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Candy and Prince on the Hill

It’s a known fact that Mizuki, the author of Candy Candy, was inspired by Daddy-Long-Legs, an epistolary novel published in 1912 by Jean Webster. If you haven’t yet read this book, you might want to skip this post. However, if you don’t mind reading spoilers, then please read on. 😉

Daddy-Long-Legs mainly consists of letters from the orphan in her late teens, Judy Abbott, to her mysterious benefactor, whom she nicknamed Daddy-Long-Legs or just Daddy. Those who have read parts of Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS), especially Candy’s letters to Albert in the epilogue, might find Judy’s last letter to her Daddy (also her first love letter to her fiancé) interestingly familiar. 🙄 😛 Therefore, I’m planning to discuss the parallels between them in more than one post. 🙂

First and foremost, when a reader reads Judy’s last letter, the word “Daddy” is everywhere, almost whenever she referred to her benefactor (now fiancé). Do you think the reader will jump to conclusions, saying that Judy didn’t really love him? 😉

Why or why not? 🙄

Well, Judy wasn’t sure if she should still call him “Daddy” or simply “Jervie”. The main reason? She didn’t want to be disrespectful to him.

Nevertheless, no doubt Judy loved her “Daddy”, the man who had financially supported her through college. The evidence is scattered throughout her letter. For example, Judy couldn’t wait to see him again, she was thrilled that she belonged to him, and so on.

Similarly, in one of Candy’s letters to Albert, she asked him if she should call him “father”. Regrettably, some readers blindly take this out of context, claiming that this is the “proof” that Albert was a father figure to Candy. 😮

To me, these people can’t be more wrong. 🙁 When something happened in a story, one is supposed to understand the reasons behind it, considering the events before and after.

In this case, why did Candy ask this “father” question all of a sudden in a letter to Albert?

Note that before Albert made his important confession to Candy on Pony’s Hill, revealing that it was his badge that she had kept all these years, it’s unclear how much time had elapsed since she had discovered that he was actually the all powerful family patriarch. We just know that by the time Candy wrote this letter, she was fully aware that Albert was Prince on the Hill, her first love. Not only that, he had just given her presents after presents for her birthday, and she had been deeply moved by his thoughtfulness and efforts. Therefore, she wrote this long letter to thank him, listing all the nitty-gritty details, and she sounded extremely happy and excited, well, until near the end when she complained that he was too busy for her. 🙁

Come to think of it, not long after his confession on the hill, possibly only weeks, she had explicitly asked him for a present because her birthday was coming up. She had honestly requested his holiday as her present, so he could come to the Pony’s Home and spend lots of time with her, talking to her. She had meant it wholeheartedly I believe, and she even cast a spell on her prince. 😉

Candy and Prince on the Hill

Candy and Prince on the Hill

In his subsequent reply however, he explained with regrets that he was too preoccupied with work to take a holiday, but for her birthday he had invited everyone from the orphanage to come to Chicago. Archie, Annie and Patty would celebrate with Candy too.

I bet Candy accepted this invitation with high expectation. Unfortunately, Albert had to leave in the middle of her birthday party. Her friends were there for her, together with Miss Pony, Sister Lane and all the kids, but Candy observed that Albert seemed very busy, and she hadn’t had much time to talk with him. (CCFS Vol 2, p. 308)


Literally, this means that “I could only speak a little with Albert-san”, implying dissatisfaction. After complaining that she couldn’t talk much with him, she grumbled that her spell hadn’t had much effect on him. I believe she brought up her spell again to remind her prince of her original birthday wish. 😉

To me, her longing for him was palpable. Even though he had already given her many presents before leaving for work, she had probably wished he could spend more time with her, alone, now that she had come all the way to Chicago.

