Nov 26 2015

First dance

Most of you know that my dear friend, QuevivaCandy, is translating my short story Peculiar Relationship to Relación Peculiar for me. For this story, I’ve drawn Candy alone and then Albert by himself, so I figured it was time to draw them together. I had several scenes in my mind, but I was reluctant to draw another scene in the dark. Moreover, a lot of my readers are from the United States, and it was very close to their Thanksgiving Day. (Hey, I managed to finish my drawing on this special day. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! ❤ )

Hence, an idea struck me. How about I draw them dance? 🙂 Although I have seen many beautiful dancing fanarts from various artists, it doesn’t mean I can’t draw one, right? 😉 Besides, I remember more than a year ago QuevivaCandy asked me to draw a dancing scene (from my other story), so I actually owe her one. 😳

Note that in the manga Candy had danced with a few young men except her Prince on the Hill (although she had fantasized about it when she was younger). In Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS), it wasn’t mentioned either, but since it was written that they both attended Archie and Annie’s engagement party, I wrote in Peculiar Relationship that Candy finally had her first dance with Albert in Lakewood. ❤

Candy and AlbertWhile thinking what sorts of clothes Candy and Albert wore to the engagement party, this wonderful drawing from the manga artist, Igarashi, came to my mind. Both Candy and Albert were dressed up, posing the same way and looking very happy and cute together. 😀 Some people actually thought this was a fanart! 😜 But no, it’s an official drawing for the end of the manga, not a fanart. 😊😘

Igarashi had given Candy a very elegant dress with a train, so I decided to “borrow the clothes” (not the exact colors though) from this picture but only drew half, because the floor length gown is not my focus. I also drew Candy taller, consider that she was wearing high heels. To be honest, I think Candy looked a bit too short when compared to Albert in the drawing, especially her feet were already above the ground! 😉 Either he was nearly 200 cm tall or she was way under 150 cm in height. Just my two cents of course. 😝😋

QuevivaCandy, this is my second fanart dedicated to you for translating Peculiar Relationship!! 😍 Hope you like it too! 💕

First dance


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    • Anonymous on March 19, 2017 at 5:29 pm
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    I am thrilled about your drawing on Albert and candy’s first dance! And the new discovery of their dress up photo in the manga is a special gift to all readers!! Very well done and big thank you !

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words! 😁😀 So glad you like my drawing, and yes the other picture was Igarashi’s drawing for the manga version 👍👍

    • JeannyJJ on December 7, 2015 at 1:34 pm
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    Such a nice drawing! Love it. I’ve read all of your stories and just love them all and can’t stop reading over and over again! Are you planning to write another fiction story of modern day setting about Candy and Albert? Will you draw a wedding scene from “Love never fail”?

    1. Thank you JeannyJJ for your compliments and encouraging words. ❤ Nice to meet you. 😀
      I’m kinda busy lately, but if possible, I’ll squeeze my time to draw a new fanart before Christmas as a gift to all my readers. ❦ ❧

  1. Un dessin enchanteur à l’image de leur première danse Ms Puddle 💞
    Ils semblent en admiration l’un pour l’autre, pas besoin de mots pour décrire ce qu’ils ressentent à ce moment là.
    Une pure merveille 😀💕

    1. Merci beaucoup, mon amie!! 😍❤ Your compliments mean a lot to me because you’re an artist yourself. I’m so glad my drawing managed to convey their feelings to you all. Thanks again for your kind words! 💕❤💖

    • Reeka on November 29, 2015 at 8:11 pm
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    Auw it’s beautiful, my friend! Yeah, I imagine Candy would be on this height when she’s wearing 3-4″ heels.

    Candy looks so sweet here. She looks more grown up, but still very sweet and innocent, and a little shy. Maybe not shy, but demure I may say. A characteristic unusual for Candy, but I imagine she would sometimes act like that in front of Albert. I love it, Ms Puddle!


    1. Thanks for your kind words, my friend. Glad to hear from you, dear Reeka! 😘

      Regarding Candy’s height, I think Albert would not stand to his full height either such that Candy didn’t have to crane her neck! 😝😆

      Yes, demure or coy is probably a better word than “shy”. I think Candy was like that whenever she was with someone she admired, like Anthony, Terry and Albert. ❤❤ She was very sweet and slightly shy when she was sitting up on a tree with him, after sneaking out from the engagement party (near the end of the manga). 😊

    • Luna on November 29, 2015 at 8:54 am
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    💞Dear Ms Puddle,
    Your drawing is very very nice. I really like their silent expressions.❤️
    You are really indeed making alive our imagination about Candy and Albert.
    Ms Puddle, I really like your fanfics or your explanations but I have to admit 🙄that sometimes ,for me ,just one drawing is saying more than words due to Its direct effect…😉
    I wish one day we could see again at least a new manga or a new cartoon of Candy Candy. 👏👏
    Thank you very much for your sharings.

