Jun 16 2015

The day her life changed (Part 2)

Note that life changing events happen to all people, like a new career, a breakup, wedding, a new child, a job loss, a relocation, a diagnose, an accident, etc. etc. Likewise, some of these happened to Candy too throughout the story, right? I’m sure they were all important events in her life, but in the prologue of Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS), Candy singled out one particular day in her life and emphasized the impact of her brief encounter with Albert in his youth, whom she had named Prince on the Hill. 🙂 The only evidence she had was his silver badge with a family insignia.

Some argue that Candy’s life had undergone a profound change the day she met her prince because he recognized the little girl years later and thus adopted her into his family. Yet, as some of you have pointed out, Candy could have said that her life had changed the day she had been adopted by a rich uncle (became the adopted daughter of William A. Ardlay), or the day she had been rescued from near-drowning by the waterfall (befriended with the vagabond Albert), but after suffering many ups and downs over the years, little Candy grew up and returned to where she had come from, the Pony’s Home, despite being the adopted daughter of the powerful William A. Ardlay. She could have lived like a princess, but she decided to work as a nurse in a small clinic located near the orphanage.

In a sense, she seemed to be back to square one, going back to where she had originated. 😐


Let’s put CCFS aside for now and take into account how the story of Candy Candy ends. Contrary to the anime version, Albert wore his usual outfit in the manga and simply repeated the line up on Pony’s Hill,

おチビちゃん わらった顔のほうがかわいいよ

Although the wordings are slightly different (compared to the line shown in The day her life changed (Part 1)), the meanings are practically the same. 🙂 In the manga, Prince on the Hill left this line right before he vanished into thin air, and he used an extra word 顔, which means face. To paraphrase this, he said little one, your smiling face is prettier.

Do you know that the way Albert called her, おチビちゃん, is usually reserved for little kids or young children? This is fine when Candy was merely six years old, but it’s not very appropriate to call her おチビちゃん (Ochibichan) again now that she was close to seventeen. For adults, the term チビ (chibi) sometimes carries a slight nuance of contempt, meaning shorty or midget, etc. 😛

Nonetheless, in the manga, Candy understood why Albert repeated the exact same words. Like some of you, I also suppose Candy had never told anyone what her prince had said to her, not even Albert. Therefore, the fact that he said this to her again was his subtle hint that he was her Prince on the Hill, and as soon as she got her mind straight, she gleefully dashed into his outstretched arms with an ecstatic grin on her face.

Some people brush off or downgrade the significance of Candy’s rapturous reaction to Albert’s confession, saying that they had shared emotional embraces many times throughout the story already, so this was just another hug between them. What’s the big deal? 😕

However, if you have noticed, ever since Candy reunited with Albert in Lakewood, knowing that he was actually her legal guardian, she seemed to register the truth with mixed emotions, and tears continuously rolled down her cheeks. Regardless, she didn’t run into his arms as she had always done in the past. It isn’t clear how much time had elapsed between the discovery of his real identity and the day she left Chicago for Pony’s Home, but they had not hugged each other at all, as though something had changed between them.

Some insist that Albert being Prince on the Hill made not much a difference to his relationship with Candy. After this revelation, Albert would remain her friend, big brother and adoptive father. However, in my opinion, while her actions didn’t go beyond platonic, her feelings for him were definitely more than platonic by then. Why?

Don’t you think her reactions would have been entirely different if her prince was a random handsome stranger in his twenties? Would she run into his outstretched arms? 🙄

Very unlikely, right?  😀

After all, she was a young lady already, not a child. 😉

Or even worse, if her prince turned out to be a man she knew but disliked 🙁 , would she have been this elated to have reunited with him at long last? 😕

In either case, she would possibly be civil with the man whom she was unfamiliar with, no matter how handsome he was, and she would simply return the badge to him. That was probably it between them, and I don’t think she would do anything else with him after that. 😉

However, her prince was Albert, the man who had always managed to comfort her whenever someone dear to her heart had left her, including Annie’s departure with her new parents, Anthony’s death and Candy’s breakup with Terry.

The only time Albert hadn’t been there for Candy was when he had walked away from her life and remained hidden from her for months. During his absence, she had missed him terribly, even blindly gone to Rockstown to search for him.

