Apr 24 2017

Last letter in Old CC Novel

While writing A Man in Love, my friend Yue Chan sent me something that I’d love to share with you all. Some of you might have heard of the Old Candy Candy Novel, which was the novelization of the original manga version, written by the author of Candy Candy, Mizuki (real name Keiko Nagita) herself. Years ago she decided to revise it again, and that resulted in what is known as Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS) today. Hence, it’s only natural that there are overlaps between the two. (Good news! Yue Chan has translated this post to Spanish in this post. 🙂)

Regrettably, due to the lawsuits with the manga illustrataor, Igarashi, we can no longer find this Old CC novel selling in any bookstore. So you can imagine our excitement when Yue Chan discovered that a Japanese fan ジャミーラ on Twitter (jyamiila) actually discovered a copy in a library; it’s like we have found a treasure! This Japanese fan, jyamiila, is willing to share the last letter in the novel with us. It’s a letter from Candy to Albert, and after that, the novel ends.


If you click on the pictures, you’ll see that the letter spans a little over three pages, using the famous scene near the end of the manga (if you want to understand what Albert said to Candy in the pictures, please read my old post Manga ending). Those who know how CCFS ends will grin like I did. Both Yue Chan and I think that this is NOT a coincidence. 😉 Many years ago, Mizuki used this picture to show the end of her story, showing how happy Candy was running towards Albert. Years later, the last paragraphs of CCFS described how Candy ran towards her husband’s outstretched arms. This sounds so familiar, doesn’t it? 😛

As I mentioned above, there are overlaps between the letters in the old novel and the letters in CCFS, especially the correspondence between Candy and Albert. Yue Chan is translating this letter to Spanish, and I’m going to share her post as soon as she publishes it on her blog. Meanwhile, I’ll only translate the highlights of this letter (the second page till the end). The background is that Albert sent Candy a letter, telling her many things about himself; he even wrote that one day he might travel again with Pouppe, so he asked if Candy would like to travel with him. Now, this last letter in the novel is Candy’s reply to Albert (The translation is based on my own interpretation. I try not to paraphrase. Please feel free to correct me if you spot any mistake. Thanks in advance!).

Now, on my chest the badge is tinkling, a refreshing (cool) sound.
Of course, please take me along with you! When Albert-san travels one day. (Because I will follow you even if you say no to me!)
Ahhh, Albert-san.
It’s wonderful to be alive, right? Somehow, it looks like I won’t sleep tonight.
Tomorrow, I wonder what kind of happy things will happen? Say I hear someone knocking, the moment the door is opened, none other than Albert-san is standing right there—-.
To my parents who abandoned me when I was born, now I’m grateful.
Because if they hadn’t abandoned me at Pony’s Home, I wouldn’t have met Albert-san!
Oh, Miss Pony appears, urging me to hurry to rest. Sigh, she always treats me like I was a child.
Nevertheless, tonight, I’m definitely going to have a splendid (magnificent) dream.
Good night.

With love from my heart,
Candice White Ardlay

That’s it! This is the end of the entire novel. Candy wrote this letter (a love letter no less) to Albert with love from her heart (心より愛をこめて)! Sigh… Some people can even translate this phrase to “with love from the bottom of my heart” or “with all my love”, depending on the context. ❤❤❤


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    • Louna on April 30, 2017 at 10:18 am
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     Bonjour M’s Puddles

    Merci d’avoir répondu à mon commentaire, je suis tout à fait d’accord pour la relation entre Candy et Terry, si cela n’avait pas été Susanna, cela aurait été autre chose, leur amour était trop jeune et immature  c’est pour cela qu’il n’a pas pu résister ( à la barrière Susanna.)

     Candy est l’équilibre de Terry (on  à l’impression que il y a qu’elle  qui donne tout et Terry donne trés  peu ou pas assez c’est à sens unique) car Terry n’est pas l’équibre de Candy, mais plutôt  Albert en effet elle peut vivre sans lui mais pas sans Albert.  ( Scène de Rockstown).

    Pour la scène de l’hommage à Anthony dans la forêt c’est très émouvant et magnifique!!! Mizuki dit de cette scéne qu’elle voulait que Candy et Albert partagent une même souffance c’est vrai que la perte d’Anthony et Alistair sont liés directement à Albert puisqu’ils sont ces neveux.

