Apr 23 2015

The person I love…

I’ve been preoccupied lately, so thanks for your patience! I’m actually in the middle of writing one long post, but in the meantime, this is to clarify things because my recent posts have caused some confusions. Some of you have contacted me in private, and some left comments on my posts. I appreciate all your feedback, but rather than answering you individually, I think I might as well respond in a new post. 🙂

As mentioned in both Expressions of love and A love declaration, Candy didn’t use the strong word 愛 “ai” frequently. I think some of you have misunderstood my posts. Note that I did point out Candy only used it directly to Albert once in her letter to him. I’m not saying she never used the word 愛 “ai”  with regard to Terry. In Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS), as far as I know, Candy didn’t tell Terry face to face or in writing using the word 愛 “ai”. She did express her strong affection for him in her diary and in her thoughts (using 好き “suki” or 大好き “dai-suki”). I won’t repeat myself again, so please click the links above to read my previous posts if you like.

Indeed, there were two passages in which Candy used the word 愛 “ai” in CCFS concerning Terry. First, in Volume 2, p. 236, Candy in her retrospection, recalled the time when Susanna had attempted to commit suicide. Candy wrote:


I highlighted the verb 愛 “ai” (in past tense) above. She was saying “I think it’s impossible to compare who loved Terry deeper.”

I must say I’ve never doubted Candy’s feelings for Terry in her youth; she was crazy enough to be stowaway just because she wanted to return to America as soon as possible. However, here, she said it was impossible to compare her love with Susanna’s love for Terry. Why?

I firmly believe Candy would have rescued Terry if she had been in Susanna’s place (even though she said to Terry in the hospital that she wouldn’t have saved him like Susanna had done). If Candy saw something dangerous was about to happen to Terry, she would have pushed him away out of her love for him, just like the time Albert had shielded Candy from the lion’s claws.

So why did Candy say it was impossible to compare? 🙄

Because the depth of love can’t be measured in units. How can one tell with certainty if s/he loves a person more than the other does? In general, there is not a concrete measurement or standard to prove one’s love is stronger than the other’s. For example, nobody compares a father’s love to a mother’s love for the children. The comparison is basically meaningless.

Agree? 🙂

We often say actions speak louder than words. As much as Candy loved Terry back then, she realized the intensity of Susanna’s love for Terry because of her grave injury (again in Volume 2, p. 236):

けれど—— スザナはわたしが思っていたよりも、もっと重傷だったのだ。

Literally, Candy said Susanna’s injury was more serious than expected, and Candy understood Susanna’s love for Terry was more than expected (愛 “ai” was highlighted above).

My interpretation is that no matter what Candy would do to Terry, her actions would be overshadowed by Susanna’s sacrifice. In short, Candy accepted the fact that she would never measure up to Susanna because her disability was permanent.

Once again, this is merely my interpretation. 🙂

Moreover, you might not know that 好き “suki” is in fact an adjective even though we translate it to “like” or “love” depending on context. Literally, it means likable or desirable. Hence, 大好き “dai-suki” simply means “very desirable”. Technically, it will be clumsier to write “it is impossible to compare who loved him deeper” using 好き “suki”. Plus, whenever Candy wrote about Susanna’s feelings for Terry, she always used 愛 “ai”.

Now, where else in CCFS did Candy use 愛 “ai” with regard to Terry? It’s in her mental letter to Anthony (Volume 2, p.327), the last letter in the epilogue:


Literally, Candy said to Anthony “from that person, I learned there are a variety of feelings/emotions that are called love.”

In other words, Candy told Anthony that from Terry (for some reason, she didn’t tell Anthony his name in the entire letter), she learned about different kinds of emotions. Here, although the word 愛 “ai” was used, it is used in a general sense. The emphasis was on the word 感情 (かんじょう), which means emotions, feelings, sentiments, etc.

This reminds me of the quote:

“There are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice.” -The Great Gatsby

Do you think Candy was crazy only with Terry? What about her frantic search for Albert in Rockstown? How about her proposal to live with Albert so that she could take care of him? She wasn’t as naive as you think, and when she was fired by Dr. Leonard, she implied the people had dirty minds.

What’s more, in the same letter to Anthony, Candy said she had thought she wouldn’t love anyone else (using 好き “suki” here) as much as she loved Anthony. Then she said that she had been strongly attracted to someone in London who looked like Anthony:


She finished the sentence with しまいました,which means that she didn’t intend for this to happen. I guess back then she was supposed to be mourning for Anthony’s death still, but she was inadvertently attracted to another guy. Here, Candy didn’t even use 好き “suki” concerning the unnamed guy (i.e. Terry).

In CCFS, there are at least two more places Candy wrote 愛 “ai”:

(1) Volume 1, p. 232: 愛するひと暮らしているんですもの……。

(2) Volume 1, p. 224: 愛するひと生きていくこと——。

In (1), Candy still dreamed of Anthony from time to time, even after getting married. In her dream, Anthony said to her that certainly she wore a smiling face. She answered, “Of course, Anthony. Because I live with the person I love”.  In (2), she was talking about Anthony’s fatal accident, and she said her requirement to be happy was “to live with the person I love”.

I’ve attached links to the verbs above because in (1), it implies she got along or spent time with. In (2), it simply means living together. Candy also used the same verb shown in (1) when she recalled the time she had lived with Albert in the House of Magnolia. Likewise, the same verb in (1) was used in Susanna’s obituary; it was written that Terry and Susanna had lived together, engaged but not officially married.

Chibi A and C

Some people know that in an interview Mizuki used the noun 恋 “koi”, which means romance, for both Anthony and Terry, and 愛 “ai” for Albert.

The word 恋 “koi” has a different connotation when compared to 愛 “ai”. The word 恋 “koi” often refers to a love for a crush, so people often associates 恋 “koi” with young love. On the other hand, 愛 “ai” refers to a mature, lasting kind of love. Ideally, a married couple has this kind of devoted love for each other.

From what Candy told Anthony in her dream in CCFS, you see she loved her husband (Anohito), and Candy used the verb form of 愛 “ai”. 🙂

Mizuki also said in that same interview about Candy and Albert:


Mizuki said “<Affection, Romance, Love> When will Candy’s deep love for Albert grow into romance…”

In other words, back in that interview, Mizuki left a hint that Candy would develop her deep love for Albert into romance… 🙂 Usually, the love between a couple evolves from 恋 “koi” to 愛 “ai”, but for Albert and Candy, it goes the other way. They began as friends, then close friends with a strong bond, then eventually became a couple. In other words, they were best friends as well as lovers 恋人 “koibito”. 😀

For your interest, I have discussed this Mizuki’s interview and Candy’s three loves in detail in the post, Love grew into romance.

Found the adorable chibi fanart by Duendepiecitos that fits my post just perfectly! Hope you like it too! 😀



Below is my response to Grecialica’s long comment:

First, I don’t doubt Candy’s feelings for Terry back in that time, but as explained above, she hadn’t had a chance to directly express her feelings to him.

Also, I’ve never said that the attached manga scene was in CCFS, but Susanna must have somehow confessed her love to Terry such that he was fully aware of her love for him. Otherwise, he didn’t have to give up Candy for Susanna, and later they even got engaged (either out of honor or responsibility). He could have simply supported Susanna financially as many have pointed out.

I agree with you about Terry’s feelings for Susanna at that point in time, that his heart actually belonged to Candy, but it didn’t necessarily mean he wasn’t flattered by Susanna’s love confession. Not even a bit? How can you be so sure? 😉 He was human after all, and she was a beautiful talented actress, also rising in fame and popularity just like Terry himself.

In the manga, yes Terry and Candy had begun exchanging letters to each other around that time. However, in CCFS, Volume 2, p. 275, Candy wrote to Terry in her unsent letter that nearly all her letters to him hadn’t reached him. Because Susanna had kept them (Volume 2, p. 218). Nonetheless, despite being busy, Terry did send Candy many letters. Yet, Candy complained Terry had always teased her in his writing, and that she wished to have more romantic letters from him although she believed she knew his heart.

Besides, I think you have misunderstood my point. Susanna didn’t ignore Candy’s existence. Susanna said to Terry during her love confession that she hadn’t known about Candy’s existence until the charity performance in Chicago. Since that charity performance, she had begun suspecting that Candy was her love rival, and that was why she kept one Candy’s letter to “confront” Terry (shown in the manga). Granted, Terry was a private person, but he was undoubtedly socially impaired even among his co-workers in Stratford. You’re right that Terry didn’t have to tell everyone about having a special girl in his heart. I totally agree, but he should try to clarify the rumors about him and Susanna. The tabloids had been speculating them being a couple, so after the accident, people automatically assumed Terry would marry Susanna. In CCFS, Annie said she had figured out why Candy had to break up with Terry after reading the tabloids about Susanna’s accident, so she wrote to Candy asking her not to give up Terry so easily, remember?

If you think Terry couldn’t care less about the gossips, then at the very least he could keep a distance from Susanna. Yet, during Susanna’s love confession in the manga, judging from her words it was apparent that Terry hadn’t avoided her. As a result, she had even begun fostering a false hope of her future with Terry, but her dream had shattered at the sudden appearance of a pretty girl named Candy from Chicago. I think if Terry had been more discreet, perhaps Susanna wouldn’t have believed she might have a chance.

About Terry not contacting Candy, I completely understood what you said. However, back in my earlier post, Her happiness, I’ve already said that Terry could have at least left a promise in his brief note that he would contact Candy one day, but all he did was telling Candy where he was heading and wishing her happiness wherever he was. This remains the same in CCFS (Volume 2, pp. 134-135). Poor Candy heard absolutely nothing from Terry for around nine months, and you think this is fair to her? To be honest, I think Terry wasn’t being considerate at all. If indeed she was his everything, wasn’t he at least curious what was going on in her life after he had left London? Furthermore, if Terry cared so much about being a MAN first before approaching Candy, the adopted daughter of a very wealthy family, then why had he forced a kiss on her back then? At any rate, he knew her feelings very well, so the fact that he had abruptly left her in the dark and in despair for so many months was inexcusable.

About Terry’s letter to Candy that he hadn’t changed, for your interest, please read my old post, Ambiguous letter.

Now, let me quote your own words. If back in that era by simply exchanging letters with each other means that they were officially boyfriend and girlfriend, then what about Albert and Candy? They exchanged long, heartfelt letters too, all shown in the epilogue. Albert was very sincere and didn’t tease Candy at all, unlike Terry. Not only that, his letters moved her to tears. You might say it’s different because he was her legal guardian. That’s valid, but they began their correspondence after he had disclosed his last secret to her, that he was her Prince on the Hill (POTH).

I suppose you know who POTH was and how important POTH was to Candy. Albert was also fully aware of that because Candy had told him many times about POTH and even shown him her treasured badge (Volume 2, pp. 293-294). That was why Albert himself admitted that it was an important confession. Not to mention Candy said to Albert in her letter that she was nervous because she was writing to her prince (Volume 2, p. 291). Need I say more? 😉

Finally, about “love and gratitude”, if I understand you correctly, you’re essentially saying “children often write with love and gratitude to parents”. Hence, writing “with love and gratitude” means the letter recipient is the parent of the writer.

Have you studied critical thinking before? 🙂

This is a common logical fallacy known as “affirming the consequent“:
If A, then B.
Therefore A.

Click the link for more examples if you like. 🙂

If you insist Candy was writing to her guardian, that it’s a common practice for children to end their letters to parents this way, then please explain why Candy had never ended her letters to Albert with love (愛 “ai”) before until the last letter to him in the epilogue? 🙄

As a matter of fact, I had talked to a Japanese friend before writing the posts about love expressions. This friend told me it was A BIG DEAL for Candy to end her letter to Albert with love (愛 “ai”) because they weren’t related in blood as parent and child. Albert was too young to be Candy’s father, and she must have pondered over the consequence beforehand and summoned all her courage to venture out, writing the word 愛 “ai”. She also added gratitude because Albert himself said in his previous letter to her that he could never thank her enough.

Here are some of the reasons I can think of off top of my head at this moment why I believe Candy loved Albert as a man by then:

  • Candy never grew up with Albert as his adoptive daughter, unlike Annie and her adoptive parents (Brightons)
  • Albert was never a father figure to Candy
  • Candy used to regard Albert as her brother, but later she realized he was special to her
  • Albert was her Prince on the Hill, her first crush
  • Candy wrote to Albert twice that she couldn’t sleep because of him
  • Candy called Albert “Little Bert”, a very cute nickname for small kids, several times in this letter
  • Candy promised she would never let Albert bear anything (Judy Abbott in “Daddy-Long-Legs” said something along this line in her love letter to Master Jervie [1])
  • Candy was completely aware Albert was upset that she had teased him as “adoptive father”; he reminded her of her promise of not letting him bear again
  • Candy plainly said in her letter of love and gratitude that she was grateful to her parents for abandoning her so that she could meet Albert

About the last point, do you know it’s an implicit way to tell the person you love him or her? Why else would she say “I’m so glad to have met you” to Albert? Candy said “I was glad to meet you” to Anthony in her letter to Anthony too, remember?

Thanks for reading my long post. Have a wonderful day / night, everyone! 🙂

Footnote [1]: Judy Abbott wrote “I shall never let you be sorry for a single instant.” 🙂


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    • Antlay on April 29, 2015 at 12:58 pm
    • Reply

    Et 115 commentaires Ms Puddle, tout comme le nombre d’episodes du dessin animé de Candy ! 😉
    Juste pour vous remercier d’avoir pris le temps de répondre à tous ces commentaires en si peu de jours, de nous accorder autant de temps et de nous permettre de faire de belles rencontres.
    Mille fois merci. 😀

    1. Merci beaucoup, Antlay!! 😀 I think this is a new record 😛 Anyway, I didn’t respond to all the comments, but I tried. Thank you for your support too, my friend! 🙂

    • Luna on April 29, 2015 at 3:47 am
    • Reply

    Hello Ms Puddle,
    Hearing other comments is really nice in order to understand or clarify where we are standing. After reading comments of Grecialica, I am really happy about seeing that we are on the true path. Her thoughts reinforced my thoughts and one more time I see that Terry never and never deserves Candy s love. Actually, he never understood her love. Because he was the only acteur of their story in where he decided, lived, left her behind and ,at the very end ,made his choice. That s it. In all these steps, there is no Candy…. and further, I really found him very selfish, narcissist due to that short note sent by him after ten years.

