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Susanna and Candy

Many thanks to some of you for your comments to my post Kono, Sono, and Ano even though we aren’t really talking about that post anymore. 😉 😛 Just to let you know, I’m actually happy to read comments from you wonderful ladies on my blog. 🙂 Please feel free to share anything you like, anytime. 😀

I know many of you want to read more about Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS), and I’m in the process of finding something interesting to share with you all that is not necessarily obvious in the spoilers out there. However, this post is meant to be a quick one to give you an example of when to use “Anohito” in a conversation plus something about Susanna. 🙂

キャンディキャンディ第07巻170 Do you recognize this scene in the manga? After sending her flowers for days, Terry finally had a chance to see Susanna in the hospital after the accident. (By the way, some of you mentioned that Terry had never given Candy flowers, which is true. However, I think he felt somewhat guilty about the whole incident, and buying flowers for Susanna was the minimum he should do to express his sorrow?)

Anyway, not long after they began talking, Susanna mentioned the premiere of “Romeo and Juliet”, and she remarked, “Anohito will come, right?”

Terry replied, “Anohito?”

She then answered, “Candice W. Ardlay”

As I said before, Anohito is simply a pronoun like he or she. See Kono, Sono, and Ano for more examples. So, you see, when Susanna said Anohito, she expected Terry to understand whom she was talking about, a person that they both knew. But Terry didn’t catch it and repeated her word in a question.

Right after saying Candy’s full name, Susanna broke into tears and said something else, telling Terry that the accident wasn’t his fault, blah blah blah. Later, she used “Anohito” once again without saying Candy’s name. Susanna simply said “So, with Anohito… I wish you and Anohito happiness…”

The word for happiness is the same one I mentioned in Her happiness.

As a matter of fact, in CCFS, Susanna wrote a sincere letter to Candy soon after Candy had returned to Chicago from New York, in which Susanna recalled Terry’s promise to her:


Literally, it means Terry promised to continue to stay with Susanna from now on, using zutto(ずっと), meaning throughout, all the time, forever, etc., and これからも, meaning from now on, which is the same phrase Albert used in his heartfelt letter to Candy as well as his sandwich proposal (see Her happiness for details).

At the end of Susanna’s letter, she wrote that she would pray for Candy’s happiness, like Terry’s simple note he had left for Candy before leaving London.


However, the way Susanna wished Candy happiness was more polite (similar to the manga scene above) and with respect, and she called her Candice-san in her letter, not Candy like everyone else.

That’s it for today. Happy Easter, everyone! Have a wonderful Easter weekend! 😀


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    • Reeka on April 6, 2015 at 5:59 pm
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    It’s very interesting to read all the comments here. I’ll join the conversation below directly then, so not making redundancy.

    A few things I would like to add about Susana vs Candy. I always think that Mizuki never intended to make Susana as an evil character. Yes she was like everything opposite to Candy in manners and behaviours, but she was still far nicer compared to Eliza. While candy was all charming with her outgoing and cheerful personality, Susanna was elegantly beautiful with captured people’s attention with her soft manner and fragile looking attitude, like Evelyn said. While Susanna (and other females) fell into Terry’s charm right at first moment they saw him and obviously showed it, Candy was more challenging and difficult to Terry and she was kinda in denial at first. And while our Candy was known as a frustratingly selfless person, Susanna was a selfish young woman and very ambitious. Still, I can not say Susanna was an evil character. We all once were a selfish little girl who like to fight others and might trample anyone who got in our way. We all once were a jealous young woman who disliked our crush’s girlfriend or ex-girlfriends. Weren’t we?

    And Susanna’s letter to Candy on CCFS and old novel, I think it showed us that she felt guilty and she sincerely worried about Candy after that terrible night in NY. Like it or not, Susanna did love Terry wholeheartedly. She might lost her temper once in hospital room when she said Terry was responsible to her, but I assume it was a normal reaction. Who was not devastated to be amputated?

    1. Dear Reeka, I agree with you that Susanna was never intended to be an evil character, unlike Eliza (who by the way was the least attractive amongst all young, female characters… even her mother looked prettier than her 😛 )

      I never view Susanna as manipulative either. Yes, she did hide Candy’s letters from Terry, but she did that out of jealousy and blindness, like a typical lovesick lady.

      For sure this beautiful actress never meant to lose a limb in order to get Terry for herself. 🙁 She saw the danger and pushed him away using all the force she could muster, thus losing her own balance.

