Feb 12 2016

Overwhelmed with emotions (Part 2)

In Candy Candy manga, the readers can tell that the three Ardlay boys, Anthony, Archie and Alistair (Stear), had all fallen for the orphan girl, Candy, even though none of them had ever kissed her on the lips. Only Anthony had given Candy a peck on the cheek, and neither Stear nor Archie had ever got to that stage. The story only shows us how much they cared about her feelings and well-being; for example, when she was missing, they were so worried that they couldn’t fall asleep. Each went out to look for her everywhere, only to run into one another. Right then, the boys realized their feelings for the same girl. Needless to say, our beloved heroine must have known that too, but she had chosen Anthony (love at first sight) due to his striking resemblance to her Prince on the Hill. ❤ ❤

Yet, do you know that some people insist Candy was merely a sister or a family member to Albert just because he had never kissed her like Terry did? 😕 😆

Come to think of it, if we simply rely on kisses as the only solid evidence, then how do we explain the love Stear and Archie had for Candy? 🙄 In fact, some believe neither Stear nor Archie could really get over Candy, but in Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS) I believe they had eventually moved on. Though Stear had invented a music box for Candy before leaving the country to enlist himself in the war, that was actually a gesture to wish her happiness with Terry in New York. It’s a proof that Stear had truly moved on with Patty, whom he had missed while he was in France.

What about Archie? He and Annie got engaged even though Candy was not in a relationship. He didn’t try to pursue her anymore, and I guess he had finally accepted that Candy would always be his friend. Or, do you think a sensitive guy like Archie could sense that something was happening between Albert and Candy? 🙂 😉 After all, in CCFS Archie knew how anxious Candy was after Albert had mysteriously disappeared. Archie even told her they (he, Annie and Patty) were also looking for Albert and urged Candy not to worry too much (CCFS Vol 2, p. 243). Albert was a big guy and more than capable to take care of himself, and Archie probably wondered why Candy was this restless (Candy and Prince on the Hill (Part 5)). 😉 😛

No matter how you look at it, the friendship between Candy and Albert had evolved after he had become amnesiac. The author Mizuki had written a poem about them for the Volume 2 of the Candy Candy Novel (released in November 1978), using an existing illustration Candy Albert Magazine Pic already published by the mangaka Igarashi in the Nakayoshi magazine (November 1977). According to my admin friend of the Facebook page, William Albert Andrew (el príncipe de la colina), this poster served as the interior cover to introduce the new manga episode, in which Albert was confined in Room 0, having lost his memory and being suspected as a spy. Please click here for the translation of the Japanese words.

For your interest, I’ve already discussed the poem in my post The day her life changed (Part 3), in which Candy referred Albert as 大好きなひと. ❤

My admin fan showed me that a Terry fan site has translated this to “favorite person”… this sounds nice 😛 but it’s not the correct interpretation. 😉 This simply means that Candy liked Albert very much, and yet it doesn’t necessarily make him her favorite. As explained in A love declaration, Candy liked Anthony and Terry very much as well, using 大好き too. Remember, they are Candy’s three loves. 😝❤ ❤

Back to the poem, near the end Candy referred Albert as なつかしいひと. This means that Candy had missed Albert, or that she felt nostalgic because he reminded her of their good times in the past. For instance, Candy was a なつかしいひと to Terry as well. In the manga, whenever her image appeared in his mind, he remembered their good old days at St. Paul’s Academy. 🙂

Anyway, the Terry fan site clarified that this poem had nothing to do with romance. Yes, I agree. 🙂 However, Mizuki wrote this poem for a reason. She wanted to tell her readers that Candy had always liked Albert, and she had shared fond memories with him. It’s true that the poem wasn’t about romance at that point in time when Candy was taking care of her amnesiac friend, but who said that Candy and Albert would forever remain good friends and nothing more? 🙄 😕

Don’t you know that Mizuki herself said that Candy’s deep love/affection for Albert would grow into romance? 😀

Candy might have regarded Albert as her big brother before, but her feelings had undoubtedly changed as time had passed. She first risked her reputation and career by living with him for a very long time. After getting fired, her resolve to take care of him until his recovery didn’t waver, but she had never expected that it was him who would walk out of her life later (CCFS Vol 2, p. 239). Probably around that time, she became aware that though she and Albert had pretended to be brother and sister while living together, she gathered it was somewhat different when living with a real family member (CCFS Vol 2, p. 241). Besides, she admitted that Albert held a special place in her heart (see my post, Argh, he’s driving me crazy …).

