Jul 15 2015

Susanna and Candy (Part 2)

I was going to talk about Susanna in Part 5 of The day her life changed, but it turns out I have a lot more in mind that it deserves a standalone post. 🙂

When Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS) was first published, some readers were shocked that Susanna died. Some even rejoiced at the news because they disliked Susanna very much, even felt that she was worse than Eliza, because she had hidden most of Candy’s letters from Terry and was the major obstacle between Terry and Candy.

Yet, if you’re among those who believe Susanna’s death automatically means the reunion of Candy and Terry, please think again. 😐 🙄

First of all, it was only natural for Susanna to have succumbed to Terry’s charms. He was very good looking and a talented actor like herself. Not to mention that Terry was seemingly single. As I mentioned before, Susanna hadn’t known of Candy’s existence until the charity performance in Chicago (please read Expressions of love for details). Secondly, the accident during the rehearsal on the stage was a real tragedy. I don’t think Susanna had plotted it to ruin her own life just because she wanted Terry. 🙁

キャンディキャンディ第08巻040 About Susanna’s suicidal attempt, it was meant to ‘free’ Terry from bearing a burden for her due to her amputation. She was completely aware that she would only bother Terry and Candy. Thus, Susanna picked the time during the premiere of “Romeo and Juliet” so that Terry wouldn’t be around to interrupt her ‘business’. Note that Susanna wouldn’t have possibly predicted that Candy would skip the premiere. Interestingly, rather than blaming Terry for not telling her a word about Susanna, Candy rushed to the hospital herself with the intention to confront Susanna, only to discover the truth of her grave injury and rescue her love rival just in time.

Do you honestly think that if Susanna had been a horrible person like many have accused of her being one, would Candy determine to leave Terry? No, I suppose Candy wouldn’t have done so if Susanna was indeed a mean, scheming woman.

Yes, it’s true Susanna was the reason why Candy and Terry had to go separate paths, but in CCFS Candy acknowledged the depth of Susanna’s love for Terry and decided not to get in their way (see The person I love for details). After that, nothing could break her resolve, despite receiving a long letter from her friend Annie some time later. Annie wrote honestly and persuasively, urging Candy not to give up Terry so easily. However, Candy remained firm because Annie didn’t really understand the reasons behind her decision. Even seeing Terry’s miserable state in Rockstown with her own eyes hadn’t softened her resolve. Miss Eleanor Baker’s invitation hadn’t moved Candy either. Need I say more? 😉

Come to think of it, Terry, portrayed as a rebel, was far from pliant. He showed unmistakable signs of having a strong will of his own. You think he would let himself be manipulated by any woman? No, of course not. 😕

Contrary to what people believe, Terry didn’t hate Susanna for putting him in a quandary. In fact, he was extremely tender to her when visiting her at the hospital, bringing her flowers every day. After all, he owed her his life or career. Seriously, have you seen this tender side of him elsewhere in the manga? Not very much, right? 😮 See my old post Susanna and Candy for your interest. 🙂

Moreover, unlike what many have assumed, Terry wasn’t stuck with Susanna. Yes, Candy had left him, but it was his conscious decision after struggling with his guilty feelings for Susanna and Candy and weighing his options for many days (even though he seemingly regretted it months later). At the hospital rooftop, when Susanna was shivering in Terry’s arms, Candy grasped his dilemma and sensed that Terry had already made up his mind. That was why Candy stepped down, to which Terry hadn’t even protested. That confirmed Candy’s suspicions that he had chosen Susanna over her.

Did Candy hate Susanna or Terry? No. She used to dislike Susanna very much, but Candy had changed after her trip to New York. Years after the breakup, possibly months before the great war ended, Candy wrote an unsent letter to Terry, in which Candy congratulated Terry for his success. Near the end, Candy said she was happy (using present tense) and wished Terry happiness (with Susanna) before writing the following (CCFS Vol II P. 277):


To translate the above isn’t easy, but here is my attempt (the word shown in bracket is not in the sentence but understood):

Terry, Susanna is a wonderful person. The fact that she keeps on loving you above everything else is wonderful.
Thus, Terry, who has chosen such Susanna, is also (wonderful).

Please bear in mind that Candy wasn’t going to send this letter, so there was no reason for her to lie or hide her real feelings about Susanna and/or Terry. I don’t think Candy was pretending either when she wrote both Susanna and Terry were wonderful people. No doubt she had fully recovered from the breakup, and she could write about them without feeling awkward.

More importantly, you don’t sense any bitterness at all in this unsent letter, nor can you detect any hint that Candy was hoping for Terry to leave Susanna and return to her. Candy was content to be one of his fans living far away from him (what a contrast to the girl who had screamed for his attention right after the charity performance in Chicago! ).

So when did Susanna pass away?

In her obituary it said that Susanna had worked as a narrator and a playwright. She had written quite a few plays, some of which had been performed. It’s unclear when she became sick and how long she had been fighting against her illness. The term used, 闘病生活, means a person had been living under medical treatment for a long period of time.

How many plays could one write in a year? It depends on various factors. For example, was she required to do any research? Was she healthy while working? How many revisions were necessary for each script? Remember, back then there was no computer to help her. 😛 😉

We also know that Terry had been supporting Susanna through the years and continued living together with her (共に暮らし) during her struggles with her illness. Someone pointed out that Terry might be the only one living with her and taking care of her till her death. I’m not entirely sure about that, but at least he had kept his promise to stay by her side.

For sure Candy in her mid-30s said that she had learned of Susanna’s death some years ago by reading her obituary, and Candy had slumped down on the sofa as though she had lost all her strength (she had been undoubtedly shocked by the bad news). Frankly, if all this time Candy had been holding a tinge of hope that Terry would leave Susanna, isn’t her death “good news” to Candy? 🙁 That Candy should jump up with joy that Terry was free from Susanna at long last?

However, Candy’s reaction was precisely the opposite. She recalled she had been unable to stop crying. Once again, Candy had no reason to lie, right? 🙄 That could only mean one thing, that Candy had been genuinely distressed and saddened by Susanna’s fate. I have a feeling that Candy herself had already been married and happy then, or she hadn’t been following their news at all, so she possibly had shed tears for Terry too.

But how many years ago was that? 😮

I strongly believe Terry was still with Susanna when Candy wrote her mental letter to Anthony, as discussed in The day her life changed (Part 4), because Candy said to Anthony that fate made it impossible to see the person even though the person was alive.

Candy sounded ‘matter-of-fact’ about the outcome and not emotional. Therefore, by then, she had calmly accepted that she would never see Terry again.

Now, how could one assume Candy would continue to wait for Terry indefinitely even though the breakup had taken place when she had been around sixteen years of age? It just doesn’t make much sense when Candy herself had given up Terry in the first place, and when she wrote the unsent letter to him she was around twenty or older. Don’t forget by then Candy had come across articles of Susanna’s loving support for Terry and felt absolutely no jealousy. This is another solid proof that Candy was over Terry already.

Above all, CCFS provides very little (or no) evidence to support the notion that Candy still loved Terry years after the breakup but so much more evidence to elaborate how Candy had moved on in her life with her Prince on the Hill. Come to think of it, Mizuki used nearly the entire epilogue to show how Candy and Albert had grown more intimate to each other. 😉

What do you think? 🙂


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    • Memchew on April 28, 2016 at 4:13 pm
    • Reply

    Hi, Ms Puddle
    I know I have been a stranger! I didn’t forget, I just didn’t have the time to sit down and ramble away!
    It is but a proverbial eternal theme when it comes to love and relationships- LOVE TRIANGLES!
    Love makes the world go round, as the saying goes! That is why we all have discussions! That is why we all have different versions!
    We as hopeless romantics believe in Love as Forever. The question is who do we identify with the most- thus, the trials and tribulations of Candy – are but where we all focus on.

