May 12 2015

Peculiar Relationship Chapter 3

Note: Thank you very much for following this story. I truly appreciate your continued support and positive feedback. This chapter is slightly longer than the ones before, and I hope you will enjoy reading it. 🙂

-Ms Puddle

Chapter 3

“… Therefore, you be my witnesses, that I, Sarah Leagan, make this solemn declaration tonight, conscientiously denying all sorts of rumors concerning Miss Candice White Ardlay being light fingered or prone to stealing. On the contrary, as a young servant girl in my house, she was honest, modest, hard-working, obedient…”

While Mrs. Leagan began talking about Candy in a matter-of-fact tone, Candy was shocked, and so was Eliza, whose face was flushed with anger to say the least. Candy hadn’t seen it coming because this was after all the grand opening party of their new hotel, and she didn’t mean to steal the spotlight from anyone. However, now that Mrs. Leagan was speaking to a large audience, Candy unquestionably became the center of attention.

Yet, before long, tidal waves of emotions hit Candy hard. On one hand, she felt indescribably free and relieved that her name was finally cleared after all these years, by none other than the lady who had accused Candy of thieving and thus punished her mercilessly, exiling her to a distant land, Mexico. Since Candy hadn’t committed a single crime while living under their roof, she could never forget the insult she had to endure after she had been falsely incriminated by Eliza and Neil. Being so defenseless against their evidence, if not for Granduncle William’s rescue, Candy couldn’t have escaped her fate of being a child labor somewhere so far away from home.

On the other hand, tears burned the back of her eyes as Anthony’s death once again gripped her heart like a vice. His accident had been like a shadow looming over Candy, haunting her dreams from time to time even now. If the adoption had never taken place, there wouldn’t have been a fox hunting event to introduce her to the relatives, so Anthony would have been alive still.

“… That’s all. Thank you for your attention. Please enjoy the rest of your evening,” Mrs. Leagan finished her speech.

Candy hadn’t listened to all her words, and she was uncertain if Mrs. Leagan had apologized or not. In any case, she would definitely thank Mrs. Leagan, but not this moment when she was highly emotional. For the time being, she felt like leaving the ballroom as soon as possible, not because she cared about what others thought about her, now knowing her poor background, but because she was in no mood to socialize with anyone, including Albert. She didn’t want him to see her teary eyes.

Hence, she exited through a random glass door that led her out to the courtyard, where she spotted a gazebo in a far corner, standing in the middle of something like a tropical garden. After dancing with at least a dozen young men, her high heels were killing her feet, and she was desperately in need of resting her legs. However, while heading towards the gazebo, she passed by the neat wishing fountain. The sound of flowing water had some calming effect, which reminded her of the waterfall in Lakewood.

So she removed her high heels right here by the fountain while reliving her first encounter with Albert after being rescued from near-drowning. Back then, he had looked like a pirate to her. Yet, his tender eyes and his kindness had soon won her over, and since then, not only he had gained her trust, but she could also speak to him a lot without feeling awkward as though they had been friends for a long time. I always felt so comfortable telling him whatever came to my mind… Everything about myself, Anthony, Terry, and even Susanna… But now… Things have changed… How I wish he was just a lone traveler… as I’d assumed before… The days in the House of Magnolia were my happiest ones yet…

With a heavy heart, she raised her eyes to the star-studded sky and happened to see a shooting star. She swiftly closed her eyes to make a sincere wish, help me to say goodbye to Albert tonight… he will be Sir William A. Ardlay to me from now on… let me repeat, his name is William A. Ardlay. He’s Granduncle William, not Albert.

She was glad she had turned him down tonight, not standing beside him for the picture. As Miss Pony had said, the more Candy attended various social gatherings with Granduncle William, the more she would feel torn between two entirely different worlds, one characterized by its extravagance and affluence, and the other by its simplicity and community. He was the only heir to one of the most prestigious families in the country, and she was but an orphan with unknown origin. Not to mention he was still her legal father despite being a young bachelor. Oh Lord, please give me the strength. I know my place, and I won’t complain. I’m actually happy with my life, and I should ask no more.

Nonetheless, at the thought of leaving Albert for good, a pair of lucent blue eyes flashed across her mind, and hot tears spilled from her thick lashes down her cheeks at long last. She knew very well she wasn’t crying about Anthony at this moment. She was shedding tears of unrequited love, tears of longing, and tears of confusion. How cruel is fate? That I have to forget the man who means so much to me…

Though her throat thickened and her stomach churned, she fought hard not to lose her ground. She blinked back the tears and determined to keep her promise, both to herself and to Miss Pony and Sister Lane.

(flashback begins…)


A man’s voice broke into her train of thoughts, startling her a little. The nurse stopped her hands and spun her head towards the source of that voice. “Yes, Dr. Martin?”

He shook his head after a long sigh. “Candy, something’s wrong with you today. Look at what you have done to this boy.”

The doctor looked far from angry, and his tone was neutral; the nurse swiftly snapped herself back to her present. “Oh dear! I’m sorry, Peter!”

Happy Martin Clinic was quieter than normal this afternoon, but their only patient, Peter from a nearby village, had fallen from a tree yesterday and suffered an elbow injury. The bone was not broken but there was a great deal of pain. In order to keep the elbow from getting further injury, the nurse was supposed to strap his elbow by holding it in place. However, neither the father nor the boy himself had expected to see this much bandage was required.

When the absent-minded nurse was about to start all over, the doctor kindly stopped her. “Candy, let me do it. I’d suggest you go home or get some fresh air.”

She liked the idea but hesitated nonetheless. When the doctor gave her a reassuring pat on her delicate shoulder, she agreed appreciatively, “Thank you, Dr. Martin.”

As she pulled herself up from the chair, the doctor remarked, taking the bandages from her hand, “No problem. I suppose you can’t get a certain man out of your mind.”

Instantaneously, her jaw fell open, and it was only when the doctor threw his head back and guffawed that she composed herself and closed her mouth. Feeling color and heat coming to her cheeks, she uttered, “See you tomorrow, Dr. Martin.”

She literally dashed towards the clinic entrance afterwards. Even when she closed the door behind her, she could still hear his guffaw, but she was used to it by now. It wasn’t the first time the doctor teased her about missing Albert, especially after her recent trip to Lakewood, attending the engagement party of Archie to Annie.

Dr. Martin shook his head, chuckling. He vividly remembered his last conversation with Albert before leaving Chicago. The young man had brought him a bottle of fine whiskey, and after reminiscing together, Albert had to leave. While giving the doctor a bear hug, he had said, “Thank you for accepting my humble gift. I hope you will like your new clinic, Dr. Martin.”