      Also, the fact she decided to end her own life so as not to disturb Terry and Candy was by any means another sacrifice for Terry’s sake. It just happened that Candy was the one who rescued her.

      Anyway, regardless of how many people hate Susanna, in CCFS, Candy genuinely said Susanna was a wonderful person in her unsent letter to Terry. Sigh.

        • Quevivacandy on April 17, 2015 at 8:22 pm
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        Knock knock, hello Ladies!

        Haven’t read all reviews, just these ones but wanted to say something. As you both, I don’t see Susanna as an evil woman either. In my mind, I really do not understand why Mizuki had to turn to extreme things to separate Candy from her sweethearts, Anthony died, Terry decided to take an honorable way. But, since the originator is Susanna, many girls hate her and consider her a selfish woman that manipulated somehow Terry even in Candy’s ‘good bye letter’, she said Susanna was a wonderful person. I really don’t get it.

        Ms Puddle, did you read the reviews in chapter 15? Almost every single shouted out, what? Susanna a wonderful person? maybe in Candy’s eyes but she is blah blah blah.

        And again, I guess the anime didn’t help the story doing a misunderstanding on that scene. Manga and CCFS show a different point of view and when we reunite both of them, we can understand things better. Is not that Susanna was not selfish at some point but at the end, she changed and Candy could sensed it. I guess we have to stand on her feets and think what we should do in that case.

        1. Hola QuevivaCandy! Agree with you completely!!
          I think many people hate Susanna mainly because she was the reason why Candy and Terry had to break up… yet some people didn’t realize Terry had changed. He wasn’t the same guy back in London anymore. Ever since he began his career in Broadway, not even once he showed any intention to let people know he was in a relationship with Candy. In fact, were they ever a couple I wonder? 😉

            • Quevivacandy on April 17, 2015 at 10:00 pm
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            Nop, they NEVER were a couple… and I’m wondering now, they write to each other but we don’t know what they said on those letters. Why Candy didn’t hug or kiss when she reunite with him in NY, if they were already a couple, if they already were talked about their feelings?

            Simple, I guess they didn’t have touched that subject so they weren´t a couple when she arrived to NY. Maybe that’s another reason why Terry made up his mind so easily, leaving at Susanna’s side… who knows ¿?

              • Ms Puddle on April 17, 2015 at 10:17 pm

              Candy said in her unsent letter that Terry didn’t write her any romantic letters, remember? I think she was also shy to express her deep feelings (she had never told him much about herself even in London, right?)

              Their reunion at New York was awkward don’t you think? They didn’t have much to talk about either. Susanna’s accident had completely occupied Terry’s mind, and he didn’t dare to hug Candy lest he couldn’t tell her about Susanna. Yet, he never did. Candy found it out herself… 🙁

              • Quevivacandy on April 17, 2015 at 10:21 pm

              yes, that is so sad and you’re right. Their correspondence wasn’t romantic at all so Terry didn’t have a romantic commitment with Candy only in his heart, maybe. To be honest, their story is a sad story.

              • Ms Puddle on April 17, 2015 at 10:23 pm

              Can’t agree with you more. It was a sad story since the beginning… 🙁

    • Agnès on April 6, 2015 at 11:16 am
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    Hello everybody! I hope you had a very great Easter Day! 🙂

    Well, this is only my subjective thought! 😉

    I am convinced that Terry was truly in love with Candy when he left her in London! Yes he left her but he didn’t want to put her in more troubles and I think he didn’t want to ruin her reputation! Don’t forget he was an English aristocrat even if he denied it! But, I don’t understand why he let her, this too short note almost impersonal, perhaps he was afraid that someone else could read it? However, like you I think it is unforgivable to not write to her later, and I don’t understand why he didn’t want to keep in touch with her. So, I think it was a farewell for him, he gave up her! But why? Indeed, he could be patient and reunite with her later. It is a big question for me! It is incoherent!

    I think their love was a beautiful illusion; they didn’t have time to share a lot of things, except banters and to be honest one or two real discussions in Scotland when Candy has reunited Terry and his mother (Eleanor Baker) for example.

    I don’t think he was in love with Suzanna but, I think he was deeply touched by this fragile girl who has risked her life for him, who has lost her leg in the process. For me, it is not only guilt! Perhaps he even discovered the deepness of her love to him?