Isn’t it obvious that all Candy really wanted was Albert himself and his company? 😉 Ever experienced the sense of loneliness, despite being surrounded by many people, when the person you truly want is not there with you? 🙄 I can easily imagine this is what happened to Candy and how her eyes had followed Albert everywhere during her birthday party. 😛

If you’re not convinced, Candy continued writing that she was worried about Albert’s health (just like Judy Abbott in the aforementioned letter), and she dreaded that he might suffer amnesia again. Then she wrote she remembered the uneasy but peaceful days in the House of Magnolia. Both their wallets had been empty, but they had been happy… (CCFS Vol 2, pp. 308 – 309)


Do you know sometimes Japanese people tend not to finish a sentence? Just like Candy here. It’s like they intentionally want to be vague and let people imagine what the rest of the sentence is. 😛 Regardless, Candy definitely said she had been happy back then, even though she and Albert had been penniless. Why? Because they had had each other, and she had been content! 🙂 Sigh… Once again, Candy implied she missed Albert’s companionship. ❤❤❤

Now, back to this letter. Candy continued to write that on one hand she wished Albert would recover from amnesia, but on the other hand she also thought it wasn’t bad at all to live with him as brother and sister. Then she dropped a bomb next, saying that now it turned out that she was his adopted daughter!

And she didn’t stop here. She added,


So she was asking, “Actually, do I have to call you ‘father’!?”

I’ve already explained before that 父上さま is one form of honorific for fathers, especially used in samurai families in ancient times. In other words, people rarely use it nowadays. Moreover, Candy appended かも (kamo) to the end of her question, meaning to soften the tone. To rephrase Candy’s question, she was asking, “Actually, do I have to call you ‘father’ (maybe not)!?”

Note that it’s a very colloquial way to finish a sentence with かも (kamo). Thus, Candy was essentially teasing Albert. 😉 I’ll continue in Part 2 because this post is already too long. 😛 Thank you for reading till the end! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! 😀 🙂


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    • Memchew on October 4, 2015 at 6:00 pm
    • Reply

    Hello, Ms Puddle!

    Thank you for sharing and expanding your thoughts regarding the parallelism of Candy, Candy and Daddy Long Legs. (Pls correct me if I’m wrong- wasn’t the manga based loosely on the DLL book?)
    Anyway, agreeing with all you ladies!!!
    I’m just remembering the time era too. Women had to drop hints or provide clues for the men to either continue pursuing them or not.
    Now, we have more freedom to be opinionated and say to a man’s face that we are interested or not. We are lucky indeed! But it sure probably was fun with all this courtship traditions.
    Through the story, Candy had used her POTH as her ideal. She saw Anthony – she thought it was her Prince. She saw Terry during the boat scene- she thought he looked like Anthony who in turn looked like her Prince.
    Pure math- whatever problem that comes up- she seems to arrive with the same answer- her POTH.
    So, in conclusion – she had figured out that after Albert revealed himself as her Prince- she had always been in love with her.
    Sounding repetitive- Albert had always wanted her happiness even to the extent of him losing her. He travelled to America to look for her and ended up getting hurt in the train accident. ❤️❤️ Having had the amnesia made him forget all the societal pressures ( because sad to say- the society norms can make even the greatest love cave in and give up their happiness). and in doing so- they have gotten to know each other as a man and a woman.

    Rambling Memchew

    1. Hello Memchew, please feel free to express your opinions anytime. Don’t worry about how much you’re going to say. 😉 I enjoy reading comments from you and other wonderful CC fans. 💕😍

      About Candy, she was actually quite outspoken. In her previous letter she had explicitly demanded Albert to take a holiday for her, and to me, she had already acted like his girlfriend. 😅😂 What’s more, Albert wasn’t the least surprised in his reply to her, and if possible, I believe he would try to fulfill her wish. But too bad he couldn’t afford the time then. Nonetheless, he didn’t forget that and took a holiday months later to take her to Lakewood. 😊

      I totally agree with you about Candy using POTH as her ideal. Most Albert fans can clearly see that the story was about Candy and her POTH. It’s just that some people have chosen to ignore the evidence. 😝

      You’re absolutely right that when Albert was completely amnesiac, he was free of pressure and burden. Not only Candy got to know him better, but he also had the opportunity to know her as a young lady.

      About Albert’s willingness to put Candy’s happiness before his, what Antlay said was so true. Albert just didn’t realize yet that he was the answer to Candy’s happiness. 😉 💞

    • Ruth on October 4, 2015 at 6:14 am
    • Reply

    Hola precisamente ayer leí papaito piernas largas otra vez y se menciona magnolia cuando judy se va a trabajar de tutora y jarvis le llevaba 14 años y Albert le lleva solamente entre 10 y 11 años a Candy

    1. Yes, Ruth, it’s true. 😍 Master Jervie was about 14 years older than Judy. The age gap between Albert and Candy was roughly 11 years. 💕

  1. Hello Ladies!

    I can’t agree with you more! I also think that Candy tested the water by throwing her little bomb, she wanted to be sure that Albert hadn’t arbored such feelings like a father toward his daughter, in the same time it was a way for her to tease him, she killed two birds with one stone! 😆 Your translation and your explanations are totally helpful, Ms Puddle. The end in japanese sentence “Actually, do I have to call you father (maybe not) ?!” is a subtle nuance that changed the meaning a bit. Thanks again for sharing with us! 😀 Albert himself tested her by revealing to her he was her POTH, both are on the beginning of their romance, their courtship.