“I certainly will. Anything is better than this one,” the doctor had jeered at himself. Before his departure, the doctor had added, “I will watch over Candy for you, Albert. No worries.”

Albert had smiled, seemingly touched by his words. “Thank you. I appreciate it.”

The doctor had long known about the young man’s recovery. In spite of not knowing Albert’s identity, the doctor could sense that the young man had been having inner struggles since. For sure he had been reluctant to leave his lovely roommate. They had lived together for more than two years that he couldn’t possibly imagine his life without her anymore. “No matter how tired I feel after a long day, her smile brings sunshine and warmth to my heart,” Albert had said, burying his face in his hands.

Yet, one day, Candy had come to his clinic and cried her eyes out after Albert had vanished without telling her why except that he had caused her troubles. Since then, Candy had frantically searched for Albert even though she had been clueless where he could be, so much so that she had attempted to draw a picture of him. She had insisted, “Albert isn’t recovered yet, and he wasn’t in perfect physical condition either.”

Later, the doctor had been aware that his nurse hadn’t been sleeping well for many nights, so he had tried to talk some sense into her, “Candy, think again. Albert is a grown up, and he can take care of himself perfectly. Who knows? Perhaps he’s recovered by now? Why are you so anxious about him?”

Nevertheless, Candy had bent on looking for Albert, wondering how or where he had been over these few months. Because her drawing had been of poor quality, the doctor had drawn a portrait of Albert for her, which she had brought to a remote place called Rockstown. “Albert sent me a parcel from Rockstown, Dr. Martin, and I think it was a hint from him. Because he might still be there, I just have to go or else I won’t be able to sleep again.”

The doctor could barely believe his ears. “I haven’t even heard of this place, Candy. Do you want me to go with you?” To which she had rejected politely, “The clinic needs you, Dr. Martin.”

After the trip, the young nurse had been more crestfallen than before. Believing something must have happened, the doctor had been concerned, but she had only said, “No, Albert wasn’t there. I checked with almost everyone in the village but don’t know why nobody could recognize him.”

“Candy, what do you want exactly even if you do find him one day? Don’t you know he’s under no obligation to come back to you? What if he’d rather be alone? That he is independent and no longer needs to be taken care of?”

Speechless, she could only stare at the doctor, nonplussed. However, his suspicions had been confirmed. The nurse had developed special feelings for her so-called brother. She might be unaware of the depth of her feelings yet, but she had been yearning to see him again, no doubt.


When Candy plodded her way home, a bird flitted across her field of vision as though it was luring the nurse to follow her out to the huge elm tree in the clinic’s vicinity. “Not today, little bird,” she said cheerily. “I’m heading towards Pony’s Hill instead.”

Albert had picked this location for the clinic because of this particular elm tree. He had said to Candy, “So you can enjoy its shade during your breaks.”

As always, Albert had been on the lookout for Candy, despite living far apart from her now. In fact, ever since she had moved back to Pony’s Home, every now and then, he had appeared out of the blue, sometimes clad in his business attire and sometimes dressed casually.

For example, not long after she had left Chicago, she had been invited to attend the memorial service for Stear held in Lakewood. Later, in early December, Albert had related to Candy his wish to build a new clinic for Dr. Martin, but the doctor had cordially declined. However, because of Candy’s convincing letter, Dr. Martin had accepted the generous offer but chosen to relocate to somewhere near Pony’s Home. Needless to say, both Albert and Candy had been touched to hear that, and Albert had later written to Candy, asking her to give him some suggestions of suitable locations to build a new clinic. Then she had brought this up to her foster mothers, who in turn had consulted their friends in the neighborhood.

Then one fine spring day, Albert had appeared at Pony’s Home and asked Candy to show him around. After driving from one place to another, they had finalized their decision.

Needless to say, the orphans at Pony’s Home could recognize the male visitor with at least two different names. They had to pay him respect and addressed him as Sir William Ardlay or Sir William even though Candy called him Albert in private.

Presently, Candy had reached her favorite spot, the peak of Pony’s Hill. She flung herself down on the grass, and the tiny bell of the badge around her neck clang. Hearing that, her face broke into a sweet smile, and she wrapped her hand around the badge and heaved a sigh, looking at the sky through the branches and leaves. It was another nice day in the early fall. The sun was shining, and the breeze felt soothing, so she took a nap.

She dreamt about glimpses of the engagement party she had attended in Lakewood this past summer. Everyone looked very charming, and Annie looked absolutely gorgeous like a princess. Candy had a wonderful time, and she even had her first dance with Albert. After that, they sneaked out to the forest, climbing a tree together. Up high on a tree, Candy told Albert about her life at Pony’s Home and Happy Martin Clinic, and Albert also talked about his hectic life as a businessman and recent business travels. But as usual, he couldn’t stay long with her. Without him in the party, Candy couldn’t have felt lonelier. Yet, deep down, she knew it was wrong to continue to harbor feelings for her guardian, but she couldn’t help it.

Candy shot her eyes open. She yawned, rubbing her eyes sluggishly. Dr. Martin was right… I probably should stop thinking about him… Or I can’t focus on my daily tasks anymore.

She slowly turned herself around, plopping herself with her stomach down. As the bell of the badge clang, a smile materialized on her face. This was where she had met her Prince on the Hill when she had been merely six years old, and now she was already twenty. Talking about that, it was strange that her prince had never appeared since then.

Then she unclasped her necklace and examined the badge under the afternoon sun. She had shown Albert her treasured badge many times back in the House of Magnolia, and every time she had mentioned her brief encounter with Prince on the Hill, Albert had always smiled and listened to her in silence.

Before long, her mind wandered back to her dream. Ever since she had discovered Albert’s true identity, she had gradually become aware something had changed between them. During his absence, she had inexplicably pined for him. Later, knowing that he was actually her guardian, she had refused to live a lavish lifestyle in Chicago. She’d rather lead a rural life back at Pony’s Home.

Although her foster mothers had many questions on their mind, they welcomed her to stay as long as she liked without asking her. Though they were getting old and prone to sickness, they followed their calling and insisted taking care of the orphans themselves. Therefore, Candy had reasoned, “I want to come back to help you, Miss Pony and Sister Lane. I don’t think I’ll ever leave again.”

Both her foster mothers had hidden their worries. In the past, Candy had come back after Anthony’s accident and after Terry’s abrupt departure. Yet, what had happened this time?

