Dec 02 2015

Old Candy Candy Novel

Candy Candy Vol 09 p174bRemember this manga scene that I colored long time ago? 🙂 I decided to add it to an album on my Facebook page, and I really enjoyed reading all your comments. Thank you, ladies! Glad you like this particular scene as much as I do. ❤

Yet, I didn’t know there’s something special about this illustration. My friend, the administrator of the Facebook page, William Albert Andrew (el príncipe de la colina), showed me that Mizuki used this picture in the old Candy Candy novel for the table of contents of Volume 3, right on the page where it shows the last section of the novel, the letter correspondence between Candy and Prince on the Hill: 💕💕

7 キャンディとアルバートさんの往復書簡 ◆Correspondence between Candy and Albert-san

  • ウィリアム大おじさま、そして、丘の上の王子さまへ ◆To Granduncle William, then, Prince on the Hill
  • キャンディス・ホワイト・アードレーさまへ ◆ To Miss Candice White Ardlay
  • 丘の上の王子さまへ ◆ To Prince on the Hill
  • おそろしいキャンディへ ◆ To fearful/terrible Candy
  • アルバートさんへ ◆ To Albert-san
  • キャンディへ ◆ To Candy
  • ちっちゃなバートへ ◆ To Little Bert
  • アルバートさんへ ◆ To Albert-san
  • キャンディへ ◆ To Candy
  • ウィリアム・アルバート・アードレーさま ◆ William Albert Ardlay

CC novel Vol 3


Isn’t it cute? 😀 Many thanks to my friend for giving me her permission to post these. ❤💕 If you want to see the entire table of contents for Volume 3, please click my admin friend’s Facebook page here.

Similar to the second half of Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS) Volume 2, Volume 3 of the old CC novel is composed of Candy’s letters to various people. Mizuki explained herself in “To everybody” (the introduction to Volume 3), the page you see on the left in the picture above, why she didn’t write Volume 3 like a story as in Volumes 1 and 2. Her main reason is she couldn’t possibly fit the rest of the story in one volume, so she asked Candy for help! Yes, Mizuki wrote that. 😆 Besides, Mizuki wanted to let her readers know more about the mysterious Albert-san, so she also asked him! 😆 Thus, he let her have his correspondence with Candy.

Interestingly, Mizuki mentioned that Candy was unwilling to show some letters to her, as though Candy wanted to keep them in her head. Mizuki wondered if those letters were from Terry? 🙄

Some people claimed that Candy didn’t let Mizuki read her correspondence with Terry because they were private and special, whereas Candy didn’t mind people to read her correspondence with Prince on the Hill. 😮

Needless to say, I disagree. Note that Mizuki wasn’t definite in her old novel whether those letters were actually from Terry in the past. Mizuki just wrote that she wondered if these letters were from him because Candy kept them bundled up (separately from other letters).

To me, I think Mizuki had clarified this in CCFS. On P. 197 of CCFS Volume 2, Candy in her present time said that she couldn’t continue to see Terry’s letters or clippings concerning Terry anymore (for she recalled the events that had occurred back then). She decided to put them all back into her damascene jewelry box. This was consistent with her action years ago, when she had written to Albert that she hadn’t opened her old diary and even decided to entrust it to Albert (see More than words (Part 2) for your interest).

So Candy hadn’t changed since. She had remained steadfast about keeping Terry in her past. As my friend on Twitter, Yue月, once said to me, that all the contents in the jewelry box were Candy’s memories. 🙂

Come to think of it, if Terry is indeed Anohito in CCFS, isn’t it extremely strange that Candy resolved not to open his letters or clippings? 🙄

Not to mention that Mizuki said in her old novel she had carefully selected which letters to tell the rest of her Candy Candy story. Logically, the same applies to CCFS. In other words, only the significant letters are shown in both Mizuki’s novels for the readers to understand her story (what have happened to the main heroine, Candy), right? 😛

If you insist otherwise, that Candy was willing to show her letters with her prince because he wasn’t special enough or she wasn’t in love with him, how do you explain why Candy eagerly wrote to William Albert Ardlay (the very last letter in the old CC novel) that she would follow him wherever he would go? 🙄 Would a girl in her right mind say that to a man she didn’t love? My friend Yue月 even said that explained why in CCFS Candy had moved across the ocean with Anohito (Albert) and lived in a different continent! 😀 😉

Besides, if Albert was merely a brother or a father figure to Candy, would she call him Little Bert, again and again? Don’t forget that the adjective “Little”, ちっちゃな, carries such endearing meanings as “cutie” or “tiny little”. Just imagine a young lady calling her older brother or father “cutie pie” or “sweetie” then you will know what I mean. 😉

Guess what else my admin friend told me? 😀

At the end of CCFS epilogue, Candy was back to her present, and her husband came home to her, taking her by surprise. (As Reeka pointed out, it’s very likely her husband was on a business trip.) Anyway, my admin friend observed that not only this ending in CCFS mirrored the manga ending, but Candy mentioned Anohito three times. 🙂 (あのひと this あのひと that three times 😉 ) This reminds my admin friend of the manga ending, where Candy realized Albert’s three roles in her life, namely Albert-san, Granduncle William, and Prince on the Hill.