    Pour le journal, je pense que Albert fait passer un test à Candy, il lui demande ( par ce geste symbolique) de faire un choix entre lui et Terry et Candy va choisir d’Albert un  amour mâture et stable qui résiste aux temps , son premier et dernier amour , son prince de la Colline. Cette scène me fait  penser au partage du sandwich où Albert demande à Candy de lui laissé partager ces joies et ces peines comme une demande en mariage et Candy accepte 💖💝💍.

    1. Bonjour Louna, oui! I also feel that Candy did a lot more than Terry… He left her in London without a proper goodbye, and he hadn’t left a contact even when he visited Pony’s Home… There was something he could do to keep in touch with Candy but he didn’t… Anyway, they were both immature.

      On the other hand it’s Albert whom Candy couldn’t live without. She missed him so much that she looked for him in Rockstown, as you said.

      Yes the return of the diary is an unspoken question to Candy. She had to make a choice, her prince or the actor in Broadway. The fact that she gave it back to Albert without opening it speaks volumes of her determination of never looking back in her past. She had made up her mind.

      About the sandwich scene, it’s indeed very touching… A man is willing to share her joys and sorrows… He loves her already… ❤️❤️💏

    • reeka on April 28, 2017 at 8:16 pm
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    I read the passage again, and the word tomorrow reminded me of a song in the anime. Is it the opening or ending? I think you posted it once on your blog. Something about tomorrow she would meet “her prince” she once met in pony hill.

    1. Yes Reeka, the ending song “I love tomorrow” written by Mizuki herself if I remember it correctly. The song is about her Prince on the Hill (referred to as Anohito in the lyrics) coming back to Pony’s Hill one day, calling her name. ❤️💏

  1. Thank you so much Ms Puddle and Yue Chan for sharing with us! 😍

    For me, the last letter in old novel (ON) has been replaced by last scene in CCFS, and Albert (in ON) became anohito (in CCFS) : “someone (=anohito in Japanese 😉 ) knocking, the moment the door is opened no other than Albert-san is standing right here” the parallel is striking! Candy saw Albert coming, not Terry as “kind of happy things”will happen.
    It’s cristal clear Candy was happy and elated in this letter, like a woman in love.
    In the beginning of 19th century, a letter like that couldn’t be nothing but a love letter, we have to remember that women weren’t so bold as nowadays in their writtings, they were more subtil, dropping hints here and there. More, an unmarried woman, above all from good society (she was an Ardlay after all) travelling alone with no chaperone, but a man, and a bachelor was unthinkable. Albert would certainly not have wanted to tarnish her reputation anymore than having shared a home with her when he was amnesiac. Albert proposed to her this trip like a metaphore for a shared life as husband and wife, life can be see as a trip, a very long trip…

    1. Bonjour Candy Bert! Excellent observation, mon amie ❤️! I didn’t see the parallel of someone at the door! 😂😀 But in Japanese Anohito is not “someone”; it’s actually a certain person that’s known to both the speaker and whoever is listening. For example, in Candy’s letter to Anthony, she refered to Terry without a name, just say a guy in London. Since Anthony didn’t know him, she used Sonohito. 😁

      Anyway, back to this letter, I can’t agree with you more about Albert’s subtle marriage proposal. He didn’t say where he planned to go and didn’t specify how long the trip would be. But Candy didn’t care. She would go simply because Albert was going. She’s in love, without a doubt. ❤️

      About Candy’s happiness and honesty: This is a love letter to her prince, who was in love with her. Like Daddy-long-legs, the novel ends with the love letter from Judy to her Daddy. Judy knew that he loved her, so she was bold and direct about her feelings. 💏

      The same applies to Candy too. The way she wrote about tomorrow is a big hint to Albert “come visit me soon and make me happy”!

      1. My bad, indeed! Now you mention about anohito signification I remember a great post you wrote on this topic. Too bad I can’t read Japanese and recognize the ideograms for anohito 🙁 Thank you for the correction, my friend 🙂

        • Louna on May 15, 2017 at 10:39 am
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        Hi girls
        Very interesting your comments, I think at this point in their relationship, Candy and Albert were about to get married.
        Candy tells her that if someone knocks on my door, would be you, Candy is waiting impatiently, she can no longer live without him, which is why Candy is willing to follow him wherever he goes.
        Albert certainly had to move for his job. I also read the analysis of Yun Chan on the Spanish forum, I totally agree with these analyzes.

