Mar 04 2016

Candy’s last letter to Albert (Part 5)

Once again, I can’t appreciate Antlay enough for her wonderful contribution to my blog. ❤❤ This is another highlight in this letter, the return of the diary. Candy had entrusted it to Granduncle William before sneaking out of St. Paul’s Academy. She wanted her adoptive father to read it so that he could understand why she had to quit school, which was against his wish. Many months later, according to Candy’s unsent letter to Terry (supposedly written way before this trip to Lakewood), she had described the diary’s content as shown in Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS) Volume 2, p. 275:


She explained to Terry that Albert had read her personal diary (as per her own request), so Albert knew as much as she did: how much she … Terry. How she had met Terry and little by little how …, everything about it. Yes, Candy intentionally left some words unwritten (words that concern her feelings for Terry). Can’t you see why? Because by then she no longer loved Terry, as shown by how she ended this unsent letter to him… that her strong feelings for him had subsided.

Anyway, why didn’t Albert return the diary to Candy earlier? Why did he do that in such a special place (that particular room in Lakewood)? For your interest, I’ve written a lot about the return of this diary in some other posts (see below). To me it was undeniably an act of unconditional love.

Last but not the least, here in this letter to Albert it is the only time Candy had ever directly mentioned Terry’s name in the entire CCFS epilogue. Even in her letter to Anthony, she just referred to Terry as “a person in London who, at first glance, looked like Anthony”. In short, it’s a silence that speaks volumes. You might argue that Anthony had never met Terry, but Anthony didn’t know Albert either. Anthony only had a vague memory of a young boy by his mother’s side. Yet, Candy spent half of her letter introducing Albert to Anthony. What a contrast!! 💖

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    • Christine on May 31, 2017 at 3:49 am
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    Candy Albert Fan: I love to follow your analysis and sharing. It has been very exciting and motivating! I also love toto read the other readers’ comments which widened my thinking, perspectives and eventually enhanced my enjoyment of CC stories!! BIG thank you to you and all readers!!

    On your comments that in Candy’s final letter to Albert, She purposely left out how I …..Terry. I have a strong. feeling that she did not sure whether there was still love for Terry. Or it was a feeling to friendship which needed to be ascertained later!! Hope that it make sense.

    1. Hello Christine, nice to meet you here! 😁

      What you said is very encouraging, because that was exactly why I started my blog in the first place. I hope my posts and the interactions with others will inspire more and more Candy Candy fans to participate in the discussions. ❤️

      About Candy not mentioning her concrete feelings for Terry, that particular part was in her letter to Terry, which she didn’t mean to send it out at all. It’s known as “Candy’s unsent letter to Terry”. It’s a bit odd that even in such a letter (meant to be kept like a journal) she omitted the description of her feelings for this man. What you think is plausible, that Candy was uncertain of her own feelings. However, nobody knows for sure except the author herself… 😅

      Once again, thanks for writing to me. Hope to see you around. 😙😘

    • Quevivacandy on March 21, 2016 at 7:14 pm
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    hehehe, this is really interesting my friend, in the very first letter she can write to Anthony, half of it she spend it talking about Albert… I wonder why… hehehe

    Beside, she also says that Anthony must know everything because he might watched it from heaven.

    Yes, I know you already have written about the meaning of the return of her diary, he wanted to find out where her happiness lies. Lately, I have found several passages in the novel where Mizuki took care that the other characters always wondered or wished Candy’s happiness…

    hmm… I better wait for the next post, I guess you already wrote about it, lol…

    1. Exactly, dear QuevivaCandy! There’s no doubt Albert was the one occupied Candy’s mind all the time by then. 😉 😍

      About Anthony’s knowing everything, it’s true, so Candy didn’t even mention someone’s name. She briefly talked about him without a hint of yearning. That says a lot about her feelings for this certain guy. She had moved on, obviously. 😉

      Interesting thought, QuevivaCandy, that more than one character had wished Candy happiness, including Terry himself, but none of them could make her happy like Albert did. Sigh… 💗💞💓❤

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