Jul 27 2015

The day her life changed (Part 6)

I read the following somewhere, that “if a man is able to tell you the story of how the two of you met and fell in love, you are the old lady in The Notebook.” (Have you seen the movie The Notebook? If not, you should. 😛 )

Anyway, if you read Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS) carefully, you will notice it’s a story of how Candy met her Prince on the Hill and how they fell in love with each other. Remember the question raised in Part 1 of The day her life changed? Why was Candy’s life significantly changed the day Annie left the Pony’s Home? We know that it wasn’t because Annie got adopted by the Brightons; it was because it was the day Candy met her Prince on the Hill (CCFS Vol I, P. 30), but what was so significant about the brief encounter? 😕

In CCFS, when Candy grew up, though she and Annie reunited and became friends again, Annie was no longer Candy’s best friend. Someone else had taken that spot in Candy’s heart. Guess who? Albert. 🙂 That happened long before Candy realized that he was actually her prince. In Candy’s retrospection, she said (CCFS Vol II, P. 240)


To paraphrase this, Candy said, Albert and I promised to share anything(everything), including griefs and joy…

Remember her agreement to share her sandwich with him for the rest of her life? 🙂 Then on the same page Candy added the following about Albert,


I could talk to Albert about anything.
About Terry, even about Susanna… including all the things that I couldn’t even tell Annie.

In other words, Albert had become Candy’s confidant over time, and she was comfortable enough to reveal all her inner secrets to him. There are at least two more places that Candy talked about Albert in her retrospection (CCFS Vol II, P. 197 and P. 241)



For my interpretations of the above, please check the earlier posts Engulfed in his warmth and Argh, he’s driving me crazy…

Who else in the story of Candy Candy had this privilege? None. Not even Terry. 😉

Therefore, Prince on the Hill was undoubtedly the most important man in Candy’s life. That was why the day of their first encounter had been more than special to her.

Yes, Candy had fallen in love with two other men in between, but she lost them both and managed to get over her griefs. She was eventually back to her prince, who was the only male character who had gone to Pony’s Hill with her, and not just once! 😀

CC artbook imageNot only that, the epilogue of CCFS is full of evidence that both Candy and Albert remembered very well the details of their first encounter. Not to mention that Albert wrote clearly in his letters that he was tremendously grateful to her for saving his life when he had lost everything (amnesiac). He had been considerably touched by her unflagging support to him back then. She had been fired by the hospital because of him but she hadn’t forsaken him. I suppose Albert would never ever forget Candy’s kindness. In other words, he implied he had helplessly fallen in love with her. See Her happiness for details. 🙂

Have you heard of this quote?

“A woman’s loyalty is tested when her man has nothing. A man’s loyalty is tested when he has everything!” ~ Unknown

Let me change the above sentences to:

Candy’s loyalty was tested when Albert had nothing. Albert’s loyalty was tested when he had everything! 😉 🙂

It’s so true. When Albert had regained everything, he wanted to make Candy happy! He bought the land and financed the reconstruction of her beloved orphanage (A generous present). He made Sarah Leagan clear Candy’s name. He tried his best to make her birthday unforgettable, bringing the horses back to her and inviting everyone from the Pony’s Home to Chicago, etc.

In short, he wanted her to know she was very important to him, that he was happy when she was happy. 🙂 😀

How about Candy? She felt so blessed to have met Albert that her past pains of being an abandoned child meant little to her now. Being an orphan, she had been abused by Eliza and Neil, but Candy in retrospection said that the tears she had shed during those days had become sweet memories. Why? They had essentially led her to Albert the vagabond by the waterfall, who hadn’t forgotten that little girl on Pony’s Hill either. 😉

Now, let’s get back to Candy’s last letter to Albert in the epilogue. As mentioned before, some time had elapsed between her mental letter to Anthony and her letter to Albert. Have you ever wondered why it had taken Candy some time before she could sit down to write a long letter to Albert? 🙄

Of course, she might have been busy as a nurse at Happy Martin Clinic, or she might have been preoccupied with chores at the Pony’s Home. But remember I said in Her happiness that Albert said he would investigate where Candy’s happiness was? Then her subsequent reply (see I wish you were here…) was so short yet filled with longing, and Candy explicitly wrote she would rather talk to Albert in person instead of writing a long reply to him. 😛

So I strongly believe, during her trip to Lakewood with Albert, when they spent so much time alone, he might have directly asked her, “Where is your happiness, Candy?” or “What makes you happy, Candy?” *sigh*

Or he simply returned her diary to her, as described in More than words (Part 1), to gauge her reactions. Candy somehow understood that Albert wanted a concrete answer from her to his unspoken question, “Terry or me?” 😮

One was the rebel whom Candy used to love from the bottom of her heart, but he had chosen another woman over her at least five years ago. One was her Prince on the Hill, the man she was now in love with. I think Candy needed time to make up her mind, not because of Terry though. Yes, she had brought the diary home, but in the end she hadn’t opened it. I’ve already explained the significance of her action in More than words (Part 2).

