Mar 25 2016

Overwhelmed with emotions (Part 4)

First of all, have a blessed Easter, everyone! May God bless you all.  ❤ ❤ ❤

Have you seen this poster before? It’s little Candy with her prince. Originally, it was one of the inner posters published in the last volume (Volume 9) of the manga version, and the other inner poster shows a grown-up Candy leaning against Albert, both dressed up for an occasion, as shown in

According to my admin friend of the Facebook page, William Albert Andrew (el príncipe de la colina), this poster displayed below was re-published in the artbook of Mayme Angel and Candy in 1980 (long after the ending of Candy Candy). The major difference was the words near the top. In addition to the word “Dream” (top left corner), there’s a line of Japanese words. Too bad I can’t read a particular word near the end (the word that’s covered by Candy’s ribbon), but as far as I can see, the words are


which can be translated to “I felt like whatever dream will come true. Also, back at that moment…”
Candy and Albert from Artbook of Mayme Angel

In other words, it’s about a dream that came true for Candy. What do you think her dream was? 😉 Of course, she had dreamed that her Prince on the Hill would show up again! 😝

Nevertheless, Candy probably had never expected that her prince would fall for her. Yet, there are hints everywhere in the manga and/or Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS) that he was in love with her. In a nutshell, it’s a story of how a girl and a boy fall in love with each other over the years. 💕

According to the article I mentioned in Overwhelmed with emotions (Part 2), 10 Signs a Guy Loves You Though He doesn’t admit it yet, if the guy would do anything just so he can spend more time with you, then he is sending you a big clue that he sees you more than a friend. If he would change his schedule just so he could see you, then he’s falling for you. Not only that, if the guy remembers special occasions and things that you say or care (trivial or not), then he’s into you. 💞

No doubt Albert in CCFS epilogue had done precisely these for Candy after his Important confession. He remembered the details of his very first encounter with the little orphan girl on the hill just as much as the girl. He deliberately picked a spring day with a similar weather, coming all the way to Pony’s Hill despite being terribly busy, just to confess to her he had been that mysterious teenager who had dropped his badge. Moreover, when she told him that her birthday was coming up, he revealed that he had already planned a party for her in Chicago; besides, he had prepared the birthday presents that put tears in her eyes. She had been wondering about the horses that she used to take care of, and he had kept her words in mind, bringing Caesar and Cleopatra back to her during her stay in Chicago.

Not to mention that Albert had taken a day off just to spend the entire day with Candy after his business trip to São Paulo! If you were Candy, you should have already sensed that he had deep feelings for you. ❤💞 Therefore, it’s understandable why she felt overwhelmed with emotions… that she and her prince were in love.

Now, let’s go back to Candy’s letter to Captain Vincent Brown, Anthony’s father, which I have discussed in length in two earlier posts, Candy and Prince on the Hill (Part 9) and Granduncle William (!). Many thanks to all of your comments and feedback! Now, we are inclined to believe that Candy was already married, living in the principal mansion in Chicago.

First, apparently Vincent had sent a Christmas card to Candy, but is it really to Candy herself?

Think about it. Vincent hardly showed up in the Ardlay’s family gatherings. He had only appeared twice in the manga, once after Anthony’s death and once in Stear’s funeral. This is seemingly the same in CCFS. Even in this letter Candy mentioned the time she had met Vincent at Stear’s funeral. Therefore, it’s highly likely that was the only time she had met Captain Brown, or else she should have written “the first time we met”.

If it’s true that they had only met once, then don’t you think it’s inappropriate for an uncle figure to directly send Candy a Christmas card? Consider the following. It’s awkward if your parents’ friends or your friends’ fathers send you greeting cards directly, right? 😅

Hence, it makes much more sense that Captain Brown sent a Christmas card to Albert. After all, Albert was both his brother-in-law and Candy’s adoptive father. Therefore, the card might be addressed to Albert alone or both Candy and Albert. Just like an uncle will send a greeting card to a family as a unit.

