Oct 16 2015

Candy and Prince on the Hill (Part 3)

Thank you for the feedback to the previous posts in this series so far, and some of you asked me to talk about the age gap between Albert and Candy. Before Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS), for decades the fans had believed Albert was around Anthony’s age when he appeared as a Scottish teenager to little Candy on Pony’s Hill. He said so himself in his letter to Candy in the old Candy Candy novel, the novelization of the manga version published by Mizuki. Therefore, their age gap was roughly 8 or 9 years old. However, Mizuki widened this gap slightly in CCFS to 11 years because Albert told Candy in a letter that he was 17 back then.

As explained in my old post, Age difference between Candy and Albert, this change made the original story plot not very convincing because most people look like their adult versions by 17 years old. Hence, it’s highly unlikely Candy couldn’t see her prince in Albert. Nonetheless, Mizuki must have a reason for this modification, and I wonder if she had somehow found out that a handful of states in US require the adult to be at least ten years older than the child he or she is going to adopt. Some states require the age difference to be even bigger. For your interest, please check Who may adopt? 🙂

Yet, even if Albert was 11 years older than Candy, in their correspondence to each other (shown in CCFS epilogue), we get a feeling of strong friendship between them. Moreover, she wrote colloquially like his equal (especially you know how Japanese culture stresses politeness and respect).

As a matter of fact, there are many examples in real life as well as famous novels or movies in which the age gaps between couples are much wider than ten years. For example, Master Jervie was 14 years older than Judy Abbott in Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster. Their age difference didn’t stop Judy from falling in love with Master Jervie, who was her roommate’s young uncle. In fact, he thought Judy might have preferred her best friend’s older brother, Jimmie, who was only slightly older than her, but she told Master Jervie that, “…I wouldn’t think of marrying Jimmie; he isn’t grown up enough.”

According to the post about Movies Silently concerning age difference, Daddy-Long-Legs was popular and deemed acceptable soon after being published (in 1912) because the marriage between the President of the United States, Grover Cleveland, and his young wife, Frances Clara Folsom, was still fresh in people’s minds. Mr. Cleveland met his future wife when he was 27. She was the baby daughter of his long term close friend, Oscar Folsom. After Mr. Folsom had passed away, Miss Folsom became Mr. Cleveland’s ward for years until she grew up, studying in college. His feelings for her then took a romantic turn, and she became the First Lady at the age of 21 (in 1886). Please click this Wikipedia page for more details of her life.

Below are some more examples for your interest: 😀

  • Humphrey Bogart was 15 years older than Ingrid Bergman in “Casablanca”
  • Rex Harrison was about 20 years older than Audrey Hepburn in “My Fair Lady”
  • Maria von Trapp was 22 years old when she married Captain von Trapp, who was 25 years older (real life story that inspired the movie “The Sound of Music”)
  • While filming “The Sound of Music”, the actress who played the eldest daughter Liesl, Charmian Carr, admitted she was attracted to Christopher Plummer, who played her father. Despite the 13-year age difference, Plummer admitted that the attraction was mutual.
  • The late actor, Paul Walker, and his girlfriend had a 17-year age gap
  • The other famous actor, Bradley Cooper, and his girlfriend is roughly 17 years apart too

Need I say more? 😉 Hence, falling in love with someone much older (doesn’t matter who’s the younger one) is not necessarily a problem to some people. In CCFS, Candy mentioned more than once that Albert looked younger than his age, and in a couple of letters to people she wrote that Albert looked a lot like his beautiful late sister, Rosemary. Hmmmm… don’t you think she was essentially saying that he was an attractive man himself? 😉

Now, let me present to you my another attempt to color one of my favorite scenes in the manga version. ❤❤❤ I listened to this music “What is Love?” when coloring. 🙂

I must say Igarashi did an excellent job portraying Candy’s dreamy expression when she fixed her gaze on Albert, who was tenderly smiling at her. Note that she didn’t yet know he was her mysterious Prince on the Hill (the handsome young man she had claimed to look like a prince). For your interest, please check my earlier post, Love Triangle (Part 7), for the detailed explanation of Candy’s inward admiration of Albert. 🙂 In short, she secretly adored his good looks by using the adjective, すてき, twice in a row, ❤❤ which means lovely, beautiful, cute, superb, splendid, great, fantastic, marvelous, dreamy, etc. I think you get an idea of what was on her mind at that very moment. 😍 Anyway, click Part 4 to read more if you like.