Come to think of it, after reading the heartfelt letters from Albert (shown in the epilogue), Candy was fully aware of his love for her. However, was she ready to commit her life to him? First, I figure Candy was willing to fight any obstacle that came their way, and so was Albert (as discussed in her mental letter to Anthony, see Part 4 of The day her life changed), but was she ready to leave the orphanage (the simple and carefree life) and ultimately become the wife of the only male descendant of the Ardlay’s clan (rigid rules and traditions)? 🙄

It was indeed a huge decision. Her response to receiving the family heirloom (the damascene jewelry box) proved that she still tried to adjust her mindset, that she was (would be) the lady of the house! 😉 😛 However, I think her love for her prince gave her the courage to face the unknown future (she had asked Anthony to watch over her too). After some deep contemplation, she decided to respond to her prince in a long letter.

After writing that she was so glad to have met Albert, Candy said it was she who couldn’t thank him enough. Also, she answered his question about her happiness by telling him that now and only now was her happiness. That is, she was now happy with her prince, not with someone in her past (please see More than words (Part 2) for my detailed explanation).

Finally, Candy deliberately ended her letter with love, (愛 “ai”), which is actually a heavy word that means true love, devotion and commitment (Expressions of love). You see? Candy was essentially telling Albert that she was ready to leave everything behind, that her heart was fully committed and devoted to him, so she was prepared to fight with him for their love, against all odds. Those people who brush off the importance of this word (愛 “ai”) and insist it’s a common way to end a letter to a parent or family have to explain why this was the only time Candy ended her letter with love (愛 “ai”) and why Candy hadn’t used the word love (愛 “ai”) to Albert before until now. 😉 Something must have happened, giving her the assurance that he was deeply in love with her, and that’s why she could respond to him with love.

More importantly, these people must have conveniently ignored the tone and mood of this lengthy letter, that Candy was apparently a happy woman in love, and her admiration for her Little Bert was irrefutable. Let’s be honest, if he was merely a father figure to her, would she call him Little Bert again and again with joy? That Albert would rather Candy call him Little Bert than Prince on the Hill? The intimacy between them was simply undeniable. 🙄

I will conclude this series in Part 7, and I’m working very hard on Chapter 9 of Peculiar Relationship (many thanks for your patience!!). Please stay tuned. Have a wonderful week! 🙂


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  1. Hello Ladies!

    I saw “The Notebook”, N’oublie jamais” in French, a beautiful story of Nicolas Sparks as always.

    Indeed, Albert was also her best friend, she could talk of everything with him even about POTH when she was living with him at Magnolia house, no one else knew that except Anthony because she thought he was him, the first second she saw him. With Terry, she didn’t share a lot because the major part of time they bantered even fighted sometimes like adolescents they were.

    The quote is so true! I like it very much and fits so well with Candy and Albert.

    You’re right, Candy accepted all her troubles (be an abandoned child, be abused by Leagans…) because at the end they led her to Albert where her happiness lied.
    About Candy, she had had to think before answered to Albert, it was important and we can understand her, her life was on the verge to change 360°! At Pony’s home she was somewhat in a cocoon and by choosing Albert she has to fight against some family members, change her status from a simple countryside girl to a Lady by the sides of one of the most important man in Chicago and even USA, to be in a world she has never liked. But at the end love won! 😀

    About the drawing, we can see POTH in brightly colors and with Albert it was the two biggest (in size) characters drawed , it speaks volumes!

    Evelyn: I like the way you described the sandwich scene, so touching, I was near to cry myself. Like you, Ms Puddle, I think Candy wasn’t full aware ot the subtle meaning of his message by then.
    I think the unsent letter to Terry was written before she knew Albert was her POTH for the same reasons of yours Evelyn, plus she said Albert was remained veiled in mystery or something like this.
    About Terry’s note, to fit with the timing of CCFS, I think he sent her one year and half after their breakup in may, the memories of Candy’s birthday, their first kiss anniversary could overwhelmed him. As he has gotten no response from Candy, he left New York in despair in summer and went to Rockstown after a few months of wandering. Just my humble interpretation, of course
    BTW I am Agnes, Candy Bert is my pen name, sorry for my belated answer!