    1. Bonjour Luna! You’re right. In all my comments about Terry I’ve never used words like selfish or self-centered, but you sense it anyway. Likewise, when people insist the love between Albert and Candy is fraternal/paternal because the word kiss isn’t there, it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no romance.

      Candy is a lady with feelings, not a puppet to be left aside whenever uninterested and picked up again when bored. 🙁

      • Reeka on April 29, 2015 at 8:44 am
      • Reply

      I feel the same, Luna. The more I read the other side’s arguments, the more I’m sure that I’m on the right track. 🙂 Having been like this since I’ve discovered the existence of CCFS a year ago.

      And Luna, I like what you said, that most of the time – if not all of the time – Terry was the one decided the direction of their relationship. Since the beginning.

      1. So true… Ever since the beginning, he’d been teasing her, both appearance and person. His decisions never involved her, nor did he pay much attention to her feelings. Without the basic respect, how could anyone call that true love? *scratching my head…*

        • Luna on April 29, 2015 at 12:23 pm
        • Reply

        Dear Reeka,
        When CCFS was published in japanese, first comings about the story were Suzanna s death, Terry s note and Candy&Terry reunion! I was suprised and that time I said myself “so this author used Albert, the prince of the hill, for nothing! “.So I found everything so stupid and due to this I stopped to follow news. I was always believing that after all these things occurred with Terry, Candy should be happy with the one who is really kind,thoughtful,sensible , and really taking care for her . And for me that person without any doubt was Albert.
        Because of dear Ms Puddle plausible, honest sharings and revealings about The CCFS , I am not disappointed anymore about the end. Every time, I m learning new, exciting things which are showing that person is Albert. 🙂 I am really happy for finding this web site.:)

        1. Merci beaucoup, Luna! Well said, BRAVO! It doesn’t make any sense if POTH is created for nothing. The reader who had bought me CCFS novel as her gift encouraged me to keep going. Thanks again for your support, Luna! My honor indeed 🙂

    • Antlay on April 28, 2015 at 12:47 pm
    • Reply

    Bonsoir Quevivacandy
    De rien, je l’ai trouvé sur Teorias CCFS foroandrew.
    En passant j’adore MDLSA, j’attente la suite avec impatience. J’ai adoré le chapitre 16.
    Bonne soirée.

      • Quevivacandy on April 28, 2015 at 1:29 pm
      • Reply

      Hi Antlay! Wow, I really appreciate your comment! you made my day! 😀

      I knew MsPuddle and Reeka were following the story and also know they have been struggling using the translator but now, someone else, and a French speaker! wee…lol… thank you so much. I will try to sit down this week and finish next chapter. 🙂 Thank you again.

      About Foro Andrew, yes, we have translated over there at least Candy’s first meetings with all boys (POTH, Archie, Albert, Stear, Anthony, Terry and A&C reunion in London). If you haven’t read them, you can do it under

      “Traducciones del Italiano. Colaboración de Quevivacandy y Alethia”

      “Karen responde. Comentarios e impresiones de la versión italiana.”

        • Antlay on April 29, 2015 at 1:58 am
        • Reply

        Bonjour Quevivacandy
        Merci pour les liens, non je n’ai pas encore eu l’occasion de les lire, je vais m’empresser d’y jeter un oeil.
        Merci beaucoup.
        Bonne journée.

    • Antlay on April 28, 2015 at 10:18 am
    • Reply

    Bonjour Evelyn
    Pas besoin de me remercier, il est normal de partager des extraits de CCFS entre fans d’Albert.
    Bonne journée.

    • Antlay on April 28, 2015 at 8:15 am
    • Reply

    Merci à vous anonyme du 28 et bienvenue. Je suis ravie de voir que des personnes qui ont lu CCFS en italien, pense qu’Anohito aussi est Albert, je croyais que la version italienne devait clarifier beaucoup de choses ! Mais à ce propos des lecteurs japonais pensent aussi qu’Anohito est Albert, peut-être ne comprennent-ils pas eux non leur propre langue. Lol.
    Je pense que quand j’irais me coucher ce soir je me sentirai beaucoup moins stupide 😉
    A propos de la similitude entre Petit Bert et Petit Coeur, c’est assez étonnant tout de même, je trouve cela trop mignon “petit coeur”, savez vous que Mizuki possède une collection d’objets en forme de coeur ? 🙂
    Vous pouvez vérifier sur Wikipedia.

    1. Dear Antlay, I was told that many Japanese fans have accepted the reality of who Anohito was. It’s loud and clear in the text itself 😉

      1. Another interesting hint related to “little Bert” which in Japanese is very similar to “little heart” is what Mizuki-sensei said for an interview on November 2010 – «There are many reasons why I leave the ending of the story vague. One of them was I didn’t write detail story between Candy and her “sweet heart”». She used “sweet heart” for “ano hito”. Did you got it? “little Bert” reminds us of “little heart” and “sweet heart”. <3

        1. Very interesting, and was this interview done after CCFS had been published, CAA? 🙂

          • Antlay on May 7, 2015 at 8:07 pm
          • Reply

          Thanks CAA, very interesting, a sweat heart, a sweat love… 🙂

            • Antlay on May 8, 2015 at 12:43 am
            • Reply

            Sorry sweet not sweat ! 🙁

            1. No worries, Antlay! I didn’t even notice until you corrected yourself. Have a good day! 🙂

    2. That’s right, Anthlay. Mizuki has got a collection of heart shaped objects. Part of her collection is shown on the Aoitori Bunko official site. I remember those pictures. I’ll try to search them.

    • Anonymous on April 28, 2015 at 4:30 am
    • Reply

    I have read the novel in Italian and I’m studding Japanese. Include on the Italian novel, Candy always treats her mysterious great-uncle William as her tutor or benefactor.
    The novel makes clear that Candy never saw Albert / great-uncle William as her (adoptive) father. She herself says so in her diary telling that her situation is different from Annie’s because she only has a tutor (NOT father), and she said she still without parents. In Novel CCFS, vol.1, part I, chap.5.

    Here is the text in Italian, from the 1st vol. of the novel, page 227: “Io adesso mi chiamo Candice White Ardlay. Questo è l’unico grande cambiamento della mia vita. Ma non sono come te, Annie. Tu hai una mama e un papà. Anch’io sono una figlia adottiva, ma continuo a non avere i genitori. Il mio tutore è il prozio William, ma non l’ho mai incontrato! Incredibile, vero? Un giorno…”

    Neither Albert sees her as his daughter and after reading that single letter where Candy, jokingly, signed with the expression “Your (perhaps) beautiful adopted daughter,” he reinforced that she is beautiful indeed, but reveals that been treated as father would be insupportable for him. After that letter she neither continued to treat him like that (it was just to kid and see his reaction), far otherwise, she began to treat him as Little Bert (ちっちゃなバート ), which in Japanese is very similar to little heart (ちっちゃなハート ).

    1. Thank you for your input from the Italian version. Indeed, just like Judy and Master Jervie in Daddy-Long-Legs, Candy was Albert’s protégée even though he had legally adopted her.

      Candy asked Albert if she shall call him father was also borrowed from DLL. Judy asked Master Jervie in her love letter to him, “Shall I call you Daddy?”

      Yes. It was meant to be a joke. Judy was madly in love with Master Jervie by then. They were engaged to be married.

      Apparently, this question from Candy bothered Albert. He never saw her as his daughter, and he plainly said to her he didn’t want people to think she was his sister.

      Don’t know why people can’t see that Albert and Candy were no longer family. They were in love by the time they wrote heartfelt letters to each other.

    • Antlay on April 28, 2015 at 2:50 am
    • Reply

    Bonjour à toutes et bravo pour vos argumentations !

    J’ai trouvé un extrait de CCFS en espagnol où Candy parle de la voix et du sourire de son POTH.
    Je devais le poster hier soir pour Evelyn, mais face à ce feu nourri, je n’ai pas pu m’empêcher de riposter ! Et du coup j’ai oublié. Lol 😀

    Extrait volume 1 chapitre 3 de CCFS.

    Candy sonrio sosteniendo el medallon en el pecho.
    El principe de la colina : aquel medallon era la prueba que ese dia no era solo un sueño.
    Candy tenia la sensacion de que si seguia con aquel medallon, tarde o temprano, volverin a verse.
    Era un chico maravilloso.
    Candy recordaba claramente aquella sonrisa que habia sido capaz de disipar su tristeza.
    “Eres mas bonita cuando te ries, pequeña”
    Tambien tenia una voz tan suave ! Cuando una miraba hacia atras en los momentos dificiles, el buen humor siempre volvia.
    Bonne journée à toutes. 😉

      • Evelyn on April 28, 2015 at 8:27 am
      • Reply

      Merci beaucoup, Antlay!!! You are very sweet to find these extracts for me 😉 I knew that Candy described her prince as having a sweet voice and beautiful smile but for some reason I was having trouble finding these scenes. I went straight to the scene when she first met POTH and when she realized that Albert was POTH on Pony’s hill and she did say it that. But was wondering where else did she mention this. Thank you and also to Quevivacandy and everyone for your help 🙂 I know this was a dumb question from my part.

      1. No no it wasn’t a dumb question at all, Evelyn! On the contrary, it was a significant question, and it shows why Mizuki stressed those two characteristics over and over in her novel 😉

          • Evelyn on April 28, 2015 at 3:38 pm
          • Reply

          Thanks Ms Puddle. This is a very interesting topic it turns out! 🙂

          1. Yes indeed, Evelyn! Look at the number of total comments on my post! 😉

              • Quevivacandy on April 28, 2015 at 5:46 pm

              105 so far!!! lol… 106 including this one… is it a new record?

              • Ms Puddle on April 28, 2015 at 5:54 pm

              I think so… Lol!! Thank you ladies for all your valuable inputs 😀 🙂

        • Quevivacandy on April 28, 2015 at 11:32 am
        • Reply

        Evelyn, I do not think either it was a dumb question but a KEY question. All the novel spins around Candy’s reunions with his friends, her griefs and only 2 things are constant in her life, Pony’s Home and Albert. Her life changed they day Annie was adopted and what happened that day? she met POTH. Since then, every single step she made she did it trying to find POTH. Repetitively she describes POTH smile and voice, Albert smile and voice, Anthony’s smile and voice in their first meeting, at first sight she thought he was her prince because the voice and the smile, then she was shocked when he repeated the very same words from POTH “Eres más linda cuando ríes que cuando lloras.” But then, she realized Anthony was not her prince. Well, why I say all this, because we have to pay attention how Candy (Mizuki) describes the characters to know at the end, who Anohito is.

        One thing we have noticed. Candy always describes Albert from toes to head. What he’s wearing, his eyes, his smile, his voice, his hair, always, everytime they meet is like she was scanning him.

        Here, I will leave more spoilers just to prove it and one more, from POTH first meeting so we can see how POTH impressed/affected her.


        “No, no fue un sueño. Candy todavía podía escuchar claramente aquella voz que resonaba en sus oídos diciendo: “Eres más linda cuando ríes que cuando lloras”.

        – Se veía como un príncipe… – murmuró de manera distraída. De repente, notó algo que brillaba entre la hierba. En el suelo había un broche de plata con la forma de un águila, y bajo sus alas colgaba una campanilla. – Esto… debe pertenecer al Príncipe… -. Candy recogió el objeto y sonrió. Aquel broche tan fino y lujoso debía ser seguramente de gran valor. – Definitivamente tengo que devolvérselo. Quién sabe si vuelva a encontrármelo mañana…

        Página 29

        Al sentir como la esperanza nacía dentro de ella, Candy sintió como si su corazón fuera iluminado por un brillante rayo de luz y acariciado por un viento suave. El Príncipe de la Colina era en verdad un muchacho maravilloso. Si se lo volvía a encontrar al día siguiente, le contaría muchas otras cosas.

        Candy, sin embargo, no vio al joven ni al día siguiente, ni el posterior. Iba todos los días a la cima de la colina llena de expectativas, pero nunca logró encontrar a su misterioso Príncipe de la Colina.

        El día en que Annie se había ido. El día que había conocido al Príncipe. Todo lo que le quedaba era el broche de plata, como si fuese el fragmento de un recuerdo.”


        “En ese momento, le dijo una voz: – No llores, pequeña.

        En algún lugar, por encima de su cabeza, sonaban esas amables palabras. Sorprendida, Candy levantó el rostro con los ojos todavía inundados de lágrimas, y por un momento se quedó sin aliento: ¿…Príncipe?

        Sentado en la parte superior de una puerta de hierro en arco y rodeado de una gran variedad de rosas rojas, estaba su Príncipe de la Colina, que la observaba con una sonrisa.

        Página 60

        ¿Estoy… estoy soñando?

        Conteniendo la respiración, Candy miró confusa al Príncipe de la Colina y sus brillantes ojos se llenaron con la sonrisa del muchacho, rodeado de rosas rojas. Temía que un solo parpadeo pudiera disipar esa imagen. Ni siquiera podía respirar.


        “Eres más linda cuando ríes que cuando lloras”.

        Las voces del Príncipe de la Colina y del Muchacho de las Rosas se superponían y Candy escuchó como su corazón se inundaba de una dulce sensación. (Ha! I must say one thing from the epilogue ” That gentle voice which always makes me excited …”


        “Un hombre de largo cabello castaño la estaba observando. La parte inferior de su rostro estaba cubierta de barba y llevaba gafas de sol.

        – ¡No está mal como saludo! – Se rió dulcemente.

        Tranquilizándose por esa amable voz, que no correspondía en absoluto a su aspecto, Candy tartamudeó unas disculpas.

        – Me alegra que ya te sientas mejor… – El pirata sonrió. Parecía profundamente aliviado, y en un instante la sensación de peligró se disolvió, dando paso a una atmósfera agradable.