Unbeknownst to them, Candy had been immensely perplexed and flustered, and she had wanted to sort out her feelings for Albert, which had been irrefutably strong. By returning to the orphanage, she would live far enough from Chicago. Also, she had thought keeping her hands and mind busy with tasks and errands would help her guard her heart, but to no avail. Despite the distance, he had remained a part of her life, and having difficulties believing Albert and Granduncle William were the same person, she couldn’t quite readjust her thoughts about Albert. Even while writing a letter to Terry, a letter that she had had no intention to send, she had inadvertently talked about Albert.

Then, nearly two years had elapsed since moving back to Pony’s Home. Together with Miss Pony, Candy had attended the engagement party in Lakewood. Miss Pony had evidently seen through Candy like a window. Although Candy had tried her best to deny her feelings, she couldn’t convince Miss Pony at all. In fact, just last night, Miss Pony had said to her, “Sister Lane and I are seriously worried about you, Candy. Perhaps you want to consider working in Mary Jane nursing school again or another hospital?”

They had implied more than once that Candy should leave the small town to meet other young men in a nearby city. That was why Candy couldn’t concentrate at work earlier, especially it had been quiet at the clinic today.

All of a sudden, a man’s voice that she had always adored jerked her back to her surroundings, “Miss Pony, as you can see clearly from up here, that will be the ideal location for the new building because-”

Then came Miss Pony’s voice, interrupting him with politeness, “Sir William, please understand that we do not wish to take any more advantage of your generosity.”

Candy thought she must be dreaming. She roughly rubbed her face, wondering, is Albert here?

As though he heard her, he implored, “Please listen to me, Miss Pony-”

Before he could finish his statement, he heard, “Albert? What brought you here today!?”

As she happily sprinted towards him, he gave a hearty laugh and opened his arms to receive her. After a brief hug, he uttered in an extremely excited voice, “Candy, believe it or not, Mr. Cartwright has agreed to sell the land at a favorable price!”

“What? What land?” she wasn’t sure she heard it right.

Sister Lane then appeared. With tears brimming her eyes, she said to Candy, “Sir William’s lawyer will finalize the purchase of the land with Mr. Cartwright.”

Albert spent the rest of that afternoon convincing the two old ladies. He had offered to build a brand new orphanage for them before, but Miss Pony had firmly declined up on Pony’s Hill just now. After some negotiation back and forth, the old ladies concurred with the reconstruction proposal. Sister Lane said, “We can never pay back your kindness, Sir William. I’ve already found it hard to believe that we can raise the kids at ease without worrying about the rent ever again.”

The generous man also left them a considerable amount of cash in case they had to get hold of him for immediate attention. “Don’t hesitate to send telegrams directly to George,” he said seriously.

In addition, a seasoned engineer with construction experience had already been hired to take charge of the project, and the engineer would send regular updates to George. The engineer and his team would do some planning and design first, and the real construction would likely commence in March next year.

“Last but not the least, the land is currently under my name,” Albert wrapped up. “But when Candy turns twenty-one in May, I will transfer the ownership to her name.”

Having heard that, Candy’s eyes doubled in size, gaping at him incredulously. Yet, no matter what she said afterwards, he refused to change his mind. After everything had been settled, Sister Lane said, wiping her tears of gratitude with her handkerchief, “May God bless you for your generosity!”

Likewise, Miss Pony said after putting her tear-smeared glasses back on, “Yes, Sir William, may God grant you all your heart desires!”

After giving them his wholehearted appreciation, Albert asked for permission, “May I have some time alone with Candy before I head back to Chicago?”

Up on Pony’s Hill, they watched the glorious sunset together. As Candy repeatedly thanked Albert on behalf of the orphans in respectful terms, he put on a troubled expression and gently said, “Candy, please stop treating me like an old man. Can’t you see I’m doing all this… to repay your kindness to me?”

That caught her off guard, and he smiled, gazing at her tenderly. “So consider that my early Christmas present to you, Candy.”

But Christmas was three months away, and this would be her second Christmas at Pony’s Home since she had returned. Yet, with tears blurring her vision, she collected herself and murmured, “You know you don’t have to… Albert.”

Without a word, he regarded her affectionately for a moment, and then he gave her a goodbye kiss on the forehead. “I have to go, Candy.”

She missed him already, but she quietly accompanied him all the way to his car. That was when he popped the question, “Candy, could you please do me a favor?”

“What is it?”

“Will you be my partner for an upcoming party in January?”

“Partner?” she echoed with doubts.

He nodded, a genuine smile gracing his lips. As she pondered over the meaning behind his request, he pleaded, “Please?”

Noting the earnest plea in his striking blue eyes, she softened right away and couldn’t resist him even though she didn’t know what the party was about. She heard herself say “yes” to him, and her positive response delighted him.

“Wonderful!” he uttered aloud, grinning ear to ear, before opening the door to the driver’s side of the car.

Only when someone from Chicago came to take her measurements so as to custom design an evening gown for her did she realize it was the grand opening party of a hotel in Miami, Florida. It was the most luxurious resort owned by the Leagans.

George would send a chaperone to accompany Candy all the way to Miami, and there she would meet with Albert. He and George would attend some business functions in New York around that time, and they would directly go to Miami a couple of days before the party.

However, Miss Pony and Sister Lane had a heartfelt discussion with Candy prior to the long trip. They acknowledged from the bottom of their hearts that Sir William was a fine young man. It was obvious to everyone that he cared a lot about Candy and her well-being, always ready to go the extra mile for her, but he would eventually marry someone from the same class or with similar background.

“Besides,” added Sister Lane. “Although Sir William seems preoccupied with work, do you know much about his daily life in Chicago, Candy? What if he is seeing someone right now?”

They also pointed out that when Albert had been at his rock bottom, Candy and Dr. Martin had helped him tremendously. Therefore, just as he had built a new clinic for Dr. Martin, he had also paid for the land and reconstruction of Pony’s Home for Candy’s sake. The amount of money he had spent on them was plausibly a drop in his bucket.

“Candy, don’t play with fire… you’re bound to get hurt,” said Miss Pony with a pensive frown behind her spectacles.

They wistfully told Candy they wanted the best for their beloved child; their hearts ached knowing that she had to go through many hardships and disappointments in life, but the fact that Candy had been suffering from unrequited love for roughly two years had made them realize that simply keeping a distance from Sir William was not enough. Candy had to get as far away from his influence as possible.

Meanwhile, Candy could only nod her head in agreement. She couldn’t possibly pinpoint the exact moment when her heart had been irrevocably captured by Albert, and she thought with surprise, is it more than two years since I made a decision to leave Chicago?

“It’s about time to move on, my dear,” Miss Pony concluded, heaving a sigh of resignation afterwards. On one hand, Miss Pony truly respected Sir William as a person, and she doubted any other man would care about Candy as much as he did, but on the other hand, Candy had to face the reality.