Now, this is my wild guess… while seeing Albert everyday, having dinners together and sharing the bunk bed day in and day out, Candy probably began to see him in a different light. He was a very handsome guy after all, and it’s only natural that she found him attractive. ❤ ❤ I’ll elaborate more about this in Part 3 by using her letter to Vincent Brown and other letters in CCFS. 🙂

Now, what about Albert? Did he find Candy beautiful? 😊

As discussed in Candy and Prince on the Hill (Part 2), Candy complained in her letter to Albert that he hardly had time for her, not even when she had accepted his invitation to travel all the way to Chicago from the Pony’s Home to celebrate her birthday. Therefore, she jokingly asked if she should call him 父上さま (the old-fashioned and super respectful way of addressing one’s father) and later signed the letter as his 美しき養女 (beautiful adopted daughter, using the archaic adjective of “beautiful”). Overall, we sense that Candy was a little grumpy, teasing Albert because he hadn’t spent enough time with her (CCFS Vol 2, p. 309). 🙄

Guess what? Albert replied quickly. He began with 取り急ぎ (which means, in haste), a typical opening phrase used in letters of urgency. Then almost right away he wrote (CCFS Vol 2, p. 310):

一言、不満述べておく。(In a few words, let me express/explain my displeasure for a while.)

The way he phrased it had a slight demanding tone, and for the rest of the short letter he continued to explain why he was upset. First, he reminded her of her earlier promise to him, that she wouldn’t let him bear anything (see my post, Candy and Prince on the Hill (Part 8)). After repeating the old-fashioned terms she had used to call him and herself, he admitted that she was beautiful. ❤ ❤ However, he immediately added たぶん (probably). Then he asked if she put up a pouty face 😣 reading this. 😛 😉

In other words, he had possibly sensed that she was fishing compliments from him… Perhaps she wanted to know if she was beautiful to him… 😆 Note that he could have said she was かわいい (cute or pretty), the adjective he had used many years ago as her Prince on the Hill. 😃 Yet, he wrote 美しい (beautiful), not the archaic adjective Candy had used earlier.

Anyway, Albert then acknowledged their adoptive relationship. In Japanese, he did use the terms adopted daughter (養女) and adoptive father (養父). No, she wouldn’t have inherited his family name, Ardlay, if he was merely her legal guardian. However, Albert told Candy that he had forgotten about the matter. そのことを忘れていた。

How could he forget that? I wonder. 😌 😂

I have a feeling that by the time Albert decided to confess to Candy that he was Prince on the Hill, he had “forgotten that the adoption had taken place”. That is, he had managed to get it out of his mind or resolved not to think about it anymore. 😉 Nevertheless, it’s something he couldn’t escape; in this letter he said he himself, being a bachelor at this young age, was astonished to have an adopted daughter.

After that, he wrote that the term “adopted daughter” sounds unbearable to me (i.e. I can’t stand the sound of it). 😣 If you still think that’s not enough to prove that Albert had never treated Candy as his “daughter”, he explained “Although I don’t look like it, I’m actually sensitive (don’t laugh)” 😞

“養女”も僕には耐えられない響きだ。 これでも繊細なんだから(笑うな)

Note that the way Albert phrased that implies that Candy wasn’t aware of him being a sensitive guy, and it was a confession on his side to support/explain why he couldn’t bear the sound of “adopted daughter”. 😓 Can’t you see that he was essentially letting her know that she had hurt his feelings? 🙄 I figure this is why in the beginning of this letter he re-stated her promise of not letting him bear anything. Sigh… 🙁

Last but not the least, near the end of this letter, he addressed himself as the “adoptive father”, 養父, that an adoptive father had to work (for he was leaving for a business trip to São Paulo). Then he repeated his own words like this:

養父ーーー!? (Adoptive father—!?)
しまった、自分で言ってしまったか……。(Damn it, did I just say this myself…?)

When I first read this in Japanese, I actually burst out laughing. 😀 🙂 I think Albert wanted to emphasize how much he hated this term as well, and he used a strong word, しまった (click the link to see the equivalent meanings in English). 😁 No doubt Albert desperately wanted to forget that he had ever adopted Candy in his life… LOL 😆 His message to Candy can’t be more obvious. If you’re unconvinced, that you insist Albert and Candy had a relationship like a family, then please read this short letter over again. 😛

