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Happy Women’s Day, my friends! This story is a what if scenario. 😍 I got inspired after listening to a Japanese song and reading my friend Candy Bert’s new story, Un amour dans la tourmente!

I hope you like it. ❤

– Ms Puddle

Disclaimer: Candy Candy and all characters belong to Kyoko Mizuki, images to Yumiko Igarashi and anime to Toei Animation.


As the train was steadily making its way towards the unfamiliar platform, Candy could see the name “Rockstown” gleaming in a distance. She felt as though her pounding heart was going to burst any second, and she pressed her palm against her heaving chest, unable to suppress the hope that she might actually find Albert here. This was after all the place where he had sent her a package, and she had already imprinted his words in her memory,

A present for Spring in advance
Thinking about you wherever I am…

To her, it was a strong hint that he missed her just as much, and he was staying in this small town for some reason.

Spring coat, a brand new one… Her fingers, of their own volition, were brushing the invisible dust off its smooth fabric. It’s highly likely he works somewhere in this place, or else how and where he got the money to buy me this?

Indeed, she could tell the coat was of fine quality. It would have easily cost him more than half of his monthly wage back when he had been washing dishes at a restaurant.

How I miss those days, even though we had empty pockets… pretending to be brother and sister.

For the time being, some passengers of this half occupied train began to fetch their belongings. All of a sudden, a doubt sliced through Candy like a sharp knife, what if he’s already wandered off to another place?

She shook her head violently to chase away this negative thought; feeling more anxious than ever, she raised the piece of paper that she had been holding up to her eye level. It was a portrait of Albert, and she thought, Dr. Martin, thank you so much for drawing this for me. I’m sure he’ll be delighted to see it… I can almost imagine his surprise…

A giggle escaped her lips, and a big smile materialized on her face. She then whispered to the portrait, “Please wait for me. I’m here at last.”

She was back to her optimistic self, and she promptly grabbed her suitcase. The first thing she would do was to ask where the post office was. In such a small town, she supposed there would be only one post office. Surely someone at the post office must have remembered him…

But to her chagrin, nobody recognized the man in the portrait. She felt like someone had just given her a heavy blow to her stomach. One man even said to her, “I’ve been here all my life, and everyone knows everyone by name, practically. If we have newcomers, we will notice.”

They were essentially telling her that Albert wasn’t among the visitors that had recently come to town. While her hope was dashed, Candy thanked them nonetheless, barely able to blink back the tears of disappointment and swallow the lump in her throat.

Now what? she asked herself, feeling downcast and lost. Her suitcase seemed heavier than usual, and she wondered if she should simply take the next available train back to Chicago. However, she leaned against the wall outside the post office and closed her eyes, searching her heart and soul. Is coming here a waste of time? Why do I want to see Albert so badly? If he asks me point blank why I have come, what am I going to tell him? Just to say hi? Really, what do I want? Ask him to come back to Chicago with me? But why? He’s already recovered… no longer weak and sick…

Bombarded by all the questions bouncing around her skull, she felt as if her head was spinning. She was terribly confused, if not nonplussed. The only certain thing she knew was that he held a special spot in her heart, and the prospect of never seeing him again crushed her soul. Yes, he often appeared to her out of nowhere, but there was no guarantee when he would show up again. That was one reason why his absence had been unbearable. She had no idea when they would ever cross paths in their lives.

No matter how many times she had reminded herself that he was a traveler, and he was under no obligation to visit her, she pined for him so much that his face had occupied her mind during her waking hours. She had even attempted to draw a picture of him so that she could find him instead of idling the time away. It was true they were merely friends, despite living together for a long time. However, she hadn’t thought twice about traveling all the way here. She just had to take a chance.

At this point, her stomach growled; she hadn’t eaten much since this morning as the excitement and uncertainties of the trip had flustered her. She supposed it was time to find a place to sit down and ponder her next moves, so she randomly walked into a bakery connected to a small café. After paying for a cup of tea and a large piece of cookie, she picked a table at a quiet corner. Just when she was about to take her first bite, a middle-aged woman came to her table and greeted her, “Good afternoon, young lady, what have brought you here to our humble little town today?”

So the people at the post office were right. Candy was immediately identified as a new face. She then flashed the woman a smile, saying, “I’m here to look for an old friend who has recently settled here.”

