Jan 11 2016

Candy and Prince on the Hill (Part 8)

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog. How are you all doing? I’ve been preoccupied with real life responsibilities lately, so thank you for your patience and understanding.

I think it’s time to continue this series, which I began in October last year. If you don’t remember much, you can start with my first post, Candy and Prince on the Hill. 🙂 Again and again, I have mentioned that Candy Candy, even Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS), is mainly a story about Candy and her prince. Yes, she had fallen in love with Anthony and then Terry, but fate (Mizuki) had separated Candy from them. While Anthony died from a horrible accident, Terry had to leave Candy for a woman who had sacrificed a lot for him. No matter how you look at it, Candy had eventually survived both heartbreaking incidents, and Albert was the only man who had stayed with her till the end (as her prince, shown in the CCFS epilogue). 💗💕

Come to think of it, after the breakup with Terry, this Broadway actor was no longer a part of Candy’s life. He had no idea what had happened to her, like Candy’s being fired by the hospital, Stear’s death, Albert’s disappearance, Neil’s forced engagement, her shocking discovery of Albert’s true identity, her return to Pony’s Home, etc. Nor did Candy comprehend what hell Terry had gone through until she was led to Rockstown. Yet, despite his misery, she had remained firm of her decision in New York. She left Terry then, and in her letter to Terry’s mother months later, Candy had clearly indicated she wouldn’t see Terry again because of Susanna.

Of course, Susanna wasn’t the only reason why Candy avoided Terry. but Candy didn’t have to tell Miss Eleanor Baker the entire truth. 😉 😛 As a matter of fact, Candy had moved on, and Terry would not affect Candy so much anymore (see my recent posts To truly love someone… or Old Candy Candy Novel). Those who insisted the blank pages before and after Terry’s ambiguous letter in CCFS must have carried some meanings have to think again. According to my friend Yue 月 on Twitter, these blank pages no longer exist in the official Italian version of CCFS. Those who can understand Spanish might like to read Yue 月’s perspectives in Foro Andrew concerning this topic.

Anyway, in Part III of CCFS, in many Candy’s letters to different people and in her retrospection, we can tell she had mixed feelings when it came to Albert, who was her adoptive father. Even Albert himself knew Candy was angry because he hadn’t told her the truth of their relationship much earlier. However, as explained in Why angry, for so long?, it seems absurd that her anger had lasted for such a long period of time. 😉 Even in her letter to George, she claimed she had to pay back Albert for keeping his identity a secret. She still teased Albert as “Graaandpa!” as if he were an old man even though she was fully aware that he was upset about it and had even asked her, “Forgive me at last~~~”. 😮

Don’t you find Candy a bit odd, if not out of character? 🙄 Shouldn’t she be grateful or at least pay some respect to Granduncle William? After all, her legal father had purchased the land and even financed the reconstruction of Pony’s Home! You know the orphanage was really none of his business, but apparently Albert wanted to make Candy happy. 🙂

Besides, hadn’t Candy always liked Albert the vagabond as her big brother, even risking her own reputation to live together with him so that she could take care of him until his recovery? So what had happened to the sweet orphan girl we are familiar with? 🙄

In light of all this, you can tell Albert was never a father figure to Candy (she openly wrote to Archie that she couldn’t accept Granduncle William and Albert as the same person), and by the time she discovered their adoptive relationship, Albert wasn’t a brother to Candy anymore. Just like the song I have shared in Old drawing from last Christmas, it was “all his fault” 😛 that Candy couldn’t help falling in love with her best friend. 😆 To me, poor Candy was a typical girl suffering from unrequited love, and as a result, she vented her feelings and frustrations to Albert because she knew him all too well. He wouldn’t be mad at her or shun her.

Yet, in spite of her long lasting anger, her feelings for him hadn’t faded with time. One day, when Albert suddenly showed up at Pony’s Home, Candy described her reactions to seeing something different about him that day. For unknown reason, he had inexplicably appeared so young, like a boy / lad (少年), to her that very instant. Then Candy immediately explained that though she liked teasing Albert as an old man from time to time, he actually looked much younger than his age. After that, she went back to describe her reactions, that her heart skipped a beat (ドキッとした) due to seeing something different about him. This phrase could also mean one’s pulse races, one’s heart beats rapidly, and so on, not unlike “heart pounding like a drum” in English. 😛

heart skips a beatAlthough there are many possibilities why one’s heart skips a beat, like being nervous, frightened, scared, it can also mean one is excited or happy. In any case, here is an example when the same phrase is used (makes my heart beat):

I would like to meet a beautiful woman who makes my heart beat.

