact, I wonder how much more expensive that luxurious room was compared to other ordinary rooms in the dormitory. 😉  Like Candy, Terry resided in the privileged room in the boys’ dormitory. No wonder Terry had never once suspected Candy had had a painful past. In any case, this shows that Albert could spend his money the way he saw fit, and his aunt had no say in this matter.

Nonetheless, Albert was really too young to be Candy’s father. (He was at most eleven years older, but this shift in age gap in CCFS is quite questionable. Please read my other post Age difference between Candy and Albert for details.) Also, Albert intended to watch over Candy in silence, but it didn’t mean his world revolved around her. Even in London, he didn’t go there merely because of her but because of family business. When she seemed happy with her friends and cousins, he went to Africa for his dream, so up to that point, their relationship remained platonic.

However, who could have predicted that Albert would lose everything one day, including his identity and memory? In addition, this orphan girl was the one who saved him from despair. The funny thing is that even Albert jeered that it was like a cheap novel (was Mizuki mocking her own plot? 😆 ).

Anyway, as explained in Conflicting Emotions (Part 1), once Albert recovered his past memory, I believe the reality was too astonishing to him. He didn’t know how to react just yet. First, not only he was Candy’s legal guardian, but she used to be in love with his late nephew (the son of his beloved sister), Anthony. Though you can argue that Anthony had long passed away, it’s clear to Albert that Candy was still grieving because of Terry. To help her deal with the pain, Albert decided to stay. Besides, Albert confessed he wanted to continue the heartwarming life with Candy.

Back to his letter to her above, he admitted to having inner conflict himself. I believe he referred to the period after his recovery from amnesia. Come to think of it, before his train accident, he and Candy had been casual friends only. She had no right to demand anything from him back then, and she didn’t find it strange when he revealed nothing about his family or background. She had always assumed he was a vagabond.

However, after acting like brother and sister for so long (seeing each other on a daily basis), their friendship had evolved. Even Candy realized that Albert was not only a brother to her (she admitted that he was special to her). I believe that if Albert told her that he had recovered but would like to stay with her for a while, she wouldn’t say no to him, right? 😉 But he was probably afraid that she would ask him questions about his past or background. Either he had to lie, or he had to tell her the truth. The easiest way out was to continue to pretend to be amnesiac to buy himself some time.

During those ‘extra’ months, he was likely having constant struggles, like whether to adjust his feelings for Candy, who had been the most important person in his life for at least a year (or much longer, see the post Living together… how long? for your interest). On one hand, he honestly wanted to take care of her for the rest of his life, or else it didn’t make sense why he proposed to share a sandwich with her from now on.

Yet, months later, he decided to vanish in her life. His departure letter gave us a hint. He felt that he had given Candy nothing but trouble. Because of him, she had lost her job in the hospital (not only St. Joanna, thus ruining her career), and now her neighbors found out that she had been living with her so-called ‘brother’, presumably a gangster. In short, her reputation had been damaged.

It was highly likely that he resolved to deny his own feelings and “fall out of love” with her (read this interesting article How to Fall Out of Love with Your Best Friend if you like). I think that was one of the reasons behind the Rockstown episode. Perhaps Albert had contemplated long enough and believed it was too risky to change their current friendship. Why? Because he might have lost Candy as a friend, and their legal relationship further complicated their situation.

In addition, as some of you have already pointed out, it was time for Albert to resume his position and authority in the family. During his absence, his aunt had become more and more unreasonable and controlling, not to mention that she had been isolating Candy from various family events. Even when Albert had resumed working for the family business (while still living in the small apartment on the outskirts of Chicago), Candy still wasn’t allowed to attend Stear’s funeral (note that the anime had changed this slightly). To remedy that, Albert had to go home in hopes that he could keep an eye on his shrewd aunt.

The engagement party near the end of the manga was simply brilliant (unfortunately the anime version has completely omitted this significant episode). The servants (or at least the butler) must have recognized Albert, or else how could he have barged in the party like that? Those who attended must have a formal invitation, and possibly Madam Elroy had deliberately kept her nephew in the dark about the forced engagement. As long as her nephew stayed in Lakewood, Madam Elroy could do whatever she wished to Candy. However, the old lady’s reaction to seeing her young nephew out of the blue was priceless. Since Candy was late to the party (scolded by Neil), I have a strong feeling that Albert had arrived for a while, waiting for the right moment to make his appearance. He also must have ordered the servants (or the butler) to keep his presence a secret from the family matriarch. Later, the way Albert rebuked his aunt in front of the relatives conveyed who had the highest authority in the family, and after that, even the guests murmured among themselves that Madam Elroy had to step down when the patriarch (despite being so much younger) showed up.