Do you see what I mean? If it’s the case, it’s odd Candy was the one who replied to Captain Brown, unless she replied on behalf of Albert… as Mrs. Ardlay. 🙂

Now, that explains why she invited Captain Brown to “visit us” in Chicago!!


The way Candy wrote using ぜひ conveys her strong and sincere desires and enthusiasm for Vincent to “visit us”. In other words, Vincent must be aware that Candy now lived in the mansion with Albert. Besides, she mentioned Albert like it was only natural she would talk about him. Come to think of it, since when she and Albert had become “us”? 😍😀

Last but not the least, Candy wrote in her letter, asking Vincent to walk around the rose gate in Lakewood with her one day in the rose season. That is, she implied she could go to Lakewood whenever Vincent was free. We all know that Vincent was traveling most of the time, and it’s unpredictable when he would happen to drop by Lakewood during the rose season. It could be spring the following year, or it could be a summer two or three years later. This is a strong hint that Candy was now leading a stable life with the Ardlays. You see what I mean? If Candy was single and not in a steady relationship, that she might eventually marry another man (say, Terry), how could she be so certain that she could go to the Lakewood villa anytime in the near future? 🙂

My guess is Candy was at least officially engaged to Mr. Ardlay, but because she signed the letter as Candice W. Ardlay and she invited Vincent to “visit us”, it makes more sense that she was already married. ❤ ❤ ❤ But why did Candy address Albert as Granduncle William Albert? Well, it’s a title as I have explained before. For example, even a queen addresses her husband as King or His Majesty in public, right? 💕💗 I’ll continue in Part 5.



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    • Mina Ferarri on October 10, 2016 at 3:21 pm
    • Reply

    Yes!! I’m in total agreement with you, too!! Ms Puddle’s Haven!! 👏👏⋯⋯in the CCFS Italia: vieni a “trovarci ” trovar-ci, “ci” English is mean: us.

    Us? Who? And how many people?
    Albert & Candy! Maybe and Albert’s auntie!So, I think that Albert’s Auntie was already accepted Candy!!! 😄👍

    (🤔Candy is a Albert’s daughter? No, I don’t think so! Because Candy she doesn’t want to be Mr. Albert’s daughter!! “In the CCFS Albert told to Candy, he didn’t like to hear that: father!!!!! Maybe…. his sister!?😝) ((((((😍💕Candy is Albert’s wife! Yes, I think so…..because she loves prince of the hill so much!!))

    1. Yes, it’s true! Aunt Elroy might be included. After all, she’s an important family member!

      Thanks for pointing out that neither Candy nor Albert like their legal relationship at all, and Mizuki wrote that very clearly! In the epilogue, it’s undeniable they are in love already 😍💓

    • Mina Ferarri on October 10, 2016 at 3:19 pm
    • Reply

    (((((((My guess is Candy was at least officially engaged to Mr. Ardlay, but because she signed the letter as Candice W. Ardlay and she invited Vincent to “visit us”, it makes more sense that she was already married. ❤ ❤ ❤ But why did Candy address Albert as Granduncle William Albert? Well, it’s a title as I have explained before. For example, even a queen addresses her husband as King or His Majesty in public, right?))))))
    👍👍👍I 100%100 agree!!!!!👏👏👏⋯⋯

    1. Thank you, dear Mina!! I’m happy you think my argument makes sense to you 100℅ 💓

    • Evelyn on April 3, 2016 at 1:48 pm
    • Reply

    Great post dear Ms Puddle!! This seemingly unimportant letter to Vincent Brown turns out to have many important clues after all!! I never noticed… You have shed light to important details that were missing from the first translation we all read. The visit “us” makes a huge difference! And you are correct, it would be inappropriate for Vincent to send a Christmas letter to Candy herself since they had only met once, plus if she was still single Vincent would have sent it to Ms Pony and sister Lane and Candy wouldn’t be able to say she has readily access to the Ardlay’s residence. At the time of the letter, Candy would not be living at Pony’s home either because the setting she describes to Vincent fits her living as an Ardley family member.