Some time later, Albert kept his promise and wrote a long, long letter to Candy one early morning (2 AM) in a São Paulo hotel room when he could be alone finally. This signifies how busy he was, but he knew she missed talking to him and had some questions unanswered. In response, she wrote back to him (I wish you were here…), honestly telling him that she’d rather talk to him in person than write another letter. I think she had lots and lots to say to him, now that she was more certain than ever that she was his adopted daughter in name only. In reality, she was someone highly special to him, that he would sacrifice his rest in order to write a heartfelt letter to her, in which he promised to investigate what truly made her happy. 💕💓

Therefore, when Albert suddenly appeared to Candy at Pony’s Home one day after the business trip, asking her to go to Lakewood with him, if you were Candy, how would you have reacted and felt? You think Candy was so dumb and insensitive that a man had to kiss her on the lips before something “clicked” in her mind to know that he loved her? 😆

Of course not. 😋 I figure by then she must have sensed his deep feelings for her. 🙂  What’s more, he could spend his holiday with her, fulfilling her birthday wish at long last. 😍 Is that why she was overwhelmed with emotions during the ride to Lakewood? ❤ ❤ ❤

It’s Valentine’s day this Sunday, and I’d like to share 10 Signs a Guy loves you though he doesn’t admit it yet. I’ll write my next post based on some parts of this article. Happy Valentine’s day, my friends! Thanks for reading such a lengthy post!

(¯`•.•´¯) (¯`•.•´¯)
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    • Cinammon girl on March 11, 2016 at 10:06 am
    • Reply

    omg, I fell asleep half the way through. I’m truly sorry but if you don’t recognise that Albert is one of the first gay characters in an anime, then you are completely blind. He and George had feelings for each other. However, they didn’t materialise into something more concrete apart from travelling together, because Albert died in the end. George mentioned he was worrying for Albert’s health and is also mentioned in one the correspondence letters. This fixation to an absurd love story between a guardian and his adoptive protégée is really an issue. You Albert fans should look at it.

    1. Hi there, so you managed to write a comment while falling asleep? 😛

      Anyway, nobody force you to read anything with which you’re not in agreement. What you said above have absolutely no ground, and yet the word you used, “protégé”, is not far from the truth. The main heroine in the story is a young friend / little sister to the main male character until their feelings for each other evolved. Though legally he had adopted her, they had never lived together as father and daughter. You should probably re-read the story with your eyes open. 😀 Have a good day. 🙂

    • Quevivacandy on February 26, 2016 at 8:45 pm
    • Reply

    Hello my friend!

    I thought I had hearded everything but I was wrong! there were any romatinc feelings because he didn’t kiss her? I want to believed TF’s talk about lips, because he did kiss her on the forehead! hahaha

    You don’t need to kiss a person on the lips just to show her/him you are in love with. There are some many other ways to show it and some times, actions talks volumens. That is the case with Albert and Candy. Yep, Stear and Archie moved on and while Albert left the Magnolia House, Archie, Annie and Patty were worried for Candy. They knew something was happening between them or something changed. If not, why when Candy returned to Pony’s Home and they were already there expeting her, Archie told her Albert had came with them and then winked at her? He knew how anxious she was to met Albert and vice versa!

    I know you mention your post ‘He’s driving me crazy’, and with that fragment of the novel, Mizuki took care to let us know the do not love each other as family.

    “After I met Albert again and when all kinds of mysteries were solved at a burst, I blamed him frustrated, “You’re so…, I worried so much and I felt I’ve suddenly got old!”
    Albert laughed, however, straightened his face, “It suits me if you look a little more grown-up rather than people think you’re my sister …” he said and winked teasingly.
    Albert is pretty good at dodging the subject.

    Brother and sister.
    Albert and I had been living together pretending so.
    Is it like this if I live with my family?
    No, it may have been slightly different from family.
    I don’t know how to describe it but somewhere inside me, I knew that Albert was special.
    What kind of thoughts does Albert have about us …
    Argh, he’s driving me crazy …”

    Tf’s can say what ever they want, but they cannot block the sun with a finger.

    About A&C legal relationship, I still have my own fights! LOL

    I know in the epilogue Mizuki used the word adoptive father and adoptive daughter but in any other part of the novel, she calls Candy as adoptive daughter of the Ardlays and Uncle William as her legal guardian. ANW, the important here, is that they never saw each other like father-daughter or stopped to see each other as siblings. Something changed while they lived together, their brotherly love turned into a romantic one. I always have thought that Mizuki made Albert to be amnesic, so they can see each other with different eyes. 🙂

    1. That’s right, QuevivaCandy, that I heard they insist A and C had no romantic feelings because nothing concrete have happened between them, something tangible like a kiss. 💋

      However, I suppose most readers can tell Stear and Archie had fallen for Candy even though they had never kissed her. 😝

      Totally agree with you that actions speak louder than words!