In CCFS, Candy realized she had developed some special feelings for Albert by then, that she somehow knew that he wasn’t merely a family to her (for details, please read Argh, he’s driving me crazy …). Candy might not be fully aware of the depth of her feelings yet, but the fact that she gladly and readily accepted him as her prince, the boy she had adored since her childhood, speaks volumes. 🙂 😉

Yet, some people claim that Mizuki had changed her mind when writing CCFS, that ultimately the most important man to Candy was Terry, not Albert, and that Candy would end up marrying Terry. 🙄 However, one reader had raised a very good point to counter that. If Mizuki had changed her mind, the author could have begun CCFS around the time Candy left for London with George instead 😮 , or at least Mizuki could have indicated that the day Candy’s life changed significantly was the day she met Terry while crossing the Atlantic Ocean. 🙄

But no, that’s not the case. Unlike the manga, the story of CCFS ends before Albert’s important confession. The epilogue begins by revealing the identity of that mysterious boy, as though Mizuki answered the question in the first two chapters of CCFS. He was no other man than Candy’s legal guardian, Albert. The way he disclosed his secret was to ask Candy to return his badge, and that was how Candy discovered who he really was. She then shed tears of happiness, non-stop, and she wrote a letter to him after the shock. That is the first letter in the epilogue, which is followed by their heartfelt correspondence between each other.

Remember an epilogue can serve as a teaser to a sequel after the story ends? Can’t you see the structure of CCFS by now? The prologue presents a question and the epilogue provides the answer. In other words, CCFS is a story about why or how Candy’s life had changed after her brief encounter with a mysterious Scottish boy, who had been giving her his unflagging support all these years without her knowing it until the time was ripe.

Therefore, many of us have reasons to believe Candy’s future began with her Prince on the Hill. 😀

I will continue, so please stay tuned for Part 3.



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    • Quevivacandy on July 6, 2015 at 9:00 am
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    Hello… hehehe

    I really cannot conceive how some people thinks Terry is the most important man in Candy’s life. Yes, she wrote in her diary back in London “Terry, the man I love the most”, or something like that… ohh well, I haven´t read it yet but TF says that and just because that, they keep thinking it remained the same for the rest of her life.

    Many things happened after London that made Candy change. She and Terry broke up and she moved on. She confirms that in her non-sent letter by writing ‘because he was at my side (Albert), I could managed to get over” Get over what? everything is written in her diary (Terry). Albert always was there for her, living together for YEARS. So, she had a very important place in her heart around that time as you already say it above in Candy’s recollections.

    And at the end, the man who already has an important place on her heart comes to be the same she treasures his memory.

    I know there are a lot of things that are not included in CCFS like their life together at Mangolia, uncle’s William revelation, Neal’s engagement call off, etc etc etc. We just have letters that touch those subjects but we already know how everything goes in detail because the manga. So, at least for me, there are missing parts in CCFS, but it doesn’t mean they didn’t happened in the same way as before (except for Pouppe’s death, that is something new and the few changes Mizuki writes in CCFS but the background keeps being the same).

    At least for me, her encounter with POTH doesn’t has anything to be with her adoption. Yes, after the cascade rescue, Albert recognized her because she was wearing his badge and she hadn’t change and also, he learnt many things about her life but I guess he adopted her not because she was that little girl but for everything he had hearded and the request from his nephews. So again, her life didn’t changed because of that, well, it changed but this was not the reason Candy mentions in the prologue. Back then, he didn’t know yet he was her POTH, when her life changed. hmm…as always, not quite sure I’m explaining myself… lol…

    tha fact she mention the invisible threads, she has them on mind thinking the day they met for the first time, on Pony’s Hill. I guess at the end, she saws Albert as her first love, not as her ex-guardian or Uncle William and just recalls how destiny managed to get them together time after time.

    1. My sentiments exactly, dear QuevivaCandy! When Candy wrote that down in her diary doesn’t necessarily mean she would never change! In fact, it’s undeniable that her feelings for Terry had “simmered” down later in her life. 😉 Her unsent letter to him was a solid proof.

      On the other hand, Candy’s letters to Albert/Prince on the Hill show how her feelings for him grew and grew. By the time he took her to Lakewood, she was deeply in love with him. Sigh!

      Like you, I understand Mizuki didn’t write in detail and relied on the manga to complement the scenes. I must say I was disappointed that CCFS can’t stand alone without the knowledge from the manga, but as you said, we have to read both to appreciate the relationship between Albert and Candy.

