Jan 21 2015

Love Triangle (Part 8)

Of all the drawings of Prince on the Hill by Yumiko Igarashi, I like the one shown in my previous post the most because we can see the Pony’s Home down there (bottom right corner). Also, Albert looked like a boy in his mid-teens indeed. The other ones he looked a bit childlike (not even Anthony’s age but more like a thirteen-year-old).

You know how important Pony’s Home and Pony’s Hill were to Candy, and Prince on the Hill was always associated with this hill. Anthony had wanted to visit Pony’s Hill with Candy, but he had died soon after saying that. Terry had come on a snowy day all alone. Candy had attempted to find him, but he had already gone, leaving Candy by herself, indescribably disappointed and upset. However, Albert was the only male character to be there on the hill with Candy, and not only once! This was where he had first appeared to little Candy, and the story ended with Candy and Prince on the Hill reuniting on Pony’s Hill more than ten years later.

In other words, besides Candy, Prince on the Hill is the most crucial character in the story, and the main plot revolved around the change of their relationship. Not only that, nearly the entire epilogue of Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS) is devoted to Candy and her prince, with the only exception being Candy’s first mental letter to Anthony. Even in that letter, she talked about Albert a lot but avoided Terry’s name. Thus, Mizuki essentially told us that Candy’s future was about Candy and her prince, so it will be very odd if all of a sudden Anohito was Terry at the end of the epilogue. It’s almost like he came out of nowhere. 😆

In addition, in CCFS, Albert had visited Candy at Pony’s Home quite a few times. They probably went to Pony’s Hill every time for privacy (like the time when he was about to reveal his secret of being Prince on the Hill to Candy), not to mention that he had purchased the land and financed the reconstruction of the orphanage, which wasn’t Candy’s idea but was totally a generous gift from Albert. Reconstruction could take months and required much design and planning ahead of time, so it’s undeniable that Mizuki wanted to provide strong evidence that Albert was extremely familiar with the building of the Pony’s Home, both before and after the reconstruction. Unlike Terry, who had only come once (very briefly) on a winter day years ago when it had been snowing.

Now you see why it makes sense that Anohito (Candy’s husband) is Albert. In the beginning of CCFS (the prologue), Anohito could recognize the oil painting of old Pony’s Home in Spring time (pre-reconstruction) at a glance (from the spoilers below). Note that after breaking up in New York, Terry no longer appeared in Candy’s life, except the time when Candy ran into him in Rockstown, but Candy left without talking to him. Even if Terry would visit Candy after Susanna’s death (as many Terry fans believe), it was highly likely to be after the reconstruction. I’ll explain why in another post. 😉

An oil painting in a handmade frame…. It was HIM who found the oil painting at a flea market in London some years ago. HE recognised at a glance that it was the Pony’s Home. A panoramic view of the Pony’s Home looking down from the Pony’s Hill… The Pony’s Home in the painting is that of before reconstruction… Beautiful May. The Pony’s Home in lush green of the trees.

Bagpiper-bagpipesBack to the drawing of Prince on the Hill mentioned above, I have done some research and found that most often the long plaid should match the kilt, like these pipers. For your interest, you can browse this website for details about highland dress and accessories.

Besides, the bagpipe doesn’t look quite right because one of the reed pipes should be much longer than the other two, as shown in this picture of a cute Lego mini-figure. 😉

However, I must say that I truly admire the exquisite details Yumiko Igarashi had put in this illustration of Prince on the Hill and the surroundings. It’s too bad we can’t see Albert’s features, so that’s why I’m currently modifying this drawing, and I’m almost done. To draw Albert dressed like a highlander takes a lot of work and effort, and I can only do a bit every day. Hopefully, I can finish it soon. Please be patient. 🙂


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    • Lovly Ardley on May 29, 2017 at 3:35 pm
    • Reply

    Hello Ms Puddle

    Excelente analisis sobre las pistas para saber quien es Anohito. No hay duda que es Albert. Francamente parece que te hubieras metido en la cabeza de Mizuki para sacar esos detalles :p Para mí eres Mizuki II 🙂
    Creo que si las Terryfans leyeran tu analisis se convencerian que Anohito es nuestro adorable Principe de la Colina.