Needless to say, Candy was saying that in an attempt to boost her flagging confidence. The woman seemed to be able to see through her and asked, “Any luck so far?”

“I just arrived,” replied Candy after swallowing a chunk of cookie. The woman wanted to help, so she asked, “What’s his name? What does he look like?”

Without hesitation, Candy showed her Albert’s portrait. Regrettably, the woman couldn’t recall seeing him either. “I tell you, young lady, I won’t forget a handsome face like this…”

Then a man unexpectedly appeared behind her, wrapping his arm around the woman and asking in a casual tone, “What’s up, my dear wife? Who’s handsome here?”

He said “hi” to Candy then winked at the woman, who showed him the portrait in her hand. The man examined the piece of paper for about half a minute before passing it back to Candy. Then what he said next caught them both off guard. “He’s from Chicago, right, miss?”

“Yes!” Candy’s eyes lit up in no time, standing up so fast that her chair fell over backwards. The man first wiggled his eyebrows up and down, looking at his wife with pride, and then he bent over to help Candy put the chair back to its place.

The loud noises attracted curious glances from the other customers, but the young lady couldn’t care less. Not only her pretty face was flushed with exhilaration, but her hands were noticeably shaking as she gingerly put the portrait back inside her suitcase. Then she eagerly followed up, “So where is Al-… I mean… where can I find my friend?”

The man placed a peck on his wife’s cheek before he offered, “Young lady, please follow me. I know where he works.”

Candy was thrilled yet tried to contain her impatience. She gave the woman a quick hug before leaving with her husband, but the woman couldn’t help trailing after them, shouting and waving her right arm, “Wait for me!”

It turned out that this couple were the owners of the bakery, and the man regularly delivered fresh breads to the only high class restaurant in town. “Your friend helps out in the kitchen, but I forgot his name,” the man said. “He rarely shows up in the neighborhood, and even if he does, he puts on dark sunglasses.”

That’s Albert for sure, Candy thought with high hopes. As she envisioned Albert’s reaction to seeing her here in this town, her pulse raced and her palms started to sweat. She felt like dancing on the streets, and her suitcase wasn’t heavy anymore. She just wished the man could walk faster. Although he continued talking, she couldn’t hear a word; the sound of her thumping heart was roaring in her ears.

Soon, the man led the two ladies to the back of a fancy restaurant, heading towards the hustling and bustling kitchen. A chef checked the schedule and informed the visitors, “Albert should be here any moment. His shift starts in about fifteen minutes.”

While Candy found this too good to be true, the middle-aged man bid her goodbye. “Good luck, young lady.” The man then turned to his wife, “Come on, honey, let’s go.”

Candy thanked them wholeheartedly and politely followed them out through the backdoor of the restaurant, waving goodbye behind them. It was then she heard a familiar man’s voice from her left, “Candy? Is that you?”

Candy jumped and turned sideways, and her suitcase fell to the ground with a thud. She craned her neck and squinted her eyes as the sun was still high up in the sky. The man with the towering figure removed his dark sunglasses, and he blinked with disbelief painted all over his astonished face. He was dressed in a black sweater with a white scarf around his neck, exactly the same as she had last seen him before his sudden disappearance.

Somewhere within earshot, the woman from the bakery yelped, “Oh, darling! He looks even better than expected!” But her husband placed a finger before his lips to hush her.

Meanwhile, at the very sight of Albert, realization hit Candy like a brick. He was no longer a big brother to her. Her whole being longed to throw herself at him, but she was frozen to the spot, too dumbstruck to move or speak. She had lost count of how many nights she had cried herself to sleep, missing her vagabond friend, but now that he was within her arm’s reach, she was paralyzed by the riptide of emotions surging through her. When uncontrollable tears streamed down her cheeks, she could at most use her tremulous hand to cover her quivering lips.

Similarly, Albert just stood there, staring at his friend as though his body had been petrified into a stone. His earlier astonishment had transformed into a mix of puzzlement and suspicion about Candy’s intentions. Unbeknownst to him, some kitchen staff had come out, also intrigued to see what would take place now that a pretty blond girl had traveled all the way from Chicago to look for her handsome friend. They suspected there must be more to their so-called friendship.