The young lady hesitated for a brief moment before she mustered her courage and admitted how utterly foolish she was to allow herself to fall in love with her adoptive father. Their significant social gap was one thing, but their legal relationship had remained the predicament between them. Therefore, she promised her foster mothers that this would be the last time she would ever appear as Miss Ardlay, and after that, she would give up the name “Ardlay”. She was old enough, and she no longer needed a guardian.

Yet, when Albert personally picked up Candy at the train station in Miami, her resolve began to waver.

(to be continued…)

Peculiar Relationship


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    • Vera García on May 15, 2015 at 10:55 pm
    • Reply

    Ms. Puddle
    Un saludo cordial, felicito a su musa; a hecho un buen trabajo inspirando este capitulo. Usted ha descrito de una manera muy precisa los sentimientos y emociones de Candy y la encrucijada en que se encuentra. Yo si comprendo porque Mizuki hizo complicada la línea del tiempo, para que nos doliera la cabeza en tratarla de comprender(es broma) para mí también es confuso, pero no considero largo el lapso de 2 años porque el verdadero amor es como el buen vino debe tener un buen tiempo de reposo para que madure.

    1. Muchas gracias, Vera Garcia! Glad you like this emotional chapter! I write this story based on my understanding of CCFS, but I’m not saying I must be right. I could be wrong. I know some people found two years a bit long, but I’ll try to explain more in next chapter!

      Saludos! 🙂

    • Antlay on May 14, 2015 at 2:45 am
    • Reply

    Bonjour Ms Puddle
    C’est un chapitre assez triste, comme l’a dit Agnès, on ressent la détresse de Candy. Oui cela devait être douloureux pour elle de voir régulièrement Albert si elle avait des sentiments pour lui pendant tout ce temps, alors que lui semblait partager que de l’affection pour elle. On peut comprendre alors qu’elle soit prête à renoncer à son nom, cela serait probablement plus facile de l’oublier en ne le voyant plus.
    A propos de la révélation, deux ans paraît long, mais l’on sait qu’Albert voyageait beaucoup, des semaines voir des mois, les moyens de transport n’étaient pas les mêmes qu’aujourd’hui, alors je suppose que Candy et lui ne se voyaient pas aussi souvent que ce que l’on pourrait penser, peut-être 6 fois dans l’année ou moins encore.
    Alors peut-être que c’est à cause de cela que Mizuki a repoussé dans le temps la révélation du POTH. Cela laissait le temps à Albert d’être sûr que Candy l’aimait, qu’elle soit prête pour un nouvel amour. S’il avait révélé tout de suite qu’il était le POTH, cela aurait pu influencer Candy car il savait qu’il avait été son premier amour. Je pense qu’il voulait qu’elle soit amoureuse de lui, Albert adulte pas d’un garçon qu’elle avait rencontré que quelques minutes il y a des années. Mais c’est mon interprétation.
    Le fait qu’elle aurait bientôt 21 ans pourrait faciliter aussi cela. Si Candy renonce à l’adoption d’elle-même, alors il n’y a plus d’obstacle entre eux, cela pourrait les libérer. Le fait que Candy ne soit pas de la même classe sociale qu’Albert n’est pas un problème pour lui, je pense que c’est pour cette raison qu’il parle de sa soeur Rosemary et de Vincent à Candy. C’était très subtil de sa part, si elle n’a pas compris le message alors….;-)

    1. Bonjour Antlay! Very good points about the means of transportation back then being so much slower, and Albert was likely on the road a lot, but in CCFS he still tried to visit Candy whenever he could, and that can’t be ignored.

      Yes, I totally agree with you about Albert wanted to make sure Candy fell in love with him first before the revelation. I actually have plans to write about that in the story! Great minds think alike! 😉

      About Rosemary and Vincent, Albert didn’t talk about them until much later, when he and Candy seemed to be steady. Yet, deep inside he never cared much about social status. He made the final call for Annie and Archie was a vivid example, don’t you think? 🙂

        • Antlay on May 14, 2015 at 2:12 pm
        • Reply

        Je pense que tout comme sa soeur Rosemary, l’important pour Albert c’était de vivre avec la personne qu’il amait, peu importe son statut social et oui Ms Puddle en effet, il était le seul de la famille qui ne ce soit pas opposé au mariage d’Annie et d’Archie. Il a eu le dernier mot étant le chef du clan Ardlay et je pense qu’il n’aurait aucun mal à en faire autant pour lui. 🙂

    • Agnès on May 13, 2015 at 12:55 pm
    • Reply

    Hello Ms Puddle!
    You’re so fast, already a new chapter!
    Oh my! Such an unexpected outcome! Poor Candy I could feel her struggles and her sadness :’(
    Albert, Grrrr! How could you let her waiting TWO years!!! 🙄 And his awkward sentence “Im doing all this to repay your kindness to me”! I’m dying to kick his buttocks! 😆 But I guess he wanted wait her 21st birthday so, their legal boundary will be not an impediment anymore.
    I understand her foster mothers and Dr Martin who acted like her parents for her sake; after all they saw her longing for him and being sad during two years, it makes sense. She always had enough suffered with Anthony’s death and breakup with Terry!
    But I can’t imagine Albert letting her go; I hope he will react strongly! I cross my fingers! Albert wake up!

    1. Bonjour Agnès, I see that you’re very productive yourself too! You’ve written a lot already. Keep writing, mon amie! 🙂

      About Candy, she’d been confused for a long time, unsure about her feelings for Albert. I feel that she had fallen in love without knowing, and she probably didn’t know until after she lost him. The fact that she went to Rockstown was a proof that he wasn’t just a friend to her anymore. If they were only friends, the fact that he sent her a parcel was good enough to her. He let her know he was still alive and well, so why did she want to find him still? 😉

      Yes… two years… sigh! I hope you will like what will happen in the story and how Albert would react to all this. 😉 Yes, he would wake up, for sure. 😛

        • Agnès on May 14, 2015 at 2:31 pm
        • Reply

        I agree with all that you said Ms Puddle, but two years it seems a long time to me! As Quevivacandy and you have said it is very interesting to see different possible POV of CCFS!
        Any way, I trust you for the next chapters of your story! 😉

        Thank you for your support and all your reviews, Ms Puddle! It helps to make me keep writing. 😀

        1. Yes indeed! There were different theories out there about CCFS timeline, but some fans were disappointed why Mizuki postponed the prince revelation in CCFS. They much prefer the one in the manga, both his method and the timing.