    Gracias por compartir

    Lovly Ardley

    1. Hola Lovly Ardley, ¡¡muchas gracias!!


      No I’m not Mizuki II, and I’m just trying to understand the story by reading the clues here and there. 😅😁

      So glad you agree with my thoughts and arguments that Anohito is Albert, Prince on the Hill ❤️💓

    • Martha Cervantes Quiroga on May 26, 2016 at 3:10 pm
    • Reply

    I’m lost. I just finished to reading the Love Triangle (Part 4) and I only found the part 8 ;(

    1. Muchas gracias mi amiga! I’ll get back to you after fixing the links when I get home.💖

    2. Martha, I’ve fixed the links, my friend! Thank you for reading my posts. Here is a list of all related posts that may interest you:


        • Martha Cervantes on May 28, 2016 at 8:34 pm
        • Reply

        Thanks for the link, you are so kind!
        Now, I will continue reading.

        1. ¡Muchas gracias, mi amiga! 💕💞

    • Antlay on January 23, 2015 at 3:46 pm
    • Reply

    Comment pouvez-vous souhaiter la mort d’une personne ! Et vous osez utiliser le mot prier après ça ! Apprenez les mots respect et tolérance !

    • mykie on January 23, 2015 at 12:30 pm
    • Reply

    Sometimes I wish you were among the dead. I can always pray for that.

    1. Whoever you are, I can hardly believe you’re capable of saying that. Regardless of what you said, I’m just pointing out the facts. 🙂

      • Quevivacandy on January 23, 2015 at 2:35 pm
      • Reply

      hmm… just watch your mouth, ‘you reap, what you sow.’ It’s a fact, in every meaning.

      And if what MsPuddle pointed out made you say that, your tasteless comment just confirm she’s right. 🙂

        • CKati on February 5, 2015 at 2:38 pm
        • Reply

        Is there anyway that I misunderstood Mykie’s comment? Did he/she just wish you dead because of your post?
        this is so awful, I have no words …

        If you can’t comment/disagree in a respectful manner, then don’t comment at all.

        1. Dear CKati, thank you for your support!
          I could have easily removed this mean comment, but I decided to approve it mainly because I wanted to answer this person. Don’t exactly know why s/he left such a comment though. Sigh.

    • Antlay on January 23, 2015 at 4:31 am
    • Reply

    Dear Ms Puddle

    Oui vous avez raison, la colline de Pony a toujours été associé au Prince, l’histoire débute lorsque Candy rencontre son Prince sur la colline et se termine de la même façon. Je pense aussi que Terry n’est pas resté assez longtemps pour pouvoir s’imprégner de tous ces détails et de plus comme je l’avais déjà dit dans un autre post, il n’est pas le style d’homme à flâner aux puces de Londres. J’ai toujours été convaincue que cette peinture avait été acheté par Albert, lui seul s’est effectivement rendu de nombreuses fois à la maison de Pony bien avant sa transformation.

    A propos de cette lettre à Anthony qu’elle n’a écrite que dans ses pensées, j’ai le sentiment qu’elle veut lui présenter Albert. Qu’une seule fois elle utilise le nom de “Grand Oncle William”, ensuite elle utilise le nom d’Albert, et a plusieurs reprises, jamais William. Anthony était le seul à savoir qu’elle était autrefois amoureuse de ce Prince, Candy n’en a parlé à personne d’autre, ormis Albert quand il était amnésique, même pas à Annie. Bien qu’elle ait dit le contraire à Anthony, je pense qu’elle était attiré par Anthony car il lui rappelait son Prince. Et puis Terry qui lui rappelle Anthony bien que leurs personnalités soient totalement différentes…
    On en revient toujours au Prince of the Hill !

    Je suis enthousiaste de savoir que vous avez décidé de dessiner Albert portant le kilt, un rêve qui se réalise, j’ai hâte de voir votre fanart my friend !

    1. Dear Antlay!

      Indeed, as I said in my other replies, when compared to Terry, Albert visited Pony’s Home way more, and he likely stayed much longer. Albert definitely had the ‘advantage’ here. 😛

      I think in one of my old posts I already talked about how Candy’s crushes could somehow be traced back to Prince on the Hill, except Albert himself. She liked Albert just because he was Albert, not because he looked like someone else. Well, because Albert is the ORIGINAL… lol 😉

      About drawing Prince on the Hill, I’m getting nervous now… I hope I won’t disappoint my friends. I’ll try my best though.