Presently, the glistening wetness on the lady’s cheeks caught the young man’s attention, and he took a step forward and reached out to gently wipe her tears with his fingers. At the touch of his hands, her sparkling eyes immediately doubled in size as if electric current had shot through her. When her gaze finally met his, he suddenly tugged her into his arms, making her gasp in surprise, but she melted within seconds. Only then she perceived what she had craved — to be engulfed in his embrace and enveloped by his familiar fragrance. As she sought solace by burying her face in his warm chest and wrapping her arms around his firm torso, he leaned forward, mumbling under his breath, “Why did you come, Candy? It’s dangerous to travel this far just by yourself… plus, there are too many things you don’t know… about me… ”

She was too stirred to articulate an answer. Not to mention that she didn’t really understand her own feelings either. All she wanted now was to savour the moment when she could feel his arms encompass her and his warm breath on her hair. Who knew how long this hug would last? After all, she was aware of the presence of onlookers. Besides, she still found it difficult to believe this was happening, that she could physically hold her best friend tight. At the same time, the desire to follow him wherever he would go was rapidly rising within her, urging her not to return to Chicago alone.

Oblivious to her inner thoughts, he pulled her petite frame closer to him and continued, his voice thickening, “You don’t even know my last name.”

No sooner than he had said this, her ability to speak returned. She loosened her arms and raised her rosy cheeks, saying aloud, “I don’t care!” Then she paused, biting her bottom lip and taking a deep breath. “You’re always Albert to me.”

Upon hearing her response, his eyes widened incredulously and his body tensed. Her unconditional acceptance had thrown him off balance, but a flabbergasted moment later, an understanding and affectionate smile crept over his face. Her words had touched his heart, and his expression reflected emotions. As his features relaxed, he fixed his twinkling blue eyes on her teary ones, tenderly running his fingers through her soft curls before pressing her cheek against his beating heart.

Being locked in his loving arms, tears of joy continued to flood her eyes and spill over. She was convinced that there was no place she’d rather be and no one she’d rather be with. As a matter of fact, on the way to Rockstown, Candy had considered demanding answers from Albert: what had motivated him to conceal his recovery from her and why he had to disappear without giving her a proper goodbye. However, feeling wonderfully safe and inexplicably content in his tenderness, she wasn’t in the mood to ask anything. As long as he was with her, she would eventually figure out the answers to the burning questions in her head.

Not a thing, I can’t see a thing,
I couldn’t stop crying,
But I’m not sad,
Feeling the warmth of your body makes me happy

Ahh… don’t go, don’t go
Never ever leave me
Ahh… don’t go, don’t go
Stay with me like this

One day, my heart will be somewhere far away,
When everything will become memories
I wish not to know any of that
I wish not to know any of that

Ahh… don’t go, don’t go
No matter what happens don’t ever leave me
Ahh… don’t go, don’t go
Stay with me like this


“Candy?” a man’s voice rang in her ears. Someone was shaking her shoulder. “Candy?”

She sneezed, and then she opened her eyes sluggishly. Dr. Martin’s concerned eyes greeted her, and he exclaimed, “For Heaven’s sake, how long have you been sleeping outside my clinic?”

For a moment Candy was at a loss. A bit disoriented, she felt exceptionally cold from the wind. As she rubbed her arms to ward off the chill, she heard the doctor ask, “And look at you! Have you been crying?”

His last question finally snapped her back to reality. She felt warm blood coming up into her cheeks as though Dr. Martin knew what her dream was all about. Unfortunately she had forgotten most details; why did I cry? The only remnant in her memory was that she was overjoyed to have successfully located Albert in Rockstown. Thus, she hurriedly wiped her face, pulled herself up from the ground and brushed the dirt off her thick coat. There was no time to lose, so she entered the clinic with the doctor, relating to him about the parcel she had received yesterday after work.

“Albert has sent it from a place called Rockstown… Hence, I could hardly have a wink of sleep last night… my head was full of various scenarios of what might happen if I go there… I have a strong feeling he’s expecting me…”

As her voice faded away, she averted her eyes. The doctor heaved a deep sigh, casting her a worried glance. While he poured her a cup of hot coffee, she continued her explanation, “Therefore, at the crack of dawn, I dragged myself here, standing against the door of Happy Clinic, waiting for you to wake up, Dr. Martin… I don’t remember how I ended up falling asleep…” she chuckled embarrassingly, sticking out her tongue in a silly manner.

