Nov 05 2016

A Man in Love – Chapter 12

I’m so glad some of you can’t wait for me to update the story “A man in love”, and I truly appreciate your patience and understanding. 💓 I can only write short chapters now due to my responsibilities in life. Hence, many thanks to those who have written encouraging comments 😍 on Chapter 11 or on Facebook. Despite being tired every day, I keep writing because of your continued support! 💓💓💓

— Ms Puddle

Chapter 12


Is someone calling me?

Yet I ignore her and keep meandering through the crowd; that woman then raises her voice. “Sir, wait!”

Only Master William saw me, so it can’t be Miss Candice, but who else can recognize me here in this neighborhood?

Dread threatens to overtake me. Will my young master suspect I’m spying on him? If that’s the case, will he give me a chance to explain? Will he believe my story? That truth be told, I was lost?

What if he is with Miss Candice at this moment? How am I supposed to behave then? Should I pretend that I have no idea who he is?

With all these questions bouncing back and forth my head, I slow down without knowing. As I am leaving the crowd and turn the corner to the steps, I can hear fast footsteps behind me; I act as if I’m not affected by that and speed up with my eyes downcast. No matter what, I can’t let her see my face before I get the permission from Master William. Since he has been deliberately keeping her a secret from me, I’m afraid he isn’t happy for me to meet her here and now.

When I tear up the stairs, the fast footsteps keep getting closer and closer to me. Suddenly, I hear a high-pitched scream followed by a loud thud right behind me.

“Sir!” she utters aloud, panting heavily.

Wait, her voice is coarse; I realize this is not Miss Candice. I quickly look over my right shoulder, and there she is, the young lady who sold me the oranges. She must have tripped herself and splattered on the concrete stairs.

“You forgot your oranges, mister!”

I stifle my sigh of relief. The poor lady is clearly out of breath. My oranges are now scattered everywhere. Feeling terribly sorry, I sincerely thank her and help her get back on her feet. When I apologize for being absent-minded and causing her troubles, she flashes me a forgiving smile. Then, I stoop down to pick up the oranges, and she hands me the crumbled paper bag in her hand. Once I put the sixth orange into the bag, I thank her again in all sincerity. The onlookers cheer, and in response, the corner of her lips curl up. “Enjoy the rest of your evening, sir.”

We then go separate ways, but I realize, in exasperation, that I have lost my sense of direction. I waste no time and call after her; when she turns around in puzzlement, I become terribly embarrassed that a rush of blood flushes my face. I explain that I’m a stranger to this area, and I’ve parked my car somewhere, so as long as I can find it, I will know how to get home from there.

The lady then asks, “Do you remember the street name, where you parked your car?”

I did copy it down on my handy notebook, so I show it to her; she nods, smiling. “It’s not far from here, sir. Go up the stairs and turn right. Walk two blocks then turn left for three more blocks.”

I hope I’ll remember her instructions. Anyway, to thank this kind lady, I pass my bag of apples to her, “Please take this. My gratitude for your help.”

She’s taken aback, but a second later she accepts my small token of appreciation with a grateful smile. “Drive safe, sir!”

“Thank you.”

Then to assure her as well as myself, I declare, “I will head straight towards my car.” I definitely won’t get myself into trouble again.

However, have you ever sensed that you’re being watched? This is what I have been feeling right now. Other than the curious spectators because of my orange incident, I feel that someone is out there watching me. As I leave the crowd, making my way to the stairs, I haven’t been able to shake away that strange feeling.

Hence, as I reach the first landing of the stairs, I can’t help glancing around. I literally jump when I see Master William running up the stairs towards me. He ignores my startled expression and questions in an empathetic manner, “Georges, I’ve been trying to catch you up. Are you alright? Do you know your way back?”

Does it mean he’s overheard my conversation with the orange lady? She does have a very loud voice, I must admit. However, before I respond to my young master, I unconsciously let my eyes sweep the area, looking for a certain blond girl. As if he sees through my thoughts, his concerned frown breaks into a placid smile. Then he answers my unspoken question, “Candy’s not here. I urged her to go home with our landlady. She’s exhausted from her first day of work at the clinic.”

So he knows. He knows I have taken a glimpse of her loveliness just now.

Yet, his tone is unusually neutral and steady that I find it surreal. What’s going on? Am I dreaming this? Besides, he directly used her nickname “Candy”, didn’t he? It’s like it’s the most natural thing for him to mention her to me, as though I’ve always known he’s been living together with Miss Candice.

