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To truly love someone…

キャンディキャンディ第09巻096Remember in Candy and Prince on the Hill (Part 5) I talked about Candy receiving a parcel from Albert (page 95 of manga volume 9)? On page 96, Candy opened the package and found a brief note inside from Albert:


A present for Spring in advance
Thinking about you wherever I am…

Since Candy had been wondering where Albert could be, without second thought, she decided to go there to find him, despite not knowing where Rockstown was:


I will go to meet you there
In this Rockstown


Please you must, you must stay…


Yes, Candy said きっと twice, which means certainly, definitely, surely, must, etc. Sounds like this was her sincere wish. Therefore, even when it was snowing, Candy put on the Spring coat, the present from Albert, and ventured into the unknown town. Yet, Candy found Terry instead, drunk and miserable. Later, after talking to Miss Eleanor Baker about Terry’s prolonged depression, Candy didn’t return to the roadside theatre again to ask about Terry that night nor the following day. I mean, if Candy was still deeply in love with Terry, wouldn’t she be concerned if he was truly OK? Was Candy able to sleep that night after the long talk with Terry’s mom?

Those who are familiar with the manga knew that Candy carried out her original mission of coming to Rockstown early next morning. She asked around the town about Albert until she became exhausted.

I have a feeling that Candy’s thoughts had been preoccupied with her plan to track down Albert. She probably was unaware that Terry had left the town the previous night, 😮 and I don’t suppose she had considered the consequences of her actions… What if Terry suddenly appeared and found her looking for Albert? 🙄

Anyway, it wasn’t until Candy was on her way back to Chicago did she realize Albert’s real intention of sending her the parcel from Rockstown. Many people interpreted this scene as her way to finally close her chapter with Terry.

Regardless, Candy had drastically changed. Gone was the girl who kept chasing after Terry.

In fact, at least several weeks later (winter was long over and Candy could wear short sleeves), Albert related to Candy in front of a fireplace about Terry’s return to Broadway. Judging from her reactions, she hadn’t followed Terry’s news at all (Albert said he had read from the tabloids). Was Candy deliberately avoiding Terry’s news?

Yes, in Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS), Candy wrote to Miss Eleanor Baker that she tried not to read about Terry, though his news kept showing up. (What a contrast to the girl who used to clip Terry’s news!) Candy explained that she had gone to Rockstown to look for a missing person who had helped her a lot (i.e. Albert). Candy also added that she had promised Susanna not to see Terry again. Can’t you tell that Candy was politely reminding Miss Baker that her dear son now belonged to the actress? Candy was discreet and wrote that it was an accident that she had run into Terry in Rockstown. You know, Miss Baker might have assumed Candy had been just as desperate as herself, following Terry everywhere.

Apparently, Candy knew what she was doing. Her tone was overall matter-of-fact and distant. If, deep down, Candy was agonized by the fact that Terry had chosen Susanna over her, Candy would have sounded completely different in her letter to Miss Baker. Besides, if Candy had been waiting for Terry to leave Susanna and come back to her, as some people have claimed, wasn’t their “reunion” in Rockstown the perfect opportunity for Candy and Terry? 😉 Remember, Candy was free now, for her patient was gone, so she didn’t have to stay in Chicago. Terry himself was undoubtedly unhappy with his current situation. Thus, Candy and Terry could have left Rockstown and returned to New York together, breaking the news to Susanna that they could no longer live against their hearts’ desires, right? 😉 Susanna wasn’t a witch, and she had no magical power over a couple who were strong enough to fight for their love, don’t you agree? 😆

In addition, I guess even if Candy hadn’t promised Susanna, Candy wouldn’t have seen Terry. Back in Rockstown, Candy could have asked around about Terry the next morning without seeing him, right? For example, she could have observed him from afar or in the backstage, like she had done during the Chicago charity performance. You know what I mean?  😉

No wonder Candy referred Terry as a person she had loved before (see Second farewell for details).