He laughed, shaking his head. Then, after a long moment of sipping his coffee in silence, he asked, “When are you planning to go?”

“As soon as possible, Dr. Martin,” the nurse couldn’t have responded sooner. Then she lowered her eyes and wrapped her hands around the warm cup, adding in a rueful tone, “I hope you don’t mind I take a couple of days off…”

The doctor sensed that she had determined to go regardless of his answer. “By all means,” he approved before letting out a long sigh of resignation. “Want me to accompany you to buy the train ticket to… what was the name of that place again?”


George reached the president’s office and knocked. When he heard “Come in”, he pulled the handle down and swung open the heavy door. The young president was apparently busy working on some documents.

“Sir William, I just received an update,” said George, approaching the large and polished ebony desk in the office. When the striking blue eyes met the dark ones, George cleared his throat and added, “Concerning Miss Candice.”

At that, Albert’s placid expression was instantly replaced by a worried frown. “Is she alright?”

“I believe so,” said George in a calm tone, handing an envelope to his boss. “Sir William, please excuse me. I have other tasks at hand.”

At the young man’s nod, George turned around and took big strides to leave the spacious office, giving his boss some privacy to read the report from their private investigator.

Before the door was entirely shut, Albert had already unfolded the report to read. It was very brief, mainly about Miss Candice’s purchase of one way ticket to Rockstown. Her departure was tomorrow, and the private investigator would board the same train.

“Tomorrow?” Albert mumbled, taken aback. “That soon?”

A thought flashed across his mind. Does she miss me… too?

He pushed himself away from his desk, heaving a sigh and leaning back in his high-back leather chair with his eyes closed. Though his heart warmed at the idea, he forcefully extinguished the hope as soon as it appeared. Ever since he had stepped out of the House of Magnolia that winter night many weeks ago, he had resolved not to let himself harbour romantic notions about her anymore. This was the ultimate reason why he had to vanish in her life, and by leading her back to Terry would definitely help him forget about her.

You will forgive me, Candy… won’t you? When you see Terry in such a miserable state, you will understand why I have led you there… I believe you still love him with all your heart… in spite of the breakup roughly a year ago… Candy, you have suffered long enough, and what can make you happier than reuniting with Terry? It’s the least I can do… for you.

Yet, Albert couldn’t possibly ignore the tightness in his heart that gripped him at the moment. He swallowed hard and slowly pulled himself up to his full height, peering out through the window into the twilight. As he imagined Candy’s immense happiness of leaving Rockstown with Terry, Albert felt somewhat comforted by his plan of killing two birds with one stone. Thus, he looked for the brightest star in the sky and made a sincere wish. Candy, have a safe trip. Best wishes to you… and Terry.



Writer’s note: First and foremost, I have translated the beautiful song 行かないで (Don’t go), composed by the singer/songwriter 玉置浩二 (Kōji Tamaki), as best I could. It’s one of my favourite love songs. 💕🎵 If you have any other suggestion regarding the translation, please feel free to let me know. 🙂

This minific is mainly based on the manga version but I have borrowed some ideas from Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS) too. Although the Rockstown episode in CCFS isn’t as detailed, the outcome has remained the same. Candy and Terry continued their separate ways after this “encounter”. She didn’t even talk to him, but somehow he managed to emerge from his depressed state. Many months later, Candy wrote to Miss Eleanor Baker that she had gone to Rockstown for a missing friend who had helped her a lot. For your interest, you can read my earlier posts, To truly love someone… and Candy and Prince on the Hill (Part 5).

I publish this one-shot on Women’s Day for a reason. Mizuki created the main heroine in Candy Candy as a strong-willed woman. More than once in the story, Candy had pursued her heart’s desires, willing to fight for her happiness. 💓 Hence, she wasn’t the type that would wait indefinitely for something favorable to happen (like someone to finally leave her beloved alone). 😉 Nor would Candy let the past govern her future. 🙂 Rather than getting bogged down by obstacles and disappointments in life, she came out stronger and moved on. 🙋


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    • Memchew on April 28, 2016 at 4:29 pm
    • Reply

    Ms Puddle,

    Pls don’t stop! It can’t be an end right away! I trillioned the motion of everyone who had read Reunion!
    Thank you!