Since then, Madam Elroy became aware how important Candy was to her nephew, and the old lady would not dare to despise the orphan so openly anymore.

Yet, it didn’t mean that Albert had resolved his inner struggles at that point. The fact that he delayed telling Candy that he was her prince speaks volumes. I’ll talk more later. This post is way too long already. 😛 😉


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    • CKati on February 5, 2015 at 2:24 pm
    • Reply

    Dear Ms Puddle, and readers,
    I agree with all of you. Albert was being his good, kind, gentle self when he rescued Candy. I don’t believe for a second that he liked her romantically back then.
    Wow, I feel like Quevivacandy in a previous post; miles behind on you all. Even though I read the manga and watched the anime, I don’t remember all the details and timeline like you do. I’m really enjoying reading your comments. Thanks!

    1. That’s right. Albert was just being brave when he rescued Candy, and after he had recognized her, he decided to help her. Nothing more. Just pure friendship and good will. 🙂

    • Antlay on January 22, 2015 at 6:49 am
    • Reply

    Dear Ms Puddle

    Cette fois ci c’est bien Antlay !

    Si vous me permettez Ms Puddle, je voudrai juste m’adresser à Agnès. Voici le lien pour accéder au manga :
    il est traduit en français, je l’ai découvert par hasard il y a un an. Et ravie de savoir qu’il y a d’autres compatriotes fan de Candy et d’Albert.

    Comme vous toutes je suis aussi convaincue qu’ Albert est tombé amoureux de Candy quand il était amnésique, c’est évident vu leur différence d’âge, auparavant elle n’était encore qu’une petite fille, alors que là elle était une jeune fille de 17 ans environ. Albert ne sachant plus qui il était et ne sachant pas qu’elle était sa fille adoptive, il est légitime qu’il en soit tombé amoureux. Imaginez un homme vivre plus d’un an avec une jeune fille charmante, partageant le même apppartement et la même chambre dans la version manga, cela créer obligatoirement des liens, c’est un homme après tout !
    Le problème c’est qu’il la savait amoureuse de Terry. Et même après sa rupture, il ne voulait sûrement pas brusquer les choses. Il ne savait pas si un jour elle partagerait ses sentiments. Le temps n’a malheureusement pas joué en sa faveur, car entre temps il a retrouvé sa mémoire.
    A la suite de cela il a quand même décidé de rester à ses côtés, sans lui révéler qui il était, il devait espérer qu’elle ouvre les yeux et qu’elle le considère comme plus qu’un ami ou un frère. Si non il lui aurait révélé qui il était, il pouvait lui faire confiance. Au lieu de cela il est parti pour ne pas lui causer plus d’ennui et il est allé se cacher à Lakewood pour être sûr qu’elle ne le retrouve pas. Et il devait être plus facile pour lui de l’oublier, en étant loin de Chicago.
    La dernière chose pourquoi quand Candy a découvert qu’il était l’Oncle William, il ne s’est pas décidé tout de suite à lui révéler qu’il était le Prince des Collines ! Il la savait amoureuse de ce garçon autrefois, était-il gêné ? Si il a attendu autant de temps c’est qu’il avait bien une raison. Comme vous dites rien de plus romantique que de revenir sur le lieu de leur première rencontre, si c’est pas un message ça !

    1. Dear Antlay, this time I read the comment twice to make sure… Lol!!

      I was told that the manga was officially translated to French, and that it was done very well and directly from Japanese, except using “Mr. Albert”. That’s not the equivalent of Albert-san. In most cases this translation is correct, but it didn’t apply to the case of Candy and Albert. However, this is another topic. 😉

      So we all agree when Albert fell in love with Candy and why he decided to stay after his recovery. Besides, I agree with you that Albert delayed revealing the last secret means quite a few things. One thing for sure he was serious about it and wanted to wait for the perfect timing. It also shows how much he cared. Sigh.

