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The day her life changed (Part 4)

As explained in More than words (Part 1), Candy’s mental letter to Anthony in the epilogue of Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS) might occur before she wrote a long reply to Albert after her day trip to Lakewood with him. Please read the aforementioned post for details, but this time, I’d like to focus on Candy’s letter to Anthony (CCFS Vol II, pp. 324 – 328). I’ve paraphrased her words in English, but at times I’ll show the original text in Japanese. 🙂

The tone of this letter is overall happy. Candy first began by telling Anthony that she could finally write to him, despite mentally. After asking if he had met his mother and Stear, Candy asked,

アンソニー 、(Anthony,)
わたし、レイクウッドに行ってきました。(I have gone to Lakewood and returned.)
誰とだと思う?(Guess with whom?)

At that very moment, she lost her words because only then she realized Anthony had never met Albert in London like Archie and her other friends. (I suppose she was ‘talking’ to Anthony in her head, possibly while lying down in bed not long after bidding Albert goodbye. She sounded like she was still reeling from the day trip, and she hadn’t really organized her thoughts yet. 😉 😛 )

Hence, Candy started introducing Albert to Anthony, telling Anthony that if he had met Albert in London, he might have found that Albert looked somewhat like his mother, Rosemary. Then Candy said Albert was actually Granduncle William, Rosemary’s younger brother. She then asked,

びっくりしたでしょう、アンソニー。(Isn’t it astonishing, Anthony?)

Right after that, Candy revealed that Albert was Prince on the Hill. (I believe only Anthony had known about Prince on the Hill other than Albert himself. Candy hadn’t told anyone else about this mysterious Scottish teenager.)

Hence, Candy said Anthony could imagine how shocked she was to discover that Albert was indeed Prince on the Hill. In fact, she recalled Anthony’s last words about a boy just before his fatal accident. Then Candy said, Anthony, you’re right, he’s your uncle, so of course you two looked alike. She went on to explain why she had mistaken Anthony for her prince for a moment by the rose gate (Candy’s first encounter with Anthony).

She told Anthony that Albert had the same hair color as his. They both had sandy blond hair. Then she explained Albert had looked very different from her prince back when they had met by the waterfall, so she had never associated him with Prince on the Hill. Yet, right now, she realized that Albert and Anthony shared the same eye color, the clear blue color like a new morning sky.

キャンディキャンディ第09巻167-001Anyway, Candy continued to describe how Albert had changed his appearance over the years before talking about entering into the family memorial room in Lakewood for the first time in her life. Albert showed her many portraits of his ancestors and family members, and one of them showed Rosemary with baby Anthony. Candy hadn’t seen Rosemary this beautiful before, and Candy was tremendously touched by the love portrayed in the drawing, so Candy told Albert about Rosemary’s last words to Anthony, comparing flowers that have withered to people who have died. Those who passed away would live in their loved ones’ memories even more beautifully. Apparently, Albert hadn’t heard of this, and after some moments of silence, he related to Candy about Rosemary’s fight for her love with Vincent Brown. She’d rather give up her name and status. Rosemary said,

人の幸せは家柄でもお金でもない。愛する人と生きていくことだーーー。(Happiness is not about lineage nor money, but to live with the one you love…)

Albert said that Rosemary was tender yet very strong. Candy then ‘wrote’ that Anthony was like that too, tender but strong, and she wondered if Anthony had lived, what kind of man he would become.

After this, Candy mentioned how devastated she had been after Anthony’s death and later how she had been strongly attracted to someone who looked like Anthony in London. I don’t repeat myself here because I’ve already talked about this small part of the letter in The person I love…. The point is, Candy didn’t mention Terry’s name at all and yet she seemed to expect Anthony to know about this guy. She also indicated that she had learned that even though someone was alive, she wouldn’t be able to meet that someone again because of fate. Clearly, she meant Terry here. She then talked positively about being alive and hopeful. Before she ended this paragraph, she said

わたしは、あなたがすべてを赦してくれているのを知っています。(I know you will forgive me for everything.)

Have you ever wondered why Candy asked Anthony to forgive her for everything? 🙄

In fact, the word she used, 赦してくれている, is a heavy word to ask someone to “forgive me”. It’s not a commonly used word, and this word is more for literature or religious use (like asking God to forgive our sins). For daily use, people would rather use 許し instead of 赦し. They both pronounce the same way (“yurushi”), and if you search this word up on the internet, most results return 許し. 🙂

Anyway, my friend and I figure that Candy used such a heavy word probably because Anthony was in heaven. Nevertheless, we think Candy asked Anthony for forgiveness not because she had been attracted to someone in London. Why? She had talked about this unnamed person only briefly. On the contrary, whom did she talk about at least half of the letter? Albert. 🙂 More importantly, as mentioned in A love declaration, Anthony was upset and openly wondered if Candy liked him because he looked like a mysterious family member (Prince on the Hill), a Scottish boy who carried a badge with their family insignia? The thirteen-year-old Candy bursted out that she liked Anthony for Anthony. Then Candy ran away, feeling embarrassed and bashful.

However, in this mental letter, Candy (possibly in her early twenties) told Anthony she had gone to Lakewood with his young uncle, who had turned out to be her Prince on the Hill. She also explained in detail why she hadn’t realized that her prince had been with her all along. Not only that, Albert told Candy about the love story of Rosemary and Vincent Brown, and Candy said Anthony had been like his mother, tender but strong.

What was Candy alluding to? 😉

First of all, after writing so much about how Anthony resembled his young uncle, Candy wondered what Anthony would have been like if he had grown up to be an adult. Perhaps she gathered Anthony would grow up to be just like his uncle, which means that Albert was a tender but strong person too.

Hence, if Albert told Candy that his late sister had fought for her love back then, Albert was essentially telling Candy that he shared the same sentiments with Rosemary — to be happy was to live with the one he loved. In short, he would fight for his love as well if necessary, even if it cost him everything, including his name and social status.

As a side note, do you know that some years later, Candy repeated similar words to Anthony in her dream some time after getting married, that she was happy because she lived with the one she loved? Another time, she said her requirement to be happy was to live with the person she loved. The wordings in Japanese are quite similar, and please check The person I love for details. Do you think it was a coincidence that Candy and Albert had the same requirement to be happy? 😉 😛

Therefore, my friend and I have reasons to believe that Candy asked Anthony to forgive her because she was now in love with Prince on the Hill, her first crush, who had just spent an entire day with her alone. Moreover, he would fight for his love regardless of what it took.

At the end of the letter, Candy wanted Anthony to watch over her. To me, she expected there would be obstacles and oppositions from family members if she and Albert wished to get married, but she was asking Anthony for his blessings.

