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Apr 13 2015

Optimistic protagonist

Many thanks to dear Antlay for her valuable input. 😀 She sent me this screenshot of a comment regarding Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS) from a Candy Candy fan. It was written in Spanish, and my dear friend QuevivaCandy has kindly translated this for me. I’ve attempted to paraphrase the translation a bit using my interpretation: …

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Apr 10 2015

A love declaration

As promised in Expressions of love, I’ll compare how Candy expressed her feelings towards three important men in her life, in the manga and/or Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS). Candy’s first crush was Prince on the Hill, and because Anthony had a shocking resemblance to her mysterious prince, Candy fell in love at first sight with Anthony. In …

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Apr 06 2015

Expressions of love

There are various ways to express love in Japanese. The direct translation of “I love you” is aishite-imasu (愛しています) or aishite-ru (愛してる), but according to How to Say ‘I love you’ in Japanese, Japanese people hardly use this strong expression unlike the westerners, mainly because of cultural differences. In fact, don’t be surprised if some say they have never …

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Apr 02 2015

Susanna and Candy

Many thanks to some of you for your comments to my post Kono, Sono, and Ano even though we aren’t really talking about that post anymore. 😉 😛 Just to let you know, I’m actually happy to read comments from you wonderful ladies on my blog. 🙂 Please feel free to share anything you like, anytime. 😀 I …

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Mar 29 2015

Her happiness

When Terry decided to leave England, he left a note for Candy as shown in the manga here. He addressed her as someone considerate or thoughtful (心ある), telling her he quit school and headed to America for his dream. Before he ended, he wished her happiness. Literally, he said, “Wherever I am, I pray for your …

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Mar 24 2015

Kono, Sono and Ano

I’ve been quite preoccupied lately that I can’t afford to update as frequently as I wish or respond to your comments promptly. Thank you all for your understanding! I’ll do my best to keep my blog interesting. 😀 As mentioned before, my friend has kindly bought me Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS) as her present. The novel is divided …

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Mar 20 2015

Endearing nickname

Have you watched the movie, “The King’s Speech“? It’s a story about how Prince Albert, the second son of King George V of England, overcame a stuttering condition he had endured since his youth. When Prince Albert first met his therapist, Logue, the therapist breached the royal etiquette by referring the prince as “Bertie,” a name used only by his family. …

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Mar 15 2015

I wish you were here…

Here I am again, sharing bits and pieces of Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS) with you. Please bear with me because I read Japanese not as fast as I wish. 😛 So far I’ve quickly skimmed through pages here and there just for curiosity, but before I dare to share anything here, I have to …

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Mar 13 2015

“Afternoon Nap” in Korean!

It is my great pleasure to introduce to you a Candy Candy fan from Korea, 이수진 (pronounced as Lee Su Jin). She approached me a short while ago and expressed her interest to translate my stories. The main reason is that she wants to let other Korean fans learn more about the manga, the original …

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Mar 11 2015

A nice bride

I’m feeling slightly better, and thank you for your patience and warm wishes. 🙂 While reading your comments for A man worth loving, I noted some of you were talking about the manga scene in which Candy grumbled about not being a good wife? So I thought I might as well give you the manga strip in …

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