      • Evelyn on August 9, 2015 at 10:46 pm
      • Reply

      Hello Candy Bert aka dear Agnes 😉 ♥️ Yes, I also love that sandwich scene and Albert’s body language and attention toward Candy is priceless! I literally got teary-eyed this last time when I read it also! Sigh! I’m sure later in Candy’s life, perhaps after she was married to Albert, she could look back and appreciate this tender moment and finally read in between the lines of what Albert was trying to tell her! 🙂

      It makes sense what you say about Candy not yet knowing that Albert was her POTH in her unsent letter to Terry. Yes you are right about the fact she said that Albert remained veiled in mystery! I had overlooked this detail which leads me to believe that she sensed there may have been more secrets Albert was keeping from her? Just my thoughts!

      About Terry’s note, I also agree very much with you!! The timing and sequence of events of Terry’s letter to Candy seems to fit your explanation of what could have happened!! So the letter could have come before Rockstown but a year and a half after their breakup in NY. Thanks for your insights, Candy Bert 😉

      1. It’s always a pleasure to share thoughts with you, dear Evelyn, ; D even if I don’t have as time as I would want to do that. There are more ideas in severals minds than in single one! Thanks to this marvellous blog we can learn so much! ❤

        In her unsent letter to Terry Candy wrote Albert remained veiled in mystery because he was keeping from her some facts like when exactly he recovered his memory because I think he couldn’t tell her why he had kept this during months, to continue to live by her sides, this could have revealed too much about his strong feelings for her, so I think he didn’t tell her he was her POTH, yet. You’re right, Candy had had sensed there were others secrets.

          • Evelyn on August 10, 2015 at 10:07 pm
          • Reply

          The pleasure is mine, dear Candy Bert 😉 I love sharing thoughts with you too!! 🙂 Yes i agree! Thanks to our dear friend Ms Puddle and her wonderful blog we can meet one another and exchange ideas! ❤❤

          1. Thank you, both Candy Bert and Evelyn! I enjoy reading your comments too, which are inspiring and give me new ideas. Thanks again, you and the others have certainly motivated me to keep going. 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

            1. You’re very welcome, Ms Puddle! You, Ladies, are my inspiration as well! ❤

            • Evelyn on August 11, 2015 at 3:57 pm
            • Reply

            I also enjoy very much talking to all of you!! I look forward to reading your wonderful thoughts and chatting with friends! 😛 ♥️

    1. Candy Bert, I can’t agree with you more. People didn’t seem to realize that Terry and Candy basically bantered too much. Their conversations were limited, and neither of them seemed to open up to the other. Whereas with Albert, Candy was able to pour out her feelings to him. Indeed the sandwich scene was very touching, especially Albert had already recovered. He knew who she was and yet he was ready to take care of her till the end. He loved her regardless, even though he believed she still loved Terry.

      About the timing of the unsent letter or Terry’s brief letter to Candy, I think Candy Bert’s timeline sounds totally reasonable, as written in her romantic fic on her blog. 🙂

      1. Many thanks for the mention of my fic, Ms Puddle but I feel a novice in comparison of you or Quevivacandy!

        1. Oh no… Please don’t feel like that, Candy Bert! You’re doing a wonderful job so far, my dear! ❤❤

          1. Thank you my dear, your kinds words have warmed up my heart! ❤

    • Vera García on August 3, 2015 at 4:20 pm
    • Reply

    An affectionate greeting Ms. Puddle
    Concuerdo con Usted, si una persona puede recordar como se conocieron y enamoraron con todo detalle, y reflejan en su mirada ternura y compromiso real y leal de entrega, es verdadero amor. Esto lo logra Mizuki en su novela, tanto Candy como Albert han tenido presente ese breve, pero significativo encuentro en la Colina de Pony , donde a partir de ese día sus vidas tienen un nuevo significado.
    Referente a la película “The notebook” es un buen ejemplo de que el verdadero amor existe. Esto me recuerda un matrimonio de personas mayores que conozco, que en su mirada, el trato tan tierno que se expresan, se ve el gran amor que se profesan, yo pido a Dios poder tener algo así. Por eso considero que la novela de Mizuki es un clásico.
    Me encanto su fase de la lealtad en el hombre y la mujer encierra una gran verdad, y con su permiso la voy a tomar prestada. Esperando con paciencia sus siguientes post y deseando que tenga una excelente semana su amiga , Vera.

    1. Hola Vera mi amiga! 🙂 Candy was surely lucky to have a few admirers, and they all remembered their first encounters with her, but only the one with Prince on the Hill was highlighted in the prologue as well as the epilogue. Mizuki’s message can’t be more clear, right?