    1. Glad you like the story, Memchew! 😄 Many thanks for reading this one-shot. 😘😍

    • Evelyn on April 3, 2016 at 9:03 am
    • Reply

    I am yearning for more…..Pleeeeease!!! 🙂 I second Quevivacandy, you played with my head too!! 😝 Lol!!
    I should have expected this twist that it was simply a dream!! Sigh! 💞 But we know the ending, right? 💗
    Reeka is right that the plot at Rockstown is a clear representation that Candy had moved on from her feelings for Terry and that she had moved on. At this point, Albert was not aware of Candy’s true feelings yet thus sending her to meet Terry in this town.

    I think I finally understand why Candy was inconsolable when watching Terry in his pitiful state. Initially she became terribly worried when she first learned that he had declined as an actor, then went missing. Candy suffered for him because she truly cared for his happiness. She knew he would never fulfill his dream if he kept going like this. It was a promise they made to each other to be happy. In the manga she tells herself while watching him inside the tent that she tried very hard to move on which she accomplished with the help of his friends and of Albert mainly. But in her heart she felt that he didn’t and as a consequence becoming like this. But we see that immediately after Terry recovers and finds his inner strength he tells himself if he had forgotten his own dream? He tells himself to become who he used to be!! Then he snaps out of it and immediately returns to Stratford and to Susana. After this, Candy is at easy and is able to move on without looking back! All she wanted was to see him well so that he could fulfill his dream and happiness. Terry realized it immediately also, that is why he didn’t look back either!

    Thank you for this wonderful mini-fic!! Love your stories my friend! 💓💕

      • Evelyn on April 3, 2016 at 12:24 pm
      • Reply

      Sorry for typo. Meant to say that after Terry snaps out of his depression and returns to Stratford and Susana. Candy is at “ease” and is able to move on without looking back. 🙂

      Enjoy your Sunday my friend!

      1. Exactly! Candy was at ease, and later in the train when she remembered Terry, she didn’t get emotional at all. She had got over him, no doubt. 🙂

        I hope you had a great Sunday, my friend!

    1. Gracias, Evelyn! So glad you like this minific! 💞💓💗💕

      I didn’t mean to play with your head, my dear, but I thought Candy at that time might not truly understand her own feelings yet. In a dream setting I could imagine a what-if scenario but still stick with the manga plot. 😘😍 Also, I’d like to explore the idea of how Albert would have felt or reacted if he had really been there in the small town… Come to think of it, his friend had come all the way just because she wanted to see him… That’s not trivial at all. Her feelings for him must be strong enough to compel her to take the risk. Don’t you think? 😉

      On the other hand, Albert wasn’t aware of the significant change in Candy’s heart. He thought he was doing the right thing to lead her to Terry, suppressing his own feelings for her. Sigh…

      Your analysis of Terry and Candy’s changes and thoughts during this unexpected encounter is brilliant! I couldn’t have described it better. 💗💕Indeed, Candy shed lots of tears not because she still loved Terry, but because she still cared about his well-being. As soon as he had regained his confidence, she was comfortable enough to leave him for good. She didn’t regret her decision to break up with Terry. In her mind she urged him to return to Broadway and Susanna. This is the same conclusion Terry had later arrived at.

    • Quevivacandy on March 21, 2016 at 7:51 pm
    • Reply

    What are you doing with my poor heart? lol… I thought you were planning to present us another plot, and finally I could see a kiss or at least a declaration at Rockstown, lol…

    I really love your minific and I could sense Candy’s desperation and hopelessness to find Albert.

    Bravo my friend, you never stop to amaze me with your stories.

    Btw, I really love the song. Now, I finally know what it is about. 🙂

    1. Sorry to have disappointed you, dear QuevivaCandy my friend! 😀😁 You know me by now, right? 😝

      Sounds like you have heard of this song before… Or have I misunderstood you? I just love the melody, and together with the lyrics, a wistful plot formed in my head. Yes, Candy in the manga was desperate, totally unaware it was Albert’s “strategy”… Sigh…

      Anyway, so glad you like my minific. Thanks for reading and catching up my posts, QuevivaCandy! ❤💕💓

        • Quevivacandy on March 21, 2016 at 9:38 pm
        • Reply

        no, I haven’t hearded it before. I heard it in the ‘japanese’ translation but I didn’t understood a word, lol… now, while I was reading the story in English, I could understand the lyrics, hehehe