    Love is all about choices. What do our heart truly desires?
    Choosing who is the ONE that makes you tingle all over, who makes you sigh, who makes you feel in wanting to make that person happy all the time. Love starts with the attraction, the looks, the lust, then comes the feelings, the emotions, the desires, the trust, the friendship, and then hoping to be united to aspire for the same desires, ambitions, life.
    Love is respect along with the humdrum, monotony of being together. Infusing breath and energy in a relationship is truly hard work. I don’t think divorces will exist if a truly PERFECT partnership exist.

    A simple manga that was breathed into an anime that has lasted thru the years- pretty amazing and impressive. We still talk about it.
    A story that is a fiction or is it based on real life or is it REALITY that had been embellished into fiction?
    Interesting, huh?

    Think about this-
    Girl meets boy- fall in love…
    They become a couple- happy, right?
    Another boy comes along- confuses the bejesus out of the girl!
    Who is she in love with? Two different men- two different loves-
    Who does she chooses?
    Did she make the right choice?
    Is she happy?

    So, is the above real or make believe? Don’t know but it is so fun to discuss the whys, the how’s,the what ifs, the why nots. Isn’t it?

    I believe in not living on regrets! I’ve made mistakes, but I take full responsibility and live with the consequences

    Terry made the choice- he lived with the choice. He also made the choice to be miserable and get drunk and lose his acting career. He also chose to get back on his feet. He also chose not to look for Candy or seek her out after Sussana’s death. There was no blackmail. There was no coercion. But there was guilt- a lot of it on Terry after the accident. If the story was continued on his viewpoint- what is he really doing- acting? Unmarried? Drunk? Sober?
    Is he happy?

    Oh, well! Thank you for letting me ramble! I’m hoping to read another story from you. As I said, I will wait patiently.
    Pls take care!

    Good health!


    1. Hello Memchew, long time no see! 😃

      I know, everyone’s been busy, but I enjoy reading comments from all of you… They certainly motivate me to keep going. 😀😁

      Yeah, love triangles… So true. Deep down everyone wants true companionship and a soul mate.

      For sure… Terry had never reached that level of intimacy with Candy… Their relationship was so fragile to begin with. Nothing substantial. Sigh.

      Can’t agree with you more about the choices Terry had made in his life. In the end, I think he had matured and kept his promise by taking care of a dying woman. However, I must say I can’t imagine him going back to Candy after that. They had lived in two different worlds for way too long. They were practically strangers by then.

      Bye now, and see you around! Wish you good health too! 😘😍

  1. Hello ladies,

    May I join you and add my ramblings?
    I smiled a lot when I was reading all your thoughts here, Ms Puddle you’ll know very soon why! 😉 I agree with you for the main!

    Evelyn: In French version, Terry thought, «Je sens que je suis tombé en amour avec vous!” That means “I feel that I fell in love with you!”

    I think somewhere Terry had not learned to love “correctly”, his family model in his childhood was devoid of this feeling, he had not been a good example and when he met the love with Candy he failed to manage it, he even started to repress, the fear of being rejected again, then he made mistakes by making bad choices.
    The first of them was to have left England leaving Candy behind him, for me, he probably lost her at that time, fate begun its job. Terry was guided by ambition and dreams of becoming a famous actor, also to prove to his father that he would be able to succeed without the help of his father’s name he denied later for Graham. In the manga we see Terry read Albert’s letter sent from Africa (volume 4) and he seemed to think a lot about his way of life as if he envied him to live where he wanted, apparently living freely with no shackles (we know it was not really the truth). In fact I wonder if Albert’s letter did influence him to make that decision to go and take the fate of her life (perhaps the final pinch) but not with Candy! sigh! …But fortunalety it was again fate and invisible threads got involved between Candy and Albert! 😀 ❤ Just my humble opinion!

    BTW I read somewhere eagle, also called eagle sun, was the messenger and the mount of Kami in Japan mythology and where we find an eagle… on the badge of the POTH so Albert, of course! 😀 ❤

    1. I meant … the fate of his life! 😳

      • Evelyn on July 23, 2015 at 5:02 pm
      • Reply

      Hi Candy Bert, nice meeting you! 🙂 yes I just posted below what the Spanish version I’ve read says about that same scene from the May festival. Please read below. I agree with you that Terry did not fully understand what true love meant. He never had someone love him unconditionally when growing up with his father and stepfamily, as opposed to Candy and Albert who had excellent loving rolemodels to follow. Terry always said he did not want to love like his father but he did in the end. His father loved for the sake of his own interest and perhaps I could say the same about Terry? Otherwise why did he say after his performance at Rockstown that he had become like his father loving like he did? I agree with what you say that fate began its work between Terry and Candy!! As well as between Candy and Albert to bring the circle of their story back to a close.

      Interesting about what you say about the symbol of the eagle in Japanese mythology?? I’ll check it out! 😉 thanks!!

      1. Hello ladies! I agree with you both!!

        Evelyn, Candy Bert is Agnès’ pen name 🙂

        I’ve checked the corresponding manga page in Japanese. Terry thought,

        Freckled Candy… It seems somehow I’m not behaving normally to you…

        Candy Bert, I’ll check the eagle symbol too. Interesting idea! 🙂

          • Evelyn on July 23, 2015 at 11:20 pm
          • Reply

          Oops, sorry Agnès!! I was wondering where you were but you were here all along!!! So nice to chat with you and Ms Puddle again 😋 dear friends!! 😛

          Thanks Ms Puddle for the translation of this particular scene!! So,Terry did not say he was starting to fall in love with Ms Freckles!? Big difference! Falling in love is such a strong confession of the heart! Good night ladies!

          1. Nope, Evelyn… Terry just realized he seemed to be acting somewhat abnormal because of Candy. 🙂 😛 I guess he hadn’t paid so much attention to a girl before? 😉

    2. Oui, Candy Bert! Fate began to separate them the moment Terry left England without a trace. He had the illegitimate child syndrome — wanted to be successful to prove himself worthy.

      Yes indeed. Albert’s letter had affected both Terry and Candy. Interesting eh?

      Albert didn’t know Candy would soon become the nurse who would rescue him from despair. Sigh! Invisible thread indeed! ❤

    • Evelyn on July 22, 2015 at 11:21 am
    • Reply

    Hello! So sorry I’m late with this post!! I’ve been so busy lately but I’m following all posts from everyone and they all are very interesting! Like you Ms Puddle, I have never though that Susana was an evil person. She was very selfish at first not accepting that Terry may have another love interest other than her, but I personally put the fault on Terry because he lead her on into believing that she could have a future with him and maybe he may have considered the same with her deep within?

    What i do not get with T-fans is their claim of true love between Terry / Candy. If anyone had true love at one point was Candy for Terry in my personal opinion. As we have discussed before, Terry could have told Susana right from the beginning that his heart belonged to someone else even if he thought that Candy still resided in London because he would find her later??? Or what about this scenario: Terry knows he will never see Candy again but he still hasn’t gotten over his feeling for Candy so he could have told Susana he needed time for their love to blossom because his heart still belonged to another girl he met back in London. This could show me that Terry truly loved Candy but was trying to move on. But Terry’s actions show that he was able to easily move-on unlike Candy toward him. Like we say in Spanish, ‘Punto y Final’ or period and final or turn the page to a different chapter for Terry.

    I just feel that Susana’s accident just forced him to commit to her but in reality he already had developed feelings for her. He felt attracted to her to some degree. It was just a matter of time for the relationship to grow. Susana was a very attractive woman after all. Why wouldn’t Terry fall for her?

    I couldn’t agree with you more, my friend, that candy after meeting Susana did not think she was an evil person. In fact, she had quite a bit of admiration for what Susanna was about to do for the sake of Candy and Terry. Do you remember the part when candy was sobbing in Albert arms after getting back from their break up, Candy told Albert that if only Susanna was a bad person, that she could have asked her to not take Terry away from. At least that’s how I remember the Spanish version reads like. But she knew that her love was very strong or even stronger than hers.