        El pirata se subió las gafas revelando sus ojos de un azul claro, como el color de un lago por la mañana.”


        “- ¿Candy? Así que realmente eres tú – dijo en ese momento la presencia misteriosa.

        La joven se detuvo sorprendida. Conocía esa voz, pero ¿En dónde la había escuchado? Súbitamente se dio la vuelta.

        El hombre que apareció bajo la luz de la lámpara de la calle, llevaba gafas de sol, una chaqueta sahariana arrugada y pantalones de trabajo manchados. Su dulce voz poco correspondía a su aspecto y le recordaba a alguien…


        – ¿Candy? Así que realmente eres tú – dijo en ese momento la presencia misteriosa.

        La joven se detuvo sorprendida. Conocía esa voz, pero ¿En dónde la había escuchado? Súbitamente se dio la vuelta.

        El hombre que apareció bajo la luz de la lámpara de la calle, llevaba gafas de sol, una chaqueta sahariana arrugada y pantalones de trabajo manchados. Su dulce voz poco correspondía a su aspecto y le recordaba a alguien…”

        If you want to read more, go to Foro Andrew, they already have translated some episodes from CCFS.

        And thank you Antlay!!! I hadn’t read that fragment!

        1. Right on, dear QuevivaCandy! Always his smile and tender voice! BRAVO to you! 😀

          • Evelyn on April 28, 2015 at 1:05 pm
          • Reply

          Gracias Quevivacandy! No sabía que había tanta información ya traducida sobre la nueva novela. Realmente debo pasarme por el Foro Andrew y activar una cuenta con ellos para tener acceso a todo esto. Por primera vez estoy leyendo partes de la drama en formato de novela sin imágenes así que tiene que haber mucha descripción. Anteriormente solo he leído el manga. Thank you again!!

            • Quevivacandy on April 28, 2015 at 1:31 pm
            • Reply

            jejejej De nada Evelyn, la verdad no es mucha información. Solo son los encuentros con los chicos porque queríamos ver la impresión de Candy con cada uno de ellos. Y si, es increíble leer la historia en formato de novela. La primera vez que lo hice sentí una emoción indescriptible. Espero lo disfrutes. 😉

            • Evelyn on April 28, 2015 at 3:02 pm
            • Reply

            Si es increíble leerlo de esta manera. En el manga, las imágenes hablan por sí mismas con muy pocas palabras. En CCFS, con lo poco que he leído, la historia cobra vida con la mera narración detallada de la autora y realmente las imágenes no hacen falta. Hablamos 😉

    • Agnès on April 28, 2015 at 2:06 am
    • Reply

    Hi everybody!
    Well, ladies I’m impressed, you have already said all and I won’t be redundant.

    Just some questions :
    – What is your purpose in coming here with such speech, are you so naïve to think you could convince us with your arguments? 🙄 The major party are statements and not proofs for me!
    – What do you expect? 😆
    As some of us have said, I think it is useless to argue never endlessly! You have your point of view, we have ours and the most important thing is to respect that! 🙂

    By the way, Candy couldn’t be stuck in her teen’s stage, waiting for Terry all her life because she couldn’t predict when Suzanna die?! 🙄 It was not her personality!!! No way! You forget who Candy was, she was a cheerful strong woman and she has always moved on her griefs and she has overcame all her troubles and not by waiting that the time elapsed!


    1. I can’t agree more with you, dear Agnès!

      One can’t impose one’s ideas on Candy and ignore the clear messages in Candy’s own words that she was happy and content despite the breakup. Yes she did go through a grieving process, but over time she got healed and moved on in her life.

      Though Terry claimed he hadn’t changed, he had. How could he not after so many years? Even if he had remained the same, Candy had changed. Don’t tell me he had expected Candy to wait for him indefinitely or to remain single for the rest of her life. Didn’t Terry himself urge her to be happy? Those were his last words to her at the stairs remember?

    • Evelyn on April 27, 2015 at 6:17 pm
    • Reply

    Hello Grecialica,

    Just like Antlay said, everyone holds their own position and convictions and arguing back and forth will not change anyone on either side but only create strife and disrespect toward one another.

    Mizuki wrote: “I thought of Candy experiencing three kinds of love. A faint and fleeting first love for Anthony; passionate love for Terry; and a peaceful fateful love for Albert”.

    You are missing the entire point of the story, Grecialica. This is not about only Anthony, or just Terry or even just Albert. It is the story Mizuki wrote about a young girl whom at an early age meets her predestined love whom she will end up with as an adult. They keep running into each other without even trying. Destiny keeps bringing them together in such a way that in CCFS it is said that they are tied by invisible threads. The badge and the POTH are both symbols which point to her destiny throughout the entire novel, they are not just there as fillers in the story! Mizuki wrote the plot for Anthony to be her “faint and fleeting first love”, for Terry to be her “passionate love” but in the end both Anthony’s and Terry’s relationships DID NOT bear fruit, AND finally for Albert to be “a peaceful fateful love”. A predestined love between Albert and Candy which grew and developed solid during Candy’s Adult or Grown-up phase in her life.

    By insisting that Candy never moved on past Terry’s stage, you are making her not evolve into womanhood. Enough time lapsed between Terry and Albert where yes she grieved dearly her breakups but in the end she moved on from both Anthony and Terry. You say why did Susanna die then? I ask you why did Stear die then? There is no explanation. That is how Mizuki wanted to story to evolve. I’m just sharing with you in Mizuki’s own words who Candy’s predestined love would be. In Candy’s final letter to Albert in CCFS she tells him that her happiness lies “in now”, her present relationship with Albert. As Antlay said, the story ends when Candy hears Anohito’s gentle voice, she mentions the smile that she so much loves, and she runs into HIS outstretched arms. Just like in the manga, Candy’s final scene is running into Albert’s outstretched arms!


    1. Very well said, Antlay and Evelyn! 🙂

      • Reeka on April 27, 2015 at 7:07 pm
      • Reply

      A very well explanation Evelyn and Antlay.

      Adding what Evelyn said about why made Susanna and Stear die? Stear died in battlefield, which was expected. Heartbroken ( and most of us think it was a useless plot), but it’s an expected death once we knew he volunteered to the war. So was Susanna. Back then , undergone an amputation was huge! Anaesthetic was just discovered around that time, the medical team didn’t perform the surgery as sterile and clean as they do it now. So the side affect was very very expected, too. Not to mention, due to high consumption of pain killer, Susanna might suffer emotionally.

      Like Ms Puddle said in her newest post, “when someone lies, someone sweats. But it doesn’t mean when someone sweats, someone lies”, we could use the analogy here. Candy and Terry broke up because of Susanna. But it doesn’t mean when the burden was gone, the once broken relationship was instantly mended.

      1. Hi Reeka, eventually I’ll talk about when Susanna died, but that certainly didn’t happen soon after the breakup. A handful of years might have elapsed after Terry had returned to her side. By then, it’s very likely Candy had married. 🙂

        Even if not, as you said very well, it doesn’t mean Candy would necessarily reunite with Terry. After all these years, they were basically strangers. Not to mention that Candy wouldn’t wait indefinitely for Terry. Candy had clearly moved on.

          • Quevivacandy on April 27, 2015 at 8:13 pm
          • Reply

          Hi girls! I cannot agree more with you all!!! But I want to add 2 more things.

          1. Mizuki also said the story keeps being the SAME, nothing changed, is not a sequel. I’m kind of new in Candy’s World but as I know, before CCFS Anohito didn’t exist. All we had was the manga and the novels (I’m not incluiding the anime because some things are different from the novel) and as I know, all girls, non exception, accepted Candy and Terry broke-up. I have read Tfans comments that they knew Candy and Terry didn’t end together in the old novel. He remained with Susanna, they even felt sorry for him and we see a joyful Candy running to POTH outstreched arms. End of the story. So now, why the same girls want to change the plot, if the story is the same, just because Susanna died?

          I agree with MsPuddle that she died several years later after T&C break-up and by then, Candy surely had moved on and might be married.

          2. We cannot left aside Candy’s words in the non-sent letter (besides the I loved you):

          “Even so, I was really saved by Albert-san.
          It might be because Albert-san was there by my side, I could manage to get over.”

          Before those lines, she was telling Terry that Albert has her diary, the one where she wrote down everything about she and Terry.

          She also said in that letter she IS happy and hope he (Terry) will be happier with Susanna. She knew she was not goint to send the letter so if she wouldn’t be happy by then, if she still was in love with him, she would write something like “Oh, I still love you, I miss you but I know we cannot be together. Just praying that sometime, we can be together again, when destiny wants”. Sorry, maybe I sounded a little bit sarcastic, it wasn’t my intention, I just wanted to say she didn’t write those kind of things that a girl in love might written but she wrote, she was happy. Because Albert, she could manage to get over him (Terry).

          Anyhow, it is pointless to argue about who Anohito is. It’s going to be a nevereding story.

          1. You’re so right, QuevivaCandy!! No you didn’t sound sarcastic at all, and it was so true that if Candy still loved Terry then, she would have written her unsent letter totally differently!!

            • Evelyn on April 28, 2015 at 7:55 am
            • Reply

            Those are excellent quotes from CCFS that you are bringing up, Quevivacandy!! The characters speak for themselves, both Candy and Albert expressing their emotions toward each other. Again, great quotes!!

              • Quevivacandy on April 28, 2015 at 10:49 am

              thanks Evelyn. 😀

          • Reeka on April 28, 2015 at 6:36 am
          • Reply

          Yes, Ms Puddle, I also believe Susanna died some years after Terry returned to Stratford and her side. In fact, I think the event was somewhere nearer to CCFS present time than the return of Terry, between the age of 25-29 ?

          On previous comment, I just tried to show Grecialica or anyone who thinks that Susanna’s death was Mizuki’s way to reunite Candy to Terry, that it was really normal and expected to make a plot of Susanna’s death. It’s not something created out of the blue. And you’re right, Ms Puddle, after so many years being elapsed, they practically were strangers. The memory was sure still there … But memory was belong to the past. Who doesn’t have a sweet memory in their younger years? I think most of us do. But, do we want to trade what we have now with the past we once had? Most of us would say no, I believe.

          1. My sentiments exactly, Reeka!
            I’ll show the facts why I think Candy had undeniably moved on in her life in Part 2 of More than words. 😉

      • Evelyn on April 27, 2015 at 7:43 pm
      • Reply

      Thanks Ms Puddle and Reeka. But my point by mentioning Susanna’s death to Grecialica, as you also said Reeka, is that it doesn’t make Candy (now an adult woman) want to regress to Terry. She is now a woman in a different relationship with Albert. A long time has past since their break up in New York back when she was still in her teens. It doesn’t mean that you are diminishing Candy’s love for Terry or for that matter for Anthony, they both were strong and genuine in their own time. You cannot selectively stay stuck in the scenes where Candy was grieving Terry’s decline after their breakup because clearly Mizuki in CCFS has added at least an additional decade to the plot to allow Candy to flourish now as an adult with Albert full time in the picture.

      1. Bravo, Evelyn!! Can’t agree with you more that Candy had not only grown up but also moved on with Albert.

        If indeed Candy had been waiting for Susanna’s death (which was highly unlikely because she wouldn’t possibly predict that), she wouldn’t be so shocked when she first read Susanna’s obituary.

    • Antlay on April 27, 2015 at 3:26 pm
    • Reply

    Permettez-moi Ms Puddle de répondre à Grecialica.
    Bonjour Grecialica
    Je vais faire court car il ne sert à rien discuter pendant des heures, chacun restera camper sur ses positions, nos avons nos propres convictions et nous devons les respecter.
    Si l’on occulte tout ce qui a été écrit avant l’épilogue, soyez honnête à qui pensez vous quand Anohito apparaît à la fin de CCFS ? Je sais vous allez dire que Mizuki a décrit cet homme en lui donnant les caractéristiques et l’attidude d’Albert pour contenter ses fans. Soyons sérieux, pensez vous que Mizuki ce serait permis cela ? Nous savons bien que le seul homme qui est capable de savoir quand Candy est triste ou nostalgique, c’est bien Albert, elle n’a pas besoin de s’exprimer, il lit en elle comme dans un livre ouvert, rappelez-vous la scène à son retour de New-York. Sans compter son sourire et de cette voix douce qu’elle décrit dans de nombreux passages.
    Ces dernières lignes sont la conclusion du roman et c’est également les miennes.

    1. Totally agree with you, Antlay. We stand our ground of who Anohito is, the one who could understand Candy more than anyone else. His tender smile and sweet voice have been described over and over in various places in the novel. 🙂

    • Grecialica on April 27, 2015 at 1:43 pm
    • Reply

    Hello Ms Puddle, I see you answered back to my comment, and I appreciate it. Now, let’s the fun begin =D

    – I understand that we both agree in the fact that Candy was crazy in love with Terry. Good; however, you also insinuate that, at some point, Candy was crazy in love with Albert too. You assume this because of two situations; Candy desperate looking for Albert in Rockstown, and Candy proposing Albert to live together. Well, I have something to say about these situations:

    *Candy desperate looking for Albert in Rockstown.- Candy is a good hearted girl, who is always willing to help others; a girl, who loves her friends and would do anything for them. To her, Albert wasn’t only a close friend, for her Albert was special, and was a shoulder to cry on. He was the closest thing to a family member, she cared for him, and on top of that he was amnesic!!! Of course she would worry for him.We are talking about Candy, the girl who puts others happiness before hers; it’s only logic to look for him, it’s only logic to go to Rockstown if she receives a clue of his location. When it comes to her encounter with Terry, she was hurt to see him in such a terrible condition, but at the moment she saw him recovered, she knew that he would do something to get out of the hole he was in.(we read that in her letter to Eleanor Baker). I’m not going to lie to you, I wished she got closer to him, punch him on his chest (as she wanted to do it) and tell him what she thought, and even more, but she didn’t and I can’t change that fact. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that she didn’t love him anymore. We can read how she suffered because of him, and above all she was still in love with him. In Annie’s letter we can read that what hurt Candy the most wasn’t Albert going missing, it was her break up with Terry. So Annie’s letter only confirms that Candy was still in love with Terry, and at Rockstown, Candy didn’t leave Terry because of Albert. She really wanted to help Terry, but she left because of Susana; for Candy, talk to Terry, wasn’t the right thing to do, besides, she promised Susana that she wouldn’t see him again. To reaffirms this we have the letter Candy sent to Eleanor Baker many years later. The story repeats itself. She doesn’t assists to Hamlet premiere because of Susana. If Candy wasn’t in love with Terry she would have say so, maybe go, or even do not mention that she wasn’t going because of Susana, but she didn’t; Candy repeated that she wanted to see Terry, but she wouldn’t go to the premiere because she knew that she wouldn’t resist the temptation; there was that promise she made to Susana. ¬¬

    *Candy proposing Albert to live together.- this is not an act of romantic love. As we both agreed (I think we did right? LOL) at this time Candy was crazy in love with Terry. Candy is not the easy girl that some think she is. Mizuki asked no to take Candy as a frivolous easy girl. Candy didn’t care what others said (as same as Terry didn’t care that the press invent a romance between him and Susana, they both knew the truth and that was enough for them) She asked Albert to live together because she wanted to help him, she esteemed him very much and cared for him.