Candy Candy Vol 09_p187b


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  1. Le felicito al colorear la imagen le ha dado más vida y las expresiones han tomado más profundidad en la emoción que trasmiten.
    PD Me emocione y di el clic equivocado por lo cual esto ingreso separado, su amiga Vera

    1. Muchas gracias! I’m glad to know that you like my coloring to this picture. It’s one of my favorite scenes in the manga, and I think they had strong feelings for each other by then. 💑💓❤

  2. An affectionate greeting Ms. Puddle
    Primeramente una disculpa por la tardanza en comentar, como Usted sabe hay algunas circunstancias que lo superan a uno, pero lo importante es que sigo fiel como amiga y lectora.
    En cuanto a la diferencia de edades en una relación romántica, a veces no es tanto una dificultad para los que están involucrados en la relación, sino más bien para los que están al rededor. No se si su perspectiva sea porque partan de que una relación debe de sostenerse por gustos, ideales semejantes y para ello se debe tener edades no tan distantes en tiempo y se les dificulte comprender que hay personas que podemos tener valores, gustos e ideales similares, aunque exista una gran distancia entre nuestras edades, pero sobre todo que cuando existe un verdadero amor se debe apoyar no poner tantas objeciones. Y este es uno de los hechos por lo cual me gusta la novela de Mizuki y comprendo la problemática de Candy y Albert.

    1. I totally agree, dear Vera! 😍 People have different preferences and are free to choose. People shouldn’t impose their opinions or ideals on others. Sometimes, why people falling in love with another can’t be explained… Age difference really isn’t a big deal to some others.

      Muchas gracias, mi amiga! You don’t have to leave a comment every time. I understand, and I appreciate your continuous support and encouragement! 😘😍

  3. As I have already given my opinion on this subject that joined you, Ms Puddle, I will just quote Blaise Pascal, a French writer and philosopher: “Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connait point!” that means “The heart has its reasons that reason does not know!”
    Congratulations for your beautiful interpretation of this drawing! 👏 I love the colors! 💗

    1. Merci beaucoup, Candy Bert!

      Very nice quote! I’ve read it before but didn’t know it was from a French philosopher. Thanks for sharing! 💓💕

    • Evelyn on October 18, 2015 at 8:17 pm
    • Reply

    Hello there, Ms Puddle! Like you, I just love this scene. One of my all time favorites no doubt! You did a wonderful job bringing it to life by coloring it. It’s amazing how by just coloring this drawing Candy and Albert pop right out becoming 3-dimensional. You are able to truly appreciate their love and admiration for each other 😀 Sigh!

    I am so glad you mentioned that Candy quite often mentioned the fact that Albert looked much younger than his age. Why would she keep putting emphases on how young he looked if she was not physically attracted to him? What did this detail matter if Candy simply saw Albert as her “adoptive father”? In fact that would make it weird to have an “adoptive father” who looked almost as young as your own age! But not so according to Candy’s own comments. As if reassuring herself that it was ok for her to be attracted to Albert because she did not see a problem with their age gap!

    About this particular scene, I have always thought that Albert is definitely attracted but there is also a hint of seduction when he stares at Candy here seeing her beauty as well as his future bride. He is definitely seeing her as wife material at this point and I feel he may have already made up his mind to pursue her love. 💗💗 After all she was already dressed and made up for the occasion! I love the natural touch of beauty with the lace of roses on Candy’s hair! Likewise, Albert was looking his best that day as well and Candy wasted no time admiring his good looks as well!! 😉 💗💗

    1. Hola mi amiga! 😘 Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words! I’m so glad you like my coloring, dear Evelyn. 😍

      I can’t agree with you more about Candy paying a bit too much attention to Albert’s appearance… If she indeed treated him as a family member. It’s just odd, right? 😜 Concerning their age difference, I don’t think it bothered her at all. Perhaps she had always thought he was about seven or eight years older than her? After all, when she met him by the waterfall, he was a young adult already. 😀

      To me, the way Albert talked to Candy on the tree about his inner thoughts speaks volumes. She was more like his close friend whom he could confide in. Like you, I also think that his facial expression and smile were tender but attractive, if not a little seductive too. 😳 Indeed they both looked their best at this moment, and while we know what Candy thought about Albert here, I wonder if Albert also admired her beauty just like what you suggested?