    Anyway sorry for my rambling but these are my two cents. Hope I made sense! 😀 I’m out of town right now and I just want to catch up with you, my friend! ❤

      • Evelyn on July 22, 2015 at 11:55 am
      • Reply

      I just want to clarify my previous comment that I’m not saying that Terry never loved Candy, but his love for Candy was no where near as strong as Candy’s love for Terry. In the end, Candy’s love was not required by Terry and we saw signs of this back when Terry left the school in London, as well as when he was being interviewed by the lady reporter after a performance when he said he had made his choice. After Candy finally met up with Terry at the train station, why couldn’t Terry even give her a well deserved hug? Candy dreamt of their reunion after she arrived to see Terry for the first time after over a year or more of not seeing him. Too sad!!! I felt so sad for Candy. Sigh!

      1. Hola Evelyn!! Glad to hear from you, and thanks for catching up, despite being very busy in life! 🙂

        You know what, I can’t agree with you more. I also feel that Terry had his faults of “leading” Susanna to believe she had a chance! For one thing, he had never publicly clarified the rumors between them. For another, he could have told Susanna in private right off the bat that he had a special girl in his heart.

        Evelyn, you listed solid proofs that Terry had moved on without Candy, enjoying his early success in Broadway. Like you, I can’t shake off the feeling that Candy’s love for Terry was so much stronger than his for her. I don’t understand why some people claim Candy was Terry’s everything while his actions were inconsistent. 😐

        His short visit at Pony’s Home couldn’t compensate the fact that Terry hadn’t even tried to contact Candy at all for many months, which makes me doubt the depth of his feelings for the freckled girl. On the other hand, Candy longed to meet with Terry, chasing after him again and again. 🙁

        You’re right that the accident just pushed Terry to make up his mind. In fact, I suppose Susanna understood Terry way more than Candy could. T and S shared the same passion and talents after all.

        Yes in the manga Candy told Albert honestly if Susanna had been a wicked person, perhaps Candy might have acted differently. But Susanna’s suicidal attempt proved that she had been selfless too, that she’d rather die than to make Terry suffer for her. In CCFS, Candy in her retrospection said Susanna wasn’t a いや person. You can click this link to see the meaning of this adjective:


          • Evelyn on July 22, 2015 at 5:29 pm
          • Reply

          Very nice example!! It can mean: nasty, offensive, unpleasant… So in essence Candy was saying that Susana was neither of these things which means she believed she was the opposite. She really thought Susana was truly a nice person so she stepped aside out of their way as painful as it was for her, she knew it was the right thing to do in this situation! Sigh!

          About Terry’s visit to Pony’s Home, I truly believe this was his way to say goodbye to Candy since he never got a chance to personally tell her back in London. Terry visited the place that meant so much to her, stood on the same ground she adored and stayed there for a little bit as a way to pay his respect to her and say goodbye. This is the closest he got to her with the determination to move on. That’s the reason why he did not try to seek her after this visit to Ponys Home I believe.

          1. Yes, dear Evelyn! Candy in her retrospection said Susanna wasn’t that kind of person, so Candy said the truth in her unsent letter to Terry, that Susanna was wonderful.

            I agree with you about Candy, that as painful as it was, she knew she was doing the right thing by leaving Terry. Sigh…

            Your thoughts about Terry’s visit to Pony’s Home are very insightful, my friend! Very good points, so may I quote you later? 🙂 ❤❤

            • Evelyn on July 22, 2015 at 8:08 pm
            • Reply

            My honor! Of course you can. No need to ever ask my friend!! ❤️❤️❤️

        • Reeka on July 22, 2015 at 9:38 pm
        • Reply

        Hi Ladies!

        Evelyn, I couldn’t agree more with you about how Terry could’ve treated Candy better. I share exactly the same sentiment with you. I used to think the reason Archie hated Terry because he’s simply jealous of Terry. Yes, Archie was jealous all right, but I think the main reason was because Archie thought Terry didn’t deserve the sweet Candy. We got it that Terry sacrificed himself and asked Sister Grey to expel him instead of Candy. Is it really his sacrifice? How if he didn’t have an interest in theatre? How if he didn’t have a dream to be an actor in Broadway like his mother? Would he still replace Candy?

        Yes, Evelyn, your thought about Candy visiting Pony’s Home to say goodbye to Candy truly makes sense. Like others have said, Terry had many ways to leave Candy a note about his whereabouts. He could’ve contacted Archie/Stear in St Paul. He could’ve left his theatre’s address to Ms Pony. He didn’t do it because he might resolve that their relationship had no future.

        At Rockstown, when Terry finally could think clearly, what he was thinking? He thought to go back to Stratford and Susanna. At that point, Mizuki made a clear point where Terry’s life headed for.

        Last but not least, have we seen anywhere in manga that Terry said he loved Candy? Even in his inner thoughts? Nope. So how could someone question the absence of the word Love from Albert?

          • Reeka on July 22, 2015 at 9:41 pm
          • Reply

          typo on second paragraph.

          ** … about Terry visiting Pony’s Home …

        1. Dear Reeka, like you, I often feel that Terry took the opportunity to finally leave London for good. He never liked studying at that boarding school anyway, and he couldn’t have left faster, leaving only a brief note for Candy.

          In CCFS, Terry had given up the name Grantchester at Broadway. That said a lot about how he felt about his father.

          The Terry advocates have explained why Terry didn’t try to contact Candy. One reason was that St Paul’s Academy would read his letters, which would cause Candy troubles. Come on, there were many other ways he could attempt, right, Reeka? 😉 But in the manga, as Evelyn said before, Terry had clearly moved on without Candy.

          At Rockstown, though Candy’s tears had roused Terry, it was the applause that fueled him. Once again this proves that acting (his career) was truly his everything, not Candy. That being said, I suppose the main cause of his depression (Rockstown incident) wasn’t the breakup but his career going downhill after the breakup. Yes, Candy had left him, and he was both upset and disturbed that he could hardly focus on acting anymore. It was really a timing issue.

          Terry didn’t use the word “love” but his actions showed that Candy was his love interest. That’s Japanese culture I was told. They rather show their feelings through their actions. 🙂

            • Reeka on July 23, 2015 at 12:23 am
            • Reply

            Hi, Ms Puddle! Oh pheww … I’m not the only one who think about the reason Terry left St Paul was not solely and fully for Candy. Like you’ve said, if it’s for the sake of his love to her, he’d make sure she knew his feeling and “promised” her the future together.

            Yes, the fact of him giving up Grantchester name speaks volume for Terry-Candy-Albert’s future. Doesn’t it, my friend? 🙂

            Hahahaha, they keep telling tales! Many ways Terry could do to contact Candy. He knew Pony’s Home. He was fully aware she was an Ardley. How difficult it was to contact Ardley’s family? Oh well I know it would cause problem if Aunt Elroy knew it, but Terry didn’t know it. 😉

            Agree with you, it seems that acting/his career was his top priority. I understand his reason, though. However, meanwhile Albert hinted on his letter that he would give up his name and status to be able to live with the one he loved (like what Rosemary had done), we know Terry couldn’t and wouldn’t do that.

            Yes, my dear friend, I know Terry loved Candy, at least she was the only woman he had strong affection for. I only pointed that Terry fans couldn’t use the absence of word Love from Albert as an excuse. Terry did so, too. It’s their action which matter most, and we know which person showed it better and more unconditionally to Candy.