What’s more, in Candy and Prince on the Hill (Part 5), I mentioned that Candy kept Albert’s portrait in her damascene jewelry box, the one she used to look for him. Honestly, if Terry was Anohito, would Terry really let his wife keep that portrait? 🙄

Come to think of it, Terry might have admired Albert (who had rescued him from some gangsters in London) and didn’t mind Candy living together with Albert to take care of him while he was amnesiac, this portrait had significant meanings to Candy nevertheless. After all, she had seemingly abandoned Terry in Rockstown without checking on him ever again but looked for Albert all over the town using this particular portrait. Don’t you think the story behind this portrait was enough to make any husband in Terry’s shoes extremely jealous? 😉

You might argue that Terry’s letters and clippings were in damascene jewelry box as well. That’s true. I just mentioned it in my post, Old Candy Candy Novel. 🙂 However, Albert completely understood how much Candy used to love Terry, and those letters and old clippings were her precious memories. That being said, Albert had probably seen those while living together with Candy in the apartment.

Note that Albert evidently loved Candy not as a sister or his family, but he was willing to sacrifice his own happiness by sending her to Rockstown. In his brief note shown above, he wrote that he was thinking about her wherever he was. It’s almost like he had “tricked” her to go there so that she could find her happiness with Terry, or so Albert thought.

In other words, Albert’s love for Candy was deep and self-denying. Below are the highlights of Reeka’s inspiring comment:

To Fall in Love with Someone vs To (truly) Love Someone.

  1. To fall in love with someone makes you want to own that person. To make him/her belong to you. While to love someone truly means you are content just to be able to love him/her and see that person happy.
  2. To fall in love makes you like to ask/demand things … And to truly love someone mostly makes us like to give anything to that person.
  3. Emotion. Fall in love tends to make people more emotional … Like more possesive, jealous. While truly loving usually brings people calm and stable emotion.
  4. To love someone couldn’t be pretended or exaggerated. You would out of the blue think about him/her.
  5. To love someone truly makes you accept and love yourself for who you really are.

I think you’re able to see the differences between Terry and Albert, aren’t you? 🙂


There will be server maintenance tomorrow, so my blog might not be accessible at times. Thanks for your understanding! 😀


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    • Mina Ferarri on October 10, 2016 at 3:16 pm
    • Reply

    RocksTown: 💔Candy loved Terry and closed her passed love with him. Hi, dear Ms P.H. I like so much in your the first article: “❤️To truly love someone. “……. 😭😊😍the beginning article touched me…👍

    1. Thanks for reading, Mina, and I’m so glad you liked the post and found the article touching 😍😘

    • Reeka on January 5, 2016 at 7:00 am
    • Reply

    Oh my … I feel ashamed for not leaving comment in this post much much earlier. Thanks for quoting me, my dear Ms Puddle. I got it from a blog in my mother tongue language, and like I said to you, all I could think at that time was Albert’s love to Candy. And how Albert’s contrasted with Terry’s. Not trying to discredit T, but we all know how obvious the differences.

    And I felt warm when I read those points and reflected them to Albert-Candy. Sigh. This Rockstown, we know how it signified Albert’s selfless love to Candy. Not all will agree with his (considerably impulsive) action to lead Candy to Rockstown for Terry. But he’s just a man who regardless his powerful name, helplessly fell in love with a woman he thought he couldn’t have.

    Btw, from that manga page, one thing I’ve just realised. That was the first time Albert gave Candy a present from “Albert”. Wasn’t it? I’m not sure how fancy this spring dress was, but I assume it’s the same quality as Uncle William usually had given her. I wonder how Candy thought about the dress. At that time, did she realise that Albert was not simply penniless vagabond as he had always appeared to be? However, I guess she was too excited to get news from him that she didn’t pay attention for such trivia. 🙂

    About Terry in Rockstown, I used to think he loved Candy too much that he couldn’t face his reality of losing her. But now, I incline to believe that he was indeed a self absorbed man. I think we had ever discussed it here on this blog. It’s not losing Candy that he’s crying over, it’s his “bad luck” he was unhappy about. Although I don’t like how anime replaced this Rockstown scene, but if we put those two scenes ( anime version that Terry was drunk and hit by Albert vs Rockstown), they seemed quite similar in meaning, don’t you think? Both were showing how Terry liked to pity himself, got drunk, and then Albert came to rescue him with the appearance of moved-on Candy.

