May 23 2016

Overwhelmed with emotions (Part 5)

Many thanks to my admin friend of the Facebook page, William Albert Andrew (el príncipe de la colina), for sending me this picture. ❤ ❤

CC Anime AwardThis was an award given in 1978 to Candy Candy (TOEI Animation) as an excellent animation for children. Please correct me if I’m wrong. 🙂

Interestingly, only Candy and Prince on the Hill are shown here. If I’m not mistaken, the manga wasn’t officially finished until early 1979. I don’t mind repeating myself that Candy Candy is a story of how Candy found the handsome teenager who had appeared to her at her first heartbreak in life 😂 and how he had fallen in love with her. 💖💓

You see? I have written three posts (Terry’s brief letter to Candy) to explain why Terry was no longer part of Candy’s life after her trip to New York in Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS). Candy had never ever mentioned his brief letter (that he hadn’t changed) anywhere else as though it hadn’t existed. Even when she talked about Terry, it was up until the moment of their breakup at the stairs in the hospital or that encounter in Rockstown. Everything beyond that was from tabloids or newspapers. Even in her present, when mentioning Susanna’s death, Candy didn’t give a single personal comment about Terry either.

Anyway, Chapter 1 of CCFS begins when Annie was being adopted by her new parents. When the story unfolds, it’s undeniable that Candy fell in love with Anthony mainly because of his striking resemblance to that Scottish guy dressed in kilt. Archie and Stear were both kind to Candy, but she chose Anthony without thinking twice. 😉

The funny thing is that when Candy met Albert by the waterfall around that time, she was scared by his rough appearance. Yet, her fear and doubts didn’t last long, and they had become good friends. Not only that, she insisted of taking care of him years later when he had lost all his memory.

In the manga, by then, Candy and her friends (Archie and Stear) realized that Albert was in fact an attractive young man with blond hair. However, Candy had no romantic feelings then and truly regarded Albert as her big brother.

Yet, things had undoubtedly changed over time even though Candy seemed to be in denial when she was writing a letter to Archie who studied in Massachusetts. She said she still couldn’t accept Albert and Granduncle William as the same person because she couldn’t forget his pirate image (her first impression of him). 😛

However, come to think of it, that rescue by the waterfall had taken place so long ago, and they had lived together for likely more than two years. Spending all this time with the charming young man hadn’t erased that horrifying pirate image in her mind? 😅😋

That sounds implausible, don’t you think? 😉

Therefore, I believe it was Candy’s lame excuse of her reluctance of treating Albert and Granduncle William as the same man. To her, one was her respectable benefactor, but the other one was a long-term friend whom she could tease and show her real emotions (i.e. anger). I suppose she didn’t want to give up her special friendship with Albert despite their legal relationship.

Even then, I have reasons to believe that, deep down, Candy was totally aware that Albert was handsome and gorgeous-looking. Why? The moment he asked her for the return of his badge, she had absolutely no hesitance of accepting him as the adult version of her Prince on the Hill. Shocked? Yes, but no doubt nor disbelief. 😍 The only question she raised was whether she was prettier when she smiled. 😆 In other words, Albert was no pirate; he still looked like a prince to her. ❤💓

What a huge contrast to the moment of discovering that he was Granduncle William, the supposedly old and feeble man! 😅😋

What’s more, both she and Albert regarded his request of his badge as an important confession. It was a significant step that Albert undertook, which was something he could have kept a secret forever. In addition, not only Candy wasn’t a bit embarrassed at the discovery of Albert’s yet another identity, but she readily showed her feelings for him when he had to leave with George against his wish. If Candy had no romantic feelings, this could well be her opportunity to escape or hide from Albert, but on the contrary, she followed him all the way to the car. My gut feeling is that this might be the first time she worked up her courage to follow him all the way to the car. To show that she missed her prince already and wanted to stay with him until the last second. Don’t you think this is like seeing a loved one off at the airport nowadays? That she has to go all the way to the gate until her love has to enter the gate to catch the plane? 🛩

Besides, not wanting him to have any misunderstandings whatsoever, she immediately wrote a letter to him while reeling from her shock.

Why? Because both Albert and Candy knew who Prince on the Hill was… Candy’s first love. I bet they had both sensed their mutual love for each other by then. In fact, when you read Candy’s mental letter to Anthony, the last letter in CCFS epilogue, you can tell she was already head over heels for Albert. She told Anthony many things about Albert, even details of his Uncle’s appearance as though Anthony didn’t know about his own features. Candy later wrote in this letter that Anthony knew everything, so why did she say so much?