        1. Bonjour Louna, yes! Candy undeniably missed Albert so much, and she was very honest about it too. They must be in ❤️, and that’s why some people think that Albert was indirectly asking Candy to marry him. In that era, singles couldn’t travel alone without chaperones. Besides, by then Albert was a famous entrepreneur, so he couldn’t really take an unmarried lady without marrying her 🙂 😀

            • Louna97Louna on May 17, 2017 at 5:13 am
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            Hello M’s Puddles’s

            I read the references that you gave me: Do not judge a man and especially the comments, I totally agree, I also like the analysis you make of the life of Candy and Albert.

            In fact, it’s a little bit the excerpt that I read in the CCFS translation.

            Do you agree if I send you an invitation on Facebook like Neella Louna?

            Since yesterday I read: A man of love, I am in chapter 13, I would make a comment as soon as I finished reading.

            1. Bonjour Louna, thanks for reading my posts and “A man in love”. Merci! 🌺🌹🏵️

              Yes, some comments on these old posts are precious, which have significantly added value to my posts. For that I’m grateful ❤️

              Also thanks for sharing the excerpt, but the tense used was incorrect when describing the invisible thread. I remember Candy suddenly changed from past tense to present tense when talking about Albert.

              Please feel free to follow my Facebook page. No need to send me an invitation. Thanks again, Louna! 😙

            • Louna on May 17, 2017 at 9:21 am
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            M’s Pupples actually for the excerpt sent the time is well present, it is the French translation of google on the English that modified it and for the invitation, I could see that it is a page That you own and that I have already subscribed. thanks for the answers

            1. You’re welcome, Louna. 😘 I see, so it was a mistake by Google translator. I’m not surprised 😁

              Many thanks for your support 🌺🌹🏵️

      • reeka on May 2, 2017 at 4:11 am
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      Candy Bert! How are you my dear? Hope everything great for you.

      This is so funny, yet … great minds think alike, I guess. I’d been in Yue Chan’s newest post, and because I read it with google translator, you know how it works hahahaha, I then needed to read everything twice, including the part Yue Chan translated this last letter. Candy saying about she hope if someone had knocked the door and it was Albert at the door coming for her, struck my mind and the scene at CCFS ending is indeed mirroring it. – and I see here that you also thought the same thing, Candy Bert.

      How amazing it was, right? It’s like, the scene on CCFS ending is “the answer” of Candy’s wish on her last letter to Albert in old novel.

      If someone still argues about Albert not being Anohito, I don’t know what kind of proof they need more? 🙂

      1. Yes Reeka the parallels are striking indeed… As Candy Bert said, it’s Albert not Terry Candy was waiting for, and his possible visit made her dream or unable to sleep… Sigh ❤️

      • Evelyn on May 6, 2017 at 9:59 am
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      Hi Ms Puddle and Candy Bert!!! You said something I have always though about Candy’s subtle hints being dropped here and there in her letters to Albert!! She is actually pretty bold and to the point for the time she lived in if you ask me 😉
      Go Candy!! I just love when she says that I will follow you wherever you go! Well as you said they are not married so he must have planned to get engaged soon after leaving and possibly elope to get married while on their trip. Get married and honey moon at the same time!! After all Candy is not a vain person. I’m pretty sure she would have never wanted a lavish wedding so eloping would be a possibility!! Great post and thanks to Yue chan as well for making this available to all Candy and Albert fans!! 💞😉

      1. Hola Evelyn! It’s nice to hear from you again. Glad you enjoyed reading this post, and no doubt Candy was crazy for Albert.

        She was bold and outspoken of her feelings, and she finished her letter with love from her 💓! I believe she could do that because she knew he loved her too. ❤️ That’s the only reason that makes sense to me. What do you think?