Last but not the least, it’s highly likely Candy’s trip to Lakewood with Albert took place before Susanna’s death, and I’ll continue in Part 5. Please stay tuned. 🙂


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    • Quevivacandy on July 10, 2015 at 8:17 pm
    • Reply

    Hello again my friend! Finally could make another little space to keep catching your posts up. 🙂

    I have to be honest, I began reading thinking on my mind… ‘oh yeah, we cannot agree more’ then… while I began to read the paragraph that is beside the manga image, my brain had a short-circuit… I said to myself… what???? first time??? WARNING WARNING WARNING (can you hear the sirens…lol) Well, you know I already wrote about that in MDLSA but basically, I’m basing on some english spoilers ’cause the epilogue in spanish that I have, was not translated quite well, so I missed complete that part ’cause it is not in the english spoilers! waaaa… hahaha So I went to the spanish version and surprise! there is that part! Immediately my brain started thinking what to do and already have an idea (I guess so)… sorry, couldn’t help but shared this with you…

    ok, let’s continue on what is written in this post. Another warning alarm sound later and I asked myself, should I continue reading? :/ … You touched many things I still have to write about but couldn’t help but keep reading and my mind began to fly again… :p

    As always, you lit me up again… I had read about Candy asking forgiveness to Anthony but never until now, I wondered why. Maybe at beginning one can think it was because she was in a miserable mood but she said FOR EVERYTHING. (Know, I can see the light!… hehehe) Yes, everything means everything. She was asking his forgiveness for had lost her smile for a while, for had fell for someone she thought for a moment it was him, maybe even for his accidente, but mainly, ’cause at the end, she was so deep in love with her Prince, the guy always had haunted Anthony, the main reason she had a crush on him. (And of course, before he -Anthony- died, he knew who was the mistery guy) My head is spinning, lol… may I? 😀

    Yep, it is possible she asked Anthony to watch over her because she could sense some opposition but what if she didn’t get right, right away, Albert actions meaning? (Badge and the diary) (argh, he’s driving me crazy, lol…). But in the other hand, she asked Stear to watch over Archie and Annie so she might had asked Anthony to watch over her and Albert or while she achieved her happiness (we already know where it was). 🙂 Yep, asking his blessing and understanding.

    In another subject, Have you changed the appereance of the blog? At first, I thought it was a virus… :p

    1. Hola QuevivaCandy! Yes I know, the part about going in the memorial room for the first time is not in the English spoilers… I’m glad you’re writing this part and my post was helpful 😀

      But my friend, Candy wasn’t in a miserable mood at all. On the contrary, I feel her happiness and excitement after the trip to Lakewood with her prince. 🙂

      Yes Candy said FOR EVERYTHING. 😉 I totally agree with you about all the possible reasons why she asked Anthony to forgive her, but to me, the main reason, as mentioned in the post, was that she was now in love with POTH. 🙂

      A friend of mine believed something had happened during the trip to Lakewood that somehow reassured Candy that her prince was also in love with her, and from what Annie and Archie had gone through, Candy expected oppositions. Therefore, she asked Anthony to watch over her… Like you said, she had asked Stear to watch over his brother and Annie. 🙂

      Yes, I did make a big change on the appearance of my blog. No it’s not virus 😆 🙂

        • Quevivacandy on July 10, 2015 at 9:59 pm
        • Reply

        Thanks for your soon reply. 🙂

        It seems it’s getting my habit to not explain myself well, hehehe… I know she was not in a miserable mood after their trip to Lakewood. She must be dancing if not floating, singing, with a smile that no one can erase from her face… 🙂 I meant after Anthony’s dead, like she was asking for his forgiveness for had been in that spirit back then. But yes, the mainly reason was her feelings for Albert (POTH). 🙂

        I’m scratching my head trying to figure out what could have happened in Lakewood. He must gave her a lot of signs, that is for sure. I already had an idea but it’s not something she had realized right away he also was in love with her. I don’t know, but if something really happened, I guess she must had told him at the moment ‘he was her happiness’, do something and do not waste any other minute but she waited a few days (don’t know how many) until she wrote him the last letter. Maybe she hesitated to reveal her own feelings and just felt strong after her ‘talk’ with Anthony or after had thought over it? I don’t know, all I know is they ended up together,, hehehe. 🙂

        And yes, this post helped me! Thank you so much! BTW, some girls told me the light you gave me in the ‘Endearing name’ post, also reached them. 🙂 So thank you soooooo much again!!! 😀

        PS. Glad to ‘heard’ is not a virus… lol

        1. Oh I see, QuevivaCandy! I have misunderstood you… sorry 🙂

          I’m sure you can imagine whatever happened during their trip to Lakewood that touched Candy beyond description. To me, it was a big decision for Candy to respond to her prince, and the return of the diary might have somehow affected her. She brought it back home with her, remember?

          Nonetheless, some time later (don’t know how many days after the trip), she still hadn’t touched it. During those days, she must have pondered over her future and then made up her mind. I’ll talk more about this in Part 5 actually. 🙂

          BTW, I must be too sleepy… what about the post “Endearing nickname”? What light had reached your friends? Please enlighten me, my dear friend! 🙂 But anyway, you’re very welcome! I’m glad my posts have been helpful to you, QuevivaCandy! 😀 🙂

            • Quevivacandy on July 10, 2015 at 11:48 pm
            • Reply

            lol… you summarized what was driving me crazy how to explain in a few words!… lol…. waaaaaaaa

            yep, I totally agree with you… 🙂 That is what I meant. On those days, after she pondered, she was sure about her future and made up her mind. (hmm, but don’t know if we are talking about feelings, lol)

            About the “Endearing nickname” post, remember I asked you if I can write about when Albert decided to reveal his nickname?

            You said one day you were reading that letter and suddenly something hitted you he decided to signed as Bert, ’cause he was upset because they way she signed up her last letter “your beautiful adopted daughter”. I never had noticed that. So back then, a lot of images of him came to my mind, while he was at Sao Paulo writing her his reply and that is what I wrote.

            So I guess many others haven’t noticed that either. 🙂

              • Ms Puddle on July 11, 2015 at 8:30 am

              Oh I see, now I remember what you asked about the Endearing nickname post. 😉 🙂 Yes indeed, that was what I felt… that Albert signed his long, heartfelt letter as “Bert” because Candy had asked if she should call him father (in a highly formal and respectable way, meaning to tease him). Therefore, he revealed to her the exact opposite, “Little Bert”. 😛 To grasp the impact, the equivalent is something like “Cutie Bert”, or any adjective that means tiny and cute/adorable. 🙂

              Thanks for bringing this up, dear QuevivaCandy. I’ll mention this again in part 5. 🙂 ❤❤

      • Reeka on July 10, 2015 at 10:24 pm
      • Reply

      Hello quevivacandy! Finally .. you’re here! 🙂

      I’m among those who believe something (good) happened during Lakewood Trip. Come on, they shared a long and tight embrace ( so much so his shirt was crumbled) at the woods, surrounding by the beautiful forest’s flowers Candy described on her letter. How could something not happen? I strongly guess Albert at least kissed her forehead and top of her head inhaling her scent at that time. 🙂 And Candy? I’ll give anything just to be in her shoes.