      • Agnès on January 22, 2015 at 10:08 am
      • Reply

      Tout d’abord un grand merci Antlay, c’est vraiment très gentil, j’apprécie beaucoup! 🙂 Je pourrai ainsi le relire. J’avais d’autres liens mais ils ne sont plus actifs! Je suis également contente de pouvoir partager des idées avec des fans français de Candy et Albert. 😀

      Je suis entièrement d’accord avec votre remarque Antlay, si Albert a tardé pour révéler qu’il était son Prince c’est parce qu’il ne voulait pas la troubler sur ses sentiments envers lui. Il voulait qu’elle tombe amoureuse de lui sans être influencée par cette révélation. Il souhaitait aussi certainement lui laisser du temps pour faire son deuil de son amour pour Terry. Il était indispensable qu’elle soit vraiment libérée de lui pour qu’Albert ne soit pas un amour de substitution. Il ne voulait certainement pas être son second choix! Mais il a effectivement manqué de temps, le voisinage ayant fait pression sur Candy pour faire partir Albert, sinon les deux ; il a donc choisi de partir de lui-même pour ne plus lui faire de tort. A ce moment-là, Albert devait penser que Candy aimait toujours Terry, voilà pourquoi, à mon avis, il l’a guidée jusqu’à Rockstone afin de les réunir, sacrifiant ses propres espoirs de bonheur avec elle en tant qu’homme et femme. Si ça, ce n’est pas de l’amour avec un grand A!… Mais il a dû être rudement étonné de voir que Candy n’a pas rencontré Terry bien que l’ayant vu dans ce théâtre sordide! Par contre, elle avait continué à le chercher lui, Albert, car il a bien dû finir par le savoir, la question est à quel moment ? Quelqu’un le sait-il? Peut-être lorsqu’ils ont passé du temps ensemble après l’annulation des fiançailles avec Neal ? Ainsi, il a pu supposer que les sentiments de Candy avaient changé. Elle avait renoncé à Terry alors qu’elle a persisté à retrouver Albert, le cherchant dans toute la ville montrant son portrait à tout le monde, il devenait donc son premier choix! C’est me semble-t-il un tournant, l’absence a magnifié ses sentiments envers Albert, lui révélant à qui son cœur appartenait vraiment à ce moment-là et qui lui manquait le plus ! Alors, il a pu se décider enfin à lui dire qu’il était son Prince de la Colline, attendant simplement d’être au bon endroit pour le faire !

      Tout à fait d’accord pour dire que si Albert ne lui a pas révélé son identité ce n’était pas pour une question de confiance. Une fois sa mémoire retrouvée, d’un côté il voulait rester encore plus longtemps avec elle car il appréciait sa vie avec Candy (« heartwarming life » as he confessed), il voulait aussi veiller sur elle (il l’avait retrouvée effondrée sur les journaux parlant de Terry) et d’un autre côté se donner aussi plus de temps pour réfléchir. Comment gérer la situation et ses propres sentiments, être amoureux de sa protégée : délicat!

      Bon je m’arrête-là, je suis plus prolixe en français qu’en anglais ! 🙂

      1. Very well said! What a wonderful comment, dear Agnès! I have nothing to add! 😀

          • Agnès on January 23, 2015 at 11:48 am
          • Reply

          Thank you, I’m blushing! 😉

    • Agnès on January 22, 2015 at 3:13 am
    • Reply

    Dear Ms Puddle, actually, I’m not Antlay! 😉 😛 But, no worries, I’ve made a mistake myself about the Scottish suit in the final scene, it was in the anime, not in the Manga! 🙁
    Unfortunately, I don’t have the manga and I despair of owning it one day since it is no longer sold! And, my memory fails occasionally! 🙁
    Nevertheless it doesn’t change the point! He used his famous sentence in the right place! So romantic! 🙂 😀

    Sometimes, it’s difficult to estimate the time had elapsed between some parts of their story! Sigh!…

    1. Oh I’m so sorry, Agnès!! How could I have made such a terrible mistake??!! I must be getting old, and my eyes are failing me… Lol… 😛

      My sister got the manga for me from some online bidding such as eBay! I forgot how she got the set for me, but I treasure it very much. I hope you’ll be able to find yours one day!

      Yes, I agree with you that the moment Albert revealed he was Prince on the Hill was very romantic. It was his love confession (no matter what Terry fans say)!

      The timeline in the manga is difficult to understand, but it’s still much clearer than the one in CCFS!! Sigh… 😉

    • Quevivacandy on January 21, 2015 at 8:04 pm
    • Reply

    Hey my friend! You have done a great work… as always… 😉

    A few days ago, we were talking with some girls at what point we think Albert started to develop romantic feelings for Candy, Some of them said it began in London but once again, I do not agree with that. I thinks it happened in Magnolia. In one of his letters he said, “After I had done the preparation, and also was relieved to see you back on form, I decided to leave the Blue River Zoo. To Africa, where I longed for —.” I don’t sense any romantic feelings over there. Maybe he was in charge of the family business by that time but also he was looking forward to travel to Africa and did it until he saw her back on form.