    Terry was a complex character with his turmoil, his contradictions, he was a tormented soul. All his life he has been rejected and he was an illegal child. Yet, he is a Shakespearian actor, he had a sense of tragedy! To be or not to be? To love her mother or not? To choice love or duty? To choice Candy or Suzanna?… Terry was Hamlet in some way!
    He was in a deep depression, he became an alcoholic when he left New York because he couldn’t deal with his choice. He still loved Candy then, even if he loved her in a wrong way! Sometimes a person truly loves another person, but in a bad way! 🙁 If you see what I mean!

    I agree with you, Terry and Suzanna were more similar with the same interest; they lived in the same world; they more matched! And I can’t imagine Candy living happily in this factice world!

    Candy and Albert were authentic soulmates, they lived with each other; they have shared so many things good or not, the trials of life and they were very happy! Albert was the best choice for Candy! 😀

    1. Excellent comment, dear Agnès! May I quote you? Thanks!!

        • Agnès on April 6, 2015 at 12:40 pm
        • Reply

        Anytime, my dear friend! The honnor is mine! 🙂

          • Agnès on April 6, 2015 at 12:43 pm
          • Reply

          Oops! Honor of course! 😳

          1. Merci, Agnès!!

      • Reeka on April 6, 2015 at 6:33 pm
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      I agree with you Agnes, totally.

      I second your opinion that Terry and Candy’s relationship was more like a beautiful illusion. Even her relationship with Anthony was more tangible. Both relationships though, were part of Albert-Candy’s invisible thread. It was because Terry leaving her in London without saying goodbye, that led her to go back to America and pursuit her dream to be a nurse. Fate prepared her to be just in the right time to be there when the amnesiac Albert needed her.

      Like you Agnes, I also questioned many times why Terry left her in a hurry and did’t try to contact her. Then it hit me that it would turn out very different if he had said goodbye properly. Candy would’ve continued her study at St Paul and cruel fate might have happened to our beloved Albert. Sigh. Everything happens for a reason indeed.

      I also like the way you described Terry as a shakespearian actor and he was somewhat like Hamlet. Brilliant, Agnes! Come to think about it, did Mizuki created Terry’s character based on it? he was no doubt a tragic character. I understand when you said he loved candy in a wrong way. He never knew how to show love properly. He grew up lovelessly. Like his father the Duke, he ended up to choose duty over love. Meanwhile Albert, before tragedy after tragedy happened to him as a child, he had Rosemary who loved him fully. Even the strict Aunt Elroy suffocated him, on CCFS Albert once mentioned his respect to her and understand that she had had a very big responsible back then after Albert’s father passed away. He also had George who cared much about his well-being. And from what Mizuki told us about Rosemary’s love story, it showed us that Mizuki made sure that Albert would never marry for the sake of family/duty. 🙂

        • Evelyn on April 6, 2015 at 7:15 pm
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        Ooh wow Reeka!! Can you explain what you meant by Mizuki making sure that Albert never married for the sake of Family/Duty? I never thought of this! Do you mean that by Albert being brought up with loving people around him makes him want marry someone for love? and that Terry would follow his father’s footsteps and marry out of duty because that is the only example he had? Very interesting! Did I follow what you said, Reeka? 🙂

          • Reeka on April 6, 2015 at 8:36 pm
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          Well Evelyn, it’s just one of many conclusion I have after reading CCFS spoilers and CC old novel. I honestly forget whether it was on CCFS or old novel or both where Albert told Candy in his letter about love story between Rosemary and Vincent Brown, That although many family members didn’t agree with her marrying Vincent, she didn’t care even she had to give up family’s name. Then Albert said something about him also likely following Rosemary’s step, would not marry just for the sake of family. Probably Ms Puddle could help?

          And don’t forget dear Evelyn, Mizuki also showed us that Albert was the one who hold ultimate power in the family, so I guess Albert wouldn’t allow anyone dictate whom he could marry to.

          I didn’t mean that Terry would willingly follow his father footstep. He said that he would never love someone like his father, though. However, apparently history repeated itself, and he tragically had to give up Candy for Susanna. Of course we can’t compared his sacrifice to his father’s. His father did it for the sake the family name and I assumed he didn’t want to give up his wealth and status. Terry, on the other hand, did it because of his selflessness. Like Ms Puddle said here, for the first time in his life, Terry put someone else’s need before his. And for Candy, I believe, because it was what Candy asked to him in hospital.

