Jul 18 2013

Age difference between Candy and Albert

In Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS), in one of Albert’s letters to Candy, he recalled his runaway incident, also his first encounter with little Candy on Pony’s Hill. He mentioned that being seventeen, he still had had no freedom. Not only that, many things had been done in his name without his knowledge, etc. So …

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Jul 16 2013

This love of mine I’ll keep ocean deep

Recently, I have heard an old song from the radio called “Ocean Deep” by Cliff Richard. It was one of the tracks from his album “Silver” released in 1983. I have not paid much attention to its lyrics before this; surprisingly the words have touched my heart, reminding me of Albert in Candy Candy, especially after …

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Jul 14 2013

Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster (1912)

No, this is not about Daddy-longlegs (Opiliones) or Daddy-longlegs spiders (Pholcidae), but “Daddy Long Legs” is a charming love story published by Jean Webster in 1912! The following contains spoilers, so if you haven’t read the book yet, please feel free to skip this. It’s well known that the author of Candy Candy, Kyoko Mizuki, had been inspired …

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Jul 13 2013

Changing my pen name

Sorry for the confusion! I’m in the middle of changing my pen name from Ms Puddleglum to Ms Puddle. The main reason is that Puddleglum is actually a character name in the Chronicles of Narnia, and to avoid any issues, I think it’s better for me to change it. Therefore, my new drawings will show …

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Jul 10 2013

My second attempt of coloring!

In between writing my long story “Love Never Fails” these days, I often take breaks coloring another one of my previous illustrations. Now that I have just published a new chapter, I could finally finish this. For those who have been following my blog might have recognized this as a drawing for my short story …

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Jul 09 2013

Love Never Fails Chapter 30: Flashback

To those who have been waiting for this, I’m sorry for the delay. The new chapter is published at last! You can find it in http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7472782/30/ The following is the teaser: When Albert stood in front of Candy, smiling at her, she was unnerved by his proximity but also felt a tingle of excitement run …

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Jul 05 2013

The same anguish

When I first read the manga, I thought fox hunting must be a social event organized by the Ardlay’s family which happened regularly (say yearly) because even the young characters (Archie, Stear, and Anthony) appeared quite familiar about what to expect. After all, fox hunting was a sport that originated in the United Kingdom in the …

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Jul 02 2013

Marvelous feeling of security

In Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS), Candy recalled the time when Albert had been amnesiac. She had been fired by the hospital because they had been living together. She didn’t regret that at all, and she said (from spoilers), “Albert … I didn’t even know his full name at that time. Albert was just Albert. …

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Jun 30 2013

Sharing half of a sandwich

In the manga, the scene where Albert bought only one sandwich and offered to share half of it with Candy is one of the most touching scenes to me. This scene is also in the anime adaptation and Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS). I have mentioned in my previous post that when Albert recovered his memory …

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Jun 27 2013

“If you love somebody, let them go…”

“If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. If they don’t, they never were.” ― Kahlil Gibran For those of you who have read my short story, “It must have been love”, you might have remembered this was my theme. In the last two volumes of the manga, …

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