      And as you and Ms Puddle explained previously, it’s most likely Candy returned the diary ( or the return of the badge, or both??) in this trip. So yes, I’m sure by the time Candy writing to Anthony, she’s pretty sure about her future with Albert.

      1. Dear Reeka,

        Albert returned the diary to Candy, and she brought it home with her, so I don’t know when exactly she returned the diary back to him, but I believe Albert would keep it for her after receiving her letter that signed “with love and gratitude”. 🙂

        I’m with you, my friend. Like you, I think that embrace between them in the enchanting forest must have affected both of them… A LOT! Sigh…

          • Quevivacandy on July 10, 2015 at 11:57 pm
          • Reply

          Dear MsPuddle

          as for the returning of the diary and the badge, taking place the same day, I understood Reeka meant when Albert gave both objects to Candy at Lakewood. Am I right, Reeka?

          And yes, when Candy returns to Albert the diary, is until her last letter, don’t know either how many days later.

          PS… Candy is soooo lucky, I wish I could be in her arms, at least one time… lol

        • Quevivacandy on July 10, 2015 at 11:36 pm
        • Reply

        Hey Dear Reeka! Nice to see you here, well when finally I show up… hehehe

        What you just write, is what I called signs… lol… so don’t misunderstood me, my brain is a chaos now, being bombarding with lots of thoughts. 🙂

        I also believe the return of the badge and diary happened in that trip but still not quite sure if Candy understood right away, Albert’s actions meaning (by these, I mean the returning of those objects). Ufff, I don’t know how to explain myself about this… yes, she had must sensed inside something had changed in him, his words, his touch, etc, she must had felt his love in a way or another but I he didn’t tell straight ‘I love you’. So I guess she must had pondered about everything what happened at Lakewood, trying to have her non-spoken answer and finally when she got it and understood every single action, wrote to him, signing ‘with love and gratitude’.

        As for asking Anthony to watch over her, I guess she knew that he already knew her feelings for POTH, so yes, she might asked him his blessing and watch over her for a very possible relationship with his uncle and for any obstacle they might face.

        I know it might be confusing but I just sense in one hand, she was floating, feeling inside her dream is coming true (Albert does have romantic feelings for her) because she felt it in the way he behaved with her that day but in the other hand, I guess she still wasn’t pretty sure about her future with him (just had a bright light) that very night ’cause she still hadn’t understood the intention of Albert by the returning the objects. This thought comes from the days she took to write to Albert. Oh well, that is my interpretation but could be wrong.

        Uff, took me over an hour to write this comment… lol… I was trying to order my ideas, so I wrote it and then edit it over and over again… :p I don’t know if at the end I explained myself… heheheh

        1. Dear QuevivaCandy, it’s difficult to explain yourself in a language other than your mother tongue. You did an amazing job already getting your thoughts across, and I understand what you were trying to say. No worries! 🙂

          I agree with what you said above, that Candy sensed that her POTH was in love with her but she was also confused… I’ll actually discuss something along this line in part 5. Once again, muchas gracias for spending your time to answer my post! Have a wonderful weekend, mi querida amiga ❤❤

          • Reeka on July 11, 2015 at 10:09 am
          • Reply

          Dear QuevivaCandy, it’s not only you, I am terrible at writing down my thoughts myself. I am known to NEVER tell the story right to the point. I like to explain everything as detail as I could, and it irritates people sometimes. My husband particularly LOL. So he tends to ignore the first some minutes of my story and just pay attention to the last part. 🙂 Imagine when it comes to writing! So don’t worry much my friend.

          Honestly I’m not sure when the return of those object occurred … but Ms Puddle is right, they’re not together. Albert must have returned the badge first, then Candy returned her diary to Albert’s care. She said it on her last letter to Albert. I’ve just remembered. But whether the return of the badge happened on the same day ( on Lakewood trip) as Albert gave back Candy’s diary … probably yes. Am I correct this time, Ms Puddle? ( God, when I finally manage to master this CCFS timeline??)

          Queviva dear, when you said Candy’s not sure with her future with Albert, was it because the opposition or was it Albert’s feeling to her that she’s still confused at? For me, it’s because she could sense that her feeling being reciprocated that made her have courage to tell Albert where her happiness was. We women most of them are the one who gave last confirmation of a relationship, aren’t we? 😉 Sure they had been officially in a relationship at lakewood trip, but I guess very soon after that, they were. Why Candy took several days? That I am not quite sure. Maybe she needed time to gather her thought to confirm her feeling to him without being too blatant? To say ‘I also love you and you are my happiness’ in very subtle way? … I don’t know, but I truly can understand her. You know when we got a text from our love interest, sometimes it took us a while to simply reply it. We typed it … we deleted it … we typed …deleted … hahahahah … Just my thought, though.

            • Reeka on July 11, 2015 at 10:11 am
            • Reply

            edited : I meant “Sure they had NOT been officially in a relationship at lakewood trip …”

          1. Dear Reeka, what you said about how women sometimes can’t really make up our minds about our love interests made me laugh! It’s very true though. Well said, my friend! 🙂

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    1. Now you’re back because you have tamed your motorcycle 😀

      1. Of course, my motorcycle is less docile than a horse but much faster ! 😀

      • Evelyn on July 7, 2015 at 1:49 pm
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      By the way, Antlay! That’s a pretty awesome picture 😉 😛

      1. Thank you Evelyn, it’s my birthday present in advance because my birthday is not for another two months ! I have time for tame it 😀

        1. Happy birthday in advance, dear Antlay! 🙂 😀

          • Evelyn on July 7, 2015 at 10:57 pm
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          Yes Antlay!! Happy early birthday to you!! 😀 Enjoy it and be safe! ❤️❤️

          1. Thanks a lot in advance but I’m not rush to celebrate half a century ! 🙁

            1. You’re cool and young at heart, dear Antlay! ❤❤❤

            • Evelyn on July 8, 2015 at 7:28 pm
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            Yep!! Just call her cool!! ❤️ 😀

      • Reeka on July 7, 2015 at 11:12 pm
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      wow is it you Antlay? You’re so cool!