    – I don’t mean to offend you, really and I apologize in advance if I do offend you with this but I don’t really see anything relevant to what you say later. I mean, yes Candy didn’t intended to fall in love with Terry (because we know that at some point she became madly in love with him). You add as well that when Candy talked to Anthony about Terry she didn’t used “suki” .So??? what’s the point?! she fell in love and because she didn’t used the word “suki” makes it less? as if the other things do not count? I don’t think you would do such an assumption, but I don’t get it, sorry =( After, you mention that Mizuki used the same verb to describe Candy living with Albert, Susana living with Terry, and Candy living with anohito. Again, so?? What is the point? do you think this means something? living together/get along/ spent time? whatever, they lived together period. Again, I don’t mean to be rude, I simply don’t see where you want to go with these =S Since there is no evidence of romance between Candy and Albert, are you trying to play with words and try to find them a new meaning? O.o

    – You talk about an interview Mizuki gave; she used Koi for Anthony and Terry, and Ai for Albert.
    *“Koi” describes passionate love, it can only be used for couples.
    *“Ai” is deeper than “suki” but it can be use with close family member as well.
    I don’t know what interview you are talking about, so I can’t go further on it, my ignorance would lead me to say things that are not right, and nobody wants to read nonsense =) I would like to read that interview (if is possible) so when did she gave this interview or where? 😉 Is it the three loves interview/essay?? please tell, me no LOL

    – Now, why Terry stayed with Susana? ugh! you may know how I dislike this LOL, unfortunately it is what it is. I can’t change that fact either. As you suggested, he could have support Susana, I agree with you. But we are not Terry, nor Candy. Terry is a good hearted guy and we can call it with a terrible sense of honor, but most important of all, he knew that Candy wouldn’t be happy with the simple choice of helping Susana with money. Come on! again, we are talking about Candy!!! there was no other way. It was meant to be, yes =( a dramatic separation (as dramatic as Romeo and Juliet) Nevertheless, after many years, an as Mizuki stated, Candy is finally happy, and Susana is dead !!! YESSS LOL Before I go to the next subject, I must repeat that Terry didn’t feel attracted to Susana, neither felt flattered by her confession, there is no evidence of it, no! How can I be so sure? well, there was nothing in the book that tells us that. It’s as if somebody dare to say “Mr. Garcia raped Candy” WHAT???!!!!! no way!!! No girl! you are crazy AND SICK!!! then the girl answers, well, he was mean, and got drunk, maybe… How can you be so sure that Mr. Garcia did not touch Candy??? BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING THAT STATES THAT CRAZY WOMAN!!! (yes I would answer to such a thing in that tone) =P If Susana looks were mentioned in the novel is to emphasize the rivalry with Candy, to guide the lector, and at some point, to sow insecurities on Candy?(drama) remember how Candy felt when Terry was in Chicago? =( Later, at some point, she confessed to hate Susana. (Scary Candy =S LOL). When it comes to Terry we can no say, hey! he is human, Susana is hot, come on!!! let’s not play “puritan”. Well, Terry is not human, he is a fictional character, and if the autor doesn’t give you hints of anything, is because it doesn’t happen. To add, in the book we read that the girls from the school liked Terry very much, he was very handsome, but he didn’t care o=about them. I bet in that group of girls you could find some pretty girls, but even them saw terry unreachable. Now, if Terry didn’t care about rich pretty girls fantasizing with him when he didn’t have a girlfriend, you can imagine that Susana’s confession didn’t have a “special effect” on him. He just felt guilty for no loving back, that’s it.

    – The letters, yes, Susana hid most of them, although I need to re-read some more because it’s not clear to me that if Susana hid the letters while they were on tour (remember the tour? at the beginning Candy sent her letters to the Stratford Company, but later?? Hmm, for some reason I thought that he got the other letters, but I can’t remember in which part of the novel I read it =S LOL) However, this doesn’t mean that they weren’t boyfriend/girlfriend, they had a break up, so your know, it’s logic. At what point they became boyfriend/girlfriend? it still a mystery for me. Maybe through letters, or on the daily dates on the fake Ponny’s hill? they secretly dated every lunch time in London (they agreed on that in Scotland). Yes, Candy wanted more romantic letters; he teased her and showed that he cared for her, but I guess Candy wanted to read love poems or “I love you” but saying “I love you” for the first time through letter? neh! Doesn’t sound good, I believe that Terry wanted to say that in person, you know, the proper way, but then the accident came and ruined everything (Thanks Susana! ugh) LOL HOWEVER!!! On “Mizuki’s letter to everyone” of the old novel (1978), she said that when she visited Candy and asked her to borrow some letters; she gladly accepted; Mizuki looked between her letters and took the ones she considerate “most” important or with better “info” , BUT Candy didn’t want to show/share a bunch of letters she kept with an aqua ribbon, then Mizkuki let us know that those letters were from Terry < ; again, I hope I didn’t offend you; I simply wanted to clarify a few things. if you dislike Terry or his actions, you are free to do it (I’m not saying you do); however, this is the Terry that Candy fell in love with (not US) And if one wants to see romanticism between Albert and Candy, shouldn’t focus on Terry’s actions; although, I guess I may understand a little. Since there is not romanticism between Albert and Candy, “some” need to focus in Terry actions to make him look bad, compare to Albert. In that way, Albert wouldn’t look dull as a lover compared to Terry. Strategy? Well, I have nothing against Albert; I like him very much =D In the Spanish or English forums we never talk badly of Albert, nor make him less. Maybe because he indeed is wonderful =) We base that Terry is anohito because of what we read between Terry and Candy. Terry and Candy’s relationship is deeper in CCFS, you can read both feelings, yes we can read Terry thoughts too <3 (volume 2) We don’t need to makes less Albert, nor Anthony; we have enough romanticism, and lines to base our believes.
    I understand that Japanse may confuse many, and the translations sometimes don’t help much (in some cases) but the Italian version will clarify many doubts I guess.


    P.S.- Sorry if took me a few days to answer, I was busy =D

      • Grecialica on April 27, 2015 at 1:58 pm
      • Reply

      Apparently my comment got cut in the middle =S here is the other HUGE part LOL =D

      The letters, yes, Susana hid most of them, although I need to re-read some more because it’s not clear to me that if Susana hid the letters while they were on tour (remember the tour? at the beginning Candy sent her letters to the Stratford Company, but later?? Hmm, for some reason I thought that he got the other letters, but I can’t remember in which part of the novel I read it =S LOL) However, this doesn’t mean that they weren’t boyfriend/girlfriend, they had a break up, so your know, it’s logic. At what point they became boyfriend/girlfriend? it still a mystery for me. Maybe through letters, or on the daily dates on the fake Ponny’s hill? they secretly dated every lunch time in London (they agreed on that in Scotland). Yes, Candy wanted more romantic letters; he teased her and showed that he cared for her, but I guess Candy wanted to read love poems or “I love you” but saying “I love you” for the first time through letter? neh! Doesn’t sound good, I believe that Terry wanted to say that in person, you know, the proper way, but then the accident came and ruined everything (Thanks Susana! ugh) LOL HOWEVER!!! On “Mizuki’s letter to everyone” of the old novel (1978), she said that when she visited Candy and asked her to borrow some letters; she gladly accepted; Mizuki looked between her letters and took the ones she considerate “most” important or with better “info” , BUT Candy didn’t want to show/share a bunch of letters she kept with an aqua ribbon, then Mizkuki let us know that those letters were from Terry < Ms Puddles, It is obvious that Albert was kidding, he didn’t want to feel old. He even add to his joke that Candy may not be THAT beautiful. Candy doesn’t apologies por calling him father, since Albert CALLED HIMSELF her adoptive father at the end of that same letter =)

      Candy told Albert, that she was grateful to her parents for abandoning her, so she could meet Albert, YES =D and she said the same thing in the prologue. She said that she was grateful to her parents for abandoning her because Ponny’s Home was her HOME. The place where she could always go back. Does this means that she is in love with Ponny and Sister Mary? LOL

      Why Candy would say “I’m so glad to have met you?” because he changed her life, because she loves him (as family/ the unconditional love parents and siblings should have) One will always be glad to meet that important people in our lives, and Anthony was one of them =D

      Thank you for taking your time to read my comment; again, I hope I didn’t offend you; I simply wanted to clarify a few things. if you dislike Terry or his actions, you are free to do it (I’m not saying you do); however, this is the Terry that Candy fell in love with (not US) And if one wants to see romanticism between Albert and Candy, shouldn’t focus on Terry’s actions; although, I guess I may understand a little. Since there is not romanticism between Albert and Candy, “some” need to focus in Terry actions to make him look bad, compare to Albert. In that way, Albert wouldn’t look dull as a lover compared to Terry. Strategy? Well, I have nothing against Albert; I like him very much =D In the Spanish or English forums we never talk badly of Albert, nor make him less. Maybe because he indeed is wonderful =) We base that Terry is anohito because of what we read between Terry and Candy. Terry and Candy’s relationship is deeper in CCFS, you can read both feelings, yes we can read Terry thoughts too <3 (volume 2) We don’t need to makes less Albert, nor Anthony; we have enough romanticism, and lines to base our believes.
      I understand that Japanse may confuse many, and the translation sometimes don’t help much (in some cases) but the Italian version will clarify many doubts I guess.


        • Grecialica on April 27, 2015 at 2:09 pm
        • Reply

        Oh crap! AGAIN HAHAHA I guess is too long? It mixes Paragraphs =S Ok I’ll post it little by little so it wont mix =P

        First, the paragraph in which I talk about Terry’s letters mixed with the paragraph I talked about Albert =S then my posts miss half of my comment. If you wish you can delete my second comment in that way I won’t confuse you =D

        – The letters, yes, Susana hid most of them, although I need to re-read some more because it’s not clear to me that if Susana hid the letters while they were on tour (remember the tour? at the beginning Candy sent her letters to the Stratford Company, but later?? Hmm, for some reason I thought that he got the other letters, but I can’t remember in which part of the novel I read it =S LOL) However, this doesn’t mean that they weren’t boyfriend/girlfriend, they had a break up, so your know, it’s logic. At what point they became boyfriend/girlfriend? it still a mystery for me. Maybe through letters, or on the daily dates on the fake Ponny’s hill? they secretly dated every lunch time in London (they agreed on that in Scotland). Yes, Candy wanted more romantic letters; he teased her and showed that he cared for her, but I guess Candy wanted to read love poems or “I love you” but saying “I love you” for the first time through letter? neh! Doesn’t sound good, I believe that Terry wanted to say that in person, you know, the proper way, but then the accident came and ruined everything (Thanks Susana! ugh) LOL HOWEVER!!! On “Mizuki’s letter to everyone” of the old novel (1978), she said that when she visited Candy and asked her to borrow some letters; she gladly accepted; Mizuki looked between her letters and took the ones she considerate “most” important or with better “info” , BUT Candy didn’t want to show/share a bunch of letters she kept with an aqua ribbon, then Mizkuki let us know that those letters were from Terry <3 Why Candy showed all her friends letters to Mizuki (including Alberts?) but not Terry’s?? hummmm, Mizuki says because were secret privately, and adds that she was sure that Candy kept deep feelings inside her heart.