      I know what you mean, that Candy’s life changed not really because of the adoption, but because she had met the most important man in her life. I’ll talk about that in part 5. 😉 The fact that Candy said she was tied to Albert with invisible thread says a lot about how she felt about him. 😀

        • Quevivacandy on July 6, 2015 at 8:27 pm
        • Reply

        Well, I also would like that CCFS can by alone but I have taken that like this…

        Some sector say the old novel and the manga are obsolate ’cause in CCFS the end of the story changes (I wrote about it in my comment in part 3)… But guess what, you NEED the manga to understand and fill the blank spaces in CCFS 😀 It’s not only the appreciate their relationship but to UNDERSTAND the story.

        If we just read CCFS, in section III the part about the so called engagement with Neal, we just would knew it was cancelled by Albert, Archie tried to warned Candy by a note and George told Candy where to find great uncle William. If that, the novel it’s truly a puzzle where we have to use our imagination, guessing how one thing get us to another. Silly, isnt? :p

        So, I rather prefer to think it was Mizuki’s intention to keep us in the original plot, in case ‘someone’ will interpretate in a wrong way her story just because some events… 😀 hehehe

        And yup, in their trip to Lakewood she already was deep in love with Albert…

        1. I totally agree with you about what you said. In short, without the manga, one can’t understand the events in CCFS section III at all. The letters and Candy’s retrospection complicate things even more; not to mention the timeline is very confusing! Sigh… 🙁 😐

    • Vera García on June 22, 2015 at 12:04 am
    • Reply

    Un cordial saludo Ms. Puddle
    Un análisis interesante, es un hecho que Mizuki enfatizo como un acontecimiento significativo en la vida de Candy, el encuentro con el Príncipe de la Colina, porque es a partir del mismo que Candy toma las decisiones más importantes en su vida.

    1. Muchas gracias, Vera!!

      Yes indeed, Mizuki essentially told us in an indirect way that Prince on the Hill was the most important man to Candy’s life. 😉

      Saludos!! 🙂

    • Evelyn on June 21, 2015 at 12:37 pm
    • Reply

    Happy weekend Ms Puddle! I had missed this post! This happens to be one of my favorite scenes in Candy Candy with Albert looking tenderly smiling at Candy as he reveals his secret to her!! He seems pretty confident I must say as if he knows that she will receive his revelation in a positive manner I always thought. When it all finally clicked in Candy’s head, she was completely out-bursting with joy!

    You are correct, Ms Puddle, that if this POTH was a total stranger who simply lost his badge years ago and Candy finally met him, her reaction would have been completely different not as emotional as it was with Albert because of who he meant for her. It really is just common sense to figure out why Candy reacted as happy as she did when she ran into Albert’s arms. A prince in a story is someone who has a special place in a damsel’s heart if she dreams of him as Candy did. It was like a dream come true to realize that the person whom she already had feeling for ended up being the same prince she had been dreaming since her youth. I believe that her feelings toward Albert exploded from that day on and she knew without a doubt that she loved him. Unfortunately in the Manga the story ends there but in CCFS we have a longer glimpse of what happened between them! 😉

    So, in CCFS, does Albert reveal that he is POTH before the Epilogue? or is it on the first letter in the Epilogue through Candy’s letter to Albert narrating what had happened between them? Did Mizuki narrate this encounter anywhere else besides the epilogue? Either way, I think is so touching the way it is told in CCFS because by Albert asking for his badge back and then leaving, it opens the door for them to start corresponding with each other and getting to know each other much deeper. Did these correspondences happen after the Leagan’s hotel grand opening in Miami? Just getting my timelines straight in my head. Sorry for so many questions. 🙂

    1. Hola dear Evelyn! This is also one of my favorite scenes, and the fact that Albert looked calm and confident says a lot, but in the old CC novel, the novelization of the manga, Albert himself wrote to Candy that he was afraid to have ruined the image in her mind… Her POTH was Anthony’s age, but she understood his hint, and he felt like a load was lifted off him. In a sense, he was anxious too. It was his important confession after all. 😉

      Yes, you’re absolutely right about a prince occupying a spot in a girl’s heart. Similarly, Candy’s reactions imply how special Albert was to her, and more importantly, she didn’t feel any awkwardness of running to his outstretched arms, which means she was more than ready to accept him as the man she had adored since childhood. 😉

      In CCFS, the story ends with Terry’s ambiguous letter. Then, the epilogue begins with Candy’s letter to POTH. Mizuki narrated their brief encounter in the beginning of CCFS right after Annie left with the Brightons. Most people believe the confession happened in early Spring after the opening party in Miami. 🙂 I hope I have answered your questions, my friend!

      Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! 🙂

        • Evelyn on June 22, 2015 at 11:11 am
        • Reply

        Thank you so much for your reply, Ms Puddle!! I’m glad that Mizuki changed in CCFS Albert’s insecurity about ruining Candy’s image of her POTH to a more secure Albert who felt secure and knew what he was doing. No where in CCFS does he seem concerned about this, right?

        I was just thinking if you put yourself in Candy’s shoes when both Albert and her used to live together at the house in Magnolia, they had become accustomed enjoying each other’s company and perhaps sharing many hugs until Albert left. Until that point, they had been content with their relationship the way it was maybe to not mess it up or risk loosing what they had. Is this the part in CCFS where Candy wonders what Albert thought about them? That living with Albert was not like family but more?
        Then, there was the separation period (months?). Then they reunited in Lakewood maybe keeping their relationship at an arms length but glad they found each other when Candy learned of Albert’s true identity as granduncle William? As you said before, she did not run into his arms at this point but she was over taken by her emotions and cried. He was the one who came to her at that time. Did they not share another hug until Albert’s confession? Just think what type of thoughts must have been going through her mind about what her true feelings toward Albert and vise-versa were. But I feel that she knew for sure about the way she felt toward Albert at the top of Pony’s hill when he decided to reveal his last secret to her in both the manga and CCFS 😉

        1. Yes indeed, dear Evelyn! In CCFS I think Albert was more confident, perhaps because he already sensed Candy’s strong feelings for him, as I’ve mentioned to you before. 😉

          I can’t agree with you more about the bond between Albert and Candy. After living together this long, they knew each other very well, and it was only natural they had developed feelings for each other. They must also enjoy each other’s company just as you said. If not, Candy would have felt ‘relieved’ that Albert disappeared. 😉

          Yes, Candy in her retrospection said that she realized Albert had a special place in her heart around this period of time, and she wondered how he felt about… I have a post about that actually. 😉

          About their reunion at Lakewood, we only knew Candy was very shocked, even angry, but we don’t know if she cried as shown in the manga. Sigh… Not enough details of that scene, a part which I was very disappointed about CCFS.

          Like you, I have a feeling by the time Albert made his confession on Pony’s Hill (in CCFS version), they were both ready for each other. 🙂

            • Evelyn on June 22, 2015 at 3:04 pm
            • Reply

            Such a beautiful explanation my friend!! 😉 Thanks for your time!! 😛

              • Ms Puddle on June 22, 2015 at 3:46 pm

              You’re welcome, Evelyn! 😀

    • Ivonne on June 17, 2015 at 6:02 pm
    • Reply

    Hello I’ve just discovered your blog and i like it a lot. I’m a CandyCandy fan, and like you i think that Candy’s life changed from the moment she met the prince of the hill “Albert”. I will follow your blog, if you don’t mind.

    Bonne nuit 🙂

    1. Hello Ivonne. Nice to meet you! 😀

      Of course you’re welcome to follow my blog, my honor indeed! Please feel free to leave a comment anytime. 🙂

    • Antlay on June 17, 2015 at 2:50 pm
    • Reply

    Bonsoir les filles
    Agnès j’adore votre métaphore, c’est si tendre, doux et délicat comme une fleur, une rose.
    Je crois savoir que le passage sur le tableau qui se trouve dans le salon du lieu où habite Candy dans CCFS, est mentionné dans le prologue. Ce tableau représente la colline de Pony, c’est assez curieux, c’est très symbolique. Peut-être un indice de Mizuki entre Candy et son Prince de la Colline 😀

    1. Bonjour les filles! Agree with Antlay, that’s a beautiful analogy, Agnès! Yes, it was Albert who had appeared throughout the story, not Terry. After the breakup, Terry became a memory to Candy. I’ll talk more about that in Part 3. 🙂
      Yes, Antlay, Mizuki used a lot of symbols in CCFS indeed, and it’s up to us readers how to interpret them. 😉

    • Agnès on June 17, 2015 at 2:05 pm
    • Reply

    Well, I won’t be redundant because I can’t be more agree with both of you Ms Puddle and Reeka!

    I just want to add: why made Candy met her POTH if he hadn’t be so important? It wasn’t necessary!
    Albert had been present all along, not Terry! In fact Albert had always been soothing for her since the beginning as her POTH until the end of the story.