      1. Yes Reeka it’s me, of course I’m cool 😀

    • Evelyn on July 5, 2015 at 11:59 pm
    • Reply

    Buenas noches Ms Puddle. You are so right, other than Albert, Anthony was the only other person who knew of POTH. That is why she is able to open up her heart to him in spirit and talk to Anthony about who this mystery person is in her present life and his importance in her life. i also agree that she might have asked for his forgiveness because she now is in love with the very person that Anthony once felt jealous of. Sigh!

    When Albert shared with Candy about his sister’s determination to fight to be able to live with the person she loved and her willingness to leave everything behind for the sake of her love to Vincent, that was indeed Albert telling Candy that he felt the same way and shared the same sentiment as his sister and would do the same if he had to. Why else would he feel the need to share this with Candy and put so much enphasys in her determination to follow her heart to be happy? Both Albert and Candy clearly longed to live with each other. This confession literally creates the bridge so that their relationship can actually take place in the story!! 😀 very clever of Mizuki!!! I wonder if he actually renounced to some type of social status? I’m sure their move to England has something to do with the actions he had to take to be with Candy 🙂

    I once read that Albert would not or could not leave his position as head of the Ardley clan but this passage really disbunks that theory for me because he is pretty much agreeing with his sister’s actions!! To me this speaks volumes! Thanks for this great post!! I really loved it!! 😉

      • Reeka on July 6, 2015 at 6:39 am
      • Reply

      Hola Evelyn! I’m interested to share my opinion regarding your comment above, may I? 🙂

      My friend, I’m not sure if their move to England was their effort to be together as husband and wife. Well, we don’t know the truth because Mizuki didn’t give a clue about it, but I think on CCFS present time, in 1930s, they have just moved a couple of years. And for the reason, I strongly suspect that it’s related to Ardley’s business empire. Either Albert expanding their business to Europe ( remember that he told Candy on his letter that he had been in London before going to Africa to start Ardley’s business there), or they got affected by 1929’s Great Depression and lost several properties and moving to England seemed to be a better option.

      Their social status difference was indeed a problem, but I think it’s not that significant. He’s the patriarch, after all.

      And your last paragraph, yes I remember that line. Albert said at that time he couldn’t leave his responsibility as Ardley’s patriarch. I sensed that he said it because he felt guilty to Aunt Elroy and George. He used to run away from his “fate”. However, I’ve always thought that he had his personal agenda for his dedication to works. It’s like he wanted to prove Aunt Elroy that he could do his responsibility very well and he would work really hard for Ardley’s prosperity. It was his responsibility for bearing William name. So when later in the future he wanted to claim his right to be happy, to marry the one he loved, nobody would have a valid excuse to oppose. And even on worst case scenario he decided to elope, well at least he had done his best for Ardley’s business.

      That’s just my two cents, Evelyn. The possible scenario I wildly imagine 🙂 .

      1. Hello Reeka, I’m not sure when exactly Candy had moved across the ocean after getting married. It seems to me that it was at least several years (more than a couple of years) because the painting of Pony’s Home had been found some time ago, and when Candy had wanted to give it to Miss Pony, her foster mother had said Candy needed it more. I guess Candy must have been homesick or worried about her mothers’ health conditions.

        Although I also feel that Albert had chosen to extend the business empire in Europe… Not necessarily because of the great depression. Could even happen before the stock market crash. Who knows? Only Mizuki has the answer. 😉

        Their social gap might have been an obstacle, but Albert had never minded that, and as you said, he was the patriarch. Who could really oppose him? Besides, both Candy and he were adults. By law they didn’t need anyone’s consent to get married. All they needed was to annul the adoption and get a couple of witnesses. 😀

        I really like what you said about Albert’s personal agenda to gain his aunt’s approval. 🙂 😀 That’s brilliant! He had done his best to carry out his responsibilities as the family head, but if he couldn’t marry the woman he loved, he could give up all that. 😉

        • Evelyn on July 6, 2015 at 5:41 pm
        • Reply

        Hello dear ladies. Yes, Reeka, I also have thought that the reason for Albert and Candy to be living in England doesn’t necessarily mean that they were fleeing the Ardley family or the strict laws (social/family) of American society back in those days but simply for business reasons as well. Yes Reeka, I do remember that Albert told Candy in his letter that he had traveled to England to expand their business relations to this part of the world so it is absolutely possible that that was the only reason why they now lived in England. But part of me thinks that they were seeking peace away from stiff opposition they may have experienced so they could be together. But that is just my tiny two cents 😛 I completely agree with what you say that even though they probably had stiff opposition, most likely from the elders of the clan and don’t forget lovely Eliza and Neil :/ , that Albert was still quite powerful and most likely would never allow anyone to hurt Candy or their plans to be together! Thank you for your input, Reeka. Always so nice to talk to you! 😀 😉

        • Reeka on July 8, 2015 at 6:30 am
        • Reply

        Ladies, …

        Ah yes the painting … that I agree, they moved to England years before 1929 to expand their business. I even think, they moved with Aunt Elroy because she’s old and living her alone in Chicago would be rather heartless, don’t you think :). Or she would join them later on when Lakewood was sold. – to be honest, I don’t like the fact Mizuki made Lakewood sold. 🙁

        Evelyn, likewise my friend, always nice to talk to you and other girls here. I agree, living overseas away from all the hypocrisy of high society people may be one of the reason they decided to move to England. Although the big name of Ardley was always attached whenever they went, I guess “rich” people in Europe was more laid back than those in US.

        1. Hello Reeka and ladies,

          Talking about Aunt Elroy, I have a feeling she had passed away around the time they had moved to England (before or after). Her health had gradually deteriorated, shown in the letters in CCFS. Besides, people didn’t live long back then. It was not until 1928 that penicillin, the first real antibiotic, was discovered. However, this is just my 2 cents. 😐

          I don’t like the fact that Lakewood was sold either. But I guess Mizuki didn’t want her story to be a fairy tale? 🙁

          Reeka, you mentioned before that part of this post surprised you. I’m just curious. Could you please share with us?

            • Reeka on July 9, 2015 at 8:29 am
            • Reply

            Ms Puddle, what you said does really make sense, that it’s highly possible Aunt Elroy had been passed away before Albert & Candy moved to England. Throughout the manga, she’s pictured as a cold and heartless woman, but I have pity of her actually. She herself had gone through a lot of hard times since she’s young, I guess. So I hope, at least Aunt Elroy managed to witness the born of future Ardley’s heir. 🙁

            Yeah … it’s quite upsetting that Lakewood was sold. However, I could see the reason behind it. It’s clue that the current generation of The Ardleys was away from America. As I remember, on CCFS, it’s mentioned that Lakewood mansion no longer belonged to Ardley’s. I bet it took a lot of consideration to sell Lakewood, considering there were still many properties they owned. So, to sell it, Albert had to go through substantial financial difficulty, most likely due to Great Depression. Why Candy never mentioned her concern to Albert’s condition? She cared a lot of him we’re sure of it. Yet, on CCFS we don’t see her thought of Albert after … what … Lakewood trip? I know, you and I have the same answer for it 🙂 .

