Oct 27 2017

The Myths of Candy Candy Final Story (Part 2)

Thank you for your patience! I really appreciate the feedback to Myths of CCFS Part 1, and some of the comments are very encouraging. Although I can’t promise that I’ll reply to every single comment, I have read each of them slowly and carefully. I’m very glad that most of you are in agreement with me and Alex that for the discussions in this series we will draw conclusions based on tangible facts and evidence. The story is Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS) alone, published by Nagita (Mizuki). Many thanks to Alex for providing more references about Scotland and the tough period during the Interbellum (between 1932 and 1937) and also the Great Depression (1929 to 1939).

From CCFS Vol 1, P. 231

Again, if Candy was in her mid-30s (approximately 1934-1935), Terry and Archie would have been in their late 30s. If Anthony had been alive, he would have been in his late 30s as well. Albert, being older, should be in his mid-40s by then.

Yet, poverty is not the only reason why we have ruled out the River Avon in the Highlands, Scotland. Let’s read an excerpt from CCFS Volume 1 here, where Candy talked about Riven Avon, daffodils and her roses at her present home. I’ve highlighted the key phrases below with my brief translations.

  1. 春浅い午後の光を浴びて – early Spring, Riven Avon is basked in the afternoon light
  2. ゆるやかに流れていく – the river runs slowly / the current is slow (gentle)
  3. 木々の間が黄金の光を放っているように … 水仙が満開になっているからだ  – plenty of daffodils are in full bloom among the trees in the garden that it appears as if the flowers are glowing with golden light
  4. ささやかばら園 – humble rose garden / rose bed
  5. ばらのつぼみふくらんでいる – rose buds are swelling
  6. ばらの手入れだけは、わたしは庭師任せない – only the roses I would not leave them to the gardener for maintenance / care

Daffodils bloom best in full sun, and based on Candy’s descriptions we know that it was a bright, sunny day. The full bloom of many daffodils together with the swelling of rose buds indicate it’s been warm and pleasant for a while already. Note that it’s only early Spring. According to the statistics of typical March weather in Scotland, it should still be chilly in Scotland in March. Besides, rain, wind and a lack of sunshine make it difficult to cultivate a garden.

Don’t get me wrong though. Riven Avon in the Highlands does look magnificent to say the least. I recently realized that it’s a popular place for fishing (salmons or trouts, etc.). The website Fishing at Ballindalloch tells us that two great Scottish Highland rivers converge at Ballindalloch Estate. The River Spey, springing from the Monadhliath Mountains, is the second longest river in Scotland and undoubtedly the fastest. The River Avon, the longest tributary of River Spey, has its source upon the summit of Ben Muich Dhui. Therefore, River Avon in that region is a fast-flowing river (you can click on the links to see the pictures), which does not match the river as described by Candy in her present.

Sounds like Candy and Anohito resided in a single-detached house, not an apartment or a humble tiny house. Not only there were trees in her garden (unsure how many of them and the same word for garden/yard may be translated to a courtyard), but also they had hired someone to take care of their garden (except the roses). Remember, it was a tough period of time when many people were unemployed, living in poverty. Consider that Candy could stay home all day reminiscing, I guess she could basically do whatever she liked during the day. Maybe she didn’t have a job (at least not working full-time). It doesn’t look like she was worried about dinner preparation either. Perhaps Anohito would cook after work, or they had someone to cook for them. At any rate, I have reasons to believe she and Anohito were relatively well off.

What about electricity? It’s a known fact that at the end of CCFS, Anohito came home and flicked the light switch, asking in concern why the lights weren’t lit. I read that as late as 1943, five out of six farms and 99 out of 100 crofts in the Highlands had no link to publicly supplied electricity. It was the 1943 Hydro Electric Development (Scotland) Act that nationalized the development of hydro-electric power across Scotland to deliver power and social improvement to the people of the Highlands. Hence, judging from Anohito’s puzzlement about why Candy was in the dark, I don’t think they relied on generators to power the house but actually lived in an area where electricity was way more common. To conclude, the chances that they resided in the Highlands are slim to none.

Now I’ll continue where I left off in my previous post. Why is the fact that Candy and Anohito living near a River Avon not in favour of Terry, the Broadway actor? Once again, I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to Alex. Most of the information below is from her references and analyses, so let’s begin.

The Great Depression had affected both the USA and UK in different ways. By mid-1930s, many people in UK lived in poverty, and artists or actors(Thespians) were not any luckier. Most of them lived in slums within the city centre of London (some Thespians had to live near the Old Vic Theatre for their jobs). Though political theatre was prominent in London, the wages were pathetic. On the other hand, around the same period in the USA, the arts (visual and performance arts) were thriving and enjoying great fortune due to the ‘Art of the New Deal’ (circa 1933-1937, during the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration) and the Federal Arts Project (circa 1935-1943). These enormously benefited both aspiring and established artists/actors/Thespians in the USA.

As a result, artists/actors/Thespians who wanted a better life and more financial supports would have moved to the USA. Suppose Terry had remained a successful Broadway actor, his fame and fortune in the USA would likely continue to prevail and continuously progress, so Alex said that “given the fact that Terry was a highly acclaimed and established Thespian in the USA, he would have been a complete lunatic if he had decided to head for the UK.” Even if he did decide to move to UK for whatever reasons, it didn’t make sense for him to live outside London, where the political theatre activities were based. As we already explained in Part 1, the southern part of British countryside near any River Avon is too far away to travel to work in London on a daily basis.

Some of you might argue, “But what about Royal Shakespeare Company?” Yes, this company building is in Stratford-upon-Avon, which is Shakespeare’s birthplace. I got the nice image below from this page

Many Terry fans have assumed Terry being an RSC actor, but Alex regrets to inform them that the Royal Shakespeare Company did not exist in the 1930s. In fact, Royal Shakespeare Company was established as a Royal Charter on 20 March 1961, the director and founder being Peter Hall (born in 1930 and died in 2017).

Before 1961, the building at Stratford-upon-Avon was known as the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, which only ran some ‘tourist-like’ seasonal performances (lasting merely 3-4 weeks per year plus a single event during the mid-summer), commemorating the birth of Shakespeare in Spring. Alex provided the link to the database, which retains the entire performance and events list over the years. For example, you can check the ones between 1930 and 1961. You’ll soon find that there were very few events, and they took place for just 3 to 4 weeks in April and May. Occasionally there might be one event in either July or August. That’s it.

In addition, in 1926, the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre suffered a massive fire which led to its closure until 1932. In 1928, Elizabeth Scott won the architectural competition in order to restructure the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre. It reopened as a public venue in 1932. Unfortunately, her modernized architectural design had received horrific reviews from the theatre elite. Only George Bernard Shaw provided his support to Elizabeth Scott’s architectural endeavour, and understandably, it became the least desirable venue for theatre performances until circa 1959/1961.

According to Alex, before Royal Shakespeare Company, the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre simply functioned as a venue for wealthy magnates to host their lavish parties. Other than that, it also served as a venue for hosting academic conferences, and local events (arts and crafts). During the 3 to 4 weeks in spring, when they were commemorating the birth of Shakespeare as mentioned above, Alex said that the actors (mostly young and rather inexperienced) were on tour at Stratford-upon-Avon. They were mainly based in London (near the Old Vic for job-related purposes).

The bottom line is that if Terry was still an active actor, it’s highly unlikely that he would reside near a River Avon in southern England in the mid-1930s. I’ll continue in next post about Albert.

p.s. Some more references from Alex re Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, Elisabeth Scott and her design and reconstruction of the building:

  1. On George Bernard Shaw, the distinguished Irish playwright and theatre critic, who was the only one amongst the theatre elite to have remarked that Elisabeth Scott’s design was the only one that showed any theatre sense due to its adept acoustics: (see The Times, 24 June 1972);
  2. Further on the novice and controversial architectural design which was not exclusively purported for theatrical productions but also for public venues (conferences, workshops, fairs, receptions, etc) and administrative duties due to the adept acoustic design (even though the vast majority of the theatre elite rendered this new architectural design as ‘vulgar’ and ‘grotesque’-the acutely affluent and upper-class, however, appeared to be more tolerant to the alleged avant garde design due to its practicality albeit at the expense of conventional British aesthetics at the time): (see Daily Telegraph, 6 Jan 1928 and Architects’ Journal, 12 July 1972, 68);
  3. On Sir Edward Elgar, the renowned British composer, who had found the new architectural design and subsequent (re-)construction ‘so unspeakably ugly and wrong’ that he refused to go inside due to its conspicuous modernity: (see S. Beauman, The Royal Shakespeare Company: A History of Ten Decades, 1982, 100-110);
  4. Further on the negative reception Elisabeth Scott had received due to male British chauvinism and sexism at the time: (see L. Walker, ‘Women and Architecture’, A View from the Interior, ed. J. Attfield and P. Kirkham, 1989, 102-107);
  5. Further references concerning the aforesaid controversial architectural design, its multifaceted purposes other than theatrical productions alone, and the otherwise unfairly negative critical reception hurled against Elisabeth Scott’s architectural design and reconstruction of the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre in the mid-1930s until circa 1960: (see Daily News, 4 and 6 Jan 1928; see also Architects’ Journal, 12 July 1972, 68; see also ‘Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, Stratford-on-Avon: Result of Competition’, Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Journal, 35 (1927–8), 145–147; see also A. Minett, ‘One Woman in Architecture: The Life and Work of Elisabeth Scott, 1898–1972’, Newcastle, 1988).


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    • anitaezt on November 10, 2017 at 9:54 am
    • Reply

    Hi Ms Puddle and Alex. I really appreciate your analysis even though I’m a Terry fan. I see that both of you are always providing sources for your posts and Alex keeps an objective eye surrounding the identity of anohito. I’m convinced Terry isn’t anohito but not sure about Albert. I’ll wait for your next post to think about it. Your blog Ms Puddle is very different from other fan sites and please take that from me as a compliment. Greetings from Italy, Anita

    1. Hello Anita, ciao 😊

      Nice to meet you here. So glad to hear you have enjoyed my posts. Bravo to you too to keep an open mind even though Candy may not end up with your favorite character. 👏👏

      Yes I’m trying to gather as much info as possible for the next post. I’ll hopefully come up with something next week. Thanks for your patience and compliments 😗

        • anitaezt on November 12, 2017 at 12:48 pm
        • Reply

        Ciao! I’ve read some of Alex’s references and they’re stunningly clever. I can’t wait for your next post on Alex’s further thoughts and research about the 1930s. She seems so knowledgeable and intelligent. No wonder she’s a professor. Bye for now!

    • Alex on November 7, 2017 at 8:00 am
    • Reply

    Hello Everyone,

    Thank you again for your constructive and astute feedback, both of which are most appreciated. I’ll respond to your further questions in due time.

    As explained in my previous post, I’m still in the midst of moving house in tandem with my overtime work at uni; this procedure has proven far more arduous and time-consuming than anticipated, I’m afraid.

    Nonetheless, I would like to thank Ms Puddle for all her hard work and effort in her analysis of CCFS via the use of logical reasoning and evidence. Should further information be required concerning the legal, sociopolitical and historical contextual framework of late C19th-early 20th, I’ll be glad to be of help. I have refrained from bombarding Ms Puddle’s blog with too many sources and research. Instead, I have explained in my previous post that I will be pleased to provide further sources and research upon request.

    Looking forward to discussing with all of you further and thanks again for your kind feedback.

