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Aug 12 2016

Nice Pictures from readers (Part 2)

I’m glad that some of you like the pictures from Silvia in the previous post. 🙂 Now, this is a set of marvelous montages composed by Antlay. ❤ALERT! This contains spoilers to my current story, A Man in Love, and Antlay was inspired by Chapter 2 using pictures from the Candy Candy manga (drawings of Igarashi). Please click on …

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Aug 10 2016

Nice Pictures from readers (Part 1)

For those who are following my story A Man in Love, I’m working on the next chapter. I’ve also read the update from locksleyu! He just translated Part 2 of Chapter 1 of Candy Candy Final Story. Do leave him comments if you want to motivate him to keep translating CCFS! 🙂 In the meantime, I …

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Jul 07 2016

Relación Peculiar Capítulo 8 (Parte 1)

¡Gracias por su paciencia! ¡Muchas gracias, mi querida amiga QuevivaCandy! ❤ ❤ –Ms Puddle Capítulo 8 (Parte 1) Mientras que Candy y Albert estaban sumamente ocupados en su conversación, ignoraban por completo que la Sra. Watts había despertado de su siesta. Sin embargo, ella había optado no interrumpirlos. Después de todo, solamente estaban conversando, así …

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