              • Ms Puddle on July 23, 2015 at 8:06 am

              Dear Reeka, me too, I think Terry left St. Paul not entirely for Candy’s sake. It was also a great opportunity for him to leave everything behind, including Candy. His actions afterwards proved that. 🙁 Like you said, there were many things he could have done to keep in touch with Candy. How hard was it to write to her without using a real name? 😉

              His only promise was wishing her happiness wherever he was. No wonder Candy reacted that way. Sigh.

              About giving up the name Grantchester, I don’t know how the advocates claim he would receive the family heirloom. 😉 I don’t think it was something already passed to him because it was a jewelry box, something meant for ladies, likely the lady of the house. 😕

              Yes, actions speak louder than words. Terry might have been the only man who had kissed Candy in the manga, but she wasn’t ready for it yet. However, who loved her deeper and more unconditionally throughout the story? 🙂

            • Reeka on July 23, 2015 at 12:37 am
            • Reply

            About the Rockstown. Ms Puddle, I think the main reason Terry had been depressed indeed because of the breakup. Yet, I share your opinion, that it’s not because he loved Candy so much and he couldn’t love without her. It’s the guilt. He felt terribly guilty to Candy. He himself knew that he had decided to choose Susanna over Candy before Candy arrived in NY. He had been already guilty for that. Leading her to the false illusion. Then she had to know Susanna’s condition by herself, in a shocking way. To top it off, she volunteered herself to be out of their love triangle.

              • Ms Puddle on July 23, 2015 at 8:11 am

              You’re absolutely right, Reeka. It wasn’t really because he had lost Candy. He himself had decided to let her go already. But it was the guilt that depressed him, making him unable to perform as an actor. 🙁

            • Evelyn on July 23, 2015 at 10:53 am
            • Reply

            Hello Reeka and Ms Puddle! Great discussion!
            About Archie not liking Terry . Yes he was jealous that candy was attracted to Terry when he secretly loved candy for many years and had not even confessed his love to her when he found out that she liked Terry at the school. Archie was very hurt indeed but I believe That Archie was honorable enough that if Terry would have been the one for candy he would have stepped aside for her sake. But he was able to read right through Terry the kind of person he was and that’s why he said “not him” . 🙁 Sigh!

            About Terry leaving the Academy, this scene has always troubled me because this was the turning point of Terry’s and Candy’s could have been relationship. At that moment Terry considered Candy into his personal life-equation to see if she would fit in. He said if I was only older I could bring you with me, but he wasn’t, so that didn’t stop him from pursuing his personal goals so he still moved on without her because he had a dream to pursue and she didn’t fit into this dream. I do admire Terry for being so perseverant with his own career and future but Candy was not included in it. So Reeka to answer your question, was it really Terry’s sacrifice when he departed London? No I don’t believe it was. He wasn’t bad terms with his father and his stepfamily, he couldn’t stand the school like Ms Puddle said, so what better time to leave to America than at that particular moment!!

            About the incident at Rockstown, I think you nailed it on the head Ms Puddle, what really fueled Terry were the applauses mainly! I know he had many regrets the way he handled his relationship with Candy/Susanna back in New York and the way they split up. I know he must have been troubled for a long time causing him to fail in his acting career. I never thought of his depression rooting from that before. However why did Candy think that Terry never got over their break up as we see in her inner thoughts at Rockstown?

            Also her silent suffering for Terry after discovering that he was missing through the newspapers? And at the theater at Rockstown? Very misleading but her final decision was for Albert. First I thought that she really wasn’t over Terry but what I think she really suffered about was the fact that she thought Terry wasn’t over their breakup. Albert also thought that Candy was not over Terry when they still lived at the Magnilia house. Because C & A never talked about this. Sigh!

            One last thing Ladies, about Terry using the word love in relation to Candy. In the Spanish version Terry did say that he thought he was falling in love with candy during the May festival when he was looking for her in the forest. I’m not sure if that is the correct translation , Ms Puddle? But the Spanish translation does say that.

              • Ms Puddle on July 23, 2015 at 1:44 pm

              Hola Evelyn! 🙂 Yes I agree mostly with you concerning Archie. To me, Archie hadn’t stopped showing his admiration for Candy ever since their first encounter by the water gate. I think Candy knew all three boys liked her, but because Anthony looked like her prince, she paid special attention to Anthony. Over time Archie became aware Candy wouldn’t see him differently. He would remain her good friend, and that’s it. The worst thing to him was that Candy fell in love with the bad boy who punched him in the face. Not only that, this bad boy was socially impaired among the peers. 🙁

              But as you said, despite being jealous, Archie was mature enough to accept the reality and move on, trying to accept Annie’s love. This wasn’t unlike Terry and Susanna to some degree.

              About Terry, I think he left London to pursue his dream career, and he couldn’t wait any longer. He had always been a loner, so that was probably why he didn’t plan to involve Candy in his future (as you said, Terry said he would take her if he was older), at least not at this point in his life. No doubt his dream was more important to him than Candy.

              About the Rockstown scene, in CCFS Candy was very confused and upset. She felt like punching Terry even. This wasn’t the same in the manga, at least to me. Like you, Evelyn, I think in the manga Candy somewhat misunderstood Terry’s depression. Well, everyone can interpret this scene differently, but the outcome remained the same — Candy left without talking to Terry. When I first read this part, I was literally shocked.

              Regarding Terry’s thoughts about Candy during May festival. I’m not sure which page?

            • Evelyn on July 23, 2015 at 4:34 pm
            • Reply

            Hola Ms Puddle! I really love Archie and Stear but as you said Candy picked Anthony because he looked so much as her prince. Every time it goes back to Prince of the Hill! 🙂

            About the Rockstown scene I was shocked also because we know that Candy was not there to look for Terry but to find her missing loved one, Albert. What threw me off was all the mental talk that Candy had grieving for Terry’s depression saying that he had not gotten over their separation etc… And to me it almost seemed that she was putting the blame on herself for his depression. But if we extract the substance of what she is really saying to Terry, is that he did not belong in a place such as that rundown theater and that he was much better than where he was at that point in time. Somehow it seems that Terry heard her inner thoughts and he snapped out of his depression as soon as he got his fire back in him and the crowned praised him!! That was what drove him…his success. Likewise, Candy seemed recovered from her grieving state and was able to walk off wishing him well and as she said it was her 2nd goodbye to Terry.

              • Ms Puddle on July 23, 2015 at 8:57 pm

              Yes Evelyn, there are many things we can talk about this Rockstown scene. I think Candy was feeling sad that Terry couldn’t get over the sorrows because of the breakup. She had had Albert by her side so she had mostly recovered. But Terry bore everything on his shoulders? Perhaps Candy had felt bad she had moved on? I don’t know… 😕 But on the way back to Chicago, she could calmly look back and realized she finally said “goodbye” (closed the chapter).


            • Evelyn on July 23, 2015 at 4:38 pm
            • Reply

            About the scene I’m referring to: During the May festival, the scene in the Spanish manga is in Volume 4 of 9, page 38 of 263. He walks into the crowd looking for Candy, everyone is watching him in disbelief and he asks himself: Where could she have gone? The next scene he thinks “Srta. Pecosa… Tengo la impresión de que me he enamorado de ti” or “Miss Freckles, I have the impression that I have fallen in love with you”. I’d be curious to know what the original Japanese version says? Either way, if he said this or not, to me it just shows that what he felt was a strong physical attraction because true love fights for the love of the other.