      Yes, it was indeed true love in The Notebook. Very touching! Sigh! Of course you can use the quote. It isn’t mine. 😉 I just happened to find it on the web. 🙂


    • Evelyn on August 2, 2015 at 10:51 am
    • Reply

    Hola dear Ms Puddle! I just love what you said here! The unknown quote is so enlightening and it fits so truly to both Albert and Candy as a couple. They truly were there for each other all along. Because of this post, I felt the urge to re-read volumes 8 and 9 of the manga in Spanish and just when you think you knew the story by heart I keep seeing new details I had missed before. Details that I had not realized before if it wasn’t for the information you share with us here in your wonderful site 😉 There is so much in my mind I want to share but I’ll try to stick to my comments about this post to not bore you to tears 🙂

    Remembering the sandwich scene mentioned above, I re-read it and it is simply beautiful how discrete but forward Albert was to approach Candy with his feelings, through this symbolic act of sharing something between them up on that tree by themselves. Albert wishes to be Candy’s confidant and best friend forever! But if you look at his body language, right when Candy is handing him his half of the sandwich, he is looking at her so intensely with eyes of love if you ask me, he then looks down smiling in a shy manner to share what’s in his heart. I got really teary eyed seeing this scene! Sigh!! Here Albert’s loyalty to Candy is unwavering even though at this time he thinks that Candy still is in love with Terry, he still offers his loyalty to her. Candy’s trust in Albert grows and is grateful that she can count on him for anything and feels safe by his side.

    I couldn’t agree more with you about Albert being grateful to Candy after recovering his memory!! He wanted to shower her with presents. The purchase of the land and the horses as you mention are perfect examples. In the manga, we see a scene in Candy’s retrospective of Albert buying her a box of chocolates, was it?, when she is missing and looking for him after he departed. At first Candy promised to care for Albert being amnesiac as her way to repay him for saving her life at the waterfall, but gradually she started falling for him and he became the most important man in her life.

    I have a question, Ms Puddle. How do we know that some time past before Candy replied to Albert to his question about where her happiness was? Albert asked her this question by letter before he took her to Lakewood, right? Then Candy answered that she rather speak to him in person. Then, Albert came to Pony’s Home and took her to Lakewood where Albert gave her back her diary. Logically the unspoken question was asked here about either Terry or him. Then came the mental letter to Anthony? and then she responded by letter to Albert that her happiness was now with Albert!! Sigh! Is this the correct order of events? Albert surely must have known that Terry belonged in Candy’s past by then, I would think. Years back, he sent Candy to Rockstown where she literally walked away from Terry. This gesture speaks loud and clear of where Candy’s heart was at that time and I’m sure Albert saw that. But do you think he was not sure that Candy loved him yet? or was it a test to see if Candy still harbored any feelings toward Terry? or both?

    Love the drawing above! It says it all. Candy is the main protagonist and who is the next most important figure you see? none other than Prince On The Hill which happens to be Albert’s profile coming right behind young POTH as an adult. So handsome 😀 Everyone else is a supporting character.

    1. Hola Evelyn!

      Yes indeed the sandwich scene is very touching. I must say Igarashi has done a great job portraying Albert’s unflagging support for Candy. It’s about a man who’s willing to take care of a woman for the rest of her life, sharing her pain and sorrow. In CCFS this part was slightly changed to griefs and joyful things. While Candy was undoubtedly touched by Albert’s kindness, I think she didn’t completely understand the subtle message behind his proposal. 😉 Yet, for sure he had her full trust to agree to share her sandwich with him forever. 🙂

      Likewise, the Rockstown scene was changed slightly in CCFS. Candy didn’t talk to Terry not necessarily because of Albert. She was very confused and disoriented inside the theatre.

      I don’t recall Albert buying a box of chocolates… 😛

      Yes Evelyn my friend about the chronological order. At least that’s what I think about the last two letters in the epilogue. Yet, remember neither Albert nor Candy could talk about her diary all these years? Perhaps Albert wanted a concrete answer from Candy concerning her happiness. That is, if she could have a choice, which one would she rather have? I think Albert didn’t want to be her second choice, you know.

      Totally agree with you about the poster. It’s obvious who else is the main character besides Candy! The rest, including Terry, were supporting characters. 😉

        • Evelyn on August 3, 2015 at 9:31 am
        • Reply

        Thanks dear Ms Puddle for corroborating the chronological order of events. It just makes sense to place these events in this order. You are right about the fact that neither Albert nor Candy were able to talk about her diary, for years perhaps! So that just adds to the time where their relationship probably just remained a friendship without defining it, so logically Albert asked Candy point blank where her heart was by returning the diary back to Candy to see what her reaction would be! Very clever of him may I say 🙂