    All Best,

      • Elena MacIver on November 7, 2017 at 12:18 pm
      • Reply

      Hi Alex-Glad you survived the flat moving experience! Been through it myself and I know how insanely busy you must be. Thank you for sharing your in depth knowledge of law and history with us. I really enjoy the logical perspective you always maintain without resorting to cheesy sentimentalities. And yes, I sure will be asking you for further info because I’m also a history buff myself. Regards, Elena

      • Lynn on November 7, 2017 at 1:32 pm
      • Reply

      You’ve got quite a massive response to your excellent analysis, Alex. Although I don’t want to pressure you and I know that you’re a very busy person, I can’t wait for your next commentary on the CCFS. You’ve destroyed the core arguments of the Terry fans and left them scrambling!

    1. Alex, welcome back!

      Thank you so much for dropping by despite being terribly preoccupied with other responsibilities! Yes indeed what you have already provided are priceless to say the least 😁

      Looking forward to hearing from you again, but of course, no rush. 😙

        • Alex on November 9, 2017 at 7:00 am
        • Reply

        Thank you, Ms Puddle, for your kind words.

        I’m also looking forward to your new posts and astute analysis.

        All Best,

      • Elena MacIver on November 8, 2017 at 6:21 am
      • Reply

      Hi Alex-I almost forgot to ask but what got you interested in CCFS? Is it all the history stuff in the novel? Did you watch the anime as a kid like so many of us? I hope you don’t mind if I ask you. Regards, Elena

        • Alex on November 8, 2017 at 9:03 am
        • Reply

        Hello Elena,

        I don’t mind explaining the background of my interest in CC/CCFS. In brief (I have also provided some further explanations regarding my long-term interest in Japanese culture and manga art in my previous post at Ms Puddle’s blog), the driving force of my delving into the CC/CCFS was the legal issues and severe copyright disputes between Igarashi and Nagita. Via a legal perspective as it is within my expertise, this entire controversy is fascinating albeit not for the parties involved, apparently.

        As for my childhood and subsequent adolescence, yes, I too watched the anime (which I found horrific) and read the manga in its original Japanese (which I found superb). You’re right that what attracted me to CC manga/novelised versions were the historical and socio-political elements embedded in this narrative. Nagita is one of those very few writers within the manga/novelised manga tradition which has been focusing so heavily on historical features and, above all, historical accuracy. Being a history buff myself, I have appreciated Nagita’s fidelity to such historical (factual) precision. Bottom line, Nagita’s manga/novel is not some cheap n’ cheesy romance trash literature.

        There are also the various controversial aspects of the CC/CCFS which have been sparking-if not igniting debates-which have also caught my attention and have intrigued me to further my research into these aspects-especially the issues of adoption, child labour and trafficking, women’s rights, social stratification, and the multifaceted impact of the Great War-naming but only a few. As specified in my previous post and by Ms Puddle, the legal and historical ramifications of adoption in late C19th-early C20th will be discussed further in subsequent posts where the required credible references and valid sources will be provided.

        Last but not least, on a personal level, my interest in participating in online discussions about CC/CCFS predominantly derives from my dearly beloved niece (my eldest brother’s daughter). She and I have a strong bond and she’s intensely interested in pursuing higher education in law and history as well. She’s a brilliant student and I’m sure she’ll manage to get in a high quality academic institution. She’s mature for her tender age and intelligent. I am proud of her dynamic nature and my purpose is to continue to encourage the development of her feminist empowerment and independent disposition. That said, my niece requested from me to provide my own knowledge and expertise concerning the legal and historical aspects of CC/CCFS. She really enjoys Nagita’s CC manga (not the CCFS-I’ll explain later the reasons for this sentiment), however, she’s been appalled but all the ridiculous online bickering between the various fandom (not everyone, of-course). As for each claim there’s always a counter-claim amongst the fandom, my niece requested from me to analyse the CC/CCFS versions based on solid and indisputable legal and historical facts without any infinitesimal element of bias, favoritism or conjecture. This is what I have achieved so far and my intention is to maintain this impartiality irrespective of my own mindset and personal preferences. My analysis and research of the CC/CCFS are not purported to satisfy any sort of fandom but simply to provide the facts as they are without being adulterated by some form of emotive response or sentimentality.

        I’ll end my ‘rant’ here and thanks again for your amazing feedback and insightful commentary.

        All Best,

          • Elena MacIver on November 8, 2017 at 11:57 am
          • Reply

          Wow, just wow.. Thank you Alex for your input. I’m absolutely sure that you’re one awesome role model for your niece. No wonder she adores you so much! It’s so kind of you to share your thoughts with us and I sure am looking forward to your next analysis!

          • Interstellar on November 8, 2017 at 12:58 pm
          • Reply

          I could just imagine you debating with your niece on legal and history matters, Alex! So your lovely niece got you on the CCFS train, hahaha! Cool! Welcome aboard!

          • Lynn on November 8, 2017 at 2:15 pm
          • Reply

          Sarah-My thoughts exactly. We’ve had enough of conjecture. People based on what they prefer try to appropriate this so-called anohito to Candy’s life without considering the evidence, and I’m not only referring to the Terry fans. Some Albert fans can be just as dogmatic and blind to reality.

          Although I prefer Albert far more than Terry, I’ll respect what the author wants without trying to impose my own opinion. But the ways the author presents her story, Terry doesn’t fit the picture. But the problem is if Albert is the right candidate. Terry is definitely out but that doesn’t mean that Albert is the one. Perhaps it didn’t work out between Candy and Albert either.

          I’ve also read a lot of comments on Candy’s adoption and all I have to say is that it’s not wise to attribute present day legal realities to the previous centuries. I don’t think that Albert would have been able to adopt a girl so close to his age in our times. The same goes for people who are too old. Let’s not forget how difficult it is nowadays for married couples to adopt a child and it’s almost impossible for a young single man to adopt a teenager. If Candy and Albert were our contemporaries, there’s no way Albert would have been able to adopt Candy since he was too young, unemployed and unmarried at the time.

          I agree with Alex that we should focus on the given time of the CCFS without applying modern day standards and values.

        • Alex on November 9, 2017 at 7:41 am
        • Reply

        Thank you all-Elena, Interstellar, Lynn-for your supportive and constructive feedback.

        When it comes to my remarkable and brilliant niece, it’s me who is most fortunate and honoured to spend quality time with her and be the recipient of her trust and respect. My partner and I anticipate to have such laudable children in the future when we decide to have a family. My eldest brother and my sister-in-law are amazing parents. They are the true role models.

        Resuming to CC/CCFS, I only want to provide a kind word of advice which has to do about the various rumours circulating (especially on the web) with regards to Nagita’s so-called interviews and so-called statements. To specify clearly and directly, I’m not stating that everything circulating online is false; however, most of it is fake news. It would be sensible to always fact check your sources at all times and make sure that the references and citations that you find are always based entirely and absolutely on officially credible and valid sources. Never negotiate nor compromise your fact checking. Apparently, my kind word of advice does not apply to CC/CCFS alone but to all information we receive, process and critically interpret in all aspects of our lives whether it be professional, social, or personal.

        That said, I’ll specify again and reiterate that there’s no credible and completely indisputable source which confirms that Nagita prefers a specific CC/CCFS character. It would be best to focus on the valid material we have in front of us as officially stated by Nagita herself (for example, her preface and author’s note in her original as well as officially translated texts).

        If you have found indisputably credible sources which confirm Nagita alleged statements, then by all means feel free to share it with us and provide the relevant citations/references.

        All Best,

        P.S. Wikipedia is not a scholarly nor officially accredited source for information as anyone can publish whatever he/she wants without confirmed fact-checking. Yes, it’s frequently used as some form of rudimentary and rather superficial referencing but that’s all it should be valued as. Nonetheless, there are recent efforts (as alleged by Wiki and social media admin and PR representatives) to tackle fake news in Wiki and most social medial albeit in their severely embryonic stage. To avoid any misconception, my suggestion is not to ban Wikipedia but to this it critically and take whatever is published with a pinch-if not grain-of salt. Wiki has its pros and cons. Just take both into wise consideration, that’s all. The info published about CC/CCFS, however, is pathetic and most of these WIKI articles have already been flagged as dubious and unreliable. Here are some official sources concerning the dubiousness of Wikipedia and various social media when it comes to fully accredited news and info:








          • Elena MacIver on November 9, 2017 at 9:21 am
          • Reply

          I couldn’t agree with you more, Alex. I’ve read some pro-Albert commentary allegedly spoken by or attributed to Nagita herself. Although I would really like to believe these statements, you’re right that there’s no referencing or citations at all, and that’s the reason why I’ve kept my reservations whether it’s true or not. We could easily assume that both Igarashi and Nagita are very fond of Albert by the ways in which he’s been drawn and described by both of them. But the same could be applied to the beautiful ways in which Terry, Anthony, Archie and Stear have also been illustrated. Albert appears to be in the lead when it comes to beauty, height and brains, but those features alone don’t mean that he’s Anohito. I’ll repeat that I sure want him to be Anohito but I agree with you that inarguable evidence is necessary to prove whether Terry or Albert (or anyone else) is Anohito. Otherwise, we could all assume whatever we want and someone else could easily disagree with us and present their own beliefs and the same bickering goes on and on and on all over again. Regards, Elena

          • Interstellar on November 12, 2017 at 5:08 pm
          • Reply

          No need to thank me, Alex. We should thank you! My feedback is positive because your comments and analysis are awesome. I absolutely agree with you about the problem with fake news. Looking forward to your next post!

          • Lynn on November 13, 2017 at 6:55 am
          • Reply

          Just to add on what Elena and Interstellar have said, you shouldn’t thank us but we are the ones who should thank you for all your help and support in using logic and factual evidence in analyzing CCFS. My father is also an academic like you and he always wants to focus on finding the truth even if it’s a truth he doesn’t really like. Sometimes people don’t like the truth and want to avoid facing the facts but that’s their problem. He’s also terribly busy like you so don’t worry if you don’t have time to respond to our questions. Your lectures are more important and your students are so lucky to have you as their prof! Take care of yourself Alex and thank you so much for all your hard work and generosity in sharing your academic knowledge with us! Best Regards, Lynn

      • Irana93 on November 21, 2017 at 7:00 pm
      • Reply

      Hi Alex,

      Thank you very much for your thoughts on CCFS. I’ve been reading your comments and analysis recently and they’re so insightful. I hope you don’t mind if I ask you some questions. I know you’re busy at the university so please no rush in responding.

      My first question is if you think Terry’s last letter to Candy was written before or after Susanna’s death. There are many opinions circulating and I would like to know yours too. Do you think this letter had an effect on Candy?

      Do you think that Terry could still be anohito without being an actor anymore? You’ve already proven that Terry could never be an RSC actor in the 1930s and the evidence you’ve offered is compelling. What if he’s stopped being an actor or wanted to take some time off and live in England? Do you think this makes sense?

      And my final question is what do you think happened to Terry’s white tie? Candy wanted to return it to him at some point but there’s no mention of it further on. Do you think this is some sort of clue?

      Sorry for all these questions but I value your views because you’re objective and not taking any side.

      Thank you again for your intelligent posts,

      1. Hello Irana, I know you didn’t ask me, but just so you know, Alex did express her thoughts about one of your questions above:

        For your interest, she referred to my old post, Terry’s brief letter to Candy (Part 2).

          • Irana93 on November 22, 2017 at 6:29 am
          • Reply

          Yes-I had already read both your post and Alex’s comment before asking her a few questions about the possibility of this letter having been sent to Candy after Susanna’s death.