Because she was deeply in love and couldn’t help it. ❤ ❤ ❤

Another solid proof is Candy’s letter to Vincent Brown, which I have discussed in several posts already. Candy mentioned that she had more chances lately to stare at Rosemary’s portraits to take her time to talk to Rosemary. Candy realized that there were many of those portraits in more than one mansion. Why? I bet Rosemary was very beautiful, and her parents must have adored her. You see, for a long time she had been the only child, until the birth of her little brother, the heir. Hence, the portraits could be at different stages throughout her life, possibly from a little girl to a married woman.

Then Candy wrote the following (CCFS Vol. 2, pp. 251-252):


Below is my attempt to translate the above:

Every time, I’m struck/touched/moved by her extraordinary resemblance to Anthony.
So, very much like her little brother, Granduncle William Albert, as well.
I heard the siblings had been really close and friendly to each other.

Note that Candy said she was touched “every single time”, and she used present tense. That is, this still happened to her now. This essentially reminds me of the phrase “tear/tug at your heartstrings”, which means that if something or someone tugs at your heartstrings, they make you feel strong love, affection or sympathy. If Candy had merely regarded Albert as her guardian, would she have had such a strong reaction? Maybe it’s possible for the first time, but every single time? 😉

Moreover, the adjective used to describe Albert’s relationship to his sister can have various meanings, including buddy buddy, thick as thieves, intimate (sharing secrets), etc. The more I think about this, the more I believe it was no other than Albert himself who had related all these to Candy. 😉

More importantly, it was Candy’s open acknowledgement that Albert had attractive features just like his late sister. Other than Albert, Vincent must have missed her the most and remembered her beauty by heart. So, where was Mr. Pirate? 😁

Think about this, if Candy wasn’t officially engaged/married to Albert, don’t you think it’s awkward, if not inappropriate, for Candy to talk about a man’s looks to another man? 🙄

As a side note, Candy “talked” to Rosemary and Vincent in formal tone from time to time, whereas she didn’t use the same tone when mentioning Albert (even though she addressed him as Granduncle William Albert).

Anyhow, I don’t think Candy talked to Rosemary because of Anthony. 😛 My guess is that Albert might be on a long business trip? 😉 So Candy replied to Vincent on his behalf? Candy must have missed Albert so much that she wandered around the mansions and chose to talk to Rosemary, who had been very close to Albert and also looked so much like him.

I’ll conclude in Part 6. Thank you for reading. 🙂


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    • Evelyn on June 11, 2016 at 10:34 am
    • Reply

    Hello dear Ms Puddle! Yes, the story is about a young girl finding her destined love, her first love and how he ends up falling in love with her in the end. A complete circle. Otherwise, Prince of the Hill would not make sense to have been part of the story! What was his purpose in the story then if the story doesn’t end with him? Why did Candy cherishing her badge that reminded her of POTH? She felt at ease and protected by this badge. Throughout the story she remembers him and wonders what ever happened to him? The only two people who knew about POTH were Anthony and Albert.

    Candy always remembered POTH’s sweet voice, blond hair and blue eyes. These are the attributes she described of her prince. I went back to the beginning of the manga and to my surprise, I never noticed this before, but after POTH disappeared on Pony’s hill leaving his badge behind, Candy said: “I would have to declare him my prince. He is my prince. He is mine.” and then she claims that: “But if I keep this badge surely he will come back”. A premonition at the beginning of the story that she will see him again on day!

    About the waterfall incident. Yes Candy was terrified by his scary bearded look, but as soon as Albert showed her his eyes, she immediately felt at ease. Every time Candy sees Albert just about in any circumstance she feels this inexplicable calm and peace and feels safe.

    You know Ms Puddle, it makes sense for Candy to keep the identities of Uncle William and Albert as two separate persons. Especially if you have special feelings for this person, you have to treat them as two separate people. She always had this mental image of Grand Uncle William as a highly respected, older, unreachable person and it just so happens that Albert is her best friend, confidant and she is in love with him to make things worse. Is hard to mix the two persons into one. I think is cute that in the epilogue we see Albert trying to break the ice between them. He frowns at Candy when she treats him in a solemn manner. Awe so sweet!!