        The part I’m referring to with the chocolate box or some kind of gift in a box that Albert gave Candy is the part in the manga volume 9 where the landlady approaches Candy to tell her to leave the apartment because she is living with a mysterious man or gangster. To disprove those claims, she heads to the zoo and requests to see Albert the animal consultant where she is told there is no one by that name or such position. She gets really confused and starts trying to figure out where Albert is getting this money. Among those things in her thoughts is a small box Albert is giving Candy like a present, shows the second car he bought and she mentions the dinners he buys every evening. That box to me looked like a box of chocolates but I could be wrong. Just as you said in your post, Albert started showering Candy with presents and this is the scene where it shows that in the manga. At least that’s how I interprete this scene. What do you think of that scene my friend? 🙂 😉

        1. Hola Evelyn! About the timing of the return of the diary, I personally think it happened months after Candy knew Albert was her prince, so they had sort of entered into courtship? Perhaps Albert wanted to make sure he wasn’t Candy’s second choice? 😉

          Oh I see… About that box, I vaguely remember now. I’ll check the manga version later. I’m currently out of town. 🙂

          About the scene where Candy knew Albert wasn’t really working at the zoo, to me it shows that Candy was afraid of losing Albert. On one hand, she trusted him to have a valid reason why he had to lie to her, but on the other hand what the landlady had said bothered Candy too. Where did he get all the money to buy dinner every night? They sometimes dined out too. Yet, she had never confronted him, why? 😉

            • Evelyn on August 4, 2015 at 5:51 am
            • Reply

            Hola Ms Puddle. Yes indeed! I totally agree with you about the timing of the return of the diary! It had to be after she knew that Albert was her prince and they were definitely into courtship! Albert had been courting Candy through his letters, sudden visits and gifts for a while now. Very well could be he wanted to see if Candy was completely dedicated to him in mind and heart! Plus they had not been able to talk about this subject so it was a gray area between them so it needed to come to light and be clarified. 😀

              • Ms Puddle on August 4, 2015 at 10:48 pm

              Yes, in my mind I imagine Albert was ready to propose to Candy, but before that he had to make sure Candy wanted him as much as he wanted her. That is, he was the one who could give her the happiness she had always wanted. 😉 The return of the diary is exactly his way to find out to whom her heart belonged. Sigh… 🙂

        • Evelyn on August 3, 2015 at 5:18 pm
        • Reply

        Interesting about the scenes that were slightly changed in CCFS! The Rockstown scene seems to be the most drastic change. Does it give the impression that Candy wanted to reach out to Terry to talk to him? Just wondering!

        Talking about Rockstown, I was just pondering about the timing of Terry’s letter to Candy. Could it be that Terry wrote it soon after the Rockstown incident as Candy’s image in that theater was still fresh in his mind? Then of course Candy’s response to that letter would have been years later after she is aware of Albert’s true identity as uncle William and is already in love with POTH. What do you think?
        Also, in CCFS does Terry get a glimpse of Candy’s image on the back of the theater like he did in the manga and then thought it was a hallucination? Did his mother tell him that Candy was there in CCFS? Thank you so much my friend!! ♥️♥️♥️ 😀

        1. No Evelyn, the change in Rockstown scene wasn’t big. I think I have talked about it in a post before, but right now I can’t remember. Candy wanted to pound on Terry’s chest or something like that, but it didn’t happen because he sobered up.

          Unlike the manga, it was mainly Candy’s perspective of the scene, so we don’t know Terry’s inner thoughts in Rockstown. We just assume it’s similar to the one in the manga.

          When Candy wrote an unsent letter to Terry, I believe it happened before Candy knew Albert was her prince. That’s my guess, but I’m not 100% certain. 😉 However, for sure Candy was already over Terry when she wrote this letter to Terry.

          It remains unknown if Miss Baker had ever told her son about Candy’s presence in Rockstown. What do you think? ❤

            • Evelyn on August 4, 2015 at 5:35 am
            • Reply

            Thanks for enlightening me about the Rockstown scene in CCFS. Yes I think I do remember you talking about it on another post. About the unsent letter to Terry, her tone on that letter is that of being mesmerized about Albert, about the news that he was all along Uncle William but no comments about him being her prince yet. And if she knew that she wouldn’t send the letter why not mention this detail? So it makes sense that it could have been before she knew Albert was her prince 🙂

            But about the letter that Terry sent to Candy at the end of the story before the Epilogue in CCFS. I really think there is a possibility that Miss Baker told Terry that Candy saw him there at Rockstown. In the manga we see Terry’s perspective but in CCFS we do not. Could it be that soon after the Rockstown incident and soon after Miss Baker told Terry that Candy was indeed at that same theater with him, that Terry could have written this short letter to Candy sending it to Pony’s home claiming that he hadn’t changed in an act of desperation? After all his emotions might have been flying high, fresh and eager to make contact with Candy. Terry’s short letter to Candy seems rushed to me. In the manga, we see that after Terry finished his performance, he went to look for her where the audience sits but thought it was his imagination, but in CCFS we do not see this but we are introduced to a mysterious letter. And like you I don’t believe he might have sent it after Susanna’s death or that he assumed that Candy would still be waiting for him after over a decade after they parted ways. What do you think 😉 😛 😉