          In her comment Alex is responding to your hypothesis that it may perhaps have been written before Susanna’s death and the letter was possibly sent to the private school in England. She just compares the options that it would be more sensible for Terry to send it to the school rather than to Albert. But it remains just a possibility as no one can really prove the time of this letter. Alex seems to be a very open minded and negotiable person so she’s simply accepting your possible alternative as well placing it above hers. That takes so much class and Alex does that with so much ease.

          I was just asking for Alex’s opinion to consider or reconsider the option of this letter having been written after Susanna’s death. Terry would have been devastated and it would have taken him some time to contact Candy again without it being awkward and heartless like a vulture waiting for Susanna to die and then instantly contacting Candy. It would have taken him some time to heal and battle with his own insecurities before attempting to reach out to Candy. His mother had tried herself to reunite these two before Susanna’s death because as a mother she knows what her son is going through and how awfully he’s suffering. Maybe she tried to talk to him and convince him to contact Candy.

          It’s perfectly fine to consider and reconsider various options and possibilities. Academics and scientists do it all the time since it’s a key element to learning and developing as a human-being. I’ll repeat that I’ll be happy to know what Alex personally thinks about this without any rush as I know she’s terribly busy. I read i her comment that she’s been doing this legal and historical analysis of the CCFS for her niece’s request. She must really have a soft spot for her niece and her family. I’m sure her niece adores her as well because she seems to be a very nice person with so much wisdom.

          Thank you for providing the links to Alex’s comment and your post on Terry’s last letter to Candy,

          1. You’re welcome. I won’t add anything else then and will let Alex reply if she wants to ☺️

      • Irana93 on November 22, 2017 at 6:39 am
      • Reply

      Hi Alex,

      I’ll just narrow down my question on Terry’s last letter to Candy a bit and ask you whether you’ve considered the possibility that the letter wasn’t sent to Albert but to the Magnolia or Pony’s Home. Maybe that’s why he signed with his initials and kept the letter rather impersonal because he was perhaps embarrassed that someone else would read this letter and it would never go to Candy. It’s unclear whether Terry knew that Candy left the Magnolia apartment but he would probably assume that Pony’s Home is a safer bet as Ms Pony and Sister Lane would certainly pass the letter to Candy.

      Have you ever considered this option? And if not, what do you think about it? Just your personal opinion would do fine since you’ve already provided so much evidence for your factual analysis. But no pressure-only if you want to and if you’re alright with this.

      Thank you again Alex and I wish the best of luck with your niece’s education and future,

      • Lakewood on November 23, 2017 at 8:43 am
      • Reply

      Dear Alex,

      We should all thank you for your amazing commentary on the mystery surrounding the notorious anohito! Indeed, if we are to take the logical and historical route, it’s impossible for Terry to be anohito unless he’s failed or quit acting. I hope my message reaches you because I have been trying to contact you here at Ms Puddle’s lovely blog for a while but my messages keep bouncing back. If you receive my message I will be happy to discuss and share my legal knowledge as well with you and compare our findings. From what I gather your expertise lies in legal history but you were also a practicing lawyer before becoming an academic if I’m not mistaken? What was your legal practice on? Mine is on family law with an emphasis on marriage, divorce and children rights. I would be delighted to discuss the adoption matters with you because your history knowledge will help so much on how things worked back in Candy’s time.

      Being a lawyer I’m also too busy like you Alex so please forgive me if I have not replied to you in due time. Are you on F/B or Twitter? I’m also *fussy* like you Alex but we lawyers have that negative trait, don’t we? We are such a pain!

      And my apologies for my English not being anywhere close to your excellent command. And thank you again for refuting the Terry-anohito claim by using such strong and irrefutable evidence. My Albert supporting friends and I salute you-young lady!

    • Fay on November 6, 2017 at 3:42 pm
    • Reply

    Let me again thank Ms. Puddle and Alex for this series of posts and the amount of work, research and analysis they have put into it. Your contribution to CC fandom is tremendous. Thank you so much, and I am looking forward to your following posts.

    • Fay on November 6, 2017 at 2:34 pm
    • Reply

    Since the adoption issue has been mentioned as a possible impediment between Albert and Candy and has also been used as a weapon by Terry fans to prove that Albert couldn’t be Anohito because he’s Candy’s adoptive father, I have read somewhere (I’m sorry I don’t remember where) that according to Chicago legislation at that time, if a person wished to adopt a child, apart from being an adult, should be at least 16 years older than the child in order to be considered as a parent. Otherwise that person could simply be a guardian. In CCFS we see that Albert is 11 years older than Candy, so legally, as well as biologically he couldn’t be Candy’s father. He was just her guardian until she came of age. Besides, in the novel Candy is referred to many times as the adoptive daughter of the Ardlays, not Albert’s. Her adoption was not the typical adoption which happens when two people want to bring up a child. Albert adopted her to protect her from the adventures waiting for her if she went to Mexico. He gave her the name and the shelter of the Ardlay family, sent her to college, supported her in all her decisions, and let her free to make her own choices but he was never a father to her in the real sense of the word. Besides, how could he do that as he was too young to be her father? The only period of time they lived together was when they pretended to be brother and sister. Could they ever pretend to be father and daughter? Candy herself wrote in her diary that she was adopted but her adoption had nothing to do with Annie’s adoption because she still had no parents. Maybe Nagita didn’t say clearly that the adoption was annulled because she wanted to leave that matter ambiguous as she did with Anohito’s identity. If she clarified that matter she would undoubtedly reveal who Anohito was.

      • Lili Cabezas on November 6, 2017 at 2:59 pm
      • Reply

      Well said!

    1. Well said, Fay!! Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement!

      By now you must have familiarized yourself with CCFS text that you should know that Nagita has toned down the significance of adoption. Yes, it was more like Candy having a guardian, who had given her better prospects in life.

      More importantly, Albert had never regarded himself as an adoptive father. He said he had forgotten about it (or wished he could forget? 😅)

      Regardless, Nagita has taken care of the fact that Albert was quite displeased to hear Candy addressing him as adoptive father (even though she was obviously teasing him). He actually reminded her of her promise to him earlier — that she wouldn’t let him bear anything unpleasant again.

      I think the real impediment between these two blondes was Terry, not the adoption. Let me repeat myself again. The return of the diary is Albert’s way to ask Candy to make her choice. Whom would she rather have?

        • Fay on November 8, 2017 at 6:44 am
        • Reply

        About the adoption I have found another proof that it wasn’t an impediment between them. I am not a lawyer myself, but a friend of mine is and she told me that in my country at least there is a law regarding adoptions. That law states that there can be a marriage between the adoptive parent and the adopted child, in which case the adoption is automatically dissolved and so does any other relation coming from it. Also that fact (the marriage) can raise doubts as to how lawful the adoption is for these two persons, for example if there is a suitable age difference between them. In that case the adoption is regarded as insufficient, that is, there was never an adoption according to the law. Of course I don’t know if there was such a law in America at that time but I suppose an educated and intelligent person as Nagita should have made some research on that subject even though she didn’t clarify that completely in the novel. I think she should have entrenched her story to protect it from that kind of arguments.

    • Yoo Ri Lee on November 4, 2017 at 6:45 am
    • Reply

    It is really interesting analysis. I want to share this valuable information with Korean fans. Is it available to summarize and post you and Alex’s works in Korean Candy Candy fan cafe in Korean?
    Regarding adoption issue, I read the solution that Albert can annul his adoption and let his one of relatives, e.g. Vincent (Anthony’s father), adopt Candy. Then, Albert and Candy are no longer legally father and daughter. The woman who posted that solution studied western history in college and she said it was quite common to fabricate fiancee’s family by adoption at early 1900s.

    1. Sure Yoo Ri Lee you can certainly share my post with your own summary in Korean. I’m glad you found the analysis useful and interesting!

      About adoption, I’ve heard of that too but I believe Albert wouldn’t have chosen his brother-in-law to adopt Candy. Some fanfic even suggested his loyal assistant, Georges 😁

      Besides, by then Candy was no longer a minor and I don’t think she still needed a guardian at that age.

        • Elena MacIver on November 5, 2017 at 12:58 pm
        • Reply

        Hello All,
        Let’s not forget that Albert was only a ‘loon’ (in North East Scotland this word means a ‘young and rather reckless lad or young man’) himself when he took Candy under his wing. The Terry fans should just let go and stop trying to make a father figure out of this ‘loon’. He’s only 11 years older than Candy. He couldn’t be a dad even if he wanted to at that tender age of his. But I am looking forward to Alex’s further slam-dunking the core Terry fan arguments with her legal history expertise. She’s a tall lass herself (I think she mentioned in her previous posts that she’s over 5ft10) so that slam-dunking shot won’t be too difficult for her!

          • Interstellar on November 5, 2017 at 3:02 pm
          • Reply

          LMAO! Epic response, Elena!

          Ms Puddle, I’ve completed your fan-fic “Peculiar Relationship” and I will say to you that you are one excellent writer. I was also going to post my response to you directly but you’ve disabled the comments. I’m gonna start the “Man in Love” one next weekend when I’ll have my hard earned two days off work again.

          1. Thank you so much for reading Peculiar Relationship, Interstellar! So glad you like it because that story is special to me. Thanks again for your encouraging words 😍😘

        1. Agree with you Elena. The funny thing is that these people can’t seem to decide whether Albert was a brother or a father to Candy. A person can’t be both, seriously. 😂

            • Elena MacIver on November 6, 2017 at 6:52 am
            • Reply

            My theory is that these people should just get a grip and focus on the story itself as written by the author herself. To be frank, I was slightly appalled when the Terry fans kept on sending tons of letters and email messages to Nagita pestering her to change her story. That’s rude to say the least. A reader must respect the author’s intent, otherwise put down the book and do something else. Sensible folk have been reading stories which endings are not to their liking but they don’t go hounding the authors imploring them to change it. And let’s say that such Terry fan supplicants managed to get their own little way and Nagita changed the story to a Candy-Terry reunion. What’s the point if this wasn’t Nagita’s intention? It’s like force-feeding someone or forcibly marrying them to someone they don’t want. The essence is to read what the author’s intentions and thought processes are and not what the reader wants. The art and freedom of writing fail when the author surrenders to readers’ pestering. Fortunately, Nagita didn’t succumb to the Terry fan pressure and wrote the story the way she wanted to. As for ambiguities, Nagita is known for being like that and her style doesn’t change in CCFS either. Whether Candy had chosen Terry or Albert is perfectly fine with me and I sure wouldn’t have been begging Nagita to change her story as the Terry fans keep on doing for such a long time. It’s ridiculous and pathetic. Time for the Terry fans to grow up and face the fact that even the most passionate of relationships have an expiry date as in the case of Candy and Terry. These fans have to live and deal with it whether they like it or not. They could fan-fix the Candy-Terry relationship through their own fan-fic stories instead of telling the author what to do with her own story.

        • Yoo Ri Lee on November 6, 2017 at 3:16 am
        • Reply

        Oh really? I always think that Vincent could be a father to Candy.
        And I agree that Albert has concerned Candy as a woman since he lost his memory.
        Who will not fall in love with Candy even though they pretended to be brother and sister?