        – Terry stoping the rumours of the press (his relationship with Susana) he didn’t care! as same as Candy didn’t care that people talk badly of her because she was living with Albert. Besides, remember that Candy knew that Susana hid her letters (CCFS volume 2 page235) HOW SHE KNEW???? Of course!!! Terry told her =D Candy and Terry didn’t kept secrets from each other, except when the accident came, and Terry was afraid of loosing Candy, although he knew that the end was coming :’(

        – How Terry could kept distant from Susana?! they worked together, they were co-stars! (I don’t like it, but they had to worked together) Susanna was crazy obsessed, and we can read it on her letter to Candy, she wouldn’t give up on him even if he was married and had children; give me a break on that please! LOL

          • Grecialica on April 27, 2015 at 2:10 pm
          • Reply

          – Terry not contacting Candy; how can you expect him to leave a better message of what he left (in the school)? He was leaving the school because he wanted to clean Candy’s name. At that time, her reputation, and well being was his priority. Leaving a note in his bedroom with more information of where he was going, or his feelings, not knowing for sure who would find it, would
          * ruined everything, his father would find him
          * make his plan worthless since people would have the “PROOF” that Terry and Candy
          had indeed something, and they were at the stable behaving as sinners LOL
          Nine months without knowing anything of Terry, poor Candy, yes, I agree. But he thought that she was safe in the school, besides, in the novel we read that the school was so strict that they read the correspondence of the students O.O He knew all these very well.
          The kiss, OMG, YES, he dared to kissed her knowing that she had these feelings for Anthony. But remember that this happened in May, at the beginning he wasn’t mature enough, he was a impulsive passionate, freaking jealous teen. He learned to matured within the next months, he learned to take care of Candy. Have you read the scene in Scotland? the one they are in front of the chimney? OH MY! the poor guy was afraid to touched her!!! he didn’t want to lose her. The reckless rebel guy learned to be gentle with his lady freckles =) We saw how Candy and Terry grew up, and we can’t compare the old Terry and the new Terry, (I’m not saying he was two different people, I’m saying that he matured, we are not the same ones to our early teens; are we?) Candy molded Terry… think about it =)

          – Nope, exchanging letters doesn’t make them boyfriend/girlfriend (I wrote: “at that time Terry and Candy were exchanging letters, AND WERE OFFICIALLY BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND. I didn’t state that exchanging letters makes them boyfriend/girlfriend) I’m talking about a fact. They were boyfriend and girlfriend. I don’t like to relay in the manga, nor the anime because these are works in which thirds added details, but we saw/read how Terry react when Albert and Candy started to live together (he teased her) on top of that they constantly refer to each other as girlfriend and boyfriend, especially Candy (when she talked about Terry to others). And in CCFS we clearly read MANY times the they BROKE UP, we knew that Terry sent one ticket because he wanted Candy to stay with him. Please, give me better arguments than that. Yes!! Albert and Candy exchange deep beautiful letters, but nothing romantic. Please tell me where is the romanticism! They exchange letters after she found out he was the POTH, and he asked her no to call him POTH (it sent him shivers dow the spine) LOL (that was funny =D )

            • Grecialica on April 27, 2015 at 2:11 pm
            • Reply

            – With love and gratitude: why Mizuki didn’t make Candy sign “with love and gratitude” before? because it was the last letter, it was a goodbye, and a very smart way to leave things clear =) Does your Japanese friend knows the story in depth? Perhaps, her surprise are due to the facts she told you. Yes, he is too young to be her father (well, four or five extra years and he could be I guess, not too far though) anyway, of course, they are not blood related, and of course, this is kind of a big deal! Albert, has done many thing for Candy, perhaps, changing her life for good!! and she loves him very much, as a family member, she is grateful for everything he has done for her!!! as grateful as we all are to our parents, for everything they have done for us, and we love them so much. The “with love and gratitude” are conclusive words, as the conclusive words we use in English or other western language “regards” “warm regards”. Let’s add that she confessed her love so abruptly? what? out of the blue? she was crazy in love with Terry to cross the Atlantic, and she wan’t crazy in love with Albert, to be closer to him? to live with him AS A COUPLE? What about Albert? he cared abut the Andlay’s/ Andley’s more than Candy? No, if they loved each other they would be together no matter what. Many years passed and Candy stayed at Ponny’s Home and Albert, helped Dr. Martin with the new happy clinic. Candy got a job and helped at Ponny’s home, while Albert traveled and took care of business? Yeah, right. They didn’t declares their love for each other, and didn’t do anything crazy to be together because they weren’t in love. In case of doubthttp://blog.livedoor.jp/soranomichi-eigo/a…s/18584207.html

            – Candy didn’t saw Albert as a father because she didn’t grew up sawing him as a father, yes, she doesn’t see him exactly as her father, but he clearly resemble a father figure to her. The fact that Albert is not her father by blood or she didn’t grow up seeing him as a father, doesn’t mean that she had to fall in love with him. And in case she did it, where can we read the romance??!! O.O again, her love was a type of family love (the one we are bond to, and her gratitude is like the once we feel towards our parents)

              • Ms Puddle on April 27, 2015 at 9:09 pm

              Well, have you read Daddy-Long-Legs?

              It’s a known fact Mizuki was inspired by DLL, and the parallelism between the stories is so undeniable. Judy developed feelings for her Daddy without knowing, and he was 15 years older. By the time she discovered who he was, she was in love with him already.

              Likewise, Candy met Albert as a friend, and they developed feelings for each other not knowing their legal relationship. By the time Candy discovered who Albert really was, she realized he was someone very special to her.

            • Grecialica on April 27, 2015 at 2:14 pm
            • Reply

            Albert never was a father figure? ok… when Candy thank him for what the Party in Chicago, he answered that he did what any adopted father would do for his child. However, this doesn’t mean that they magically saw each other as a father and daughter, but they recognize a little of those feeling in them.

            Yes, Candy said that he was his brother, and then when she found out that he lied to her, she thought that that wasn’t very nice, that a brother wouldn’t like to his sister in such a way, yes, she was upset. We can read that she expects family to be honest with each other, no lovers, nor friends, FAMILY!

            The POTH her first crush, yes, does it makes him her lover? she was 6, he was 17. Her prince was meant to be her rescuer, not her lover. She wanted a family and he became her family. He wanted love of family, running away from those rich people (who kept him locked studying) and his sister dead =( he wanted to feel free, and he found Candy. Funny thing, every little girl first crush is her dad, just saying =P

            Candy couldn’t sleep because of Albert, yes, she was excited. I couldn’t sleep the night before I went back home (after many years), the night before my graduation, and so on. Mizuki used this to emphasize her excitement, this doesn’t mean romantic love. It’s not specific; doesn’t count as PROOF.

            Little Bert, just as his sister used to call him! =D (more proof of a brotherly love, family love) very intimate. Not romantic, intimate; it says how much he trusts her. For him, his sister was like a mother, and he trusted this story to her :3 and she, caring as much as she cares for him, used the cute nickname =)

            Candy promise that she would never let Albert bear anything? comparing other novels to CCFS? Should I compare “ Terry, I love you! more than anybody else” with the MANY, MANY, MANY mangas in which the main character declares her/his love and is loyal to her/his word to the end? . We can’t compare lines between novels, PLEASE let’s be realistic. If we compare lines of the book with others, than we have that Candy loved Neil for real! or why not George? Have you read her letter to George? very nice letter :3

            Albert upset because she teased him by called him adoptive father?? > < Ms Puddles, It is obvious that Albert was kidding, he didn’t want to feel old. He even add to his joke that Candy may not be THAT beautiful. Candy doesn’t apologies por calling him father, since Albert CALLED HIMSELF her adoptive father at the end of that same letter =)

              • Ms Puddle on April 27, 2015 at 10:12 pm

              In the engagement party, Albert showed his absolute authority in the family and that he would fight for Candy even if he had to deal with his aunt. He brought up the adoption to protect Candy because Neil said they had lived together. My interpretation of course.

              Yes, you’ve always insisted Albert and Candy were just family and nothing more, and I must say your persistence is admirable. You agree that Candy couldn’t sleep because she was excited, but about what? About POTH, her first crush, not her rescuer (where did you get that anyway?). She admitted it herself to both Anthony and Albert. Because of POTH, she fell in love with Anthony at first sight, and she was attracted to Terry because she thought he looked like Anthony. All went back to her imprinted image of POTH.

              Candy was upset Albert had hidden his secret from her because she had told him everything. Yet she understood he had no choice. His identity was meant to be kept secret until the time was ripe for his debut.

              About Little Bert, it shows that they had become intimate with each other. But even then, you insist a young man and a young woman being intimate doesn’t mean anything else. 🙄 Yes he trusted her enough to tell the story, but if she had no feelings, would she call him that name? This signified an advance in their relationship with each other. At times you said Albert was a father figure to her. If so, would she call her ‘father’ Little Bert?

              I don’t understand your logic. Why Neil and George? But anyway, I don’t care why you brought them up.

              I’ve already said Candy’s love for Terry was real and strong, but Terry broke her heart twice. Poor Candy eventually picked up the pieces with Albert’s help and support. She said so herself, and she had moved on after the breakup. She had been very consistent with what she said, and she stuck with her decision and never looked back.

            • Grecialica on April 27, 2015 at 2:19 pm
            • Reply

            Candy told Albert, that she was grateful to her parents for abandoning her, so she could meet Albert, YES =D and she said the same thing in the prologue. She said that she was grateful to her parents for abandoning her because Ponny’s Home was her HOME. The place where she could always go back. Does this means that she is in love with Ponny and Sister Mary? LOL

            Why Candy would say “I’m so glad to have met you?” because he changed her life, because she loves him (as family/ the unconditional love parents and siblings should have) One will always be glad to meet that important people in our lives, and Anthony was one of them =D

            Ok, Thanks again, sorry for the mess HAHA, (again, the first post got cut in the middle, and pasted the begging of my post and the end; you can deleted the second one since is redundant LOL I hope you understand this messy post LOL Have a good one!

              • Ms Puddle on April 27, 2015 at 9:19 pm

              Yes Candy had always loved Albert as her brother, and she even used suki. 😉

              I don’t know why you insist her love for him remains brotherly while it clearly said in CCFS Candy’s feelings later changed, and she realized that her relationship with him was different from living with family. He was special to her, no longer just family. Candy was old enough to know what it means when a man held a special spot in her heart.

              In Candy’s letters to Albert in the epilogue, she clearly missed him a lot and yearned for his company. You might still think that’s not romantic, that she was only missing her brother. Oh well… 😉

              Candy also mentioned how one of Albert’s sudden appearances affected her poor heart, that her heart skipped a beat seeing his young face. Would one see a brother or a family member this way? 🙄

          1. As I have already replied to you earlier, if you think there are no romantic feelings between Albert and Candy, I have no intention to persuade you at all.

            Albert didn’t want Candy to call him POTH because she kept calling him that, and he wasn’t comfortable with that because he knew the reason behind this name. That he was handsome like a prince, not only as a teenager but also as an adult. Candy on the other hand wasn’t ashamed at all. She liked calling him POTH because he was indeed her prince, the man she was in love with.

            Would a young beautiful lady in her right mind call a handsome man her prince without any romantic feelings?

            Of course I know you insist that is not true. Fine with me.

        1. Candy clearly wrote in her unsent letter to Terry that most of her letters didn’t reach Terry.

          I don’t recall Susanna saying that she wouldn’t give up even if T married. Perhaps you should double check?

          Candy and Terry didn’t keep secrets from each other? Think again please. Candy had never told Terry herself anything about her painful childhood. Terry learned that from Stear and Archie when she was being punished and imprisoned.

          Terry’s being an illegitimate child was discovered by Candy accidentally. He didn’t tell her himself.

          Oh well, perhaps this was only in the manga. I’ll check CCFS when I have time.

      1. I replied to you earlier. Your comment didn’t get cut but this was slightly different.

    1. Hello Grecialica,

      I haven’t had time to read your comment till now because I was busy with other things.

      However, unlike your very first comment to my blog, this time it wasn’t as coherent, and I honestly can’t follow what your main points are.

      That being said, I must say I wasn’t trying to make Terry look bad. I have been pointing out the facts in the manga or CCFS that he didn’t love Candy as much as you thought. Candy wasn’t Terry’s everything. He gave her up without even fighting. Candy’s love for him was relatively stronger.

      However, if you don’t think so, then I’m not in a position to convince you. Feel free to defend him but to me, his actions were inconsistent at times. In Rockstown, he was depressed, and I’m sorry for him, but guess what? It could be not entirely because of his breakup with Candy. It was his career and his dreams that seemed doomed. My interpretation of course.

      When did they start dating? I don’t agree with you but then what I can say is that they hardly knew each other much. After all this bantering with each other, they couldn’t even recognize each other’s handwriting. No wonder Eliza could easily set up a trap for them.

      Granted, Albert and Candy were just friends in the beginning, but they had fallen in love gradually over time. It’s fine with me if you insist otherwise.

      What interview? It’s the same interview about Candy’s three loves. Mizuki talked about three loves and later hinted Candy’s deep love for Albert would become Koi, romantic love between opposite sex.

      To conclude, I didn’t write my post for you. The post was written to clarify things for my friends. My response to your earlier comment was appended after the post.

        • Grecialica on April 28, 2015 at 11:46 am
        • Reply

        Hello Ms Puddle; thanks for taking the time to answer my extremely messy comments LOL (just to clarify I knew your whole post wasn’t for me; where did you read that??! I just killed two birds at once… well, whatever, that doesn’t matter =D )
        It’s clear that you keep confusing Anime/manga/CCFS, and it’s O.K I understand. As well, it’s is clear to me that you haven’t read the entire second volume (your answers reveal this) and this is O.K too =) I sincerely don’t have the time to keep this entertaining discussion. I could keep going on, and on, and on, invaliding your “proofs” of romantic love between Candy and Albert, but I simply don’t see this necessary. Eventually, we would get bored =S

        To you:
        Albert-Candy= romantic relationship “true love”
        Terry-Candy= Teen love/ Candy’s heart breaks twice (¬¬ bad Terry!! How could you do that?!)

        To me:
        Albert-Candy= brotherly/fatherly love :3
        Terry-Candy= true love, the one that lasts for ever <3

        Maybe we can agree to disagree? I already read these “proofs” that valid Albert as anohito, and I sincerely thought that I would read something different here, you know, now you guys have the Italian first volume; however, nothing has change. This is your blog and you have the right to write whatever pleases you. I just stopped by because somebody pointed this blog, and I was like “WHAT??!!” O.o and I was wondering if there was something new, but since things are the same, I don’t see the point of taking this discussion any further; perhaps when the second volume comes we can coincide again somewhere else, and have another civil discussion? Only time will say I guess. It was a pleasure to discuss with you, in truth, I had fun (believe me, when I wrote LOL , =D or HAHA was because I was actually smiling, giggling, or had “mental laugh”) Thanks for you time again, have a pleasant day =)

        P.S.- As you can imagine I am busy at the moment; I just stop by to read your answer, thank you for your time, and say my good byes =) I’m afraid I wont stop by anytime soon, or maybe never again. Again, this is your blog and I respect it 😉

          • Anonymous on April 28, 2015 at 12:45 pm
          • Reply

          Grecialica, you came here because ‘someone’ pointed out this blog not agreeing on what MsPuddle was saying. You just read her post and then, you couldn’t help but leave a comment, written since your point of view and questioning our arguments. You knew since the beginning how this is going to end.