    And last, I agree with you about Albert’s portrait kept in damascened box. If Anohito was Terry, could he allow her to do that? Knowing that she once abandoned him for Albert. ( It’s a person who had been jealous over a dead boyfriend we’re talking about!). And more over, we know there’s an important picture, as matured Candy said, of her and Albert and Ardley’s family and staff on the study room’s desk. Would it be possible to be Terry’s desk? 😉


    1. Reeka, no worries, I couldn’t respond to your comment till now either. Like you, I was preoccupied with other things.

      Once again, thank you so much for your contribution, and as soon as I read the quotes from you, Albert’s image popped up in my mind too, especially the Rockstown episode 😋😉. I wonder how he reacted to the outcome of his flawless “strategy”. 🤔

      I like how you described Candy in Albert’s heart then… She was a woman he thought he couldn’t have.

      In fact, the same applies to Candy too. Albert was a man she thought she couldn’t have. Thus explains her vexation. 😅

      Indeed, that’s the first time Albert gave Candy a present using his own name. However, he had left a pile of cash to her before vanishing in her life. She had always worried how he got so much money, right? 😉

      Can’t agree with you more regarding Terry’s self pity. Like you, at first glance it might seem Terry had been depressed because of Candy, but he was essentially mourning the loss of his status and career. Think about it, he had struggles but let Candy go without fighting for her.

      Oh yes… Terry, a man who could be jealous of a dead guy, would never let his wife keep anything that belonged to another man, let alone his handsome portrait. 😆😅😄

  1. Hello Ms Puddle I hope you have shared a wonderful Christmas with your family!
    Indeed, Candy has had no hesitation, her heart has made a choice in Rockstown by chasing Albert and letting Terry backward! 😀
    That’s what I was thinking about clippings but it was risky anyway! :-/

    1. Yes I have, Candy Bert! I hope you had a great Christmas time with your loved ones too!! 🎅❄⛄🎄

      Back in Rockstown, whether conscious or not, Albert was the one who occupied Candy’s heart 💗💕😍

  2. Ms. Puddle, thanks a lot for your blog. I first read Candy Candy more than 20 years ago. And as a child I thought that Terry was the one for Candy, although too bad destiny separated them. But after I grow up, and I understand the meaning of loving someone, then my whole concept changed. Now I truly believe that Candy’s true love is Albert. And I’m really happy to hear that in the end Candy ended up with Albert. Poor Terry and Susanna! Just like the real life, some times there’s no happy ending for every one.

    1. Hello there, sentimentalswordsman! Nice to meet you here. 😊 Glad you stopped by my blog and left a message. Just like you, as a little girl I cried when Candy had to break up with Terry. Then I didn’t quite understand the rest of the story, but after discovering the manga as an adult, my perspectives changed. In the manga it’s very clear whom Candy would end up with. In Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS), the identity of Candy’s husband is mysterious, and she addressed him as Anohito. However, most clues, IMHO, are in Albert’s favor. 😋😉

      I agree with you that not everyone has happy ending. Poor Terry and Susanna… Sigh.

      • Reeka on January 5, 2016 at 7:13 am
      • Reply

      If I may join … I agree not everyone has a happy ending. But the life we have is mostly a result of what we have chosen to do in the past. To readers, Susanna and Terry might seem not having happy ending, but did they really?

      Susanna, although being amputated, she achieved another career as a capable play writer. And Terry was at her side until her last breath ( and it took many years from Candy-Terry’s breakup to Susanna’s death). It’s not a sad ending to me, considering she was the one who allowed herself to fall in love with a man who didn’t love her. And Terry? Actually what was his ultimate passion? That one thing he wanted so much? It’s acting. Not Candy. We could see it clear in manga. So, I don’t think Terry had a sad ending, too. 🙂

      1. I agree with you, Reeka, that our choices make up our paths. Susanna might have died young, but as you said, Terry was there till her last breath, taking care of her for a long while (unsure how much time had elapsed but definitely not a short period).

        Terry had kept his promise to Susanna in the end, that he would be by her side forever. The more I think about this, the more I believe he had matured a lot and no longer the same guy. His letter to Candy about him being unchanged was likely sent years ago… 🙄😉

  3. You’re perfectly right Ms Puddle, Candy and Terry might have had a second thought since fate (called Albert) had reunited them! 😉 But no, Candy wanted to find Albert at all cost even if it was to give up Terry, it speaks volumes! Her heart had made a choice then!