    • Quevivacandy on January 21, 2015 at 8:29 pm
    • Reply

    Hmm… do you want to write MDLSA instead of me? lol…. You didn’t give time to write the chapter… :p lol… neither to reply your comment… by the way, thank you so much 🙂 I can’t agree with you more about the reconstruction. But as you said once, great minds think alike… :p the planification must had taken them a while, Albert should have been present and perfectly knew how the orphanage looked before the reconstruction. We can say he knew Pony’s Home like the back of his hand. He was involved in the whole process.

    Now, Terry, he was on the top of the hill just ONE time, in winter. There were no flowers, no leaves, how he could recognize in an instant, a place he only saw one time in his life, before it was reconstructed, and also in spring?

    But if he saw Pony’s Home again, it should be years later after the reconstrucction. When Candy wrote his ‘good-bye’ letter, it was after the last letter of the epilogue, how long after, we don´t know, but in the non-sent letter she talks about the diary Albert gave back to her and Susana was still alive. I know, let’s talk about this in your next post… :p

    Thanks for the the generous gift link, I was lazy to look for it. Now I’m going to add it to my last chapter… 🙂

    1. My dear QuevivaCandy, you’re doing a wonderful job so far weaving the CCFS events perfectly into your story. I’m actually looking forward to reading your next chapter, the grand opening right? 😉

      You’re so right about Albert knowing the Pony’s Home like the back of his hand. He must have hired an architect or engineer to redesign the building structure before the reconstruction and/or remodeling, so it only makes sense that he was the one who could recognize the orphanage at a glance.

      About Terry, as I said in my reply to Reeka, he was only up on Pony’s Hill very briefly, or else Candy would have caught up with him. Also, when he was up there, it didn’t mean he had to look at the orphanage, let alone examine any detail. The argument of Terry being able to recall what the orphanage had looked like before the reconstruction is just so weak.

      But which goodbye letter did you mean, my friend? I’m not sure which one, but definitely by the time Albert returned the diary, Candy had decided to keep Terry in the past. 😉

        • Quevivacandy on January 22, 2015 at 5:44 am
        • Reply

        Thanks my friend, sometimes I feel that something is missing or that I couldn’t express myself very well… sigh… but here I am and yep, grand opening is coming bua bua bua (me crying lol) I have no idea what to write before and after… inspiration please come to me… lol…

        About Albert and Terry, yes and yes… I didn’t read your comments ’til now. I was in a rush last night… hehehe. But I thought the same thing while I was writing my first comment, Terry may ‘memorize’ lines but I dont’ see him memorizing to detail ‘things’. But to be fair, I guess I have to say that he might did it with Pony’s Home. You know? As you I had the same question for how long he stayed in the top of the hill, I also thought he didn’t see Pony’s Home from there and I was about to write it but better checked it in the manga. I had a surprised. When sister Lane was telling Candy about Terry’s visit, she said Terry stanted in front of Pony’s Home for a moment, int the spanish version, it says ‘like he was recognizing the place’… Is just checked the english one and it’s different it says like ‘if he had fond memories’. She also said, he STARED at the lawn and the surrounding trees… Well, I have to say that might Candy described several times the place that he was recalling it in his mind and about if he saw the orphanage from the top, I also checked that last night, he DID it. (even it is Candy’s imaginating that, I guess there is a reason why Igarashi drew it buuuutttt soon you can clear us up that… :p) The drawing in manga is in volumen 5, chapter 3 (page 7 for you I think). Anyway, again, that doesn’t mean that he recognized the place at a glance, maybe called his attention but definetely he didn’t recognized it, Lets ‘suppose’ he is anohito, if so, he would studied the painting before saying, ‘oh yes, I remember now, MAYBE it would had looked like this in spring…’ but If so, that doesn’t match with Anohito.