          What I really do not understand is, why you, terryfans, keep trying to persuade albertfans by barging into their virtual places. I really do not get it, We always have left you alone to live happely with whatever you want to believe. And again, Since the beginning you knew what you are going to find here. You said you thought you are going to find something new, but no, we just repeat facts that are already written in the novel, facts that Mizuki said. We do not need to interpretate her own words. We do not have to suppose things to make Albert case as anohito. He was Anohito since the very first edition.

          And yes, we have the italian version but also MsPuddle has in her hands the original, the JAPANESE one. And she has it not as an ornament. She can read herself Japanese, slowly as she says, but she can, so the second volumen in Italian won’t change our point of view. The story keeps being the same. So in the future you stop by, you will not find anything different. Maybe more facts that points Albert out as anohito.

        1. Thank you Grecialica for your reply and respect. I’m glad our discussions have been civil so far. Yes, let’s agree to disagree. 🙂

          I just have a few things to add before I stop:

          I’ve never based my posts on the anime version because I don’t like it much; it wasn’t loyal to the original manga version anyway. CCFS is based on the manga version, so I use the manga version as well as CCFS when writing my posts.

          If indeed the love between Candy and Albert was merely feelings for a family member, why did she keep calling him her prince? Both of them knew very well Prince on the Hill was her first crush, and now that she had grown up, she still called him POTH without feeling embarrassed at all. She essentially affirmed that she was in love with him. Even in her letters to her prince, her admiration and yearning for him were obvious.

          Your arguments are nothing new to me either, and I’ve read similar comments in various places about Terry as Anohito, and some of them are, allow me to say it, wishful thinking.

          To me, it was infatuation (not even love) between Terry and Candy. Koi 恋 was indeed the right word for them. It was passionate but short-lived. He kissed her when she was still in grief over Anthony’s death (May festival as shown in the manga), and all that slapping afterwards is shocking to say the least.

          When he abruptly left her in London without bothering to talk to her first only proved that she wasn’t as important to him as his dream career. He didn’t care much about her feelings either by leaving her without a trace. The fact that he had never made any attempt (big or small) to contact her until after the charity performance in Chicago only reinforced that he had already left her behind (or he simply didn’t care what was going on in her life). For example, he could easily leave an address at Pony’s Home but he didn’t.

          When he couldn’t even tell Mrs. Marlowe that he had a special girl in his heart, he was already thinking of giving her up. Their last embrace on the stairs proved that he had made up his mind to let her go despite reluctantly. Had he ever apologized to Candy for keeping Susanna’s accident a secret from her? No. Had he cared about how Candy felt right after the rooftop incident? No.

          Again and again, he took her for granted, and you call that true love? Frankly, I don’t see any commitment or devotion whatsoever on his part to try to make Candy his priority in life.

          To tell you the truth, if I were Candy, I would not return to him even if he became available again for any reason. Candy learned a life lesson from Terry. She deserved to be respected as a lady with feelings of her own, not a puppet. From Albert, the man who put her happiness before his, Candy understood what it means to be loved and cherished.

          Finally, the fact that she’d rather not touch her own diary proved her determination to move on. If it was too difficult for her to read her history with Terry because she still loved him, she could have simply told Albert right off the bat that she wouldn’t take her diary home. That it was still painful to her. Or she could store her diary somewhere safe without touching it until she was ready to read it later. Yet, she asked Albert to keep it for her. She was telling Albert through her action that Terry belonged to her past, and she wouldn’t look back. This is consistent with her unsent letter to Terry and other places in CCFS Volume 2.

          Thank you for dropping by and taking the time to read my posts and write your thoughts. Goodbye now and enjoy your life! 🙂

    • Antlay on April 27, 2015 at 9:03 am
    • Reply

    Bonjour les filles

    Pas besoin de me remercier Agnès, en fait cela me tracasse depuis longtemps, je me demandais pourquoi Candy ne faisait pas allusion au médaillon dans la boîte damasquiné. Il y a plusieurs possibilités.

    En supposant que Candy soit mariée à Terry ou à un autre homme, je ne pense pas qu’elle porterait le médaillon autour de son cou. Cet homme pourrait être jaloux si il savait que cette amulette a appartenu à son premier amour, il serait donc dans la boîte, il ferait partie des souvenirs. Mais c’est pas le cas. Evelyn a raison, donc Albert ne fait pas partie du passé de Candy.
    Candy a rendu le médaillon à Albert ? Personnellement j’en doute, si Albert avait voulu le garder, il ne lui aurait pas remis à nouveau.
    Maintenant si Albert est son mari, deux possibilités. Agnès l’a dit, Candy le porte sur elle, ou comme l’a dit Quevivacandy il se trouve dans une autre boîte, peut-être même dans son écrin d’origine, qu’Albert garde lui-même. Car si Albert est Anohito, alors Candy n’a plus besoin de son porte bonheur, la présence de son prince au quotidien la comble de bonheur, il est son amulette, il est le seul à l’avoir protegé toute sa vie après tout 😀 😉
    Mais au fait j’ai dû rater un épisode, Ms Puddle, c’est quoi cette histoire de cravate blanche ? Pouvez-vous éclairer ma lanterne ?

    1. Bonjour Antlay!! Good points about the possibilities where the badge might be. Albert had presented his badge back to Candy as his gift, so she shouldn’t simply throw it away. After all, it had been her treasure all these years.

      As QuevivaCandy said, it might be in a different box somewhere. But like you said, Antlay, Candy no longer needed it because she now had Albert by her side. His presence alone was enough to give her a marvelous sense of security! 😉

      About the white tie, sorry about the confusion. Please read my reply to Evelyn. Thanks!!

      • Evelyn on April 27, 2015 at 12:46 pm
      • Reply

      Bonjour Antlay!! I agree with what you say if Candy married another man it would definitely be stored in her memory box but it is not. I am more than certain that Anohito is Albert. Why couldn’t Candy still be wearing her medallion around her neck along with Miss Pony’s crucifix? Yes she gave the medallion to Albert but he gave it back to her. I don’t believe she ever took it off. Just wondering… 😉

    • Agnès on April 26, 2015 at 1:16 am
    • Reply

    Thank you Reeka, and you wrote my thoughts ! 😀 Except I think he wrote his letter before Rockstown! In fact it depends on when you set the break up! There were anachronisms in manga because, for example, Italy was not in the war before 1915 so, Albert couldn’t be injured in train explosion in the Italian front in fall 1914 as it was suggested in the manga therefore, I think their break up could have been in November or December 1915 but it is just my point of view! 😉
    I don’t know if it was corrected in CCFS, I keep scratching my head with timelines! Sigh! But it is not the topic here!

    1. Bonjour Agnès! Yes the timeline in CCFS is confusing indeed. For your interest, I talked a bit about that in

      Have a blessed Sunday! 🙂

        • Agnès on April 26, 2015 at 11:56 pm
        • Reply

        Hello Ms Puddle,
        Many thanks for the link. You have written so many posts about so many topics, it is priceless! 😀 When I’ll have the time to read all! You reinforce my conviction.

    • Antlay on April 25, 2015 at 3:21 am
    • Reply

    Bonjour Ms Puddle et bonjour les filles

    Je suis bien d’accord avec tout ce qui a été dit.
    Concernant le petit mot de Terry comme quoi il n’a pas changé du tout, c’est bien là le problème. Si il est toujours le même homme impulsif, indécis et moqueur, je ne pense pas qu’il est soit le mari idéal pour Candy. Elle a besoin d’un homme qui la rassure, la console lorsqu’elle est triste, d’un homme doux et joyeux au quotidien. Et seul Albert incarne tout cela. Comme l’a dit Agnès, il n’a jamais levé la main sur Candy, il a toujours été à l’écoute, il ne l’a jamais reprimandé.
    De plus toutes ces lettres non envoyées, à Alistair, la lettre mentale à Anthony , oui malheureusement ils sont morts. Mais celle de Terry, parce qu’elle avait promis à Suzanna de ne pas le revoir ? Ou parce qu’il faisait aussi partie du passé, bien qu’il soit en vie ? Vous avez raison Agnès dans sa lettre elle finit par “Je vous ai aimé”, cela en dit long, le chapitre Terry est refermé, dans la boîte il ne reste que des souvenirs. Mais il manque un objet précieux pour Candy dans la boîte, je suis sûre que vous savez à quoi je fait allusion Ms Puddle, mais je sais que cela fera l’objet d’un de vos post 😉
    Personnellement je n’ai aucun doute sur Anohito et Quevivacandy nous le rappelle avec la scène de l’épilogue, c’est le maillon qui manquait, la conclusion de la scène du manga.
    J’espère que vous n’êtes plus préoccupée Ms Puddle et merci encore pour votre post, j’adore les paroles de Mizuki
    See you soon

    1. Bonjour Antlay! Brilliant! You spoke my mind. If Terry hadn’t changed, it doesn’t necessarily mean a good thing! He was still impulsive, indecisive and socially awkward with people around him. Like you said, Candy wanted someone mature and tender, who cared about her and could console her when she was down.

      Yes indeed, Candy had many things kept in her jewelry box as her keepsakes from her past, but her treasured badge wasn’t inside her box. Albert had asked it back only to present it back to her as his gift. So where did Candy keep it now? 😉

      Some people insist Candy writing “I loved you” doesn’t mean Terry was hopeless. However, I think she had decided to keep him in her past. I’m going to talk about this in my new post. 🙂

      • Agnès on April 25, 2015 at 11:15 pm
      • Reply

      Bien sûr Antlay vous avez parfaitement raison! Où est le fameux badge du “Prince de la colline”? Probablement encore autour de son cou comme on le voit dans la scène du Manga! Je revois encore l’expression étonnée d’Albert lorsqu’il le découvre juste après que Candy a échappé au piège de Neal! Ce badge ne peut pas être dans la boite aux souvenirs du passé puisqu’Albert donc “Le prince de la colline” est dans son présent et sera son avenir! 😉

      • Evelyn on April 26, 2015 at 9:01 pm
      • Reply

      Hi Antlay, Ms Puddle and Agnès! Agnès, this is brilliant for you to mention about the badge! Yes, where is this badge if she didn’t pull it from her jewelry box? That badge as well as POTH carry utmost importance throughout the story from beginning to end. Both are symbolic and represent security, hope and forever love in Candy’s life which lead to Albert! Suppose that Albert was part of Candy’s past, wouldn’t you think at the very least that her precious badge would be inside her jewelry box as a precious memory? But it is not, this badge and POTH are the very essence of Albert in Candy’s present. 😉

      This is definitely one of Mizuki’s clues that point to Albert as being Anohito, if one must read selectively in between the lines without looking at the entire picture to see what really makes sense. However, at the end of CCFS, it is more than clear that when Candy runs into Anohito’s outstretched arms it is simply a repetition of the ending of the manga where Candy runs into Albert’s outstretched arms but this time as husband and wife! 😀

      1. Hola Evelyn!! You’re absolutely right that POTH and his badge carried the story from the beginning to the end. You speak my mind, Evelyn! 🙂 I’m currently writing two posts, and one of them is very similar to your comment, I’ll quote you again in that one. Thank you! 🙂

          • Evelyn on April 26, 2015 at 10:11 pm
          • Reply

          My honour and pleasure, Ms Puddle!! Great post!

          1. Thanks, Evelyn!

        • Quevivacandy on April 26, 2015 at 11:17 pm
        • Reply

        Hello everyone!

        I cannot agree with you all. The badge is not inside the jewerly box, there are only memories.

        “I wait sitting in the chair until the MEMORIES breathe a sigh of comfort and cool down in the jewellery box.”

        Candy almost listed everything that was inside, the music box, letters, invitation, even Hamlet’s ticket and she said to Eleanor Baker she was going to save it as a treasure, but not once, she mentioned the bagde. Maybe she put it away in another jewerly box but the damascene one, I’m pretty sure only contains memories from her past.

        And very well said Evelyn, the ending of CCFS and the manga, are pretty similar, except now, they are already a marriage.

        1. Yes QuevivaCandy! Only treasured memories inside the jewelry box, the expensive heirloom.
          Interestingly, no white tie was mentioned. Candy brought it back to America with the intention to return it to Terry. Possibly, she had returned it when she had met with Terry in New York before knowing about Susanna’s accident?

            • Quevivacandy on April 26, 2015 at 11:59 pm
            • Reply

            To be honest my friend, I asked myself the same thing… what happened with the white tie? There are two missing things, the badge and the tie. I’m not quiet sure she returned it to him in NY, everything happened so out of the blue and she just left NY. I guess that is another mistery in CCFS but I do not think she kept it as her amulet anymore.

            • Evelyn on April 27, 2015 at 8:23 am
            • Reply

            Hello dear Ms Puddle and Quevivacandy! May I ask what white tie are you both referring to? Are you talking about the handkerchief that Terry used to wrap the wound on Candy’s arm when riding the horse? In the anime she left it on her seat when she watched Terry’s fund raising performance and in the manga I thought she used it for Neil’s arm when he was driving recklessly? Maybe I’m wrong but that’s what I remember… :\

              • Ms Puddle on April 27, 2015 at 9:20 am

              Hola Evelyn, the while tie is similar to the handkerchief in the manga exactly used for that scene. In his anger Terry forced Candy to go horse riding with him. In the process, she got injured.

              In CCFS, Candy brought this white tie, the rosary cross and her prince’s badge with her before leaving London as a stowaway. She used these three items as her amulets because the trip could be dangerous.

              Yet, it’s clearly written that Candy had the intention to return the white tie when she would meet with Terry again. Yet in CCFS this white tie isn’t mentioned ever again after this episode. I was talking to QuevivaCandy wondering if Candy had already returned it to Terry in New York.

              • Quevivacandy on April 27, 2015 at 9:36 am

              I was checking the manga trying to find something out but there is not clue about the tie/handkerchief. In the manga she didn’t even get into the theater auditorium.

              In the anime, the hadkerchief she put around Neil’s injury, was hers. I remember Neal watching her initials embroidery on it.

            • Evelyn on April 27, 2015 at 9:34 am
            • Reply

            So this white tie is only found in CCFS and it takes the place of the white handkerchief! Thank you for explaining Ms Puddle. This is the first time I hear about this.