        I don’t think Albert would go for elopement though. Why? Because there was no need and he was more than capable to give Candy a proper wedding 😍😙

          • Evelyn on May 9, 2017 at 8:37 pm
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          So glad to be here my friend!! 😊 Yes definitely you do have a point! Candy knew perfectly Albert’s feelings toward her! She must have known how he felt toward her and that he was inviting her in his life to be a part of his future so she gladly accepts his invitation to go with him where ever he goes! Doesn’t that sound like she is vowing to him loyalty, company, love and gratitude? 😍😘

          1. Yes I agree with you that Candy was so eager to join Albert in his trip. It didn’t matter where he would go and how long the trip would be. She just wanted to be with him, even if he said no. In fact, because he had invited her to travel together, how would he say no to her? It’s just Mizuki’s way to stress how much Candy missed her prince. The rest of her letter simply reinforced this notion again and again. ❤️

          • Evelyn on May 9, 2017 at 9:23 pm
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          Oh about eloping you do have a point! There would have been no need for Albert to do that but if Candy is going to start traveling with Albert then their wedding would have happened before they started their travels together don’t you think? 😉

          1. Exactly, Evelyn! That’s why many people think this is an indirect proposal from Albert 😁😍

            • Louna on May 15, 2017 at 12:13 pm
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            Here is an excerpt of the translation of CCFS Italian version translated into French where Candy refers to her husband. What do you think ? For me, Candy clearly mentions that Albert is her husband in this translation.

            I have seen so many times how wrong it is to judge people on appearances, but I still make this mistake today. Today, my man still laughs at this weakness. Monsieur Albert … At that time I did not even know his full name, he was Albert, I had no need for anything else, his only presence was inexplicably enough to reassure me. Now I can understand the meaning of this invisible bond that united us.

            1. Bonjour Louna, merci! Your comment reminds me of some posts I wrote long time ago. For your interest, you can read:

              Don’t judge a book…

              Red String of Fate

    • Louna on April 27, 2017 at 6:55 am
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    Je viens de lire vos commentaires sur la lettre que Candy a écrit à
    Albert, je ne suis pas étonnée que candy finit sa lettre ainsi ” Avec
    l’ amour de mon coeur ” je suis certaine que Candy et Albert son
    mariés. Et que c’est pour cela que l’auteur ne fait pas Candy
    répondre à la dernière lettre de Terry, car il fait parti de son

    Mizuki dit dans ces interviews qu’après avoir séparés candy et Terry,
    beaucoup de Fans lui ont reprochés et demander :Pourquoi avoir gâcher
    la relation entre Candy et Terry ?

    Mizuki répond qu’elle avait prévu leur séparation dès le début, bien
    qu’en écrivant ce scénario, cela lui a fait un peu de peine . Mais
    cependant ce n’étais pas cette direction qu’elle voulait donnait à
    son histoire( décrire un grand amour entre Candy et Terry ).Ce qui
    explique clairement que Terry n’est pas le mari de Candy dans CCFS.

    Mizuki dit aussi que bien que le personnage de Terry écrit par
    Igarashi , était si fascinant et attachent beaucoup de fans se sont
    attachés à lui , mais quelque fois 2 amoureux sont séparés par la
    force des choses “c’est la vie dit elle”. C’était cet aspect des
    choses qu’elle voulait montrer , à savoir” Comment Candy allait passer
    à travers ces épreuves.

    Elle poursuit ainsi que Candy est forte et saura puisser la force en
    elle pour ouvrir son coeur à un nouvel amour , un Grand Amour, (
    remarque que à aucun moment Misuki ne mentionne que candy retrouvera
    cet ancien amour perdu dans l’avenir.)

    Mais Mizuki dit bien que Candy aimerai à nouveau quelqu’un d’autre, sa
    personne la plus aimée en l’occurrence Albert avec lequel elle
    entretient une longue correspondance et celui avec qui elle se sent
    bien , celui avec qui elle a une grande complicité, et celui avec qui
    ils se sont promis de tout partager ensemble.

    Et quand Albert demande à Candy : Voudrais tu voyager avec moi ?
    Réponse de Candy même si tu ne me l’avais pas demander, je te suivrais
    au bout du monde.

    Quand le mari de Candy rentre probablement d’un voyage d’affaire il
    l’appel Candy que fais tu dans le noir ? Candy le décrit ainsi :Sa
    voix douce ,son sourire, et elle court dans ces bras, là encore se
    sont des gestes qu’elle fait habituellement avec Albert.