            OMG! I forgot about that part that surprised me! Hahhahaha. Sorry.

            Mmmm it’s about Candy asking forgiveness to Anthony. It surprised me because I never thought about it, except the fact she apologised because Anthony fell down the horse in order to catch the fox for her. Or because it’s her presentation party. However, after reading this post, I get it that Candy asked his forgiveness for another reason. She already told Anthony that She and Albert had shared their anguish regarding the accident where both blamed themselves, and somehow after that Albert and Candy could overcome the guilty feeling. So when she asked forgiveness, it’s less likely she repeated the same thing.

            I know Candy liked Anthony as Anthony, not because he looked alike her prince. But Anthony had been jealous of the prince. The fact that he pointed the issue just before his accident showed me he hadn’t stop thinking about the prince and it bothered him. And Anthony died before he told Candy who the prince was and somehow it remained as their unfinished business. I bet Anthony had a thought “what if I told Candy who the prince was … and she met him, would she still love me?”

            Candy herself, I think she was now aware of that issue. She’s matured now. And ( I think) she realised that she had never stop thinking about and liking her prince. And now that her relationship with Albert seemed promising, she felt guilty to Anthony that she indeed ended up with her prince eventually. The one Anthony had been jealous of.

            My friend, I don’t know how to explain it more clearly … the point is, I truly understand now why Candy asked Anthony’s forgiveness. Yes, like Antlay pointed out, it’s because she’s now in love with Albert, and the feeling was reciprocated. Candy broke up with Terry because Terry chose Susanna over her. However, Candy and Anthony, they never actually broke up. Did they? It’s like when a woman and a man married, then one passed away first. The one alive must have a guilty feeling when she/he moved on and fell in love with another person. It’s like she/he betrayed their dead spouse. More over, the person was the one the dead spouse had been jealous of.

            Do I explain right? 🙂 LOL. Geez! That’s why I adore you for your great writings. It’s so difficult to pour down what’s on one’s mind in writing.

              • Ms Puddle on July 9, 2015 at 11:59 am

              Very well said, Reeka! To tell you the truth, I hadn’t paid much attention about Candy asking Anthony for forgiveness until I read the CCFS novel myself. The Kanji used is a heavy word as I have already explained.

              Like you, I believe Candy loved Anthony as Anthony. However, she couldn’t really deny his resemblance to her prince had been a major factor too. Perhaps she didn’t realize it back then, but Anthony couldn’t shake off his jealousy of the mysterious man. I suppose, like you, that Anthony had been searching his head to find out who POTH was.

              You’re absolutely right, Reeka, that Anthony could have been wondering if he had told Candy that POTH was actually his young Uncle, how would Candy react?

              Yes, you have explained yourself very well. Don’t worry. It only makes sense that Candy believed Anthony would forgive her mainly because he had always known she had never forgotten her prince. Sigh. 🙂

            • Reeka on July 9, 2015 at 11:54 pm
            • Reply

            The more I think about this letter, the more I understand it. So it’s started by Albert & Candy’s Lakewood trip. We know what happened there, and that involved Anthony. She then was so excited to share it to Anthony …because he knew Albert. And it becomes make sense to me why Candy didn’t say Terry’s name in that mental letter. How could she think about another man when Albert was all she wanted to talk about with Anthony. Yes, she mentioned the boy he met in the boat, but she didn’t mentioned the name because if she introduced Terry to Anthony, she needed to spare more time to talk about something currently insignificant. 🙂

            Then, at last, after asking forgiveness, she asked Anthony to watch over her. Why would she ask that now … ? Anthony had passed away for a long time at that time, and she never prayed/asked to Anthony to take care of her from above before. At least we didn’t see it in manga. 🙂 I think she believed now Anthony was with his mother again up there, … so it only makes sense of her asking it because she’s with Albert now as she’s aware of their relationship might get troubles like what Rosemary had experienced.

            And … to continue this mental letter … back to earlier on CCFS, or fast forward to Candy in her 30s, she said to Anthony she’s happy now, living with the one she loved. Her prince. Sigh.

              • Ms Puddle on July 10, 2015 at 5:50 pm

              My sentiments exactly, dear Reeka, that it’s indisputable POTH fully occupied Candy’s mind when she was ‘writing’ this mental letter to Anthony. 😉

              I also believe Anthony might not know his uncle well but remembered his uncle and mother had been very close. 🙂

              What struck me was that Candy said she had been strongly attracted to someone she had met in London, and the way she worded it in Japanese meant that this had happened unintentionally.

              That says a lot about her feelings for that unnamed guy by the time she ‘wrote’ this mental letter. 😮

              I think Candy already expected oppositions from Albert’s relatives, but the fact that Albert had told her about Rosemary’s love story had considerably strengthened Candy’s heart. Overall, Candy sounded happy and upbeat, even when she asked Anthony to watch over her. 🙂

              Yes, later in her life, some time after getting married, she told Anthony in a dream that she was happy with the man she loved. Somehow I feel that her husband didn’t mind her dreaming of Anthony… What do you think? 😉 😀

            • Reeka on July 11, 2015 at 9:46 am
            • Reply

            Ms Puddle, don’t you think Candy told Anthony about the guy she met in London and strongly attracted to him because she wanted to tell Anthony that she had hardly moved on from Anthony and he had been ‘haunted’ her, so she’s easily attracted to the guy who appeared look like him? This thought has just occurred in my mind, though. I wonder if she would have interest to Terry if she had first met him on the morning pray in St Paul, seeing his rebel side and unaware of his sad side?

            But of course we can’t deny that yes, she had loved Terry. Interesting, isn’t it? She loved Anthony as Anthony but the fact that his resemblance with POTH was the major factor couldn’t be ignored. It then made Anthony jealous of POTH. The history repeated itself, this time Terry the one looked like Anthony at the first glance. It’s the trigger she moved closer to the him on the deck. And if I’m not mistaken, she mentioned it to Terry that she at first mistook him as Anthony. And we know the rest, how miserably jealous to Anthony this guy was. Only Albert, the man she’s been attracted to without him being resembling anybody. Funny thing is, he in fact was the one whose figure she had been looking for throughout the years.