Not only that, the sight of Master William holding two large bags of groceries in his arms reminds me of his everlasting incompatibility with his aunt, Madam Elroy. If she had been here at this very moment, she would have chided her nephew like this, “William, when will you ever learn to let the servants do things for you!?”

Being a down-to-earth person, practical and unassuming, his typical retort to his aunt’s criticism of him not bossing the servants around is “Why do I have to describe to someone what I want when I’m more than capable to handle things my way?”

“Let me take you back to your car, Georges.”

His offer not only jolts me out of my stupor but also touches my heart beyond description. He doesn’t have any trace of doubt how I ended up here in this marketplace; he trusts that I wasn’t playing any spy game at all.

“Sir, you don’t have to,” I begin, but he interrupts me, “Where did you park?”

I sigh and show him my notebook. He looks thoughtful for a moment. “We are at the opposite side of the marketplace. Come, follow me.”

I trail after him. “Are you sure, Master William?”

“That’s what friends are for, right?” The smile on his face is a genuine one. Does he really think I’m his friend?

Yet I decide to accept his kindness by returning a smile. Neither of us speaks another word after that. Unlike me, he’s undeniably familiar with the neighborhood, and a couple of people on the streets even recognize him, addressing him as “Albert”. This is not too surprising to me. I have a feeling Miss Candice must have known him as “Albert” as well; there’s no way she knows his true identity. How and when exactly did they meet?

About five minutes later, Master William breaks the silence between us, speaking in a casual tone, “You have it figured out, haven’t you?”

“Pardon me?” I’m at a loss at his supposedly rhetorical question.

“About Candy,” he replies, his voice very tender.

Even though I’m uncertain if he’s asking if I have correctly deduced who his roommate is or if I have figured out why Miss Candice was with him earlier, I acknowledge with a silent nod.

He eyes me, and a bitter chuckle escapes his lips. Before I can say the words “let me explain”, he heaves a heavy sigh of resignation. “Am I an utter fool to even believe I can hide her from you, Georges?”

His remark renders me speechless. When I’m in the middle of articulating my thoughts, he unveils of his own volition, “This was the story I delivered to my aunt.”

He clears his throat and begins, “When I was a nobody, people ignored my well-being. I was scorned, so much so that I was self-abhorred; everyone found me loathsome, except a friend. Due to her compassion for me, she turned the tide and received me into her house. She was my light in the dark, and although my circumstances hadn’t improved, the affliction I faced was unable to overshadow the luster of her unflagging friendship and devoted support to me. Because of that, I found a tinge of hope in my adversities.”

How much time has he spent on composing this in his mind? It’s definitely not something one can come up on the spot. No wonder he appeared undaunted when his aunt wanted to talk to him alone back in the hospital. He knew this kind of speech would stir anyone’s soul, not to mention the listener was his aunt who loves him dearly. Did he speak to her the same way he spoke to me just now? It’s like he was reciting a poem to young children, enunciating every single word with emotions. When he finishes, I can’t stop myself from asking, “Did Madam Elroy question who she is?”

He chuckles, slowly shaking his head. “No… she didn’t. In fact, I was careful not to make her suspect she actually knows my friend. I will eventually inform my aunt that I practically owe Candy my life, but to me, this is not the right time… I only said that the friend who rescued me was currently in trouble. It was thus my sincere wish to help her. Once she has successfully overcome the hurdle, I’ll come home.”

When I consider whether to ask if Madam Elroy wanted to meet this lady, he appends, “Georges, as you can see, I’ve already glossed over the details of my suffering, but Aunt Elroy was tremendously disturbed nonetheless. Therefore, when she learned that my lady friend was in need of my company, she gave me her full support for whatever I have in mind for the lady, only asking how much longer I would stay with her. I said it shouldn’t take more than two months, so she acquiesced with condtions.”

I raise my eyebrows. Two months? Only? That’s much shorter than I have anticipated.

But he doesn’t notice my skepticism; his face takes on a vacant look as if he were staring at something far away. When we reach my car and everyone else is beyond our earshot, he looks at me, his expression filled with confidence, “Just as I reckoned, Aunt Elroy was led to believe my friend had given me a shelter; even better, my aunt has assumed the kind lady is a senior who regards me as her son, like a childless widow for example. I didn’t correct her.”

He breaks off unexpectedly, glancing around before fastening his eyes on mine, and utters in earnest, his confident demeanor rapidly transforming into a sincere one, “Georges, no matter what lies ahead, I must defend Candy’s best interests. That’s the least I should do for her.”

“Of course, sir,” I agree without delay, nodding simultaneously.