            Please no rush as you are out of town! Hope you are enjoying yourself!! 😀

              • Ms Puddle on August 4, 2015 at 10:43 pm

              Yes I did enjoy myself to be away, but I can’t wait to go home now. 🙂

              About Terry’s ambiguous letter, right at the beginning he said “it’s been a year since then”, so the best guess is that he referred to an incident familiar to both Candy and himself. Logically, it should be their breakup, rather than Susanna’s death as many had assumed. 😉 😛

              About the timing of Candy’s unsent letter, I think Mizuki wanted Candy to be over Terry first before knowing that Albert was her prince, so Candy wasn’t on her rebound. What do you think, dear Evelyn? 🙂

            • Evelyn on August 5, 2015 at 12:34 pm
            • Reply

            You are right! I thought about Terry’s words “it’s been a year since then” after I had sent my post. I wonder if Terry was at Rockstown before or after he sent that short letter to Candy. For sure Terry hit his rock bottom at Rockstown and I just can’t help to think that this letter was around that time, either before or after he sent this letter to Candy but you are right it had been around a year since their break up?

            It makes sense that Mizuki wanted Candy to be totally over Terry before Albert confessed that he was her prince!! Sigh!!! ♥️ 😉

    • Quevivacandy on July 28, 2015 at 7:33 am
    • Reply

    Hello my dear MsPuddle!

    Firts at all, as always, I just love this post. Congratulations, you listed several valid points and I cannot I agree with you more.

    Well, you already know what I think about all and my thoughts are very similars with yours, if not the same. 🙂

    You know? Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about Candy’s feelings and precisely, I reconsidered again why took sometime to Candy to write to Albert after Lakewood’s trip. I don’t remember if I have toldl you this before, but about a month ago I was reading the letter Annie sent to Candy asking her to fight for Terry and then, the whole the retrospection that Candy had about it, including what you wrote above. To be honest, I was in shock, lol… From it, we learn that Candy still wasn’t get over completly for a while, after Stear’s death (are we talking ealier 1917?), I was like… what? So I began to ponder about what happened next and at the end I got to a conclusion… Back then, Candy still might have feelings for Terry but she didnt’ know yet she already began to develop a stronger feeling for Albert and she just realized it after his departure. So, by the time Lakewood’s trip happened, yes, Candy was already in love (again, oh well, not a simply crush) with POTH but having her diary in her hands, made her think about all things she had lived. It is just me speaking aloud, but I guess she also pondered about what that diary meant to her now and her deep feelings for Albert. Yes, she must sensed Albert unspoken question, me or Terry, so after have thought over it carefully, including what means to be with Albert, finally she was able to write to him, not only letting him know how pleased she was because the trip, calling him over and over again Little Bert, but thanking him for everything to the point she was so thankful with her parents for having abandoned her (that’s crazy if you think about it) because thanks to that, she was able to met him and then… ‘here lies my happiness’ and ‘with love and gratitud’…

    About the quote of loyalty, I hadn’t read it before but let me tell you it is so true! I just love it!

    I also loved you have placed Igarashi’s drawing. It shows who are the main characters at the end of the story, Candy and Albert. Yes, Candy Candy is a story of how an orfan girl time after times gets over and continues with her life, but also about the people that run into her life and about the impact they caused in her. It shows us at the end she was completly happy and also it tells us with whom she finally achieved her happiness. Lol… just know while I was writing this, made me sense the Italian translation, remember? 😛

    Don’t rush about writing, I’m sure the waiting will be worth. 🙂

    1. Hola QuevivaCandy! Gracias, mi querida amiga!

      Great minds think alike, right? We have similar thoughts indeed. 🙂

      About Candy not completely over Terry around that time, I agree. I think Mizuki didn’t want Candy to recover so soon as though she was a fickle girl. That also explains why Albert thought Candy still had feelings for Terry and led her to Rockstown. Sigh…

      However, by the time Candy went to Lakewood with Albert, it was couple of years later. By then I believe Candy had already written her unsent letter to Terry. She had fully recovered and in a new relationship with her POTH! 🙂

      Like you, I think it’s crazy when someone could be so thankful about being an abandoned child! Think about the pain Candy had gone through as an orphan… But compared to her joy now with her prince, the hardship wasn’t so bad anymore. We see how much in love Candy and Albert were! ❤

      I love the quote too, and I absolutely adore the poster. Yes, POTH is the main character besides Candy. Everything happened around them. Indeed, Candy was very happy near the end, because she and her prince were in love and ready to advance their relationship. Yes, I remember what you told me about the Italian version. 😉

      Thank you, QuevivaCandy! 😀

        • Quevivacandy on July 29, 2015 at 6:18 am
        • Reply

        Sorry for haven’t get back to you earlier. (ooops, I guess I still owe you and Reeka some replies from the earlier post but things have been pretty busy over here… sorry).