          Anyway, for sure many things have happened to them during this period of ‘waiting’, and like Antlay, I believe Albert wanted Candy to fall in love with him as he was. At any rate, the fact that Candy shed uncontrollable tears of happiness as soon as she realized that Albert was her Prince on the Hill speaks volumes. Don’t you think?

          It’s my pleasure to read your romantic fic, and it’s interesting to read different perspectives, especially how you have rearranged the events 🙂

            • Agnès on May 18, 2015 at 11:43 am
            • Reply

            Hello Ms Puddle,

            I’m sorry for my belated answer! I completely agree with you and Antlay about POTH revelation. Albert wanted Candy fell in love with him before tell her he was her Prince.
            About the timeline like you and Quevivacandy I’m scratching my head again Ms Puddle. Mizuki is driving me crazy! 😆

    • Evelyn on May 13, 2015 at 10:41 am
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    What a turn in events!! All I can say for now is that I’m very surprised that Candy is contemplating to leave Albert but if it has been 2 years since Candy moved back to Pony’s home then I can definitely see Candy’s side if Albert has not made an attempt to change the course of their relationship, sigh!! I also would have thought that Mrs Pony and sister Lane would see Albert and Candy’s relationship blossoming but if it took Albert 2 years to confess the POTH secret then I can see why they gave the advice they did. And as Luna said that Albert was doing all these good things/deeds to “repay” Candy for taking care of him. It all looks right now as if Albert is stuck in friendship-zone with Candy 🙁 Definitely not what she is looking for. Dr Martin has an important role here i have a feeling 🙂 I’m dying to comment even more Ms Puddle, but I have to run to get kids from school 🙂 Be back later 😀

    1. Dear Evelyn, yes it’d been two years if QuevivaCandy and I have understood CCFS timeline correctly. Sigh… I don’t understand Mizuki I must say. I prefer the timeline in the manga much more, but I heard that Mizuki didn’t want Candy to jump from one relationship to another so quickly. Candy did that once with Terry. She was inadvertently attracted to Terry while she was still grieving for her beloved Anthony.

      Or Mizuki might want to appease Terry fans by making Albert wait? I don’t know… 😉

      Anyway, I sense that Candy must have some special feelings for Albert, or else I can’t explain why she decided to move back to Pony’s Home. If she wanted to contribute to the society, she could easily stay in Chicago and work as a nurse in any hospital. After all, she had left Pony’s Home for years already.

      Also, right after the adoption, Candy started living under the same roof with Anthony, Archie and Stear. I mean she had no problem accepting her new life as the adoptive daughter of a very rich man. What made her change years later? Why didn’t she live with Albert as his daughter?

      Besides, why did she refuse to take a picture standing next to him? She’d rather stand among the Leagans’ employees. There must be a reason. It seems to me she was reluctant to accept her role as the adoptive daughter of Granduncle William. My interpretation of course. 🙂

        • Quevivacandy on May 13, 2015 at 1:26 pm
        • Reply

        Hi girls! I see my pen name so here I am… 🙂

        Hmmm dear MsPuddle, in CCFS I guess it only elapsed a year or so since she moved back to Pony’s Home ’til POTH revelation. Remember Patty’s letter to Candy? By 1917 Spring, Albert was still leaving with Candy in the House of Magnolia as an amnesic man. Then, if we use seasons as appear in the manga for Albert’s departure, it happened in winter (ends of 1917). So the engagement party and WAA revelation took place until 1918 and POTH revelation, next spring (1919). That is how I understood CCFS timeline.

        I don’t know either why Mizuki didn’t make POTH revelation takes place right away after she returns PH, I guess maybe because what you are saying, giving Candy some time to get over Terry (but I believe she already have done it but didn’t realize it). Maybe to give Albert some time to arrange things? Many reasons are in mind you in MDLSA I already mentioned my strong one, testing Candy’s feelings. I remember have talked with you that Albert wouldn’t wait to do it just based to finish his responsabilites before that. It must have been something else.

        I agree with you about Candy’s reasons for leaving Chicago for good. She didn’t want to play the role of Albert’s daughter and you interpretation about why Candy was reluctant to stand beside Albert for the picture, it’s brilliant!

        Anyway, your reason makes sense and after haver read your other replies, I could read kind of a SPOILER!!! weee!!! LOL Wee…. Want to know how everything is going to happen but already, thanks to you, I have some images in my mind!!!

        1. Yes, dear QuevivaCandy! I thought about all that, but in CCFS it was unclear when exactly Albert left… it could be soon after spring 1917…

          Think about it, Candy wrote to Dr. Martin some time before Christmas trying to convince him to take Albert’s offer, and she teased him if he missed her as a skillful nurse or something like that, so she had returned to Pony’s Home already. I believe that happened around Christmas 1917. In 1918, after the war was over, Archie was already in a graduate school and Candy went to the opening party either in Dec 1918 or early 1919. In Candy’s letter to Mr. Whitman she was working in Happy Martin’s clinic already, right? The POTH revelation was in early Spring 1919. What do you think?

          But if you think I’m wrong, then let’s discuss. 😉 If so, I might need to change my story… ooops!!! 😛 😛 😛

          I’ll talk more about Albert’s thoughts in my story… mainly my imagination LOL 😉 Yes, by now I’m not surprised that you can sense what’s going to happen in the story. 😉 😛

            • Quevivacandy on May 13, 2015 at 4:00 pm
            • Reply

            A not far away memory came to my mind, of the time when I almost got bald! lol…

            Well, Patty shoud wrote that letter I guess late March or early April (1917). I’m inclined to believed it was the second option. Yes, it is not clear when Albert leaves in CCFS and as you say, it could be soon after spring 1917… but… if he left in the early summer 1917, Candy looked for him for a while and after some time, she goes to Rockstown.

            We know in the manga she went to that town following the SPRING coat clue but CCFS, tells something different? Just wondering. If not, it must be Spring when Albert sent her the coat. It was already summer when he left and the shops only would have the ‘Spring sales’. I can’t imagine Albert giving her a present that she only could use ’til next spring (1918) or buying a coat on sale. :/ If he waited months to give that step, seeking for Terry and watching after Candy in silence, then he must sent the coat in the late Winter or early Spring but we are talking again it was 1918 already. I think RT episode, forced engagement party, WAA revelation and Candy moving back to PH, happened in 1918. RT episode was the first event that happened so we can tell when next event took place from there.

            I agree the letter to Dr. Martin must be written before Christmas, but the 1918 one. I also agree with the Grand Opening Party date and POTH revelation (early spring 1919). And yes, by 1919 Spring, Archie was in graduate school and PH was under construction. I also agree with you with by the time she wrote to Mr.Whitman and even, in her the last letter to Albert, she was already working in the New Happy Clinic. We also agreed why she finally could write to Mr. Whitman and Anthony, so no spoilers to anyone here… :p And about that visit, I’m more inclined to believe it took place until 1920 Spring.