            I’ve been trying to post this with my iphone but is not letting me…so I had to break it up in two parts. 🙁

            • Evelyn on July 24, 2015 at 4:50 pm
            • Reply

            I just wanted to say, Ms Puddle, that I couldn’t agree more with your response to Reeka about the claims of Terry receiving the family heirloom, meaning the jewelry box. Don’t know too many details about this box but I’ve read that it was given to Candy by anohito and it was passed down in the family. The only organized and united family we see in this story is the Ardley family. Terry gave up his father’s last name to build his own. All signs point to Albert. 🙂 most likely this box belonged to Rosemary or even aunt Elroy while she was alive. I really enjoyed this post! 😀

              • Ms Puddle on July 24, 2015 at 5:09 pm

              Yup, so true, Evelyn, that the jewelry box naturally leads to Albert, the only heir. 😀 The heirloom was likely passed down from his late mother, not from Rosemary, because the owner was supposed to keep it in the family. Thus, Aunt Elroy might be keeping it for the heir until he married. 🙂

            • Reeka on July 24, 2015 at 7:54 pm
            • Reply

            Yes, Evelyn. Archie might not accept the idea that he had to give up Candy to a bad boy like Terry, whose character and attitude were the opposite of his dear cousin Anthony’s. However, as long as Candy happy, he’s happy. Funny, the only man he wasn’t jealous at was Albert. It’s like unconsciously he felt confident in this man ( of course, he’s the great patriarch after all).

            About the jewellery box. Of course it belonged to the Ardley’s. Who else? 🙂 Definitely not the Grantchester. And if it’s not intended to give clue of who anoohito was, why would Mizuki write a scene where Anohito explained Candy the significant meaning of the box. Mizuki could’ve left it unexplained and let readers believe it’s something could be bought from a jewellery store. 😉

  2. Hello Ms Puddle, hello ladies!

    Sorry for my late but I’m finally here!

    Candy was jealous of Suzanna but only before Suzanna’s suicide attempt. Before she was afraid to loose Terry because of her, she had read gossips in newspaper about them, she saw them together after performance in Chicago and she has lied to her at hostel, she stolen her letters. I can understand both of them. Suzanna only wanted to keep the man she loved, okay it was not fair for Candy but it is not the horrible things that Eliza or Neil have made to her only by free meanness, indeed! When I saw the anime, when I was a teen, I disliked Suzanna because she was destiny’s arm to separate Candy and Terry but to be honest, she just was a young woman deeply in love and in despair because it was an unrequited love for me. Terry appreciated Suzanna at that moment but didn’t love her.
    After the breakup, Candy knew Suzanna was really in love with Terry to the point of commit suicide to not bother Terry so, Candy knew she couldn’t rival with Suzanna! She lost the match in some way! And she thought Suzanna needed him more than her. Selfless Candy!

    About the tenderness of Terry to Suzanna at hospital, to be honest, for me it wasn’t necessary love but it could be gratitude and compassion for having saved his life and have lost one leg in the process which have pushed him to do that, it was the least he could have done! He must have been in shock then.

    Like you, I think Candy has understood Terry have made his choice on the top roof of the hospital and she has chosen to help him by leaving him to relieve a bit his struggles. Once again, selfless Candy! I think Mizuki was brilliant enough to imagine a different plot to reunite Candy with Terry than to kill Suzanna at least ten years after or so! Anyway it would be out of the character of Candy to wait by mourning her lost love until an improbable event! Above all, she had a very attentive, attractive, handsome, gentle… man by her side, and the icy on the cake, her POTH who loved her! 😉 ❤❤❤

    I’ve read very interesting thoughts.
    Antlay: good point about newspapers, Albert must have reading them every day!
    Ms Puddle, Reeka, Quevivacandy: I share your opinion, except about Archie! 😆 I prefer Stear! He had some things in common with Albert, he was gentle and supportive, he had never scolded Candy and he was secretly in love with her!

    1. Bonjour Candy Bert!! Don’t worry about being a little late. You’re always welcome to comment anytime!

      I totally agree with you why Candy used to be jealous of Susanna, who actually suffered from unrequited love. Like you, I disliked this beautiful actress too… until after the accident.

      Yes indeed, Candy Bert! The main heroine, Candy, was selfless because she realized Susanna needed Terry more. Somewhere in CCFS Candy said something like this. I guess Terry knew that too. Both Candy and Terry knew Candy was very strong and would be able to move on in her life without him, and that’s why he made her promise him to be happy. Those were his last words to her.

      About Terry’s tenderness, I have similar thoughts too. It wasn’t necessarily love or romance yet, but he was definitely very kind and tender to Susanna. It was like he was a completely different person!

      Like you, I think Mizuki could have written a different story if she meant to reunite Candy and Terry. We don’t know when precisely Susanna died, but ten years after the breakup (if not longer) sounds reasonable to me too.

      Yes!!! Candy had moved on with her POTH by then, and it’s absurd if she still held some hope that Terry would go back to her.

      I also prefer Stear to Archie, just slightly though. They are both great supporting characters, and Stear was the first one who could get over Candy, unlike his younger brother. Sigh.

  3. Bonjour Ms Puddle

    Je suis bien d’accord avec tout ce que vous avez écrit.
    Quelqu’un qui est prêt à sacrifier sa vie pour l’être aimé ne peut pas être une mauvaise personne. Oui elle était jalouse de Candy mais qui n’a pas connu un jour ce sentiment? Soyons honnêtes. . .

    Je pense aussi que Susanna est décédée quand Candy était déjà mariée. Elle n’aurait jamais attendu éternellement que Terry soit libre un jour. Après la mort d’Anthony, elle a ouvert son coeur pour Terry même si cela a pris du temps. Alors je pense fortement qu’après sa rupture avec Terry, elle est passée à autre chose grâce à l’aide d’Albert, et qu’elle est tombée amoureuse de lui.

    Je pense que Susanna est décédée quand Candy était déjà mariée. Candy dit que c’est en lisant l’avis de décès qu’elle a appris la mort de Susanna. Il y avait un article dans le journal qui faisait référence à Terry disant qu’il était resté à ses côtés jusqu’à la fin et qu’il n’avait pas encore fait de publication. Alors je pense que Susanna était morte depuis peu. Si Candy était encore à la Maison de Pony à cette époque, je ne suis pas sûre qu’elle était en mesure de lire le journal quotidiennement et je ne pense pas que le facteur passait tous les jours surtout que l’orphelinat semblait assez éloigné de la première ville la plus proche. Par contre si elle vivait dans une ville, elle recevrait ou pourrait acheter le journal régulièrement. Alors je me suis rappelais qu’Albert lisait le journal quand ils partageaient leur appartement à Magnolias, rappelez-vous tous les journaux qui l’avait caché sous son lit, ce qui me fait dire qu’elle vivait et devait être déjà mariée à Albert. 😀

    1. Bonjour Antlay mon amie! Yes, I agree with you, that Susanna was only jealous. Wasn’t Candy jealous of her too? Also, the fact that Susanna rather die than bother Terry proved her deep love for him. It wasn’t meant to manipulate him. If Candy hadn’t arrived in time, she would have jumped down already.

      Very well said, Antlay, that how could Candy possibly expect Susanna would leave Terry one day? For sure Candy got over Terry by the time she declined Miss Eleanor Baker’s invitation. She had even developed feelings for Albert by then.

      Interesting thoughts about the habits of reading newspapers. 🙂 I think for a business man like Albert, he had to read daily news to update himself. You’re right… Candy might have left Pony’s Home already by the time she read the obituary! Sigh….

    • Reeka on July 19, 2015 at 7:24 am
    • Reply

    Hello, Ms Puddle! I read this post right after I’d got the notification, but I was excessively tied up for a couple of days and could hardly sit down peacefully. But here I am now …

    When I first read the manga, expectedly, I disliked this Susanna. I was very much a teenager back then, and my young self was also really upset with Candy to let go Terry easily. However, as much as I didn’t like Susanna for causing Candy and Terry’s break up, I never thought her as an evil character. She’s just a young woman in love. Just because she hid Candy’s letters to Terry and lied to her in Chicago hotel, we can’t compared her to the trouble maker duo, Eliza and Neil.