          • Sarah on November 6, 2017 at 9:08 am
          • Reply

          Hello Yoo Ri Lee,
          What you’re suggesting makes a lot of sense. Given the fact that Albert is a protective person, he may consider alternative ways to shield Candy from harm. Albert knows that Candy isn’t a defenseless little girl but he also knows that many members of the Ardlay family would want to attack Candy and throw her out of the family if anything happened to Albert. I’m not saying that this is the case but it would be safe to assume that Albert would consider all options in protecting Candy’s status as a member of the Ardlays either by annulling the adoption and then marrying her, or transferring the adoption to Vincent Brown and then marry her later on without pressure or anxiety. This would give them ample time to sort their complicated relationship out and enjoy their romance without hasty ties. Mr Brown seems to care about Candy and he also has an excellent relationship with Albert, so he would most certainly accept to adopt her if asked to do so. This adoption is more about keeping all those vipers (Eliza, Neil, etc) away from Candy and this is the reason why Albert had decided to adopt hre in the first place and not because he wanted to be her father.
          Cheers! Sarah

            • Elena MacIver on November 8, 2017 at 6:13 am
            • Reply

            You’re making an interesting point, Sarah. This adoption had nothing to do with parenthood but with shielding Candy from the Lagan harm. I would add Aunt Elroy to the list because she would also want to tear Candy apart once given the chance. The only possible difference in Aunt Elroy’s case is that she may have qualms in doing so due to her love/hate relationship with Albert. I think that the crucial aspect is the transition of Candy’s status from an adoptive daughter to a wife within the Ardlay clan. I don’t think it’s impossible but it’s not simple either. It may explain why Nagita is not making it clear that Candy and Albert are married in CCFS. I’m not saying they are married but I’m not saying they aren’t married either. I’m keeping an open mind about it. Maybe there are still certain obstacles to overcome whether legal or bureaucratic. Maybe that’s the reason why they left for the UK because the circumstances were better for them and they were also away from gossip and malicious rumours back in Chicago. Whatever path they both decide to take, Albert would want to make sure that Candy is not left as an easy prey to those vipers as you say! Let’s see what Alex has to say about the legal ramifications because we may all just be over-complicating the entire situation. Sometimes the answer is far simpler than ever imagined. All you need is the know-how and the expertise!

            • Interstellar on November 8, 2017 at 1:11 pm
            • Reply

            Hi Sarah and Elena, I agree with you both about the underlying reasons the relationship between Candy and Albert took so long to consummate. There’s so much going on. Their relationship is just too intricate. Albert should not be seen as a typical rich guy with traditional and conventionally religious dogmas. On the contrary, he despised all that stuff. This is the common link between Terry and Albert because both of these guys are so rebellious and anti-establishment even though they come from posh backgrounds. Perhaps that’s the reason why the Terry and Albert fans are so confused. Terry and Albert are actually quite alike in many aspects so Anohito could easily be confused with either of them. Too bad that Nagita wasn’t in the best of mood to provide character development to these fascinating people.

        1. Hello Yoo Ri Lee,

          Let me clarify first. Vincent is indeed a father figure to Candy, and as I explained in one of my recent posts, in the old CC novel she wrote to him with high respect, regarding him as Anthony’s father.

          However, in CCFS, her tone has changed. She wrote with respect, but he was more like her equal. I believe you know what I am getting at because of your Korean background. 🙂

          Therefore, as I concluded earlier, she wrote the letter by regarding Vincent as Albert’s brother-in-law.

          In that particular letter, Candy mentioned Albert still respected Vincent as a big brother (even though his late sister had long passed away). Therefore, I’m inclined to think that Albert wouldn’t have asked Vincent to adopt Candy.

          Just my gut feeling 😁

            • Yoo Ri Lee on November 8, 2017 at 2:54 am
            • Reply

            Thank you for your comment Ms Puddle. I know what you mean. It is quite complicated that Vincent is Anthony’s father and brother-in-law of Albert. If I see Vincent as Anthony’s father only, I can think Candy might consider him like father and she only has foster mothers. However, As Albert’s brother-in-law, it might be weird for Candy to think him as father. Koreans usually say “family tree is twisted” in this case as a joke. Moreover, intermarriage in royal families in Korea were quite common till 15C. So I personally think Vincent can adopt Candy because he cares her a lot and she was Anthony’s girlfriend. But I have no idea whether Albert or Candy want that. I will wait for you and Alex’s opinion merrily. 🙂

      • Anonymous on November 5, 2017 at 8:36 am
      • Reply

      Thanks for that info!

    • Lynn on November 1, 2017 at 6:12 am
    • Reply

    Hi Everyone,
    I’ve just finished reading Part II of Alex’s analysis and I’m impressed if not stunned by her level of accuracy and thoroughness. My best friend is a Terry fan and she’s just as amazed as I am even though she would have preferred Terry as Anohito. Until now, my friend and I always thought that Terry would have been a RSC actor in the UK otherwise it wouldn’t make sense for him to live there. Those blogs which support Terry being Anohito assert that he and Candy live in England near Stratford-upon-Avon because Terry is working as an RSC actor there. This RSC status was their main argument and I did consider it to be a strong one in their favour but that was before I read Part II of Alex’s CCFS analysis. My friend told me about this new post (she’s been uneasy since Alex’s analysis of CCFS) and she’s also very disappointed to see that it’s impossible for Terry to have worked as an RSC actor since the RSC didn’t even exist until 1961. I agree with all of you here that Alex has smashed the argument of Terry being Anohito with this specific detail. I guess it’s as the saying goes that the “Devil is in the details”. My friend who’s an ardent Terry fan reluctantly admits that Alex’s arguments are solid as granite and she can’t find anything against them. I would like to know what Alex has to say though about Candy being Albert’s adoptive daughter because even though Terry is out of the picture, I wonder how the adoption case had been dealt with if Albert is Anohito after all.
    Have a good and productive week,

    1. Hello Lynn, glad to hear that you and your friend find Alex’s analysis and insights helpful. Yes, Alex is fully aware that this is one of Terry fans’ strongest arguments, but you and your friend have now understood it was baseless. Their case regarding Terry working for RSC is lost.

      About the adoption, yes, Alex does have things to say, but she’s currently busy. Besides, she has given enough information for me to write a couple more posts. For example, I’ll explain why on earth Albert would have moved to England. 😊

        • Lynn on November 1, 2017 at 8:18 am
        • Reply

        Hello Ms Puddle and it’s a pleasure to speak to you again after some time. Yes, Alex had mentioned something about her moving house for job-related purposes. As a very educated person, she probably has tons of books to move from her old place to her new establishment! My best friend (even though she supports Terry) started to become uneasy that Anohito is not Terry after reading Alex’s first comments on your blog in September. She then came to terms that it’s not Terry after your newest post a few days ago. She’s still complaining to me though that Albert can’t be Anohito because he’s Candy’s adoptive father. My friend has a point here. Perhaps Anohito is neither Terry nor Albert but some random person who is very much like Albert in character. There’s a possibility that Albert paved the way for Candy to find a better man in her life and encouraged her to respect herself more. Don’t get me wrong, I want Albert to be Anohito but my friend has made a valid point about the adoption case. Albert is a very ethical man and the reason why he’s so distant from Candy could be because he’s her adoptive father. Yes, I agree with many people here that Albert is only eleven years older than Candy and no way could he ever be regarded as a father figure. Of-course we all know that this adoption means nothing in the CCFS and no one regards the relationship (not even the author takes it seriously) between Candy and Albert as a father-daughter relationship. But the fact remains that in print and in legal papers Albert is her adoptive father even though that was never his intention. I’m sure Alex knows a lot about adoption issues as she’s a lawyer so I’ll wait patiently for your and Alex’s next post. Best Wishes, Lynn

          • Elena MacIver on November 1, 2017 at 4:11 pm
          • Reply

          Hi Lynn,

          I agree with you that Albert is not a father figure and that’s made clear in CCFS. No one can spin doctor this. Albert is just a young lad himself forcibly placed into a role he never wanted to play.

          There are also many references in CCFS where Albert’s relatives plot to nullify the adoption, including Aunt Elroy. In the manga and anime Candy constantly wants to renounce her Ardlay name because she never feels any form of father-daughter relationship with Uncle William.

          In CCFS, Candy explains that the real adopted parent-child relationship is that between Annie and her adoptive parents. Candy’s aware that the only reason Uncle William adopted her was due to the persistent pleas from Anthony, Archie and Stear.

          While I’m sure Alex will develop a very interesting analysis regarding the legal issues of adoption back in the 1900s, Keiko Nagita has already rendered this so-called adoption as insignificant far too many times. Back in the 1900s, adoption was a bit of a strange case which didn’t necessarily equate to parenthood but to being some sort of benefactor and financial guardian.

          Let’s see what Alex’s legal expertise has to say about such adoption cases. She’s already de-constructed and dismantled the assumption that Terry worked as an RSC actor in the British country-side. She’s made a strong case that Terry is not anohito if he’s still an active actor in the 1930s. As she’s cleared that one out, let’s see if Albert could fit into the anohito role.

        • Lynn on November 1, 2017 at 8:42 am
        • Reply

        Ms Puddle, I just want to add this point my (Terry fan) friend had made while we were discussing about this adoption case which I think is worth commenting on. My friend thinks that Candy had already begun to have a crush on Albert even before she broke up with Terry. The ways in which she would fall into Albert’s arms (she was so physical with him), the blind trust she had in him (he was a complete stranger), and the ways she would frantically run after him when he disappeared from the hospital, all speak volumes of the fact that her feelings for him were more than just fraternal. Maybe she hadn’t realized that she was falling for him. But let’s not forget that Candy didn’t realize that she was in love with Terry until it was too late. This girl is so unlucky. By the time she and Anthony had become a couple, Anthony dies soon after. Then she begins a new relationship with Terry but when she finally admits to herself that she loves him, he leaves for the USA. My friend says that a similar situation occurs with Albert. By the time Candy realizes that she’s in love with Albert, he also leaves her and then he reveals his true identity to her as the patriarch of the Ardlay clan. My friend adds that the reason why Albert left Candy after regaining his memory was because he was ashamed that he had also fallen in love with Candy but also because he was insecure that she still pined over Terry. It’s rather obvious that both Candy and Albert tried to hide their (sexual) feelings for one another but when they realized how they truly feel, they became terrified and built a wall between them. By building a wall, I mean something mutual from Candy and Albert. Maybe the letters (Epilogue) were a way for them to flirt with each other but in a more acceptable way and at a very safe distance. I think my friend’s points are food for thought. She’s been classy to accept that Terry is not Anohito and I want to return this to her by posting her thoughts even if they’re not pleasant for us Albert fans!

          • Elena MacIver on November 1, 2017 at 4:25 pm
          • Reply

          Lynn, these points are worth discussing. I’ll just add my own opinion that Albert was probably more concerned whether Candy had got over Terry instead of the adoption issue. He doesn’t want to be a replacement or a substitute. I think that his insecurity for Terry is stronger than any concern for invalidating the adoption. I agree with those who say that Albert knew too much about Candy’s past love life and this may really turn him off. To be honest, I wouldn’t blame him. Knowing too much about your partner’s past love live is so off-putting. The less you know the better. There’s an interesting clue in CCFS where Candy writes in one of those epilogue letters that she and Albert avoid talking about Terry lately. That’s a hint that their relationship is developing into something more than friendship. This awkwardness between them is something they had never experienced before.

          1. My sentiments exactly, Elena. Candy wrote in her unsent letter to Terry about Albert and how much he knew about her deep feelings for Terry by reading her diary.

            Neither Albert nor Candy had broached the subject. I believe it was too sensitive for them both. Albert didn’t bring it up until their trip to Lakewood. Even then, Albert only left a brief remark about the diary. It was Candy who actually wrote about its contents in her letter to Little Bert.

            If Albert hadn’t been in love with Candy, it wouldn’t have been so tough for him to talk about the diary.

              • Elena MacIver on November 2, 2017 at 6:54 am

              That’s so true, Ms Puddle!