          1. Dear Reeka and Evelyn, in both CCFS and the old novel Albert related to Candy about his sister’s fight for her love with Captain Vincent Brown. In the old novel, she had even eloped with the help from George, but this part had been removed in CCFS. Anyway, Albert didn’t say explicitly that he would follow suit, but that was implied as he himself was like his sister, gentle but strong. 🙂 The letter to Anthony will eventually show up on my blog one day (hopefully!) and we will discuss more from there. 🙂

            • Evelyn on April 7, 2015 at 3:32 pm
            • Reply

            Thank you Reeka and Ms Puddle for explaining so eloquently about the reason why Mizuki would have Albert mention to Candy about his sister’s fight for her love with Capt. Vincent Brown and the extent she was willing to go to attain her happiness. It never really occurred to me the reason why Albert would mention to Candy about Rosemary’s willingness to leave everything behind for the person she loved, could possibly mean/imply that Albert felt the same way about his own happiness and was willing to do the same to be with the person that he loved? Like a hidden message to us? 🙂 Thank you both for your great response!!

            • Quevivacandy on April 17, 2015 at 8:38 pm
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            Hi there, well for me it is implied. Albert was telling Candy how childhood was and how attached he was to Rosemary. He also said she was like a mother to him. What I sense, she was his example to follow and that includes, how he thinks about married. I also think he only will married for love and not duty and as Reeka said, now he was the head of the family and will not admit that someone will take his own decisions for him, He also said the last part in one of the letters. 🙂

      1. Great comparison, Reeka!! Bravo!! 😀

        Both Terry and Albert had painful childhood, but being surrounded by people who loved him, Albert was able to grow into a cheerful and loving person. On the other hand, Terry kept a wall around himself to shut people out of his life, until Candy somehow broke it down.

        However, it was Susanna who really made Terry change. He was willing to give up Candy not entirely out of duty. No doubt he was tremendously grateful to Susanna, and for the first time in his life, he put someone else’s needs before his.

          • Reeka on April 6, 2015 at 8:42 pm
          • Reply

          The more I think about CC story, the more I learn about life. Don’t you also think so, my friend? For Albert vs Terry case, it’s like Mizuki told us that even both of them came from wealthy and noble family ( although Terry was illegitimate child, the Duke had intended to raise him as a Grandchester), they could lead their lives in a very different way. That our surroundings, the way we’re growing up, the love of people around us are significant to make us what we will be.

          1. Yes… it’s so true indeed…

        • Agnès on April 8, 2015 at 9:31 am
        • Reply

        Thank you for your comment and your compliment, dear Reeka! Like you the more I think about this story the more I learn and the more it supports me too!… sigh!

        I totally agree with all what you said about Suzanna, I think she wasn’t as bad as many people think. She was not Candy, sure! She was simply weaker than her. She made bad things and bad choices, yes! But only for Terry’s love and she certainly hasn’t calculate her tragic accident! In a certain way she loved him in a wrong way like Terry did with Candy! Another similitude between them! And she was ready to commit suicide for their sake! The bad girl was definitely Elisa, indeed!

          • Reeka on April 8, 2015 at 8:48 pm
          • Reply

          Hahahaha, yes of course none beats Eliza. 🙂

          I don’t know if you girls know that one of Shakespeare’s daughters named Susanna. 🙂 coincidence you think? I’ve just read it somewhere and it hit me hard. LOL.

          1. I didn’t know that, Reeka! I quickly checked that, and his oldest child was named Susanna! Wow!

        • Quevivacandy on April 17, 2015 at 8:46 pm
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        Bravo Reeka! I loved your comment and agree with you a 100%!

        Another interesting thing is this… You were talking about Albert and Terry, but again, what about Candy’s feelings? She supposedly get back to America looking for Terry, why didn’t she go to Broadway? Why didn’t she look for him as she did it for Albert, when he left the Magnolia? In a way she loved Terry, I guess she really loved him but her lover for Albert, we even cannot compare them. She did the unthinkable looking for him.

        Hmm… and again, I guess this does not have to do with this subject, lol… sorry, just your comments made me think about it.

        1. Candy didn’t know Terry was in New York until she was in Chicago, am I right? 😉 Soon after that, Albert appeared without memory… 🙁
          Yet, Candy was willing to go all the way to Rockstown to look for Albert… actions speak louder than words, eh? 😉

            • Quevivacandy on April 17, 2015 at 9:54 pm
            • Reply

            yes, you are right Ms Puddle, she didn’t know for sure he was in New York until she was in Chicago, but… she knew since London he wanted to be an actor and his dream was to work in Broadway, the capital of theater.