        Congrats my friend, again, I do really love the story. I also felt sorry for Albert… but for sure he will receive a bigger surprise! 😀

        1. Ah, now I see 😝 Once again, thank you my friend! I’m so glad you love this story 💕❤💓 You’re so right, Albert had never expected the outcome I bet 😀😁

  1. Bonjour Ms Puddle

    Merci pour ce cadeau Ms Puddle c’était une belle surprise en effet. 😀😍
    Je rejoins ce qu’a dit Candy Bert, bien que connaissant Candy, Albert ne devait pas s’attendre à ce qu’elle se rende aussi rapidement à Rockstown. C’était une décision impulsive, un être amoureux peut être amener à agir de cette façon. Je ne crois pas à la théorie des fans de Terry qui pensent que Candy a agi de cette façon car elle s’inquiètait de sa santé. Même si contrairement au manga, dans CCFS Albert dans sa lettre ne laisse pas entendre qu’il a retrouvé sa mémoire, il a toujours été un homme solitaire capable de se prendre en main et Candy sans aucun doute, devait en être consciente.
    Les paroles et la musique de la chanson sont très belles, excellent choix Ms Puddle.
    A quand une autre fiction Ms Puddle ?
    Bon dimanche à toutes.

    1. Bonjour Antlay! 😍 I’m so glad you also like my surprise and the lyrics/melody of the song!! 😘💕

      Indeed, Candy had shown the symptoms of a woman in love and was desperate to see the man she missed so much. It’s true that in CCFS she was unaware of his recovery, but even then, he wasn’t physically sick anymore. He was a grown-up who was more than capable to take care of himself. The fact that she was so worried indicates that her feelings for him had evolved. 💗

      Have a wonderful week ahead! 💖💟❤

    • Stormaw on March 12, 2016 at 11:46 pm
    • Reply

    Liked it. For a moment I thought that you were presenting us a different plot of the story, but then she woke up from a dream. I was not expecting this twist, very clever. Nice!

    1. Thank you Stormaw! So you’re bilingual? I’m glad you like the twist. 😘 It’s not the first time I used a dream to present a what-if scenario. Have a nice Sunday! 😀

        • Stormaw on March 22, 2016 at 1:58 pm
        • Reply

        Yes, I am bilingual, as a result, I can read more stories about Candy, but also can enjoy some of the stories that are written in French because my phone has a program that when you open the page, the program translates the information for you. Though there are some minor errors with the usage of pronouns, the program does a good job so I can enjoy more stories of my favorite character Candy.
        Take care and have a wonderful day

        1. Good for you! That’s wonderful. 🙂 See you around, Stormaw 😘

  2. What a great surprise and beautiful gift for Women Day. A minific, so well written as always! Too bad it was only a dream! 😆 You have perfectly filled blank in Manga, the dream of Candy could have been her inner thoughts at that moment. And Albert who was astonished Candy went to Rockstown so soon wondering if she missed him too! Oh! If only Albert has realized the change in Candy’s heart! Sigh!…

    Very beautiful song, good choice.

    Many thanks too, my friend for the mention of my new story!

    Happy belated Women Day

    1. Merci beaucoup, Candy Bert! 😘 Happy belated Women’s Day to you too! You’re a lady full of talents, my friend! 💓💕

      Glad you like my surprise gift too. 😍 Not long after reading the first chapter of your new story, I came across this old Japanese song again. Feeling nostalgic, the lyrics touched my heart and soul beyond words, and immediately I felt like writing a story. I can’t afford to write a long one, so a minific of how much Candy missed Albert was formed in my head. 😀

      Yes, I like to stress the fact that Candy couldn’t wait to travel to an unknown place just because Albert might still be there is something nontrivial. Actions speak louder than words, and her feelings for him couldn’t be those for a casual friend. She missed him terribly, and only by seeing him again could her pain end.

      On the other hand, Albert was totally unaware of the huge change in Candy’s heart. He must have assumed leading her to Terry was the only way to make her happy… Sigh… a self-sacrifice, no less. 😭

      Glad you like the song. The melody is melancholic yet romantic. If you understand the words, his singing talent would have touched your heart… Especially the choruses when the singer cried out “never ever leave me”…

    • JeannyJJ on March 9, 2016 at 2:11 pm
    • Reply

    Ms. Puddle,

    Always enjoy reading your posts and the stories you wrote. I can’t help but read it over and over again!!! 🙂

    Recently I was on Inkitt page wondering if there were other Candy Candy stories and I came across one of them which caught my attention. It was quite interesting to read, I am only half way through.
    It’s “A Distant Rose Among Thorns” By FLRowe.