    De plus Mizuki dit dans son commentaire que l’histoire original de
    Candy c’est le manga “peu importe ce que quelqu’un dit” et dans le
    manga on voit Candy courir dans les bras d’Albert tout comme elle le
    fait avec son mari.

    1. Bonjour Louna!

      Yes it’s so true that Terry was never meant to be the man in Candy’s life. He was only a summer love, destined to be separated from Candy. If not Susanna it could be other reasons. The point is, Mizuki didn’t​ intend to bring Terry back into Candy’s life even though he was still alive, unlike Anthony.

      Some people insist that the author had changed her mind when writing CCFS, so that’s why she used Anohito. However, the obvious overlaps​ between this old letter and the last letter to Albert in CCFS can’t be ignored. Candy was in love with her prince🤴, and to prove that she was over Terry, Mizuki added the return of the diary part. This letter in CCFS also includes a romantic but poignant scene in the forest, when Candy asked Albert to return to where Anthony had the accident. Therefore, this letter is important. It signifies the past is in the past, and Candy’s happiness is tied with her prince. ❤️❤️❤️

    • Louna on April 27, 2017 at 6:49 am
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    I just read your comments on the letter that Candy wrote to
    Albert, I’m not surprised that candy finishes her letter so “With
    The love of my heart “I am sure that Candy and Albert
    Married. And that’s why the author does not make Candy
    Reply to Terry’s last letter, as he is part of his
    Mizuki said in these interviews that after separating candy and Terry,
    Many Fans criticized him and asked: Why to spoil
    The relationship between Candy and Terry?
    Mizuki replied that she had planned their separation from the beginning, although
    That in writing this scenario, it made him a little trouble. But
    However this was not the direction she wanted to give
    Her story (describe a great love between Candy and Terry).
    Clearly explains that Terry is not Candy’s husband in CCFS.
    Mizuki also says that although the character of Terry written by
    Igarashi, was so fascinating and tie a lot of fans were
    Attached to him, but sometimes 2 lovers are separated by the
    Force of things “is life says it”. It was this aspect of
    Things she wanted to show, namely “How Candy Would Go
    Through these tests.
    She continues that Candy is strong and will be able to
    She opened her heart to a new love, a Great Love, (
    Notes that at no time did Misuki mention that candy
    This old love lost in the future.)
    But Mizuki says that Candy will love someone else, her
    Albert’s most beloved person with whom she
    Maintains a long correspondence and the one with whom she feels
    Well, the one with whom she has a great complicity, and the one with whom
    They promised to share everything together.
    And when Albert asks Candy: Would you like to travel with me?
    Candy answer even if you did not ask me, I would follow you
    at the end of the world.
    When Candy’s husband probably returns from a business trip he
    The call Candy what are you doing in the dark? Candy describes it as follows:
    Voice, her smile, and she runs in these arms, there again
    Are gestures she usually does with Albert.
    Moreover, Mizuki said in his commentary that the original story of
    Candy is the manga “no matter what someone says” and in the
    Manga we see Candy running in the arms of Albert just like she
    Done with her husband.

    • Martha Cervantes Quiroga on April 25, 2017 at 11:25 am
    • Reply

    I don’t remember where but I’m sure a read before this translation in Spanish, any way now I know it’s true. This letter it’s beautiful because we can feel the love from Candy to Albert. Candy surprise me with her phrase: I will follow you even if you say no to me! She is sure about her feelings. I like her determination. This is similar that when She looked Albert when He leaves the Hospital or The Magnolias.
    Regards to you and Yue Chan

      • Martha Cervantes Quiroga on April 25, 2017 at 12:43 pm
      • Reply

      I found the link http://candyterry.com/ccmedia/ccletters.html, thanks a friend. She shared the traslation in Spanish from this page web. By de way, the translation from that page have a little difference between that’s here shared.