            I don’t know if I’m wrong, but as I remember, from the old novel to CCFS, Muzuki changed the year where everything happened but it’s just my guessing, not the seasons. For example POTH revelations was not right away but kept happening in spring. That is why I still kind of thinking his travel to South America still was long (he was still there for Brazil Summer) and because the flowers had to be in full bloom in Lakewood, the visit should be in Spring. Another thing, how long you think, the New Happy Clinic last? I dont’ know too much about those constructions but over here, constructions last at least 6 months and by that time, it was already fall if we want to set Lakewood visit in 1919. What do you think?

            I can feel my hair is starting to fall… lol…

            1. Dear QuevivaCandy! Yeah, we are back to scratching our heads lol…
              If I’m not mistaken, in CCFS there’s no mentioning of what Albert sent to Candy from Rockstown. We just read that Candy went there to look for Albert but saw Terry and his mother instead. I assume the timeline this way:

              Albert left Magnolia before summer 1917. Months later, because of Neil, Candy went to Lakewood and discovered Albert’s identity. RT happened in between.

              Stear’s memorial service in Lakewood in late 1917, about a year after his death. Candy might have returned to Pony’s Home already. That following Christmas, she wrote a letter to Dr. Martin about the new clinic.

              It took time to find the right location and also to build a new clinic from scratch. I suppose it happened in Spring 1918 and possibly finished in late summer or fall of 1918. Archie and Annie engagement party happened too this year? I don’t know.

              What do you think? Don’t worry. You don’t have to agree with me, my dear friend! What you said in your timeline works too. 😉

              • Quevivacandy on May 13, 2015 at 5:09 pm

              And we are back where we left it last time… lol…

              Ok, so CCFS doesn’t mention the object in ‘question’… hmmm… interesting. We agree, Albert left the apartment, then RT episode and then because of Neal, Candy discovered Albert’s identity. Late, the very same year, Stear’s memorial took place… But I still do not agree with the year… lol… sorry…

              Yep, I also agree Stear death should happened in 1916 but, remember I asked you if a memorial service only could take place a year after the event? So here goes, What about the letter to Archie? It is crystal clear it was written after WWI was over. In that letter, Candy wrote ‘You must have relieved to have held the “memorial meeting for Stair” in Lakewood’. If the memorial took place in late 1917, I don’t think Candy would waited until early 1919 to say that to Archie, She must has seen him before that for his engagement party or write that to him in her other letters. Also, in the very same letter, Candy mentioned Patty scolding Albert for have hidden his ID when he went to Lakewood. It doesn’t seem (to me) that Candy was recalling a memory from over a year ago but a recent one, from a few months before. But I have to say, we agree about Candy must be living at PH by then and that following Xmas, she wrote the letters to Dr. Martin.

              And about the A&A engagement party, I still have not idea when it happened… sigh…

              Anyway, lets enjoy your story, POTH revelation and Grand Opening party, happened in 1919. 😀

              Sorry for the intermission… :p

            2. Yes I mostly agree with you, my dear, but Candy also mentioned Archie’s first reactions to knowing Albert’s true identity, which had happened long ago already too, right? 😉

              Also, memorial service definitely happened before Archie’s engagement because both took place in Lakewood, and Candy said it was hard for Archie to pick that location for the memorial.

              Let’s say we don’t have to change our thoughts on CCFS timeline, dear QuevivaCandy. Let’s agree to disagree. 🙂

            • Evelyn on May 13, 2015 at 4:44 pm
            • Reply

            Hi Quevivacandy and Ms Puddle. So my head is spinning because of all these dates and events. I am still not up to speed with these dates. Again, need to read, read, read all the spoilers you both have read so I can keep up…! Hay, mi pobre cabeza da vueltas!!! 🙂

            Question: The part that you both say regarding Candy not standing next to Albert when taking a picture during the inauguration in Miami, is this scene part of CCFS or just in your own story Ms Puddle? From what I’m reading between you both it is part of CCFS so that says a great deal that Candy did not want to be associated at that moment to Albert as HIS Adoptive Daughter since she was being introduced as such during this reception. I’m sure if she was being introduced as Albert’s “partner” as Albert promised Candy in your fic then Candy would have been more than happy to stand right by him… I am pretty sure!! I can understand why she wanted to get out of that situation and leave the party in your story.

            1. Sorry Evelyn for confusing you. In CCFS Candy in her 30s looked at an old photo taken during this grand opening party in Miami. She described the picture by saying that standing right in the middle was Granduncle William (!).

              Yes, in her 30s she used the exclamation mark right after his name. Speculations are that Candy was now married to him, but back then she still addressed him as such. Does this make sense?

              As his adopted daughter then, her position was higher than the Leagans because Aunt Elroy was the step mother of Sarah Leagan. They weren’t related by blood.

              Yet, Candy said in CCFS that when Albert asked her to stand beside him, she declined ‘of course’ because she felt more comfortable standing with Stewart and Mary (the Leagans’ employees).

              So my story is based on this family picture. I hope I have answered your questions, and Candy’s inner thoughts were my imagination.

              Albert did request Sarah to deny rumors in front of the guests, so that part is in CCFS. 🙂

            • Evelyn on May 13, 2015 at 5:01 pm
            • Reply

            Thank you so much dear Ms Puddle for spoon feeding me this information!!! I know you and Quevivacandy are miles ahead of me with your in-depth knowledge of CCFS but I’m trying to catch up with both of you 😀 and I will…eventually 😉

            1. No worries, Evelyn! I’m sure you will eventually catch up. 😉

            • Evelyn on May 13, 2015 at 5:14 pm
            • Reply

            About the wait between relationships, as you said Candy pretty much jumped into the Terry relationship while still grieving Anthony! I think it was too fast and she made a bad choice. Didn’t Mizuki say to Igarashi to not make Candy look like she was that type of girl to go from one man to another fast? The wait between Terry and Albert is intentional I believe. But did the POTH confession come after the Miami inauguration then? How long after? This has to be the turning point in their relationship I believe! But in both your story and CCFS, this confession has not happened yet correct?

            1. Exactly… That happened too fast, and with hindsight, Candy asked Anthony to forgive her in her mental letter to him at the end of CCFS.