            • Evelyn on April 27, 2015 at 10:03 am
            • Reply

            You are correct Quevivacandy! I just looked it up on my Spanish manga and Candy did not get into the auditorium, instead she watched from a ladder where the technician worked the lights and she did not leave behind a handkerchief. And about Neil, she gave him her own. I was confused with some many handkerchiefs going around 😛 In the manga I do not recall Candy keeping this item of Terry’s as part of her treasure then.

              • Quevivacandy on April 27, 2015 at 10:53 am

              I didn’t know about the tie either. I knew because a ‘discussion’ in FB with some Terryfans over a month ago. They mentioned a handkercrief and that it was part of her treasures in the jewerly box and gave me the pages in the japanese novel so I asked for help to Ms Puddle.

              Basically, the ‘tie’ is introduce into the story when Terry forced Candy to go horse riding ride and he used on her injury. Then, it was mentioned again as MsPuddle said, when Candy was returning to America as a stowaway and she had it as one of her 3 amulets but she didn’t mention the tie as the most important one, just she has it as an amulet. If I’m not wrong, the order she mentions her amulets was 1. the badge, 2. the tie and 3. the crucifix.

              Then, there is an space and Candy had on retrospection, recalling the time she told Anohito’s how she returned to America and he hugged her and blah blah blah

              Then, there is another space and she takes out the damascene jewerly box and began to talk about all her memories inside.

              Because of that, some girls believe the amulets are inside the jewerly box but I do not think so. In fact, I do not see Candy keeping with her Terry’s tie as an amulet anymore but I don’t know. That’s why MsPuddle and I were wondering about the tie.

              In fact, something is really interesting. Inside the jewerly box Candy has all her memories from her past, from the people she knew at some time in her life, Annie and Archie engagement invitation, Stear’s music box, Eleanor and Susanna letters, Hamlet’s ticket (Terry) and his clippings, letters from her old friends but she did not have a thing from Albert. Why? Because she is with him and as MsPuddle said, I also do not think she continues using the badge or the crucifix as an amulet. His only presence gives her all the security she needs. She said that once. 🙂

              • Ms Puddle on April 27, 2015 at 11:05 am

              I agree most of your comment except one thing, dear QuevivaCandy. Candy kept Dr Martin’s drawing of Albert in the jewelry box, the one used when she had been in frantic search for Albert 🙂

              • Quevivacandy on April 27, 2015 at 11:09 am

              That’s right!!!! I completely forgot about the drawing!!! ooopsss… :p Thanks for remind me that!

              Well, a memory when she was looking for him.hehehe, so there is also something about Albert.

        • Agnès on April 27, 2015 at 12:15 am
        • Reply

        Hi Evelyn!
        Thank you! But we have to thank Antlay who has bring up the badge topic.
        You said my thoughts exactly!
        The outstretched arms are a clue because we always saw Albert like and this with his warmth voice…
        The badge couldn’t be in the jewellery box since she always keep it with her as an amulet! 😀

          • Evelyn on April 27, 2015 at 8:35 am
          • Reply

          Hi Agnès! You are absolutely right. I meant to say thank you to all of you 😀 It was past midnight my time and my brain was fried! Excellent point to bring up about the badge! 🙂
          By the way, where in the manga or CCFS does it mention that Candy describes Albert as having a gentle voice and a sweet smile? I think I remember her mentioning this about POTH? She uses this description for Anohito.

            • Quevivacandy on April 27, 2015 at 9:14 am
            • Reply

            Hi Evelyn, here I leave some spoilers from CCFS where she thinks Albert’s voice and smile is sweet and gentle… Some of them are in spanish…

            POTH first meeting
            “Al oír esa dulce e inesperada voz, Candy levantó el rostro sorprendida. En el fondo del cielo, se destacó la figura de un muchacho con vestimentas extrañas.”

            “Al observar el rostro sonriente que parecía emitir una luz propia, aquellos brillantes cabellos rubios que le caían ligeramente sobre la frente, y esos ojos azules y dulces, casi iguales al cielo claro de ese día, Candy tuvo la impresión que podía contarle cualquier cosa.”

            Cascade’s rescue
            “Un hombre de largo cabello castaño la estaba observando. La parte inferior de su rostro estaba cubierta de barba y llevaba gafas de sol.

            – ¡No está mal como saludo! – Se rió dulcemente.

            Tranquilizándose por esa amable voz, que no correspondía en absoluto a su aspecto, Candy tartamudeó unas disculpas.”

            “El hombre que apareció bajo la luz de la lámpara de la calle, llevaba gafas de sol, una chaqueta sahariana arrugada y pantalones de trabajo manchados. Su dulce voz poco correspondía a su aspecto y le recordaba a alguien…”

            Primer encuentro con Anthony
            “Pero el joven de las rosas no podía ser realmente su príncipe: siete años habían pasado desde entonces. A primera vista parecía ser idéntico, pero al verlo más de cerca, tanto la sonrisa como el cabello dorado del muchacho que estaba entre las rosas, parecía ser de un color más apagado.”

            Here, at the beginning she thought Anthony was her prince but then, she realized it couldn’t be possible. Then she noted something else, Anthony’s smile wasn’t that bright as POTH’s smile, something was missing, like POTH’s smile could lit up her day.

            “The voice of the Prince — yes, indeed it was the diction of the Prince!
            I hadn’t recognized … although you were always by my side and I heard you speaking all the time.
            But now I realized the reason why I have thought, how sweet your voice was.”

            “That gentle voice which always makes me excited —.”

            “That smile I love so much.”

            I do not have more spoilers but those, speaks volumens about Albert’s voice and smile.

              • Ms Puddle on April 27, 2015 at 9:26 am

              Thank you QuevivaCandy for all these spoilers in one place! Indeed, this speaks volumes!! 😀

            • Evelyn on April 27, 2015 at 9:41 am
            • Reply

            Thank you Quevivacandy and Ms Puddle for your wonderful explanations and providing these Spoilers for us to read!!! When I get a chance today, I’ll get me a Café and will enjoy reading these spoilers. Very much appreciated 😉

              • Quevivacandy on April 27, 2015 at 10:21 am

              You’re all welcome… 🙂

              Oh, I just remember. In the very last chapter of MDLSA, a Terryfan left me a brief review just saying since in Anthony’s letter about the sweet voice, she accepted Anohito was Albert. She also said Albert is a wonderful person and makes you to fell for him but in the anime, he didn’t have presence as in the manga. The only thing she regrets, is that Mizuki did not tell us Anohito’s name and that makes her a cruel person.

              I also have a spoiler about Terry’s voice… the first time they met in the ship to England.

              “- ¿Quién es?

              De pronto, el muchacho se volvió y habló con voz firme. Su tono poco correspondía a su triste imagen de espaldas.

              -Lo siento… parecías tan triste… Tenía miedo de que quisieras lanzarte al mar… – murmuró Candy preocupada.”

              I do not have more spoilers from him, but I know sometimes Candy describes his voice and smile as mocking ones.

            • Evelyn on April 27, 2015 at 11:00 am
            • Reply

            Humm!! Very interesting about Terry’s voice and tone being firm and mocking! Completely the opposite of Albert’s voice and personality description !! This is just more and more confirmation of who Anohito is!
            Thank you again Quevivacandy!!! 🙂

              • Ms Puddle on April 27, 2015 at 11:03 am

              Yes indeed!!! 😀

            • Reeka on April 27, 2015 at 6:30 pm
            • Reply

            Agnes, Evelyn, Quevivacandy, and Ms Puddle, … I agree. Although I’ve heard a few of T fans said how could we say that only Albert have gentle and sweet voice, .. well, we just know it. Those who aren’t too stubborn to open their eyes, must know that it was one of Albert/POTH’s characteristics. And IF Anohito was Terry, somehow I feel it’s not the way he would greet his wife when he found her sitting absentmindedly in the dark. I guess a Terry would surprise her by hugging her from behind or cover her eyes with his hands? Something around that gesture, I would say.

            Speaking of that last paragraph in CCFS, the way Mizuki described how Anohito came home after dark and Candy said “how could I not hear he was coming home” … for me, it indicated that Anohito usually regularly came home around that time. And Albert’s job as businessman made more sense to it than an actor/someone in entertainment business.

              • Ms Puddle on April 27, 2015 at 7:09 pm

              Brilliant ideas, Reeka! I agree with you on everything you said above. 🙂

      • Reeka on April 27, 2015 at 6:10 pm
      • Reply

      Goodness gracious!! The badge! You girls are awesome. It never crossed my mind about the existence of the badge. True ..true … if Anohito was not Albert, the badge had to be there, in jewellery box. Mizuki wouldn’t omit its existence by accident, it told us something. 🙂

      The big possibility was Candy once again return the badge to its rightful owner because the owner needed it when they got married as the owner, a.k.a POTH a.k.a our Albert would wear a full set of traditional Scottish custom. This possibility makes me happy because it means they most likely had a big wedding ceremony, worth of the Ardley name. And afterward, the badge was kept to be passed down to the next heir, their son.

      OMG, I’m so happy … la la la la la la … 🙂

    • Agnès on April 24, 2015 at 2:38 pm
    • Reply

    Hello Ms Puddle, Reeka and Quevivacandy!

    I can’t be more agree with you all and I admire the way you responded to this Terry’s fan, Ms Puddle! 😉 Thank you for this great post full of details! 🙂

    As I already said I like Terry very much but I think he was not a good match for Candy at the end. I would want to add some of my thoughts:
    – Why Candy has return back her diary to Albert if she was always in love with Terry? A non-sense for me!
    – Why Terry didn’t talk to her before have left London? I don’t understand!
    – And why he never wrote to her after? Even if he wanted to be a MAN before resume their relationship to deserve her, why he would take such a risk by not keeping in touch with her, at least by letters, Candy could fall in love with another man since they had never revealed their love to each other in London and that a long time elapsed. For example Terry had to know Archie was very fond of her, even more! Why not another man? Leaving her without news but a sort of farewell note! I try to figure out but, if I was deeply in love with someone, I would not take such a risk.
    – Wasn’t he no worried for her? If I was him I would want to know if the person I love is fine! Know nothing during months, it’s just too weird! After all, her reputation was ruined at St-Paul academy and she could have some other troubles!
    – Why he let her go in New-York? He could take care of Suzanna without to commit her, don’t you think? For me love never fails! 😉 Duty can’t win over love!
    – Why Candy wrote “I loved you” using past tense in her unsent letter to Terry?
    – About the little note sent by Terry “I haven’t changed” I’m not convinced it was a year and a half after Suzanna’s death, what hint says that? We don’t know! Why wait so long after her death? Several months I could have understand but 18 months!!! So several years after their breakup!? Maybe he wrote it a year and a half after their breakup? Think about it was in fall (November or so) then he could write his letter in May and what was in May? Candy’s birthday of course and the anniversary of the stolen kiss during the festival! Terry could be overwhelmed thinking of these retrospections and write this letter!
    – About Albert, don’t forget that Candy never knew he was her guardian before she was a grown up woman! So she couldn’t see him this way! They had living together for a very long time and not as father and daughter, none of them knew their legal boundary since Albert was amnesiac and Candy didn’t know he was her guardian then!
    – Albert was by her side a very long time, he was a very attractive man, very gentle with her. He has protected her and he has taken care of her. He never slapped her!
    – Why Candy chased Albert frantically in Rockstown? She even didn’t want to talk with Terry there! Her heart had already chosen Albert, even if she didn’t fully aware of it already!…

    Well, I could continue but my comment is already too big, sorry so, I stop here…

    Great weekend to all! 😀

    1. Merci, Agnès!! You have good points, and they match my new post ;-). Once again, I’ll quote you. Thank you, my friend!

        • Agnès on April 24, 2015 at 2:57 pm
        • Reply

        With my great pleasure, Ms Puddle! 😀 And I hope your preoccupations are gone my friend!
        It’s bedtime for me, see you soon!

      • Luna on April 25, 2015 at 1:38 am
      • Reply

      Hello everyone and dear Ms Puddle,
      Thank you very much for this post and I would like to share my feelings as well:)
      Well, as I said before when Terry was leaving her in the UK, it was a real farewell. Also do you remember in anime he was saying after talking with Albert and seeing Candy in front of the Clinique (without talking her )”this time is a real farewell Candy”! So it finished!
      I never believe that Terry had no feelings for Susanna! First of all she is very a beautiful and a good actrice. They were sharing millions of common points! Importantly, everyone was believing that they were a couple! He gave this image and he really knows Candy would read newspapers and see all these things! Actually, she saw them together and in that scene I felt that Terry wasn’t the same Terry what we saw in the school!And I really didn’t like after all these things that he invited Candy to New York plus he didn’t say anything about Susanna! Candy found out what happened herself and without knowing she lost her leg she wanted to fight for their love innocently. He was not honest with her! Maybe he wanted to keep everything as a secret! Who knows?
      So after ten years sending a note and writing all these words aren’t very convincing! He really changed and sorry but Candy changed as well! Albert is the best man for her. First of all, very importantly,he is the prince of the hill! What else?

      1. Bonjour Luna! Yes, Terry’s sudden departure from London does seem like he was leaving everything behind, including Candy. It’s strange why he didn’t even tell her where exactly he was heading, like he decided to leave without a trace. 🙁

        Like you, I don’t think Terry had absolutely no feelings for Susanna. Not only she was beautiful and talented, but as you said, they shared many common interests. Besides, his tenderness towards her after the accident was genuine, and as some people pointed out, he had never been this soft and tender to Candy. 🙁

        I agree with you that the fact Terry allowed the rumors to go on and on without taking any action was wrong. You’re so right that eventually Candy would hear about the gossips, and even Candy had suspected that Terry had forgotten about her.