    1. Dear Luna, comment allez-vous? 😊

      You don’t know how much your encouraging words warmed my heart. 💕 Indeed “A picture is worth a thousand words”! Regrettably, I’m not very productive, and I sometimes prefer writing my thoughts down to share with you all. I think fanfics and fanarts complement each other, don’t you think? 😘😍

    • Evelyn on November 27, 2015 at 8:04 pm
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    Beautiful drawing my friend!!! Love their expressions so clear how they look at each other so lovingly!! 😍 at first I didn’t get it, then I realized that your drawing is a mirror of the original drawing of C&A wearing the same clothing! 😉 I personally love your drawing better than this original! Thank you for sharing!!!! ❤️

    1. Awww… Your compliments made me blush, dear Evelyn! 😍 Yes, I put much effort in drawing their facial expressions, and I’m so glad you like that. 😊 If you read my reply to QuevivaCandy, you’ll see that I wanted to capture the magic moment when they touched each other. 😳 You remember in Peculiar Relationship I wrote that Candy was somewhat angry at Albert ever since her discovery of his true identity. That’s the impression I got from CCFS, and I’m going to talk more about her anger in my next post. ❤💕 Thanks again for your encouraging words, my friend! Hugs and kisses! 😘

    • Quevivacandy on November 27, 2015 at 8:29 am
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    Wow wow wow!!! If I liked it? I loved it!!! Thank you so much dear MsPuddle!!!! What an amazing surprise!

    I already had forgotten I asked you to draw them together dancing but you are right! LNF… I remember now… 🙂

    I like the colors you used but even more their expressions. Seems they wanted to tell each other lot of things but they couldn’t do it by that time.

    About Igarashi’s drawing, it is funny. Around 2 weeks ago I was talking with a girl about it. She said it was Igarashi’s and I said… nooo… it is a fanart! lol… Talking with her, she said she found it on CA fan page and it says it was part of last manga volumen, tha back cover… I was like, what? But It is simply amazing. With that drawing at the end of the story, you can easily say what was the end that Mizuki had in mind. And yep, I also think Candy was too way short even wearing high heels. Maybe if she was wearing flat shoes but no… Maybe Igarashi wanted to illustrate the age gap? I know most artists do it by drawing the characters shorter or taller…

    ANW, thank you a lot my friend! You have left me with a smile from ear to ear!

    1. Hola mi querida amiga!! 😍😘

      So glad you love this, and yes I still remember I owe you a drawing of them dancing… from LNF! You’re right! 😊

      Although practically in this drawing it’s the very moment they begin dancing… You bet, my friend, I wanted to capture their facial expressions when they just put their arms and hands in the right place… The magic moment when they touched each other… 😆😊 They both had their own thoughts but couldn’t easily express in words. Yes, Albert was legally Candy’s adoptive father, but he was still young and very charming, so I like to convey that Candy was a bit shy and self-conscious. 😳

      No it’s not a fanart, and your friend is right. Igarashi drew this for the last volume of the manga version, which speaks volumes, doesn’t it? 😍

      Have a wonderful day, QuevivaCandy! ❤💕

    • Anonymous on November 26, 2015 at 8:29 pm
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    Hello Ms. Puddle. Sorry for not being touch lately, my computer was out of order! WOW …What a beautiful picture!
    I LOVE IT! Anyway, thanks so much querida amiga for your posts and your time. Finally they could dance!

    1. Hi Brenda! Nice to hear from you again. But your computer still hasn’t been fixed? That’s really too bad 😧 Will you seek help from someone?

      Thank you very much for your compliments, and I’m so happy and relieved I actually finished this drawing today. ❤ 😊 The sketch was done a while ago, but I didn’t have time to work on it. 😳

  2. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa!! That is so amazing!!
    I´m so happy that you made it Ms.Puddle!! Definitively, they deserve a dance. Thank you for make this scenary true.
    Waooo!! You let me without words. Literally!! They are so cute together…That eyes and the way how they look almost close, but not far either.
    The hair, the expressions.. I’m gonna die of love! lol
    Now I remember.. Albert always said to her: Little one. So… She is more taller here.
    Glad to read you Ms Puddle.

    1. Thank you so much, dear Olenka!! ❤😘

      I actually sketched this a while ago, but I didn’t really work on it until recently. I’m so glad you love this, my friend! 😍

      You’re right. My focus is their expressions. It’s their first dance after all. 💕

      I know a couple with the same height difference between the husband and wife, and once the wife wears high heels, she will be up to or slightly above her husband’s shoulders. 😝😆

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