        My sentiments exactly, my dear friend. I also believe because Candy wasn’t completely over Terry by that time, that pushed Albert to sent her to Rockstown and met Terry but by the time they went to Lakewood, she already had written the unsent letter some months earlier and was deeply in love with her POTH. However, she pondered about her feelings and what to do next.

        I had read Mizuki didnt want that Candy looks like a fickle girl but that was in manga. She made Igarashi to redraw some scenes because of that but never thought she herself will do the same in CCFS. Maybe what shocked me was the time that already had elapsed since the breakup and she still was sad because of that.

        I’m almost done with next chapter (and guess this will be the longest one, :/ ) but oh my, yesterday when I got the notification that you had answered my comment and read your reply, a big smile crossed my face. I guess you will understand when I’ll post the chapter. 😛

        1. Really QuevivaCandy? Now I’m curious what in my reply made you smile! 🙂 😀

      • Reeka on July 28, 2015 at 7:52 pm
      • Reply

      Agree with both of you, saying that someone’s so grateful to be abandoned by the parents and had to endure so much pains and humiliation because this status, is kinda crazy! No one willingly wants to be born and abandoned to be an orphan.

      But we know the reason why Candy said it. She’s feeling too much happiness at the time she’s writing the letter. First, it’s on Pony Hill she met her POTH. Second, I think she finally understood that all of her struggles only made her to be what she was now. A strong, kindhearted, and optimistic young woman. The woman her POTH fell in love with.

      Candy’s spirit and optimistic aura was nothing sounds like someone who would cry over her lost love, close her heart for a new love, and infinitely wait a certain man to be free and come back for her.

      1. Yes, indeed it sounded crazy, and of course some people have chosen to neglect this solid proof that Candy had moved on and her joy to be with her prince was overwhelming. That was why my last post was mainly focused on that. 🙂

        Dear Reeka, I can’t agree with you more about Candy’s personality. Her optimistic character always helped her get on with her life with hopes. She was not a person who kept on waiting indefinitely for a certain man who had chosen another years ago… 😉

        • Quevivacandy on July 29, 2015 at 6:21 am
        • Reply

        Can’t agree with you more, dear Reeka! Well said!

    • Luna on July 28, 2015 at 5:57 am
    • Reply

    Hello dear Ms Puddle,

    I really like this quote “A woman’s loyalty is tested when her man has nothing. A man’s loyalty is tested when he has everything!” which explains exactly the situation of Candy and Albert. Unfortunately , I didn’t see with this Terry ( excluding college years). I think he proved very well his loyalty to Susanna when he let Candy go.

    Indeed, they have many common points and memories but ,importantly ,what they lived did not happen in a one day or in a short term. It took time and after the accident, their relationship changed. I was finding Albert ,before the accident , a formal, honest,good hearted , nature lover and a bit distant man. But later my thoughts changed about him. Because, as we know ,with the accident we learnt more about his character and we witnessed how their relationship was getting closer, meaningful and stronger.

    Someone should think before talking against their relationship about why the author wanted us to learn more of him. I asked myself also “why did she make the accident or why do we need an accident?”. Like in the real life, everything has their own purpose. In the story , this is same, no difference …the aim is clear: finding the prince. If it was the finding Terry, in my opinion , the story had been failed many times concerning him…am I wrong?

    …and actually what we learnt: how much someone forces the destiny , if it isn’t written there , it would not work. This is the case between Candy and Terry. It didn’t work ,it will not work and I really don’t understand why this is very hard to accept by some people…

    I like what you wrote today about Albert , the way of showing his feelings, his words and of course Candy ‘s appreciate. Everything is related and guiding us to her last love: Albert.


    P. S: a few days ago I was watching the CC
    cartoon and there was a man called Mikail, army doctor. What did happen to him actually? Is there any contact between Candy and him in the CCFS?

    1. Bonjour Luna! I like the quote a lot too. It’s just perfect for Candy and Albert! 🙂

      I wonder why people assume Terry hated Susanna while the opposite was true. He had taken care of her till her death and been loyal till the end.