You might say it’s a coincidence, but who knows? 😜😝

As a matter of fact, I noticed that Anohito called his wife “Candy”. In CCFS, Candy wrote in her unsent letter to Terry that he had always addressed her as Tarzan Freckles, and she signed both her letters to him as such (neither was sent to him by the way). You might say that Terry had matured and stopped calling her that by then, but if Candy didn’t mind calling herself Tarzan Freckles when writing to Terry, isn’t it sweet for him to use the same old nickname to remind each other of their long history since their youth? 😉 Also, you might argue that in Terry’s ambiguous letter to Candy, he did write “Candy”, but that was after the breakup, so he was probably more careful.

Last but not the least, I remember Antlay once wrote to me that throughout the story, who always surprised Candy and appeared out of the blue? 😝 Not to mention that Candy described Anohito’s voice as tender/affectionate (やさしい) and that he was smiling at her. Apparently, these were Albert’s traits (same for Prince on the Hill), not Terry’s. Many thanks for reading, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you. ❤ ❤


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  1. I like this cute drawing too because Candy and Albert seems to be so much at ease with each other, a real trust.

    Ms Puddle, Reeka, I like very much your insight about the topic of letters. I won’t be redundant but I’d add Terry’s letters never were romantic, remember, Candy wrote in her unsent letter to Terry: “You always addressed me Tarzan freckle, you always wrote me somthing to tease me, I wished to receive more romantic letters…”! So too private and so more private than those of Albert?! Let me laugh! 😆 Even if there were other letters after their supposed reunion, I’m not sure it would be very different because Terry had always teased her! Anyway, let’s suppose I’m wrong, I can’t imagine Candy let publish letters of another man that those of her husband because Albert and Terry were famous, indeed, but also because it would be so much tactlessness from her part! She knew her husband could be hurt by that, even have been a bit jealous (above all if it was Terry) and re-open old wounds! If I were her I would never have done that, the past is the past and has to rest in damascene box! 😉

    Enjoy your weekend! 😀

      • Ms Puddle on December 26, 2015 at 2:47 pm

      Yes, Candy Bert, this particular manga scene speaks volumes about their relationship… Whether they were willing to admit yet! 😀😍

      Totally agree with you about Terry’s letters not being romantic, as Candy had complained in her unsent letter. Indeed, both Albert and Terry were famous people, and Candy was bring discreet not to show the public anything from her past that could potentially put Terry or Susanna in a bad light. After all, Candy had wished them happiness, more than once! Our beloved heroine had moved on, and those letters would be safe inside the damascene jewelry box! 😆😋😁

      Enjoy your weekend too! Happy 2016!! 🎆🎉🎇

    • Reeka on December 2, 2015 at 4:57 pm

    Ms Puddle! This is really interesting and intriguing! I’m excited for the new discoveries 🙂 Many thanks to you and WAA Facebook fan page to share it.

    Aww, Mizuki! She liked to play with her words, didn’t she? 🙂 I found it very very interesting. She let readers imagine she talked to Candy and Albert, asked them to share some of their letters to readers, to help her finish her novel and conclude everything in one volume ( telling readers the rest of Candy’s story was similar to concluding the whole story, right? Correct me if I’m wrong).

    Again, interesting!! First, why Albert? Why did Mizuki involve Albert in this very last volume if Albert was not part of the conclusion? Meaning … a part of the rest of Candy’s story. :D:D . Second, don’t you think Mizuki implicitly tell readers that Albert and Candy were still very very close, if not living together as married couple? And about those letters Candy was unwilling to share to Public. Hahahahaha … I like this part. Let imagine Mizuki visit Candy in her house. Saying she needed her help to finish her story about Candy ( like a biography of hers then). Candy, who must be quite well known to have a book about her life, must have been aware that Public would read it. And it would affect her life, her family, and of course her husband. Does it answer why she’s rather reluctant to share some letters? 🙂 :). Actually I understand why Mizuki wondered if they were Terry’s. I assume that, too. Of course with a really different reason with those who are likely to think it’s because they’re too private. O yes, maybe they were too personal and Candy didn’t think Public should’ve known more about her past relationship with Terry. As now she was Mrs. Ardley and Terry was a big name himself. And remember, in old CC novel, Susanna was not told to be dead.

    I think, a key to understand what Mizuki said between these lines was volume 3 was a conclusion. As a writer, Mizuki had to be aware she couldn’t mislead her readers about what’s going on with Candy’s life now. She could be subtle, but not misleading. So, the fact that volume 3 was all about Albert and Candy does not need further question about who Candy married with.

    Not to mention Mizuki put an important hint that whenever Albert asked Candy to travel ( to wherever), Candy would go accompanying him. It’s like a promise to always stay together. And although Mizuki unfortunately omitted that in CCFS, she replaced it with the fact that Candy now lived happily with her husband across the ocean. Hmm .. it’s like an answer of that promise, right? Candy said in CCFS to Ms Pony “Anohito wanted her to stay beside him”. Clever Mizuki!!!