              I’ll talk more about her mental letter to Anthony later. 😉

              Yes, both QuevivaCandy and I agree that in CCFS Albert confessed before Candy turned 21 in May. 🙂

            • Quevivacandy on May 13, 2015 at 5:29 pm
            • Reply

            Hola Evelyn! perdón por la confusión. Es que al año pasado MsPuddle y yo nos pusimos a discutir sobre la cronología de CCFS y ambas terminamos casi calvas y con la cabeza dándonos vueltas, jajaja.

            Hay muchas cosas que se deben ir armando en base a fechas y datos que te dan en las cartas y que también encuentras en toda la historia. Nuestra discusión surgió porque precisamente yo estaba armando mi cronología para escribir mi historia y por casualidad, MsPuddle publicó en ese tiempo su propia cronología.

            Al final coincidimos en la mayoría de cosas pero también creí que habíamos coincidido en que después de descubrir su identidad y la confesión del príncipe, solo había pasado un año. Así que cuando leí que eran dos años, pegué el brincó… 🙂

            Pero una cosa es cierta, Mizuki no escribió en CCFS que la última confesión se fuera inmediatamente cuando Candy regresó al Hogar de Pony y de ahí, todo depende a como interpretes las cosas, las vas ubicando entre un evento y el otro.

            Y nah, yo al menos no soy experta en CCFS, jajajaja al haber leído los spoilers, conozco los acontecimientos y he sacado mis propias conclusiones pero he aprendido mucho de MsPuddle sobre sus interpretraciones. 😀

            • Evelyn on May 13, 2015 at 8:32 pm
            • Reply

            Aaaahhh… pero no te preocupes Quevivacandy! Me encanta leer las discusiones y ver como ustedes intentan descifrar cada detalle que Mizuki nos da para que la historia encaje correctament. Estoy segura que la diferencia entre tus fechas y las de Ms Puddle es muy poca, pero al menos esto nos da una buena aproximación de la cronología de la historia. Sí, ya veo como las dos podrían quedar calvas y mareadas de darle vuelta al asunto una y otra vez!! Ja ja ja! 😀

            Dos años parece ser mucho tiempo para que Albert finalmente confesara su último secreto a Candy pero si él esperaba a que ella cumpliera 21 años el cual implica ser mayor de edad, pues tiene sentido. Entonces, hipotéticamente podrían liberarse de esa relación legal adoptiva y empezar una relación como pareja. 🙂

          • Reeka on May 13, 2015 at 6:27 pm
          • Reply

          I’m actually taking my pen right now to write down what you girls are talking about in regard of CCFS timeline. No kidding. It’s always been confusing me, and I know it always will. Therefore, I rely on you, Ms Puddle & Quevivacandy! 🙂

          1. But Reeka, it’s very confusing indeed, and there are different theories out there actually. 🙁

            • Evelyn on May 13, 2015 at 8:44 pm
            • Reply

            Yes Reeka, between Ms Puddle and Quevivacandy’s insights I continue learning so much about this very complex but lovely story. I guess Mizuki wants her fans to fill in the blanks and use our common sense to figure out what she is trying to tell us based on facts she gives us in bits and pieces.

            1. I agree with you, dear Evelyn! Different people might read the same letters but with different interpretations… 😉 Though I wish Mizuki could make this part of her novel easier to understand 🙁

    • Luna on May 13, 2015 at 7:59 am
    • Reply

    Hmmm… I think Candy is right about taking this decision. It seems Albert hasn’t done any private / special step concerning Candy’s feelings during two years…he said ,in your story and in the manga as well ,”he is debtful to Candy and he is doing all these things in order to repay”.
    So actually these aren’t the rights words what Candy wanted to hear…because of this attitude, she couldn’t expect anything from him. Albert closed the all doors – voluntarily or not -which were supposed to lead them into a serious romantic relationship …but why? Is there any reason for this? I don’t think so it ‘s about Candy ‘s past with Terry or it’s just about something related to the business or his family….
    and which I like in your story a lot, she is not leaving him for forcing to think about their relationship. Contrary, maybe first time, she is trying to protect herself after all her disappointments , sadnesses…
    So I ‘m really wondering about ;
    firstly , how Albert would face himself and
    then how he would fight for Candy…he is really loosing her…and dear Ms Puddle, your story is giving me an impression that she is really broken to him…

    1. Bonjour Luna, thanks again for your insightful comment! Yes, so far, Albert hadn’t done anything “romantic”, or at least his actions didn’t seem that way to anyone, especially Candy. That’s my interpretation of CCFS, and it seems that she had troubles treating Albert and Granduncle William as one person.

      About why Albert was doing all that, I’ll try to explain in my story based on my imagination and interpretation of CCFS. Please stay tuned, Luna. 🙂

      Yes, in my story, Albert would soon realize that he was losing Candy. She couldn’t go on like that, and it was unfair to her. As much as she loved him, she had to protect herself from being hurt again.

    • Reeka on May 13, 2015 at 12:09 am
    • Reply

    Hiks. I didn’t expect this chapter to be melancholy :(. I knew Candy’s sadness somehow related to her feeling toward Albert, that she thought she wasn’t worth to be his partner, but I didn’t guess she planned to leave Albert. Oh sometimes when I read stories like this, I really want to bring these two in front of me and tell them to stop their i-think-i-know-what-the-other-person-think game and be honest to each other. 2 years of being uncertain is something I myself couldn’t bear. Hahahaha. Really I’m not a patient woman.

    My friend, your story really helps me on the CCFS timeline. So, it’s Miami Trip first, then Prince Revelation?

    I like the part you placed the purchase of Pony Land here. But I’m quite surprise to see the conversation between Candy, Ms Pony and Sister Lane. I always thought, these two women, along with George, and yes, dr Martin, were of few people who could see the blossoming love between Candy and Albert, way before they both realised by themselves. Although I can say, here Ms Pony and Sister Lane are being rational and sensible. They of course only want the best for Candy. Seeing her facing another disappointment is the last thing they want to see, I believe. Oh poor Candy. I can’t imagine her gloomy mood during the trip to Miami. Meanwhile, on chapter one, we saw Albert being reluctant to show his affection to her. Again! Because he thought it was not appropriate.

    Will we see Albert POV on next chapter or it’s going to be the next move?

    Thank you for taking your time for this story, Ms Puddle. You don’t know how much I appreciate it.