    And once more, Candy never saw and even never knew that Albert was her adoptive father during their cohabitation when they fell in love with each other, Candy later than Albert but she did, only she wasn’t aware of that until he left! It’s so obvious she yearned for him and she longed to see him more than all the gold of the world! And not the way of a daughter or a s ister, you know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep by thinking of a certain someone (except when you’re very worry when a relative is missing or very late… but that wasn’t the case)!

    The parallels between the two stories CC and Daddy-long-legs are so evident, why some people deny that and are so blind to not see that?

    About age gap, as I’ve always said, I have two examples in my family of very happy marriage that last for decades with a gap of ten years, so it wasn’t a predicament at all! Moreover, in that time, it wasn’t rare couples had such an age gap and even more.

    Big hugs and kisses! ❤

    1. Bonjour Candy Bert! Yes, Candy killed two birds with one stone. Like you and other ladies, to me it’s clear Candy was joking. Otherwise, she would have asked him this question long time ago with a serious tone. 😝😜

      Glad you found my thoughts and translations helpful. 😍 In fact, as soon as I read the original words in Japanese, a smile came up to my face. Candy sounded very familiar and casual, and Albert was definitely not a father figure to her. A reader is not supposed to take words totally out of context. 😂

      You’re absolutely right, Candy Bert. They were at the beginning stage of their relationship, still fragile and confused, and Candy wanted to “explore”. 😊

      My sentiments exactly about Candy not seeing Albert as her brother anymore when she had missed him during his absence. She showed all the symptoms of a woman in love. 💕😝

      About the parallels between DLL and CC, they were so obvious that some Terry fans dislike DLL very much, I was told 😅

      Can’t agree more with you that age gap is not a problem in their case. Plus, it was very common back then, and thanks for sharing your real life examples! I’ll list more examples too in a different post. Thanks again, my friend! ❤❤❤

      • Reeka on October 4, 2015 at 10:11 pm
      • Reply

      So true, Ms Puddle & Candy Bert. I don’t get why people said it’s disgusting to Albert fall in love with an 11 year younger woman. First, like Ms Puddle said, it’s very common back then. Second, obviously it’s also common in japanese manga/stories. At least, I know it happened on Garasu no Kamen ( Glass Mask) and a drama named Hotaru no Hikari. Even more, on Glass Mask whose time setting was more modern than CC, the male protagonist realised that he fell in love with the girl, when the girl was only 14-15. He even stole kisses from her when she’s unconscious and sleeping. And fans never bothered. They still much preferred her with him rather than his much younger rival, a handsome actor.

      Like people never raised a protest why pairing Judy with Mr Jarvis.

      1. Yes indeed, Reeka. I don’t understand what’s so “disgusting” about that. In fact, as I’ve always said, in the manga POTH was even younger than 17… Come on, most people basically look like his or her adult self by 17. 😉

        Anyway, even if Albert was 11 years older than Candy, so what? There are at least a handful of couples nowadays with wide age gaps. For example, the late actor Paul Walker and his girlfriend. They had a 17-year age gap. How about Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend? Also roughly 17 years apart. 😉 😝

        Even in DLL Judy didn’t mind a bit that Master Jervie was about 14 years older than her. 😜

  2. Hello Ms Puddle and Reeka

    Je suis d’accord avec Reeka, le fait que Candy demande à Albert si elle doit l’appeler “Père” est une façon détournée de savoir si Albert la considère comme sa fille. Bien sûr nous savons que ce n’est pas le cas, Albert le dit lui-même, il a adopté Candy car il voulait qu’elle soit heureuse et à l’époque c’était la seule solution qu’il avait trouvé. Il dit aussi que lorsqu’il a retrouvé la mémoire il était surpris d’avoir une fille adoptive. Le fait d’avoir perdu la mémoire lui a permis de développer des sentiments pour Candy. En sachant cela Candy peut alors lui écrire des lettres plus romantiques, le taquiner, flirter. La lecture de leurs lettres, n’ont rien d’une correspondance entre père et fille ou frère et soeur.