    Also, as you said, in the very same letter he said he didn’t want to get away from that heart-warming life. So, for how long he kept living in the apartment after he had recovered? I know, we have already discussed this…:p but we are talking about monthS… And he recovered a while later after C&T break-up… mmm… now I don’t remember where I was trying to get… lol… I better just leave it… :p but maybe they lived together, over a year or maybe two, after C&T separation and the moment he left from Magnolia? If so, he had something to struggle about, how deep must had been his feelings by then???

    And about the engagement party, mmm… I don’t think the servants had any idea who was him. Remember the letters to Mary and Stewart? they were at the Andrew’s mansion by that time and Mary didn’t mention any of this in the grand opening at Florida. I think must had been George the one who let him in. I do not see George anywhere in the party and also, he always was beside Albert. And as you said, I agree that Albert was listening just awaiting the perfect moment to make his entrance.

    And why to wait for his last confession… grrr…. Mizuki!!! lol… well, I guess first he wanted to arrange somehow his ‘new’ position and in the meantime, he also was analyzing Candy’s feelings for him, trying that she also accepts his position so she could treat him as always and the confession, only would be the icing on the cake, He absolutely knew he was her first love and she never could have fogotten him. ohhh how romatinc…

    1. Hi there QuevivaCandy! Glad to know that we both agree that Albert didn’t have special feelings for Candy till after living together with her, when he remembered nothing of his past. Like you, I didn’t sense any romance in his letter about him being in London then Africa.

      Indeed it’s a mystery how long Albert and Candy had lived together, and how long he had stayed with her after his recovery. Sigh…

      About engagement party, you’re right. Perhaps George had let him in, who knows? But definitely Albert must have been waiting patiently just for the right moment to catch his aunt unaware!! Lol…

      Yes, icing on the cake indeed! That I can’t agree with you more! Albert wanted to gauge Candy’s feelings for him before he disclosed his last secret. He didn’t want to influence her just because he had been her first love… Awww… 🙂

    • Agnès on January 21, 2015 at 7:13 am
    • Reply

    Dear Ms Puddle,

    Thank you for sharing your subtle and smart analysis! 🙂

    I agree with you when you say that Albert had not fallen in love with Candy after rescuing her near the water fall. She was too young and Albert was a grown up man then! For me Albert fallen in love with Candy when he was living with her. As an amnesiac he had no “past” with her or memories of her. Yet, he saw her in another point of view; it was like he saw her for the first time at the hospital of Chicago. He discovered a young woman then not a child, a woman whom saved him! This woman left the dormitory at the hospital to share an apartment to take care of him with so much attention and empathy. She had risked her reputation and she had lost her job for him. Gradually he could have developed strong feelings to such a woman. But, he couldn’t show his true feelings to her because he knew that Candy was in love with Terry!

    After he recovered his past memory and then he felt conflicting emotions: to tell Candy or not his true identity. I completely agree that he hidden to stay with her, to help her with her pain about her breakup with Terry and to have time to deal with his own feelings to her! It was not easy, so many conflicting emotions, indeed! :-/

    Why Albert delayed telling Candy that he was her Prince? I think perhaps he didn’t want to influence her. He wanted her to love him for what he was and not because she loved the “ghost of her childhood”. He disclosed few days after his discussion with her when he annulled her engagement with Neal. Perhaps Albert felt that Candy’s feelings to him have changed and then he decided to tell her but, on the hill wearing his traditional Scottish suit to heighten the revelation with more impact? I think it was so more romantic this way! It was the attitude of a man in love, otherwise he could have tell her without such effect, and with no delay, don’t you think? 😉 😀

    1. Dear Antlay! Yes, back then, Candy was still a young girl, and it’s hard to imagine a grown-up man falling in love with a teenage girl. There are people like that, but not Albert in the story. As I said in the post, if he did, he wouldn’t have adopted her legally. 😉 But like you said, when he was amnesiac, being someone who had lost everything, he got to know Candy from a fresh perspective. It was natural for him to have fond feelings (at least grateful) for her, not to mention that she was much older (already sixteen). Yet, after his recovery, his world had turned upside down, and he had to face the truth and deal with his own feelings.

      Good point about not wanting to influence her as her ‘prince’, Antlay! I’ll continue talking about this in part 3. However, I believe more than a few days had elapsed between the forced engagement and the day she returned to Pony’s home (in the manga). In the anime version, everything had been rushed together, but Albert indeed wanted to let Candy who he was… the boy she had met as a little girl in a dramatic way. 🙂 😛

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