            It’s just my personal opinion, but as she went all the way until Rockstown, following a clue (’cause she didn’t know anything about Albert or a possible place he might go, he was a tramp), wouldn’t she go all the way until New York, just to check out, knowing in advance Terry wanted to work over there? Why didn’t she go?

            Just wondering… what do you think?

              • Ms Puddle on April 17, 2015 at 10:09 pm

              Interesting, QuevivaCandy… Candy could have gone to Broadway to look for Terry, right? Instead, she started her own career… Perhaps she believed he would show up at Pony’s Home or write something to her? I don’t know. 😛

              • Quevivacandy on April 17, 2015 at 10:17 pm

              maybe, but my point is, what she was willing to do for Albert but not for Terry… we can see on that, her true feelings for each one… I don’t see her waiting for a note from Albert… mua ja ja (macabre laughter) :p

              • Ms Puddle on April 17, 2015 at 10:22 pm

              Lol lol… You’re right… Candy didn’t yet know the depth of her feelings for Albert then, but her actions speak volumes indeed 🙂

    • SweetCandyAndley on April 4, 2015 at 7:06 pm
    • Reply

    Hi, Ms Puddle!

    It is quite interesting what Evelyn said. I agree up to some degree, and I had not thought about that in such a detail!

    First of all, i strongly believe that Candy really meant someone important in Terry’s life. Although in your previous post you wrote about the differences between the male characters, I think that their age was also an important factor. While Terry was immature, insecure and quite unable to show his feelings and his real self to others, he found in Candy someone so natural and self content that he unavoidably felt attached to her. I also think she was the first girl who was sincerely concerned about his well being, which surprised him indeed. When he decided to leave Candy behind, he was unsure about his own future, though he at least knew what he wanted to achieve. Unfortunately he had nothing to offer her, and probably he was insecure to ask her to join him. (was he afraid to be rejected? Was he unsure about Candy’s feelings? On the other hand, Albert was older, so he was more mature and confident in himself, and as we all know, he was willing to give himself instead of receiving.

    As for Susanna, most of us felt against her many times. She was a beautiful actress, and had the chance of being close to Terry while he was at Stratford Company. Yet, even though he was rude to her, she never seemed to care! Was it love or was it something else? (I don’t remember the word in English for “capricho”) She was also possesive, intriguing, manipulative, jealous, she invaded his privacy, and yet she defended him, supported him and finally saved him from the accident.

    That was what in my opinion confused Terry the most. There was another girl willing to risk herself for him. Probably, if the accident hadn’t happened, and time alouded them to continue developing a fellow relationship, he might have ended with her anyway. I think he recognized that at least he liked her. Maybe the fact that Terry knew about Candy and Albert’s situation might have caused them to split over time, but who knows?

    Well I think I almost wrote another post, LOL! I hope I didn’t wandered too far from the point in here!

    Happy Easter! My friend, see u around!

    1. Hello there, dear SweetCandyAndley! Happy Easter to you!

      I agree with you that Candy was the first girl who had made a deep impact on Terry’s heart, but his young age, insecurity and immaturity might have affected his decision when he left London. Nevertheless, not contacting Candy at all for more than a year or so is still inexcusable if Candy was really that important to him. What disappointed me more was that he didn’t leave any contact information for Candy or the kind ladies at Pony’s Home either. By then, he might have known about Stratford already. You see what I mean? At any rate, I think his behavior was inconsistent.

      About Susanna, yes she was indeed a typical ‘love rival’, but her love for Terry was strong nonetheless. She was willing to lose everything for Terry, and Candy acknowledged that S’s love for T was much stronger than Candy thought (as written in CCFS).

      Like you and Evelyn, I also believe Terry might eventually fall for Susanna. They shared the same passion. On the other hand, Candy might not be able to really understand Terry. They didn’t have much in common either. 🙁

      • Evelyn on April 5, 2015 at 2:51 pm
      • Reply

      Hi SweetCandyAndley! I do agree with you that Terry cared about Candy during the St Paul’s school days. I didn’t mean to say that he didn’t care or even loved her at the time. You said many valid points about why would Terry be attached to Candy, however, why leave to America and completely shut her off from his life? Candy and Terry were close in age and she was able to define her feelings for him even though she was his junior in age. I wold think Terry was plenty capable of defining his feelings for her but chose to lead her on and break her heart. It is fair that you said that Terry may have felt that he didn’t have anything to offer her at that point in his life. But why not keep in touch with her and promise her a future when he is financially ready? Candy would have definitely waited for him as long as it took! He completely cut ties with her and simply moved on. I feel his actions did not match his words but only after he departed London to pursue his dream.