      • Quevivacandy on May 13, 2015 at 9:01 am
      • Reply

      Hello Reeka and MsPuddle

      Yesterday I forgot to mention the thing about two years. Really? you made him wait for 2 years for his final confession??? LOL I cannot imagine that! Yesterday after have sent my comment, I didn’t get that point in your story right away, I was confused so I was going to point out YOUR mistake in my private, how is possible that Albert is going to give Candy as Christmas present the land, if she said 3 months have elapsed since then and later, he was asking her to be his partner in a party in JANUARY! nooo… MsPuddle definitely made a mistake…lol…

      But… something hit me before I wrote you MsPuddle… “Wait! she didn’t say 3 months have elapsed since Christmas, she wrote Christmas was 3 months AWAY!!!!” I said to myself so I tap my self on my head. So, I re-read that part understanding 2 years have elapsed since she moved back to Pony’s Home. 2 Christmas and everying fitted in. 😀 so, MY mistake…lol…

      I struggled in my story how not shake them to come to senses only taking a year for the POTH revelation but I cannot imagine TWO WHOLE years! oh my, this is going to be fun! But since you are not giving us many details on what have happened over those 2 years, I guess I can bear it… lol…

      And about POTH revelation, yep, I also think it took place 1919 spring, after the Leagan’s Grand Opening Party. I always have think because the way Candy addressed to Albert, when she talks about the picture taken there and in her later letter to Archie, She didn’t know yet by that time, Albert was POTH. But well, that is my interpretation.

      1. Dear QuevivaCandy, like you, I was a bit upset why Mizuki had to make them wait for this long. Some people prefer the manga timeline that Albert confessed the day Candy returned to Pony’s Home. Actually, me too. 😛

        However, some people believe Mizuki wanted Candy to truly get over Terry first. In CC, Candy was attracted to Terry while she was supposed to mourn for Anthony’s death still. Granted, she was still very young then.

        For Albert’s case though, they were very close friends to start with, and their feelings for each other were already strong. Neither knew exactly when those feelings evolved into romance.

        Plus, their legal relationship was indeed the predicament between them. I’ll explain more in my story using my imagination. 😉

          • Quevivacandy on May 13, 2015 at 1:41 pm
          • Reply

          I know my friend. It’s really hard to join all the pieces and imagine how things happened in order to get the epilogue ending.

          Yes, I understand the fact that Mizuki wanted them to wait, but since the break up took place in 1914’s winter, I guess Candy really got over Terry. In Rockstown we have a hint how her feelings had changed regards to Terry (1918 early spring, according me… :p) More than 3 years elapsed between the 2 events, or more than 2 if we think the RT episode happened in 1917.

          I already have my own conclusion about the adoption mua ja ja, let´s see if we agree about that… 😉

          1. Exactly… my dear friend. I’m still confused with the timeline in CCFS… I must say… I don’t understand why Mizuki had to make it so complicated? Grrrr…

            Yes, every writer has his or her own interpretation even based on the same CCFS. That’s why reading fanfics is interesting 😉
            If I can do whatever, Albert would have confessed right away without waiting for so long. Sigh… 🙁

    1. Yes dear Reeka, I expected my readers to be surprised, and I think in CCFS something must be going on Candy’s mind when she refused to stand next to Albert for the picture. She had the right because she was Miss Ardlay, the adoptive daughter of Granduncle William after all. Her position should be higher than the Leagans, right? 🙂

      In Candy’s unsent letter to Terry, you can tell she was confused about Albert. She said he was veiled in mystery, and for some reason he had kept his recovery from her. Most of all, I don’t know why she wondered about Albert’s reactions to reading her diary. If he was merely her guardian, she wouldn’t say things like this, right?

      About CCFS timeline, it’s based on my discussions with QuevivaCandy. For sure the trip to Miami happened soon after the war was over, and based on Candy’s letter to George after the opening party, we believe Candy didn’t know Albert being her POTH yet. 😛

      About Miss Pony and Sister Lane, I was inspired by another story someone else told me. In that story these two ladies told Candy that it was wrong to develop feelings for her guardian.

      Next chapter will still be Candy’s POV… The flashback isn’t over yet. 😉 Thank you once again for your eager support, my dear friend!!

    • Quevivacandy on May 12, 2015 at 10:31 pm
    • Reply

    Great chapter, my friend! I do not what to say… I didn’t see that coming, She had decided to say good-bye Albert for good and that is why she was crying… sigh… (even I know she won’t do it… I guess… :p)

    I could sense her foster mothers concern about her and her feelings. I guess they could see through her and just wanted to put her feet on the ground, thinking about any possible scene,including Albert getting marry with another woman… ooppss.

    I like the way you introduce mr. Cartwright’s lands and the ‘discussion’ between Albert the ladies… Dr. Martin, he is such a good man. And guess what, I couldn’t believe my eyes while I was reading some parts. I already have written something like that in my new chapter, you will see… hehehe

    Thanks for the update but as always, you left me wanting to read more!

    1. Yes dear QuevivaCandy! A big surprise, eh? 😉 Thanks for taking the time to read, and great minds think alike indeed! 😀

      About the purchase of the land, I told myself not to copy yours, and I tried to keep it brief. 🙂 This is a short story after all. 😛

      I’m looking forward to reading your update, my friend! ¡Buena noches! 🙂

        • Quevivacandy on May 13, 2015 at 8:28 am
        • Reply

        Hey my friend, sorry, I read your reply yesterday night but I was already falling asleep that decided better go to bed instead writing incoherences… 🙂

        yes, indeed it was a HUGE surprise, like I said, I didn’t see that coming. I also wanted to add something else but since I’m reading Reeka already commented something about it, I better going to comment that over there… 😉

        About not trying to copy me, I understand that perfectly. Sometimes it happens to me and try to left aside what I have read in other stories, specially yours, lol… you’ll see I haven’t seen anyone else that had written everything based on CCFS… just you :p But I’m trying to say, is write what you feel, what you see in your head. If what you are going to write looks alike its because we are writing about the same thing and we already know what the other thinks. Even we are writing about the same event, it is interesting to read how other person writes the very same scene, written since other perspective. You have a gift, so please use it. 😉

        About next chapter, yesterday I had planned to finish it, I would do it, but re-reading my previous paragraph, kind of re-wrote a whole scene and had to make some changes here and there… lol… it still happens to me plenty of times, can’t help it. Hope today I can finish it and then, edition… 😀

        1. No need to be sorry, dear QuevivaCandy!

          Yup, like you said, even based on the same events in CCFS we could write them differently with our own interpretations.

          Don’t force yourself to publish something when you don’t feel ready, my friend! But sounds like you’re getting there, so keep it up, dear QuevivaCandy! I’m looking forward to reading it. 🙂

            • Quevivacandy on May 13, 2015 at 1:44 pm
            • Reply

            Thanks my friend, but I’m not pushing myself. Almost have the whole chapter middle/long one. I just have to write the last scene but is going to be short. 😉 Thanks for concerning about me.

            1. Take care, my friend! I’m looking forward to reading it, but I don’t want to give you pressure either. 🙂

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