            All in all, it’s totally nonsense Candy would told Anthony the whole story in the mental letter, and more she then assured him that she’s happy with the one she loved, if Anohito was not Albert. I think I’ve ever said it, if Anohito was anyone but Albert, … couldn’t she use another media to pour her heart out? Like a diary, perhaps? She had written a diary when she fell in love with Terry, why wouldn’t now? Why Anthony? Why instead of writing a diary, she didn’t tell Anthony about her St Paul story back then ( I know Uncle William gave it to her, but she didn’t have to do it, right?) ?

            I agree to you my friend, … this Anohito, for sure didn’t mind his wife still fondly remember Anthony. And the wife herself, didn’t feel guilty for thinking her past love interest and dreaming of him. Could you imagine if the husband was Terry? If previously when he was merely just a friend to Candy he could rudely drag her to ride a horse and ignored her trauma and he could force a stollen kiss and slapped her because he was jealous of Anthony … imagine what could this husband do if he knew his wife fondly thinking about Anthony? 😉

              • Ms Puddle on July 11, 2015 at 5:53 pm

              Can’t agree with you more, my friend, especially the last paragraph about Anohito… 😉 I mean, why would he be angry at his wife? First, Anthony was his nephew and besides, she had fallen for him mainly because of his striking resemblance to her prince… 😛 😆

    1. Buenas tardes Evelyn! I can’t agree with you more that Candy couldn’t stop herself from telling Anthony a lot of things about his young Uncle, her POTH, now the most important man in her life. Not only he had deliberately taken a day off to spend lots of time with her alone, but he also talked to her a lot. More importantly, she was more than willing to go out with him, even honored to have traveled with her prince. I just can’t believe why some people don’t feel the love between them. Sigh…

      About forgiveness, that was exactly what I think too… That Candy was now in love with the very man whom Anthony had been jealous of! 😉 😛

      About Rosemary’s love story, Albert mentioned it because he had also shared the same sentiment — to be happy is to live with the person you love. 🙂 Like you, I think this is a hint from Mizuki that Albert and Candy would eventually get married. He was willing to give up everything for her if necessary.

      Some people think like you too, Evelyn, that Albert had indeed given up something in order to marry Candy, and they moved across the ocean. However, nobody knows the answer except Mizuki of course. 😛 To me, for sure Albert wouldn’t give up Candy but he might have renounced his position in the family if that was the cost. I feel he’d rather be with her. 🙂

        • Evelyn on July 6, 2015 at 6:28 pm
        • Reply

        Hola my friend! I completely agree with you that Candy just couldn’t stop herself from sharing with Anthony so many things she had learned about her POTH which was now the most important man in her life!! 🙂 So interesting how you dissect the actions of A&C behavior while corresponding each other. Despite Albert being extremely busy with work, he took time to write and visit with her. And most wonderfully how you point out that she was more than willing to go out with him and every time Candy was with Albert, she talks so upbeat, like she is up in the clouds almost in ecstasy with no words to describe her happiness. 😀 I’m sorry but you don’t have this same type of emotions with your brother or father, only with someone you are in love with.

        And like you, I do not understand why some people can’t see their love. Sigh! Maybe because it is not spelled out. Instead their relationship is presented in a subtle manner such as the sandwich scene, or Albert simply caressing Candy’s blond locks while staring lovingly at her wishing that HE could make her happy, or Candy agonizing over Albert’s departure, or the indisputable bond and safety that she feels when she is around Albert, etc.., but to me it is absolutely clear that Albert and Candy love each other 😉

        By the way, I hope you had a wonderful time during your retreat camp this past weekend dear Ms Puddle! 🙂 No internet is tough but it is not so bad to get away from the screen once in a while! Although I’d be trying to cheat trying to get to some kind of internet connection to check on things at least once! Lol 😉

        1. Hola Evelyn!! My sentiments exactly, that Candy’s feelings for Albert definitely showed that she was in love with him, not because he was her brother or guardian. 😉

          I really admire your analysis of their intricate relationship and how their actions spoke louder than words! Very well said, my friend!

          Thanks for asking, Evelyn, and I did have a wonderful time with my friends at church during the retreat. It was tough having no internet, but I managed… barely… Lol! 😀

  2. Ms Puddle, thank you for this new post that I like it very much!

    Ms Puddle and Antlay, you’ve expressed exactly what I think and particularly the fact that Candy asked forgiveness to Anthony. For me, it was indeed especially to have found (again) and loved her first love The Prince of the hill, so Albert. Somehow she had to remember that Anthony had asked her if she appeciated him because his likeness of the POTH.

    Although she refers to Terry, she did not linger on him and I feel sadness when she talked about him, as if this love had brought her sadness and frustration, she said “there was some things we could never restore”; the word “never” which means to me that she has turned the page Terry reinforced by the “I loved you” in her unsent letter to Terry.

    On the contrary, with Albert, she lingers and I feel happiness, joy, desire to live fully because at the end of this letter, Candy is full of hope, she is eager to continue living, we feel that she is happy, or with whom she was in contact at that time?… With Albert of course! 😀

    Beautiful picture, at the end, the fact that Candy asked Anthony to watch over her.tenderly. It was a tender love indeed, between two kids. And actually, she had felt that it would be difficult for Albert and her to be together, especially because Annie and Archie had difficulties to get engaged (if I’m not wrong in timelines of CCFS).
    So, she also quoted the words of Albert about feelings and struggles of her sister to marry the man she loved. Albert was a very subtle man indeed, with a side still a bit mysterious and I think this is his way of courting Candy, with delicacy to show her how deeply he was in love with her to let her guess he would be able to forsake all for her, wealth and name, like her late sister. Sigh!…

    1. Bonjour dear Agnès!! Yes indeed, Candy asked for forgiveness not because she had been strongly attracted to another guy in London. After all, Anthony couldn’t be so selfish that he didn’t want Candy to fall in love again after his death. In fact, he should be happy for her, just like in Candy’s dream of Anthony after she had been married to her love.

      Therefore, it only makes sense that Candy asked for forgiveness because Anthony had been right, that she hadn’t forgotten her prince, and because of POTH, she fell for Anthony right away.

      I agree with you, Agnès, that Candy didn’t talk much about Terry, not even mentioning his name, is consistent with her unsent letter to Terry. She had turned the page already. She knew she would never see him again, but she didn’t sound depressed or melancholic at all, not even emotional. She accepted the fate, so to speak, and moved on.

