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Dec 05 2014

Important confession

As mentioned in the post, Candy’s letter after the shock, in Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS), soon after Albert revealed his last secret that he was actually Candy’s prince, George unexpectedly appeared to pick him up due to some urgent business. So Albert didn’t come alone, and it’s very likely that George had driven his …

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Dec 03 2014

New profile picture

Thank you very much for your feedback to my latest drawing, which is similar to the one shown in A hug so tight, but from a different angle. 😀 I’ve learned two new ways to say “many thanks” in Spanish and French: Muchisimas gracias! Mille fois merci! I think it’s about time for me to change my …

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Dec 02 2014

Le Journal Chapitre 3

Avertissement : Candy et tous les personnages appartiennent à Kyoko Mizuki, les images à Yumiko Iragashi et l’animé à Toei Animation. Note : Comme certains d’entre vous le savent, je n’avais pas l’intention de continuer cette histoire d’abord parce que je pensais que la dernière lettre de Candy à Albert dans l’épilogue de CCFS nous …

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Nov 27 2014

Living together… how long?

In Candy Candy, the young nurse Candy wanted to pay back Albert’s kindness to her, and she was the one who pleaded him to stay with her so that she could take care of him until his recovery. Hence, they pretended to be brother and sister and found an apartment on the outskirts of Chicago. In the manga, …

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Nov 26 2014

My old fanart

No, I wasn’t neglecting my blog… As a matter of fact, something serious has happened, and I have to take care of it first. 😥 However, recently I was informed that a Candy Candy Facebook page had shared one of my old drawings. I was amazed by the number of likes, shares and comments it …

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Nov 21 2014

Candy’s letter after the shock

First of all, I’m more than thrilled that my latest drawing has been well received, and thank you all very much for your kind words!! It’s very encouraging to read your positive comments and feedback. 😀 Just so you know, I’m planning to draw two more variants of this fanart based on the scene depicted in Candy’s last …

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Nov 19 2014

The present as promised…

Thank you all for your positive feedback for my latest drawing! ♥♥♥ Your encouraging comments have warmed my heart and motivated me. This is the present I have promised some of you as explained in my previous post, and as you can see, it’s a cropped version of my original drawing. 🙂 I will upload this …

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Nov 17 2014

A hug so tight

Ever heard of the following quote? “One day someone is going to hug you so tight that all your broken pieces will stick back together.” — Unknown I think that’s what happened to Candy as described in her letter to Albert in the epilogue of Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS). I have already explained in my …

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Nov 15 2014

A memorable embrace

Have any of you watched the movie, The Time Traveler’s Wife? I enjoyed watching it, and it actually brought tears to my eyes at some points. Anyway, (SPOILER ALERT) near the end of the movie, the main heroine was told that her husband had returned, and he was waiting for her. She immediately ran across the …

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Nov 12 2014

Beginning of the happy ending

As we journey through our lives, there are many things that we will soon forget, but there are certain things that we have imprinted in our minds, and we will never erase them from our memories. In Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS), Candy kept quite a bunch of memorabilia in her jewelry box, such as Stear’s …

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