    When Candy learnt that Albert was her POTH upon his confession, she knew immediately and as you said, she readily accepted him without hesitation because ONLY her prince knew those exact words that were spoken to her when she was just 6 years old. You are prettier when you smile! Albert knew about POTH but I do not believe she ever told Albert about the exact words POTH spoke to her. After Albert spoke these words, it all came together for Candy. She knew for sure she had found her prince!!!

    Some fans claim that Albert never makes any concrete moves to solidify a relationship with Candy. But as you have explained numerous times, we see the absolute opposite. When he recovered his memory, we see a more engaged Albert pursuing Candy. He is a gentleman and fully aware that Candy may still have feeling toward Terry, nonetheless, he is still present at all times protecting her and being there for her. After this confession, into the epilogue as you said, Candy is completely engaged with Albert and cannot stop talking to him and about him to others. 🙂 and yes, I also believe that when Candy is speaking to Rosemary about Albert, she is completely involved with the family at this time. This seems to be too intimate and personal to just be speaking as a friend or visitor. You just don’t go around talking to pictures when you go visit someone briefly. It has to be that you are actually living at that residence spending quite a bit of time at this place and you have no one else to talk to, your loved one is not around so you go straight to the closest person that reminds you of the one you love and miss. ❤💖❤💖

    1. Very well written, my dear friend Evelyn! May I quote you in my next post? 😍😘

        • Evelyn on June 12, 2016 at 5:51 am
        • Reply

        Yes, of course! 💓😉😍😘

  1. Bonjour Ms Puddle

    Je suis aussi de votre avis, il est clair que Candy est tombée amoureuse d’Anthony car il ressemblait à son Prince, ce Prince qu’elle n’a jamais oublié même des années après. Lors de sa première rencontre avec Terry sur le paquebot Candy dit qu’il ressemble à Anthony puis elle rajoute non il n’est pas aussi beau. Elle trouve effectivement très beau et même séduisant Albert dans la chambre 0, les cheveux blond et sans ses lunettes de soleil, en somme très attirant même si à cette époque elle le considère toujours comme un grand frère. Au fil du temps et après sa rupture avec Terry il serait difficile pour elle de ne pas tomber amoureuse d’Albert, le seul qui a passé son temps à la protéger, la réconforter, à risquer sa vie pour elle.
    Je pense aussi que lorsqu’elle écrit à Archie, c’est peut-être un moyen détourné de faire comprendre à Archie qu’elle ne pourra jamais considéré Albert comme étant l’Oncle William surtout si elle est déjà amoureuse de lui, il sera toujours Albert. Comme vous l’aviez souligné il y a quelques temps dans un précédent post, jamais Archie ne s’est montré jaloux envers Albert, même lorsqu’ils vivaient ensemble sous le même toit, peut-être qu’ inconsciemment il savait qu’Albert était l’homme parfait pour Candy.
    Je suis d’accord avec vous concernant la lettre mentale de Candy à Anthony, elle lui explique qu’Albert lui ressemble version adulte, que c’est pour cela qu’elle l’a confondu avec son Prince à la porte des roses. Anthony sait tout cela bien sûr, elle a retrouvé son premier amour.
    Le Prince qu’elle suit jusqu’à sa voiture, vous avez raison elle aurait pu être gênée sachant qu’Albert savait qu’il était son premier amour, mais non au contraire il lui manque déjà et elle s’empresse de lui écrire, qui ferait cela à son soit disant père adoptif ! Ils étaient très complices tous les deux mais il y avait bien plus que cela et au fond d’eux mêmes ils savaient qu’ils s’aimaient l’un et l’autre.
    Aller savoir Candy racontait peut-être à Rosemary à travers ses portraits, la façon dont elle a rencontré son frère et tout le reste…
    Bon week-end Ms Puddle.

    1. Bonjour Antlay,

      Agree with you totally, especially about it being difficult for Candy not to fall in love with Albert. He was the constant support by her side, and when she was at her rock bottom, he was the one who could console her.

      Thank you my friend for bringing up Archie’s jealousy issue. Yes, interestingly, he was never jealous of Albert; perhaps he thought Albert was a brother figure, and as you said, subconsciously Archie was aware of Candy’s needs. Albert was indeed the perfect guy. 💕💞

      The mental letter to Anthony is a solid proof that Candy was in love with her prince, the man whom she had mistaken Anthony for. As I explained before, that’s why she asked Anthony for forgiveness.