    And Susanna’s attempt to commit suicide and the ever so impulsive Candy who ran to the hospital right after hearing the rumour and didn’t bother to wait for a while and watched Terry’s performance first. Wasn’t it her purpose to come to NY? To support Terry on his first leading role? So what was that she’s doing? She didn’t know Susanna’s intention. She might think Susanna was sleeping at her hospital room at that moment. IT’S A FATE! The final punch from the universe for Candy to understand, she and Terry, they’re not meant to be together. For a selfless person like Candy, a girl with a heart of gold who aways sacrificed herself to other’s happiness, Susanna’s selflessness was touched her heart deeply, I guess. In manga, it’s clearly pictured how shocked Candy was to realise that Susanna had lost her leg. More over Susanna then explained why she thought she was the one who should not be in between Candy and Terry. That she wanted to lift Terry’s burden by committing suicide. Sure we can’t say this poor girl was a wicked character, right?

    And I won’t repeat myself for how I feel about Terry’s attitude to Candy vs his to Susanna. I agree with you, my friend, he sure had some feeling to Susanna. Not love. Not a strong affection like what he felt to Candy, but he was definitely not immune to her charms.

    At the hospital, when Terry came out from Susanna’s room, what he was doing? He didn’t even try to explain the simplest explanation to Candy. Not even asked how she was doing. He just forwarded Susanna’s message to Candy. **I’m pulling my hair out right now**. And you pointed right, Ms Puddle. When Candy later told him to take care of Susanna and she wanted to go back to Chicago soon, he didn’t try to stop her. Even not asking why she did it. —— Okay, I’d better stop talking about this particular event or else, I end up becoming bald at the time I finish my comment. LOL

    Terry and Candy, they both understood that it was the end for them. Cruel fate, yes. That’s life.

    And I agree, Candy never hated Susanna nor Terry for this. And at the time she wrote the unsent letter to Terry, she definitely already moved on. She didn’t hold grudge.

    And for the timing of Susanna’s death, if we assume she and Candy were at the same age, I say she died at age 25-29. I think I saw Queviva Candy said Susanna might start writing plays a few years after Rockstown. That I agree. With Terry coming back to her and regaining his success, I think she was encouraged to do the same path as him. To get up and started to build again her career. This time she chose to be play writers. And I believe, and I am sure, Terry as a great man, must be happy to see her spirit up and their relationship would then become better and better along the way. Maybe he still couldn’t love her as a woman, but I’m sure he valued her as his best friend. So, losing her was definitely devastating him a lot.

    Really, to imagine Candy waiting in vain for years after the break up, which I believe more than 5 years, is too ridiculous. It disturbs me a lot. It doesn’t match her spirit throughout the story. Seriously, if Mizuki wanted to reunite Candy and Terry, I am sure she could come up with a better idea than making Susanna died. Contrary to some people think, when I first acknowledged this fact on CCFS, I already knew, Anohito must not be Terry. It’s too lame. 🙂

    1. Hello Reeka! Thanks for reading this right away! No worries, my friend! Take your time because the post is not going anywhere. 😉 😛

      Unlike you, possibly due to my Asian background, I understood the struggles Terry and Candy went through respectively. I know many people in Western world didn’t get it, but it was an honor thing in Asian culture, especially for men. Terry would look extremely ‘cruel’ to have left Susanna after the accident. He really had no choice. 🙁

      That being said, I never saw Susanna as bad or manipulative. Like you, Eliza was much worse.

      I agree… It was fate that led Candy to the hospital roof at the right moment. The final punch from the universe? Reeka, oh dear! What an interesting thought!! 😀 You’re right, Terry and Candy weren’t meant to be. Period. Mizuki, the ‘universe’, had ensured that. Sigh…

      Candy as a young lady who loved Terry back then must have sympathized Susanna deeply. She probably had put herself in the actress’s shoes and totally melted …

      Like you, Susanna was never a wicked character to me. Also, Terry’s behavior was very disappointing… No apology to Candy at all about not telling her anything about Susanna… That Candy had to face the hard truth herself. 🙁

      Yes, by the time Candy wrote the unsent letter, she had moved on. She hadn’t held grudges whatsoever. Remember, if Candy hadn’t had any hope of reuniting with Terry after the breakup, the encounter at Rockstown might have softened her resolve. Yet, the opposite had happened. Nothing could move Candy. She had given up Terry for good.

      I also think Susanna died around her late twenties… That means she had been living together with Terry close to ten years. That wasn’t a short time period at all. I think by then Terry and Candy were practically strangers to each other. Their few months of bantering back in London would forever be cherished memories in their youth. Perhaps, Susanna was the only woman who knew Terry inside out. The fact that Terry had lost Susanna must be a blow to him. 🙁

      As Agnès once said, if Candy had to wait ten long years to reunite with Terry, that is near sadism 🙁

        • Reeka on July 20, 2015 at 6:00 am
        • Reply

        Don’t forget I’m also asian 😉 , but still … I understood that it was their fate and these two people were too noble and they couldn’t be happy above someone else’ misery. But I wanted to see their fight, in this case, Terry’s fight for Candy. I hoped to see him beg her to give him time to settle the problem. I was in my early teen year, thus I couldn’t fully grasp why Candy had to be so selfless. Didn’t she think she herself deserve a happiness? And please noted, at that time, the happy time they shared in school and Scotland was still lingering in my mind and hey! I was a Terry fan ( yes, I admit it). But back then, many secrets hadn’t been revealed, so no Terry fan nor Albert fan 🙂 😉

        About Susanna, she had done her wrong doings, but doesn’t she represent young women generally? To be honest, Candy is the exceptional one. Too good and too selfless.

        I’m touched by Susanna at Rockstown scene. When Terry had flashback of how Susanna letting him go with smile and said to wait for him coming back. No questions, no interrogations. If Susanna was wicked and had bitter heart, she should be afraid Terry would leave her to find Candy and never came back. To me, that moment clearly showed Terry’s firm decision to rebuild his life and for once in his life, being a man his father had never been.

        Then, THIS is coming across my mind right now, ms Puddle! Terry’s brief letter. The one we believe to be sent 1.5 years after the break up. He said he wanted to write her after a year and he kept delaying until another 6 months passed. I am thinking … how if “I have never changed” is not what we think about, it’s not his feeling to Candy. But He himself as a person.

        He was confused if it was really Candy seeing him in Rosckstown or not. Probably she was, and if so, she was seeing him at his lowest state. Someone who was not him, not the passionate Terry who talked about theatre and plays in Scotland’s summer holiday. So, when he came back to NY, probably 6 months after leaving Stratford, he eventually wrote that ambiguous letter. To tell Candy that he was still the same Terry she knew. Six months ago or so, before he had left Stratford and Susanna, he might want to write her a letter with different reason, different words. But he was not sure Candy would like what he wanted to say.

        Wee, it’s just something crazy that suddenly popped up in my brain. I think today my brain has been slightly overused to think about CC world. Hahaha you know what I mean, my friend.

          • Quevivacandy on July 20, 2015 at 6:52 am
          • Reply

          Hey dear Reeka and MsPuddle!

          I have read your comments and I agree with you. Well, in my case, I never have been a ‘Terryfan’ if that means that back then, I wanted Candy to had stayed with Terry, I was around 10 and I liked Archie, lol… I still remember saying to myself, ‘what is the matter with you (Candy)? Dont you see he loves you (Archie)? What are you waiting for, you crazy???’ lol… But keep in mind I just had watched the anime. In this side of the world, we didn’t know anything about the existence of manga and I just read it about 2 years ago. Ok, getting back to the topic, I really didn’t get why they had to break-up, for me it was kind of tragedy.