      Anyway, they were definitely more than friends at this stage, don’t you think? 💕💕

        • Evelyn on October 20, 2015 at 10:35 am
        • Reply

        Hi truly do believe that Albert did admire her physical beauty here! He had just released her from a forced engagement from Neil just a few minutes prior. He knows other men found her attractive! Albert is only human and by looking at him here I believe he is mesmerized by her at the very least 😉 The next scene when Candy tells him that she is leaving back to Pony’s home, in his inner thoughts he says that there is no other lady in the Ardley family who compare to her according to the Spanish translation. That is a huge compliment that Albert gives to Candy!! He is separating her from the rest as a special lady! Sigh!! And you know what comes next, he confesses that he is her prince. So you see my friend, their relationship becomes more defined for both Albert and Candy right after the engagement party 😀 😉 💕💕

        Just my two cents though! 🙂

        1. For sure Albert enjoyed spending time with Candy, alone. He was the one who asked her to leave the party in the first place. 😉 Yes, you’re right, Evelyn, that he was aware of how attractive she was, knowing how many of his nephews, including Neil, had fallen for her. I’m sure Albert found Candy beautiful too, both inside and out though. He was the only one who could see through her. 😘💓

          Very good point, my friend, about Albert comparing Candy to other ladies in the family! 😍 She was highly special and unique to him, no doubt about that! 💕❤

          To me, the turning point of their relationship began the moment Albert had completely disappeared in Candy’s life. But it was the reunion at Lakewood that brought them closer to each other, and the way he rescued her from his aunt and Neil proved his authority and power in the clan. Yet, the climax is still his confession on the hill… Sigh! 💕🌹🌷

            • Evelyn on October 20, 2015 at 8:18 pm
            • Reply

            Great point, my friend, that Albert was the only one who could see through her!! Very powerful point indeed!! 🙂 Also, good point that Albert was the one who asked her to leave the party to spend time with her alone also! 😉 Sigh!

            Yes!! Totally agree that the turning point for them, specially for Candy I would think, is the moment Albert left her side and that the reunion at Lakewood brought them closer!! And the climax, his confession!! Sigh!! Love it… thanks for another wonderful post, Ms Puddle. 😉 💓 💕❤

              • Ms Puddle on October 21, 2015 at 4:25 pm

              You’re welcome, dear Evelyn! Glad you like this post and our discussion 💕

    • Reeka on October 17, 2015 at 7:23 pm
    • Reply

    Hello there, Ms Puddle!

    I won’t comment on the age gap between them, my friend. We certainly have similar point of view on this issue and we’ve talked about it many times.

    Love happens. At anybody, in anywhere, on any circumstances. At any rate, because it happened on early 20th century, I say that was perfect. Geez, I was head over heels with Kevin Costner when I was 12 watching Robin Hood : Prince of Thieves. LOL.

    I love the picture too, my friend! Your colouring is dreamy! I like the colour combination! 💞 When first I saw this scene, I remember I was wondering why the illustrator drew Candy’s expression like that? Her smile was so sweet and her gaze were like longing for something. Well, I was young and quite naive back then. Later on, I could see the magnitude of this picture. Stupid me! It’s a look of a woman in love! Full of adoration and longing.

    And boom! By this moment (of the picture above), shouldn’t we readers know that these two people had fallen in love to each other silently? This picture was like a missing half of the picture where Albert looked at (supposedly) sleeping Candy in Magnolia, after he found her crying over Terry’s news. Sigh.


    1. Hey, Reeka, my sentiments exactly that love can happen anywhere anytime. Just like Ed Sheeran’s song “Thinking out loud” that goes “… people fall in love in mysterious ways…” ❤❤

      Btw, I really like Kevin Costner in Bodyguard and Dances with wolves… Though I wasn’t a big fan because I don’t watch all his movies. 😉

      Glad you like this picture too and my choices of colors. Brilliant idea 🙌 that this was the missing half of the other scene you mentioned, which shows that Albert had fallen for Candy.

      When I first finished reading the manga, I was like “What’s next? That’s it?” Then I flipped through volume 9 and tried to read between the lines. To me, Igarashi was trying to give us an implicit message in this particular scene on the tree. I was wondering what was going on between Candy and Albert. 😜😳 They looked like they were in love but then I wanted more concrete evidence. But later I realized his confession on Pony’s Hill at the end was the proof I had been looking for, right, Reeka? 😘

    • Anonymous on October 17, 2015 at 3:48 am
    • Reply

    Hello Mspuddle!

    Your latest post reminds me of another my favorite Japanese manga titled Glass Mask. It was published one year earlier than Candy Candy and surprisingly, is still ongoing.