      The request of the badge is Mizuki’s brilliant way of revealing that Candy and Albert were already in love with each other. Just that Albert took the initiative to “confess”; Candy’s reactions were natural only if she had romantic feelings for Albert already. If not, her reactions could have been completely opposite. 😁😅 For example, if he had been merely a father figure to her, she would have found him repulsive and told him to back off… telling him right off the bat that it was Terry whom she could never forget… 😂 but no, she confirmed by writing to Albert afterwards that she hadn’t forgotten her Prince on the Hill. ❤💖💓

      About talking to Rosemary, Candy could have many things in her mind, like asking her what Albert was like being a boy, etc. My gut feeling is that Albert was on a trip and Candy really missed his presence.

      What’s more, Candy indirectly admitted that Albert was handsome by saying that he and Rosemary looked so much alike. If Candy wasn’t in love, it would be so odd to have paid so much attention to his features. 😄😆

      You have a good weekend too, dear Antlay! 💕💞

    2. Bonjour Ms Puddle et Antlay,

      Vous prêchez une convaincue! Il est évident que si Candy a choisi Anthony parmi les trois chevaliers servants c’est parce qu’elle l’avait d’abord pris pour son Prince de la Colline, c’est seulement en réalisant que ce n’était pas possible sinon il n’aurait pas vieilli d’un pouce six ou sept ans après leur première rencontre. Anthony lui offrait l’opportunité de vivre son rêve de conte de fées de son enfance, voilà la raison de son “coup de foudre” pour lui, au début tout au moins.

      Archie n’était pas jaloux d’Albert, en effet, au départ je pense que c’est parce que Candy n’était pas amoureuse de lui même s’ils vivaient ensemble, à l’époque elle aimait toujours Terry. Ensuite Archie a dû se rendre compte qu’Albert était le seul homme qui la méritait, le seul qu’il l’avait toujours soutenue envers et contre tout et tous, le seul qui pourrait lui offrir la vie qu’elle méritait. Archie lui-même avait renoncé à Candy pour Annie. Alistair avait fait de même pour Patty, sans parler de Terry pour Suzanna. Et d’après ce que l’on connait de l’histoire, Albert était le seul à ne pas avoir choisi d’autre partenaire malgré les années et son plus grand âge! En tout cas Mizuki a choisi de le taire et ce devait être pour une bonne raison si vous voyez ce que je veux dire! 😉

      Après plus de deux ans de vie commune, je ne vois pas comment Candy pourrait encore avoir cette image de pirate prépondérante dans son esprit! Ce doit juste être un souvenir de son accoutrement de l’époque plutôt amusant pour elle, rien de plus. Quand elle en parle au présent, c’est son Prince qu’elle garde à l’esprit et le bel homme qu’il est devenu.

      “Chaque fois” qu’elle contemple les portraits de Rosemary, cela me fait penser qu’elle le fait souvent et donc qu’elle doit être une familière des lieux, une personne qui vit dans les demeures familiales de façon permanente, probablement en tant qu’une certaine Madame Ardlay? 😉 Je suis d’accord avec vous Ms Puddle, Candy devait “parler” d’Albert avec sa “belle-sœur” car il devait lui manquer énormément lors de ses voyages d’affaires.

      Passez un bon dimanche!

      1. Bonjour merveilleuses dames!

        Yes it’s undeniable that Candy fell for Anthony mainly because of his resemblance to her prince. Even he himself suspected that, so that eventually led to Candy’s apology in her mental letter to him at the end of CCFS epilogue.

        See, Prince on the Hill was Candy’s destined love even in CCFS. Mizuki hasn’t changed her story. 💗

        Good point, Candy Bert, about Albert not choosing another woman in the story. In fact, neither did Candy. 😄 The epilogue is about them falling in love, no doubt. 💖💓

        About Archie, I have a feeling that he must have sensed something had changed between Candy and Albert… Archie was a sensitive guy after all. I’m not sure if this had anything to do with his choice of studying in Massachusetts … I’m still unsure about whether he was engaged already or not.

        About Rosemary, I won’t exclude the possibility that Candy might be pregnant lol… that she wanted to talk to the only “mother figure” she knew 😂😅 Just a thought… of course. 😍

        Have a wonderful week, my friend! 💗💞

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