        About the goodbye letter, hehehe, I called like that, hehehe but it is the non-sent letter to Terry and yep, when she wrote it, she already had decided to keep Terry in the past. 🙂 I just mentioned it ’cause when she wrote it, Susana was still alive and the orphanage must be under construction if not done. And about Terry’s note, I think he sent it after Susana’s death, but that’s another post, I have to find it… :p

        1. Good luck, dear QuevivaCandy! I know what it’s like when you experience a writer’s block. Take a break and relax, and when you feel ready, just write down whatever appears in your mind. Sometimes inspiration will come. 🙂

          I just checked my manga version, and it said that Terry stood in front of Pony’s Home with his eyes showing nostalgia, and he stared at the trees surrounding the garden, seemingly lost in thought. Yes, Terry did stand up on Pony’s Hill overlooking Pony’s Home.

          However, as you said, it was winter, and it just began snowing. There were no flowers, and lots of trees had bare branches. Most of all he was up there only briefly because in the manga Miss Pony told Candy that Terry had left about 30 minutes ago. He needed time to walk up and down too, right? Since Candy was calling his name (must have raised her voice to the loudest possible), if he was still around, he could have heard her.

          Anyway, to be able to recognize something at a glance, one has to be extremely familiar with that thing. This is clearly not the case for Terry, who was up on Pony’s Hill for only a moment, and in WINTER. 😀 The oil painting was a panoramic view of Pony’s Home in SPRING looking down from Pony’s Hill after all. At any rate, this clue is definitely AGAINST Terry. 😛

          I’m not exactly sure about the timing of the unsent letter, but I have a feeling that it was done before Albert purchased the land. I have other reasons to support me that Susanna was alive for at least a few years after the great war ended though.

          If you want to search for my post about Terry’s letter to Candy, please read “Ambiguous Letter”. 🙂

    • Reeka on January 21, 2015 at 4:51 pm
    • Reply

    Oh that legoman is soooo cute, though he looks a bit grumpy hahahaha.

    Ms Puddle, can’t agree more about the oil painting. Even without deeper analyses, one should know that Anohito described here must be Albert as POTH. Pony Hills was always associated to him. Never Terry. Also, like you said, in CCFS, Mizuki told us that Albert visited Candy to Pony’s home several time.

    And based on their characters, Albert vs Terry, … We know that Terry was rather ignorant, he’s not someone who would go into detail and remembered how Pony’s home and the hills looked like, let alone imagining it on spring days. Meanwhile Albert, we know that he had been academically prepared as patriarch, and he was being a vagabond who once travelled to Africa, he must get used to details and quick analysing.

    Now that you mentioned about the possibilty of Terry visiting Candy after Susanna’s death. You already know my theory about when exactly Terry sent her the letter. A year and a half after NY event. Not after Susanna’s death. It’s even long before her death. I respect Terry character, so I may say, he never visited Candy again in Pony’s ( or elsewhere, in my opinion). It makes sense for me he wrote the letter 1.5 years after NY, he might think Candy still live in Pony’s, so he mailed it to that address. Although like he said, he’s not sure Candy received it because he probably thought she wouldn’t forever live there.

    Can’t wait to see your drawing, my friend!

    1. Oh yes Reeka! Isn’t the Lego mini figure cute? I laughed when I saw it, and its grumpy look makes it funnier! 😉

      Indeed, Pony’s home and Pony’s Hill are always associated with Albert, never Terry (no matter what they say). Also, as you said, I wonder if Terry had paid any attention to Pony’s home from that hill. How long was he up there anyway? Unlikely very long, because otherwise Candy would have caught up with him.

      Like you said, Albert must have been a very smart guy, and later he was a good business man. For Terry, he was a brilliant actor for sure. They were both good in different ways.

      Also agree with you that Terry sent that letter after their breakup, not after Susanna’s death, which could occur some years later (definitely after the reconstruction). He couldn’t possibly remember what Pony’s Home used to look like. 😛

      About the drawing, it’s your present actually :-). Hope you will like it.

        • Reeka on January 22, 2015 at 8:54 am
        • Reply

        Yippieee … ! Make sure Albert looks hot and handsome in your picture, Ms Puddle. **hahahha j/k**. Thank you. :*)

        Yes, sure Terry didn’t stand up there long because the tea was still warm when Candy arrived in Pony’s home.

        1. Now… this is what I call “tremendous PRESSURE”… LOL LOL 😆
          True, Terry was up on Pony’s Hill for at most ten minutes I believe, and please read my reply to QuevivaCandy. 🙂

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