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Aug 24 2015

The day her life changed (Part 7)

As I have mentioned more than once, there is no concrete evidence in Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS) that Candy was blindly (or indefinitely) waiting for Terry to leave Susanna and come back to her. I’ve explained in many posts that Candy had happily moved on in her life, accepting without grudges or jealousy that Terry and Susanna were already a …

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Aug 21 2015

Candy dressed up!

This is the cropped version of my new drawing, dedicated to my dear friend, Candy Bert. ❤❤ To see the complete version, please click Un superbe cadeau de la part de Ms Puddle As some of you might know, Candy Bert has started a blog in French, True Romantica, where you can find her very romantic …

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Aug 15 2015

Ça devait être de l’amour Chapitre 4

Remarque : Candy et tous les personnages appartiennent à Kyoko Mizuki, les images à Yumiko Iragashi et l’animé à Toei Animation. Note : Grâce à mon amie, Antlay, pour traduire de l’anglais vers le français! ❤❤❤ -Ms Puddle   Chapitre 4 : Promesses Pourquoi fait-il si sombre ici ? Ne sommes nous pas censés être sur …

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Aug 10 2015

Peculiar Relationship Chapter 9

Do you know this is actually my 300th post? 😀 🙂 I can hardly believe this is happening, but I must thank all my readers and friends for their continued support. Without their encouragement and brilliant comments, I wouldn’t have come this far. Please accept my deep gratitude!  ❤ ❤ ❤ I know I’ve taken a long …

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Aug 08 2015

Drawings inspired by “Love Never Fails” (3)

I know I have neglected my blog for a long while! 😛 I have relatives visiting from overseas, and I haven’t had much time to focus on writing. Some of you have written private messages to me, asking about an update to Peculiar Relationship. Thank you so much for your interest and patience. 🙂 I should …

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