    I know you have posted possible actors that can portrait Albert; have you ever think about any actresses who can portrait Candy? Just wondering.

    1. Thank you JeannyJJ for your support and feedback! Glad you like this minific as well. It’s encouraging 😘

      Yes I read that story by FLRowe on long time ago. Enjoy the ride! 😀

      About potential real life actresses for Candy, there are different opinions. A popular choice is Taylor Swift, but she’s not the type I have in mind for Candy. I imagine someone that’s very sweet, charming and innocent looking. Her beauty is also natural, not glamorous. For example, the Cinderella in the latest Disney movie is close to my imagination. How about you? You have any suggestions, JeannyJJ? 😊

        • JeannyJJ on March 9, 2016 at 4:10 pm
        • Reply

        No offense to Taylor Swift fans, but she won’t be my choice either. Besides she is a bit too tall, I think. 😛

        I like the newest Cinderella by Lily James, too. 🙂

        As for my choices there are a few I have in mind,
        Drew Berrymore (maybe older version of Candy :D),
        Amanda Seyfried (although, she has this sad looks in her eyes),
        Lily Collins (she’s got freckles like Candy),
        Emma Stones (what’s her natural hair color?)

        PS: Nicholas Hoult will be one of my choice. 🙂

          • Reeka on March 9, 2016 at 4:26 pm
          • Reply

          Hi JeannyJJ,

          Totally agree with you for choosing Emma Stones. She’s by far my closest choice for Candy. She has this bubbly cheerfulness. Physically, she’s perfect with her blonde hair, big and expressive eyes ( though they’re not emerald kind of green), pale skin, and freckless. She’s considerably petite, too. And yeah … Definitely not Taylor Swift 🙈🙈.

          I think Ms Puddle had a post about this. I forget the title, but it’s more for choices of actors to play Albert though.

          1. Hi Reeka, agree with you about Emma Stone. She’s an excellent choice too. 😘

            The post about potential actors is the “Love grew into romance” series. 💖😀

            • JeannyJJ on March 9, 2016 at 10:41 pm
            • Reply

            Hi, Reeka:

            Agree with your choice. I forgot Emma Stones also has freckles!
            I’ll check out Ms Puddle’s post that you mentioned.

        1. Taylor Swift is pretty but doesn’t have that sweet and kind look… 😝
          Lily James will be good as a happy and optimistic Candy.
          Drew Berrymore in E.T. will be great as little Candy who met her Prince on Pony’s Hill or the married woman in CCFS.
          Amanda Seyfried will be the crying and sad Candy as in this new story of mine.
          Lily Collins may be a good choice as Annie? I don’t know.
          Nicholas Hoult is a great choice for Albert too. ❤💓💕

            • JeannyJJ on March 9, 2016 at 10:36 pm
            • Reply

            Thanks, Ms Puddle!

            I love how your detail explanation of each actress I’ve listed. ^_^
            Totally agree with you.

            I chose Nicholas Hoult is because he’s tall, his eye color is somewhat blueish, and he has this kind look in his eyes.


              • Ms Puddle on March 10, 2016 at 9:57 am

              Glad you like my “casting” too, JeannyJJ! 😘 In fact, I like Amanda Seyfried a lot mainly because of her unique visage. She’s not a classic beauty like the other ladies listed, but her eyes can talk! She’s a natural blonde with green eyes, and so is Emma Stone (though she’s dyed her hair reddish brown).

              Agree with you concerning Nicholas Hoult. The point is, imagine a handsome and tender man living together with a pretty and kind girl for a long time, and they deeply cared about each other’s well-being. It’s only natural that they fell in love. 💖💗

              To me, when that girl missed her ‘big brother’ so much that she couldn’t fall asleep at nights… That she was desperate to find him rather than waiting for him to show up… Her feelings for him must have changed. No doubt. 😊

    • Reeka on March 9, 2016 at 6:38 am
    • Reply

    Me again! Hahahah 😝

    Ms Puddle, I think Rockstown scene in manga was obvious for one thing, it was Terry’s decision. Just look at the his last scenes on Rockstown, it was clear all he wanted was back to Stratford and to fulfill his promise to make Susanna happy. It is clear here that Candy-Terry’s story was over.