    I like the idea of time ripe. I remember a metaphor I’ve used before: POTH has sowed a seed in the heart of Candy, and Albert watered it bit by bit, all along the story. it was just dormant, waiting for the right season to germinate and grow so that the love could blossom and flourish as the most beautiful flower at the end. 😀

    1. Yes Agnès! I was going to say that Mizuki could have removed the POTH plot if he wasn’t that important! Great minds think alike again!! 😀

    • Reeka on June 17, 2015 at 7:14 am
    • Reply

    Or Candy could say her life changed right after Anthony died tragically, as soon after that she crossed the ocean to London and met Terry on the boat at New Year Eve. That … if meeting Terry was her most significant life changing moment of her life. But No … that’s not it. It’s the day Annie left Pony’s Home. Because of that, little Candy ran to Pony Hill to cry her heart out. If Annie hadn’t been adopted, Candy might not go to the hill alone that day :).

    Ms Puddle, people may say anything to oppose the significance of their first encounter at Pony Hill. Whatever they said, the ending of the manga speaks volume. It’s not exactly ended by Candy running in to Albert’s arms. It’s ended by the picture of crybaby Candy and POTH on Pony’s Hill. It’s like Mizuki wanted the readers remember where and when this whole journey of Candy’s had started.

    Manga’s last page = CCFS’ prologue = the day her life changed.

    Yes my friend, you’re right, on manga Candy never threw herself into Albert’s embrace again after they’re reunited in lakewood. On Uncle William’s revelation, she couldn’t even move as she was too shocked by the reality. It’s Albert who moved closer to her and grabbed her shoulders when she was collapsing on to the floor. If Albert was just a mere best friend to her, I doubt she would get that emotional. Then POTH’s revelation, this time yes she’s crying ( of course, it’s Candy the crybaby!), but soon she’s smiling and moving toward him. Like she gladly accepted the idea that POTH was Albert after all. On manga, the detail about their relationship’s progress after the reunion was not clear. However, we can grab some hints here and there from CCFS. You and QVC have been concluding the timeline very well and from that we know that many things had been going on between C&A from after the reunion to POTH’s revelation.

    Hey, Ms Puddle … I think now it’s safe to say that CCFS is not a puzzle novel after all :). Everything on CCFS was brilliantly constructed by Mizuki. From where she started and ended the story. I like what you wrote near the end of this post. ” … until the time was ripe”. It says “God makes everything beautiful at its time”. Candy and Albert had met many times before, but the time hadn’t yet been right. Candy was still very little & Albert was in his period of finding his way to accept his destiny.

    1. Yes, Reeka, as I have mentioned, many of these events were important to Candy, but the fact that she singled out one particular day in the prologue says a lot! 😀

      Before Annie left, the two often went to the Hill together, I think. That was like their refuge, but the day her best friend left, little Candy acted brave and strong for Annie, who was scared. It was until Candy could finally be alone on the Hill that she cried her eyes out. Albert had seen Candy’s tears many times ever since that day. Others mostly saw the strong and bright side of Candy.

      You’re absolutely right, my friend, that the manga actually ended with a picture of Candy the crybaby and POTH, which matches the last few lines in the prologue of CCFS. It’s clear what Mizuki wanted to convey to her readers. 🙂

      I totally agree with you that Candy couldn’t quite accept the fact that Albert turned out to be Uncle William. Almost like she didn’t know what to do with him at that point. Yes, he wasn’t merely her friend anymore. She had feelings for her guardian already.

      On the contrary, Candy happily accepted that Albert was her prince, her first crush. That speaks volumes indeed, right, Reeka? 🙂

      In CCFS, the period between the discovery of Albert’s true identity and his confession was so much longer than the one shown in the manga. I’m not exactly sure how long, but as you said, many things had happened in between these dates. 😉

      Aha, Reeka, once again you read my mind!! 😀 The time was ripe because Albert finally embraced his destiny, taking the roles of family patriarch and chief of their business empire. That had pushed him to run away many years ago, but now he was ready to face the reality. Likewise, Candy was ready for him too. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why I started writing the fanfic Peculiar Relationship. 😉

        • Reeka on June 23, 2015 at 6:58 am
        • Reply

        Yes my friend, Annie and Candy used to play together on the hill. So, if Annie hadn’t left Pony Hill that fateful day, maybe they both would’ve played around there and I doubt young Albert would bother to say hello to them. 🙂

        The pony Hill is for sure a place so important to Albert and Candy. This single fact alone leaves a very clear idea who Anohito is, the person who could easily recognise Pony Hill surrounding on a painting. 🙂

        1. Exactly, dear Reeka! Not to mention he was the only man who had gone to Pony’s Hill together with Candy, more than a few times. He also bought the land and financed the reconstruction. 🙂

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