      As you said, the way she talked about Albert with so many details speaks volumes! Overall, she was very happy to be back to her prince, and she was hopeful too, asking Anthony to watch over her tenderly. She expected he would, because she had told him a lot about how wonderful his uncle was. 😉 Like you, I think this happened after Archie and Annie’s engagement, and Candy knew it wouldn’t be easy for her and Albert either. But the fact that Albert had related to her his late sister’s courage to fight, Candy must have felt much better. Albert would fight for his love too, even willing to give up everything. 🙂

    • Vera García on July 3, 2015 at 6:37 pm
    • Reply

    A cordial greeting Ms. Puddle
    Gracias, por tan interesante post, por lo que Usted describe de la carta a Anthony, Candy guarda un sentimiento muy especial hacia él; ya que sigue siendo su confidente, aunque solo sea en el plano espiritual. Y expresarle lo feliz que está después de su encuentro con Albert.
    Concuerdo con Usted el perdón que expresa Candy hace referencia principalmente a su amor de ella por Albert, pero también que Candy dejo a un lado lo que Anthony le había expresado “una persona muere para ser revivida en el corazón de otros más bellamente”. Porque para Candy recordarle era doloroso, pero por alguna razón en esta carta pudo recordarlo sin dolor y no solamente eso, confiarle sus sentimientos y solicitarle velar por ella.
    Ms. Puddle referente esta carta, me podría informar si en la parte que Candy describe el encuentro con Albert en la cascada Mizuki escribe textual:
    “ Si Albert hubiera tenido ese color de pelo cuando lo conocí por primera vez ¿ hubiera sentido algo?”

    Esto está escrito en la novela original o simplemente es una mala traducción, en espera de un siguiente post su amiga Vera.

    1. Hola Vera mi amiga! As I told Antlay too, that I’m inclined to believe the visit to the memorial room happened after their visit to the forest but before the return of the diary. That was why Candy could talk to Albert about Anthony without feeling pain or discomfort. She had tears in her eyes mainly because of the motherly love of Rosemary.

      Concerning Candy’s wordings about Albert’s appearance by the waterfall, she indeed said something like that. If you want, I can show you the original text in Japanese in part 5. 🙂


    • Antlay on July 3, 2015 at 1:45 pm
    • Reply

    Bonsoir Ms Puddle

    Tout comme Reeka j’adore ce post. La première fois que j’ai lu cette lettre c’était comme une évidence, Candy commence sa lettre sur un ton très euphorique, elle semble toute excitée, elle donne l’impression de vouloir présenter Albert à Anthony. Elle lui dit que Albert était le Grand Oncle William, elle utilise dans cette phrase le passé. Ensuite dans sa lettre elle emploi uniquement le POTH ou Albert pour le désigner. Elle explique à Anthony que comme lui Albert a les mêmes cheveux blonds et les mêmes yeux bleus, c’est pour cette raison qu’elle les a confondue. Anthony savait très bien au fond de lui qu’elle n’avait jamais oublié son POTH, qu’elle l’aimait lui Anthony car il lui rappelait son Prince, même si Candy soutenait le contraire. Je pense que c’est pour cette raison qu’elle lui demande pardon, comme si elle s’excusait auprès d’Anthony d’aimer Albert son POTH.
    Puis comme vous l’avez dit il est question de bonheur dans cette lettre. Je trouvais étonnant qu’Albert évoque la relation d’amour de sa soeur Rosemary avec Vincent, que la famille s’oppose à leur mariage. Mais quoi qu’il en coûte, Rosemary était prête à toute abandonner pour vivre avec la personne qu’elle aimait, peu importe ses origines ou son statut. C’est comme si Albert essayait de faire comprendre à Candy qu’il agirait de même, comme si il lui envoyait un message. Je pense que cela était sa déclaration d’amour à Candy, c’était très subtil. Tout comme sa soeur et son neuveu, Albert avait un caractère très fort et rien ni personne ne pourrait s’opposer à ce qu’il épouse la personne qu’il aime.
    Ses dernières lignes dans la lettre “comme promis avec un sourire sur mon visage”, sonne comme le dicton du POTH “Tu es plus jolie quand tu souris que lorsque tu pleures”, comme un clin d’oeil de l’auteur…

    1. Bonjour Antlay! I was away for a retreat camp in the weekend. No internet for several days. Can you imagine? Anyway, thank you so much for your long comment, my friend! 🙂

      Yes indeed, Candy sounded very happy in the beginning of her letter. After all, her prince, despite being so busy, just spent his entire day with her, alone. Not only that, he talked to her a lot too. To me, it was the birthday gift she had requested. 😀

      Interestingly, Candy expected Anthony to know about Terry, so she didn’t say much about him nor describe him at all. But if she believed Anthony had known about Terry, why did she spend so much time introducing Albert? 🙄

      That says a lot about who was way more important to Candy by then. Terry was apparently in her past.

      Also, to me, the way she explained the change in Albert’s appearance was a way to justify why she hadn’t realized he was her prince all this time.

      Antlay, you’re absolutely right that Anthony had known right off the bat Candy had never forgotten this mysterious boy. His inner monologue about this was clearly written in CCFS. I think Candy had truly loved Anthony then, but he had caught her attention mainly because of his shocking resemblance to POTH, no doubt about that. 🙂

      About Rosemary’s love story, I think Albert had planned to tell Candy, but he was waiting for the right moment. I believe this happened before the return of the diary but after their visit to the forest? As you said, Albert was essentially telling Candy that he too would fight for his love regardless. Sigh…

      About the last line, Candy promised Anthony to keep a smile on her face. That’s so true! Both Anthony and Albert had said the same thing to Candy, that she looked prettier when she smiled. At any rate, Mizuki had made sure Anthony and Albert were alike in many aspects. She was subtle like her beloved character, Albert, implying Candy would eventually fall for Albert. 😀