    Yes, agree with you, my friend, Candy was a perfect advocate for a rising of independent and strong women back in early 20th century. However, being raised and taught by two nuns made her still keep her modesty and innocence intact. Thus, it’s hard for to me to imagine her longing for a “commited” man. Waiting for him abandoning his fiance, much less expecting another woman died young. Hahahaha as if Candy had a crystal ball.

      • Reeka on March 9, 2016 at 6:47 am
      • Reply

      Edit. ** I read it again and found my line could have different meanings**

      ~ I think Rockstown scene in manga was obvious for one thing, that was Terry’s decision.

    1. Thanks Reeka, your eagerness has put a big smile on my face… 💖

      My sentiments exactly, my friend! In the manga we got to understand the grounds on which Terry arrived at his decision to go back to Broadway to start from scratch as well as to return to Susanna’s side to fulfill his own promise to her. Terry wasn’t forced to sober up nor influenced by anyone’s words.

      Too bad the anime version had omitted this significant episode and replaced it by something completely opposite. 😭😣 Nothing could describe my relief that the Rockstown scene was in CCFS, not a fight between Albert and Terry in a bar. 😌

      Indeed, Candy and Terry’s story was over. She was the one who witnessed Terry’s misery but remained firm in her resolve to stay away from Terry.

      Reeka, I really like what you said! Yes, due to Candy’s upbringing and kindness, she wouldn’t long for a “committed” man. Susanna’s letter to Candy soon after the breakup confirmed that Terry had made a solemn promise to stay by the actress’ side forever. Right, Candy had no crystal ball, and how could she possibly predict Susanna’s early death? 🙄😝

      Not to mention that Candy’s travel to Rockstown for Albert speaks volumes. It wasn’t unlike her rushed decision to leave London to chase after the man who had gone to America for his dream. This is consistent throughout the story, that Terry’s first love is always his acting career… not Candy…

    • Reeka on March 9, 2016 at 6:03 am
    • Reply

    Ms Puddle! What a marvelous surprise! Happy women day to you too, my friend. Indeed you are a great woman with multi talents.

    And … It’s a dream! Poor Candy. Rockstown is no doubt an answer, subtle or not, for many questions. A turning point to three people’s thread of fate. A change of hearts ( Terry’s and Candy’s) were clearly seen in this scene. Sigh.

    Is it too much to hope a sequel, Ms Puddle? 🙂 Not that you never wrote one after your short story, right? ^^ I can see a few “what if” from this mini fic.

    The song … Without reading your translation, I didn’t understand it, but the melody touched my deepest soul. It’s kind of arrangement that could make people cry just to listen to the music. I can feel both Candy and Albert’s longing to each other from this song. It’s melancholic, yet romantic.

    Thank you my friend! 💖💖💖

    1. Hello Reeka! Many thanks for your compliments and encouraging words. 😘😘 Yes, the story was meant to be a surprise to my friends, including you. 😍 It’s a minific after all, so I didn’t bother announcing it ahead of time. I had the draft written when I received Antlay’s marvelous collages. Hence, I took my time to revise my draft. Thank God it was ready before the International Women’s Day, for which I’m very glad. 😀

      The way I interpret the Rockstown episode, Candy might not realize her own feelings for Albert yet, but her desire to see him is irrefutable and strong, so much so that she took the risk to go to an unknown place just in case he was still there.

      The what-if scenario I wanted to depict is what if Albert had been there… What would he think and how would he react? The girl had traveled all the way just because she wished to see him again… Even a fool can tell that the girl was in love with him already… 💘💑

      You’re absolutely right, Reeka, that this scene is a turning point for all three of them. Clearly, Candy’s heart was no longer attached to the Broadway actor.

      About the love song, I can’t agree with you more. It’s melancholic yet romantic. The way the singer sang his own song has touched my soul… and the melody is extraordinarily beautiful. Like he really, really didn’t want his love to leave him, ever… Sigh. Though I used the song to describe Candy’s perspective, it applies to Albert too. Yet, he loved her deep enough to let her find happiness with another man. It’s just that Albert was unaware that Candy had changed significantly during his absence… ❤💕💓

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