              I think that as readers we’re beginning to see a very different Albert after his debut as WAA and also after the Rockstown incident. He’s no longer the free-style hipster-like nomad who easily leaves everything behind and moves on a clean slate. Apart from the fact that he’s not getting any younger, Albert is gradually becoming more mature and responsible. He even says this himself in his letters to Candy that he feels bad for having failed so many people with his reckless attitude-George, in particular. As he’s getting older, his duty to his family and staff members becomes more intense. Many Terry fans are making the wrong assumption that Albert and Terry have remained the same young guys we all knew back then at St Paul’s boarding school. This is the reason why they think that Albert has remained a care-free traveller and Terry has remained that possessive and insanely jealous little rich kid with the snarky attitude. They couldn’t have been more wrong!

              Another point is that we as readers also get to see an Albert who can get jealous and can also become possessive. This was a side of Albert I had never expected to see. No, he sure isn’t at all an aggressive and violent woman beater as Terry but he sure can display some subtle emotional outbursts. I have to admit that I do find his needy complaints to Candy quite cute. These needy complaints are mutual between Candy as Albert. Both of them have changed a lot. Their letters are all about what each one wants and needs from the other. Their “lovers’ quarrel” is adorable to say the least.

              And a final point is that Albert is beginning to show his vulnerable side as well. Candy appears to love this more humane side of Albert because she keeps on mentioning how much she likes the ways in which Albert seems and behaves more natural to her. It’s as if she loves his weaknesses and she may even see them as a form of strength. At Lakewood, for the first time Albert was the one who tenderly took Candy in his arms because he needed to express his grief and anguish to her. One of most beautiful moments is when Albert confesses how guilty he feels for having arranged the fox hunting which led to Anthony’s tragic death. For the first time he opens up to Candy and this sure is a significant climactic moment between them.

              Unfortunately, I can’t find the source for this reference but I had read a few years ago that Nagita wanted to devote a separate story for Albert alone and shed more light about his past. She had explained in an interview that Albert is her most complex and beloved character and she would have wanted to write more about him. She added that she has loads of rough drafts which were never added to CCFS because she had to maintain what the editors and publishers wanted. Because I don’t want to appear as if I’m making this up and I so appreciate the way you and Alex always provided clear-cut and valid sources for all your points, let’s just keep this final point as hearsay and that’s it. But if I do manage to find the source, I’ll post it here on your blog asap.

              • Ms Puddle on November 2, 2017 at 10:21 pm

              I agree with you, Elena, that everyone has changed, including Candy, Albert and Terry. Well said, my friend!

              Like you, I really enjoy reading the correspondence in the epilogue. It shows how their friendship has changed to romance, and no doubt they both missed each other a lot. Albert began to open up, and Candy didn’t even bother hiding her feelings for her prince. 💞 Some people didn’t like Albert being vulnerable in CCFS epilogue, but I honestly like him being more human, just like Candy! ☺️ Elena, you’re probably aware I like the forest scene the most. It was beautifully written. Poignant and touching… Sigh…

              Thank you for sharing about Nagita’s thoughts about her beloved character, Albert. Yes if you can find the source, please definitely share it with us. Looking forward to hearing from you about it, but remember, no pressure 🤗

              • Elena MacIver on November 3, 2017 at 7:23 am

              Hello Ms Puddle,

              The forest scene is magnificent to say the least. It’s a moment where both Candy and Albert shed any defence mechanism and display their vulnerable self to each other. Those Terry fans which keep on believing that there’s no romantic element between Candy and Albert are delusional.

              You’re absolutely right about the forest scene. Nagita also allows her readers to assume that something more intimate had later occurred between these two. This is evident in the way Candy is so enthusiastic in her letter describing this forest scene. Her style of writing is identical to the passionate way she was writing about Terry in her diary back at St Paul’s boarding school. That element of tension within Candy is found in both her adolescent diary and this adult letter describing the forest scene. She’s so elated when describing her quality time spent with Albert at Lakewood. Perhaps if we could catch a glimpse of her face, we could see her glowing.

              And her final (unsent) letter to Anthony intensifies her sexual drive for Albert. The way she describes Albert’s face and the way she focuses on his eyes is not fraternal love at all. There’s no way any Terry fan could provide a valid argument to say otherwise. When a woman describes a man’s eyes in such a way as Candy does, it’s because she’s head over heels in love with him!

              • Ms Puddle on November 5, 2017 at 12:39 pm

              Bravo, Elena!! Well said, my friend! You have marvelously summarized many of my old posts 😍

              Let me tell you a blog post I read some time ago, which I mentioned in one of my comments earlier. The blogger was a Terry fan in Japan, and she was honest about her discomfort when she read Candy’s descriptions of Albert’s appearance in her mental letter to Anthony. The blogger admitted there were “too many details”. 😉

              • Elena MacIver on November 5, 2017 at 1:06 pm

              Really? Wow! A Terry fan actually admitting that unpalatable (to her) reality. It’s worthy of her though to admit it. If only the loads of Terry fans could have a bit of her classiness. But I guess that’s only wishful thinking, isn’t it?

              • Ms Puddle on November 5, 2017 at 5:59 pm

              Yes, she admitted that it didn’t sound right (I think she meant if Candy was still in love with Terry…). 🤔 However, that post was mainly about bluebells, so she simply glossed over.

              • Lynn on November 2, 2017 at 9:58 am

              Hello Ms Puddle & Elena,

              I agree that Albert has nothing to be ashamed of. It’s just that loads of Terry fans are desperately trying to find something against Albert and all they’ve got is the adoption issue. Their arguments on the adoption issue are too weak. They can’t find anything against Albert because the man is perfection in appearance, character, education and social status. Albert’s a Prince in all terms and there’s nothing the Terry fans can do to change that. I remember back in 2010 when the CCFS first came out that the Terry fans were already announcing online that Terry is anohito even though they had never read the book. Since the Italian translation in 2015, the Terry fans have toned down tremendously and only a small handful of them have remained which still continue to scream and shout that Terry’s anohito no matter what. My best friend who’s a Terry fan has accepted for a long while that Terry isn’t anohito. She’s also reading this blog and she reluctantly admits that most Albert fan blogs are far more intelligent and sensible than the Terry fan ones. She finds the Terry fans too sentimental but she also criticises us Albert fans that we tend to be more logical but also rather judgemental and acerbic. She also thinks that Alex has dropped loads of bombshells on the Terry fan arguments. Alex has become a bit of a Nemesis! I doubt that’s her intention but she has literally destroyed the core Terry fan arguments. But that last lingering argument which the Terry fans continue to desperately cling to is that Albert can’t be anohito because he had adopted Candy. Even though the author has demeaned the significance of that adoption, the Terry fans still cling to it as if their own lives depend on it!

              • Ms Puddle on November 2, 2017 at 10:33 pm

              Hello Lynn,

              As I mentioned before, I believe Alex has something to say about the adoption issue as well, so one day we might be able to hear from her. I’m eagerly waiting too. 😄

              I’m glad your best friend is willing to accept the reality. Of course everyone is free to choose his or her favorite characters, but fans should respect the author’s choice regardless.

              In fact, some stubborn Terry fans remind me of some pro-Jo-Laurie fans of the classic The Little Women. They simply dislike the fact that Jo ended up with the professor. Sigh…

              • Lynn on November 3, 2017 at 5:37 pm

              What’s not to like about the professor in Little Women? Some people can’t be understood and we shouldn’t even bother trying to figure them out. The same goes with all those Terry fans which keep on attacking Albert by calling him selfish and whatever else they may come up with. Such people remind me of some friends of mine which keep on ending up with the wrong guys and then they start nagging by blaming all men for their ill fate instead of their poor judgement for falling for the wrong type of men. Candy seems to have been smart enough to choose the right man and the Terry fans still can’t cope with the fact that Candy’s feelings for Albert are much stronger than her feelings for Terry. No one’s saying that she got over Terry as she didn’t get over Anthony no matter how much Terry forced her to do so. It’s just that her feelings for Albert are more complex and important. It’s as simple as that. It’s about moving on and not being glued to the past which is so unhealthy.

              • Moudy on November 4, 2017 at 1:16 am

              Hi..Lynn…I agree with you too..about Candy’s feelings for Albert which can not be compared to Terry which she clearly said her unsent letter to Terry..she used past tense..”because I have loved you”… Which she did not send anyway..

              What else would she thank her parents for for abandoning her? And that her happiness lies in now…not the past..
              And with whom which she exchanged letters to…?None other than Albert…While with Terry only exist in her diary which she chose not to reopen…


              • Ms Puddle on November 5, 2017 at 12:48 pm

              Yes, Moudy, and in addition to her diary, she also had correspondence with Terry, but in her letter she said he always teased her and she’d rather have some romantic letters from him. 😅

              • Ms Puddle on November 5, 2017 at 12:45 pm

              Yes, indeed, Lynn! My sentiments exactly about some people who fall for the wrong guys…or the guys who were not ready for long term relationships or unwilling to commit.

              No wonder there are many articles out there about how to find men who are suitable for marriage. 😅

              Yes, Candy had undoubtedly moved on. It’s clear in CCFS. It’s just that some fans can’t accept this outcome and rather stay in the past (days at St Paul’s)…

        1. Hello Lynn, I kinda agree with your friend’s perspectives, but I don’t think Albert was ashamed of his own feelings for Candy.

          Remember, he didn’t leave Candy right after his recovery. He left when he realized that the neighbors had found out they weren’t real siblings and even suspected his person.

          This part in CCFS is consistent with the manga. He left Candy because he figured he had given her nothing but troubles.

          Note that Albert didn’t expect Candy would love him back. That also explains why Albert would play Cupid later by leading Candy to Rockstown. ☺️

            • Lynn on November 3, 2017 at 5:45 pm
            • Reply

            I couldn’t agree with you more, Ms Puddle. I just want to be fair and express the opposing views for reasons of a balanced argument. It’s a pity that Terry fans seldom post their opinion on Albert supporting blogs. It would have been interesting to have a debate between the Terry and Albert supporters but of-course this debate should be polite.

              • Ms Puddle on November 5, 2017 at 12:46 pm

              True… a long as the debates are civilized and polite, I welcome any arguments. 😊

    • Sarah on October 30, 2017 at 5:57 am
    • Reply

    Hello Ms Puddle, I’m so impressed with the high quality work of your and Alex’s recent post. Your analysis surrounding the financial and social events during the early twentieth century is ingenious.
    Ms Puddle-You’ve done a brilliant job in providing credible references for each of your points which gives us the opportunity to quickly check the facts a bit further if we want to. I agree with everyone here about your clever reference to the light switch. That was so perceptive of you!
    Needless to say about Alex’s spot on clarification that the RSC didn’t even exist in the 1930s. It’s so sad that the Terry fans so stubbornly cling to that claim that Terry was an RSC actor and that’s why he and Candy lived near Stratford-upon-Avon. Alex has completely smashed their core argument to pieces with a single blow. It’s awesome that you and Alex have provided a complete database proving your points from A to Z! I checked the names of some of those actors who worked occasionally for the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre and they’re all based in London. A few of them even desperately tried to pursue a career in acting in the States but they got rejected (check out the actors who played Hamlet in the 1930s). If Terry is still an active actor in the 1930s, Alex is right that he would have been insane if he abandoned his well-established post for a poorer one in the UK. I agree with you that if Terry is still a successful actor, he would never reside in the British country-side. It just doesn’t make any sense. On the other hand, Albert loves nature and a nice comfy house in the country with the lady he loves would be the best option for him. My guess is that Albert sold Lakewood not out of financial hazards but because that place had awful memories for Candy and for him. I think that he and Candy wanted to have a fresh start in the UK away from all their painful memories as they both had suffered so much. Cheers! Sarah

      • Interstellar on October 30, 2017 at 7:49 am
      • Reply

      Sarah, I can’t even begin with the ludicrous interpretations I’ve been reading at some pro-Terry blogs. If only that RSC blunder was the only one to humiliate them! I’ve recently come across a blog (won’t name it out of discretion) where the author claimed that the man who repaired Stear’s music box was Terry and not Albert. Her so-called premise (if anyone could call it like that) was that Stear’s music box wasn’t in need of repair but it needed Terry to simply look at it. I’m not joking! She actually posted that assumption online.