Right then, he takes a deep breath and beseeches with a voice that’s almost inaudible, “So, please keep your distance… I mean she’ll find out who I am… in due time, but before I’m ready to-”

I summon my courage and cut him off, “Sir, I understand your situation and completely respect your privacy.” My expression can’t be more solemn. I rarely act on my impulse, but this time, I can’t bear to see his sudden vulnerability, which elicits pity from my heart.

Rather than feeling offended, he appears relieved. Yet, he scrutinizes my face, as if he is looking for assurance, so I elaborate just in case he has missed my point, “I do see that you’re in a quandary, Master William, you and Miss Candice.”

What I said has apparently caught him off guard; he’s nonplussed, his eyes doubled in size. He opens his mouth for a second and closes it, as if he’s debating how to respond. Perhaps he’s mulling over the possible implications of my comment; besides, he may be exercising caution in order not to disclose unnecessarily. Nonetheless, I take this opportunity to bid him good night. “Sir, with your permission, I’d better go, or my housekeeper will begin to worry.”

Without a doubt he grasps the hidden meaning behind my words this time. The longer he stays here, the higher the chance his roommate will worry too. Hence, when he gives me a strained smile of approval, I open the door to the driver’s seat and wave him goodbye.

I’m more than glad that Miss Candice didn’t spot me amongst the grocery shoppers. When you don’t expect a bit to see someone, even that someone appears before your eyes, it’s possible that person won’t stand out in the crowd. I think that was what occurred to her.

The next morning Master William comes to my house earlier than yesterday. I wasn’t even properly dressed when the doorbell rings. Later, as I make my way towards the kitchen, I hear him talking to his nanny, “I intentionally skipped my breakfast…”

I didn’t hear the rest due to my lack of knowledge in Gaelic, but the hearty laugh from my housekeeper is unmistakable. It turns out he joins her in cooking, and together they have made a scrumptious meal for both of us. I can hardly believe the precious son of my benefactor has done this for me. As I stare at him in utter disbelief, he urges as though it’s nothing unusual, “Come, sit down and eat with me, Georges.”

I comply with his ‘order’, and while we’re savouring the delicious food, he reveals, “I practically cook every day for the past two years. I don’t feel obligated at all. As a matter of fact, I think I’m actually gifted.”

We burst out laughing, and he feigns indignation, straightening his face, but seconds later, I ask, “Did you cook last night, sir?”

He only smiles and dodges my question. “So you have finished your plate. Ready to start the day, Georges?”

During the ride, since he’s dressed in expensive suit, I really can’t imagine him cooking every day. So what else does he do? How about Miss Candice? They have lived together for nearly two years, and they have to split the house chores, don’t they?

We mainly talk about work all through the ride, but minutes before we arrive at the office building, he suddenly broaches the subject, “Georges, I don’t want you to have any misunderstanding of my relationship with Candy. The main reason why I have decided to stay a little longer with her is… she lost the man she loves a lot, so she’s still in grief. If I leave her right now, she might be devastated. I can’t bring myself to do that, you know?”

Sounds like it’s the other way around. He’d rather continue living with her not really because he can’t pull himself away from her sweet presence, but it’s she who needs him by her side?

Presently, we have arrived at the parking lot. Since his reason is in line with the one he gave his aunt, I decide to swallow my doubt “why not bringing Miss Candice home with you as Miss Ardlay”.

(To be continued…)

A Man in Love

Note: I’d like to express my appreciation to my friends below (not in any specific order) for their encouragement and support! ❤❤ I know there are silent readers out there too, so hopefully I’ll hear from you one day. 🙂

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    • Evelyn on January 29, 2017 at 7:31 pm
    • Reply

    Loved the previous and this chapter!! I missed being here but I’m finally working my way to the more current chapters. Love Albert’s confidence and how he is so willing to protect Candy at any cost! ❤️

    1. Hello Evelyn, thank you so much for catching up the story. 😍 That’s very encouraging, especially I know how busy you are in real life. Thank you my friend! 😘❤

  1. J’aime Albert toujours plein de sollicitude et d’inquiétude pour les autres! Vous le montrez avec tant de talent, mon amie! Georges qui est étonné d’être considéré comme un ami par maître William, je pense comme vous, Ms Puddle, qu’Albert voyait Georges plus comme un ami que comme un employé.
    Enfin Albert apprend que Georges sait pour Candy et j’aime particulièrement le passage émouvant quand ils parlent d’elle et les doutes de Georges quant aux raisons de son maître de vouloir continuer à vivre avec elle! 😉