    There are lots of similarities between the two mangas, especially when it comes to romance. Glass Mask is also a Daddy-Long-Legs story, and the main couple has 11 year age gap. The male lead was a businessman while the female one was just a middle schooler at the first time they met. Because of the huge gap of age and height they have, he even calls her ‘chibi-chan’ which means ‘little girl’ to poke fun at her. Yet, he secretly supports her both materially and morally for some reasons(readers know that he is Daddy-Long-Legs and why he supports her from the beginning unlike Candy Candy) and gradually falls in love with her.

    The difference is that Glass Mask was set in modern Japan, and the male lead at first refused to admit his love for her because of the age gap. He even reproaches himself to love such a young girl. However, she becoming a 20 year old lady, he does not(cannot) hide his feelings and finally made a love confession to her in a volume published in recent years.

    I guess Daddy-Long-Legs might have greatly motivated many Japanese writers and comic artists at that time to create love stories like Judy and Jervie’s. Thus, it’s no surprise that age gap was not a matter with the two couples ultimately since their model had already had 14 year old gap.

    Anyhow, Candy and Albert’s love seems so true regardless of their age. Im always happy for you to write about their love beautifully with your talent!

    Moreover, I hope you to read Glass Mask once, it is such a masterpiece as much as Candy Candy 🙂

    1. Hello, first of all, thank you for your kind words and compliments! 😍

      You know what? You’re not the first one who highly recommended Glass Mask to me, and I have a good idea what this masterpiece is about. Many thanks for providing your synopsis too. 😙 It’s interesting the male character also called the young girl “chibi-chan”… It’s exactly how Prince on the Hill addressed little Candy on Pony’s Hill. 😜

      While Glass Mask sounds very intriguing, the fact that it’s still unfinished makes me reluctant to start… Regrettably, I can’t afford the leisure to read an ongoing story of this length for the time being. Perhaps one day when I go on a long vacation I will give it a try. 😳

      You’re right that DLL inspired many Asian writers or artists, not just Japan actually. I suppose the story itself is touching and beautiful. When people fall in love with another, age gap is not necessarily a problem. In Albert’s case, he fell in love while being amnesiac, so he had no idea who Candy really was.

  4. Hello Ms Puddle
    Vous avez fait du très bon travail en donnant de la couleur à ce merveilleux dessin, un qui fait aussi partie de mes préférés, l’expression de leur regard en dit long…
    La différence d’age, j’ai plusieurs exemple autour de moi, des amis et aussi dans ma famille. J’ai une petite cousine qui a 20 ans et son petit ami 30 ans, ils s’entendent à merveille et cela ne choque personne de l’entourage et mon frère qui s’est remarié, a 11 ans d’écart avec sa nouvelle épouse et ils sont également très heureux. Il y a un proverbe bien connu qui dit que “L’amour n’a pas d’âge”, l’important n’était-il pas de vivre avec la personne que l’on aime…😉
    Merci encore de nous faire partager ce post Ms Puddle.
    Bon week-end.

    1. Bonjour, Antlay mon amie! 😍 Thank you for your compliments, my friend!

      Yes, I also think their facial expressions speak volumes, especially Candy. She was inwardly admiring his good-looking appearance, unaware that he was actually her POTH! Sigh… So she adored him not because he was her prince, but simply because he was Albert, despite being her legal guardian.

      Thanks for sharing different examples of couples with obvious age gaps. In fact, I agree with you, love has no age. It really depends on the persons involved. 😋

      Hugs and kisses to you! 😘😚

        • Reeka on October 17, 2015 at 7:04 pm
        • Reply

        Hi Antlay & Ms Puddle!

        It’s very sweet that she liked him as an Albert and more, she adored his figure as the young patriarch William Albert Ardley, isn’t it? It’s not because he looked like someone. This obviously differentiated him from Anthony and Terry, who looked like who at the first place. 🙂

        1. Yes indeed, Reeka! She admired him as the person he was. In fact, Albert had a bit of both Anthony and Terry. Albert was very tender and loving though he could be rebellious at times. His amnesia had made him grow more mature, but he was willing to fight back and protect Candy if necessary. 😍

            • Reeka on October 17, 2015 at 9:09 pm
            • Reply

            Yeah I agree with you my friend! Amnesia did mature Albert. Apart from seeing Candy with different eyes, he also could realise how much Aunt Elroy and George cared for him. That actually Aunt Elroy’s excessive protection to him had points somehow. That he shouldn’t have gone to unknown continent without supervision.

            After all, this amnesia plot was not as cheesy as a cheap novel, right? Hahahahaha.