    We all know the only time Candy lived in Lakewood was as an adopted daughter before Anthony died, after that she never returned to live on property with the Ardley’s. She was always independent and when she needed to return home, she went back to Pony’s home as she considered it her true home. The only way Candy would live at the Ardlay’s residence is as Mrs Ardlay together with Albert, not doubt in my mind! I also don’t think Candy would take the liberty to invite Vincent Brown unless she was married, not just engaged because aunt Elroy would take precedence over her.

    As a final note, I just wanted to agree with Stormaw’s comment about Terry. He could never be Candy’s husband as he greatly disliked Anthony and avoided anything that had to do with Candy’s friends or family. He made fun of the roses Anthony cultivated calling him a weak person for it. Candy always cherished and respected Anthony’s memory and his beloved rose garden, as well as Rosemary who taught Anthony to love roses. Candy’s life revolves around the Ardley’s constantly!! Sigh!! 💓💕💗

    1. Glad you found this post interesting, dear Evelyn! At first glance, this letter seems not very important, but it turns out to be a gem! 😉

      You’re right, Vincent would have sent the card to Pony’s Home, but only if he knew its address. Not to mention that it’s highly unlikely, because he didn’t even know Miss Pony or Sister Lane.

      Hence, it’s way more likely he sent it to the Ardlay’s residence in Chicago. Vincent should know the address, right? 😀

      Yes, Evelyn, the mere fact that Candy had access to any Ardlay’s residence speaks volumes of her status. She wouldn’t be living at Pony’s Home still. Plus, just as you said, even as the adopted daughter, she spent very little time living with the Ardlays. So true that she was not the adopted daughter in the family anymore, but the matriarch. 💗

      Agree with you about Stormaw’s comment regarding Terry and how he had mocked Anthony and his hobby. Besides, what you said was absolutely brilliant, Evelyn, that Candy’s life always revolves around the Ardlays! 💕💓💞💗

  1. Hello Ms Pudle!

    It’s very funny because I’ve just seen these beautiful drawings while I was searching for drawings to illustrate my next chapters ! I love your choice because they show the beginning and the end of the story! 💕 💑
    About letter to Vincent Brown, I’m convinced Candy has sent it as Mrs Ardlay! Your demonstration, Ms Puddle, is flawless.
    Mizuki was brilliant, such an insignificant little card at first view (I missed it) and yet not at all when you think about the meaning and what it implies! 😀
    Have a nice week, my friend!

    1. Bonjour Candy Bert!

      Yes, these drawings are indeed beautiful, and like you said, they show the beginning and the end of the story. It’s a full circle, obviously. 💕😍

      Concerning the letter to Vincent Brown, ever since I brought it up on my blog, the more I discussed with you ladies, the more I’m convinced about Candy’s status in the Ardlay’s family. That’s why I must thank you all for your inputs. 💓💞

      I agree with you that Mizuki was brilliant. The letter at first glance might seem not very important, but it turns out it is full of clues! In fact, I still have a bit more to say in my next post.

      You have a wonderful week too, mon amie! 😘

    • Stormaw on March 26, 2016 at 10:10 am
    • Reply

    Happy Easter
    It makes sense what you said about Anthony’s father. In addition, Terry hates everything is related to Anthony; therefore, he wouldn’t be happy to be close to Anthony’s father, am I right, no?
    Take care, have a wonderful weekend ☺ 😊 and happy Easter

    1. Hi Stormaw, happy Easter too! 😍

      You have a good point that Terry was extremely jealous of Anthony. Terry would be very upset if Candy remained close to anything related to Anthony, including his father and/or mother. Therefore, the fact that Candy had grown close to Rosemary and wanted to get to know Vincent more would have made Terry mad. Not to mention that now Candy spent lots of time with Anthony’s young uncle… LOL… It’s clear that who’s more important to Candy. It’s Albert, no doubt.
      You take care too, and have a blessed Easter! 😘