          And you have mentioned an important point, they weren’t mean to be together (Candy and Terry), that wasn’t their fate. Mizuki had another plans for Candy. Now, I don’t know if it is the culture or if that’s the way the manga has to be written but there is a lot of drama! MsPuddle knows that last year I read Lady Georgie and Lady Oscar, and there is drama drama and more drama… yikes! I finished reading both of them with my cheeks covered by tears and the same thing happened with Candy. If Anthony wouldn’t had died, eventually she would got married him. If there wouldn’t be any Susanna’s accident, eventually Candy would got married Terry. But since Mizuki had planed Candy’s fate was Albert, she chose those sad events as the way to separate her from her first and second love, just to lead her to the final one.

          I still do not like too much drama but can’t help it, I just love the story.

            • Reeka on July 20, 2015 at 8:08 am
            • Reply

            Hahaha my dear Queviva Candy, believe it or not, there was a brief moment when I first read manga that I hoped Candy could see Archie as a man. Of all three cousins, I like Archie the most. Somehow I like the way he loved Candy.

            Lady Georgie! I read that, too. In fact I own the manga. The drama was more intense. There, I want Georgie with Abel. But again, tragedy happened. I think I had read Lady Oscar long time ago. Isn’t it the one that the characters look like Marie Antoinette? Btw, Have you heard about Glass Mask / Garasu No Kamen? That is one glorious manga. However, it’s still not completed. The manga started in 1970s .. until now. LOL. Contains 50 volumes so far.

            To think about CC, every event – every tragedy had happened for a reason. I may sound cruel, but to me Anthony was created to be a bridge in between Candy and POTH. It’s like Mizuki allowed Candy to “taste” how it was dating a teenage Albert. And Anthony character was killed at the prefect moment, just in time he was that close to reveal who POTH was. Can you imagine if he happened to tell Candy? The whole story would be completely different. And Terry and Candy … the more I think about it, the more I’m sure it was Terry’s destiny to know Candy briefly. It’s more for Terry rather than Candy. Candy made him sure of what he wanted to do for a living. If he didn’t meet her, he might not go to America and became a great actor.

            Queviva Candy, I’m with you. I hate dramas. I’m a person who loves peace and always avoid drama whenever I can. 🙂

            Ms Puddle, I’m sorry for talking out of topic. -__-“

              • Ms Puddle on July 20, 2015 at 1:45 pm

              There are many Archie fans actually, and some of them were disappointed that he ended up with Annie because it seems he had never got over Candy… I hope he was really in love with Annie when he proposed to her in CCFS. Sigh!

              Yes I used to love Lady Oscar very much, especially Andre… Nearly crazy at some point. But once I picked up CC manga to read, Albert stole my heart… Lol… 😉

              Like you, Reeka, I also think Anthony was not meant for Candy. Right from the start Mizuki planned to get rid of him by making him die. I was told the editors wanted more drama so she arranged the horse accident. Anthony gave us a glimpse of what young Albert was like, but still, Albert was likely stronger in physique, leading a lonely but rebellious life.

              Regarding Terry’s fate, Candy opened his eyes and helped him reconcile with his birth mother. However, he actually gave up Candy first by leaving London without a trace, as pointed out by some of you.

              I don’t like dramas in real life but for stories I don’t mind as long as the plots make sense. 🙂

              No worries, Reeka. This is not really out of topic 😉

          1. Dear QuevivaCandy, so you like Archie? 🙂 Good choice! I like both Archie and Stear. They were more like Candy’s brothers to me. Albert was definitely more than a brother to Candy, but she was unaware. 😉

            When I watched the anime as a kid, I was like Candy. I liked whomever she was falling in love with, so I liked Anthony first and then Terry. I remember crying when Anthony died and feeling absolutely frustrated when T and C kept missing each other, time and time again. 🙁

            However, once again, my young mind didn’t understand Candy’s relationship with Albert. I couldn’t understand what went on after the breakup, and the only thing I understood was that he was her guardian all along. I didn’t even recall anything about Prince on the Hill … LOL…

            Only when I read the manga did I understand Albert’s feelings for Candy and vice versa. I finished the manga feeling like something was missing. 🙁 However, as an adult reading the manga, I could see that Candy had feelings for her guardian without knowing, and her guardian turned out to be POTH! 🙂

            It only makes sense that Mizuki had planned Albert for Candy since the beginning. The story structure is crystal clear! Mizuki had made sure Candy and Terry wouldn’t get back together, not even the encounter at Rockstown had changed Candy. Sigh!!

            I don’t mind drama as long as the story is good, so I like CC 😀

        1. Absolutely agree with you, dear Reeka. Terry’s behavior was disappointing because first he couldn’t tell Candy his struggles (consistent though because he rarely told her his inner thoughts) and secondly he had never openly denied his rumors with Susanna. Nobody, except Susanna herself, knew Terry had a special girl in Chicago. Hence, everyone assumed he would marry Susanna after the accident, and even Mrs. Marlowe demanded it.

          If I were Candy, I would have wondered why he had kept me a secret… Was he ashamed of me?

          Reeka, you know what I mean?

          Anyway, just my 2 cents. 😛 😉

          Like you, I also think Susanna had her faults, but at least she felt sorry afterwards and apologized to Terry and Candy respectively. Her love for Terry was real too, and she was always understanding and supportive. In the manga we never saw Terry blame her. He actually felt guilty again and again for her selfless acts.

          About his brief letter to Candy, you have interesting insights, my friend! Who knows? What he said was ambiguous to say the least. I named it his ambiguous letter with reasons, you know! 😀 🙂 Many thanks for your inputs, Reeka!

            • Reeka on July 24, 2015 at 10:55 am
            • Reply

            Oh well, yes he’s acting like a single man, leading a false assumption to people around him in NY. However, as much as I disappoint on him, I don’t think he’s ashamed of Candy. He’s just … mmm actually it’s very hard to asses his true feeling. Again, I’m bringing Archie here. It’s the huge difference between Terry and Archie. Archie, just like Anthony, proudly showed their feeling to Candy. Meanwhile Terry … he kept his feeling only for himself. Even when Susanna confronted him saying she loved him, Terry couldn’t be clear saying he loved Candy. He just said that unfinished statement that he and Candy … since a long time … since on the boat.

            Sigh. Million of sighs.

            About Terry’s ambiguous letter. The thought just suddenly popped up in my head, although I’d been pondering for so long what exactly his word implied, why we all seem to fall into only one conclusion that what he meant was he’s still love Candy.

            He said “he’s never changed AT ALL”, if it means his feeling, oh well, we know he’d changed! How he treated Candy in NY showed a lot that his feeling to Candy had changed even if it’s little. No matter that the change was caused by his guilt, by his burden to be responsible to Susanna, THE FEELING HAD CHANGED. But Terry as person might be still the same Terry Candy knew. The one who’s passionate in acting and dreamed to be a big actor. It seems to me that he wanted to tell Candy “don’t worry about me, I’m still the same Terry and I’ll be a big star. I won’t fail you again.”

            If that makes sense, my dear Ms Puddle. After all, I really don’t want Terry stuck on his past. If previously when they’re “together” he had never said his feeling to Candy directly, why would he say it now? He must know that Candy wouldn’t be happy to hear it. What for? He knew it wouldn’t change anything and only hurt Candy more. 🙁

              • Ms Puddle on July 24, 2015 at 3:46 pm

              Yes, Reeka, I can’t agree with you more about Terry’s ambiguous letter. We shouldn’t automatically assume he meant his feelings for Candy had remained unchanged. He could mean him as a person. Also, I still wonder why some people believe Candy had never received this letter from him? Perhaps she in her retrospection didn’t say a single word about this letter? I don’t know…

    • Quevivacandy on July 18, 2015 at 12:08 pm
    • Reply

    Finally finished to read this post but will leave you my comment later, now, I’m so frustrated… lol…

    When I was about to send a long comment, my computer freezed and everything gone… will back to you later… :p

    1. I’m sorry, my friend, about what happened. I hope you didn’t lose too much work 🙁

        • Quevivacandy on July 18, 2015 at 10:42 pm
        • Reply

        Ok, I’m back… Sorry for the delay but went out with my family… Now, just hope I’ll remember everything I had written before… :/ And don’t worry, I didn’t lose anything else except the whole comment… hahaha

        Well… I began reading the post the other day but until today I was able to finish my reading. While I was reading it I thought you already knew what I will going to say so I won’t… lol… just read between lines… 😉

        Like you, I believe Susanna lived for several years after the accident. I know ‘I made her die’ earlier in my story but I also left a comment explainning exactly what you said above… (I must insist, great minds think alike! 😉 ) Since I was trying to organized CCFS’s timeline, I pondered about the moment of her death. Her obituary says she wrote plays, plural, and if it takes us sometime just to write a story or to update it… think about to write a whole play back then and in Susanna’s case, plays. I guess it must had taken her some years to achieve it. I also have the feeling that she began writing sometime later after Terry returned from Rockstown. Only then, he was able to support her and he might even encouraged her to write.