Has your heart ever skipped a beat (pounded like a drum) when you notice something different about your brother’s or father’s appearance? 😛 😉 Come on, be honest! 😆

Not to mention that ever since Albert’s important confession to be Candy’s prince, Candy was back to normal and resumed being very nice to Albert. In one of her letters to him (in the epilogue), she even declared that she wouldn’t ever call him “Graaandpa!” again. What’s more, she said アルバートさんを耐えさせません!(I’ll not let / allow Albert-san bear anything!)

Do you know that in Daddy-Long-Legs, just before Judy ended her love letter to Master Jervie, she wrote “And I shall never let you be sorry for a single instant.”  Sounds very similar, don’t you think? 😀 😉 If Candy indeed regarded Albert as her adoptive father or big brother, would she say something so protective? 😉

I’ll conclude this series in Part 9. Please stay tuned. 🙂


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    • brenda on January 18, 2016 at 8:14 pm
    • Reply

    Hi Ms. Pudle for your time and your reply. I also have been quite busy lately. I really hope we can be in touch as soon as you finish with your issues and other things to do. Summer is very hot here in Lima. What´s the weather like in your hometown? Yeah, I already miss you and the comments of the others! But I understand we should wait till you are ready.
    Please don´t forget about the MANGA´S ANNIVERSARY in April.
    Good bye and blessings for you and your family too.

    1. Thanks Brenda! I miss you all too, and I’m trying to wrap up this series of Prince on the Hill some time soon. Hopefully you will like to read what I have in mind. 😍

      Here in Vancouver, Canada we have a mild winter. The coldest so far was about -2 degree Celsius or so. Not bad at all. So hot in Lima? Do you like swimming? 🏊😀

      Manga’s anniversary? Do you have the link?

      Best wishes, my friend! 😘

  1. Hello Ms Puddle, I hope all is fine with you now! Real life is very hectic sometimes! Sigh! So thank you so much for this post despite that!

    I couldn’t more agree with all you have said Ms Puddle, Reeka and Antlay!

    Albert was indeed by her side when she faced both heartbreaking, the first one he met her on PH and had reconforted her, later he has sent her to London, the second one, he was living with her.
    You’re right Ms Puddle, Candy hadn’t to tell Ms Baker all the truth in her letter, yet in Rockstown, when Candy said to her she was here for someone else (Albert) Candy knew that Miss Baker could just tell Terry! At least it was a possibility, however she did it and she left Rockstown without met Terry! Before, she would have done everything that could have been done to meet him! Remember when she tried to see him after the representation of King Lear in Chicago etc… Since Terry had left Suzanna and was in such terrible state, she could have thought they had made a mistake and if she was again in love with him it should have been a second chance for them. It’s what Albert thought when he led her to him and to give both of them a second chance, but Candy wasn’t head over heels with Terry anymore, her love interest was elsewhere then! Only my two cents 😉 And Reeka you’re right, Terry could have chased her when he decided to leave Suzanna so, even before have been a loser in Rockstown!

    After revelation of the true identity of Albert as WAA, she was upset because she was in love and confused, perhaps she was mad because some sort he had let her fell in love with him knowing he was his adoptive father, so he had let her develop an impossible love and then he fled. She should be aware he had recovered his memory a while before his departure from Magnolias and it was when she completely fell for him even if she was not still really aware of that . So, yes she was angry for all that! I don’t think it was because she was thinking he no trusted her because when he met her the second time near water falls she was too young to bear such a secret. I think she was angry because he had no tell her just when he recovered his memory. I agree with you, her anger had lasted for such a long period of time because she was suffering to be in love, an unreachable love. However she couldn’t help to flirt with him by teasing him! It’s what you do when you fall in love, on the begining, to taste the water, you tease the beloved to see his reaction, it’s an innocent way to show your interest!
    More, if Mizuki wanted to show Albert as a father, she didn’t have to describe Albert younger when he went to PH, but all the contrary, and Candy’s heart didn’t have to skip a beat! 😉 😀

    1. Bonjour Candy Bert, things are getting slightly better. Thanks for asking! ❤

      Your comment made me wonder if Miss Baker would ever tell Terry about Candy’s visit to Rockstown. If so, he would have known that she had seen his miseries and yet left without saying hi. 🤔😲

      My sentiments exactly, my friend, that Candy would have done everything she could just be able to talk to Terry. In addition to your example, Candy dashed all the way back to Pony’s Home then Pony’s Hill just to catch a glimpse of Terry! No doubt Candy had changed. As you said, she was no longer head over heels in love with the Broadway actor.

      Indeed Candy might be mad at Albert because he had kept the adoption a secret, so she allowed herself to fall in love with him. I see your point, that Candy was likely more upset that Albert could have informed her much earlier about their legal relationship.