    1. Thank you for catching up, dear Candy Bert! 😍 Yes indeed, I believe Georges was way more than an assistant to Albert, considered that he grew up with this man who was likely older than Rosemary. Thanks for your kind words, my friend, glad to know you like their interactions and Georges’ inner thoughts! 😘

    • Martha Cervantes Quiroga on November 16, 2016 at 4:06 pm
    • Reply

    Uno de mis héroes favoritos es Batman, me enamoré de él siendo muy niña, un poco antes que de Candy. Con este capítulo que has escrito he encontrado una semejanza entre Bruce Wayne (Batman) y Albert y, George con Alfred. Albert al igual que Bruce Wayne es un hombre importante de negocios que tiene que ocultar su verdadera personalidad Batman. Albert también tiene que ocultarse y cuando se aparezca tendrá que hacerlo como hombre de negocios y dejar su personalidad de libertad. Albert y Bruce tienen un fiel secretario con quien además pueden compartir sus temores y dudas. ¡Vaya analogía! Puedo estar equivocada pero esa necesidad de Albert de mantener su incógnito me hizo pensar en Batman.
    Y luego la aclaración de Albert a George sobre no poder abandonar a Candy por haberse separado del hombre al que ama, me ha sonado ha una declaración de amor, como si dijese “ves no es a mi a quien ama, en cambio yo”
    Además al principio parecía una narración de novela policíaca George huyendo de… ufff que miedo al ser alcanzado, ¡Que nervios!
    He terminado de leer Amrita de Banana Yoshimoto (escritora japonesa), el personaje de esta novela Sakumi perdió la memoria y en una de sus reflexiones al respecto, ella expresa: “… cuando me imagino a mi misma en aquella época, desnuda, sin el apoyo de la memoria, mi figura, siempre rodeada por un color pálido, me resulta triste. No sé por qué, pero me hace daño en el corazón. Me veo como un gatito que no sabe que al día siguiente será entregado a otra casa.” Simplemente me hizo recordar que un sufrimiento parecido tuvo mi amado Albert.
    Saludos Ms. Puddle y gracias por alimentar mi imaginación.

    1. Dear Martha, I love your analogy of Batman!! I really like it! 😍😘

      Also thanks for your example of another character who lost the memory. I can’t imagine myself suffering from amnesia 😭😢

      !Muchas gracias!! 😍😘

  2. Bonjour Ms Puddle

    J’aime beaucoup la façon dont vous décrivez la relation entre Albert et Georges dans ce chapitre. Albert a l’art de noyer le poisson, il a raté sa vocation, il aurait pu être un grand acteur aussi. Il a fait preuvre d’une grand malice avec sa tante et aussi avec Georges en essayant de lui faire croire qu’il reste auprès de Candy à cause de sa rupture avec Terry. Mais Georges n’est pas dupe, il connaît bien trop son maître, Albert le reconnaît lui-même.
    Hâte de lire la suite.

    1. Bonjour Antlay, 😍 so glad you like the interaction between Georges and Albert in this chapter! 😘😘😘 Like you, I also think Albert was a talented actor, just as Candy said herself. He could have been a rival to Terry LOL 😅😆😊 Yes, Aunt Elroy might have misunderstood her nephew, but not Georges. As you said, he knew his young master too well… 😂😁

    • reeka on November 8, 2016 at 6:19 am
    • Reply

    Hello my dear friend … 🙂

    There’s a lot to catch up for me hahaha … This chapter and the previous one are simply lovely. Maybe because you’re inspired by the orange scene in manga, but I think mainly because we could see a glimpse of Candy. I kinda miss her, you know. Hahaha.

    I believe once Georges found out the truth about his master’s whereabout and whom he had been living with, Georges would find himself in some, if not many, awkward moments between him and Albert. He could see through Albert, and obviously Albert had changed a lot after regaining his memory from the amnesiac.

    The plot you’ve built here on the last couple chapters is the scenario I always think about regarding WAA’s comeback. He changed significantly mainly because of Candy. He had realised that being penniless and powerless was frustrating. He couldn’t protect Candy fully. So when he regained his memory, unlike his younger self, now he had a purpose in life. To make Candy happy and protect her no matter what. I always think that’s why he worked so hard for the success of Ardley’s empire. So he could have an absolute authority in the family.

    Honestly, I don’t know where you’re going to bring this story to, Ms Puddle. I can’t really predict the plot and in which point this story will end at. 🙂

    Thank you for regularly updating the story, my friend. You take care!