        I hope he wasn’t leveraging rumors to advance in his career. 🙁

        Yes, poor Candy had to find out the shocking truth the worst possible way. She wanted to fight for their love, but sadly, he had already given her up. Their last embrace, as heart wrenching as it was, only proved that he had made up his mind to let her go albeit reluctantly. 🙁

        If you have read my old post Ambiguous letter, I already talked about that famous letter from him. Luna, I completely agree with you that even though he claimed he hadn’t changed, it isn’t convincing, and like you said, Candy herself had changed and moved on with someone who truly and deeply cared about her. 🙂

      • Reeka on April 25, 2015 at 5:02 am
      • Reply

      Agnes dear,

      I say amen to all your points 🙂

      I want to note a few points … first is about the diary. Yes, I always question the existence of the diary in CCFS. IF Anohito was Terry, was Candy supposed to still keep it, in her damascened jewellery box? As it was very precious for their good time in school? Hmmm …

      Second, about the letter Terry wrote to Candy. I always believe it was written 1.5 years after NY event. If we look closely to Terry’s word … I am not sure it happened many years after the break up. He said ” … it’s been a year. I have decided to get in touch with you after one year, …”. Well, do you think Terry would be so sure that Candy would know what event he talked about? How could Terry so sure Candy was aware of Susanna’s death? After years not talking, and he got a courage to write, how could he clumsily let Candy make a guess what’s he talking about? I don’t think so. So I firmly believe, Terry talked about the break up. It does make sense to me that after a year of NY event ( so it’s only some months after the Rockstown) Terry still had hope to Candy. And whatever the output was, it would be a guide to Terry continue his life.

      Good weekend to you, Agnes!

      1. Yes indeed, Reeka! I remember you said once about the diary, and I’m writing a new post about this diary. I’ll quote your comment too. Thank you! 🙂

      • Quevivacandy on April 26, 2015 at 11:53 pm
      • Reply

      Hi Agnes, Reeka, Luna and Ms Puddle!

      You have really great points over here! What I sense about Terry’s brief note, when he left London, he decided to leave Candy in the past. I guess he might had some romantic feelings for her, that’s why he said if he would be older, he will take her with him, but that wasn’t the case. I guess he said good-bye to Candy for good. Then, once stablished in America, he began his career as actor and there he met Susanna. I guess he liked her, that’s why he didn’t clearified the rumors about them and also that’s why Susanna was so attached to him. When Candy appeared again in his life, of course he saw there a chance but as Candy said in the ‘good-bye’ letter, they never got the chance to meet again, no matter how hard they tried and at the end, he took his choice as Candy did it and they broke-up.

      About the Rockstown episode, maybe I will repeat my self. She saw him, she was moved for seeing him in that condition but she did not meet him and then, she told Eleanor she was there looking for someone else. About the episode in the anime, it is interesting that when he saw her from the distance, HE was the one who decided again to follow his own path, he turned around and walked away without giving her another glance. Isn’t that what people do when they are sure to leave someone in the past?

      And about the brief note ‘I haven’t changed’, now I almost sure it was written after their break up. Something else is around in my mind. I’m pretty sure when Susanna died, Albert and Candy were already married. Many years had elapsed and if that, don’t you think in the meantime, newspapers would anounced their relationship, their engagement and later, their wedding? Why Terry will send a note to a married woman? Would be a fooliness.

      And about the ‘I loved you’, it is written in simple past. Simple past indicates that things are over and cannot be changed. There is no hope, any chance for Terry. Another thing would be if Candy had written ‘I’ve loved you’, there is hope, there she would let us know she still loves him but no, she used the simple tense. Is so difficult to understand that?

        • Agnès on April 27, 2015 at 1:15 am
        • Reply

        Hi Quevivacandy,
        I say only one word to all what you said: Amen!

        I would add one scene in the manga I remembered (Volume 6 p 57 in French version) It was the beginning of the World War I. We see Terry waiting for an interview, he had some recollections about Candy watching out of window and he said to himself : “I shouldn’t have left you in England….. If possible, I want to cross the Atlantic again and… Candy, now I’ve chosen my life. I cannot go back! … May nothing happen to England till we meet again.”
        It seems to me he put his career before Candy! Yes he had a hope to meet her again but, he’s chosen his life, he cannot go back these are his own words! I don’t know if this scene is in CCFS but in manga, it speaks volume for me!

        1. Well said Agnès!! I’ll double check that in the manga for sure when I have time 🙂

            • Quevivacandy on April 27, 2015 at 9:18 am
            • Reply

            hehehe… I just checked in the spanish version and you are right Agnes! He was about to give an interview, thought about the WAR coming to England and just thought thay maybe some day they will see each other in the future. Then he said again, He already had chosen his path.

              • Ms Puddle on April 27, 2015 at 9:28 am

              Interesting… So he had intentionally left everything behind, including Candy.

              That explains why he didn’t even write to her… as if he wasn’t even curious of what was going on in her life… 🙁

    • Reeka on April 23, 2015 at 7:14 pm
    • Reply

    Ms Puddle, I’ve always admire your ability to write an idea so clearly and orderly. It’s really not easy to write down something we’re ecstatic about and in the same time we need to make readers understand our point. At least for me, it’s a hard task. 🙂

    About ‘ai’ and ‘suki’ and how in CCFS Candy used it directly only for Albert in her letter, I won’t comment more here because I think we’ve discussed it together with other ladies in your previous post. I’m just going to say this, … that although I’m clearly not a japanese speaker, I understand perfectly the difference between ‘ai’ and ‘suki’. Like you said, it’s a big deal to say it loudly to someone. Well, especially in a letter which I think one will leave an evidence there. So if someone doubts its meaning and how it would impact Albert’s feeling to read it, it is that someone’s problem. This ‘ai’ in “Love and Respect” is only a bonus for us, which we’ve cherished greatly when you, Ms Puddle, found it in CCFS recently. Even without it, we firmly believe who Anothito was. Too many hints to ignore.

    Ms Puddle, I’m interesting about how Candy used more 2 ‘ai’ in CCFS, and all she used in her thought to Anthony. It’s saying “she’s happy now living with the one she loves” and “her definition of happiness was to be able to live with someone you love”. NOW her unwritten letter to Anthony at the end of the epilogue DOES MAKE SENSE to me. The timeline should be “Vol 1 Page 224″ – unwritten letter to Anthony – Vol 1 Page 232” .. am I correct, Ms Puddle? Based on this, we can say, first Candy in the past after Anthony’s death said the requirement of her happiness was living with the one she loves. Then years after that, after all the turbulance of her life, she spoke in mind to Anthony about being happy now and she told him a lot about Albert which also was his young uncle and POTH. She didn’t say Terry’s name here and like you said Ms Puddle, she even not used ‘suki’ here. At last at the present time of CCFS, she once again said to Anthony she was happy because she lived with the one she loved. So whoever Anohito was, from here it’s clearly Terry was out of context.

    It made me more sure that somehow in CCFS Candy “used” or “treated” (the late) Anthony as her intangible diary where she could pour her deepest feeling. I don’t know why. Maybe she’s comfortable with him? Maybe he was the one she had ever told her feeling directly? We know Candy was also very very comfortable with Albert, he was the only person who knew her feeling so far … so why didn’t she tell about her happiness of living with the one she loved to Albert? It’s sure better to speak with real people than a memory of someone :). Because she couldn’t do it. That person was Albert.


    Right in the middle of writing my last paragraph, my friend who has been living in Japan for 13 years or so, was replying my message where I asked her about the usage of ‘ai’,

    she said nowadays ( underline the word ‘nowadays’) almost none saying ‘ai’ because it’s like the highest rank of word for love. Yes it involves respect and for MODERN japanese, the most suitable love where someone can say it, is a love from a mother to a child. Why? Like any part of the world, the meaning of love has been shifted widely. Our way of living is far different than 100 years ago. Free sex, unfaithfulness, divorces. I heard this story many times, it’s going viral sometime ago. “a person asked their grandparents the secret of their long marriage. The grandfather answered, kid .. I lived in an era where when something was broken, we fixed it. We didn’t buy the new one. It goes the same with the marriage”. I think we can relate this quote with the reason why modern japanese couples are very very seldom say “ai”.

    HOWEVER, my friend said, she’s just finished a japanese drama that was set in samurai period. There … the couple said ‘ai’ to show their feeling. Something you most likely won’t find in japanese drama with modern storyline. Here we should remember the set of Candy Candy story. Although it’s a western story with a great history behind it the author is a japanese by heart and she wrote it in japanese. And even though Mizuki joked herself in Albert’s letter saying ” …. it’s like a cheap novel”, we certainly know Mizuki is a very very capable writer and poet.

    If someone has ever been to Japan, they must know that japanese are more an action people rather than a word people. They show their kindness and respect with action, with body language. They won’t flatter you by words, but their kindness will touch your soul. I’ve been there a few times, and each visit always made me love Japan even more. And I think we also can use this culture of theirs to Candy Candy story. Mizuki showed the growing love/romance between Candy and Albert in actions, not by a simple “I love you”.

    1. Very good point, Reeka dear, that Candy and Albert had the evidence that Candy had written to him a letter with all her love and gratitude!

      You’re right. There are many hints that favor Albert, which can’t be brushed off. 😉

      I believe Vol 1 P. 224 happened in the present when Candy snapped herself back to reality and contemplating about what made one happy. So in a sense, she was happy now because as she said to Anthony, she lived with the one she loved. 🙂

      So the order should be mental letter, dream and introspection, I believe. I can double check if you like.

      I wonder why Candy didn’t even use “suki” regarding Terry in her mental letter to Anthony. It was a bit odd but oh well. 😉

      I think Candy was more comfortable with Albert than with Anthony, but after her trip to Lakewood with Albert, she could talk to Anthony again and asked him to watch over her. Since then, I believe Anthony had become her guardian angel or something like that. Interesting point, Reeka, about not talking to Albert about living with the one she loved :-)… Because he was the one 😀

      Oh I almost forgot! Thank you so much for sharing with us your friend’s experience in Japan. I totally agree, and to many people, actions speak louder than words indeed! One can say all he wants how much the girl means to him, but if he doesn’t care much about how she feels, what’s the point? 😛

        • Reeka on April 25, 2015 at 4:42 am
        • Reply

        Hi! Oh… if that’s the supposed order, it’s better then. She used the two ‘ai’ after the letter to Anthony, which we believe happening sometime after her last letter to Albert where first ‘ai’ written. You know, sometimes it is the first time that is hard to do. Once the ‘ai’ was spoken, … the rest was easier. 😉

        If you asked me why Candy didn’t even use ‘suki’ in her mental letter to Anthony to regard Terry .. it’s simply because the feeling had been fading away. That even ‘suki’ was not any longer suitable to express her feeling to the guy she had met in London. I think we’ve discussed it somewhere long ago. I believe at that moment, Candy might feel the “love” ( suki) she felt for Terry starting evaporating. Time healed the worst pain, like Capt. Vincent Brown once told her.

        It’s amazing, isn’t it my dear friend! How brilliant Mizuki subtly showed us the shifting of Candy’s feeling. As her Terry’s wound had been gradually healed and the feeling had been fading away slowly, … her love and romance with Albert had been growing stronger 🙂

        1. My sentiments exactly, Reeka! Once Candy used “ai”, it would be easier for her to reuse it for the same person. 🙂

          You might be right that Candy’s feelings for Terry had faded somewhat by the time she wrote her mental letter to Anthony. It’s an interesting topic, and eventually I will get to write my own interpretation. 😛

          For now, I must say by that time Candy’s heart already belonged to someone with blue eyes. Her mind was fully occupied by him. 😉

    • Quevivacandy on April 23, 2015 at 6:23 pm
    • Reply

    I cannot agree with you more my friend! Thank you for have written this post so now I know where else Candy used ‘ai’ in the novel and what for.

    And you are right, she only used in a direct way to Albert. We were talking with other girls about suki and ai. Also it is interesting she used ‘suki’ regarding to Terry, in her diary. By that time, I sense she felt for him something, but it wasn’t a deep love. I’m not saying she had not feelings for him, just they were not that deep enough to use the word ‘ai’. She merely began to know him. And what is more interesting as you said in the other post, is “Why she didnt use ‘ai’ in the non-sent letter?” After they knew each other more? Well, with those girls we came to the conclusion, that maybe by the time she wrote that letter, she also pondered about her own feelings back then. That’s why she used ‘ai’ for Susana and ‘suki’ for her. But again, that is only our conclusion, in fact, it was my own conclusion. :p

    Albert and Candy never had a father-daughter relationship, never. And as you said when she thought about their relation like brother-sister or even FAMILY, she even discarded that. Albert was really special. And what Misuki said in that interview, is so interesting. I didn’t know that part. Thank you for shared that.

    It’s so easy to understand the novel, it begins with a little girl crying on the top of the hill and then she met POTH. Years elapsed, she suffered because her romatic interest (2 times). She had with her a very close friend and lived with him for a long long time and suddenly, when he left her, she was so desparate that draws his portrait only to go out and search him. Finally, she found him, discovered he was her guardian. Kept a relation and then, he revealed himself as her first crush, POTH. The story then comes to the end. And what is the end? their correspondence when she feels like FLOATING because she met again with POTH and then, the end of epilogue when she runs to his open arms. All the time Albert had his arms open to her, all the time, not to say the other features we found there.

    So you cannot say her feelings for him are the feelings that someone has for her/his parents, no way. Furthermore, she said ‘I want to thank my parents to have abandoned me so I’m glad to have met YOU”, She wasn’t glad to had met her guardian but ALBERT, the person, everything he is, a man. And what about, HERE LIES MY HAPPINESS!!! 😀 I guess I won’t say more or I will never stop… lol

    1. Thanks dear QuevivaCandy! I agree with what you said too. Glad you like the snippets of Mizuki’s interview. 🙂

      Candy said clearly that living with Albert was different from living with family, and somewhere in her heart she knew he was special. 😉

      My friend, you really speak my mind!!! I almost couldn’t believe my eyes… Lol… I said I was in the middle of writing a long post, and that was it!! You will know soon :-)!!!

        • Quevivacandy on April 27, 2015 at 12:02 am
        • Reply

        Really? hehehehe, I am reading almost everyone spoke you mind! I’m pretty sure your next post will be so interesting! already looking forward to it!

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