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Nov 17 2014

A hug so tight

Ever heard of the following quote? “One day someone is going to hug you so tight that all your broken pieces will stick back together.” — Unknown I think that’s what happened to Candy as described in her letter to Albert in the epilogue of Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS). I have already explained in my …

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Nov 15 2014

A memorable embrace

Have any of you watched the movie, The Time Traveler’s Wife? I enjoyed watching it, and it actually brought tears to my eyes at some points. Anyway, (SPOILER ALERT) near the end of the movie, the main heroine was told that her husband had returned, and he was waiting for her. She immediately ran across the …

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Nov 12 2014

Beginning of the happy ending

As we journey through our lives, there are many things that we will soon forget, but there are certain things that we have imprinted in our minds, and we will never erase them from our memories. In Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS), Candy kept quite a bunch of memorabilia in her jewelry box, such as Stear’s …

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Nov 09 2014

Candy Happy Maker

As mentioned before in Love Triangle (Part 6), Stear had invented a music box for Candy, and he named it “Candy Happy Maker”. Below is an excerpt (from spoilers) of Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS). Candy was listening to the tune of this music box and recalled: I hear the music box playing the tune. …

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Nov 05 2014

Candy’s drawing of Albert

After talking about Rockstown again and again, it’s about time for me to talk about what happened afterwards. 🙂 In Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS), it wasn’t clear if Terry had learned of Candy’s presence in Rockstown when he had been at his rock bottom. His mother knew that though, and months later, she even …

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Nov 02 2014

Love Triangle (Part 6)

When I was writing my story “Love Never Fails”, I thought of using Stear’s invention, the music box “Candy Happy Maker”, for the plot, but at last I let the matter drop. Recently, this idea resurfaced in my mind, and I thought perhaps I should share with you all what have been in my head for so …

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Nov 01 2014

Le Journal Chapitre 2

Merci beaucoup, Marylou97 et Antlay, pour traduire de l’anglais vers le français! -Ms Puddle Chapitre 2 Comme nous voyagions avec nos partenariats d’affaires, nous n’avions pas beaucoup de temps libre et le travail était inévitable. Quand nous sommes arrivés à São Paulo après plusieurs jours de voyage à bord d’un paquebot parti de New-York, nous …

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Oct 30 2014

Le Journal Chapitre 1

Avertissement : Candy Candy et tous les personnages appartiennent à Kyoko Mizuki ; les images à Yumiko Igarashi et l’animé à Toei Animation. Note : Mizuki a présenté le journal intime de Candy dans “Candy Candy Final Story” (CCFS, publié en 2010). Il prenait place sur son bureau de travail dans sa chambre du dortoir …

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Oct 29 2014

Manuscript of “The Diary”

I’ve been quieter than usual lately because I’m not feeling well. Don’t worry though, because I’m getting slightly better. 🙂 Besides, a message from Antlay actually cheered me up! She got the first chapter of “The Diary” complete, using the manuscript from my late friend mentioned in an earlier post Someone Help in French as a major reference. “The Diary” is mainly my imagination …

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Oct 25 2014

My coloring project (4)

Time flies indeed! This is my 200th post! 😀 I shall really give myself a pat on my shoulder for only re-blogging once. 😉 The rest of my posts are all different. Many thanks for your continued support! It’s very encouraging to see I have visitors from all around the world, and here please accept my …

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