      1. Thanks Martha for the link! Yue Chan will be working on translating this letter to Spanish. According to her, the previous translation had some mistakes…. Once she’s published you can compare the two 😁😙

          • Martha Cervantes Quiroga on April 25, 2017 at 12:57 pm
          • Reply

          Fortunately in English it has been well explained. 🙂

          1. Gracias Martha! Glad you like it ❤️

    1. Hola Martha, yes this letter is real! I’ve only read spoilers before, but when I can read the original, it’s just not the same! Sigh… As you said, Candy was certain of her feelings for Albert and wasn’t shy to tell him how much she wanted him to come visit her… So much so that she wouldn’t be able to sleep or have a wonderful dream because of him. You’re​ right, my friend, that this reminds us of Candy’s determination to find amnesiac Albert (after he left the hospital or the apartment). 😚😗

    • Fay on April 25, 2017 at 4:47 am
    • Reply

    That’s a wonderful discovery, Ms. Puddle. Many thanks to you and Yue Chan too. I always thought it was a pity Mizuki omitted this last letter in CCFS even for ambiguity’s sake. But then, ambiguity has no place at all in this story anymore. It’s crystal clear who Anohito is. So why couldn’t we enjoy this letter in the final story as well? I’m looking forward to the translation of Yue Chan.
    This is definitely a love letter. Candy thanks her parents for abandoning her because otherwise she wouldn’t have met Albert (here she means of course when she met him as Prince on the Hill). Now if this isn’t a love declaration, what else could it be? She can’t wait for the door to open and for Albert to appear. She’s happy to be alive. She thinks she won’t be able to sleep, yet she’s ready to have a magnificent dream. Sounds odd, doesn’t it? Unless of course she means that she’ll be awake all night dreaming with her eyes open. That is another clear indication she’s in love. Insomnia is a love symptom, and Candy is undoubtedly suffering from that. And on top of all that she’s ready and willing to go with him even if he said no. (Of course he could never say no to that since he was the one to ask her in the first place).
    It’s hardly necessary for Candy to close her letter with the phrase “with love from my heart”. Love is obvious in every word she writes, from beginning to end. Albert would certainly get the meaning of it and at the same time get the answer he was waiting for. When he asked her to travel with him it was like he was asking her to leave everything behind to be alone with him in a faraway place. That wouldn’t be a decent proposal for a man like Albert to a girl like Candy, except there was a deeper meaning in that proposal. It could be an indirect marriage proposal, so Candy’s answer along with this happy letter couldn’t be any less than accepting that proposal.
    I agree with you, reeka, that this letter is very intimate and romantic.It doesn’s sound like a letter she would write even to her best friend. She had always loved her dear friend Albert but she would have never written such a letter to him some years ago. Something has changed in her, and it’s obvious from the way she writes here.

    1. Hi Fay, you’re absolutely right, my friend. Candy suffered from the symptoms of being deeply in love. Whether she knew it was an indirect marriage proposal or not, she would follow her prince, regardless of where he was planning to go. She just wanted to be with him, and she likely dreamed of him visiting​ her (her splendid dream 😍), etc.

      There was no Anohito back then, and there was no doubt Candy was in love with her Prince on the Hill. It was like a Cinderella story: the young millionaire fell in love with a poor orphan girl. It wasn’t just one way love.

      That said, consider the undeniable overlaps​ between this love letter and the corresponding one in CCFS. Mizuki was essentially telling​ us that she hasn’t changed even though she decided to keep Candy’s husband’s identity a mystery. Who in this story has always been a mystery until the end? 😁 Most probably, the beloved heroine still ended up with her mysterious Prince on the Hill. ❤️

      • reeka on April 25, 2017 at 9:57 am
      • Reply

      Hi Fay.
      When I read this particular letter – like I’ve told Ms Puddle on my comment-, I sensed a security in their relationship. So, to me, I see his invitation for travelling as they planning their escapade as a real couple ( honeymoon or honey-year, maybe? hahaha). Absolutely they were in a courtship, I moreover think they had already planned their wedding. She didn’t show her shyness, she bluntly told him if he was coming, it was a kind of happy thing for her ( I paraphrased the 5th line) and that she couldn’t sleep because of him. She’s kinda flirting to him, don’t you think? 🙂

