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May 28 2015

La persona que amo…

Muchas gracias a QuevivaCandy por traducir mi publicación “The person I love…”! Últimamente he estado ocupada, ¡Así que gracias por su paciencia! De hecho me encuentro a la mitad de estar escribiendo una larga publicación, pero mientras tanto, esta publicación es para aclarar las cosas ya que mis recientes publicaciones han causado algunas confusiones. Algunas …

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May 26 2015

Peculiar Relationship Chapter 5

It has taken me a while to write this short chapter because I have been busy with other things. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it. 😀 -Ms Puddle Chapter 5 While taking in the view of Miss Candice snuggling against her adoptive father’s athletic frame, a discouraging thought slithered …

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May 23 2015

El Amor Nunca Falla Capítulo 6: Dilema

Disclaimer: Candy Candy y todos sus personajes pertenecen a Kyoko Mizuki, las imágenes a Yumiko Igarashi y el anime a Toei Animation. Nota: Este capítulo se basa en la versión del manga, pero por favor tengan en cuenta que mi historia proporciona un escenario del tipo “¿qué pasaría si…?” para entretener mi imaginación. Espero que …

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May 22 2015

2nd anniversary!

Time flies indeed! Tomorrow marks the 2nd anniversary of my blog! Yeah!! 😀 First, my sincere thanks goes to my friend SweetCandyAndley for her hard work on translating my long story “Love Never Fails” despite being busy with her own fanfic. She sent me chapter 6 yesterday, just in time to celebrate the special day. 🙂 …

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May 18 2015

Peculiar Relationship Chapter 4

About the complicated timeline in Candy Candy Final Story, there are different theories out there, and I base my story on my own interpretation. You don’t have to accept my timeline, but I hope you will like this chapter, the longest one yet. The positive feedback and comments have motivated me to keep writing, so …

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May 12 2015

Peculiar Relationship Chapter 3

Note: Thank you very much for following this story. I truly appreciate your continued support and positive feedback. This chapter is slightly longer than the ones before, and I hope you will enjoy reading it. 🙂 -Ms Puddle Chapter 3 “… Therefore, you be my witnesses, that I, Sarah Leagan, make this solemn declaration tonight, …

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May 09 2015

Peculiar Relationship Chapter 2

Note: Thank you all very much for the positive feedback and encouragement. I’m significantly touched by your support. 😀 I know this chapter is short, but the next one is going to be long. Hence, I will publish this one first. Hope you like it too! 🙂 -Ms Puddle Chapter 2 When Darren was getting …

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May 07 2015

Peculiar Relationship Chapter 1

Disclaimer: Candy Candy and all characters belong to Kyoko Mizuki, images to Yumiko Igarashi and anime to Toei Animation. Introduction: I haven’t written any story since I finished “Love Never Fails” last year, but I got so inspired after reading one of the chapters in “Memorias de la Señora Andrew”, in which my friend QuevivaCandy …

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May 06 2015

My update

Many thanks to all of you for your encouragement! I’m going to publish a short story for Candy’s birthday tomorrow (May 7). It’s been a long time since I last wrote any story, so honestly I’m a little nervous! 😆 Anyway, I aim to publish short installments every few days because I don’t have time to write long chapters anymore. …

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