    Like her relationship with Terry ( and Anthony), Candy’s relationship with Albert was also not all flowers and rainbow. We know they’d been through some uncertainties and insecurities. About ghost of their past, about possibility to face family members opposing their relationship, and about their feeling to each other. BUT Candy didn’t mind Public know about those phases in her and Albert’s. IF at the end of the day she had married Terry, why wouldn’t she share it? Right? 😀

    🙂 It’s very thorough to get aware of that 3 times Anohito mentioned, which reflected 3 figures of Albert’s to Candy. I like it. But, yes, people would argue it’s coincidence. But at least it’s there in CCFS, not something we made up and imagined wildly. 😉

    However, I share my sentiment on the way Anohito called Candy as Candy in CCFS. It didn’t sound like Terry. You’re right, Ms Puddle, when Terry called her Candy in his ambiguous letter, it’s because they’re not couple anymore. He’s even not sure if it’s right for him writing her again, and not sure about her reaction. Except that, he mostly called her Freckle or Tarzan Freckle. Although Candy always showed she’s annoyed with that nickname, I’m sure deep inside she knew it was special. So if they had eventually married, I can’t see Terry called his dear wife as plain as Candy. I even imagined he would’ve called her something like Tarzan Mother if they had had children. And I won’t repeat myself for a thousand times about how similar to Albert’s those traits of Anohito were. Again, Mizuki could be subtle, but sure wouldn’t be misleading.

    My friend, you don’t know how much I love this post. Whether it’s the old novel or CCFS, I am more sure than ever that Mizuki has never been in doubt about who Candy married to.

      • Ms Puddle on December 2, 2015 at 8:30 pm

      Hi there, dear Reeka! So glad you love this post. I was very excited as well while writing it. 💕

      Yes indeed it’s funny Mizuki wrote as though she actually visited Candy and Albert, though at different times, in order to get their letters to finish the rest of her story in one volume. 😝

      I’m with you my friend, that showing Albert’s letters not Terry’s speaks volumes! 😁 Not because Albert’s ones aren’t special, but Mizuki essentially hinted that Candy and her prince were now close (a couple?). They didn’t mind the public to read their correspondence, not unlike how the Hollywood celebrities share their love stories these days.

      Although I’m not sure if by then Candy was married or not, Mizuki implied that Terry wasn’t a part of Candy’s story anymore. His letters belonged to her past (though Mizuki did say Candy might have deep feelings in her heart).

      Yes, Volume 3 is the conclusion, and it ends on the happy letter from Candy to WAA, telling him she would follow him wherever he would go. What other evidence do we need? 😜

      I really like what you pointed out, my dear, that Candy basically promised Albert she would be by his side wherever he would be. I guess, they lived apart from each other then, and they both missed each other a lot. That Anohito in CCFS wanted Candy to be with him, and didn’t Albert invite Candy to travel with him in the old novel?

      About Anohito being mentioned three times, yes it wasn’t our wild imagination lol… It was written this way… 😆😁😜

      So true, that Terry would have easily come up with a different nickname for Candy if they did get married. It was so unlike him to simply call her Candy, whereas Albert always called her Candy. Only during his confession he called her “little girl”. In CCFS he addressed her first as Candy when asking her to return his badge, and later he said to her she was pretty even when crying, おチビちゃん. 💖💕

        • Reeka on December 4, 2015 at 12:44 am

        Hello again, Ms Puddle.

        Yes yes … That’s what I was thinking about, that way … Candy & Albert was displayed like some famous couple. They might be married, or engaged. And public knew her obviously. I remember you also had that idea on LNF :).

        It’s funny, don’t you think, if she’s not with Albert, she let Mizuki publish those letters. Also, Albert himself was quite a private person. How would Aunt Elroy think when she knew those letters? What would his future girlfriend think about him and Candy? What would Candy’s suitors think about their relationship which not sound like father-daughter at all ? After all, they had a history of living together for years. 🙂

        How I love to know this thing about volume 3. There .. I’ve said it again for a hundred times. LOL.

        I think, Mizuki found it a bit cheesy if she wrote the last volume of old novel with normal style. And like it or not, we know Mizuki seemingly didn’t like to indulge us with a blatant conclusion. Like the manga ending. It’s clear who was there with Candy at the end of the day and it made the whole story make sense, but Mizuki didn’t like to say it herself out loud. She definitely wouldn’t say something like … “And they live happily ever after …. The end.”


          • Ms Puddle on December 4, 2015 at 1:22 pm

          Oh yes… just like a famous couple sharing their love stories to the public. 🙂

          You raised good points, dear Reeka, 😍 that if they weren’t already engaged or known as a couple, their letters would have been a bomb to many people around them, including Aunt Elroy and the Leagans… 😆

          In addition to what you said about Mizuki, I think she was highly influenced by Daddy-Long-Legs… remember this entire novel is mainly composed of letters? 🙂 Plus, by reading the letters, we readers got to hear the characters’ voices instead of the narrator’s. 🙂 😉 Hence, we could read how enthusiastic Candy was in her reply to Albert’s invitation to travel with him in the near future. ❤ ❤ ❤

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