    Candy dit qu’ils n’avaient pas d’argent quand ils vivaient dans leur appartement mais elle semblait heureuse malgré tout, tout comme Albert lorsqu’il a retrouvé la mémoire il ne souhaitait pas quitter cette vie réconfortante, l’important n’était-il pas de vivre avec la personne que l’on aime peu importe nos origines, notre statut, que l’on soit riche ou pauvre.
    Malgré les difficultés ils étaient heureux de vivre ensemble, comme un couple d’amoureux, “partager ses peines et ses joies n’est-ce pas la clé du bonheur ?” dit Albert lors du partage du sandwich. Le bonheur de Candy, il a fallu quelques années à Albert pour comprendre enfin que son bonheur était en fait lui-même, son Prince de la Colline. 😉
    Merci de nous faire partager ce merveilleux post Ms Puddle. 😀💕💕
    Bon week-end à toutes.

    1. Bonjour, Antlay! Yes, indeed I agree with you and Reeka. Candy wanted to dig more information from Albert. I’ll talk more about this in a new post, and yes, the fact that Candy could tease Albert like that speaks volumes!! 💗💕

      Good point too, my friend, that Albert must have been surprised that he had adopted Candy. While he had been amnesiac, he had unknowingly developed feelings for her, just like Master Jervie couldn’t help falling in love with Judy while reading her letters. Sigh… 😍

      Great minds think alike, Antlay! Both Albert and Candy had expressed at different times that they had missed the days they had shared in the apartment.

      It’s brilliant of you to bring up that both Albert and Candy thought to live with the one you love was most important! I’ll quote you, Antlay! Thanks for your inputs. Indeed Albert didn’t realize he was the answer to Candy’s happiness! Sigh… ❤❤❤

    • Reeka on October 3, 2015 at 6:15 am
    • Reply

    You know, I’m genuinely glad you started the new series. Thank you. :-*)

    To me, Candy asked Albert whether or not she called him Father, was her way to dig some truth about Albert’s feeling. To throw a bait. In this stage, they’re close already, definitely more than a friend or even best friend to each other, but love had not been declared. And as a woman, it’s our job to throw some signals and let the man do the rest. LOL.

    People can say that imagining Candy with Albert whose age was 8 or 11 years older was a disgusting thing, I don’t care. Albert was a complete figure to Candy. Candy never had a father, a brother. We could also say she never had a real boyfriend. All her previous loves had had to end even before they started. It was only natural at the end of the story, the author granted her what she deserved.

    Looking forward to the next installment, my friend! Have a great weekend!

      • Reeka on October 3, 2015 at 6:39 am
      • Reply

      I forgot to mention one thing. On her two previous relationships with boys, Anthony and Terry, she had always got problems raised by the antagonists, namely Eliza and Neal. That being said, I guess the one and only male character who could powerfully save her from being mistreated again was William Albert Ardley. 🙂 Actually, it’s a simple and commonly used formula in a romantic tale. It’s ended with the prince.

      1. So true, Reeka, about the common formula used in romance… 😆 Little Candy nicknamed him a prince with a reason 😜😉

        About Anthony, Candy was almost sent to Mexico, but the one who rescued her was WAA. For Terry, Eliza did get in their way, but it wasn’t just her. Terry himself “ran away” in his pursuit of his dream career. Susanna was the other reason too. But Candy was saved by WAA again, despite having lost all his memory. Sigh…

        But definitely, WAA was the only one who could really protect Candy from others, including his aunt. He would stand up for her, always. ❤❤

    1. Hello Reeka! Thanks again for being the first to leave a comment, even two in a row! Appreciate your feedback. 💗💕

      I totally agree with you about Candy’s attempt to nudge Albert… Lol… I’ll discuss this some more in the following post in this new series. 😉 Of course, I’ll talk about their age gap too. 😊

      Indeed, Candy had never had a real boyfriend. It was close but she had lost them both to “fate”. Because the author had planned someone else for her — the handsome man little Candy had met in her childhood. 😊😝

      You have a marvelous weekend too, my friend! 😘

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