    1. Hello Reeka, it’s been a while, my friend! 😍

      Yes I’m not surprised some of you have missed Candy…. Actually me too lol 😅😆

      Like you, I also believe Georges could see through his young master. He saw him grow up and had always been his only close companion after all. Glad to know you’re in agreement with my thoughts, that Albert worked so hard in order to protect Candy and defend her best interests. When he had proven himself to be a capable leader of the enterprise, he would become the patriarch with real power.

      About this story, you will see where I’m going 😋😊 Thanks for your kind words. You take care too! 😘

    • JeannyJJ on November 7, 2016 at 2:10 pm
    • Reply

    I like the short chapter because I don’t have to spend too much time reading. Besides, Ms Puddle, you may be able to update more often with short chapters, right?

    “That’s what friends are for, right?” Love it and reminds me of an old song. Have you heard it? It was actually a wonderful song. Albert is such a tender-heart, super kind person. Where can you find such a wonderful employer in real life? 😛
    Looking forward to the new chapter soon! 🙂

    1. Yes indeed JeannyJJ! 😍 With shorter chapters the wait in between updates will likely be shorter 😋

      Yes I’ve heard of this song. It’s funny when I was writing the lyrics suddenly appeared in my mind. I liked it so I decided to use the phrase.

      To me I believe Albert regarded Georges more than a subordinate. I believe Georges knew more about him and his struggles than Aunt Elroy. 😉 In CCFS, when Georges was sick, Albert seemed genuinely worried.

      Thanks again for your support! 😘❤

    • Martha Cervantes Quiroga on November 7, 2016 at 8:28 am
    • Reply

    I’d like to read faster but there is much poetry. I’ve been waiting for this chapter. Thanks!

    1. ¡Muchas gracias por leer, Martha!! 😍
      So glad you like this chapter 😘❤

    • Sarah on November 6, 2016 at 9:31 am
    • Reply

    Bonsoir Mme puddles
    Encore un merveilleux chapitre qui nous donne un super aperçu de ce que Albert faisait quand il a retrouvé la mémoire
    J’imagine effectivement que vous avez votre propre vie avec c’est haut et bas et vous trouvé le moment de continué à écrire 😘Surtout n’arrête pas …. moi aussi des que je me sens lasse je me réfugie dans vos histoires je lit et relit le temps de m’évader un peu 😉Alors continuez à nous bercer de nos deux tourtereaux … vous avez un dons pour le dessin 👌Vous êtes fantastique
    Merci 😍😘😘😘😘

    1. Bonjour Sarah!! 😍 Merci beaucoup! 😘

      Yes you’re right, my friend! I find refuge in writing about Albert and Candy in my busy life. So glad you enjoy reading my world of imagination. ❤💓

    • Marmalade on November 6, 2016 at 9:05 am
    • Reply

    Hip hip hooray…. It’s here at last… But the story is too short… Honestly, how Albert would react is really different from how i imagined it…. But, i like albert personality so much. I mean, he is super wealthy, but he is so humble… Where can we find a man with nearly perfect personality and background like him except in fantasy

    1. Hello marmalade, thanks for your patience and understanding! 😍 😘 Yes I’m sure different people would have different expectations of how Albert would react. 😌 Anyway, in my opinion, Albert is a very down-to-earth person even though he was super wealthy. From his first encounter with little Candy we already know he wouldn’t look down upon a poor orphan girl like Neil or Eliza. Don’t you think? 😜

        • marmalade on November 6, 2016 at 9:40 pm
        • Reply

        yes… absolutely agree with that part…. that’s what make me like Albert so much… well, wondering how long will i need to mait for the next chapter.. and how this story will come to end, i mean how they find themselves in love with each other and how Aunt Elroy will react….

        1. Hello marmalade, I’ll try my best to keep updating this story. 😁😜😍 About your other questions, you’ll have to exercise your patience 😌😝😜

            • marmalade on November 7, 2016 at 10:01 pm
            • Reply

            hahaha… practise make better

              • Ms Puddle on November 7, 2016 at 10:16 pm

              Laugh out loud 😂😁😀

    • Mariacristina on November 6, 2016 at 2:20 am
    • Reply

    Exciting and fascinating development… I love Albert and I love Georges too… Thank you for this wonderful chapter!!!

    1. Grazie mille Mariacristina!! ❤💓 So glad you like them both! I’ve always found these two men fascinating 😘😍

    • Anonymous on November 5, 2016 at 11:52 pm
    • Reply

    I read too fast 😂 and have to long for next chapter again😌

    1. Thanks for your understanding! 😍 I’d rather publish short chapters than long chapters… Would take me too long to update 😝😌😅

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