    • reeka on March 26, 2016 at 9:11 am
    • Reply

    Happy Easter to you, Ms Puddle. Wish you have a very well spent one with your family. 🙂

    I’ve always wondered, my friend, did people back then argue about who Candy would end up with or has it only happened since CCFS was released? Because it looks totally clear Mizuki had hinted many times that was Albert all along. This poster was one of those. This poster was absolutely nothing to do with Albert being Granduncle William or Mr. Albert 🙂 — though I myself never translated Albert-san as Mr Albert, because in Indonesian, it’s simply written Albert.

    Couldn’t the message even more obvious? Why some people still deny it, I don’t know. These two posters pictured past and present/future. Her dream and her present happiness. They’re all given by the same man. Sigh.

    And about Letter to Vincent. Well, we’ve discussed it. 🙂 . I just … I still find it fascinating that it took us years to discover what was it behind this seemingly innocent letter. LOL.

    Just adding a little bit to this particular topic, I forget if I’ve ever told you, .. I think Vincent could not manage to come to their wedding ( which we all seemingly incline to believe the wedding was held sometime in Spring/Summer), so Vincent sent them a christmas card for their first christmas as Mr and Mrs Ardlay. I don’t know if he had regularly sent Albert one every christmas, but I doubt it. Or, it could be … he sent it along with his apology for not going to come to their coming wedding in next Spring/Summer. But like you said, my dear friend, if that the case, Candy wouldn’t have used Ardlay last name. Beside, knowing Candy’s character, acting as Mr. Ardlay’s fiancé she wouldn’t be that sure to invite Vincent. There’s still Aunt Elroy as the matriarch.


    1. Happy Easter, Reeka dear! Warm wishes to you too! 💓

      I think you’re right, my friend, that CC fans didn’t argue as much back then when it was clear that Terry was gone in Candy’s life. Fans might be disappointed and even begged / threatened the author to change. Yet, those who had read the manga knew that the open ending pointed to Albert rather than Terry. Unfortunately, many had only watched the anime and were let down. Candy’s future happiness wasn’t as obvious in the anime version.

      Yes, this poster is originally titled “Candy and Prince” in the last manga volume, and the other one “Candy and Albert”. Reeka, it wasn’t a hint. It was a fact that Candy would end up with Albert, and she was undoubtedly happy.

      Like you said, the poster didn’t write “Mr. Albert”. Simply Albert. Those who added “Mr” don’t understand their culture. Sigh…

      Unfortunately, since CCFS made Candy’s husband’s identity ambiguous, the fans began to foster hopes. They even believe Mizuki had finally changed her mind, and yet they probably have ignored that the author herself said she hadn’t changed the story!

      I appreciate all our discussions regarding the letter to Vincent Brown, and the more we discuss the more I’m convinced Candy was already the new family matriarch. Yes, I myself haven’t paid much attention to this letter before, but thanks to QuevivaCandy, the clues suddenly jumped to my eyes!

      I have a feeling Vincent would send Albert a Christmas card every year because Albert was the only one who was directly connected to Rosemary. Both men loved Rosemary very much. He might even send Aunt Elroy annual Christmas cards too out of courtesy. They were relatives after all.

      I love the idea that this particular card was the first one sent to Mr. and Mrs. Ardlay from Vincent. It sounds sweet. Even as the fiancée, it seems inappropriate to send a reply on behalf of Albert. Don’t you think? Like you said, with Aunt Elroy as the matriarch, Candy would probably wait until she really became the Lady of the house before inviting any guest… 💞💓

  1. […] in three earlier posts, Candy and Prince on the Hill (Part 9), Granduncle William (!) and Overwhelmed with emotions (Part 4). If you haven’t yet read any of my old analyses of this particular letter, I’d […]

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