        Also, Candy at the begininning hated her, she says that in a letter she didn’t send to Susanna but lines later, Candy also said she didn’t know by then how deep was her feelings for Terry. Since then, Candy changed her feelings for Susanna and as you wrote, and the end in the non-sent lettery to Terry she said Susanna was a wonderful person and there is not bitterness at all but happiness for them… oh my, everytime I read this, I remember all the comments I got for writing that Susanna is a marvelous person, lol… well, that is the Candy that Mizuki gave us…

        Mizuki wrote about a girl who always got over any adversity and moved on with her life… Can you picture a Candy, living in the past, waiting for the moment her rival in love will pass away to finally be with the guy ‘she loves the most’? yikes! certainly not!!! TF will say that Candy didn’t want Susanna’s death but it turned out to happen and only then, she was able to be with the person she ‘loves’, what… maybe 10 years after the breakup or even more??? That kind of thinking forgets one important thing about Candy: She always got over and moved on with her life no matter what had happened to her… The whole story is about that.

        Besides, it is crystal clear that she got over the breakup… oh my, ok, here I go, couldn’t help it, sorry… In the unsent letter she wrote ‘maybe because he was with me (paraphrasing), I manage to get over’… then, some time after she got over the breakup, it turns out of the blue that the guy to whom she already has ‘special feelings’ was her first crush, Albert… and then, the whole epilogue is about them, I guess Mizuki did it not only to tells us how the story ends but to show us they way she moved on.

        Ok, I know I missed something but cannot remembert now what is it… hehehe…

        Gotta go now but will back to you when I remember it… lol… sorry, I know it’s a long comment and as usual, I rambled a little bit… :p

        1. Yes dear QuevivaCandy! Great minds think alike indeed! I think Susanna would live at least a handful of years after Terry had returned to Broadway. His return and support had motivated her to start her career in a different way, acting as a narrator or a playwright. Also, I have a feeling she wouldn’t start writing right away. Possibly some time later when she was confident enough to write. 🙂

          Can’t agree with you more that people seem to have conveniently ignored / omitted the fact that Candy herself could write in the unsent letter that Susanna was wonderful, and Terry, the man who had chosen Susanna, was also wonderful. It’s crystal clear that Candy had moved on in her life. No jealousy anymore.

          Yup, my friend, this is the optimistic Candy Mizuki had created whom everyone admired. She had been heartbroken but she had recovered by then, with help from Albert. Only Albert knew her true self. Candy didn’t tell any other, not even Annie. That’s a solid proof how special Albert was to her. 😀

          Like you, around ten years or more had elapsed since the breakup in New York. It’s highly likely Candy was already married and happy… Not hanging on a hope that some day Terry would be free again. Just doesn’t make sense to me. 😛

          How could people impose their ideas on Candy, a strong girl who was able to live her life the fullest? A girl who was happy with her prince, who had made a point to confess to her? 🙄 🙂

  4. I’m happy to follow your blog, the article i just read makes sense. I just can’t imagine Candy suffering and crying for Terry after so many years. I think time and Albert’s support helped her a lot, to get over Terry. And no, unlike many people, i don’t hate Susana, she loved Terry and i’m pretty sure he did feel something for her too.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

    A follower of yours: Ivonne.

    1. Nice to meet you, Ivonne! 🙂

      Like you, I just can’t imagine Candy crying and suffering for the man she had long given up. Not to mention he had also chosen another woman. Hence, Susanna’s death doesn’t mean Candy would take Terry back. It doesn’t necessarily mean he would find Candy again either.

      Those who believe Terry had absolutely no feelings for Susanna should probably think again. After living with her for years and supporting her through her struggles with her illness for a long time, how could he still feel nothing? If indeed he didn’t even shed a tear when Susanna breathed her last, he was inhuman and cold-blooded. 🙁

    • Vera García on July 16, 2015 at 3:20 am
    • Reply

    An affectionate greeting Ms. Puddle
    Interesante la reflexión referente a Susana, igual que Usted pienso que Susana no era de sentimientos mezquinos, solamente un ser que amaba a Terry y que deseaba ser correspondida.

    Lo que me lleva a pensar en la valentía y madurez con que Candy enfrento todo, desde hacer consciente que el amor de Susana a Terry era verdadero, tanto que expuso su propia vida para protegerlo. Hasta aceptar que Terry había tomado una elección que no le favorecía a Candy, pero aún así lo apoyo y se hizo un lado con mucho dolor, pero sin resentimientos. Y pasados los años al leer el obituario de Susana, expresa su tristeza tanto por la muerte de Susana y también por que Terry , porque Candy guardaba sentimientos de afecto por ambos.

    Y quizá si estaba casada; pero de lo contrario, de seguro estaba comprometida en matrimonio.

    Una pregunta en la manga en que parte se describe que Susana había escondido las cartas de Candy a Terry, a mí nunca me ha quedado claro eso.
    Su leal lectora y amiga Vera.

    1. Hola Vera, greeting to you!

      Yes, Susanna had her faults as a fool for love by hiding Candy’s letters from Terry (if I remember correctly, Candy sent letters to Terry at Stratford theater but Terry wasn’t aware), but deep down she wasn’t a bad woman. I think Eliza was so much worse than Susanna.

      You’re absolutely right that Candy had no hard feelings after the breakup. She was heartbroken, true, but no resentment or bitterness. Years later, Candy’s immediate responses to reading the obituary proves that Candy was genuinely distressed. She still had affections for Susanna and Terry, but likely as old friends by then. Undeniably, Susanna was no longer a love rival; Candy had long given up Terry for good.

      Someone said that Candy didn’t know Susanna’s death right away… Possibly she was informed some time later. I don’t know. However, you might be right that Candy was either engaged or married by then.

      Saludos!! ❤❤

      • Quevivacandy on July 18, 2015 at 11:01 pm
      • Reply

      Hello my friend, please let me answer one thing to Vera that you missed, maybe the translator didn’t do a good job. 😉

      Hola Vera!

      Mucho gusto. Me alegra que sigas a MsPuddle. Te he visto últimamente por acá y me encanta el hecho que ella tenga más seguidores pues tiene una manera única de explicar las cosas.

      Bueno, respecto a que Susana le escondiera las cartas a Terry, en el manga creo que no aparece nada de eso. Solo vemos que Susana encuentra una carta de Candy y eso hace que le vaya a confesar sus sentimientos a Terry. Ahora, CCFS nos cuenta que Susana si retuvo algunas cartas de Candy para Terry, acá te dejo el fragmento en el que nos basamos:

      “La mayoría de las cartas que envié a la Compañía Teatral Stratford no llegaron, no, incluso si llegaron no fueron entregadas a Terry. Susana Marlowe…”

      Espero haber respondido tu pregunta. Saludos y cuídate.

      1. Muchas gracias, QuevivaCandy!! ❤❤

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