      Yes, her behavior was some sort of flirting… 😄😅 to test the waters or simply to vent her feelings. 😀 As I said in one of my replies, her actions were similar to Terry’s back in London. 😌

      Exactly!! If Mizuki really wanted Albert to be Candy’s father, or if he didn’t see her as his love interest at all, he shouldn’t confess being her Prince on the Hill, ever! He should even keep this a secret for the rest of his life, right? 😆

      But no, he could probably sense in her a reciprocation of his feelings. Perhaps his heart thumped like a snare drum in his chest as well when he appeared at Pony’s Home that day. 😄😍😘

    • antlay31 on January 13, 2016 at 8:42 am
    • Reply

    Bonjour Ms Puddle

    Il est clair que Candy devait beaucoup en vouloir à Albert, surtout si elle avait déjà développé des sentiments envers lui avant qu’elle découvre qu’il était l’homme qui l’avait adopté. L’horizon semblait bouché pour elle à ce moment là. Vous avez raison Ms Pudldle, Candy se comporte de façon étrange avec lui, elle le taquine en le traitant comme une personne âgée, si elle le considérait comme son père elle devrait être plus respectueuse à son égard, il semble même qu’elle prenne un malin plaisir à le traiter de cette façon, Albert est sensible à cela et elle le sait. Je pense que suite à cela Albert s’est rendu compte que seul un sentiment amoureux pouvait expliquer son comportement. Alors il s’est rendu à la Maison de Pony pour lui révéler qu’il était en fait son premier amour. Ce jour là il arrive à l’improviste, Candy semble prise de court, il lui apparait beaucoup plus jeune, elle sait que quelque chose d’important va se passer, il est certain qu’à ce moment là elle ne le voit pas comme un frère ni encore moins comme un père. Peut-être inconsciemment ressent-elle une impression de déjà vu.
    Merci pour ce brillant post Ms Puddle.

    1. Bonjour Antlay mon amie! Indeed only the feeling of love can explain Candy’s strange behavior… Intentionally treating Albert as an old man and even calling him names to upset him! 😌 In her letter to George, she tried to justify herself, and apparently George knew about her teasing and all that. In fact, Candy’s actions were very similar to how Terry had treated her back in London, don’t you think? 😝😜😄

      This is a big change in CCFS actually because in the manga Candy was still nice to Albert after the shocking discovery. I have a feeling Mizuki wanted to show that Albert wasn’t a father figure to Candy… As you said, my friend, Candy should have been so grateful to her adoptive father, just like the girl in the manga. Yet, in CCFS it was quite the opposite. 😂

      A sense of déjà vu? That’s so true, Antlay! Perhaps at that very instant Candy sensed that it was no longer the same familiar Albert who stood before her? 😄😆

      Hugs and kisses from Canada! 😍😘

    • reeka on January 12, 2016 at 6:23 am
    • Reply

    It happened again …. my long comment was not posted. 🙁

    LOL I’ll be back later then.

      • reeka on January 12, 2016 at 6:25 am
      • Reply

      And Ms Puddle, why I see my name appeared to be REECE? I’ve seen it happened on my comments previously ( on the NY post, and To Truly Love Someone’s).

    1. Must be some glitches… I just approved your long comment under anonymous. Sorry about that 🙄😅

    • Reeka on January 12, 2016 at 6:20 am
    • Reply

    Glad that you managed to continue this series, my friend. Thank you.

    It’s truly clear in Rockstown that Candy and Terry had been taking separate paths. Like you said, my friend, even seeing his miserable state did not move Candy’s heart to see him and talk to him. Terry had been leaving Susanna at that time, tabloids had talked about it. Albert had been leaving Candy. It was supposed to be the right time for them mending their broken relationship. But, we know it didn’t happened. Candy, yes, she’s pretty occupied with someone else. But Terry? He could’ve been chasing her, he knew where she lived. Maybe not for a reunion, but to demand explanation if it was her he had been seeing inside the tent and why she had left him there alone. Again, Terry did not do it. Why? I think because Terry finally knew what he really wanted in his life. To be a true man and successful actor. With or without Candy in his life. More over, he knew Candy and she had left him twice by then. He must have realised that Candy didn’t want to have any business with him again, at least for that time being.

    I agree with you about how Candy kept being angry with Albert for quite long time. She’s acting like a sulking girlfriend. More confusing than a sulking girlfriend, actually. Because at that time, she didn’t think Albert had had a romantic feeling for her. So yeah,.. she’d been out of character, seemingly ungrateful to Uncle William. LOL. Probably Candy had been used to have a boy who clearly showed their interest to her. Anthony, Terry, Archie, and Neal. So, though Albert had done so much to her, she couldn’t see all of those as an act of love.