              • Ms Puddle on October 17, 2015 at 10:19 pm

              Yes, Reeka, this amnesia plot is the turning point of the story, when the tough guy who could save Terry from gangsters without getting hurt and had helped Candy a lot became vulnerable and weak. Albert in his letter jeered that this was like 三文小説, which is often translated to “pulp fiction”. 😜😝

            • Evelyn on October 18, 2015 at 8:38 pm
            • Reply

            Hi Antlay, Reeka, and Ms Puddle!! I never understood what the translation “like a cheap novel” means…? Who said this? Albert due to his amnesic state? :/

              • Ms Puddle on October 18, 2015 at 11:32 pm

              Hola Evelyn! 😍 Albert in his letter to Candy said that he adopted her because he wanted to watch over her in secret. Who would have thought he himself would be taken care of by her years later? He jeered that this was like a plot in a cheap novel. Remember this letter, my friend? 💓

        2. Hello Reeka et Ms Puddle

          En fait je me suis toujours demandé si Mizuki n’avait pas créer le personnage d’Anthony pour nous donner un aperçu de d’Albert adolescent. Physiquement bien sûr ils se ressemblaient tels deux clones mais aussi leurs traits de caractère. Albert avait perdu ses deux parents, Anthony sa mère mais son père était constamment absent, il semble que la Tante Elroy s’occupait aussi de son éducation. L’un avait une passion pour les animaux, l’autre les roses. Ils sont tous les deux doux, protecteurs, attentionné, prêt à défendre Candy et à s’opposer à la Grande Tante Elroy. De plus ils ont tous les deux formulé la même phrase que nous connaissons bien lors de leur première rencontre avec Candy.
          Après son adoption elle dit à Anthony qu’elle se fiche du POTH et qu’elle aime Anthony pour ce qu’il est. Les deux garçons ayant un caractère similaire, il est évident que Candy a dû tomber amoureuse d’Albert et cela même avant qu’il lui révèle qu’il est le POTH. C’est peut être pour cela que dans sa lettre mentale à Anthony elle se demande comment serait Anthony à l’age adulte, probablement comme Albert dont elle fait référence à plusieurs reprises…

          1. Oh désolée Evelyn j’ai oublié de vous saluer au passage 😯

          2. Great minds think alike again, dear Antlay!! 💕 I also think Mizuki created Anthony for us readers to know what kind of person POTH was. As you said, Anthony was also sweet, protective, caring, and ready to defend Candy, but he was a bit immature when compared to Albert, who was really the best choice among all three loves of Candy. 💓😍

            Yes, I think Anthony would grow up to be just like his young uncle, as Candy imagined. Though she said she loved Anthony for who he was, later she helplessly fell in love with his uncle (unaware that he was her prince). No wonder she asked Anthony for forgiveness… 😳😆

            • Reeka on October 21, 2015 at 10:03 am
            • Reply

            Dear Antlay & Ms Puddle,

            Yes, I always think that way too, that Mizuki let Candy experience what it feels to be with Young Albert by creating Anthony. It’s sad that his story ended tragically. But I believe Anthony was created by Mizuki to be one significant red string of fate for Candy and Albert.

            Of course, Anthony’s character was almost similar with his uncle, after all both Albert and Anthony had been raised and nurtured by the same women. Rosemary and Aunt Elroy. However, Albert had experienced a lot of growing pains due to his destiny as the patriarch. This might make him more rebelious and tougher than Anthony.

            As for appearance, no doubt Adult Anthony would look like Albert … Just see that drawing when he imagined to marry Candy. It’s Albert on that drawing! 😉😉

              • Ms Puddle on October 21, 2015 at 4:23 pm

              Good point, Reeka, that both Anthony and Albert grew up under the influence of Rosemary and Aunt Elroy. 👍

              Anthony looked a lot like POTH, so its only natural he would grow up looking like Albert too, probably not as strong and tall IMHO (just guessing). 😊😆

            • Reeka on October 21, 2015 at 6:37 pm
            • Reply

            True, my fiend. Definitely not as manly as Albert. Albert was a natural born alpha male.

            When I wrote my previous comment, I wanted to point this but I wasn’t sure how to describe Anthony … to me, he was too sweet to my liking. However, I think I’m not fair to compare teenage Anthony vs adult Albert, yes?…

              • Ms Puddle on October 21, 2015 at 7:17 pm

              Totally agree… Alpha male he is, but can be very tender to the ones he loved. Anthony was sweet most of the time, but he slapped Candy too 😲

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