Aug 10 2016

Nice Pictures from readers (Part 1)

For those who are following my story A Man in Love, I’m working on the next chapter. I’ve also read the update from locksleyu! He just translated Part 2 of Chapter 1 of Candy Candy Final Story. Do leave him comments if you want to motivate him to keep translating CCFS! 🙂

In the meantime, I have received wonderful contributions from readers to share with you. The first set is from Silvia, who’s reading my long story “Love never fails”. I’m glad she likes it so far, and she even sent me a picture of a young boy with blue eyes and a handsome man. She imagines them as Albert as a boy and a man. I hope you like them too ❤ ❤ Just so you know, I’ve shared something like this long time ago, and for your interest, you can check this post, Love grew into romance (Part 3)


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  1. A cute boy, indeed!
    I don’t know who is this guy but, he could perfectly pretend for the casting being a beautiful Albert. However I’ve always seen Albert played by a young Brad Pitt (I know he is a little too old now) or Chris Hemsworth, they are my two favorites for the role, each of us has their own preferences after all! 😉

    1. Yes Candy Bert the boy is very cute! 😘 About the man, he’s a handsome guy for sure! 😍 I totally agree with you, that every fan has his/her imagination of what Albert looks like as a real person, and your choices are great. 😁👍 I like young Brad Pitt in Meet Joe Black too. 😊

      1. Oh yes, I love this movie: a great story with different kinds of love (romance, father-daughters, siblings), a bit of fantastic, philosophy and reflexion about life, and Brad Pitt was awesome and so handsome alias Joe Black, Anthony Hopkins was awesome too, as always.

        1. Yes I can’t agree with you more about this movie. I like it a lot although some people don’t and even cut off some scenes that are important 😅

    • reeka on August 11, 2016 at 5:49 pm
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    Hello, Ms Puddle! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this. Ah … the boy is cute and the man is gorgeous! Yes, I can see Albert in them. Is the man an actor or model? I don’t recognise him. His facial features are close to what I imagine how Albert would be. The jaw, the chin, his lips and nose. Even his stubble, his forehead, and the colour of his hair. Only his eyes I feel they’re not as beautiful as Albert’s might be. LOL.

    Thanks for updating us about Locksleyu’s. I have not read it, but I am aware he said on intro : ” the important part of this chapter where Candy met someone special”. And on the prologue translation, he also somewhat agreed that the day Annie adopted was the day Candy’s life changed significantly ( I think he didn’t use “significantly … I forget what it was though, must read it again).

    I will re-read A Man in Love Chapter 5 & 6 and leave you a review of what I think about them soon, my friend!

    1. Hello Reeka! Nice to hear from you again 😍

      I agree with you, that the boy is cute and the man is handsome. 💓 When I first looked at them it was eye opening! I imagine Albert’s hair color is closer to the boy’s though, but overall the man is quite similar to Igarashi’s Albert. I also imagine that he has a pair of gentle, beautiful blue eyes that are captivating.

      About locksleyu’s translation of the prologue, I haven’t checked again since I last read it. 😉 Perhaps you can give us an update? 😀

      You don’t have to reread the previous chapters, but I appreciate your thoughtfulness, my friend! 😘💓

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