        • Anonymous on July 7, 2015 at 12:49 pm
        • Reply

        Hello Ms Puddle

        Une retraite de quelques jours rien de mieux pour décompresser et faire le vide ! Pas d’internet mais vous avez réussi, félicitations ! 🙂
        Si vous permettez je me joins à votre conversation concernant le départ de Candy et d’Albert pour à priori le Royaume-Uni. Je pense qu’ils sont partis avant le crash boursier de 1929. Candy dit dans CCFS que la peinture de Slim a été trouvé par son mari il y a quelques années à Londres et que c’était un cadeau. Je pense donc qu’ils étaient installés en Angleterre probablement depuis quelques années alors. Ils ont probablement quitté les États-Unis quelques après les travaux d’agrandissement de la Maison de Pony. D’une part pour qu’Albert gère son entreprise en Angleterre et d’autre part c’était un moyen je pense de s’éloigner de sa famille qui s’opposait à leur union. Archie devait avoir fini ses études et probablement qu’avec l’aide de George, Archie devait avoir pris en charge les entreprises sur Chicago. Après les années 20, le chômage a beaucoup progressé aux Etats-Unis, la vague d’immigrés arrivée d’Europe s’est retrouvée au chômage après la guerre, de plus avec la prohibition la mafia contrôlait tout, l’argent sale, règlement de compte, Chicago était une ville très dangereuse. Alors qu’en Europe tout était à reconstruire, un eldorado pour le personnes fortunées, les hommes d’affaires avaient tout à gagner en se rendant en Europe. Donc je pense qu’Albert a fait le choix de partir probablement entre les années 20 et 22.
        Pour revenir à la lettre, Candy dit à Antony qu’elle a rencontré une personne à Londres qu’il lui ressemblait mais en fait il était radicalement différent je pense qu’elle faisait allusion à son caractère. Elle dit qu’Anthony était doux mais fort tout comme sa mère et elle devait pensé qu’il en était de même pour Albert puisque au début de sa lettre elle compare Anthony et Albert, ils ont beaucoup de chose en commun.
        Alors Candy prend conscience que Terry est tout le contraire. Ce n’est pas un garçon doux mais impulsif et il n’a pas la force d’Anthony ou d’Albert qui eux étaient prêt à aller à l’affrontement pour défendre Candy. Alors que Terry ne s’est pas battu quand Candy aller être renvoyé du collège St Paul, il a fallu l’intervention d’Archie et d’Alistair pour qu’il réagisse. De même il ne s’est pas battu à New-York pour choisir Candy, il n’a même pas eu le courage de parler de l’accident de Suzanna. Voila toute la différence entre lui et Albert et c’est pour cela qu’Albert fait allusion aux difficultés qu’avait rencontré sa soeur, vivre avec la personne que l’on aime quoi qu’il en coûte ! Très subtil de la part de l’auteur. 😀

          • Anonymous on July 7, 2015 at 1:08 pm
          • Reply

          Anonyme c’est moi Antlay je sais pas où est passé mon gravatar… Lol !

          1. Yes I have guessed who you are, Antlay dear! 😉 🙂

        1. Anonyme c’est moi Antlay je sais pas où est passé mon gravatar… Lol !

          1. Very nice gravatar!! *whistle*

          2. Ah it’s ok I believe 😀

        2. Yes, I survived a few days without internet connection… 😆

          Good points, Antlay! 🙂 Yes indeed Chicago had become a dangerous city with alarming number of crimes every day! Like you, I think Albert and Candy moved across the ocean not long after they got married, and they could have moved there for years already when Candy was in her mid-30s or so. As you said, the painting of Slim had been found in a flea market some years ago.

          About Terry, I have similar thoughts too. A reader once told me that Candy had always liked people who were kind and tender (優しい), such as her foster mothers, POTH, Albert, Anthony, etc.

          Bravo to you, Antlay, about what you said concerning Terry. He was quite the opposite to most male characters in CC. His face might look like Anthony, also very handsome, but his character was very different. As you said, Antlay, Terry might have acted rebellious, violent or impulsive, but deep down, he wasn’t strong enough to fight for Candy. I won’t comment about his way of handling the scandal in the academy, but the fact that he gave up Candy for Susanna so easily was really disappointing. 😐

          Albert on the other hand had done things for Candy’s sake. For example, he made his debut earlier than planned to confront his aunt in order to annul the forced engagement. To Candy, Albert had a gentle character but he had courage to stand up for her and to protect her from harm. In her words, tender but strong. 🙂 😀

        3. J’essaie de rattrapper mon retard! J’ai exactement le même sentiment que vous Antlay, je pense qu’une famille aussi riche que les Ardley a dû, à un moment ou à un autre, avoir à faire avec la Mafia, Al Capone et ses sbires sans parler des gangs rivaux étaient très influents et savaient corrompre pas mal de gens! C’est une des raisons qui a pu pousser Albert et Candy à migrer en Europe même avant la grande dépression économique.

          En passant, le fait que Lakewood ait été vendu est peut-être un indice supplémentaire que Anohito était Albert, tout au moins qu’il ne vivait plus aux Etats Unis car nous savons que c’était une demeure très importante pour lui, une partie des membres de la famille y était même enterrée donc je pense que c’est la dernière des propriétés qu’il a dû vendre et je ne suis pas sûre qu’il l’aurait fait s’il avait encore vécu aux Etats Unis car c’est peut-être l’endroit où il aurait résidé. Ce qui pourrait vouloir dire qu’Albert ne vivait plus en Amérique alors! Si vous voyez ce que je veux dire! 😉

          A propos de Terry, très bonne analyse!

          Pour finir, très jolie moto, vous avez bien raison d’en profiter dès maintenant, l’été est la saison idéale pour cela! 😉

    • Reeka on July 3, 2015 at 1:35 am
    • Reply

    I love this post tremendously, my friend! Some parts are precisely like what I’ve thought, and some parts … you surprise me! But unfortunately, … once again, I can’t write much now because I am about to go outside.

    It’s clear to me that Candy in CCFS time was quoting what Albert told her about what Rosemary had said, Happiness is to live with the one you love. At that time Candy “told” Anthony : I’m happy now, Anthony, because I live with the one I love. More over, if it’s Terry, do you think Candy would say that line to Anthony? He didn’t know Terry. Plus, we can say Anthony was probably the least favourite man around Candy for Terry. 🙂

    Also, just right after this mental letter, Candy wrote a long letter to Albert mentioning her happiness. Is it coincidence that they talked about happiness very often during short period of time? Starting from Albert asking where her happiness was, Lakewood trip, this letter to Anthony, and lastly she told Albert her happiness lies in now.

    Happiness = to live with the one you love. Candy’s happiness = lies in now. She’s writing to him, she’s in constant relationship with Albert, no other man mentioned. Doesn’t it sound like Candy’s love declaration to Albert? 🙂

    And for Albert’s part, I agree with you, he told Candy about what Rosemary said indicated that he would never allow anything/anyone force him to marry without love. And for those who said that this communication between Albert and Candy sounds like father and daughter .. I’d laugh out loud.

    I think I should stop for now or else, I’ll be really late for my appointment. I want to talk about Candy asking Anthony forgiveness, but I’ll save it for later.

    Thank you, my dear! Good night to you!

    1. Thank you dear Reeka! Glad you love this new post. I have the ideas in mind for a long time too, but I needed to organize my thoughts to make sure they are understandable. 😉

      Like you, I think the fact that Albert quoted his sister’s words mean that he agreed with her too. That he would only marry for love. Why did he tell Candy? She knew her prince’s feelings for her. Don’t know why some people insist he was only family to her when Candy clearly said Albert was special to her. 🙂

      I also think the last few letters between Albert and Candy revolved around happiness. It’s not a coincidence, I believe 😉 Plus, who had been with her around that time? Albert. Her letters were about him too. Can it be more obvious who occupied her mind all the time? 😉 😆

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