      About Albert, when I first read the manga, I was like “who’s this handsome man?” when he appeared in the hospital out of the blue as a patient. I think Igarashi put much effort in drawing amnesiac Albert. He suddenly looked very handsome to me… 😆

      Very good points my friend about everything happens for a purpose in a story! The author must have her reasons to make Albert lose everything, including his memory, and put him together with Candy for so long.

      No, Candy’s true love wasn’t Terry. She had got over him just like she had got over Anthony. He had become a supporting character after the breakup. Albert had taken the spotlight and remained there. The climax of the story was the revelation of his true identity. 🙂

      I totally agree with you about some people forcing the destiny! If it’s not written, it’s not going to happen. People can dream all they want by twisting things around or adding their own imagination to what might be happening in the future… But why would Candy continue to wait for Terry when she was going steady with POTH, who loved her unconditionally?

      That army doctor was a character in the anime adaptation only. In writing CCFS Mizuki stayed true (mostly) to the manga version, the original story.

      Greetings to you too, Luna! ❤

    • Reeka on July 27, 2015 at 11:53 pm
    • Reply

    Hi, Ms Puddle!

    I particularly love this Igarashi’s drawing. If I’m not mistaken, it was manga cover for volume 9 ( at least it really was for Indonesian manga version), which shows us who was the most significant person to the story’s heroine :).

    No doubt, it’s her POTH, who had fully grown up to be a man who was William Albert Ardley. Candy had been fond of Albert since the first time they had met. She was fond of every character he “was playing”. She had risked her reputation to be loyal to the amnesiac Albert, it’s only natural that at the end she would gained everything she deserved. Albert, with every resources he had, always put Candy’s happiness as his priority. To the people say that material things and good reputation were never be Candy’s thing, yes it’s true she had managed to live without them before, but I believe deep down inside, she had dreamt of living a good life. To a woman in that era, good reputation was a big deal.

    So I believe, by the time Candy and Albert went to Lakewood, they must be already aware of each other feeling. We’re talking about an event occurred in 1918-1919, a young woman and a young man in a constant exchange of letter, something must have happened between them. Not to mention his visits and his invitation to spend the weekend together in Lakewood.

    I agree with all you said about the reason Candy delaying her response to Albert. I think the question was no longer whether their feeling was mutual or not. But more to the dark clouds that threatened their future. For Albert, it was a certain friend named Terry. For Candy, it’s the weight of carrying Mrs WAA’s name, and those who would try to oppose them. I remember a scene on manga volume 2 when she was just adopted. She sensed her difficulties she would face in order to learn to be Miss Ardley, but she said something like this in her mind ” I would learn to be a good lady, I would do anything just to be able to live with Anthony”. 🙂 I think it’s another bit of clues Mizuki had scattered throughout the story. As Albert would move heaven and earth to be able to marry the woman he loved, I think Candy would also be willing to sacrifice her carefree life to be with the man she loved.

    1. Same here, Reeka! The drawing says a lot about which character is the most important one to Candy! Yes, this is the poster for the last episode of Candy Candy manga (before being published into books/volumes). 🙂

      You’re absolutely right that Candy was always fond of Albert, not because he looked like someone or he was handsome (he even looked horrible to her initially). She liked him as he was. 🙂

      When he was amnesiac, she was the only one who gave him hope and stayed by his side till the end (even after her reputation was ruined). It’s no wonder that he couldn’t help falling in love with her.

      Yes it’s true Candy and Albert had entered into courtship through correspondence. Candy wasn’t dumb, and I bet she teased him if she should call him father to gauge his reactions too! 😛 😉

      Very good points of Candy’s willingness to bear the cost of learning to be a lady just so she could stay near Anthony! In fact, throughout the story she had always wanted to learn to be a lady to please her benefactor. In the end, the fact that she used “ai” proved that she was ready to commit herself to her prince. ❤❤

  2. Love the post 🙂 . Everytime i visualize Candy calling Albert “little bert” makes me smile. I’m sorry but i daughter usually calls her father by their name and not the way she does with Albert…the love he feels for Candy is undeniable, and im sure she is aware of his feelings for her.

    You do a great job, Congratulations.

    But before I go, i have to say i like your fan arts.

    Have good day.


    1. Hello there, Ivonne! Thanks for your prompt response! I appreciate it your positive feedback. 🙂

      Yes, I’m sure Candy was fully aware of Albert’s love for her after the trip to Lakewood. You’re right, a daughter wouldn’t call her father using his nickname… Not to mention it was a cute name reserved for little kids! 😉 Albert told Candy not to call him POTH but allowed her to call him Little Bert says a lot about their relationship.

      Glad you like my drawings, and I’ll see if I can draw one in August. 😉 😛

      You have a wonderful day, Ivonne! 🙂

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