      You know, at the office we’ve got a few desktops in need of repair. I say we call Terry to simply look at them and they’ll all get fixed in no time! My laptop also gave its last gasp the other week. I should give Terry a call so he could come over and have a look at it (literally).

      And then they say that Albert is made to look like some sort of super-hero. How could Albert ever compete with Terry’s repairman’s vision? Who needs a plumber, electrician or software technician when we’ve got Terry?

      Seriously, I’m curious what some Terry fans are smoking. It must be some powerful stuff..

        • reeka on October 30, 2017 at 7:17 pm
        • Reply

        Ha! I know the blog! 😀 Isn’t it a fan fiction? Actually it was a piece of a fine writing to me, regardless the nonsense of the plot. Yes, it’s said in that story that Terry found out the music box was not working and Candy somehow was upset by it. She said it reminded her of the time she left NY with broken heart. And Terry just needed to come close, looked at it, and abracadabra! It worked well again. LOL Oh the power of a great love *sarcastic

          • Interstellar on October 31, 2017 at 8:27 am
          • Reply

          Hello Reeka!

          The blog I’m talking about is a fairly recent one (about a year old) and there’s no fan fiction in it so far. The blogger keeps on saying that she’s a scientist and she knows how to uncover that Terry is Anohito because of that. I thought that she would use some form of reasoning and evidence for her assumptions but all she does is swoon over Terry and make cheesy comments devoid of any proof. I have to admit that I almost fell off my chair laughing when she made that idiotic claim about Terry fixing that music box the moment he cast his eyes on it. Superman had x-ray vision but Terry has repairman vision.

          I would suggest she keep away from the lab if her level in science is the same with her level of making valid arguments. Alternatively, she could get Terry to look over her experiments to keep everything in order.

          Seriously, that blogger should come over here to Ms Puddle’s to receive a true lesson on what it means to think and debate in an intelligent way. Not one aspect has been analysed in this blog without it being supported by valid sources and evidence.

          Kudos Ms Puddle and Team!

            • Elena MacIver on October 31, 2017 at 2:39 pm
            • Reply

            Interstellar, I know who you’re talking about. I’ve read her posts on her blog as well and I was absolutely disgusted with her defence for Terry’s abusive and violent behaviour towards women. She actually had the audacity to say that we shouldn’t judge Terry based on his violence towards women but be sympathetic to him because he had a rough childhood. I’ve never come across someone being so apologetic for a woman beater and even more so from a female blogger! I’ll also say that many people have had a rough childhood but that doesn’t make them violent against women. Many of these Terry fans believe that he was right to be brusque against Candy and that she shouldn’t have slapped him for forcing himself on her. They criticise her for not accepting his violent advances against her! I am lost for words for these people and I still can’t believe that there are people out there who support such appalling nonsense. If someone supports Terry’s abusiveness against Candy and against women as a whole, this person deserves no respect. But such people who endorse such abusiveness don’t respect themselves anyway.

              • Ms Puddle on October 31, 2017 at 6:08 pm

              Hi Elena and Interstellar, like you, I utterly disagree with this blogger’s perspectives, but let’s not discuss her blog or her theories here. It’s somewhat unfair to her because I don’t think she’ll drop by to defend herself. 😊

              • Sarah on November 1, 2017 at 5:07 am

              Ms Puddle, none of the commenters (Reeka, Interstellar, Elena) have made any mention of the blogger’s name or website. They have kept their discretion (Interstellar actually specifies that she refuses to mention the blogger’s name out of discretion in her comment above) and not once have they been unfair to anyone.

              • Ms Puddle on November 1, 2017 at 7:34 am

              True, Sarah! They have indeed been discreet. 👍

              I shouldn’t have used the word “unfair”. Perhaps I should have said it was somewhat inappropriate to talk about a particular Terry fan “behind her back”? I know some Terry fans have subscribed to my blog, and they might know right away whom we have referred to… Anyway, I’m sure you get the idea ☺️😘

              • Interstellar on November 1, 2017 at 7:54 am

              Thank you Sarah for your vote of confidence (just kidding)! That pro-Terry blogger has posted online and in full public display so she obviously wants us all to know her thoughts. Criticism comes with the territory when posting on the web and not all feedback is going to be pleasant whether we like it or not. The internet is an open arena and if you want to jump in, you’re going to have to be a bit more thick-skinned with the critique. I for one haven’t even named the lady but if Ms Puddle wants us to refrain from elaborating on that blogger’s dumb post about Terry and the music box (sorry, Ms Puddle, but that specific post is so stupid and I would be a big fat liar if I said otherwise), I’ll abide by that. I’m a straight-forward person who doesn’t mince words but I’ll stop here as I’m only a guest. Besides, it’s Ms Puddle who calls the shots on her own blog, right? As a guest, I respect that even though I have been discreet and have kept the pro-Terry lady anonymous. There are thousands of such blogs online so anonymity is easy. Thanks again Sarah for your support and talk to you again soon!

              • Ms Puddle on November 1, 2017 at 8:34 am

              Interstellar, please don’t get me wrong. I really like your sense of humour 😃, and you’re truly a witty writer. I wouldn’t have approved your comments if you hadn’t been discreet 🤗 Thank you for your understanding, my friend 😘

              • Interstellar on November 1, 2017 at 9:07 am

              Don’t mention it, Ms Puddle! I’m a bit of a sharp-tongue woman and I speak my mind. I’m an abrasive but a fair person though. My apologies for any inconvenience to you/your blog, but no apologies from me to the Terry-fans. I agree with you and I will never comment about other people’s blogs even if their comments are absolutely idiotic! Thanks for your great blog, Ms Puddle, and especially for your elegant character. Even though some Terry fans have spoken badly about you, you always maintain a higher position and brush the trolls off your shoulders with your dignity. I admire and respect you for that!

              If it were me though, I wouldn’t be as polite and considerate to those trolls as you have been.

              Thank you for inviting and embracing us all in your lovely blog!

              • Sarah on November 1, 2017 at 12:30 pm

              LOL-My pleasure to provide my vote of confidence, Interstellar! Looking forward to talking to you soon too!

              • Ms Puddle on November 1, 2017 at 8:51 pm

              No apologies necessary, Interstellar! It’s just my personal conviction. No worries. Thanks for your understanding, my friend 😗

              No doubt some people out there are bad-mouthing other pro-Albert fans, including myself, but I won’t waste time reading what they say about me, nor do I care. I don’t have much free time; I’d rather spend my precious spare time contributing to this fandom, encouraging other CC fans who actually understand the story plot. 😄

              As I said, I’m fully aware that some Terry fans are reading my posts, and I honestly take that as a compliment. 😁

          1. Thank you very much again for your support and encouragement, Interstellar. Yes I’ve co-written academic papers before, and I know how important it is to prove your points with evidence and facts. Thanks again 💞💓

              • moudy on November 1, 2017 at 7:06 am

              My sentiments exactly,Dear all…
              Terry as repairman?Terry slapped Candy..forced her to forget Anthony…called her numerous names…
              With Albert, always on the contrary , not to mention he got the perfect height taller than Terry I think…😀 the perfect height for Candy to throw her hugs and just perfect for Albert to land a peck on her forehead…😉😉😋😋

              Plus..supported by the so cleverly analysis from Miss Puddle here…we can all be at peace of who Anohito is..😊😊

              • Ms Puddle on November 1, 2017 at 8:25 am

              Hello Moudy, just by reading your comment I can imagine how Candy ran to her Prince on the Hill and how he wrapped his arms around her petite form, leaning forward to kiss her forehead. Nice 😍

              • Moudy on November 1, 2017 at 8:52 am

              Now wouldn’t that what any woman want…😍
              I think everyone can agree to disagree..of who Anohito is..But let’s go back to the last letter in CCFS where Candy wrote she thanked her parents for abandoning her which lead her to meet Albert…There it is. That is it…😊😉

              Just like the front and the back cover of the manga novel..it’s Candy and her prince of the hill…there is a reason why the author put that picture..so let our imagination run wild of who this story about..simply by looking at this fact 😉

              Cheers , Everyone 😊

              • Ms Puddle on November 1, 2017 at 8:45 pm

              Yes, indeed, Moudy. The story began on Pony’s Hill with Candy and her mysterious prince. The manga story ended at the same spot with the same couple, only this time they were in love with each other. 😊

      1. Laughing out loud… This is really funny, I must say. I like your sense of humour, Interstellar 😁😃

          • Interstellar on October 31, 2017 at 8:36 am
          • Reply

          I’m a bit cruel, I know, but I have zero tolerance for unlimited stupidity and I’m afraid there’s too much of that in a few pro-Terry blogs. Even though I’m an Albert fan, I feel sorry for Terry for having such a dumb-infested fandom. If Terry were alive, he would be rolling his eyes with the stupid stuff written in a few of those blogs about him. He would prefer to hang out with us as he always preferred to hang out with Albert. We’re the winners people! End of story!

          1. Yes, Interstellar. It’s so true that Terry himself actually admired Albert 👍😁

    1. Hello Sarah, your compliments and encouraging words really made my day 💓, but I could hardly take a break from work today. Anyway, glad you enjoyed reading this post, and Alex’s information about actors in London and the history of RSC just nailed it. 👍👏

      I can see that you have paid attention to details too, and I’m happy to hear that you also found the database of past events and performances useful and indisputable! When I first read about this database provided by Alex, I was speechless… 😁

      It just doesn’t make sense for Terry to leave New York or USA… perhaps some people would come up with other speculations? For example, Terry would abandon his career and head to UK to inherit a castle from the Duke? I don’t know. 😅

    • Lili Cabezas on October 29, 2017 at 10:08 am
    • Reply

    As always, impecable analysis! It’s been too long since I wrote to you Ms. Puddle
    Hope all is well with you. Albert is definitely Anohito, it has to be, everything points to him staying in her life even the enigmatic ending on the tv show! Can’t wait to the next analysis!! Candy, Candy has been so important to a lot of fans, im almost 47 and still want to know how it ended, such an amazing story so well writen! Thanks Ms. Puddle from Puerto Rico with love!

      • Lili Cabezas on October 29, 2017 at 10:10 am
      • Reply

      Also say thanks to Alex, great work!!

    1. Hello Lili! Yes it’s been a long while indeed. Glad to see you again 🙂

      About who Anohito is, it’s been debated for years, but hopefully this series will help clarify things and explain why the rumors were baseless. 🤗

    • reeka on October 29, 2017 at 6:50 am
    • Reply

    Ms, Puddle & Alex,

    You both are simply insanely thorough and detailed. Who would’ve thought about faint clues such an electricity switch? 😀

    Well, it’s quite hysterical actually to know that Royal Shakespeare Company had not yet born in 1930s. LOL. To me, the idea of Terry ( if he was Anohito) living with Candy in England in 1930s is never convincing. Terry totally had no reason to be in England. Broadway and Hollywood were in their golden years. As a very successful actor, why would he leave his dream at the time he actually lived that dream?
    And I think at this point, we shouldn’t even talk about fans argument in which Terry had been reconciled with The Duke again as we discussed it gazillions times that the notion simply had no chance. That’s why at a very beginning I joined this whole CCFS discussion ( back then in Bequi’s blog), after reading the existing CCFS spoilers, I had said, Anohito could not be Terry. Fans could argue he was not Albert, I did not rule out the possibility it was not Albert back then, it could be anybody, but definitely not Terry.

    p.s. I love the new appearance of your blog, Ms Puddle.