      Like you I also have a feeling Archie had sensed something happening between Candy and Albert. Who knows? Archie had definitely moved on in CCFS. Yes, that wink at the end of the manga… Suspicious, isn’t it? 😜😋

      Thanks for your input, my dear. I like what you said about people can’t block the sun with a finger! Is that a saying in Spanish? That’s brilliant!

      About the legal relationship, I can’t agree with you more about Mizuki’s intentions of making Albert forget absolutely everything. She must have a reason for that. For two young people, who were so caring for each other, it’s only natural their deep friendship evolve over time and blossom. Sigh… 💓💕💖

        • Quevivacandy on March 21, 2016 at 4:09 pm
        • Reply

        Oh, I see I already had left a comment over here, hehehe

        Yes, that is a saying in Spanish, I guess the English equivalent is ‘to bury your head in the sand’ or ‘trying to put a bandaid on a gaping wound’. 🙂

        1. Yes you did, my friend! About the sayings, they are all brilliant! I still like yours the best though. 😘

  1. Hello Ms Puddle and thank you for this new article long and interesting as always! 😍

    A kiss or absence of a kiss does not necessarily mean that there is love or not. The kiss of Terry was a stolen kiss. Even Neil tried to force a kiss on her, and yet no one would dare say that Candy loved him and for Neil well I think it was more desire of an impetuous teenager than true love. At this stage Albert and Candy could not have exchanged kiss on the lips because their love was not said and I can not see Albert forcing a kiss on Candy, this is not his style and he was not an impetuous teenager!

    As for the drawing and the associated text, it is clear in any case that the answer to the fate of Albert is Candy because it is she who is on the cover! 😉
    With this poem, I think Mizuki wanted gradually left clues to lead us to the final conclusion of the story! 😉 😀

    Living with a man not only very attractive but also very , caring and attentive for probably two years, sharing all the details of everyday life almost as a couple. How not to fall in love with someone with whom life reached such a level of harmony? Moreover Candy came out of adolescence and becoming an adult woman.

    Albert found that Candy was beautiful, he had said to her in London, the first time he had met by chance while Candy had gone out to look for a pharmacy to treat Terry. In my French version of the manga volume 3 p130 he said (I’ve translated in Englih) “So show me what you’ve become … you are more and more beautiful!” Therefore he realized this before to live with her! And Candy replied “You also Albert!” So he was more and more handsome and she found him younger, Candy said it clearly! But apparently it no longer appears in the unofficial version of the French translation of the official Italian version of CCFS! What a pity! 🙁

    Finally, of course Albert was a sensitive man but his education had taught him how to hide it!
    About, 10 signs a guy loves you, well, I think Albert showed all! 💘

    I hope you spent a happy Valentine’s Day, my friend! 💙

    1. Bonjour Candy Bert, I’m glad you found my long post interesting! 😘

      Can’t agree with you more about Terry’s kiss being a stolen one. Candy wasn’t ready, not to mention that all those slaps afterwards are absolutely unforgettable and far from romantic. 😣😒 I really don’t understand why people used that scene as a proof of Terry’s love. I’d at most say it was an impulsive action, similar to the one Neil wanted much later, just like you said, my friend. 🙁

      So true, the fact that Albert hadn’t kissed Candy yet indicates his maturity, patience and love. Like your story, I think he wouldn’t kiss her until he knew for sure where her heart was.

      Concerning the poster and the poem, it’s clear Mizuki was deliberately leaving hints for her readers— Candy and Albert were destined to be together! 😍 You’re right, Candy Bert, that they had reached a level of understanding and harmony that no other man could measure up.

      So there’s an unofficial translation of CCFS? Is it something recently done?

      I can check the London passage again in my CCFS if you’re interested. 😊 About the ten signs… Indeed Albert had shown them all! Sigh… 💓💕

      Likewise, I hope you had a happy Valentine’s day with your loved ones, mon amie! 💖💖💖

      1. About unofficial French translation of CCFS, it’s the one I told before (a few months ago) in this post for your interest http://www.trueromantica.com/une-traduction-francaise-du-roman-final/ only the first volume had done until now, by a fan and you have to register for having access. But, when you have time to check in your original version I would be very grateful, my friend! 😍 But no hurry!

        Well, it’s bedtime for me right now!

        1. I see. Thanks for the info, Candy Bert! 😍

          You gave me an idea, and I’ll actually write about that passage in CCFS in one post of this series 😊😋😍

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