        • Fay on April 25, 2017 at 11:36 am
        • Reply

        You are right, this invitation means much more than he says. The meaning is between the lines. He couldn’t be asking a girl to travel with him alone if he didn’t mean something more. Even in the old novel Mizuki leaves things a little vague, drops a few (important) hints and lets readers imagine the rest. There is definitely more than Candy writes in that letter. She is flirting with him not as a young girl but as a woman. She has finally found the true love and seems happier than ever. No, this is not an insignificant letter. It’s perfect as a conclusion of the novel, and knowing the end of CCFS too, we couldn’t be more satisfied.
        I agree also with Ms. Puddle, this is so much like a fairy tale. Not only Cinderella, the most obvious parallel, but also Beauty and the Beast. Let’s remember Albert’s transformation. Who could believe that behind that bearded vagabond who made Candy faint twice from pure terror was such a handsome and charming man? Her Prince Charming…

        1. Yes Beauty and the Beast! Fay, you’re not the first one who mentioned this fairytale too 😋

          Concerning the corresponding letter in CCFS, Candy sounded more mature, her writing filled with love and gratitude. Likewise, Albert was more emotional and felt deeply indebted. To me their letter correspondence shows a beautiful love story ❤️😍

          Moreover it’s clear Candy was completely over Terry and her happiness is tied to her Prince on the Hill

    • Reeka on April 24, 2017 at 10:01 pm
    • Reply

    Wow! When we think this story couldn’t surprise us more. 🙂

    Thank you Ms Puddle & Yue Chan.

    My dear friend, I have a feel, in this last letter on old novel, they are already in courtship. It sounds even more intimate and romantic. Not only did she end the letter by love from my heart, but also on first paragraph. No way a decent woman like Candy wrote such lines to a mere best friend. No way.

    And here on this letter, she signified Albert’s position compared to Ms Pony. You know what I mean? 🙂 one moment she was thankful to be abandon so she could meet him, and the later line she said Ms Pony always treated her like a child. 🙂

    I recently have been thinking about the constant way Mizuki ended this CC story ( except anime, but on bigger perspective, it ended similar). Let’s say anohito was not Albert ( i can’t believe we’re still talking about this issue), why did not Mizuki end CCFS in a different way? Let’s say it was Terry. Don’t you think it was more him to come home and when he found his wife, he came closer to hug her and kiss her passionately?

    A thing between Candy – Terry and Candy – Albert. With Terry, although she had always chased him, when they met, it was always Terry who made the first move. All the moves I may say 🙂 LOL. Meanwhile, with Albert, she mostly the one who run toward his welcoming embrace. And like a habit it was, I think anohito would get used to wait his wife to come closer to him.

    1. Hello Reeka! You’re certainly fast to respond this time!

      I got this last week and originally planned to publish this in May, but Yue Chan is hardworking and already translating, so I thought I should do it too. 😁

      This is precious indeed, like you said, Candy is undoubtedly in love with her prince. There are overlap with her last letter to Albert in ccfs, but this one she wrote with lots of happiness and a bit dreamlike. That being said, Candy in CCFS might be older and more mature.

      Have you watched the movie “The traveler’s wife”? The main character reappeared at the end, his dear wife ran across the field just to jump on him. He was like a rock, an anchor in her life. That’s how I see Albert and Candy’s relationship too 😋❤️

        • Reeka on April 25, 2017 at 12:18 am
        • Reply

        You meant the time traveller’s wife? If it is, I love that movie! Sad, but beautiful. And I love Rachel McAdams. There’s something in her character reminds me of Candy, especially when she acted in Notebook.

        Did you notice, Ms Puddle, in this letter, Candy easily said “of course I’ll go with you”. She didn’t think much about Aunt Elroy’s approval or society’s opinion. Looks like their relationship is steady and promising.

        1. Yes, Reeka… I was half asleep lol… It’s Time traveler’s wife 💏 I like Rachel McAdams too 😋

          So true about Candy’s reaction to Albert’s invitation (a subtle way to propose). There was absolutely no hint that they were under pressure and had to wait ten years to get together. In the worst case, they could just travel together (elope?) 😁❤️

            • reeka on April 25, 2017 at 9:43 am
            • Reply

            I even didn’t think at that moment they did not have problem about their relationship at all. On contrary, they seemed so sure about their future. 🙂

              • Ms Puddle on April 25, 2017 at 9:57 am

              Yes, why would they have a problem when it’s​ clear in the manga Albert had the authority over his aunt, the powerful matriarch 🙂

            • reeka on April 26, 2017 at 7:18 am
            • Reply

            apparently so did I 🙂 hahaha. Luckily we’ve already known each other quite well for you to understand my point. LOL

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