    1. Hello Reeka, glad you like the new appearance on my blog. To my surprise, the WordPress theme I’ve been using all these years has recently changed significantly. 🙂

      Yes, like Alex, I wanted to come up with facts and evidence why we have ruled out the possibility of Candy and Anohito living in the area near River Avon in the Highlands.

      As you can see, electricity is one of the important clues, and when the idea struck me during my research, I must say Nagita (Mizuki) was brilliant to have put in this hint! 👏👏

      Anyway, like you, I’ve always believed the acting career was Terry’s life, not Candy. He slipped into depression after the breakup wasn’t entirely because he had lost Candy. It was also due to his career going downhill.

      Anyway, I really can’t see why Terry would move back to England if he still loved being an actor. 🙂

    • Elena MacIver on October 28, 2017 at 11:19 am
    • Reply

    This is such a thought-provoking post, Ms Puddle! Your analysis about Scotland and its resources (or lack of resources) during the early 20th century is incredible. It’s obvious that you’ve put a lot of effort into this new post. As for Alex’s report that the RSC didn’t even exist until the 1960s is nuclear. Most Terry fans continue that silly rant that Terry was a RSC actor during the 1930s even though the RSC was established more than 30 years later hahaha! These Myth-Buster posts are getting better and better! Thanks so much for your great commentary, Elena

    1. Thank you Elena for your kind words. 😍 After reading comments about the possibility of River Avon in the Highlands, I determined to do some research myself. Thanks to Google search engine. Very helpful indeed 😁

      Yes, Alex’s analyses concerning RSC in Stratford-upon-Avon and actors in US vs those in London are priceless to say the least! 👏👏

      Thanks again for your support 💕

        • Elena MacIver on October 29, 2017 at 4:36 am
        • Reply

        Don’t mention it, Ms Puddle! The pleasure is all ours for reading your insights into CCFS. It’s a pity that some CC fans have never considered the fact that CCFS and its original are based a lot on modern history. I was reading about Nagita’s life, and her education as well as career are reliant on higher knowledge in literature and history. She has also worked as a theatre actress for some time in her youth. Nagita has expressed quite a lot of times how she wants to be absolutely accurate in all her references to history and geography such as place-names. I think that this historical path that you and Alex are taking is clever to say the least. No one can dispute facts but it takes knowledge though. One plus one equals two-end of story. I agree with Moudy and I can’t wait for the Albert part in your Myth-Busters series! Best Wishes, Elena

        1. Hello Elena, thank you for your compliments but I must say that the credits mainly go to Alex! She offered her vast knowledge in history and literature, and it’s my honour and pleasure to share her analyses and references with you all. ☺️😘

    • Moudy on October 28, 2017 at 7:25 am
    • Reply

    Wow…it’s fascinating how you put all the facts and connects the dots of the CCFS story…😊😊
    It’s like time travelling everytime I read your story..😀

    I agree with the fact that during the 1930’s the film industry was thriving in the US…so Terry would have still be success in NY…in the anime tv there was a scene in part 112 where Terry came to Chicago and later decided not to meet Candy and later left to pursue his dream…and never look back…

    Where Albert has always been the one who put Candy first…the part where he swicthed the light and said..”you were in the dark..what’s the matter with you, Candy…? Its another hint…of who was the one always sensed Candy’s troubled heart and always asked first….😉😉

    By the way…its a very nice picture..is that the Avon River in Bath….England…?😊😊

    Looking forward to the “Albert” part….

    1. Hello Moudy,

      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed reading this post. It has taken me some time and effort, but in the end I’m happy with the results. 😘

      I got the beautiful picture from the webpage of a hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon. This is similar to what I have imagined based on Candy’s descriptions of the River Avon near her house.

      In fact, throughout the story of Candy Candy, the Ardlays’ mansions were often in proximity of some forms of water bodies, and is it a coincident? 😃

      Indeed, the behaviour of Anohito reminds me more of Albert than Terry. ☺️

      I’ll begin writing the next post as soon as I can. Thank you for your encouraging words, Moudy 😊

        • Moudy on October 29, 2017 at 8:50 am
        • Reply

        Well…tell you what…glad to know that there are friends of Candy and Albert all over the world who unites thru your wonderfully written stories…and they came with some coloured pictures too…😀😀…
        I haven’t seen the CCFS directly yet…but Thanks to you..now i can finally be at peace knowing who was more important in Candy’s life..and i have been searching for the answer since my youth years…o well…it was many many years ago 😊😉

        And…Hello to everyone here who also commented on Miss Puddle’s Page…🙋

        I leave you all now with a song from Peter Cetera ” Glory of Love ” which the lyrics fit for Albert’s love for Candy…

        1. Thanks again Moudy for the encouragement. Thank you for the song that you shared too!💓 I’m more than delighted to have met quite a few new friends lately. All the new comments are solid contributions to my blog, no doubt. Please keep them coming to show your support to our beloved story. Who knows? Some fans out there might finally see the truth for the first time in their lives 😉

          But my goal is not to convert any stubborn fans. In fact, I just want to encourage those CC fans who actually understand the love and relationship between Candy and Albert. 😍

            • moudy on October 29, 2017 at 5:06 pm
            • Reply

            Same here..Miss 😊 glad to add some new international friends here haha..

            It is my pleasure to contribute thru comments..
            after all…we still anxiously waitin for the next anaylisis and the closure here otherwise we wont able to sleep like Candy said…😉

            yes…companionship kind of love is way way more everlasting..

            Cheers from Indonesia 😘

              • Ms Puddle on October 29, 2017 at 7:42 pm

              LOL… Moudy! I like your sense of humour 😃 Yes, companionship and mutual gratitude are what make the relationship of Candy and Albert beautiful.

              So you’re from Indonesia too. Nice 😚

          • reeka on October 29, 2017 at 4:48 pm
          • Reply

          Hi, Moudy!
          Glad to see more fans visiting and joining discussion on Ms Puddle’s blog 🙂
          Btw Moudy, don’t worry, I believe most of us here, our youth was indeed many many years ago 😀 😀

          Ms Puddle,
          I agree with your last comment here. Of course we never tried to convert Terry’s fans, we just want them to accept the whole story as it was. No matter which male characters you like, just accept the story. And stop being stubborn and saying bad things around.

          1. Yes I agree with you, Reeka! 🙂 Just wish that some people can stop saying negative things about our beloved story. 🙂

            • Moudy on November 2, 2017 at 8:48 am
            • Reply

            Hello…Reeka 😊
            Well…then…I must say we are the luckiest generation to live in an era where kids just play outside and read books..particularly Candy Candy story which years later…we still couldn’t stop talking and discussing about 😃

            I must say that this CC story though is a fan fiction has inspire me to be kind..always smile even in troubles and endure hardships which eventually lead to a beautiful ending…like Candy and Albert who has endured hardships together..They deserved to be with each other after all they have been thru…And I strongly believe that’s what Keiko Nagita wanted the story to be…

            So to whom it may concern…*ahem..TG fandom ahem cough cough*….let’s be honest here…and accept the fact that this story was meant to be written for Candy and Her Prince on the Hill…not Candy and the Broadway actor…and it is on the cover…front and back 😊😊

            ALL LOVE to you, fellow readers in this puddle of haven community 😀😜

              • Ms Puddle on November 2, 2017 at 10:24 pm

              Yes Moudy, you’re absolutely right. The story is about Candy and her Prince on the Hill. They had both grown up and found each other as partners in lives. Nagita was clear in her interview that Terry was an afterthought and must be removed from Candy’s life because the ending had been fixed.

      • Interstellar on October 28, 2017 at 3:07 pm
      • Reply

      Hi Moudy-I remember that episode in the anime. Terry only thinks about himself and how hurt he was after breaking up with Candy. I don’t blame Albert for becoming furious with him. This episode is different to the manga but I like the way Albert defends Candy and reminds Terry what a selfish idiot he is. Terry is a drama queen and the acting business suits him well. It’s all about him and all he cares about is how awful he feels without considering how others have been suffering. Terry is self-centered and narcissistic. I agree with you that anohito shows a lot of care and tenderness for Candy. These clues are closer to Albert’s altruistic character and not Terry’s egoism. It would be so stupid of Candy if she returned to Terry. He never respected her feelings or her needs. Even when he left St Paul’s school it was because Archie and Stear forced him to stand up for Candy and take responsibility for the scandal. But most importantly, Terry left England because he had always wanted to become an actor in America. Terry cares only about Terry and no one else.

      1. Hello Interstellar, nice to meet you 🙂

        You’re probably aware that I prefer the Rockstown episode in the manga than the equivalent scene in the anime. Anyway, I agree with you that Terry left St. Paul’s academy not really because of Candy but because he wanted to find his path, as written in his farewell note to her.

        Maybe he simply wanted to leave everything behind, including Candy. That might be one of the reasons why he left London in such a rush… without a trace.

          • Interstellar on October 29, 2017 at 7:55 am
          • Reply

          Nice to meet you too-Ms Puddle! I’ve been reading your fan-fic and visiting your blog for years now. You never seem to run out of interesting material. These last few posts are so cool!

          I also prefer the Rockstown scene in the manga because it gives Candy the opportunity to decide for herself and not Terry for her. But I don’t agree with some fans who consider Albert to be selfish in the anime episode. He’s not selfish at all! Albert is trying to defend Candy and make it clear to Terry that he should stop crying over his own mess and start pulling himself together. Albert is making a strong case for Candy by explaining to Terry what she went through but still managed to keep her dignity. Candy is a stronger and better person than Terry. She deserves better. Terry is too low for her. Terry is a weak little man who plays the tough guy but easily recoils and starts crying once life gets a bit rough for him. Terry’s a wuss. I never understood why Terry let Candy go so easily back in New York. Susanna is no excuse because she let him go and even urged him to go after Candy at the train station. Terry is nothing but a pathetic little narcissistic brat.

          The bottom line is that Terry had his golden opportunity to keep such a wonderful lady as Candy by his side but he blew it. His loss is Albert’s gain since Albert is just as wonderful as Candy. Both of them are quality material and they deserve one another.

          Keiko Nagita wanted Candy to live those three key phases of love: the innocent and pure childhood love (Anthony), the passionate and sexual drive (Terry), and the genuine and in-depth love through companionship and friendship (Albert). Albert is a beautiful person inside out and there’s nothing the Terry fans could ever do to dispute that. Albert is superior to Terry in all aspects and no one can argue about that in a valid way.

          Thank you again for your great blog and we’re all happily waiting for your next analysis.

          1. Thank you Interstellar for your continued support all these years. As I mentioned before, Alex came to my rescue 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the last few posts.