    Great comment Reeka, I missed it when you have posted it but I like it very much ! 💖 Albert truly loved Candy for sure!

    After Rockstown apparently Candy didn’t read clippings about Terry on the contrary of Albert, he was concerned about his former friend and Candy wanted to keep the actor in her past. BTW, I was always wondered, why Albert had kept and had hidden papers about Terry under the bed in Magnolias, instead of have threw them ? I find it’s weird! If he didn’t want Candy to know about him and his bad situation, Albert was smart and would knew it was a risk, Candy might discover them and she finally did! So why? Have you any insight about this?

    1. Oops! I’VE always wondered! 😳

    2. Bonjour Candy Bert, 😘 I think Candy had long given up Terry back in New York, for Susanna’s sake. Roughly a year later, in Rockstown, Candy remained firm in her decision, in spite of Terry’s conditions. Therefore, as soon as Terry seemed OK on the stage, Candy left the so-called theatre. Either because she really, really wanted to find Albert, or she didn’t want Terry to know she was here, or both. Regardless, she showed no signs of struggle, and no turning back. Terry had no influence on Candy like he used to. The fact that Candy had moved on is undeniable, don’t you think? 😉

      You’re right, my friend, that Albert was still concerned about Terry, partly because he was a younger friend Albert had met back in London, but mostly because of Candy’s happiness. Albert really looked out for her all this time. Sigh… 🙄

      About hiding the news articles under the bed, I have a feeling that Albert would eventually show them to Candy when she was less emotional? Those news were mostly negative ones regarding his Romeo performance, etc. Candy was not ready to face the reality yet, especially knowing that the breakup was likely the reason why Terry’s career had gone downhill. 🙁

      Just my two cents, of course. What do you think, Candy Bert? 😃

    • Anonymous on December 9, 2015 at 9:10 pm
    • Reply

    Hello Ms.Puddle! Sorry for not being in touch,I had some issues to solve.Thanks for this beautiful post .
    LOVE,LOVE! I agree with you all, Terry was so over… to Candy that she didn´t even want to talk to him at Rockstown. She deeply missed Albert! Wasn´t that love? I would like to know Ms.Puddle about some comments in
    French, I don´t speak French yet. Anyway, I hope you´ll get some spare time to enjoy yourself this wonderful month
    of December. My friend, I think you should rest after working so hard writing and drawing for all of us, all these years!
    I really mean it AMIGA!

    1. Sorry Brenda! It took me a while to finally take a break so that I can reply to you. 😍😅

      Glad you love this post, my friend! I agree with you that Terry no longer influenced Candy the way he used to. Yes, she had shed lots of tears for him, but not because she regretted her decision back in New York. I guess Candy didn’t talk to him because she didn’t want to disturb his life even more or give him any false hope.

      On the other hand, you’re right, I think Candy was bent on tracking down Albert, so much so that she didn’t go back to the roadside theatre to check on Terry ever again. Sigh…

      Comments in French? What do you mean, Brenda?

      I will definitely take some rest during Christmas. Meanwhile, I’m trying to draw one more fanart though. Please stay tuned. 💕💕

    • Luna on December 9, 2015 at 7:07 am
    • Reply

    Hello Ms Puddle,❤️
    I find one point very interesting: Albert is always gifting something special to Candy :dresses ( once in Neal event when he found her and once in this town), horses, food, etc.
    I don’t remember whether Terry gifted something like that to Candy ( well, he sent tickets for her travel but it is not a real gift) or not.
    I know Stear s music box gift , Candy roses gift from Anthony and but nothing spécial from Terry. Isn’t it very strange?

    1. Good point, Luna! ❤ This has never crossed my mind… It’s strange indeed, and after reading your comment, I scratched my head, trying to remember if Terry had given Candy any present, big or small. 😝😲

      You’re right, Luna. He had given her one-way train ticket and the ticket to the premiere of Romeo and Juliet, but that’s just not the same… 😅 Back at St. Paul’s academy, he didn’t give her anything either… Except his white tie to bind her wounds after forcing her to ride a horse with him (in CCFS)… 😝😆

      Greetings to you too! 💕❤

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