      I like a lot what you said about Susanna. She was possessive, manipulative, jealous, etc.. Kind of like Terry was. She definitely fought for the man she loved. And this is my point, she fought hard to keep Terry just like Candy fought hard to be with Terry. Terry could have fought to keep Candy but didn’t put up a fight. This was Terry’s second chance to be with Candy and he blew it. I like the word you used for Susanna, (capricho ) means that you want it because you want it no matter what. She was definitely that. 🙂

    • Evelyn on April 4, 2015 at 5:44 pm
    • Reply

    Hello dear Ms Puddle! First of all, I just want to wish you and everyone else a Happy Easter weekend! I’ve been busy just like all of you but just wanted to drop in to wish you all well! 🙂

    I agree with what you said about Terry feeling guilty thus bringing Susanna flowers every day right after her accident. That is true that he felt extremely guilty, but I also feel that he was very much attracted to her anyway but had conflicting feelings in his heart between Susanna and Candy. Susanna was much more like Terry personality wise, enjoying social events, the spotlight and the fame that came with it. They were really meant for each other! Unfortunately for Susanna it took this accident for Terry to choose her. I’m not saying that Terry did not have any feelings for Candy but I think they were just pleasant memories as Candy being his first crush during their school days at St Paul’s. Have you noticed how pretty Susanna was portrayed? It must have been pretty hard for Terry not to be attracted to her I would say! And that is fine, because Candy had a much different destiny with Albert 😉

    Happy Easter!

    1. Happy Easter to you too, dear Evelyn! 🙂
      I think Terry wasn’t too much attracted to Susanna yet but he didn’t reject her either. For one thing, he had never clarified the rumors about his relationship with Susanna, and I’m planning to talk about that soon. But I totally agree with you that Susanna would definitely understand Terry more than Candy did. After all, they shared the same passion, and eventually Terry might actually fall for Susanna if Candy hadn’t shown up at all. In CCFS, Susanna was described as a very beautiful woman, and she indeed looked slightly different from Candy, Annie and Patty. 😉

        • Evelyn on April 5, 2015 at 10:59 am
        • Reply

        She does look slightly different from the other girls, would you say more sophisticated? It looks like she wears makeup by looking at her lips. She reminds me of Terry’s mother actually.
        I feel that Terry was attracted enough to Susanna that he wouldn’t push her away from his life nor disclose to her about Candy. In London, Terry cared a lot for Candy (in his own way) but when he left to American, at that point I find it hard to tell what were his true fillings for Candy and what she really meant to him? As much as he acted melancholic for her, his actions do not match up to he his words and that is why I feel this way about him. I can’t deny he cared for her! I just feel he had already moved on from that first love, whereas Candy on the other hand was completely and deeply in love with him even following him across the ocean risking her own life and leaving her safety behind. :/

        Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

        1. Yes Evelyn, Susanna did remind me of Terry’s mother, another beautiful actress too. Candy on the other hand, looked more innocent like Anthony’s mom, Rosemary. They were both beautiful but in different ways.

          You speak my mind, Evelyn dear. I feel that Terry’s behavior didn’t match his claim. I’m going to write about this too, and may I quote you, again? 🙂

            • Evelyn on April 5, 2015 at 1:58 pm
            • Reply

            I’m sorry to jump ahead, dear Ms Puddle. Of course…please don’t ever worry about asking me! 🙂

            You are brilliant to compare Anthony’s mom with Candy and Terry’s mom with Susanna!! Almost like a premonition where each of these 2 ladies belonged with! Great comparison! 🙂

              • Ms Puddle on April 5, 2015 at 7:50 pm

              Thanks, Evelyn dear! No worries, and please feel free to express anything that comes to your mind. I appreciate your feedback, and thank you once again 🙂

            • Evelyn on April 5, 2015 at 8:48 pm
            • Reply

            Thank you once again, dear Ms Puddle! I meant to say you do not need to ask for my permission to use anything I say. The honor is mine! Thanks 😉

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