    Talking about Albert who looked like a boy at the moment of Prince revelation, … my friend, have you ever wondered why Mizuki added such information? It’s not coincidental, I am sure. ^_*

    And Candy’s heart skipped a beat … at that moment, we conclude Candy realised she had been in love with Albert, but why she particularly got excited to see him that day? was she feeling Albert himself looked out of character? 🙂

    One of a few reasons someone being out of their natural character is being in love. We became a bit silly, a bit overdramatic, and a lot happier. 🙂

    1. Thanks Reeka! After writing Part 7, I realized I needed some in-between posts to prepare for Part 8. So here I am, and I’m glad you like this series. 💗

      I can’t agree with you more concerning the Rockstown episode and Terry’s character. You’re absolutely right, my friend, that Terry could have gone to Chicago to look for Candy, before or after, but no. He knew he wasn’t supposed to see her anymore… not after the breakup in New York. 🙄 Possibly he didn’t want to appear to her as a loser? He had always acted strong / manly before her but deep down he was not. Candy was really the stronger one in my opinion.

      Indeed Candy was like a sulking girlfriend lol… 😝😜 I think she was very confused and frustrated about her relationship with Albert, who, being so much older, could hide his feelings very well. Yet, Candy must have sensed something. It was the period when she was uncertain about herself and her intuition. 😌😉

      I truly like your conclusion, Reeka, that both Candy and Albert were out of character because they were in love. I think that particular day Albert took the plunge and decided to go to Pony’s Home to make a confession. The weather and timing were perfect, but his inward insecurity or apprehension might have affected his appearance or confidence. Don’t you think? 😆😋😉

        • Reeka on January 12, 2016 at 10:35 pm
        • Reply

        Yayyy! You managed to save my post! 😀 phewww

        Yeah, Terry must not want Candy see him as a loser and not be a man to fulfill his responsibilty. But to me, if his love was that great, if Candy was indeed like air he was breathing … He should’ve chased her. Trying again for one last time. He had nothing to lose after all. Mizuki and Igarashi did not even give us a slight hint of that struggle in Terry. It’s firm that he’s back to himself because he didn’t want to be a man like his father, The Duke. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great what Terry did. Ironically it also showed me that he had no intention to rekindle his relationship to Candy. During his retrospection, he recalled his moments with Candy, but he also remembered the sweetness of Susanna, who let him go with a smile and support. 😉

        Hehehe … Yes, at that very moment, gone was the confident and powerful WAA, and a casual Albert. He was acting like a teen boy in love and unsure if he’s being reciprocated. I think Albert lost all his masks on that particular moment.

        1. Right on, Reeka! Neither Terry nor Candy had any intention to rekindle their relationship. Interestingly, whenever Terry thought of Susanna, he remembered her tenderness or sacrifice. Unlike what some people claimed, Terry actually never hated Susanna.

          Exactly, at that moment, Albert was just a man who was ready to open his heart for the girl he had loved for a long time! Yet, he wasn’t sure if he would end up being rejected. Mizuki was brilliant to have killed two birds with one stone! 😋 Not only it tells us Albert looked younger than his age, we also know that Candy had known his features very well, and that seeing something different about him made her heart pound! 😀😄

    • brenda on January 11, 2016 at 8:37 pm
    • Reply

    HI Ms. Puddle, How nice to hear from you! About Candy, since she was a little girl, she liked Albert, she couldn’t forget
    that day on PH. You are so right! She told Anthony about Prince of the Hill and also the same story to Bert when they were living together. On the other hand, she said she was surprised to know about their true relationship, but she was impressed to meet him in Lakewood, looking so young and dazzling. In the end on Pony´s hill she might have been
    so excited to identify him as PH her first love. I totally agree with you, there was clearly something going on.
    Anyway, do you think she was mad at him because he didn’t trust her? Or because she was waiting for him to make
    his move? mmmm…
    Can’t wait for your reply!
    Saludos amiga querida. I miss you and your posts!
    PS. I like the heart very much!

    1. Hola Brenda! Yes I know I’ve been very quiet… 😌 Thanks for your understanding! 😍

      You’re right about Candy never forgetting the day she met her prince, telling only Anthony and Albert. Even when she was in her 30s she referred to that day as the day her life changed drastically / completely! 😁💗

      Indeed, in the manga Candy apparently was shocked that Granduncle William was so young… Later after the engagement she secretly admired his handsome looks… Sigh. Can’t agree with you more, Brenda, that Candy’s eagerness to accept Albert as Prince on the Hill speaks volumes! Something was clearly going on inside her 😝😜😋

      Why was she mad? I think it can be both, that Albert didn’t trust her or the fact he didn’t do anything to their relationship, or more? What do you think?

      I miss talking to you and other girls too 😍 … Hopefully things will slow down a bit so that I can have more time to update my blog. 😃😉

      Yes, I like the heart too, which I have simply found on Google images 😆

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