            About Terry easily letting go of Candy in New York… I guess he was still a young man, and he couldn’t decide what to do with Susanna. He wouldn’t forgive himself if he ‘abandoned’ a woman who had lost everything because of him… In a sense Candy saw through all his struggles and dilemma and gave him an easy way out. Would you say it was a relief for him? Maybe it was. That was why he readily let Candy go. His departing words to Candy speak volumes. Just my two cents. 😊

            I can’t agree more with you that Albert is a beautiful person inside out. Therefore some fans insist he had remained a brother (or even worse, a father figure) to Candy… Oh well.. I don’t want to touch that topic now. It’s a pity they have missed the beauty of the story between Candy and her prince. 💓

        • Moudy on October 29, 2017 at 9:07 am
        • Reply

        hello…Interstellar…( is it like in the movie starring Matthew McConaughey…)😊😃

        Yes indeed…i also agree with you. altough the end of the anime was dissapointing to me where it did not really elaborate the end…Hence…years later I found Miss Puddle’s page and posts about the manga story I grew up wondering 😊😁

        Candy and Terry were meant to separate in the anime version it’s Terry who decided to leave…and in the manga version..the rockstown incident made it clear for Candy to forget her past….

        Also..only Albert gets to hug Candy many times and kissed her forehead tenderly not forcely like Terry did then after that Candy slapped him…but its the opposite with Albert,don’t you think…? ❤❤

          • Interstellar on October 29, 2017 at 1:06 pm
          • Reply

          Yes, Moudy, I love that film and that’s where I got this username from!

          You’re absolutely right about Terry and Albert. Terry would use force and trickery to attract Candy. But Albert never forced himself on Candy. Instead, he would offer full freedom to Candy and he always respected her feelings and needs. I agree with you about Candy slapping Terry for forcing himself on her. But she would always run to Albert’s arms because he respected her personal space.

          Feelings of gratitude go both ways between Candy and Albert. We shouldn’t forget the sacrifices Candy also made for Albert in order to protect him during his amnesia. She risked her name and reputation, she lost her job at the hospital, and she would get into heated arguments with her co-workers and neighbors when they dared to insult Albert. If it hadn’t been for Candy’s self-sacrifice, Albert would have been in grave danger and perhaps he would have also died. Albert fought for Candy but she fought dynamically for him too.

          The relationship between Candy and Albert is more important and deeper than any sexual or passionate affair. It’s a relationship which began as a tender friendship and later on developed into a very deep companionship. Their relationship is ideal and so hard to find. When a smart woman finds a gem like Albert, she takes him to church to marry him immediately!

          1. Interstellar, I think you also believe Candy married Anohito? I’ve always assumed they were husband and wife… even now I don’t doubt that. When I was writing this post I had totally forgotten about it and used the word “wife” here and there… LOL 😅

            Anyway, in addition to your brilliant analysis, I think Candy craved the marvelous sense of security she could find in Albert’s arms. 💞

              • Interstellar on October 29, 2017 at 5:07 pm

              Yes-If Candy is a smart woman, she sure did marry Albert. Those who try to tone down Albert as a father figure simply ignore that slight detail that Albert is only 11 years older than Candy. Are there many dads out there who are eleven? I wouldn’t think so.

              The whole adoption thing was bogus too. No one is taking it seriously in CCFS. Everyone knows that Candy was taken in the Ardlay clan simply out of charity. Come on people, Albert was no father figure and he became Candy’s guardian because the Ardlay boys begged him to do that. And everyone in CCFS were afraid that Uncle William could easily reverse the adoption if he wanted to.

              My concern though is whether Albert would feel comfortable enough to develop a relationship with a woman who was so infatuated with another man. We shouldn’t forget that Albert read that diary where Candy is brutally honest about her passion for Terry. Even if she was only a young girl back then, it’s still too difficult for someone to bear reading that diary. It’s just too much information. The worst thing you could do to someone you’re interested in is talk about your ex. By the time Albert gets to read that diary, Candy is over and done with Terry but Albert cannot be 100% sure about that. It’s ironic, isn’t it? Would he want to court a woman with such a past or would he prefer to friend-zone her and keep her at a safe distance? Would Albert be willing to risk his long-term friendship with Candy along with being insecure that she still has feelings for Terry? Would it be better for him to let her go and move on or would he take the plunge and court her?

              I’m sure these thoughts had been gnawing Albert. He’s a level-headed person who never acts on impulse. I do think that at the end Candy and Albert became a couple but it took a long time for various reasons. Their relationship was too complicated and there were too many ghosts from their past lives that they had to deal with separately and together. The irony is that the relationship between Candy and Terry is simple and easily understood. That’s not the case though for Candy and Albert as so much is going on in their case.

              I would like your and Alex’s opinion on this. I know that Alex wants to focus on facts but I’ll pester her (just joking!) for her opinion. IMHO the reason why the courtship between Candy and Albert had lasted for so long was because of Albert’s hesitation and not Candy’s. I think that Candy wanted to move on with him but he kept her at a safe distance from him until he was sure she was really over Terry. Maybe he had considered leaving her but he just couldn’t do it as he was already deeply in love with her. Maybe he used his job and travels as excuses to keep away from her. It’s really complicated to say the least.

              • Ms Puddle on October 29, 2017 at 7:53 pm

              Hello Interstellar, btw I like that movie too. Spectacular and eye-opening indeed ☺️

              Agree with what you said, and Alex has something in store about the adoption, so one day we will get to that, hopefully.

              About the diary, yes indeed Candy hid nothing from her writing, and Albert knew everything. I know there are two sides, one of which believes that he read it before losing his memory. The other thinks that he read it after his recovery.

              I belong to the first group. Nevertheless, I think to answer your questions I’ll need to write a new post… LOL 😅 I’ll let Alex answer on her own if she likes.

              Anyway, you might have read my perspectives concerning this diary in my old posts. In short, I’m in agreement with you that their relationship is very complicated, and there are more reasons than just the diary why Albert didn’t confess to Candy until much later (as in my fanfic Peculiar Relationship). For example, Candy’s anger and frustration about Albert’s real identity is one of the factors.

              • reeka on October 30, 2017 at 6:04 am

              Hello Interstellar! 🙂

              Joining the band, I am a fan of the movie as well. The wormhole scene was giving me goosebumps all over and it was such a thought provoking to me, spiritually.

              Anyway, speaking of Candy’s diary, I also join Ms Puddle, I always think Albert had read it before losing his memory. Let’s say when he’s in Africa, together with Candy’s letter to Grand Uncle in which she was explaining the reason she dropped out the school and went back to America by herself. Then as we know, many months had passed between the event Candy leaving England and her reunion with Amnesiac Albert.

              However, the thought that Albert reading the diary after he regained his memory seems very much possible as well. I’m not sure if there’s explanation when exactly Albert left Africa for Europe. If he had departed before George managed to send Candy’s letter to him, this possibility looks logical.

              The thing is, was Albert at that time really able to let himself read Candy’s diary? He must have very aware what the contain was. And in that stage, he was already in love with Candy. To me, most likely he didn’t want to read it. Moreover, at that time he had no reasons to read her diary. There’s no more urgency to know why Candy left St Paul, unlike if he had had the diary in Africa before losing the memory.

              But, let’s say, yes he read it after he regained memory. Sure he would have felt heartache and perhaps jealous. But in that diary, I don’t think Candy wrote anything more than Terry kissing her-slapping her- she slapping back, their togetherness in Scotland, and a phrase of “I love you” she might write there. Albert was almost 30 at that time, I think he might as well have a few encounters with women ( before losing memory). Nothing in that diary could give Albert heartbreak more than seeing Candy’s state after she came back from NY. Of course, we all agree Terry was somehow always be a ghost from the past for Albert. Maybe even after he married Candy. If the three of them never met again and talked and closed that chapter, I think it was always be dark cloud hanging above the three of them.

              Ooops. I think I talked too much. Hahahaha. Ms Puddle, the idea to write a post about this is pretty interesting, don’t you think? 🙂

              • Interstellar on October 30, 2017 at 8:22 am

              Hello Everyone!

              Ms Puddle-I’ve read many of your stories and I have to admit that you’ve got talent as a writer. Perhaps you should publish an anthology of your stories later on. Have you ever considered it? My humble opinion says you should because you write in an exciting way which keeps the reader engaged.

              Reeka-I love your posts because you’re witty and to-the-point. I’ve never come across a comment of yours where you’re incorrect or missing the point in the slightest.

              As for the Candy-Terry-Albert triangle, there’s so much that could be said. It’s so complex and I would say it’s a bit of a mess. My theory’s that Albert never meant to get involved with Candy and he sure didn’t want to get between her and Terry. On the contrary, he would do whatever possible to keep them together and keep himself in the margins. Albert played Cupid for those two many times. He actually seemed happy that Candy and Terry were a couple back at St Paul’s boarding school. Albert looked relieved that Candy had found her true love so that he could continue his travels and world experiences. Albert never wanted to be tied down and that’s why he left for Africa when he saw the relationship between Candy and Terry deepening. I think that Albert started to develop feelings for Candy during his flat-sharing with her at the Magnolia. Keiko Nagita really played a wicked game on Albert by turning him into an amnesiac. It was really the only way to tie him down a bit. If it were up to Albert, he would have never gotten close to Candy in such an intimate way. This wasn’t supposed to happen between them. The Terry fans keep on calling Albert selfish but it’s not his fault that something else began to develop between him and Candy. These things are never planned. They just happen. The Terry fans are going mental that Candy and Albert became so intimate but they simply have to live and deal with it. Life is so unpredictable. It’s not the first time such relationships form and it’s certainly not the last time it will happen. I agree that I was surprised myself when those two got more intimate because I didn’t expect it at all. I also didn’t expect that Albert was so gorgeous without the long hair and beard. Not that he was ever ugly but during his amnesia he’s stunning. I thought Terry was the only king in Candy’s heart but it turned out that he got ejected by a complete outsider who is Albert-a man who’s far better than Terry in brains, beauty and brawn!

              • Ms Puddle on October 30, 2017 at 8:32 pm

              Interstellar, now I’m blushing… No I have never thought of publishing my stories. First, they are fanfics, and I have written them for fun, sharing my love of the characters with the other fans. I’m happy to be able to publish online and have positive feedback from you and the others. That already means a lot to me. Thanks again for your compliments 💓

              Bravo! My sentiments exactly concerning Albert and Candy. I also think Albert was relieved to see Candy falling in love again with a young man. That’s one of the reasons why he could head to Africa with ease.

              Like you, I didn’t expect the friendship between Albert and Candy would develop into romance… Not until the night he recovered his memory. His sad facial expression and heavy footsteps on his way home speak volumes indeed, and his tenderness to sleeping Candy revealed it all. He had fallen in love, no doubt. From then I couldn’t wait for the story to unfold… Who could have thought he turned out to be none other than the enigmatic Granduncle William? 💓💞

              • reeka on October 30, 2017 at 4:56 pm


              You are too sweet, thank you. I am lucky I’ve been around here since forever 🙂 . For years, discussing and analysing CCFS has been part of my life hahaha thanks to Ms Puddle and some other inspiring ladies. However, perhaps you’ve noticed, I’m not so eloquent in speaking my mind, and staying focus in one long comment sometimes is hard to me 😀 😀 And English is not my native, so I’ve messed with words a lot.

              I agree with you that it’s a smart move of Nagita’s to make Albert amnesiac. Just for this fact alone, those who like watching movies a lot must be aware, Amnesiac is definitely an easy plot twist. Never did I watch any movie in which the one who got amnesiac was not an important character. Turning someone into amnesiac state is very likely a way out for the writer to achieve their conclusion. Obviously, Nagita used it as well.

              Isn’t it they say, “Love comes at the right time?” The love story between the two blondes actually is a perfect definition of true love. I’d like (semi) quoting our dear friend Candybert, she said, the seed of love had been there since the first meet up on Pony’s Hill. It needed to be watered and nurtured. They’d grow and bloom at the right moment.

              I really don’t understand why some people could not see the beauty of their story.

              • Ms Puddle on October 30, 2017 at 8:45 pm

              Well said, Reeka 👏👏

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